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The Louisiana


Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home
M: W: Bro Calvin B Fold, PGM
Memorial Dedication

Grand Lodge Session Monroe February 12-13, 2011
The Louisiana Cover

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Loui-
siana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria,
Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for members
of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only. Mailed
‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid at
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso-
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when
space permits. Articles and pictures become the
property of the magazine. Authors are requested to
sign articles and include their name, address, phone The Northeast Louisiana War
number and, if a member, the name of their Masonic Veterans Home in Monroe honored
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. M:W: Calvin B Folds, PGM by
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge having the Grand Lodge dedicate a
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary on plaque in his name.
the proper form. DO NOT send changes of address
to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail Story begins on page 40.
and /or material for consideration for publication
in the Louisiana Freemason to:
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor
To everyone that submittted
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON articles, I sincerely thank you. I
105 Bayhills Dr., “punched” this issue out by 8 pages in
Benton, LA 71006
order to include articles received the
last remaining weeks of 2010 and still
have a few on hand to begin the Spring
edition. Depending upon what side of
the desk you sit, this can be viewed as
a good circumstance.
Committee To Supervise
Publication of the
Thank you for promoting the labor
LOUISIANA FREEMASON of your Lodges and supporting your
publication. The Ed
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006 TOPICS
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
99 Bayou Robert Road INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.) Grand Master’s Message Page 3
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100
Metairie, LA 70005 Secret? Page 4
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246)
P O Box 369
by W: Bro Gary T Rushworth, Sr.
Winnsboro, LA. 71295
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
Why Do We Wait? Page 6
6511 Misty Ln. by our Grand Chaplain William J Mollere
Pineville, LA 71360
W: Naresh Sharma, PM (47) Let’s Rebuild The Temple Page 10
19414 Creekround Ave by W: Bro Kenneth B deMoss

Lodge News Page 12
Worshipful Brother Steven A. Pence, PM,
and currently Secretary of Joppa Lodge #
362 is a meticulous and persistent person. As
many of you know Steve is also the Editor
of the Louisiana Freemason Magazine, the
publication that you are currently reading. For
several weeks now he has been imploring me
to submit this article, which will be the final
one of my tenure as Grand Master. I have
been thinking of what topic would be most
appropriate and what message that I would
like to leave you with. After pondering and
pondering for days lo and behold, I look up,
and another email from Steve, admonishing
me to submit the article, our time has nearly Woody D. Bilyeu
expired. So, in order to buy a little more time, Grand Master
I promised that I would have it to him “Before State of Louisiana
the ball drops in Times Square again.” That
will give you an idea of when this article was written. Thanks for the reminders,
Steve. You do a heck of a job and on a shoestring budget.
Another Brother that has done a heck of a job for our Grand Lodge is M:W:
Brother Jules F. “Jeff” Webb, PGM, 2009. He is serving as Chairman of our Li-
brary and Museum Committee. First and foremost he has “put his money where
is mouth is” so to speak by making a very sizeable contribution to the Library and
Museum Foundation. I will not say too much in this article as there will probably
be a separate one concerning this event later in this publication. What I can say is
a very hearty “Thank You” Jeff and Anita.
In addition to making a monetary contribution Jeff has given much time in
finding appropriate display cases and delivering them to the Grand Lodge. These
cases will be used to display the many artifacts that have just been gathering dust
in the Library room of the Grand Lodge. But, for me, the single most important
thing that he has done is bring aboard a professional Librarian and Archivist. She is
working on a part time basis but already has discovered several priceless treasurers
that have just been “laying around” our Library room. More to come this edition
of the Freemason Magazine but suffice it to say through the leadership of M:W:
Brother Webb our Library/Museum is really coming together. Again, thank you
so much for what you have done.
By now most of you are aware of our regional meetings that we have conducted.
Actually we have one additional meeting to conduct as of this writing, however,
I’m sure we will have completed it by the time you read this. The final regional
meeting is to be held on January 20th at the beautiful new Lodge Hall of Louisiana
Lodge # 102. What a gorgeous venue this is. We are looking forward to being in
this building again. The Brothers of Louisiana Lodge #102 should be very proud
of themselves for erecting the finest Lodge Hall in Louisiana, congratulations!
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Gary T. Rushworth, Sr., PM
reemasonry is one of the world’s oldest fraternal organizations. The les-

F sons that Freemasonry teaches, through its ceremonies, are about moral
values and how we can apply these values in every day life. Masonry’s
acknowledgement, without crossing into the tenets of religion, is that
everything depends on God’s providence. These lessons apply as much today as
they did when it took its speculative form at the turn of the 17th century.
Despite what our detractors claim, Freemasonry is not a secret society. Freema-
sonry’s so-called secrets are solely used as a ceremonial way of demonstrating that
one is a Freemason. If we are such a secret society, then explain the vast amount of
information about Freemasonry on the internet, in the public libraries and volumes
of books at your local bookstores. In any case, Freemasonry has been exposed by
the media for almost as long as they have existed. The real point of a Freemason
promising not to reveal their secrets is basically a dramatic way of promising to
keep one’s word.
Other reasons why Freemasonry cannot be called a secret society is that we as
masons do not promise to keep our membership a secret. Where and when Free-
masons meet are matters of public record. We wear rings, caps and jewelry with
the Masonic emblem on them. We have decals, stickers and ornamental medallions
on our vehicles. Not a good way to keep a secret, huh?
It is ironic that Masons used to be guarded about their membership. They were
and still are taught never to use it to advance their own interests. Critics have
discerned this in error and think that there is something secretive and subversive
because of this silence. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Masonic ceremonies are allegorical plays, which are learned by heart, by mem-
bers of the lodge for the benefit of the person who is becoming a member. Each
ceremony has a message for the initiate. A further reason why we do not go around
publicizing the “secrets” is simply because it would take away from the majesty,
sincerity and mystique of our ceremonies. The same reason you would not tell
someone about the ending of a good book or a film, you would not tell someone
about the degree, play or ceremony.
We as Freemasons are required to profess and continue in a belief in the Supreme
Being. Our ceremonies include prayers, which are not in any way a substitute for
religion. Our ceremonies have references to Scripture, the circumambulation is
verbatim from Psalms, Amos and Ecclesiastes. We emulate specific people in the
Scriptures. Freemasonry has no theological doctrines, it offers no sacraments, and
it does not claim to have a plan of salvation. We have opening prayers, closing
prayers and specific prayers throughout the ceremonies by having prayers at its
meetings, Freemasonry is no more a religion, than say in example, saying grace
before a meal makes that meal a religious ceremony.
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Freemasons are forbidden by Masonic law to discuss religion or politics at
meetings. Freemasonry’s aim is to encourage its members to discover what people
from all different backgrounds have in common. As is all too well known, debate
about religion and politics can lead to heated discussion rather than enlightenment.
A Freemason is thus encouraged to do his duty, first to his God, then to his Coun-
try and then to his family and those who depend on him. He is to help his neighbors
through charity and service. Self is last in the order of service to be considered, in
that all the other duties, when properly attended to, will consecrate our worth as a
good and faithful servant. “Faith without works is dead”, the Apostle James told
us, so our trust being in God, our faith is well founded, let us as freemasons pick up
our working tools and strive towards the goal that Freemasonry has set before us.

