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The Louisiana

VOL. 38 FALL 2010 NUMBER 4
Masonic Learning Center Class Graduates

Grand Lodge Session Monroe February 12-13, 2011
The Louisiana Cover

Three classes in the 13th Masonic
District celebrated Graduation
Ceremonies. East Gate Lodge #452,
Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of
Louisiana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alex- Central Lodge #442 and Trinity Union
andria, Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for Lodge #372 sponsored Louisiana
members of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only. Masonic Learning Center of Louisiana
Mailed ‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid
at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Dyslexia Training Programs.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso- These children, shown with their
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when respective teachers, dedicated an
space permits. Articles and pictures become the hour after school, five days a week
property of the magazine. Authors are requested to
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for either one or two years. Gratitude
number and, if a member, the name of their Masonic and appreciation is warranted for the
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not necessarily children’s and parents’ committment.
reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. A very small portion of the Grand
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to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail Without your individual support, as
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well as the Lodges, fundraising and
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W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor private donations, the charity could
105 Bayhills Dr., Accompanying artilces for the cover
Benton, LA 71006
pictures are found inside the magazine.


Committee To Supervise INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Publication of the
LOUISIANA FREEMASON Grand Master’s Message Page 3
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Freemasonry As It Relates to Social
Benton, LA 71006 Justice Page 4
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398) by M:W: Bro Clayton J Borne III, PGM
99 Bayou Robert Road
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.) Masonic Scriptural Passages Page 6
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100 by our Grand Chaplain
Metairie, LA 70005
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246)
P O Box 369 Performing Ritual Page 10
Winnsboro, LA. 71295 by W: Bro Terry Cooper
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360 Lodge News Page 12
W: Naresh Sharma, PM (47)
19414 Creekround Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Past Master’s Jewel Page 33
by W: Bro Gary T Rushworth, Sr.

As the time for this article to be written
approaches, the first cool front of the season
has invaded Louisiana bringing nighttime
temperatures in the upper 40’s and daytime
highs only in the upper 70’s. It truly feels
like autumn now. And with that changing of
the seasons we are reminded that the time to
file resolutions is rapidly approaching. The
deadline is the first week of December. So,
please keep that in mind when formulating
any proposed resolutions that you may be
planning to submit.
There are a couple of events that have
transpired since my last writing of this
column that are of note. The first, has to do Woody D. Bilyeu
with our Perpetual Membership Fund and Grand Master
the other deals with Lodge sponsored raffles. State of Louisiana
I feel certain that there will be resolutions
submitted that deal with these items to try and make them more than just an edict.
These items need to be made part of our permanent Grand Lodge Law.
We suspended taking new applications for our Perpetual Membership Program
for a period of time. We acted on the advice of our financial advisors. Our major
problem stems from the installment payment portion of our program. We consider
a person a “Perpetual Member” as soon as he pays the first of 5 annual install-
ments. This policy means that a Brother pays no additional Lodge dues after his
initial first payment.
Brothers, this is not a financially sound strategy for us to continue. Please
consider the following hypothetical scenario, one which has been occurring with
this program. Let’s assume your Lodge dues are $50 per year. A Perpetual Mem-
bership is based on 20 times annual Lodge dues, or in this case, $1000.00. Your 5
annual payments are calculated by multiplying the yearly dues, in this case $50.00,
times 4.52 which yields $226.00. With this $226.00 payment you are considered
a Perpetual Member and pay no further dues. In this time of low interest rates it
is almost impossible to generate 5% on these funds, however let’s assume we do
make 5%. The fund generates only $11.60 towards paying the $50 annual dues.
The Plan, as well as the Lodges, is going in the hole the moment this Installment
Plan Perpetual Membership is enacted. It does not make financial sense for us to
continue down this path. We must address the language in the Handbook of Masonic
Law that deals with the installment payment program. The simple solution is to
not consider a person to be a Perpetual Member until the 5th and final installment
has been paid. In other words, a Mason would continue to pay regular Lodge dues
until after the final payment of the installment program is made. Then, he would
be considered a Perpetual Member and pay no further dues. continued on page 8
Freemasonry As It Relates to Social Justice
Clayton J. Borne, III PGM

his paper will attempt to analyze the objectives of our order as they relate
to Social Justice. Justice, as opposed to Social Justice, would be our ability
to identify a wrong. Collectively it would be those principals which guide
people in being able to judge what is right and what is wrong, no matter
what society they may live in. Justice in my opinion is the pinnacle of all virtue.
Its ultimate purpose is to elevate the dignity and sovereignty of the human person.
To right the wrong becomes infinitely more difficult. That process could be de-
fined as Social Justice. Any attempt to define Social Justice however is as elusive
as our attempts to define Free Masonry. The term has a variety of meanings, is
abstract and more likely than not problematic.
Basically Social Justice is concerned with what we do individually about a
wrong once it is identified. The approach we use to resolve the wrong defines us
as individuals, especially as Freemasons.
In essence the major schools of thought view the concept of Social Justice as
either the discipline in which a selective notion of Justice and of Equality is freely
achieved by a given society as opposed to the implementation of predetermined
standards by a bureaucratic enforcement of self styled laws.
In order to examine our identity I would like to in a simplistic way review a major
political event in our country’s history and its resulting changes in our society in
order to determine if we see it collectively as fitting our definition of Social Justice
and was its implementation consistent with our Masonic Philosophy. A brief factual
history is in order and is set forth as follows:
A most distinguished Brother Master Mason took the oath of office as President
of the United States March 4, 1933 facing a banking crisis, weakened by a stock
market crash with the economy staggering through the early years of the depres-
sion. His actions as President clearly represented social change, however did it by
definition insure true Social Justice.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Social Projects bore such names as The
Emergency Banking Act (EBA), The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), The
Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) and
many more.
President Roosevelt, unlike any President before him in an attempt to combat
the depression actually set out to reform American Society, all under the banner
of Social Justice. It was probably the most far-reaching attempt by an American
president until today to legitimize the administrative or welfare state, based on
his conviction that Social Justice and equality mandates that government must
guarantee social and economic security for all. He believed that government has a
sacred duty to provide security as a fundamental human right.
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Masonry As It Relates to Social Justice:

In contrast President Ronald Reagan philosophy represented the antithesis of
President Roosevelt’s convictions. President Reagan would deny that government
could provide such a broad guarantee of security in a manner consistent with the
principles on which the United States was founded as they relate to and insure
protection of American liberty. He would argue that bureaucratic government had
become a danger to the survival of our freedom and in essence a false sense of
security and a radical departure from the traditional understanding of the role of
American government.
The United States was and is a Republic and its leaders many of whom were
dynamic Masons had its beginning, and grew to its present strength, under the pro-
tection of certain inalienable political rights among them the right of free speech,
free press, free worship, trial by jury, freedom from unreasonable searches and
seizures and in my opinion a most fundamental concept, the freedom that allows
for separation of church and state. They were the foundational building blocks for
this country’s basic rights to life, and liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Roosevelt’s “New Deal” Proponents believed that as our Nation had grown in
size and stature, the nation’s industrial economy expanded these political rights
and proved to be inadequate to assure the American people equality. This “New
Deal” philosophy or movement had embraced a core belief that true individual
freedom and a corresponding equality cannot exist without government insured
economic security.
Early on I was perplexed with trying to understand how an advanced society
could embrace a concept of governmental guaranteed or insured rights of entitle-
ments with the obvious logical imperative or consequence of the destruction of
individual initiative.
I rationalized that as a basic political and corollary psychological premise, “in-
security” in threatening times gravitates to the promise of “security”. The problem
with the “New Deal” thinking and the reason people gravitate to it is simple. I
believe that “Necessitous men are not free men.” People, who are hungry and out
of a job, are desperate and vulnerable to persuasive promises.
These new rights or in essence persuasive promises which Roosevelt believed
should be guaranteed by the government are: The right to earn enough to provide
adequate food and clothing and recreation; The right of every family to a decent
home; The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy
good health; The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age,
sickness, accident, unemployment, and the right to a good education. Each is a noble
compelling cause, but one must question their implementation by government and
its effect on the individual and collectively the entire society.
In addition one is compelled to ask “How are these guarantees or entitlements to
be funded?” The gainfully employed or producers in society will bear the burden.
It results in a true redistribution of the country’s wealth. President Thomas Jef-
ferson addressed the issue when he said “The Democracy will cease to exist when
continued on page 36
Masonic Scriptural Passages
W: William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain

