Methods of Business Research Term Report

To understand the effect of University exams on student s life and to analyze the worth of giving exams.

Submitted to: Ms. Kausar Saeed Date: 14th April, 2010

Submitted by: Zahra Ramzan Ali 7926 Asheta Gonsalves 8021 Marilyn D souza 7628 Shaun D souza 7496 Maaz

14th April - 2010

Ms. Kausar Saeed Course Instructor, Methods in Business Research Institute of Business Management Karachi.

Dear Ms. Kausar,

Our research report was on the topic To understand the effect of University exams on student s life and to analyze the worth of giving exams. It covers the effects that exams have on students health and social life. Also it questions the purpose of exams because our research actually shows that the way students take exams undermines the purpose of exans.

We got greatly benefited on working over this course report. It helped us widening our vision, improving our quality of work, building self-reliance work and gave a vital experience in order to improve our analytical skills. We hope it is up to your expectations and fulfils all the requirements given by you.

Sincerely, Zahra Ramzan Ali Asheta Gonsalves Marilyn D souza Shaun D souza Maaz Shahid

9th August, 2009

First and foremost we would like to thank Allah Almighty, for giving us capability and strength to complete this research report on time.

We are extremely grateful to our course instructor Ms. Kausar Saeed for imparting the knowledge and giving us guidance at every stage of our report, without which our research would be incomplete.

We would also like to thank our respondents of our report who provided us with the necessary data that we needed regarding the research.


Zahra Ramzan Ali Asheta Gonsalves Marilyn D souza Shaun D souza Maaz Shahid

Smoking. instead they are taught to compete and use any sort of advantage that will benefit them. Do exams really help students learn? Is it really a snapshot of the student¶s ability to perform in the real world? Based on the above statements and secondary data analysis. we derived our objectives and hypotheses. We used convenient sampling techniques and our sample size was 150 respondents. Main findings from the research shed light on many factors which exams help in influencing the life of a student. increased suicide attempts. The research conducted aims to delve into the subtle relationships formed during the crucial period of examinations. but not in the right sense of the word. . stress. keeping in mind our objectives and hypotheses. depression. We continued our report with a focus group and a survey of 150 respondents.TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This purpose of this report is to go into the depths of exams and its effects on students. Students are discouraged to quest for knowledge. After the focus group. decreased social activity. We framed an 18 questions questionnaire. and chronic fatigue. we were better able to form the questionnaire. The result of the research helped reveal critical information which helped us reject or accept our hypotheses Main findings included y y y y Students rely on rote learning to clear examinations Knowledge retention of coursework is something which is still to be desired Exams do tend to have a negative effect on the health of students The level of social interaction among students decrease during exams Hopefully this research will shed some light on exams and cause universities to consider. Most of our questions were structured.

INTRODUCTION As business search students we were assigned a research report as part of the course to select any research topic and further work over problem statement and its regarded findings. We had to apply the research methods as taught by our instructor where considered functional. . Hence. The aim here is to find out what do the youth perceive about it and their attitude towards it. for our report we have selected to work on examinations and its effects on students.

.PROBLEM STATEMENT To understand the effect of University exams on student s life and to analyze the worth of giving exams. OBJECTIVES y y y The objective of our report is to analyze the effects of university exams on students life We also want to find out how exams affect student s social life Also. to determine if exams are actually worth taking from student s perspective.

H1: Exams affect student s health negatively. H1: Exams are an ineffective way to measure student s abilities . Hypothesis 2 H0: the level of social interaction & activities of students doesn t decrease due to exams. H1: the level of social interaction & activities of students decrease due to exams.HYPOTHESES STATEMENTS Hypothesis 1 H0: Exams do not affect student s health negatively. Hypothesis 3 H0: Exams are effective way to measure student s abilities.