What Is A Symbol?
A symbol is itself a thing which has a specific use such as a square, triangle,
trowel, gavel or a straight line, etc. For example, when the 24 inch gauge is
used to measure work it is an implement or tool. When it is used to illustrate
a moral principle it becomes a symbol. As a symbol, it is no less real than it
is as an implement. A symbol has meaning just as specific as a sentence and
often communicates its message better than a sentence.
Masonry uses symbols to reveal not to conceal. Men interpret symbols
For example the Square and Compasses no doubt means something a little
different for you than it does to any other brother. Why doesn’t Masonry spell
out the specific meaning of various symbols?
You must interpret the symbols and apply them to your situation and
gain under-standing. By using that understanding in your daily life you can
accomplish the basic goal of the Masonic Fraternity. You can take a good
man and make him better.
This Masonic educational item is provided by your Grand Lodge Educational Committee and was
prepared by W: Bro W. A. Morris. Co-Chairman.

Why Do We Wait?
W: William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
e are being called upon more and more to attend that sad occasion within

W our Fraternity; the final tribute to a Brother during a Masonic Funeral
Service. Too many and too often - all good men called to their Heavenly
Home. Most are of that Greatest Generation who joined Freemasonry
following World War II. So many are icons of our Masonry. All have
faithfully continued their membership and paid Dues
from the day of their Raising, and many have proudly
worn a square and compass lapel pin or Masonic ring
that their family must decide to either inter with the
Brother or keep to pass to the next Freemason in the
family. The original Lambskin is usually lost to time or
if found, in poor condition, and a substitute is quickly
furnished by the Lodge. Hopefully a respectable
number of Brethren appear at the proper time of the
Service to intone “Alas, My Brother” and deposit their
immemorial emblem of immortality upon the casket.
As the Brethren leave, all agree that they should have
gone by the Brother’s home or visited his nursing home
to share a proper moment of Brotherhood
rather than bid farewell over his earthly remains.
So, why do we wait? Our Fraternity emphasizes our responsibility
to visit the sick, feed the hungry, give support to the needy and be a
Brother to each other. Yet, we all find ourselves making excuses as we
gather in the funeral parlor for the final tribute to a Brother who is now
gone from us. It takes time to turn the vehicle into a home’s driveway,
go to a hospital’s parking area or a retirement home’s parking lot, walk
across that short distance to a door and enter to greet a Brother with a
smile and a few words of cheer, spend a few minutes to brighten his
day - but what a joy as we leave knowing that we have paid a Brother
a proper moment of respect for his friendship and loyalty as a Brother.
There is no comparison to that feeling of joy and that other feeling of
leaving a funeral home with regret.
There are so many stories of Brothers who have been sick, in ac-
cidents, who have been diagnosed with life-threatening diseases, or
their family members who have suffered from illness - many hear
the “Report of the Sick” at a Lodge meeting, reverently bow as the
Chaplain offers prayer, and go outside and drink coffee and leave and
go home leaving the information tendered behind at the Lodge. A
few make notes, we see those Brothers, a very few actually go and
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Why Do We Wait?:
visit. We may even thank those few who visit and report back to the Lodge on the
latest condition of the Brother or his family. But the vast majority of
Freemasons today are too busy to fulfill their obligation to visit the
sick or offer support to those needing various
forms of support. Our life style has made us
forget proper priorities of life.
Imagine for a moment, if you will, that
you have become ill and your family has
other responsibilities - some may work,
some may also be ill, some live far away,
some have other family duties - imagine that
you are laying in a bed in a hospital and no one comes to check on
you, no one calls, no one sends a note or card - imagine. Consider
being in a nursing home with a disability that leaves you incapable
of moving about freely and dependent on the staff for all necessities
- consider. If you are a member of Freemasonry, you should have
Brothers visiting, checking, offering support. Will you? Have you
done any of the above for a Brother in a hospital or nursing home?
Those Masons who follow the Christian belief know that Matthew
25:40 offers an answer, yet all believers know that “we should do
unto others as we would have others do unto us”. Let us visit, help,
aid, support as we have been taught. Why do we wait?