e all entered a Lodge for the first time and were escorted near the cen-
ter where we knelt and had someone pray for us and were vouchsafed
(granted a special favor), acknowledged GOD and began our Masonic
Journey; near the completion of our Journey, we were escorted to the
Altar and knelt, reminded of that initial prayer when someone prayed for us, and
were told at that point to pray alone either mentally or orally. In between, there
are so many wonderful experiences and lessons shared by good Brothers who in-
structed, mentored and shared their Masonry - and many occasions where scripture
was used in guiding our Journey.
There are three scriptural passages used in circumambulating the Lodge on each
of the three stages of advancement: Entered Apprentice, Psalms 133; Fellowcraft,
Amos 7:7-8; and Master Mason, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7. Along the way, other scriptures
are invoked such as Genesis 1:1-3 in the Entered Apprentice and Judges 12:1-6
in the Fellowcraft. But how often do we go back and read and even study those
pieces of scripture? And why were those particular pieces of scripture used? The
Volume of Sacred Law is opened on the Altar in American York Rite and Judeo-
Christian-oriented Lodges to those three passages during Lodge activity, depending
of which Degree is being worked. We forget to go back and reread
those passages, yet many ritually-proficient Masons can quote those
three passages verbatim and never miss a word. Is it rote memory or
is it meaningful presentation when given? Is the True Spirit present
when those Words are quoted? We attempt to instill in each votary
seeking Light the true meaning of Freemasonry - the Fatherhood of
GOD, the Brotherhood of Man, the reliance on each other to the bond
of true fellowship and fraternity. It may be worth the time to go and
sit quietly, open the version of the Bible kept near the bedside, and
read those passages and remember. Remember those moments when
those passages were quoted. Remember the surrounding events of
those moments, who was present, who stood close and supported and
who welcomed with that extended Brotherly hand. The scriptural
meanings become very clear once memory of those events resurface.
Each Masonic organization has its own particular set of scriptural
passages that likewise have meaning and add substance to the Degree
activities. The York Rite uses numerous scriptural passages in the
four Chapter Degrees, three Council Degrees, and three Commandery
Orders: Revelations, Deuteronomy, Exodus, Numbers, II Chronicles,
Ezra, Psalms, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Matthew, Luke, John, Acts, He-
brews, I Peter are all quoted in different portions of the work. Scottish
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Masonic Scriptural Passages:

Rite bases most of its scriptural lessons in the Lodge of Perfection
and Chapter of Rose Croix from I & II Kings, II Chronicles, Ezra and
Matthew. The Order of the Eastern Star uses Judges, Ruth, Esther,
Matthew and II John in its initiation ceremony to tell the story of
its five star-point heroines -Jephthah’s daughter Adah, Ruth, Esther,
Martha and Electa. In the Masonic Youth Groups - the Order of the
Rainbow for Girls uses the story of Noah’s rainbow in Genesis and
opens the Altar Bible to Ezekiel 1:28. The Order of DeMolay uses
Matthew 5:16 in several passages and opens the Altar Bible to Psalms
91. The Order of Job’s Daughter uses the Book of Job to teach its
lessons. Each of the honorific Masonic organizations have scriptural
passages and each opens the Altar’s Holy Book to a particular scrip-
ture that denotes specific meaning to that organization.
In today’s world of political correctness, we become conscious
of possibly insulting others by publicly professing our beliefs and
making any religiously oriented statements that can be interpreted
as being against another religion or belief, yet, we must never lose
sight that the words from scripture have been our guiding Light in
Masonry, and given us insight to a better way of living. By prepar-
ing us to fulfill the obligatory promises that each made on bended
knee before an Altar and with hands surrounding, holding, pressing
a Volume of Sacred Law, and then our lips sealing those promises
on that Volume, we promised. What more can a good and true person do if his
word means anything. Today we need to stand for something solid, important and
substantive - the scriptures give us all of these. Masonry today needs us to live
those scriptural passages and remember those occasions when they were first used
to bring us to Light.

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Grand Master’s Message:
As you probably know, we reinstated that portion of the Perpetual Membership
Program for members making the onetime payment of the 20 times Lodge dues.
We must address this item also to deal with the fact that if a lump sum is made late
in the year, there is not enough time to generate interest in order to fully fund the
dues payment for the following year. Another simple way to solve this dilemma
is to require 21 times the dues instead of 20. The additional year of dues would
be used to fund the upcoming year and the remaining funds would have an entire
year (or more) in order to generate the 5% which would keep the fund on a sound
operational basis. It is clear that we should modify our businesses rules so that our
fund will operate on a sound financial basis into perpetuity, as it was intended.
On the issue of raffles, as I pointed out in my Edict, it has come to my knowledge
that there are many groups that are affiliated with our Fraternity that are conduct-
ing raffles (virtually all illegally) and “donating” the proceeds to a Lodge. This
process raises a number of issues, only some of which I will I discuss. When these
splinter groups, which tend to have names such as “Friends of John Doe Lodge” or
something similar, hold a raffle they generate profit. This profit is taxable unless it
qualifies for one of the tax exempt statuses that exist for charitable organizations.
Since these “entities” are not legally formed, have no corporate status, and have
no tax status or designation with the IRS. Any monies received must be reported
as income for the Lodge. This means, in effect, that the Lodge is conducting a
raffle. Charitable gaming, including raffles, is permitted in the State of Louisiana.
There are certain laws, rules, and regulations that must be complied with in order
to obtain a permit from the Office of Charitable Gaming. Most of the events, that
I have knowledge, would fall into the exempt category as defined by the Office of
Charitable Gaming, however, the filing must take place in order to obtain this status.
We have established a procedure that will allow for the issuance of a Dispensa-
tion to a Lodge to conduct a raffle, assuming they have met all State and Local
filing requirements. We will introduce this as a resolution to try and establish this
procedure as a permanent part of our General Regulations.
There are several other items facing our Fraternity that we, the Grand Lodge
Line Officers, would like to receive input on. Ideally, we would receive this input
from as many members as possible before formulating additional resolutions to
deal with the issues. In order to effectuate this, several Regional Meetings where
certain topics were held and input taken on these as well as any other topics.
If you take a serious interest in the operation of our Grand Lodge and want
what is best for its operation please plan to attend one of these meetings. Further
information about them will be forthcoming.
As always, if there is anything that I can help you with please feel free to con-
tact me.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Woody D. Bilyeu
Grand Master, 2010-2011

The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed co-
lumbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Masonic
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of
all columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.

The Louisiana Masonic License Plates are ready to order! The charities of The
Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, F & AM receive 100% of the extra cost as-
sociated with this special license plate. You do not loose any equity in your current
plate and this will be good public exposure for Freemasonry. The new Library &
Museum Foundation will be one of the recipients of these new funds.
All of the ordering information is available from the computer or you may go
to your local Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase.
To order online:
Under “Vehicle Services” Click on: “Special Plates” Click: Continue
Enter the License Plate number you are replacing Click: Submit
Under “Select One”, scroll down to Organization/Service and continue
down and click on Grand Lodge
Click on: “Ordering Details” Click on: “Order Form”
Fill out form, print and mail with proper documentation
(Copies of: Registration Cert., Proof of Insurance, Dues Card & Check)
Performing Ritual
Terry C. Cooper, PM Ideal Lodge #367