fear of failure in exams & failure is quite high. Descriptive Research Questionnaire .THE RESEARCH PROCESS METHODOLOGY Our main aim was to know the effects that exams have on student s health and social life. We used two of its basic methods to find out the effects of exams on students life. In Pakistan as well. then exams affect the mental and physical health of students by creating a level of unbearable stress on students. Newspapers also reported the fact that students take lethal amount of drugs during exams to stay awake and to energize themselves. exploratory method is the foremost to start with. We found that suicide rate worldwide due to lack of preparation for exams. Research Method Applied: RESEARCH METHODS APPLIED Exploratory Method For any research. a) Secondary Data We relied basically on internet and newspapers for our secondary data. We basically inquired about their general perception about exams. We conducted one focus group consisting of 6 respondents with all open-ended questions being asked. Here we asked the respondents how their routine changes during exams and what kind of habits they adopt especially during examination period. If not directly. And to analyze the student s preparation techniques and the means they use to clear exams which actually undermine the basic purpose if the exams. The questions weren t structured and we wanted the respondents to just speak their mind out about exams. b) Focus Group To view the effects of exams on students in broader terms. there have been a number of reported cases where students have committed suicide due to exam related stress. each year several students are caught cheating during exams held at several different institutes. and which was held at the residence of one of the group members conducting this research. we conducted a focus group. We also found out that in Pakistan.

As convenient. most of which were structured. We decided for a sample size of 150. The questions were not structured before hand because we wanted to know the general perception of respondents about exams through a casual conversation.Our descriptive research tool was a questionnaire. Date/ Time/ Location: On 9th April. We actually let the respondents lead the focus group through their views and perceptions and moderator during the focus group asked questions to clarify any comments that respondents made and requested for details if any comment was too precise or unclear. FOCUS GROUP We conducted a focus group consisting of six participants. and each member was required to have equal number of questionnaires filled out. we got all of the questionnaires filled in our university only because the whole population there fell under our target population defined. The language used in during the whole session of focus group was English. Our focus group lasted for almost an hour. The questionnaire consisted of 18 questions. Focus group even helped us to know that whether the hypothesis we are testing is correct or not. it also helped to prepare our final questionnaire for the survey. And moreover. We got a good idea about how exams impact student s life and what kind of habits students adopt especially during exams. 2009/ 4:00pm/ Residence of Marilyn D souza (group member for the research study) Moderator: Asheta Gonsalves . Focus group helped to give better insights for our research report and highlighted many such points that we could have missed in our study.

I am glad some research is being done. assignments. Decrease the number of exams in four month It makes my life worst and worst Exams are too bad The more you take stress during exams. But please save us from these exams Positively Exams ado effect your life they are a mode of assessing oneself and it should be there. C. Frequency of exams makes students very stressful and frustrated with so many announced and unannounced quizzes. For Iobm students quizzes assignments and term reports plus article presentations are enough to evaluate the students understanding of the course Nothing. reports & presentations. The best way is to not take stress and try to maintain your regular schedule during exams Exams make life honestly miserable in Iobm with teachers who only prefer learning by heart without understanding. B. E. F. Sarah Adil Carlisle Vaz Sydel Fernandes Maham Fayyaz Gloria Gomes Zoya Zaidi FOCUS GROUP TRANSCRIPTS The only question asked was how exams affect your life? Following are general comments that respondents made: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) Exams affect my life to a great extent because most of the teachers don t teach properly and I have to rely on my own capabilities There shouldn t be any exams. Exam is not the real test of knowledge but a test how to get way through smart preparation . One should study for knowledge not for exams. the higher your chances become of under achieving. Exams are disastrous!! It stops people from maintaining social contacts Exams bring stress in life Exams play no role in the life of the person. D.Participants: A.