The charities of The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, F & AM receive
100% of the extra cost associated with this special license plate. You do not loose
any equity in your current plate and this will be good public exposure for Freema-
sonry. The Library & Museum Foundation will be one of the recipients of these
new funds.
All of the ordering information is available from the computer or you may go
to your local Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase.
To order online:
Under “Vehicle Services” Click on: “Special Plates” Click: Continue
Enter the License Plate number you are replacing Click: Submit
Under “Select One”, scroll down to Organization/Service and continue
down and click on Grand Lodge
Click on: “Ordering Details” Click on: “Order Form”
Fill out form, print and mail with proper documentation
(Copies of: Registration Cert., Proof of Insurance, Dues Card & Check)
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Grand Master’s Message:
At these meetings we have attempted to give you, the members, the details behind
some of the important items that we will be dealing with during our Grand Lodge
session. The five topics that we are presenting are Criminal Background Checks,
Perpetual Membership Program, Entered Apprentice Masons, Membership, and
Raffles. Each of these topics has at least one resolution submitted to be acted on
during our Grand Lodge session. Some topics have more than one resolution. We
will endeavor to answer any and all questions you may have on these or any other
topic(s) that may come to mind during this Regional Meeting.
The Short Talk Bulletin for December 2010, from the Masonic Service As-
sociation is entitled “Courage in the East” - (The Time for Change) and is really
a worthwhile read. For those of you that do not regularly receive this publication
we have posted the December issue on our website. It is located under the tab,
“Masonic Education” and then the sub-tab, Short Talk Bulletins. We have posi-
tioned it as the first one on the list for your ease of access. This article was written
by R:W: Thomas K. Sturgeon, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylva-
nia. He addresses many of the topics that are of concern to all Lodges and Grand
Lodges today. These are some of the same issues that we are trying to address in
Louisiana. This particular bulletin is timely because these are the thoughts that I
had determined I would like to leave you with.
R:W: Brother Sturgeon outlines a loss of membership in Pennsylvania that is
similar to what we in Louisiana have experienced. Percentage wise our drop in
membership is virtually the same as Pennsylvania. For me, one of the key state-
ments the Grand Master makes is this: “solutions to this issue require a need for
change that makes the Fraternity more contemporary to 2010 than to a past era,
say 1910.” For certain many of our members would prefer our Lodges to operate
as they did in 1910. I understand that position, it is much easier to do things the
way you were taught than it is to implement change. Change requires us to use our
brains. Some of us haven’t actively engaged that organ in quite sometime. Change
requires us move out of our comfort zones. One thing we seem to be forgetting
was pointed out to us in the third degree. In the Answer to the Lamentation of the
Universe there is a line that says: “Change is the universal law of mortality, and the
theme of every page of its history.” We, as a Fraternity need to learn to embrace
change else we endanger our very existence.
To be clear, the change that we are speaking of is not with the basic tenants of
Masonry. Truth, Honor, Fortitude, Integrity, Brotherhood, all of those things are
still as viable and important to a quality life now as they were when they were
instituted. No one is advocating that we should change our core beliefs. The items
that we are speaking of have to do with the way we, as a Fraternity, interact with
our communities, how we treat new members; ie, Entered Apprentices, how we
attract quality potential candidates to Masonry. It would be what our computer
friends would call our “User Interface.” Our policy of requiring men to “ask” about
joining the Fraternity may have served us well in 1910 but I question the logic of
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Grand Master’s Message:
it in 2010. In a time when there are any number of other groups that a man can be
involved with in order to be of service, we need to question the policy of requiring
someone to ask. How do they know to ask? Indeed how do they even know what
Masonry is? The statistics show that 85% of the American public have never heard
of Masonry. Certainly that is something which we need to address.
Finally, change can only happen with one Mason at a time. There is no magic
wand that the Grand Master, or anyone else for that matter, can waive and cause
change in this Fraternity to occur. What must happen is for each Mason to wake
up one day and realize that he can really only change what he thinks. He can only
change the way he acts.
In 1988 there was a number one hit song titled “Man in the Mirror.” The chorus
goes like this; I’m starting with the Man in the Mirror, I’m asking him to change
his ways, And no message could have been any clearer, If you want to make the
world a better place, Take a look at yourself and then make a change.
When it comes down to the final question of change remember that the answer
to that question rests solely in your hands.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Woody D. Bilyeu
Grand Master, 2010-2011

The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed co-
lumbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Masonic
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of
all columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.
Let’s Rebuild The Temple
Kenneth Bond deMoss, PM Hope Lodge #145
hile recently cleaning my office and sorting through assorted papers I came

W across an old article I submitted to the Louisiana Freemason many years
ago. It was published in 1994 titled “Let’s Rebuild the Temple.” After re-
reading this article written so long ago I decided to respond to it, revisiting
my findings.
In the article I predicted that if the loss of membership continued at its then-current
rate we would lose half our membership by the year 2010. At that time only 3% of
the general population even knew what the Square and Compasses stood for compared
to 80%, only thirty years prior. Sadly the prediction in membership decline has come
true. As far as recognition of the Masonic emblem, we may be doing a little better
perhaps due, at least in part to the interest raised by resent movies adapted from books
written by Dan Brown.
This predicted decline in membership is not the fault of the general population but
rather ours alone. We have done basically nothing to stem this tide of loss. We have had
no devastating event taking place like that which sparked the anti-Masonic movement
of the late 1800’s, drastically reducing the size our membership. However, our recent
losses have been just as devastating. The only difference is that it happened at a much
slower pace and thus less noticeable over time. The signs of this decline have been
there but we choose to ignore them and failed to respond to the situation. That may be
an unfair statement for some Lodges and Grand Jurisdictions have tried to curb the tide
and address this issue. The rest of us have basically squandered those thirteen years by
doing what Masons have a tendency to do best, maintain the status quo…
Brothers, we use to take a more visible role in our communities. In the past, members
and the Craft were more openly engaged in civic activities. When the communities
needed help, the Masons were one of the first organizations to step up and offer its help
with leadership and committed workers. One only has to look at the pictures that adorn
the walls of our Lodges to see many such men who not only held leadership roles in
our lodges but within communities in which they lived. They were greatly respected
by others and took great pride in being Masons. It inspired other to want to join our
ranks and become brothers,
Once we were BUILDERS, so why don’t we build? Have we forgotten how? Or have
we just lost the desire? Why are we content to sit behind the tiled doors of our Lodges
doing nothing while our membership base continues to erode? The foundation stones
of the Freemasonry are strong and firm, its building blocks are plum, square and level.
It may require some cosmetic repair and the pointing up of a few stones here and there
within its walls, but we have brothers among us that are more than capable of achieving
that goal. This cannot be completed overnight. It will take time and some very hard
work, but remember when the great cathedrals of the past were being constructed, it
required many generations of dedicated craftsmen to finish the job.
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Let’s Rebuild the Temple:
Have we lost sight of Masonry’s true goals and purpose to make good men better?
These are the questions I ask myself more often than I care to admit. What are we
doing as Masons to inspire men to join with us and help rebuild our temple? Merely
attracting new members to the order is not the answer. We also need to retain these
men and to invigorate our present membership into becoming more active within the
lodge. It is a shame that only approximately 10% of our total membership regularly
attend while 18% chose to grace the lodge with their presence once every three years.
Of these brothers how many actually work within the lodge?
This situation is not totally of our own doing, we lost several generations of fine young
men during the period from the 60’s to present who chose not to follow their fathers
into the lodge or any other established organization. We need to direct our energies by
bringing the young men that are around us today to our Lodges. Wake up brothers!!!
We are starting to see such men petitioning to join our ranks today. We need to entice
them to come and join with us in rebuilding the temple. We may never again see the
number of members that filled our lodges after WWII. Most members today will agree
that was a phenomenon which will not likely occur again. Our main goal today should
be to retain the new brothers, reenergize and inspire our older members to join with
those newest members in trying to stem the tide of loss.
We need to concentrate on keeping these fine young men engaged and interested
and working within the Craft. This rests squarely on the shoulders of the Lodge and
its membership. How do I know this? I regularly listen to what the new brothers are
talking about among themselves, wondering if this is all there is to Masonry. It seems
they want more from the Lodge than they are receiving. From us they get food, ritual,
and boredom, but little else. If all they perceive of us doing as Masons and brothers is
eating meals, have meetings and putting on degrees then we are doing them a disservice.
These young men have to give up time with their families to join with us in fellowship,
we need to make sure it’s well worth their time and effort.
By doing nothing we surely have wasted all those years since my original article
was published. We are able to enjoy our Lodges due to the labor of so many dedicated
Masons that worked so hard in building this temple we call Freemasonry. We need to
be just as committed and willing to labor just as hard in maintaining and rebuilding
this fraternity as those brothers were who entrusted its stewardship to us. If the Lodge
is to survive and grow we need to do this work today. Doing so could create an excit-
ing time for all of us in Masonry. The designs are upon the trestle boards. Let us set
the Craft to labor and start doing the work that masons are suppose to do…BUILD!

Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - M:W: Bro S. Bruce Easterly, PGM, Casidhe White, Carlton Lindsey, Caleb Kennedy, Garrett
Smith, Colten Spears, Callie McCullin and W: Bro Andrew Bing.
55 members, visitors and guests enjoyed a delicious meal of chicken and sausage
gumbo furnished by David and Diane Mason of Grand Cane and prepared by the
Village Restaurant of Grand Cane, a garden salad prepared by Connie and W. Bro.
Shelby Jackson and an array of delicious desserts prepared by Evan Baliali, Diane
Mason and Connie Jackson. A wonderful evening of wholesome Christian fellow-
ship, great food and honor to area young ladies and men was enjoyed by everyone.

Our guest Speaker for the night was M: W: BroS. Bruce Easterly, PGM. M: W:
Bro Easterly spoke on the history of Masonry and its background and then turned
his attention toward the students being recognized. M: W: Bro Easterly spoke on
the fundamental aspects of honesty and integrity and by applying it to their daily
lives, have set higher goals for themselves. The students exhibit the superior traits
by working deligently and striving to achieve those goals.
This year recipients were: Callie E McCullin, Stanley High; Casidhe J White,
North DeSoto High; Garrett A Smith, North DeSoto High, Caleb M Kennedy,
Central High; Carlton L Lindsey, C E Byrd High and Colten J Spears, Logansport
High. Each student was presented with Certificates and an individual copy of the
Holy BIble.

Honesty & Integrity Night
Central Lodge honored four students from Central Private School with the Hon-
est & Integrity Award. After a meal of jambalaya, M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard,
PGM introduced the recipients and their parents. M: W: Bro Ballard spoke of just
who the Mason are and the purpose of the awards. He then gave the traits of these
young men and women leading to the Lodge’s selection of the students. M: W:
Bro Harold Ballard, PGM and W: Anthony R Spedale, WM presented each young
person with their award.
The students were accompanied by their parents and several guests for the eve-
ning events. This year’s honorees, as pictured belowed (L:R) were Amy Galiano,
David Halloway, Jill King and Seth Stevens.

Honesty & Integrity Program
The Lodge held its annual Honesty
and Integrity Awards presentation with
two of the recipients being nominated
by the faculty of Parkway High School
and chosen by interview by the Honesty
L:R - W: Bro Carey Allison, Austin Hadwin, Ma-
& Integrity Committee with a third be- rissa Guerrero, Ryan Barcelon and W: Edward
ing nominated for the award from the L Myers, WM
floor of the Lodge, and accepted by
the membership. After a light repast consider themselves moral builders in
of finger sandwiches and dessert, all the community and explained how the
gathered in the lodge room and W: Bro honoring of young men and women such
Carey Allison, prior to presenting the as by the presentation of the H&I award
awards, gave a short talk on the his- supports their mission as moral builders
tory of Masonry and how Masons now in the community.
Honesty & Integrity Program
Mackey Lodge held its annual Hon-
esty and Integrity Awards presentation in
conjunction with the Order of The East-
ern Star meeting. The two recipients
were Cody Smith and Tanya Griffith
had been nominated by the Honesty and
Integrity Committee of the Lodge, and L:R - W: Herbert A “Butch” Lee, WM, Cody
Smith, Tanya Griffith and W: Bro Carey Allison.
confirmed by the brethren at large. After
a bountiful repast of a wide variety of
dishes and desserts, all gathered in the themselves moral builders in the com-
lodge room. The guest speaker for the munity, and explained how the honoring
evening was W: Bro Carey C Allison, of young men and women such as by the
PM of Atkins Lodge #266. W: Bro Al- presentation of the H&I award supports
lison gave a short talk on the history of their mission as moral builders in the
Masonry and how Masons now consider community.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge presented Honesty & Integrity Awards to six Rosepine High School
students during a Special Communication. The Lodge provided an excellent din-
ner for the recipients, family and friends. State Representative from District 30
James K Armes, III was the guest speaker for the award ceremony. Rosepine City
Officials, Vernon Parish School Board members and State Officials were among
the more than seventy people attending the event. Our 2010 recipients are Lauryn
Perry, Josh Ducote, Jordyn Wisby, Dakota James, Shelby Nesom and Lance French.

L:R - Lauryn Perry, Josh Ducote, Representative James Armes, Jordyn Wisby, Dakota James, Shelby
Nesom, Lance French and Vernon Parish School Board member Gaye McKee. W: James L Froem-
ming, WM stands behind the guests and recipients.

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge held their Honesty &
Integrity Awards with W: Bro Vance L
Hill presiding. The Invocation was given
by Bro Reverand Robert Dale Tatum,
Chaplain. Mr. Eric Heinen, Assistant
Principal Vinton High School, Mrs.
Michelle Merchant Youth Pastor Cross-
roads Baptist Church and Mr. Bobby
Daniels Pastor First Baptist Church of
Vinton all provided remarks on behalf
of the recipients. The Awards were
presented to Holly Beth Nichols and
Andrew Willis. US Savings Bonds were L:R - Andrew Willis and Holly Beth Nichols
presented by W: Bro Wilson Peters, PM W: Bro Ray Moses, DGL 10th Masonic
SS. The Certficates were presented by District and W: Bro Hill.
Membership Milestones
The Lodge held their annual Past
Masters & Recognition Night with 26
Past Masters in attendance. The 40
members, visitors and guests enjoyed
a special meal provided by Bro Troy
W: Edgar L Lea, PM WM presented
50 Year Membership Certificates to W: L:R - W: Brother Melvin Munch, W: Edgar Lea,
Bro Melvin M Munch, Sr, PM-Chaplain WM and Brother Sammy Zito.
and Bro Sammy Zito.

