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EH 405 | November 9, 2018 - Women can now enter to contracts without consent of

JobStart Philippines Act 26) What do you mean by maternal function?
- Having babies
1) Primarily intended to benefit which group of people? 27) Any international law pertaining to women?
- Young jobseekers who are unemployed - Convention on the Elimination of all forms of
2) What are the prescribed minimum qualifications? Discrimination Against Women
- Sec 1 Rule 4 Part 3 of DO 179-17 28) Magna Carta of Women?
3) What agency is involved in implementing JobStart? 29) Any provision of the LC providing proper seats to
- DOLE women employees?
4) What is the partner establishment? - Art 130
- Participating employers; Sec 14 of RA 10869 30) What facilities are mandated to be provided to women
5) 3 Phases of training? employees under the LC?
- Life Skills, Technical, Internship Trainings 31) Are seats and chairs the same?
6) How long is the Life Skills Training (LST)? - NO. The law only requires seats which can be of any
- 10 days form as long as one can sit on it, such as a stool.
7) Which agency implements LST? 32) Pertinent provisions of DO 178-17
8) Purpose of LST?
- Holistically develop the behavior, attitude, and values of
the JobStart trainee, with the aim of enabling them to
plan better their career path and deal effectively with the
demands and challenges of everyday life and work.
9) Opinion on importance of LST, effect on an employee
who has not undergone LST.
10) Second Phase of JobStart? For how long? Where
- JobStart Technical Training; not more than 3 months;
- May be carried out in a lecture room, and hands-on
exercises in a lab or workshop within the premises of the
technical training provider, either in a:
a. TVI registered with TESDA;
b. In-house in a partner employer;
c. Within available facilities of the LGU.
11) Last phase of JobStart?
- Internship
12) If trainee successfully completes JobStart, does the law
allow him to be under probation?
- No, provided that he also completed the Technical
Training with the same employer.
13) What’s the purpose of probation?
- Assess the employee, serves as trial period.
14) What is the normal hours of work of a JobStart trainee?
- 8 hours
15) Can he be required to do OT?
- Yes, provided it does not exceed 2 hours.
16) What compensation is prescribed?
- Training allowance/stipend equivalent to at least 75% of
the applicable minimum wage. The first 2 phases will be
shouldered by the DOLE, while the last phase to be
shouldered by the partner employer.
17) Compensation in the internship phase?
- Internship stipend
18) How much?
- at least 75% of the applicable minimum wage
19) Entitled to Night Shift Differential? Holiday Pay?
- Yes to both.
20) Is his consent needed for him to work on a holiday?

Employment of Women
21) Is there any provision in the LC applicable only to men?
NONE; to women? YES
22) Why? Vulnerable to work discrimination, abuses and
23) Constitutional provisions regarding protection of
- Sec 2 Art XIII, Sec 2 Art II
24) Any special law on women in nation-building?
- Women in Nation-Building Act
25) Salient provision of such act?