The negative affect of exams on mental and physical health was significantly highlighted. All students complained about the stress level created due to the frequency of exams that is three exams in four months. confined to my room and getting done with preparation as early as possible to revise. 19) Exams are responsible for the gap between parents and children. I need to reschedule my daily tasks. 20) Stress level really increases because of which my physical activities (sports) get affected. FOCUS GROUP ANALYSIS The participants of our focus groups are students of Iobm currently. We don t remember anything once the exams are over so what s the use of studying 25) Most of my friends cheat in exams 26) I hardly get to sleep and my mom actually has to buy an extra packet of tea in the exam month for me. To begin the discussion. Participants shared their experience about sleeplessness during exams and the intake of excess tea to stay awake for preparation. Also the purpose of having the exams was questions because participants did not believe that exams are able to measure student s capabilities because of the traditional way the exams are conducted and also because of the way students prepare for exam as in by heart learning. participants were asked to comment on how exams affect their life. 21) Should test concepts rather than memory only 22) Since we have to put in extra hours to study. The fact that social interaction decreases was also highlighted. . It was concluded that its not exams but actually stress due to exams that affect the live but then the stress is due to exams so exams are to be held responsible for negative impacts on health & social interaction. One of the participants mentioned that she hardly starts preparing for exams a day before and relies majorly on cheating and so do her many friends. 23) Loss of social life and extra stress due to reports and presentations affects the performance in exams 24) Any one hardly studies for exams because they are worthless.16) Human capacity and creativity can never be measured examination are not a fair assessment of human capacity 17) Extremely negative effect mentally and physically 18) Social life stops completely. In fact one of the participants blames exams for the gap between parents and children which might be a bit of exaggeration.

. it wasn t possible to collect this data from all the universities due to lack of time and unavailability of contact person in each university. Plan Procedure for selecting Sampling units Convenience Sampling will be used as we have planned to survey people from our university whom we see to be willing to volunteer for our research. we have the limitation of time constraint and the target population is such dispersed that non probability sampling can only cover it up. Such sampling method will provide us with quick results and will be economical as well. Sampling frame The sampling frame of our research report is university going students. More over. Now exams are held to test the knowledge that students are given but the very purpose of exams is actually at stake because of the negative impacts it has on student s health & social life. Sampling Method Non Probability We used non probability sampling techniques as we do not have a sampling frame. Determining Sample Size We have selected a sample size of 150 respondents as the population seems to be homogenous and we believe it to provide accurate data for our study. However. It s at this stage that students take their career seriously and the education received at this stage is actually supposed to be the practical and usable knowledge.SAMPLING DESIGN SURVEY METHOD Defining Target Population Our target population is the university going students.

It took us around a week to collect data the data.QUESTIONNAIRE DEVELOPMENT Keeping our hypothesis and scrutiny of the focus group in mind we prepared a questionnaire consisting of 18 questions of which mostly were structured. This pre-testing proved to be successful for us as after conducting it we edited the question to add an option of writing any additional comments that respondents might have. 6 out of 8 respondents had mentioned comments in the end about what changes they would like to be brought into the examination system.1 DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS Questionnaires were distributed as hard copies. The questionnaire started with general questions about preparation and frequency of exams. In the end we had also asked respondents for any other comments they would like to make about exams. . complexity and the data in any case wasn t that large enough to apply SPSS. During the whole course of questionnaire framing we made sure that such questions should be present which can provide us with the findings. The main reason for conducting such activity was to know whether people were understanding the questions that were asked and whether their responses were giving us the same meaning that we intended to have. After the data compilation we proceeded to coding. we used MS Excel tabulate the information and used Bar charts and Pie charts to graphically represent the data. Next were the questions to determine the impact of exams on social life. This was done because in the pretested questionnaire. The sample size of our questionnaire was 150 distributed as hard copies. In coding we gave codes to all the answers that we received so that we could analyze them easily. we were also taught through the SPSS software but there were quite a lot of limitations using it availability. Also we added an option other: __________ in the answers for question no. However. The last set of questions was about the impact of exams on health in all ways. PRE-TESTING OF QUESTIONNAIRE Before handing out the questionnaire to our respondents. Therefore. Then we put the question to actually measure the seriousness & worth of exams in our respondents mind. to prove our hypothesis. we did a pre-testing of questionnaire on 8 individuals present at our university only (in the café).

67% of students retain about ³75%´. Hence. The purpose of university examinations is to prepare a student completely for the practical world that he/she will enter after graduating. The graph clearly shows that majority of students do rely at one time or the other on rote learning. students are not studying with the intention of gaining knowledge but rather are learning concepts to regurgitate on an examination paper without any real understanding.QUESTIONNAIRE ANALYSIS AND FINDINGS Are exams actually able to fulfill their purpose of assessing student s abilities? Our survey analysis shows that 41. This clearly shows the worthlessness of exams as by rote learning. Our survey analysis indicates that 39% of students retain only ³50%´ knowledge of a particular course while 22. our survey clearly indicates that less than 50% of students retain a .3% of students ³occasionally´ rely on µrote learning´ to clear exams and 18% rely on it ³frequently´.