Front Row L:R - W: Bros Larry J Gaff, Alex J Davis, Sr.. Theodore A Morel, W:
Edgar Lee Lea, WM, Charles S Blotner, John W Weaver and Melvin M Munch.
Back Row L:R - W: Bros Raymond Johnson, Jason Bruzik, John S McDowell, Robert
Burke and Mottie L McClary, Jr.
Honesty & Integrity Program
The Lodge presented the Honesty
and Integrity Award to Billy Musgraves,
Lauren Blankenship, Molly Baggett and
Noah Coronel. W: Robert P Grant, WM
welcomed everyone to the occasion and
introduced special guest Honorable L:R - Hon. Kerry Anderson, Billy Musgraves,
Kerry Anderson, District Judge Division Lauren Blankenship, Molly Baggett, Noah
B in Beauregard Parish who assisted in Coronel and W: Robert Graves, WM.
the presentations. The recipients attend
DeRidder High.

Award Program
The Lodge combines its 25 & 50 Year
Membership awards with recognition
of their Past Masters. The Lodge also
recognizes its members with a service
certifictate for every five years they have
been in the Fraternity.
There were 55 members, visitors
and guests in attendance that enjoyed an
excellent meal of catfish, sides and des- L:R - New Perpetual Member David
serts. W: Joe C Trice, Jr. WM welcomed Burroughs and W: Joe Trice, WM.
and thanked everyone for their faithful
attendance and support of the Lodge’s
There were seven Past Masters from
the Lodge with a total of twelve Past
Masters that participated in the event.
Bro David L Burroughs, Blanchard’s
newest Perpetual Member received his
Certificate and Lapel Pin from W: Joe L:R - Charles Dockery, W: Bro D C Hall, W: Joe
Trice, WM. Trice, WM and Bro Tommy Cryer.
50-Year Membership Certificates
were presented to Bro Charles C Dock-
ery and W: Bro D C Hall. Bro Tommy K
Cryer received his 25-Year Membership
The support and significance to the
1st Masonic District that Blanchard
L:R - W: Bros D C Hall, Lester Williams, Ben
Lodge provides was highlighted by a
Terrell, Robert Stuckey, Don Mik, Kevin Cocher-
guest speaker. ell and Randy Terrell.
Honesty & Integrity Awards

L:R - W: Bro Ed Collins, DGL 3rd Masonic District, Molly Mitchell, Adam VanDenLangenberg,
M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM, Taylor Sellers, Ethan Axton and R: W: George Johnson, DDGM 3rd
Masonic District.
The Lodge hosted its annual Honesty and Integrity Program with M: W: Woody
D Bilyeu, GM graciously accepting the invitation to be the guest speaker. W: Bro
C Ed Collins, DGL 3rd District and R: W: George E Johnson, DDGM 3rd District
were also in attendance to assist W: James P Smith, WM in making the presenta-
tions. The recipients were Molly Mitchell and Adam VanDenlangenbert of Cedar
Creek High; Taylor Sellers and Ethan Axton of Bethel Christian School.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Hap Arnold Lodge #457 honored
two outstanding students from C. E.
Byrd High School in Shreveport with
the Masonic Honesty & Integrity Award.
Emory Claire “Emmy” Prothro and
Ian Blankenship were this year’s re-
cipients and were accompanied by their
parents. Miss Prothro is the daughter
of Mr & Mrs Craig Prothro and Mr
Blankenship is the son of Miss Suzanne L:R - W: Dwain Spillman, WM, Emmy Prothro,
Blankenship. Ian Blankenship and W: Bro Pat Houston.
Following a wonderful dinner hour,
the awards were presented by W: G
Dwain Spillman, WM with assistance
from W: Bro Patson C “Pat” Houston,
Chairman of the Honesty & Integrity
Special Recognition
Members of the Lodge honored its
most senior Mason, W: Bro Howard
Leon Acosta, PM. W: Bro Acosta is 93
and was surprised to be honored at the
Lodge while at refreshment. W: Bro
Acosta was raised in 1969; was Wor-
shipful Master in 1974 and was Master
in 1974 and served as Treasurer from
1992 until 2009. He has a sharp whit
and mind and always willing to work
as needed.

W: Bro Howard Leon Acosta, PM

Mt. MORIAH-QUITMAN #59 Members of the Lodge held its annual
Membership Milestones Past Master’s Recognition and 25-50
Year Membership Award Night with
W: John Babin, WM welcoming the
members and guest for their attendance.
W: Bro Earl Huguenel, Jr presented
each Past Master with a lapel pin and
a gift,thanking them for their service
and wisdom.
W: Babin, WM presented Bro. Ed-
L:R - W: John J Babin, III, WM; W: Bro Earl J ward C. Mendel, Jr. with his 25 year
Huguenel, Jr (2009); W: Bro Philip L Molaison Certificate.
(1972) and W: Bro Charles Ray Smith (1970)

DORCHEAT #276 The Lodge honored W: Bro Billy D
District Lecturer Honored Ray, 2nd Masonic District Grand Lec-
turer for his esoteric study class. There
were 30 members and visitors in atten-
dance to help reconize the dedication
and service W: Bro Ray has provided
in the District. W: Ronald K Bryan,
PM WM presented W: Bro Ray with an
engraved gold watch.
W: Bro Billy has been conducting the
class since 1989; meeting every Mon-
L:R W: Bro Billy Ray, DGL and W: Bro Ronald day. A meal is provided at 5:30 and the
Bryan, WM estoeric work starts promptly at 6 pm.

Cal-Cam Fair

The Lodge provided free meals during the Special Visitors Day at the CAL-CAM
Fair. Members and residents of the Calcasieu Association of Retarded Citizens
were also entertained by the Clown Unit of Habbi Shrine. The Fair, sponsored by
Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes, attracted over 55,000 visitors over the event’s
five day run.
Honoring Our Veterans

The Lodge honored Veterans from the Central Area with a Chicken & Sausage
Gumbo supper followed by a program honoring all of the men and women who
have served our country in war and peacetime. Veterans who had served from the
Second World War to Afghanistan and from every branch of the services were
represented. M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard, PGM presented a program honoring all
veterans, including those service people on active duty. There were about sixty-five
guests and veterans in attendance.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its
stability has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective
annual contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or forever.

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish
your personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your
will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM,
Director of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email: chipborne43@

Newest Member
The highlight of 2010 was the induc-
tion of M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM
into its membership. The Grand Master
was presented his Certificate, Jewel and
membership card during the solemn cer-
emony developed for the sole purpose
leaving an indelible impression on the
candidate. L:R - M W: Bro Bruce Easterly, PGM, M: W:
Woody Bilyeu, GM and W: Bro Gary Gribble.
A group of ‘charter’ members made
the trip from the Shreveport area to schedule limited a window of opportu-
Monroe as M: W: Bilyeu’s exhaustive nity for the ceremony.