ne of the fascinating things about Masonry is the different ways brothers
do ritualistic or dramatic parts, or even the way they deliver lectures and
charges. The way they deliver their lines or enact their roles gives much
insight into their view of Masonry.
For example, one brother might portray King Solomon contemplative, intro-
spective, always in control of his emotions. This king would quietly, seriously, and
sternly pronounce sentence on the criminals.
Another brother might portray the king as so completely outraged at their crimes
that he slams his fist on the table and angrily shouts his sentence at the criminals.
Each when done properly by a well prepared and well rehearsed brother can
convey quite effectively that brother’s conception of King Solomon.
It is not unlike watching how different actors play Hamlet. Laurence Olivier
portrayed him as pensive, introspective. Richard Burton portrayed him as loud,
sarcastic, mocking and aggressive.
When his mother, the queen, wanted to know why it was taking Hamlet so long
to get over his father’s death she asked, “Why seems it so particular with thee?”
Olivier’s Hamlet answered quietly, almost imploringly, “Seems, Madam? Nay, it
is. I know not ‘seems.’”
But Burton’s Hamlet shouted mockingly and indignantly at her, “SEEMS,
Madam? Nay, it IS! I know not ‘SEEMS!’” He snarled at her.
Olivier and Burton were world-class, award-winning actors. Yet each saw and
portrayed Hamlet in a completely different way and to great acclaim.
So it is with the way brothers portray King Solomon or any of the other parts
in the drama. Each will portray his character as he understands him and as he
interprets the drama of the second section.
One brother might portray the Wayfaring Man as loud and crude. Another
might portray him as courteously answering the questions, properly deferential
to his superiors.
There was a brother who portrayed him as old and hard of hearing, misunder-
standing the questions, having to have them repeated. While the portrayal was
effective and met with the approval of the brethren, it did add to the script which
we should not do. Interpolations are not allowed.
“Undignified, comical, or rough and abusive interpolations” can get us in trouble.
But even interpolations (adding to something) that do not fall into those categories
are not allowed. The script should be followed assiduously - no deviations except
those permitted by the Permanent Committee on Work.
Here our DGLs can be invaluable. They know the work and are charged with
ensuring that it is “taught uniformly throughout the State.” (Page 23 HOML)
We should welcome and appreciate instruction from our DGLs. They are not
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Performing Ritual:
being arrogant or picky when they correct us. When they inform us of a correct
way of saying or doing something, we should not hurl back at them, “Well, that’s
the way we’ve always done it.” We should not resent or resist their instruction.
Such a reaction is the mark of a small, petty mind. Our brother DGLs are dutifully
fulfilling their charge to ensure that Masonic work in our state is done consistently
and properly.
At the same time, a wise DGL will understand and appreciate that conscientious
brothers bring different perspectives to the table. Once the DGL ascertains that a
brother understands the degree he is working in, the part he is enacting, and that he
can execute the ritual accurately, then he should allow that brother to “be himself.”
There is infinite variation in the way well informed and conscientious brethren
understand the ritual. This variation is what makes our degrees always interesting
and informative.
If a brother or actor understands the part he has taken on, if his interpretation of
the character is reasonable, and if the role is properly and professionally executed,
then his portrayal cannot be said to be wrong.
If, however, the brother doesn’t understand the drama or the character, and if he
is not properly rehearsed and prepared - well, Hamlet said he “would have such a
fellow whipped.” Maybe we don’t want to go quite that far, but we do want him
to get it right.
Our ritual was written by some of the finest minds in history, brothers who
were, as we are charged, well versed in the liberal arts and sciences. Some of the
finest writers, dramatists, and philosophers have brought their God given talent
to producing for us a body of work that is world class - that is on a par with the
world’s finest literature.
Be proud of our ritual. It is beautiful and the language is among the finest you
will encounter. It sets Masonry apart from other fraternities and associations. It
contains the wisdom of the ages and can guide the good man as he strives to be-
come a better man.
For more than four hundred years actors who aspire to greatness have sought to
play Hamlet and any Shakespearean role is a plum for an actor or actress. When he
was in his 70s, after a lifetime of achievement and awards, Charlton Heston was
asked to play a minor role in the 1996 film “Hamlet.” He did, and as is his custom,
he did a brilliant job. This world acclaimed actor who had played Moses and Ben-
Hur and Macbeth and Mark Antony and so many celebrated roles did not hesitate
to take on even a minor part in a Shakespearean play and give it his very best.
Look upon Masonic ritual the same way great actors look upon Shakespeare’s
works. From Steward to Master, from Marshall to King Solomon, any role or any
part in any degree in Masonic ritual is a high honor and should be cherished. Be
prepared. Be well prepared. This privilege deserves nothing less than our best.

JOPPA #362
Honesty & Integrity Program
W: Al Kelly, WM introduced Ra-
chel Carson and Todd Smith, the two
Honesty and Integrity Award recipients
to the 65 members, visitors and guests
and then asked the students to introduce
their respective families. The Worship- L:R - W: Bro Tom Brown, Todd Smith, Rachel
Carson and W: Al Kelly, WM.
ful Master provided a brief biography
on each of the students and noted their with the Award that the two students
many outstanding accomplishments have displayed in their young lives. W:
that qualified them for the Honesty & Bro Brown assisted W: Kelly, WM in
Integrity recognition. making the presentations of the Certifi-
W: Bro Tom Brown was the guest cates, Keys and US Savings Bonds to
speaker for the evening and eloquently the students
spoke of the Honesty & Integrity Award
history, the significance it brings to its
recipients and the qualities associated

Service Award
M: W: Bro Delaney, PGM is also the
Grand Governor of Louisiana for the
York Rite Sovereign College of North
America. During a recent event, Grand
Governor Delaney presented W: Bro
Tom Brown with the Sovereign College L:R - W: Bro Bill Mollere, Sue Brown, W: Bro
Service Award. Its purpose is to recog- Tom Brown and M: W: Bro Roy Delaney.
nize a member of the College who has
given unselfish, faithful and outstanding
service to the York Rite and it is limited
to one award a year in the state.
W: Bro Tom Brown had no prior
knowledge of the award and was taken
by surprise with the presentation. W: several officers from Lodges in the 1st
Bro Bill Mollere, Grand Chaplain, W: Masonic District. Tom’s wife, Sue and
Bro Ed Durham, Grand Junior Warden, brother Jimbo accompanied W: Bro
R: W: Howard Entwistle, DDGM 1st Brown to the event and enjoyed partici-
Masonic District, M: W: Bro Ballard pating in the opportunity to make the
Smith, PGM were present along with evening very memorable.
Honesty & Integrity Night
Downsville Lodge, located in Union
Parish, recently held its annual Honesty
and Integrity Award Program. W: David
L Nicholson, PM-WM introduced the
two students from Downsville High.
Kelsey DeCelle and Logan Crowe were
presented their Honesty & Integrity
Award Certificates.
L:R - Logan Crowe, W: David Nicholson, WM
and Kelsey DeCelle

BAKER #441 The Lodge held its annual Hon-
Honesty & Integrity Program esty and Integrity Awards for area high
school students. Recipients were Eric
Boone, Courtney Stiles, Katlyn Graham
and Richard Wilkinson. W: Bro Rory
A Bozeman gave a talk on “Right and
Wrong” choices for the future. W: J.
Roy Bankston, PM-WM presented the
students with their Certificates. Prior
to the meeting a delicious meal was
L:R - W: David Nicholson, PM-WM, Eric Boone, enjoyed by those in attendance.
Courtney Stiles, Richard Wilkinson and W: Bro
Rory Bozeman, PM-SW

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge presented a Zachary High
student with its annual Honesty & Integ-
rity Award and the evening began with
Brother George Turner, SW providing
a brief history of Freemasonry and that
Honesty and Integrity weave throughout
the fabric of the Fraternity.
The keynote speaker was EBR Parish
District Court Judge, Honorable Brother L:R - W: Earnest J Lapeze, PM-WM and An-
Richard (Chip) Moore, III. drews Scott McClure
The recipient was Andrew Scott Andrew’s proud parents, Page Mc-
McClure. He has received numerous Clure and Ashley Cox attended. The
academic, civil and athletic recogni- highlight of the evening was Andrew’s
tions and certificates in addition to expression of thanks. He won over the
many endorsements from school faculty audience, with his acceptance speech
members. ending with “I want to be a Mason as
Honesty & Integrity Program
Pitkin Lodge hosted Honesty and
Integrity Awards with a hamburger sup-
per.. The Lodge was honored to have 80
members and guests attending.
Local author and retired school
adminstrator Curt Iles was the guest
L:R - Morgan Morrison, Collin Nolen, Cameron
speaker.The recipients were Morgan
Duplechain, Carmen Cloud and W: John R
Morrison and Collin Nolen from Pitkin Johnson, WM.
High School and Carmen Cloud and
Cameron Duplechain from Plainview and Mr. Kevin Lambright, Principal
High School. of Pitkin High School. Mike Perkins,
Among the many guests in atten- President of the Vernon Parish School
dance were Mrs. Sonya Rasmussen, Board was also present to congratulate
Principal of Plainveiw High School the Junior Students from each School.

50 Year Membership
W: Brother W. A. Morris a member
of Abe Hinson Lodge and Madisonville
Lodge No. 740 of Texas was recently
presented a fifty year membership cer-
tificate. The certificate was presented
byW: Gerald Houston, PM-WM of Abe
Hinson on behalf of the Grand Lodge L:R - WA Morris and W: Gerald Houston
of Texas. The certificate was some 6 has conferred every regular degree in
years late due to the fact that WA has York Rite Masonry from the Entered
not lived in Texas since 1957 and it was Apprentice to the Order of the Temple,
overlooked. plus several honorary degrees.
Meanwhile he has been active in the Despite the fact that he has served as
Masonic fraternity in Louisiana. He the head of two statewide organizations
has held one or more offices in Masonic he is best known for his work in the
organizations for 51 consecutive years. field of Masonic education. In 1977 he
He has served as the presiding officer started an annual educational program
of 15 different Masonic organizations, for members of the three York Rite
including the Grand Council of Cryp- Masonic bodies that is still in operation.
tic Masons of Louisiana and Grand In 1996 he was appointed Chairman of
Commandery of Knights Templar of the Education Committee for the Grand
Louisiana. Lodge and in the same year started a
He has held certificates of proficiency short monthly educational program. In
in the(Texas) Royal Arch Chapter and 2001, he led the establishment of an
Cryptic Masons. No one in Louisiana annual Wardens Retreat. At the age of
has ever held more. In his career he 83 he still serves as co-chairman of the
25 Year Certificate
The Lodge presented W: Brother
Billy A Serigne with his Grand Lodge
25-Year Membership Certificate. W:
Brother Serigne served as Master of
Dominique You Lodge in 2004.

L:R - W: Brother Billy Serigne and W: Stephen
K Mainville, WM.

