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Ambassador Agreement

1. An influencer is selectively and officially invited by Five10 Productions due
to his/her exemplary influence in the marketing and promotion of its

2. As an influencer, he/she is entitled to the following benefits:
A. Influencer kit with MED+ giveaways
B. Regular updates from MED+
C. Potential discounts and freebies from FutureSmart/
FutureSmart’s selected partners
D. Media and digital exposure
E. Free website from FutureSmart for the influencer’s
advocacy, business, etc.

3. As an influencer, he/she must be able to perform the following duties:
A. Promote MED+ on social media sites
B. Follow Five10 Productions marketing protocols
C. Garner downloads of the MED+ app from social media
audiences and business clients
D. Exclusively endorse Five10 Productions events and services
*Participation in other events management productions
and/or services is highly discouraged unless agreed upon
with Five10 Productions or until termination of agreement.

4. As a representative of the MED+ brand, the influencer must always
appear presentable, observe proper decorum, and maintain a positive
affiliation with MED+

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