HOMER #152
Fund Raising
The Lodge held a Fish Fry Fund-
raiser to raise money to be contributed to
the upcoming Community Toy Drive for
the Christmas season. $1,200 was raised
and donated to the First United Method-
ist Church in Homer for the purpose of
purchasing toys for those children who
would otherwise have to do without.
Bro Nathan Thompson, JW (far right) checks
on fried fish with the Bro James Harris, Secre-
tary, W: Brady Allen, PM WM and Bro Freddie
Graham, JD looking on.

W: Brady Allen, PM WM along with members of
the Lodge presents a check for the toy drive to a
member from the Methodist Church.

Family Night
The Lodge held its annual Family
Night with entertainment provided by
Buddy Hester and The Robinette Fam-
ily . Shown in the above photo L:R Bro
Buddy Hester, Gerald, Emily, Betty,
Cathy, Kevin and Chris Robinette. A de-
licious pot luck meal was provided and
the fellowship was enjoyed by everyone.

Historic Print Presentation
W: Bro Chuck Morse, Lodge His-
torian, presented two prints to the
Lodge. The first presentation was of the
Masonic Temple Building as it neared
completion in 1906. The second print is
Hammond’s first medical center which
was located at the corners of Sanders
Ave and South Holly Street. The hospital
was built across the street from where
Michabelle Bed & Breakfast is located
L:R - W: Bro Chuck Morse and W: Ben Ben-
today. The hospital was organized by nett, WM.
Drs E L McGehee, Sr., E L McGehee,
Jr. Lucius D Mcgehee and A F Gates.
All of these doctors were members of
Livingston Lodge.

The Hammond Sanitarium orgainzed in 1907.
The hospital is shown on the left while the offices
are on the right.

Nearing completion, the Masonic Temple housed
the Post Office for several years. The building
stands on Cypress at Morris Street.

PLAIN DEALING #237 W: Bro J Davis McCall and W: Bro
50 Year Memberships James A Walker were presented 50
Year Membership Certificates, lapel
pins and credentials by M: W: Bro S
Bruce Easterly, PGM and W: Terry J
Richardson-PM WM. W: Bro Jerry W
Chandler provided the fried catfish din-
ner complete with side dishes for the
large gathering.
W: Bro McCall was accompanied by
his wife Maurice. Bro Davis was Master
L:R - W: Terry Richardson-PM WM, Maurice
McCall, W: Bro Davis McCall, W: Bro Jimmy of the Lodge in 1964. W: Bro Jimmy
Walker, Joyce Walker (seated), W: Bro Jeff Walker attended with his wife Joyce
Walker (Jimmy’s son) and M: W: Bro Bruce and son W: Bro Jeff Walker. Bro Jimmy
Easterly-PGM. Walker was Master of the Lodge in 1987
and 1989. His son, Jeff, was Master in
1990, 1994, 1995 and 1997.
Blood Drive
Trinity Union and Walmart-Central
hosted the metro area blood drive.
Sixteen donors were screened with a
total of 14 units collected. The most
outstanding donor was a Mason and
only 87 years old.
Cookie Billingsly writes: “I have
been blessed in my Masonic journey L:R - W: Bro Jack Claunch and Donor Tech
Kiel Harton
to be in the presence of true masons,
mentors and counselors. The definition ments. He appeared at our next drive
of a true Mason is difficult to find but I with his doctor’s permission to donate.
discovered one close at hand. He was advised against being a donor
The Lodge hosted a blood drive to and to the astonishment of the Donor
assist Bro Fred Fredricks. During this Tecnician, the brother passed the screen-
drive a brother appeared, all 5’ 5” tall ing process and donated.
and 140 pounds soaking wet. He wanted This brother has been a Mason for 64
to to donate, against our advice, espe- years, holds a Certificate of Proficiency,
cially with the temperatures hovering in a Past Master of Central Lodge in 1973
the mid 90s. He was turned down due and has coached candidates for more
to a low iron count. He was angry as a that 40 years. His only request is for
hornet as he was helped from the donor transportation to Masonic meetings and
van and said that he was going to his a ride to his doctor as he is legally blind.
doctor to get this straightened out. The definition of a Mason, a True
A few weeks later this brother asked Mason is W: Bro “Jack” M Claunch.”
when the next blood drive was scheduled
as his doctor had him on iron suppli-

50 Year Milestone
Members of the Lodge accompanied
W: George K Winham, PM WM on a
long journey to personally present a 50
Year Membership Certificate, lapel pin
and credentials to one of its dedicated
and faithful brothers.
W: Bro James Covington was Master
of the Lodge in 1986, 1991 and 1992.
When he wasn’t occupying the East,
W: Bro Covington was hard at work as
Secretary for many years. He was raised
a Master Mason in 1960.
W: Bro James E Covington
Veterans Honored

The Lodge held its annual Veterans Night with 15 of its members in attendance
representing all branches of service. W: George Winham, PM WM ledge the gather-
ing in the Pledge and presented Certificates of Appreciation to the Lodge’s veterans.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
After a delicious dinner, the members, visitors and guests assembled in the
Lodge for the annual H&I Award presentation. The recipients were Stanley “Dean”
Dickinson, Thornton Johnson, Justin Reynaud, Kaitlyn Robinson, Christin Stehr
and Will Taylor.
W: Bro Lee A Mott, Chairman of the Honesty & Integrity Award Committee,
introduced the students and provided a resume on each of them. Dr. Michele R
Payne, Licensed Professional Counselor, gave a wonderfully moving address.
W: Winston M Carnahan, WM made the Certificate and monetary awards to
the students.

Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - Ronnie Huckaby, April Lenard, Gretchen D Bond, M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM, Jesse Pender,
Author Philip Tenerson and Hunter Gregor Anderson
Back Row L:R - R: W: George E Johnson-DDGM 3rd District, W: John W Savage-WM and R: W:
W Bryan Price-DDGM 5th District.
The Lodge presented its Honesty and Integrity Award program and was honored
to have M: W: Woody D Bilyeu in attendance. The Grand Master gave a talk on
Masonic history and the significance of the Honesty and Integrity Award Program.
M: W: Bilyeu, GM revealed that the idea for recognizing outstanding high school
students began in 1977 at West Monroe Lodge #419. A few years later, Grand
Lodge began authorizing Lodges in the entire Jurisdiction which subsequently
became known as the Honesty & Integrity Award. The 57 members, visitors and
guests enjoyed a wonderful fellowship meal furnished by the lodge.

EROS #295
Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - Elizabeth Underwood, Allen Goodwin, Zackary Duck, R: W:
George Johnson-DDGM, Nicholas Walker and Nicholas Smith.