Membership Milestones

L:R - Front Row: R: W: Mitch Reynolds-DDGM
4th District, M: W: Woody Bilyeu-Grand Master,
R: W: George Johnson-DDGM 3rd District and
W: Brother Ralph Owens-Grand Tyler.
Middle Row: M: W: Brother Roy McDuffie-PGM
1991, W: Brother Kirk Cormier-DGL 4th District,
R: W: Bryan Price-DDGM 5th District and W:
Brother Ed Collins-DGL 3rd District.
L:R - W: Brother Robert Coon and M: W: Woody Back Row: W: Melvin Fletcher-WM Cadeville
Bilyeu, Grand Master Lodge.

During the Lodge’s annual Home-
coming Program, M:W: Woody D Bi-
lyeu, GM took advantage of the time to
present membership certificates to two
members of Cadeville Lodge located in
West Monroe.
W: Brother Robert Max Coon was
presented a 25-Year Membership Cer-
tificate and W: Brother Ralph H Owens
was a 50-Year Membership Certificate
recipient. W: Brother Ralph is currently
serving as Grand Tyler and is a member
of the Permanent Committee on Work.
Several members of M: W: Bilyeu’s L:R - W: Brother Ralph Owens and M: W: Woody
Official Family were in attendance. Bilyeu, Grand Master
Special Recognitions
Trinity Union Lodge celebrated Past Masters Night with twenty seven Past
Masters in attendance along with the 55 members, visitors and guests. W: Brother
William Jules Mollere, PM-Grand Chaplain was the guest speaker. Each year, the
Lodge gives the “Ed Brown Award” to two Past Masters who have demonstrated
dedication to the Lodge and Fraternity. This year, W: Brothers Henry H Minchew
and Robert Jule Hutchinson were presented the award by W: Terrell E Howes,
PM-WM and W: Brother Jimmie Dean Dunkin, PM-DGL 13th Masonic District.
The award is named after W: Brother Ed Brown a Past Master of Northeast Lodge
which was one of the Lodges that merged to form Trinity Union. W: Brother Brown
was a coach, mentor and leader in the Baton Rouge community for many years.
The Fidelity Award was presented to W: Brother Amos P Smith, 94 years old
and Tyler of Trinity Union Lodge for his service of over 65 years to the Masonic
Central Lodge #442 presented pictures of their Dyslexia Classes to W: Terry
Howes, WM and W: Brother Walter R Freeman, SW in recognition of the Lodge’s
continued financial support of the Central Dyslexia classes.

L:R - W: Bro Bob Hutchinson-PM Sec’y and W: L:R - W: Terry Howes-WM and W: Brother Amos
Bro Henry Minchew. Smith, PM-Tyler

L:R - W: Bro Al Dougherty, W: Bro Guy Jenkins, M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard, PGM, W: Terry
Howes-WM, W: Bro Brady Foreman-Chairman of Dyslexia Committee, W: Bro Walt Freeman, Bro
Paul Lawrence-SW Central Lodge and W: Anthony Spedal-WM Central #442. Not pictured: Bro
Robert Lee-Junior Warden Central Lodge
Honesty & Integrity Awards
Mount Vernon Lodge, located in
Logansport, presented the Honesty
and Integrity Award to Marty Lingle
and Ashley Perminter, two Logansport
High students. W: Brother Thomas P
Brown was the guest speaker and R:
W: Michael Watts, DDGM 6th District
assisted in presented the Awards.
L:R - W: Lawrence M Woods-PM WM, Marty
Lingle, Ashley Perminter and W: Bro Tom Brown

MITCHELL #252 Mitchell Lodge, located in Converse,
Honesty & Integrity Awards presented the Honesty and Integrity
Award to two Converse High students.
The recipients were Megan Marie Hol-
loway and Jeffery Earl Kimble, Jr.
W: Donald R Spillyard, PM-WM
welcomed everyone in attendance and
turned the program over to W: Bro Jerry
Deters as guest speaker.
L:R - W: Donnie Spillyard-PM WM, Jeffery Kim-
ble, Megan Holloway and W: Bro Jerry Deters.

50 Year Certificate Presentation
A Special Communication of the Lodge was called to recognizeW: Brother
Robert G Bowser for his achievement of 54 years in Hermitage Lodge and to
receive his 50 Year Membership from the Grand Lodge. R: W: M R “Manny”
Alfonso-DDGM 15th District made the presentation.

L:R - W: Arthur T Morvant-PM WM, W: Bro Dennis D Gordon, Bro Leonard
A Hijuelos, W: Bro Robert G Bowser-PM JD, W: Bro Frank W Savoy-PM SW
R: W: Manny Alfonso-DDGM, W: Bro Anthony J Manalla-PM-Treasurer and
W: Bro Grenes J Meyaski-PM Secy.
Special Recognition
W: Brother SMSG-USAF (Ret)
Clyde Strout, President of Barksdale
Chapter No. 275 of the National So-
journers presented the table flag to W:
Bro Major-USAF (Ret) Mike Ironsmith.
The flag is given by the Sojourners to
a member for recruiting three or more
L:R - W: Bro Clyde Strout and W: Bro Mike

SUN #336 and ZONA #337 Sun and Zona Lodges held a joint
100th Anniversaries meeting to celebrate the 100th anniver-
saries of both Lodges. Members, guests
and visitors gathered at Sun Lodge and
enjoyed a great meal of fried catfish and
the usual trimmings. An outstanding
musical performance entertained the
more than 100 in attendance.
M: W: Bro Roy B Tuck, Jr.-PGM
Grand Secretary presented a brief pro-
gram touching on the history of the two
L:R - W: Malcolm Little-WM Zona Lodge, W:
Lodges and events surrounding their de-
Larry Hunt-WM Sun Lodge and M: W: Bro Roy
Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary. velopement. M: W: Bro Tuck presented
Centinnial Plaques to W: Larry J Hunt-
WM of Sun Lodge and W: Malcolm E
Little, Jr.-PM WM of Zona Lodge.

50 Year Certificate Presentation
W: Brother Nathan Derbonne, Mas-
ter in 1997 has been unable to attend
Lodge on a regular basis due to his
health. Members of Mount Vernon
Lodge gathered at W: Bro Derbonne
home to present him with his Grand
Lodge 50 Year Membership Certificate.
On hand to make the presentation
were W: Lawrence M Woods-PM WM,
W: Bro Floyd J “Buster” Bissell, Jr.-PM L:R - W: Bro Nathan Derbonne (seated) and W:
Lawrence Woods-PM WM with W: Bro Buster
Sec’y and W: Bro Cecil Marlin Seago- Bissell and W: Bro Marlin Seago looking on.
Honesty & Integrity Night
Mt. Moriah-Quitman Lodge, located
in Jefferson held its annual Honesty &
Integrity Award Night with Bro. Bobby
J Malbrough, SD serving as Master of
Ceremonies. Brother Malbrough gave a
outstanding tribute outlining the recipi-
ents’ achievements. W: John J. Babin,
III, WM presented the Taylor E Bonnette
from Destrehan High with a beautifully L:R - Front Row: Taylor Bonnette W: John
framed certificate, key and a check. Miss Babin, WM
Bonnette is the daughter of Bro. Trent Back Row: Trent Bonnette, Rejeana Bonnette,
Melissa Difulco and Doug Sosenbourg.
Bonnette, a member of Etoile Polaire #1.
JUSTICE #449 Justice Lodge, located in Lake
25-Year Membership Charles, presented W: Bro Lawrence L
Frisbie, PM-Secretary with his Grand
Lodge 25-Year Membership Certificate
for his continuing faithful service to the
Fraternity. W: Bro Frisbie was Master of
the Lodge in 1995 and continues to serve
as our dedicated Secretary.

L:R - W: Douglas C Myers, Jr.-WM and W: Bro
Lawrence Frisbie-PM Sec’y.

AJAX #325
Honesty & Integrity Night
Ajax Lodge, located in Natchitoches
Parish, held its annual Honesty and In-
tegrity Program recognizing two local
students. Victoria Arnold of Pleasant
Hill High and Kathrine Baker of Many
High were presented Certificates, H&I
Key and U.S. Savings Bonds by W: Nor- L:R - W: Norman D McFerrin, PM-WM, Kath-
rine Baker, Victoria Arnold, R: W: Michael A
man McFerren, PM-WM. There were Watts, DDGM 6th District
approximately 60 members, visitors
and guests in attendance. R: W: Michael
Watts, DDGM 6th District was the guest
speaker and assisted with introducing
the students and their parents, thanking
them for their achievements and active
roles in their daughter’s lives.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its
stability has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective
annual contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or forever.

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish
your personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your
will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM,
Director of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email: chipborne43@

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Four 10th District Lodges, Justice #449, Calcasieu #400, Rudolph Krause #433
and Moss Bluff #462 jointly awarded fifteen area high school juniors with the Hon-
est and Integrity Award at the Habibi Shrine Center in Lake Charles. Worshipful
Masters presenting awards were W: Douglas C Myers, Jr., WM (#449), W: Melvin
E Addison, III, WM (#433), W: Will L Houston, PM-WM (#400) and W: William
David McCoy, PM-WM (#462). W: Brother Ray V Moses, DGL 10th Masonic
District was the Master of Ceremonies and special guest speaker was R: W: Claude
G Lecompte, DDGM 10th District. Cake and ice cream was enjoyed by everyone
after the award program. There were approximately one hundred members, visitors
and guests in attendance.