3% prepare a day before examinations.67% of students start preparing just a week prior to examinations and 19.considerable amount of knowledge of a particular course and additionally the other graph shows that 66. When students were surveyed to ascertain the reasons for which they would cheat. yet it shouldn¶t be acceptable because cheating entirely undermines the purpose of exams. However this could be due to strict monitoring during examinations or also due to harsh disciplinary action on account of cheating. Another important point to consider is that although students rarely cheat. 46. This particular aspect of our research refutes our hypothesis as our survey indicates that 43. If students actually realized the worth of university examinations and the benefits that it brings besides a ³grade´ they would have taken it more seriously.67% said ³lack of preparation´ and 17.33% cheat ³Always´. Only 8% cheat ³Frequently´ and 5. Only 2% prepare on a daily basis and 6% one month in advance.3% of students ³rarely´ resort to cheating to clear exams and 26% ³never´ cheat.33% said .

why they are even kept in the first place. More than half of our respondents get only ³4-6´ hours of sleep during exams which clearly indicates that they are not getting the sufficient amount of sleep that they require. This clearly indicates the uselessness of exams as majority of students tend to get stressed out with examinations and confessed that if they do cheat. Besides this.Detrimental to Health Our survey analysis indicates that 54% of students get only µ4-6 hours¶ of sleep on an average day and 28. Both the following graphs indicate how exams are detrimental to a student¶s health and can lead to negative health consequences. anger. if students cannot prepare well for examination. It is a known fact that average person requires at least 8 hours of sleep in the 24 hour day to function properly. our survey also indicates that 72% of students experience restlessness while sleeping during exam weeks which could also be the possible reason why they are unable to get the number of hours of sleep they need. lack of focus and difficulty in concentrating. Other forms of assessment could probably be used to test the student¶s abilities instead of written examinations.66% of students get about´7-9´ hours. As a result many students face health problems such as suppression of the immune system and other problems such as short term memory loss.³overly harsh grading´. Exams . Thus. irritability and depression. . the most prominent reason is lack of preparation.

cancer. and 15.88% increases by 6-8 cigarettes. 40. The clear majority is indicated by the graph below which displays that during examinations students¶ caffeine intake does tend to increase which could be for multiple reasons like relieving stress or staying up late to study. the eyes. examinations again lead to a negative impact on heath. The survey results indicate that 45. Moreover. Excessive smoking leads smokingrelated health problems such as emphysema. the heart. and the skin²even if the smoker quits. the bones and joints. and heart disease. Similarly.33% of students¶ caffeine intake increased by 4-6 cups/cans while 20% of students¶ caffeine intake did not increase at all.63% increases by 3-5 cigarettes. 21. another harmful drug intake that tends to increase during the examination period is cigarettes. . Whatever the reasons may be the fact remains that an excess of any form of drug is detrimental to health and thus. smoking leads to permanent effect on the lungs.Additionally we surveyed respondents to find out as to what extent their caffeine intake increases during examinations. the throat.33% of students¶ caffeine intake increased by 1-3 cups/cans and 27. the digestive organs. Our survey indicates that out of the 32 respondents who are smokers.63% increase their cigarette intake by one packet a day. the urinary tract.

8% of students ³Occasionally´ thought of committing suicide while 3.33% though of committing suicide ³Always´ and ³Frequently´. even though a small number as indicated by the graph below.67% said ³No³respectively. When respondents were asked as to whether they have ever taken performance enhancing drugs or stress relieving drugs during examinations. 94% and 90. our survey indicates that students do not go to the extremes due to the stress they face during examinations. 75.Even though exams do have a number of negative effects on a student¶s health. However. Effects of Examinations on a Student¶s social life . Besides this when respondents were asked as to whether the though of committing suicide ever crosses their mind on account of stressful exams.33% said ³Not at all´ and 15% said ³ Rarely´.