The Lodge selected 5 high school juniors to receive its annual Honesty & Integ-
rity Award. R: W: George E Johnson-DDGM 3rd District was the guest speaker and
presented the awards on behalf of W: Danny Hinton, II-PM WM and the Lodge.
This year’s recipients were Elizabeth Underwood, Allen Goodwin, Zachary Duck,
Nicholas Walker and Nicholas Smith.
Past Masters Honored
The Lodge held its annual Past Masters Program and was blessed with having
13 Past Masters in attendance. An excellent meal was enjoyed by the members,
visitors and guests. W: Bro Bill Drake, DDGM 2009 graced the Lodge with his
presence and provided a talk on how Past Masters continue to serve their lodges.

Seated L:R - W: Bros Richard L Dubois, PM Secretary, Billy Joe Pace, PM Treasurer, E Allen
Kelly, Charlie C Barnes and W: Roy L Simmons, PM WM
Standing L:R - Bro Gerald M Haygood-Smithfield Lodge #455 North Richland Hills, Tx., W:
Bros Reed W Holmes, John L Webster, Alvie L Bullock, Frederick G Arthur, James T Kelly,
Billy R Drake-PM Blanchard Lodge #447 and George A McAnn.

Newest Members
At a Special Communication called
for the purpose of conferring the Mas-
ter Mason Degree, Bro William C
Nyegaard, SW had the privilege as
acting Worshipful Master to raise two
new brothers.
Richard Roberts and Keith Jeselink,
II were raised in due and ancient form L:R - Bro Richard Roberts, Acting W: Willie
and because Union Federal’s newest Nyegaard, WM and Bro Keith Jeselink
The Lodge is located in Farmerville
and meets on the 1st and 3rd Monday
of every month.
Past Masters Program
W: George Winham, PM WM wel-
comed the large gathering to the Lodge
and thanked them for their attendance.
After an enjoyable dinner hour, W:
Winham, WM presented Past Master
Certificates to W: Bro George W Horst-
WM in 1983, 1994, 2001 and 2009; W:
Bro A Fred Langley WM in 1988 and W:
Bro Jerry F Price WM Minden Lodge in L:R - W: Bro Jerry Price and W: George Win-
1979. In addition, W: George Winham, ham, PM WM
PM WM presented W: Bro Price with his
50 Year Membership Certificate, lapel
pin and Credentials.

L:R - W: Bro Fred Langley and W: George
Winham, PM WM

L:R - W: Bro Jerry Price and W: George Win-
ham, PM WM

Masonic Plaque Ceremony
Temple Lodge hosted the Grand
Lodge Emergent Communication for the
purpose of placing a Masonic Plaque on
the new wing at Plantation Park Elemen-
tary in Bossier City. L:R - W: Roy L Simmons, PM WM; Ms. Carolyn
W: Roy Simmons, PM WM, W: Bro Moody, Principal; W: Bro George A McAnn and
Richard Dubois, PM Sec’y and W: Bro M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM
George McAnn formed the Committee Clanahan Lodge in Bossier City.
to handle the planning, preparation and Bossier Parish has an agressive wing
arrangements on behalf of the Lodge. addition program and has invited the
M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM and mem- Fraternity to place Masonic Plaques at
bers of his Official Family enjoyed a 6 locations in 2011. Temple Lodge has
wonderful meal, provided by the Lodge, graciously offered their Lodge to host
after the ceremony. A police escort was the future ceremonies scheduled for
provided by members of Martin Mc- summer 2011.
Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

Widows Night

Our Widows and Wives that were honored. L:R - W: Bro Bob Salts and W: George Winham,
The Lodge held its annual Widows/
Ladies Program to honor, remember and
recognize our widows and wives. Thir-
teen ladies graced us with their presence
and were provided a delicious meal. All Bro Salts is an ordained minister and has
of our ladies were given a rose marking made the journey to Israel on numerous
their attendance. occasions. W: Bro Salts spoke about
W: Bro Bob Salts. PM Chaplain of his trip and talked on Israel and biblical
Fair Park #4336 was the guest speaker. prophecy.

St. JAMES #47
Proficiency Renewal
During a Guest Night dinner, the
Lodge took the opportunity to present
a Certificate of Proficiency to one of its
faithful and dedicated members.
W: Bro Dr. Stephen M Selby was pre-
sented his renewal Card by W: Timothy
H Atkins, WM.
W: Tim Atkins, WM and W: Bro Stephen Selby.
JOPPA #362
Joppa’s signature event has always
been its annual Homecoming Program.
The Lodge presents 25 and 50 Year
Membership Awards, recognizes Pasts
Masters and welcomes seeing mem-
bers and their families return to the
Fraternity. L:R - W: Al Kelly-PM WM, Bro Oscar LaBorde
There were 87 members, visitors and M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM
and guests in attendance enjoying fel-
lowship during the dinner hour. W: Bro
Mike Martin provided the meal and was
assisted by Bros: Mike Talley and Jim
Smith to see that everyone’s needs.
M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM was ac-
companied by R: W: BJ Guillot, DGM,
R: W: Frank duTreil, GSW, R: W: Ed L:R - W: Al Kelly-PM WM, W: Bro John M Dark
Durham, GJW, M: W: Bro Roy Del- and M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM.
aney, PGM, M: W: Bro Ballard Smith, Driskell WM in 2009 the Junior Past
PGM, M: W: Bro Bruce Easterly, PGM Master. W: M: Kelly presented each of
and W: Bro Robert Bazzell, DGL. The the Past Masters with a commemorative
Grand Master was the guest speaker coin with the 2010 Homecoming date.
for the evening and assisted W: E Al- W: Al Kelly asked M: W: Woody
len Kelly, PM WM in making several Bilyeu to accompany him to the Altar
presentations. and had the Senior Deacon escort W:
Bro Oscar C LaBorde was presented Bro John M Dark to the Altar. The Grand
with his 50 Year Membership Cer- Master presented W: Bro Dark with a
tificate, lapel pin and credentials. Bro Masonic Meritorious Service Award
LaBorde was accompanied by his wife for his tireless dedication to the many
Christine and 4 of his five sons that are branches of the Fraternity. Bro Ken
also members of the Lodge. Fuller, owner of Fuller Glass, had the
W: Al Kelly, WM asked that all Past certifcate etched in glass for this special
Masters of Lodges other than Joppa to presentation. W: Bro Dark, Chairman of
stand so they may be introduced and rec- Joppa’s Education Committee, known
ognized for their service. Thirteen such for his remarkable knowledge and quick
Past Masters were in attendance. The wit, was for this instance at a loss for
Worshipful Master asked the Past Mas- words.
ters of Joppa Lodge to assemble where M: W: Bilyeu, GM talked about the
he introduced them to the gathering. topics to be discussed during the Town
There were 14 Past Masters of Joppa Hall meetings. He thanked Joppa for its
in attendance including W: Bro Frank excellent hospitality that he has enjoyed
Falkenberry WM in 1969 and the Senior for years during its annual Homecom-
Past Master as well as W: Bro Chad ing.
W H BOOTH #380
Masonic Plaque Ceremony
The Lodge was host for the Grand Lodge Emergent Communication for the
purpose of placing a Masonic plaque on the Regional Commerce Center at The
Port of Shreveport-Bossier. This $13 million, 32,000 square feet state of the art
facility will house the Port’s offices, provide meeting space of tenants and business
development, as well as house the Emergency Operations Center. Construction
began in January 2010 and the completion date is scheduled for January 2011.
Three of the nine Port Commissioners are members of the Fraternity and were
on hand for the plaque ceremony. Commissioners W: Bro Tom Murphy-Broadmoor
Lodge, Bro Lynn Austin-Martin McClanahan Lodge and President of the Commis-
sion Jim Hall-Temple Lodge, along with Commissioners Erica Bryant-Secretary
Treasurer and Ron Miciotto-Vice President welcomed M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM
and members of his Official Family. Eric England, Executive Director of the Port
had the area prepared for the large gathering and thanked the M: W: Woody D
Bilyeu, GM for the Masonic ceremony that was to begin.
M: W: Bilyeu, GM was accompanied by R: W: Ed Durham, GJW, M: W: Bro
Roy Tuck, PGM-Grand Secretary, R: W: Howard Entwistle, DDGM 1st District,
M: W: Bro Roy Delaney, PGM, M: W: Bro Ballard Smith, PGM, M: W: Bro Chuck
Penn, PGM and M: W: Bro Bruce Easterly, PGM. Several members of W H Booth
Lodge, including its past and recently installed Worshipful Masters.
The planning and preparation for the hosting the Grand Lodge began while
W: Bro Larry C Blair, Sr. was the Worshipful Master of W H Booth. W: Stephen
Mead, WM was installed 4 days prior to the ceremony and took part in this widely
publicized event.