Recipients (Calcasieu) Logan Beville, Taylor Whitney, Laura Fuller and Kylie Goodeaux. (Justice)
Elijah Williams, Freddie Galloway, Ivy Walker, Robin Pouchie. (Rudolph Krause) Ranajawhanda
Poullard, Marcus Partin, Paige Hilman, Caleb Scott Napaluch, and Elizabeth Gary. (Moss Bluff)
Kari Leake and Greg Ware

Achievement Award
Mt. Moriah-Quitman Lodge, located
in Jefferson, presented W. Bro. Earl J.
Hueguenel, Jr. with his 2009 Achieve-
ment Award in an open Lodge. W: John
J. Babin, III, WM provided a talk on the
importance of achieving such an award.
The Lodge was one of only 55 that quali-
fied for the 2009 Achievement Award.

L:R - W: Bro Earl Hueguenel, PM and W: John
Babin, WM

Award Day
The 3rd District holds an annual
fish fry and Award/Recognition Day at
D’Arbonne State Park in Farmerville.
Awards included the presentation
of Cerficicates of Proficency, Achieve-
ment Awards and a special Appreciation
L:R - W: Bro Bruce Osbon, Brother Johnny
Davis, W: Bro C Ed Collins, DGL 3rd District
and Brother Marvin Davis. W: Bro Collins,
DGL presented Certificates of Proficiency to
these brethren. Johnny Davis received his initial
card while his father, Marvin, received his 11th

R: W: George E Johnson, DDGM 3rd District
and W: James P Smith, WM Ruston Lodge #106
flank Mrs. Lynnette Bailey. Mrs. Bailey, wife of
Bro C. Marcus Bailey, SW of Ruston Lodge was
presented an Appreciation Plaque for her faith-
ful, dedicated and tireless service to the Lodge.

L:R - R: W: George Johnson, DDGM presented
W: Bro Nathan D McNabb-Chourdrant #339
with his Achievement Award.

Achievement Award
Alexandria Lodge was one of the
fifty-five Lodges that qualified for the
2009 Grand Lodge Achievement Award.
R: W: Albert E Rayner, Jr., DDGM 9th
District presented the award to W: Bro
Billie R James.

L:R - W: Bro Royce G Austin, PM SW, W: Bro
Billie R James and R: W: Albert Rayner, DDGM
(Editor’s Note: The picture was received without 9th Masonic District.
an accompanying article. I identified the parties
from the jewels and aprons worn. My apologies
if the names are incorrect.)
Membership Milestone
The Lodge presented two of its faith-
ful members with their Grand Lodge 50-
Year Membership Certifictes, lapel pins
and Credintials during a recent meeting.
Brother Jimmy Mize presented a
Certificate to W: Bro Joel L. “Dick”
L:R - Jimmy Mize, W: Bro Dick Ambrose, W:
Ambrose. Brother Mize was responsible Bro Samuel Williams and W: James Smith, WM.
for providing a petition to W: Ambrose
in 1959. Jimmy Mize was raised in
1940 and continues an active role in
the Lodge.
W: James P Smith, WM presented
W: Bro Samuel H Williams with his
50-Year Certificate.

Achievement Awards
Ideal Lodge hosted the 18th District Lodge at Sam B. Dryfuse #396, since Ideal
now meets in Reserve. There was a record breaking 70 Masons in attendance
including six Grand Lodge Officers.
Four Lodges received their 2009 Grand Lodge Achievement Awards. Arthur
M Retif #473, Invincible #361, Graham-Washington #413 and Hiram #70 were
recognized for the work in fulfilling the requirements for this distinguished award.
The Traveling Gavel Award was presented to Invincible Lodge for having 16
members in attendance. The Silver and Bronze Awards were presented to Ideal
Lodge and Hiram Lodge, respectively.

Members of Invincible Lodge #361 with the
L:R - W: Bro Michael Retzlaff-Arthur M Retif, Traveling Gavel Award.
W: Bro Farrell J Ledet-Invinsible, W: Bro Wil-
liam F Banner-Graham Washington, W: Bro
Zachary T Chauffe-Hiram and W: Bro Carl J
Graf-PDDGM (2009) who presented the Achieve-
ment Awards.

L:R - W: Bro Charles J Sicard-DGL 15th, W:
Bro A J “Skip” Perez-DGL 18th, R: W: Eric D
Nelson-DDGM 14th, R: W: Troy A Perez-DDGM
18th, M: W: Bro Louis J Caruso-PGM and R:
W: Frank N DuTreil, GSW
11th MASONIC DISTRICT The 11th Masonic District Traveling
Traveling Gavel Claimed Gavel was retrieved by W: Ray M Patin,
WM and ten members from Hugh M.
Daspit Lodge #301 (St. Martinville)
from W: Blake M Waldmann of Breaux
Bridge Lodge #476. The Traveling
Gavel can be recovered by any Lodge in
the District with five (5) or more visiting
bretheren, with one being a Principal Of-
W: Ray Patin-WM, Bro Percy Racca-JW, Bro ficer. R: W: J E “Buddy” Pearce-DDGM
Deron Santiny-SW and members of Hugh M 11th District was on hand to ensure that
Daspit #301 with R: W: Buddy Pearce-DDGM. peace and harmony prevailed!

Award Presentation
Fairfields Lodge #425 hosted the
recent 11th District Lodge with over
80 members in attendance. During the
meeting five Lodges received their 2009
Grand Lodge Achievement Awards.
East Gate #452, St. James #47. Baker L:R - W: Bro Jim Wingate, PM-Sec’y East Gate
#441, Trinity Union #372 and Pelican Lodge; W: Tim Atkins, WM St. James Lodge;
Civil War #1861 were recognized for W: James Bankston-WM Baker Lodge; W: Bro
Danny Smith, PM Trinity Union Lodge and W:
their work in 2009 to meet the require- John Pate, WM Pelican Civil War Lodge.
ments for this elusive award. W: James
R Bankston-PM WM Baker Lodge, W:
Bro James E Wingate-PM Sec’y East
Gate Lodge, W: John Pate-WM Pelican
Civil War Lodge and W: Timothy H At-
kins-WM St James Lodge accepted the
awards on behalf of their respective Past
Masters. W: Bro Charles D “Danny”
Smith was on hand to personally accept
his Achievement Award for his year in
the East at Trinity Union Lodge.
The Traveling Gavel Award was
presented to Central #442 for having
L:R - W: Anthony R Spedal-WM Central Lodge
the most members in attendance. The
with the Traveling Gavel Award and Terry L
DDGM Award was presented to New Babin-PM SW New River Lodge with the DDGM
River #402 (Gonzales) for the Lodge Award.
in attendance that traveled the longest
R: W: B J Guillot, Deputy Grand
Master and R: W: Carle L Jackson,
DDGM 13th District were on hand to
New Preceptor
Ex. Companion Lillard E. Payne,
left, outgoing Preceptor, congratulates
his successor Beverly J. Guillot follow-
ing his installation as Preceptor of John
Of Patmos Tabernacle No. XLII, Holy
Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests for
the year 2010-20 11. Looking on is The Holy Royal Arch Knight Tem-
Deputy Preceptor, Thomas P. Brown. plar Priests is an invitational organi-
The HRAKTP has one of the most re- zation with membership limitations.
stricted memberships in Freemasonry. Members are selected on the basis of
There are only 31 active members in outstanding performance as a Com-
Louisiana and some 1600 nationwide. mander of a Commandery of Knight
All members mush have served with Templar. The order has historic roots in
distinction as Commander of a Com- England that trace back to 1786, with
references back to 1686, the traditional
mandery of Knights Templar.
year of revival. The “Priestly Order”
was referred to within the ceremonies of
“The High Knights Templar” in Ireland
in 1755. There are records of the con-
ferral of this Order in the United States
during the 1800’s but the authority is

Special Presentation
Bro: Michael F Wilson, Jr. presented
a special flag to Oliver Lodge #84 in
Alexandria. W: George L “Bud” Hol-
man, WM received the gift on behalf of
the lodge. There were several members
and guests in attendance, among which
was W: Bro: Michael F Wilson, Sr. Bro:
Wilson, Jr. also presented a plaque stat-
ing its significance. The plaque reads: L:R - Bro: Michael Wilson and W: Bud Holman-
This flag was flown on board Army King PM WM. Bro Wilson was home for a brief leave
Air “Pursue 44” over the sovereign na- before returning to Afghanistan.
tion of Afghanistan on July 2, 2010 by Enduring Freedom. CW4 Michaels
air crew members of the 3rd Battalion, Wilson/Pilot MM-Oliver Lodge #84 in
214th Aviation in support of Operation Alexandria, LA.
Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

Special Donation
W: Raphael G. “Ray” Fontenot, WM,
on behalf of Curtis T. Hines Lodge in
Tioga, presented a WII Console Inter-
active Computer Program to the Pal-
liative Clinic of the VA Nursing Home.
Ms. Gracie Specks, Director Alexandria L:R - Bro: Paul Abbot-MSA, Ms. Gracie Specks,
Veterans Administration Hospital ac- W: Ray Fontenot, WM and Bro: Kenneth Taffi
cepted the generous donation. Paul S.
Abbott, Jr., Masonic Service Association
Representative and Kenneth Taffi, Dep-
uty MSA Representative accompanied
W: Fontenot, WM for the presentation.
Plaque Ceremony
Under the leadership of M:W: Woody
D. Bilyeu, GM the Grand Lodge placed
and consecrated a plaque at United Bap-
tist Church in Campti, Louisiana.
The event was hosted by Phoenix
Lodge in Natchitoches. The Pastor of
United Baptist Church, Reverend Jerry
Smelly, greeted the Grand Lodge Family
and other members upon their arrival.
At the conclusion of the ceremony,
everyone retired to the fellowship hall
for refreshments.

