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Submit non- refundable $50.00 fee with Application SPECIAL EVENTS APPLICATION Please print or type information. APPLICATION INFORMATION .YMD Records LLG 1, ORGANIZATION NAME: ADDRESS: 9675 N COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE, UNITE 1108, City___wvw State Zip Codes + PHONE(S): __s122018 a 2, EVENT ORGANIZER: pee, TITLE: net /GED ADDRESS: SE7SNCOUNTRY CLUB WE _UNTE 66 City wa ‘State__F Zip Code_2 PHONE(S): soeat8 E-MAIL ADDRESS: YRERAPTUREFESTIVALS COM OTHER INDIVIDUALS WORKING WITH THE EVENT: (NAME) “MK VARNA (PHONE), 205 409 5082 (E-MAIL ADDRESS), MISHAGRAPTUREFESTUALS COM. (NAME). (PHONE), (E-MAIL ADDRESS), 3. NAME OF EVENT: RAPTURE ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTA, VENUE FEE: $. 25000 PROPOSED LOCATION (S): 5705 vRGnanT=Y BAGH PARK =O VRGWA BEAGHDR MA FLISTD DATE DAY BEGIN END EVENT DAY 1: S208 sainana ier AM/PM AM/PM EVENT DAY 2: 220 eae zn AM/PM AM/PM EVENT DAY 3: 22010 SxTRON za ‘AM/PM 7 AM/PM, EVENT DAY 4: AM/PM AM/PM SETUP: a Test AM/PM AM/PM SETUP: are ay en AM/PM 2 AM/PM BREAKDOWN: 388 se zm AM/PM AM/PM BREAKDOWN: — #e Tray rom AM/PM 2 AM/PM. Page 11 of 21 4. STREET CLOSURES LOCATION DATES AND TIMES: 5. SPONSOR STATUS O_NOT FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION ‘TAX EXEMPTION NUMBER. (Please attach a copy of the Tax Exemption Certificate) 6. SPECIFIC TYPE OF EVENT (CHECK MORE THAN ONE BOX IF APPLICABLE): MUSIC FESTIVAL COPARADE C.COMMUNITY EVENT (FILM FESTIVAL CCONCERT/PERFORMANCE (SPORTS EVENT Oprocessin OFAIR COFUNDRAISER CCARNIVAL If fundraiser, provide name of charity receiving the funds: + Intemational ans /Os: Such as Solomun / Luciano / Hernan Cattaneo NAME OF PERFORMER(S)/BANDS: ‘TYPE OF MUSIC: CPoPuLaR O Latin 0 Rock OcLassicaL WorTHER: ELECTRONIC MUSIC ****PLEASE NOTE**** you are required to secure barricades and/or directional traffic signs for road closings. Please attach a layout of your traffic plan, including the placement and number of barricades, signs, directional arrows, cones, and message boards, as well as the name of the company you will be using. Your traffic plan must be approved by the Police Dept. which may terminate any event occurring without the proper use of barricades. 7. BRIEFLY DESCRIBE THE EVENT: ‘Armult-cuttural gathering exposing music, at, food and mediation Page 12 of 21 8. ATTACH SITE PLAN (Sketch of set-up, vendors, staging, parking area, security detail, etc. (Attach as Exhibit “B") 9, ESTIMATED ATTENDANCE (Be specific, since budget will be based on attendance) Number ofPeople____+ 600 Prior Year’s Attendance (if applicable): so00 10. WILL USE THE FOLLOWING TO PROMOTE: Print: WES ONo Radio: @ yes O No Television: 0 YES O No Internet: @ YES O No 11.18 THIS EVENT FREE TO THE PUBLIC? YES G NO IF NOT, PLEASE STATE ADMISSION/ENTRY FEE. Or, as follows (if scaled admission): vip $150 CHILDREN $ 8° ADULTS $7 *Applicable surcharge will apply* 12. ARE YOU REQUESTING TO FENCE THE EVENT? YES ONO 13. WILL FOOD AND/OR BEVERAGES BE SERVED? m YES o NO NO CHARGE CHARGE —# OF VENDORS. 1 FOOD/SOFT DRINKS a 10 c 0 BEER/WINE a a ia 0 MISCELANEOUS a a ‘0 0 FOOD TRUCKS a a a 0 OTHER ALCOHOL DRINKS o Oo **eeNOTE***: Beverages must be dispensed in soft containers. No glass containers or cans will be allowed. Page 13 of 21