33% said ³sometimes´ while 31. this ultimately affects them as an individual. When students were asked as to whether they get irritated with family and friends during examinations. They tend to become secluded book worms who are unable to adapt to the practical world due to lack of self confidence and inability to think out of the box.33% said ³No´. When students get stressed out with examinations and find it difficult to maintain a balance between their academic and personal life. This shows that to a large extent students do tend to show irritation to their loved ones due to the stress they are undergoing during examinations.33% said ³yes´ and 25.Our survey also aims to discover as to whether examinations affect students¶ social life and affects his/her personality as an individual. Besides this our survey results also shows that 78% of respondents agree that their social interaction does decrease during exams as indicated by the graph below. 43. HYPOTHESIS TESTING .

Question No.Hours of sleep during Exams hours of sleep during exams Hours 10-12 hours 7-9 hours 4-6 hours 1-3 hours Number of respondents 5 43 81 21 The maximum numbers of respondents get to sleep for 4 to 6 hours a day during exams which is less than the normal level of sleep and can have a negative impact on health. Questions 10 to 17 are designed to test this hypothesis. Question No. 10 . H1: Exams affect student s health negatively.Hypothesis 1 H0: Exams do not affect student s health negatively. 11 Restlessness while sleeping during exam weeks Do you get Restless sleep due to exams? .

Options yes no Number of respondents 108 42 Maximum number of respondents observes restlessness while sleeping during exams which again may have negative impact on mental health. Question No. Question No 13 Increase in cigarette intake Number of smokers increase in smoking by two packets increase in smoking by one packets increase in smoking by 6-8 cigarettes increase in smoking by 3-5 cigarettes 32 7 13 7 5 In the very first place. 14 Increase in caffeine intake during exams Increase in caffeine intake 0 cups/cans 1-3 cups/cans Number of respondents 30 68 . smoking is injurious to health and on top of that any increase in cigarette intake due to exams will obviously be more harmful.

Question 17 Thought of committing suicide on account of stressful exams . Question No 16 Taking stress relieving medication during exams Students who have taken stress relieving medication during exams Students who have not taken stress relieving medication during exams 14 136 Although students do feel stressed out during examinations. Question No 15 Taking performance enhancing drugs during exams Students who have taken performance enhancing drugs during exams Students who have not taken performance enhancing drugs during exams 9 141 Although there are many negative effects of examinations on student s life. majority do not go to the extent of taking performance enhancing drugs for clearing exams. majority do not go to the extent of taking stress relieving drugs.4-6 cup/cans 7-8 cups/cans 9-10 cups/cans 41 5 6 Any amount of caffeine intake is harmful for health so if due to exams the level of caffeine intake of students increases then obviously exams are impacting the health negatively.

8 irritation with family and friends during exams Do you get irritated with your family & friends during exams? . as the above tables on the whole clearly show that exams do affect the student s health negatively. 8 & 9 were designed to test this hypothesis. Hypothesis 2 H0: the level of social interaction & activities of students doesn t decrease due to exams. H1: the level of social interaction & activities of students decrease due to exams. We reject the Null0 Hypothesis. Question no. Question no.Frequency of the though of suicide on account of exams Always Frequently Occasionally Rarely Never Number of respondents 5 5 12 15 113 Even though majority of students do not go to the extent of thinking about committing suicide due to stressful examination yet a small number of students have thought of committing suicide on account of examination which is still dangerous.

Hypothesis 3 H0: Exams are effective way to measure student s abilities.Options yes no Sometimes Number of respondents 47 38 65 As indicated by the table above. H1: Exams are an ineffective way to measure student s abilities . Question No. most of the students get irritated with their family & friends at sometime or the other during exams which decreases their degree of social interaction. 9 social interaction during exams Does your social interaction decrease during exams? Options yes no Number of respondents 117 33 Majority of students do agree that their social interaction decreases during examination. We reject null hypothesis (H0) because majority of the students agree with the fact that their social life is affected negatively due to examinations.