Annual Meeting
The Louisiana Grand Court, Order
of the Amaranth recently held its Sixty-
second annual meeting, the “Shining
Stars Session” at the Radisson Hotel in
Kenner, Louisiana.
The session began with the Informal
Opening. Visiting and Amaranth Dig-
nitaries were escorted to the Throne.
The flags of the United States, Canada
and Australia were presented and the
National Anthems were sung. Hon- H.L. Jaime Gause (Lake Charles)
oured Lady Peggy Ball of Florida, the was elected Grand Royal Matron.
Supreme Royal Matron and Sir Knight S.K. Milton Baker (Lake Charles) was
Bill Shuck of Kentucky, Supreme Royal elected Grand Royal Patron. H.L. Coy
Matron were presented and welcomed. Baker (Lake Charles) was elected Grand
Distinguished guests who represent Associate Matron and S.K. Carl Starkey
other orders in the Louisiana Masonic (Lake Charles) was elected Grand As-
Family brought greetings from their sociate Patron. H.L. Beverly Fontaine
Orders. S.K. Robert Hagen, member of (Oak Grove) was elected Grand Sec-
the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation com- retary and S.K. Robert Hagen (Baton
mended the Grand Court of Louisiana Rouge) was elected Grand Treasurer.
for their donation last year of $4975. Melanie Jackson (Baton Rouge) was
Afterwards a reception was held for all elected Grand Conductress and Shir-
in the Hospitality Room. ley Ulrich (Lake Charles) was elected
Because of recent surgery, H.L. Nata- Grand Associate Conductress.
lie Gause, the Grand Royal Matron was H.L. Jaime and S.K. Milton an-
not able to attend, however H.L. Jaime nounced that their theme was “Ama-
Gause, the Grand Associate Matron ranth Members are like snowflakes,
assumed the position of Grand Royal everyone is unique”. Her motto is “Be
Matron and served beautifully. Friday a shining light of friendship for others.”
and Saturday were filled with attending The Sixty-third annual session, “The
the business of the Grand Court and Winter Wonderland Session” will be
raising money for Diabetes Research held at the Radisson Hotel in Kenner
which is the designated philanthropy of Aug 4-6, 2011.
the Order of the Amaranth.

Franklin Lodge honored Police and
Firefighters for the entire St. Mary Par-
ish including Jeanerette, La. The W:
Patrick Brown, WM said “These people
are given very little praise and put their
lives on the line ever day for us.”
Front Row L:R - Fire Fighter Jamie Nichols
Franklin Fire Dept and Fire Fighter First Class
Debra Guardea, Chitimacha Fire Dept. Back
Row L:R - Chief Peggy Davis Franklin FD and
Capt. Kenny Perry Chitimacha FD

Front Row L:R - Kathy Tourney, 16th dist DA Office, Lt Marvin Grogan, Jeanerette Police De-
partment, Lt. Celest LeBlanc, Franklin City Marshal Office, Ofc. Daven Colar, Patterson Police
Department, Ofc. Michael Rodroque, Berwick Police department, Lt Jeremy Green, St Mary Parish
Sheriff Department
Middle Row L:R - Al Thibodeaux, 16th Dist DA Porbation Officer, Lt James Carinas, Patterson PD,
Marshal David McCoy, Franklin City Marshal Office, Chief Larry Jones, Janerette PD, Chief James
Richard, Berwick PD, Asst Chief Harry Smith Baldwin PD and Chief Saina McGuire, Franklin PD
Back Row L:R - Capt Ellen Hebert, Chitimacha PD, W: Patrick Brown WM, Frankin Lodge # 57
F & A M, Hon Vincent Borne, DA 16th Dist, Chief Blaise Smith, Chitimacha Police Department,
Chief Gerald Minor, Baldwin P D and Ofc Terrence Moore, Franklin PD.

Learning Center Graduation
On September 28, East Gate Lodge in
Baton Rouge, hosted a graduation cer-
emony for the students of the Dyslexia
Training program. The class began two
years ago and three students sucessfully
completed the program.
L:R - Ms. Mildred Alexander, teacher; Baileigh

Pizzillo; Breanna Gurzynski, and Reed Pritchard.

Dyslexia Graduation Program
Graduation ceremonies for the stu-
dents of the Dyslexia Training program
were held at Blackwater United Meth-
odist Church. In addition to the two
year class, there was class consisting of
students between the ages of 14-16. This
is an accelerated one year class.
There have been 8 classes since the
Older Class of Ms. Cindy Rogers L:R - John
two Lodges have jointly sponsored the Mark Hodges, Madlin Coffey, Cindy Rogers,
program in the area. Brother Brady Matthew Arnold and Brooke Melancon
Foreman chairs the committee for the
Dyslexia Training Program with mem-
bers of both Lodges making up the bal-
ance of the Committeee.
Two Year class of Ms. Connie Schultz Front Row
L:R - Ryan Guillot, Dylan Adams & Tyler Adams.
Back Row L:R - Timothy DuBose, Brendan
Bertrand and Connie Schultz

Troop Care Packages
Landmark Lodge of Keithville com-
pleted their goal of sending care pack-
ages to a local National Guard Platoon
based out of Shreveport’s Fort Humbug.
Under the leadership of W: Billy Rus-
sell, WM the Lodge collected 194 lbs provided by the Post Office, included a
of food donated by members of the Thank-You card signed by members of
lodge, families and employees of Pig- the Lodge.
gly Wiggly in Plain Dealing. 23 boxes, 29
St. JAMES #47
Newest Members
St. James Lodge conferred the
Master Mason degree on four members
recently. Pictured (L:R) are Manuel
Rendon, Jason Dore, Tarek Shahla, and
Jeffrey Maynor. Rendon and Maynor
are Chemical Engineers and Dore and
Shahla are Attorneys.

MINDEN #51 W: Eldon W Howell, PM WM was
Three Generations pleased to call a Special Communication
in order to confer the Master Mason
Degree on its newest member.
Tommy Cheatham joined his father
and grand-father as a member of the
Fraternity and Minden Lodge.
Bro: James Cheatham (grandfather)
and Bro: Dennis Cheatham (father) as-
sisted in the degree.
Brothers Tommy, James and Dennis Cheatham.

New Addition
The Lodge celebrated the Grand Open-
ing of their new single story, handicap
accessible meeting room with a com-
munity appreciation celebration. With
multiple Lodges and Eastern Star chap- Front Row L:R Michael Toney-MofC, Gabe
ters visiting; the gathering of 140 agreed Hamilton-JD, Elmer Edwards-Tyler, Johnny
Norwood-SW, Billy Reeves-JW, Cary Cooley-
the addition was a great testament to the
Sec’y Back Row L:R Danny Lindsey-Trea,
Magnolia lodge members desire to make Claude LeCompte-SD, W: Carl LeBleu-WM,
it easier for their handicapped members Terry Fowler-Chaplain
to to return to the Lodge. Masons built was made possible by the donations of
this addition from the ground up, liter- many and the Open House was means
ally, by the sweat of their brows and for the Lodge to show appreciation to
many community volunteers. The trees make the dream a reality. The Lodge
cleared for the building were milled, fin- has a beautiful debt free addition. Hard
ished, and used for the walls in the new work and perseverance has truly paid off
addition. Completion of this addition for these hard working masons.
HOMER #152
Past Masters Night
Homer Lodge held its annual Past-
Masters and Bring-A-Friend Meet-
ings on the same evening. Forty-two
people were in attendance and enjoyed
a fine fried fish, fries & dinner with all
the extras prepared by Bro Nathan P
Thompson, SD.
Seven Past Masters were in atten-
dance and recognized for their service
W: James Brady Allen, PM WM presents a gift
and leadership. Gerald Mazanares was certificate to Gerald Mazanares for his actions
recognized for his honesty, integrity and in the armed robbery.
bravery of an armed robbery in Homer
at a local convenience store on May 4th.
Gerald foiled the armed robbery by liter-
ally tackling and taking down the armed
robber in the store.
After the feast, introductions and
presentations of guest and Past Masters,
the crowd was entertained with some
fine gospel & country music by Tommy Past Masters all Front Row L:R - Michael D
Allen, Danny Roy Moore, Glenn T Bays, Robert
& Carolyn Gore and their band whose A Robinson and Thomas P Wyant. Back Row
members include Jim Allen, Brady Al- L:R - Clyde David Hood, James B Allen and W:
len, Mike Matthews and Ed Dittenheim. James Brady Allen, PM WM.

