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Transcription of Elliot Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,

abreviado DSM

Elliot is a cybersecurity Engineer by day and a vigilant hacker by night. Aside

from his friend Angela, Elliot is distant to the people around him. He is socially
awkward and detached. The audicience is quickly introduced to therapist in the
first episodoe, which demonstrates that he is need of help; Howeever he is often
able to outsmart her trough a guise of contentment with his life

Axis I: Clinical Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder( Formerly know has social phobia): Elliot himself states
that he has social Anxiety Disorder. he persistently fears social situations and
physical contact. This prevents him from maintaning lasting relationships and
engage in social activiets. As a result, he misses Angela's virthday. Although he
arrives at the location, he changes his mind and quickly leaves ( I think because
there was too much people there). He is able to maintain his job at the
cybersecurity company only because he is mainly confined to a cubicle that requires
little social interaction.

Axis I: Clinical Disorder

Clinical Depression: Coupled with his anxiety, Elliot is depressed. He is withdrawn
and isolates himself from the outside world. He witholds his feelings from his
therapist and deceives her (he is actually able to outsmart her). He instead spends
an excessive amount of time on his computer, hacking and peeking into the lives of
other people, such as Angela and his therapist. To deal with emotional distress, he
closes people off and self-medicates.

Dissociative Identity Disorder


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The series follows

Elliot Alderson
, a young man living in New York City, who works at the cyber security company
as a security engineer. Constantly struggling with social problems. He connects to
people by hacking them, which often leads him to act as a cyber-vigilante(He uses
his abilities to protect the people that he cares about,) So in the day he works
like a security engineer and in the night its a hacker, hacking his friends social
networks. He is recruited by a mysterious anarchist known as Mr. Robot and joins
his team of hacktivists known as
. One of their missions is to cancel all consumer debts by destroying the data of
one of the largest corporations in the world, E Corp (which Elliot perceives as
Evil Corp), which also happens to be Allsafe's biggest client.

Genre: Drama - Thriller - Crime

Tv Show on Usa Network
Original release : June 2015 (Season 1) July 2016 ( Season 2) and ( Season 3 coming
soon - October 2017)
Languaje: English
Runtime: 41-65 minutes
N. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 22

Principal characters
Elliot Anderson( Rami malek)
: a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who lives in New York City, sufre de
tastornos que lo llevan a aislarse de otras personas.
Angela Moss(Portia Doubleday)
: Elliot's childhood friend and a fellow employee at Allsafe,
Mr. Robot( Christian Slater)
: an insurrectionary anarchist who recruits Elliot in the undergound to a hacker
group called fsociety.

Tyrell Wellick(martin wallstrom): The ambitious Seior Vice President of Technology

at E Corp

Krista gordon( Gloria Rueben) Pisocologa de Elliot

Darlene( Carly Chaikin): integrande de Fsociety

"F*ck Society"

"Elliot, just a tech"


Tyller welick

Poner logo de f society


Rami Malek
as Elliot Alderson. He also play as Josh in the Until Dawn videogame and also
appears in the
Night at the Museum

"Please, tell me you're seeing this too"

"Hello friend"
Tyrell Wellick
: the ambitious Senior Vice President of Technology at E Corp and later part of