Question No 5 Knowledge retained after exams knowledge retained after exams "100%" "75%" "50%" "25%" "5%" "0%" Number of respondents 2 34 59 36 9 10 . Question 4 Reliance on rote learning to clear exams Frequency of dependence on by heart learning Always Frequently Occasionally Rarely Never Number of respondents 7 27 62 36 18 Majority of the students as indicated by the table above.Question 4. do rely on rote learning at sometime or the other to clear exams. 6 & 7 have been designed to test this hypothesis. 5.

it is not necessarily based on their own merit but could be due to cheating thus indicating the ineffectiveness of exams. occasionally. Frequently or always but the fact is that they do resort to cheating to clear exams. Therefore. this clearly indicates that even if students happen to clear exams. Question no 7 Reasons for cheating Reasons to cheat Lack of preparation need for achievement Easy way out Everyone does it Number of respondents 70 16 11 12 . Question No 6: Frequency of dependence on cheating to clear exams Frequency of dependence on cheating to clear exams Always Frequently Occasionally Rarely Never Number of respondents 8 12 26 65 39 Majority of the students do cheat whether it is rarely.Majority of the students retain only 50% of the knowledge after exams which clearly shows that exams are been taken for the sake of it only and not to learn and apply knowledge in the future.

Moreover.Overly Harsh Grading multiple reasons 26 15 Majority of the students cheat due to lack of preparation for exams which clearly indicates that students do not think that exams are worth preparing for which obviously signifies that exams are ineffective. SUMMARY AND CONCLUSION . We reject null hypothesis (H0) as the responses in above tables indicate that willingly or unwillingly students aren t able to take exams seriously which is why they rely on rote learning and cheating. Clearing exams through such means undermines the effectiveness of exams. this lack of preparation can be explained by the fact that students are so stressed out due to so many exams that they cannot prepare for any exams properly.

RECOMMENDATIONS . Our analysis showed that massive 80% students confirmed that the frequency of exams does increase their stress level. From our research we were able to conclude that it is the pressure that exams put on a student s life that causes their health to be affected in a negative manner. 3% students even confirmed then they would reside to suicide on account of exams. Increased intake of caffeine and energy drinks by 45% also contributes to the negative effect of exams on students health. Even the consumption of cigarettes by smokers increased during the exam period by a whole packet. Also the research study proves the fact that social interaction of students decrease during exams.By conducting this research we have come to find the several aspects about the impact of exams on student s life and the actual worth of taking exams from student s perspective. And all this stress and sacrifice goes to a waste when there are so many students who rote learn and cheat to clear examination making the whole examination system worthless with regards to measuring student s actual abilities. There is an overall debate over this statement whether exams do affect the student s health mentally and physically. In addition to this students were found to take performance enhancing and stress relieving medication during exams by a sheer 6% and 9% respectively. Sleep deprivation during exams was one of the key factors that had an effect on the student s health where 54% of students slept only 4-6 hours during exams and a enormous 72% of students experienced restlessness in this period.

and to make exams an effective way to measure student s abilities:  The frequency of exams should be reduced. they will prepare seriously for each exam because they will have time to do so. LIMITATIONS OF THE RESEARCH .  A fear regarding exams exists in all the students which cause them to take stress. Also the weightage of exams in overall grading should be reduced so then students will not try to get good grade by hook or by crook rather they will try to imply the knowledge they have gained which they at present think is risky because it affects the entire grade so much and they can actually fail if they don t perform well in exams. This fear should be reduced by changing the way exams are conducted and adopting a method that will actually be able to measure student s abilities properly. they will not need to change their routine in order to study especially for exams.  The exams should be based on concepts entirely.  Exams should be given test if students have grasped the knowledge given to them in the class. This will not only ensure that students have gained the knowledge but also it will help students retain the knowledge because they would have understood it. This will ensure that their level of social interaction isn t affected. This way although students will have fewer exams.Following are the recommendations that we would like to make in order to help reduce the stress level that exams create which has adverse affects on student s health & social life. This way students would need to pay attention in the class to gain the knowledge and since they would have gained the knowledge required for exams in class only.

students were reluctant to fill questionnaires No use of Statistics: Sample size wasn t large so we could not implement the statistical formulas as taught by our instructor of chi square. . Unreachable respondents: However. our study s target population is all students. Questionnaires proved to be a major concern as many MBR researches were taking place simultaneously. allocation of work was a problem because all of us were busy with other courses. mean and other statistics. hence we could not go to every school and university. variance. mainly due to time and budget constraints. Some of them are as following explained: Time constraint: Since our report was one of a few we had to submit. The sample size selected was only of IoBM students.Our research was limited due to a number of reasons.