Newest Member
W: Andrew H Stevenson, Sr., PM
WM was excited to call a Special Com-
munication to confer the Master Mason
Degree on a very special young man
and Mason.
L:R: - W: Andrew Stevenson-PM WM, Bro:
Thomas Patrick Dickson, III joined Patrick Dickson and W: Bro Pat Dickson.
his father W: Bro Thomas Patrick
Dickson as a member of Southern Hills Rite in September.
Lodge. There were 64 members and Patrick petitioned the Lodge im-
visitors in attendance for the anticipated mediately on his 18th birthday at the
degree. end of June and completed his Blue
Brother Patrick joined the Chapter, Lodge Degrees prior to start of classes
Council and Commandery the following at Louisiana Tech.
weekend. He was also a member of the W: Bro Pat Dickson and Miss Cloe
198th Class of the Shreveport Scottish have every right to be proud of this fine
Past Masters Night
Justice Lodge, located in Lake Charles, held an open meeting to honor its Past
Masters. There were seven Past Masters in attendance.

LR: - W: Bro Jerry J Manuel, Sr.-PM Tyler, W: Bro Ray V Moses-DGL 10th District, W: Bro Ralph
E Schneck-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Lawrence L Frisbie-PM Secretary, W: Douglas C Myers, Jr.-WM,
W: Bro William J. Moreaux-PM Junior Deacon, W: Bro Errol B Cheramie-PM Marshal and W:
Bro James L Dickerson-PM Treasurer.

ABE HINSON #472 Four Past Masters of Abe Hinson
Road Trip Lodge of Alexandria recently paid a
visit to Milam Lodge No. 2 AF & AM,
Nacogdoches, Texas. This Lodge was
originally chartered by the Grand Lodge
of Louisiana as No. 40. It, along with
Holland Lodge No. 36 and McFarland
No. 41 of San Augustine, TX formed the
Grand Lodge of Texas.
The four agreed that they received
a lesson in true Masonic Hospitality,
as well as ideas to promote for use in
Standing in front of the Milan Lodge are (L:R)
Abe Hinson,in the future. The trip was
W: Bro Thomas E Richards, W: Bro Robert Max so enjoyable and educational that plans
Coon, W: Bro W A Morris and W: Bro Patrick were immediately started to visit in Mis-
D Collard. sissippi and possibly Arkansas.

Achievement Award
During a Stated Communication,
Past DDGM 1st District W: Bro Bill
Drake (R) made a surprise visit to pres-
ent the W: Bro James T Kelly (L) with
his 2009 Achievement Award.

Past Master’s Jewel
Gary T. Rushworth, PM Blanchard #447

he oldest known Past Master’s Symbol consists of the Compasses, Sun,
Square and Quadrant. This is the most popular Past Master’s Jewel used
in the United States. The earliest written evidence can be found in an
exposé of Masonry published in April of 1760 entitled Three Distinct
Knocks which said “The Pass Master Hath the Compasses and Sun with
a Line of Cords About his Neck.”
This symbol includes the Square to remind us that it is by the Square that the
wearer governed his lodge as Master. The Quadrant shows what angle the Com-
passes is opened. This is appropriate for the symbol of a Past Master, because it is
by the Compasses that the Freemason keeps himself within due bounds of
all mankind. And, it is the role of the Worshipful Master to ensure that all
members of his lodge, and all Regu- lar Masons living within his lodge’s
jurisdiction are making proper use of their moral compass. It also
generally shows that the Compasses is opened to the angle of 60 degrees.
This is significant because 60° is the angle of an equilateral triangle. This
triangle represents perfect balance, as all sides are of equal length, and
the triangle appears the same from all directions. It therefore teaches that
the man who wears this jewel has learned the lessons of Freemasonry and lives a
balanced life. It also shows that the wearer of this jewel has served equally in the
South, the West, and the East.
The Sun is used in this symbol to represent that the wearer has observed the
sun at , 1. Its meridian height in the South, 2. Its setting in the West, and 3. Its ris-
ing in the East. The Sun also represents light. And, it is understood that the Past
Master of a Craft Lodge is a source of Masonic Light to his brothers. It closely
shares the meaning of the Pentalpha in Masonic symbolism and has on occasion
been interchanged with it. Thus it is also appropriate to say that the Sun represents
perfect light.
It is of interest to note that the Grand Lodge of Scotland uses this symbol as
their Past Master’s Jewel, without the Sun. The Compasses, Sun and Quadrant.
In several jurisdictions, especially in the United States, the Past Master’s Symbol
consists of the Compasses, Sun and Quadrant. The meaning of the Compasses,
and Sun are the same as in the symbol described above. However, this symbol is
unique, as it can also be understood to be a sextant. A sextant is a tool of naviga-
tion, used to measure altitude, and enable one to determine his location, and thus
plot a course to travel. This is a very appropriate symbol for a Past Master, as he
has had to navigate the course of his lodge during his Eastern tenure. It also shows
that he is capable of assisting in the navigation of the lodge, if his successors may
request his assistance.

EASTERN STAR #151 grave. M:W: Bro. Webb then presented
A Grand Master’s Homecoming the Grand Master with a cedar gavel
made from those sticks. Mayor elect B
A Celebration of Homecoming R Audirsch was introduced and warmly
for Most Worshipful Grand Master thanked for his attendance.
of Masons, in the State of Louisiana, Rev. John Holland, Minister of Music
Woody D. Bilyeu was held at his home at First Baptist, sang “The Lord is My
lodge, Eastern Star #151, in Winnfield. Light, a song based on Psalm 27. He was
W: Matthew S Walton, WM and the accompanied by Fran Walton, who is the
Brethren of Eastern Star Lodge were Mother of W: Matt Walton, WM and is
proud to officially receive their own the Organist at First United Methodist.
Most Worshipful Brother Bilyeu, and M: W: Woody Bilyeu then presented
about two dozen members of the Of- W: Bro M L “Bud” Blake with his Gold
ficial Grand Lodge Family, including Card of Proficiency for holding a card
the entire elected Grand Lodge line, six of proficiency in the Standard Work of
District Lecturers, six District Deputies the Grand Lodge for 25 years. W: Bro.
and seven Past Grand Masters. Several Blake was also presented with the Fidel-
State, Local, and Masonic dignitaries ity Award for being the oldest Master
who were on hand for the celebration, Mason in the Eastern Star Lodge.
spoke or made presentations to M:W: M: W: Bilyeu then made a few re-
Bilyeu. marks thanking everyone and offered a
M:W: Bro Charles Hardin “Chuck” special thanks to his wife, Mary Harlan
Penn, III PGM gave M:W: Bilyeu’s Bilyeu, who was then presented with
biography and offered a few humorous roses from the Eastern Star Palestine
anecdotes about him. State Senator Chapter by Mrs. Violet Rhymes.
Gerald Long presented the Grand Mas- The Lodge Brethren would like to
ter with a proclamation commending thank Bro. Jamey Maxwell and Bro.
him on his elevation to Grand Master. Dorman Guilliams for working in the
Winn Parish Police Jury President Jack hot sun and in the rain cooking some of
McFarland presented M:W: Bilyeu with the tenderest and juiciest steaks enjoyed
a proclamation declaring May 29, 2010 by the nearly 100 members, visitors
as Woody Bilyeu day. Most Imminent and guests. Appreciation goes to R: W:
Grand Master Vernon R. Atkinson of W Bryan Price, DDGM 5th Masonic
the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of District who did such a wonderful job
Louisiana presented the Grand Master organizing the event. Thanks also to
with his 25 year York Rite Membership Mrs. Judy Harlan, Mrs. Violet Rhymes,
Certificate. Mrs. Barbara Clark, and Mrs. Gay
M: W: Bro J F “Jeff” Webb, PGM Baker. Special thanks to W: Bro Bobby
then spoke describing a trip that he and Wayne Harlan and W: Bro Clifford A
M:W: Bilyeu made to the grave of our Whitehead, for performing above and
Brother and president George Washing- beyond the call of duty. Very Special
ton. M:W: Bro Webb recounted that he thanks to Mrs. Mary Bilyeu, whose help
had gotten permission from one the park
rangers to pick up some sticks that had
fallen from a cedar tree at the foot of pictures continued next page
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A Grand Master’s Homecoming:

Jack McFarland, President Winn Parish Police
Jury with a proclamation declaring the day as
M: W: Bro C H “Chuck” Penn, III PGM pre- Woody D Bilyeu Day. This was a rare occcurence
senting a detailed biography for M: W: Bilyeu. for the Jury.

