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Git Flow Cheat Sheet

by vmalkani via

Git Flow New Project Git Flow Existing Project Create Feature Branch

git clone clone a new repository git clone <​use​r>@​<ho​st>​: clone repo git remote show outputs: current features
<​use​r>@​<ho​st>​: (use gitlab to create a <p​roj​ect​> origin on remote repository
<r​epo​sit​ory​> new reposi​tory)
cd <​pro​jec​t> change to new git flow feature start creates feature
cd repo change to repo directory repo directory <​fea​tur​ena​me>

git flow init -d initialize git flow git flow init -d initialize git flow git flow feature pushes feature to
publish remote repository
git push -u origin push new develop git pull origin develop pull develop
develop branch that was created branch
to remote repo git branch --set-​ups​tream track remote
git branch -- track develop develop origin​/de​velop develop branch
develop Get a Feature Branch
git remote show origin outputs: features,
listed as features/*

git flow feature pull pull feature to your

origin <​fea​tur​e> local repo

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