For which of the following reasons would you cheat? y Lack of preparation y Need for achievement y Easy way out y Not at all y y Everyone does it Overly harsh grading 8. Do you get irritated with your family and friends during exams? y Yes y No y Sometimes .APPENDIXES Questionnaire Effects of University Exams on Student s life Gender: Male Female GPA: _____________________ 1. How many sets of exams do you give during a semester/ year? y One exam y Two mid terms/ hourly s & final exam y One mid term/ hourly & final exam y Three mid terms/ hourly s & final exam 3. How often do you resort to cheating to clear exams? y Always y Occasionally y Frequently y Rarely 7. When do you start preparing for your exams? y Daily y One month before exam y One week before exam y y A day before the exam Other ___________________ 2. To what extent do you rely on rote learning (by heart learning) to clear exams? y Always y Occasionally y y Frequently y Rarely Not at all 5. Does the frequency of exams affect your stress level? y Yes y No 4. Approximately how much knowledge do you retain of a particular course after taking exams? y 100% y 25% y 75% y 5% y 50% y 0% 6.

energy drinks) intake increase during exams? 15. Do you experience restlessness while sleeping during exam weeks? y Yes y No 12. By how much does your cigarette intake increase during exams? y 3-5 cigarettes y A packet y 6-8 cigarettes y Two packets y Three packets 14.9 hours y 1-3 hours 11. Have you ever taken stress relieving medication during exams? y Yes y No 17. On an average day how many hours of sleep do you get during your exams? y 10-12 hours y 4-6 hours y 7. Have you ever taken performance enhancing drugs during exams? y Yes y No 16. Do you smoke? If No then please skip the question 13.9. tea. Has the thought of suicide (on account of stressful exams) ever crossed your mind? y Always y Frequently y Occasionally y Rarely y Not at all . By how much does your caffeine (coffee. y Yes y No 13. Does your social interaction decrease during exams? y Yes y No 10.

10 being the most.18. Rate your participation in extracurricular activities. Any comments you would like to make about how exams affect your life: _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ~Thank you for taking out time to fill out this questionnaire~ .

http://www.greenspun.htm 13) Canadian Information centre for international medical graduates (2009. September 26) 76 students suffer from exam stress. http://in. March 6) Exam Stress: students taking memory 5) Yahoo News India (2010. February 15) Girl commits suicide due to examination pressure in Jodhpur. http://www. Is Suicide at MIT a Poisson Process?. http://www. Jane Alam.html . commits http://www.html 6) Lalit Kishore ( May 15) Students using drugs as exam stress busters ± police. February 1) Exam Pressure makes 2 students commit Suicide.BIBLIOGRAPHY 1) Times of India ( pur_N38092. June 1) School Girl commits suicide in the middle of Exam .html 12) Faiyaz Qureshi. http://philip.behindindia. September 5) 12th grader caught copying during exam.pdf 8) Neeraj Gangal (2009.asp?page=2008\05\17\story_17-5-2008_pg12_5 11) February 11) Teenager commits suicide due to exam pressure.html 4) smoking. 3) The Sydney Morning Herald (2004.indiatimes. Masood Ahmad Khan and Ghazala Sheraz (2002) Effect of examination stress on blood cell parameters of students in a Pakistani medical college.aspx 10) Daily Times ( May 17) 170 students caught cheating in inter http://timesofindia.ayubmed. http://www.cms 2) Melissa Jackson (2004. October 17) Purpose of the exams.arabianbusiness.img-canada. June 11) Exam stress can lead to 9) Hindustan Times ( (2009. finds ( 7) Elaine Chew & Philip Greenspun.smh.

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