State Senator Gerald Long (District 31) presents
M: W: Bilyeu with a proclamation. MI Grand Master Vernon R Atkinson presents
M: W: Bilyeu with a 25 Year Membership Cer-

M: W: Bilyeu presents the Fidelity Medal and
R: W: W Bryan Price, DDGM 5th District han- a Gold Certificate of Proficiency to M: W: Bro
dling the Master of Ceremonies duties. Bud Blake
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Masonry As It Relates to Social Justice:

you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who will not.
Viewed as Rights, do these well intentioned objectives by government imple-
mentation increase or decrease our liberty in the pursuit of security and equality?
President John Adams answers this specific question in his famous statement,
“Those that trade liberty for security have neither”.
Our founders, many of whom were members of the Masonic Fraternity, by
contrast thought that “equality and liberty” were perfectly compatible. They were
opposite sides of the same coin. The principal of natural equality had been clearly
delineated in the Declaration of Independence, which clearly spelled out the way
in which all human beings are the same. They are equally endowed with natural
and inalienable rights.
The Constitution had established a limited government which presupposed an
autonomous civil society and a free economy. Roosevelt believed that such freedom
had led inevitable to social inequality, which had made Americans insecure in a
way that was unacceptable. He thought that the protection of political rights or of
social and economic liberty, exercised by individuals unregulated by government
had made it impossible to establish a foundation for social justice. He assumed that
a fundamental tension exists between equality and liberty that can only be resolved
by a powerful, even unlimited, administrative or welfare state.
The preservation of freedom, in our country’s Founders view, requires a defense
of private property. They thought that a constitutional order, by separating church
and state, government and civil society, and the public and private sphere, makes
it possible to reconcile equality and liberty in a reasonable way that is compatible
with the nature of man. Thus the Constitution limits the power of government to
the protection of natural rights.
The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are linked by the idea of
the people as autonomous and sovereign, and government as the people’s creation
and ultimately the people’s servant. Our early Masonic Brothers believed that
government is not the solution to our problem, Government was the problem. The
bureaucratic state could and would lead to the ultimate loss of freedom. In other
words Centralized control of the economy and society by the federal government
could not be accomplished without undermining individual rights and establishing
coercive control.
The revolutionary notion that the people grant government its rights and not
the other way around was a motivating belief of our Founding Fathers. Modern
government had become a problem, primarily because it sought to replace the
people as central to the American constitutional order. Should we as a society
and more particularly as Masons be concerned about this movement, and more
importantly “why”?
The founders of our country, understood human nature to be unchanging and thus
such traits as greed, self-centered, and selfishness to be a problem associated with
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Masonry As It Relates to Social Justice:

human life. They unlike Roosevelt did not attempt to mandate the good society or
social justice by legislation. They knew that it was humanly impossible to do so.
Rather they attempted to create a free society, in which the people themselves
could determine the conditions necessary for the good life. By establishing a
constitutional government of limited power, they placed their trust in the people. I
submit that this thinking can be traced to and was the direct result of the Masonic
The conceptual or philosophical difference is clear. We cherish the ultimate in
individual freedom consistent with law and order. Regardless of their sincerity, their
humanitarian motives, those who would trade our freedom for security embarked
on this downward course and an inability to control what had become, in effect,
an unelected administrative government.
Failure of the economy during the Great Depression and in all other economic
crisis provides the occasion for expanding the role of the federal government in
administering the private sector.
President Roosevelt believed what he considered selfish behavior on the part
of individuals and corporations must give way to rational social action initiated
by a benevolent government and the organized intelligence of the bureaucracy.
He truly believed that government determines the conditions of social compact
or Social Justice. This view by definition diminishes not only the authority of the
Constitution but undermines the individual efforts of man.
Consider if you will your personal conviction and its emphasis on the respon-
sibility of the individual as he functions in and his responsibility to himself and
society. Roosevelt’s convictions gave no credence to the fraternity’s commitment
to the concept of individual obligations we owe to God, our country, our families,
our neighbors, and ourselves. The collective effect of Roosevelt’s philosophy in
my opinion is the elimination of the sovereignty of the people.
The social or liberal progressive movements have and will continue to dramati-
cally change any society. Idealistic principles of self discipline as taught by our
Masonic obligations and charges are important to fewer and fewer people. Our
societies have become problematic where honesty becomes relative and rationaliza-
tion of all conduct is the norm. We say that our communities are civilized societies
of law, but to often these laws are broken and then attempts are made to justify or
rationalize the inappropriate behavior. That logic is corruptive, destructive but most
importantly contagious. In essence it gives individuals such as Roosevelt reason
to believe that government intervention is warranted.
Individual or personal integrity mandates a Principled Society, disciplined by
individual self respect and control. The self imposed work ethics of our forefathers
is disappearing from society with no respect or appreciation given to the privilege
of employment. Modern Society says that it wants to insure respect but modern
man’s life experiences evidence a serious lack of it. The lack of respect in society
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Masonry As It Relates to Social Justice
is the end result of a lack of purpose, discipline and moral commitment. These are
the very ideals of equality that we as Masons, past and present fight to preserve.
The principles of our forefathers and their government “Of the People, by the
People and for the People” were, in my opinion, reflective of the philosophy of our
brotherhood in that it can notes self discipline and the onerous position accepted by
each man in society. A brother whose life evidences qualities of honesty, discipline
and courage is proof of a transformed life that has earned respect.
Our spiritual brotherhood teaches him that his life embodies an individual quest
and a determined search for light. It is a fraternal concept shared around the world
with our brothers of like mind. I submit that the attraction, the spiritual reward, the
ultimate objective of our spiritual brotherhood is the character which is the epitome
of all virtue. In general the quality is defined as our ability to naturally embrace a
way of life with moral and ethical principles. In such an environment there is no
need for a dominant controlling administrative government.
No matter what compelling motives are expressed, they are not objectives that
can be cured, insured or guaranteed by a government run by an elite bureaucracy.
The attribute of self discipline and its presence in each of our lives will be the at-
tribute that will continue to draw good men to our Lodges and collectively insure
a true lasting freedom in society.
The driving force of our Masonic Fraternity is to instill in each of our brothers a
mission to create within each man that knocks at our door of our lodges a thirst for
spiritual enlightenment. That desire can only be quenched by a commitment to that
Masonic philosophy, principles or ideal in each of our lives. We, not the govern-
ment, must insure that truth, honesty and moral principles are of prime importance.
In conclusion, our Spiritual Brotherhood is committed to the concept that man-
kind is entitled to be enlightened and that process begins with a God centered life.
It develops respect for the laws of society, but more important to us as Masons, it is
a self imposed discipline of prime importance. It imposes a freedom that embraces
the capacity for self preservation and self reliance. The “ideal “of our Masonic
Order mandates that this discipline would exist among us whether or not there
are laws of government to impose the conduct.
It is here that I submit the Principles of the New Deal and its social concepts
of Justice (Social Justice) go radically wrong. The guarantees of economic, social
and moral thought to insure security, freedom and equality as professed by this
thinking, can not be guaranteed by any form of government. A coercive govern-
ment is the anthisis of freedom.
Freedom correlates to individual responsibility. The disciplines must be self
imposed and self generated in order to attain success for any period of time. It is
a discipline that through the living of its ideal generates unbelievable rewards:
Freedom of thought, Freedom of religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom to hold
diverse beliefs are to name but a few.
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Freemasonry As It Relates to Social Justice:
Collectively, we as brothers have the opportunity to make the world in which we
live a better place, a place of integrity where our Masonic ideals do in fact become
a way of life, a way of life that will insure a government of the people with true
lasting freedom and equality for all.

This article was presented at the Rosicrucian Society in March 2010. This is the
second and final installment.

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A Grand Master’s Homecoming:

M: W: Bro Jeff Webb, PGM presents to M:W: M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM receives an Apprecia-
Bilyeu a gavel made from a cypress tree grow- tion & Recognition Plaque from W: Matt Walton,
ing at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate WM on behalf of the Lodge.

L:R - Mrs. Fran Walton, organist First United
Mrs. Mary Bilyeu receives a bouquet of roses
Methodist Church and mother of W: Matt Wal-
from Mrs. Violet Rhymes on behalf of the Pales-
ton, WM; Brother and Reverand John Holland,
tine Chapter Order of the Eastern Star.
Minister of Music First Baptist Church and
M:W: Bilyeu, GM
The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2010-2011 OFFICERS
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master
Beverly J. “BJ” Guillot, Deputy Grand Master
Frank N du Treil, Jr., Grand Senior Warden
H Edward Durham, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, PGM, Grand Secretary
William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
James E. Steen, Grand Marshal
Clifford D. Whitehead, Grand Senior Deacon
Bobby Wayne Harlan, Grand Junior Deacon
Elmo J. Pitre, Jr., Grand Sword Bearer
Travis M. Holley, Grand Pursuivant
John W. Lutes, Grand Standard Bearer
Ralph H. Owens, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician