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The common mistakes people make very often without thinking at all are as follows: 1. The sermonizer of Gita is the God. 2. The God is omni present. 3. Whatever written in the scriptures are true. 4. Anything and everything that take place everywhere are the acts of God. 5. Calling and praying of God’s name is the only source of association with God. 6. Every body has a right to make his/her own comment on God. 7. Illusions are also created by God. 8. Knowledge of self is equivalent to knowledge of God. 9. Man takes human forms after a journey of 84 lakhs of differing kind of animal wombs. 10. Heaven is some where above the sky. 11.God is mistaken as a medium than a source. There may be many more disbeliefs that people may have in their minds. But very few are those who dare to rectify them. Why people are so scared about changing their own ideologies, the reasons may be given as under: • It is likely that they may think what people will say to me. • If God gets angry on me for my changing idea on God. • I may be out of range or touch with common people with whom I used to mix with. • People may have formed a bad opinion on me, or I will be outclassed. All these can be clubbed together with one common word is FEARLESSNESS. Can we say that God is fearful? A fearful person is always avoided by all at all places. Why should we be so scared about God. God is called loveful. Fear is the way cannot be life style of all. Every body in this earth is fearful. Common feature of their being fearful is losing their respective physical bodies although they have knowledge that man is mortal and soul is immortal. A fearful person is generally known as weak on one or more of the


following causes: physically, psychologically, financially, socially, characterally, mentally, instinctually etc. So we should be aware of the consequence of ignoring God and/or thinking about God on our own belief system. I cannot know about somebody without having any kind of interaction with him. So it is essential that we should know about out selves unbiased. Then comes the age old question of every person is “who am I”. We have been avoiding this answer to our suitability. But it didn’t work in the past nor will it work now with the wrong conception. Truth is eternal and it wins in the end. Proud is he who dares to know the truth and kicks away the age-old belief on truth. Self or soul is truth and body and its relations are not true because they are not eternal. So it is proved and truth is eternal and anything eternal is truth. Any thing produced out of emotion or illusions are cannot be truth and eternal. Weak soul has a tendency towards falsehood. Strong soul tends to truth. Once a soul recovers from his weaknesses he will be charged with truth. The process of recovery from illness is to look for a good knowledgeable master on soul and supreme soul. More and more one soul gets knowledgeable, his weaknesses get vanished and he starts getting strong and rich. A weak soul creates more negative energy and thus gets weaker gradually. Soul’s power of creating energy is called mind. Mind always creates energy. Three kinds of energy are produced ie. Negative, positive and waste. One has to check and change the quality of thoughts. It’s the power of thoughts that lead a man to his destiny. Impressions are made on thoughts produced and impressions lead the mind to go for next score of thinking. What is most important is that we have so blindly become slave to our minds that we don’t even bother to see what we are thinking are right or not. The basic truth is that we are souls and not minds. We cannot let ourselves think as and when mind wants so. The moment we get the power to controlling the thinking process, positive energy is bound to produce and we get gradually mentally solvent. All the time a vigil has to keep on mind so that it does not betray me. If we keep on doing so, it is certain that one day we will be able to master on mind


and mind will be our slave. In no case we should let our mind think or feel or will as and when it desires. Intellect is the servant of mind. It only works as soon as the mind finishes its works. Both mind and intellect work at a very fast speed and subtly. Only if one is vigil and then one will be able to see and feel what they are doing. Real intelligent is he who has learnt this art of checking and changing the acts of both mind and intellect and to keep them in order to perform a more effective role in life. What sounds nauseating most is when faced with the idea that God is with us/me. How dare can you utter this word when you don’t care to know anything about him. It is absurd to make people believe that there exists a huge gap between whatever you are preaching and whatever you are practicing. It is an utter frustration when a man can have courage to dissociate himself from God and godly people. But when he realizes his own drawbacks, then only he surrenders before the almighty. The world is now facing a period of acute crisis of human values. High degradation of human values caused due to amongst many other reasons the extreme increase of human population. Resources have been shortened. There exists a huge gap between haves and have-nots. Dissatisfaction and discontentment have cropped in the minds of all as a result of which there is an overall unrest all over the world. Anarchy, corruption, extremism have all come into the field to fight with other. A fear psychosis prevails in everybody’s mind. Everyone is feeling a sense of fearlessness and giving an importance in existence at any cost. Naturally cost of existence is soaring up. To meet the problem we are losing our trust among ourselves and competing with one another for anything and everything. Family ties have broken into pieces. Nuclear families have grown up. People have become self-centered. Still people are not at all happy. Now one should come to conclusion that time has come to do selfretrospection. One thing is very clear that matter can never bring peace and happiness to the humanity. So we should avoid material acquisition as far as possible. The common reason is that matter is physical, non-living and destroyable. Anything which possesses these three characteristics is doomed to bring unhappiness and displeasure invariably. Most of us have hardly realized this reality. What we should care most is that our thinking process is getting so dull and hardly we have any control on our control and the


mind is taking a lead role to destroy us slowly and firmly. Once we get over control on mind then we will be able to lead a nice life. Mind plays a vital role. But the reality is sole plays a vital role. The fact that I am basically a soul and not a mind frequently gets mixed up. How to remain in soul ness condition always is a real question of challenge. Because every where we see that there prevails an adverse situation which is always against the role of soul. Body consciousness is every where. No other animal has changed its life style excepting mankind. It is the nature that anything which is new today will be old one day. New things give happiness and old things give unhappiness. Sold is eternal. Then the question of newness or oldness should

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