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N. 4 (1978) - 24 January 2007
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Showing the love of Christ Telling the story of Jesus

Card. Alfonso López Trujillo The First Asian Mission Congress

reflects on marriage, family and life tells the story of Jesus and shows
to mark the 25th anniversary of the Catholic Church alive and well
‘Familiaris Consortio’. See pages 6-7 on the Continent. See pages 8-10.


‘A task within everyone's reach’

On Sunday, 21 January, the Holy Father intro- minds us that ecumenism is a profound dialogical ex-
duced the recitation of the Angelus for the faithful perience, a listening and speaking to one another,
in St Peter's Square with comments on the Week of knowing one another better; it is a task within every-
Prayer for Christian Unity. The following is a trans- one's reach, especially when it concerns spiritual ecu-
lation of the Pope's Reflection, given in Italian. menism, based on prayer and sharing which is now
possible among Christians.
Dear Brothers and Sisters, I hope that the longing for unity, expressed in
This Sunday occurs during the “Week of Prayer for prayer and brotherly collaboration to alleviate human
Christian Unity”, which, as is well known, is celebrat- suffering, may spread increasingly in parishes and ec-
ed each year in our hemisphere between 18 and 25 clesial movements as well as among Religious insti-
January. The theme for 2007 is a citation from Mark's tutes.
Gospel and refers to people's amazement at the heal- I take this opportunity to thank the Ecumenical
ing of the deaf-mute accomplished by Jesus: “He Commission of the Vicariate of Rome and the city's
makes the deaf hear and the mute speak” (Mk 7:37). parish priests who encourage the faithful to celebrate
I intend to comment more broadly on this biblical the “Week”.
theme this 25 January, the liturgical Feast of the Con- More generally, I am grateful to all who pray and
version of St Paul, when at 5:30 p.m. I will preside at work for unity with conviction and constancy in every
the celebration of Vespers for the conclusion of the part of the world. May Mary, Mother of the Church,
“Week of Prayer” in the Basilica of St Paul Outside-the- help all the faithful to allow themselves in their inner-
Walls. I expect many of you to come to that liturgical most depths to be opened by Christ to reciprocal com-
encounter because unity is achieved above all by pray- munication in charity and in truth, to become one
ing, and the more unanimous the prayer, the more heart and one soul (cf. Acts 4:32) in him.
pleasing it is to the Lord.
This year the initial project for the “Week”, subse- After the Angelus, the Pope said:
quently adapted by the Joint International Committee, epochs, on this occasion they have wished to launch
I extend a warm welcome to all the English-speak-
was prepared by the faithful in Umlazi, South Africa, a an appeal: Christ can do all things, “he makes the deaf ing pilgrims and visitors present at today's Angelus.
very poor town where AIDS has acquired pandemic hear and the mute speak” (Mk 7:37). He is capable of May all Christians, strengthened by the gifts of the
proportions and human hopes are few and far be- imbuing Christians with the ardent desire to listen to Holy Spirit, have the courage to share the Good News
tween. But the Risen Christ is hope for everyone. He the other, to communicate with the other and, togeth- of our Lord with the poor and afflicted. Upon you and
is so especially for Christians. er with him, speak the language of reciprocal love. your loved ones, I invoke the grace and peace of
As heirs of the divisions that came about in past The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity thus re- Christ the Lord! I wish you all a good Sunday!

At the GENERAL AUDIENCE on Wednesday, 17 Jan-

Finnish€ecumenism PAGE€2 Catastrophic€relief PAGE€4 uary, in the Vatican's Paul VI Audience Hall, the Holy
Father commented on the Week of Prayer for Christian
Unity and encouraged everyone to pray for this impor-
Ecumenical€landmarks PAGE€2 ‘Culture€of€peace’ PAGE€4 tant, deeply desired grace. He recalled that unity
among Christians is “a gift of God and the fruit of his
Spirit's action”, which is built on conversion, penance
and prayer.
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