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A Kiss to Remember

The Dark Princess KT of Campetique ruled the middle earth for centuries
until the Prince Kit of Bizát ended her reign by luring her with the
forbidden Kiss of Death that puts her into a deep, deep sleep.

During her Siglo de Oro, the Dark Princess conquered vast crown land in
the Great Sand Sea north of the Gilf Kebir Plateau, one of the most
remote and desolate areas in the Libyan Desert, and vast dominions in the
ruins far North of The Philippine Islands.

Inspired by the death of the Dark Princess, swarm of soldiers from

Kagawaran ng Rentas Internas ng Pilipinas quickly took the powerful
torch of eminent Taxation and charged to the colonies of the Dark
Princess to collect trillions of pesos and of dollars for taxes.

Knowing of the impending gravity of the destructive power of taxation,

Emperor Chan, the chief executor of the colony of the Dark Princess
thereupon abducted Princess Kiti, the High Princess of Seign Phals, the
last known remnant to carry the blood from the long lines of great
pharaohs in taxation.

Emperor Chan is asking for one thing in exchange for the head of the
High Princess – a scheme that will shield the colonies of the Dark
Princess from the pervasive reach of the powerful taxation.

The High Princess Kiti now appeals to her royal pink armies in Seign
Phals to exhaust all conceivable defenses to protect the colonies of the
Dark Princess KT from the destructive strike of taxation in exchange for
her cherished liberty.