L:R - Commissioner Ron Miciotto, W: Bro CommissionerTom Murphy, Commissioner Erica Bry-
ant, Bro Commissioner Lynn Austin, Bro Commissioner Jim Hall and M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM

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W H Booth - Masonic Plaque:

L:R - Executive Director Eric England, Bro Commissioner Jim Hall and M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM

L:R - W: Bro Larry Blair, M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM and W: Stephen Mead, WM

At the completion of the ceremony, the Officers of W H Booth Lodge treated
the Grand Master, members of his Official Family, Port Commissioners, Kevin
Bryan-Architect and several dignitaries to a great lunch at a local restaurant.
This ceremony marked the first Masonic plaque placed in a Caddo Parish public
building in many years and only came to fruition by the aid of the Port Commis-
sioners that are also members of the Fraternity. It is hoped that this ceremony will
lead to additional Masonic presence in the future.
M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard, PGM installed the Lodge’s 2011 Officers with
assistance from W: Bro L W Alexander-Installing Marshal and W: Bro Walter R
Freeman-Installing Chaplain.
Central’s new officers are: W: Paul E Lawrence-WM, Robert E Lee-SW, Ly-
man J Parker-JW, W: Bro Kenneth L Blackwell-PM Treasurer, W: Bro David P
James-PM Secretary, W: Bro Guy A Jenkins-PM Chaplain, Luther H Perkins-SD,
Michael A Zaruba-JD, Jeffrey A Knight-MofC, Randolph May-SS, Ted Powell-JS
and W: Bro Anthony R Spedale-PM Tyler.

Front Row L:R - Senior Warden Robert Lee, Senior Deacon Lyman Parker, Tyler Tony Spedale,
Master of Ceremonies Jeff Knight and Senior Steward Randolph May
Back Row L:R - Installing Marshal L W Alexander, M: W: Bro Harold Ballard, PGM, Treasurer Ken
Blackwell, Worshipful Master Paul Lawrence, Secretary David James, Installing Chaplain Walter
Freeman and Junior Deacon Mike Zaruba.

UNION FRATERNAL #53 The Honorable W: Bro Jay B Mc-
Callum-3rd Judicial District Judge
installed the following 2011 Officers.
W: William C Nyegaard-WM, John
W Loynes, JWW: Bro Rev Woodrow
W Reeder-PM Sec’y, W: BroWilliam
E Barr-PM Treasurer, N. Kent Hogan-
Chaplain, James D Miller-SD, F Donald
Harrison-JD, David B Donavan-MofC,
Keith E Jeselink-Marshal, L Richard
Roberts-SS, J Kevin Dupree-JW and W:
Bro R Scott Booth-PM Tyler.
Entertainment was provided by
L:R-W: Bro Jay McCallum passes the Hiram to vocalist Melissa Keaster and a pot luck
W: Willie Nyegaard-WM supper was enjoyed by everyone.

2011 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Terry Layne McNabb-WM, Joey D Smith-Senior Warden, Troy
L Lord-Junior Warden, Robert Glenn Willis-Junior Deacon and Roy L Lord-Senior Steward. Back
Row L:R - W: Bro C Ed Collins-DGL & Installing Officer, W: Bro John L Chennault-PM Secretary,
W: Bro Perry Wayne McNabb-PM Chaplain and W: Bro Barry Antley-Installing Marshal.


Front Row L:R - Joel A Stevens-Senior Deacon, W: Bro Gary L Gribble-Installing Master, W:
Charles H Rodgers-Worshipful Master, W: Bro Kenneth W Maxey-PM Junior Warden, W: Bro
Albert Ray Turner-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Donald L Sanford-PM Tyler and Eugene E Morse-PM
Junior Deacon. Back Row L:R - Christopher A Byrd-Treasurer and W: Bro Johnny C Byrd-PM
The 2011 Officers were installed by W: Bro Gary L Gribble-PM Associate Grand
Paparazzi. Prior to the Installation the members, visitors and guests enjoyed a great
gumbo meal provided by Worthy Matron Ann Foshee with Rovenia McDonald,
Angel Jolley, Theresa Johnscher and Jean Tucker members of the Bossier City
Chapter #175 OES.
R:W: H Edward Durham, GJW installed the Officers for 2011. Installing Marshal
was W: Bro Gary L Gribble-PM Associate Grand Paparazzi and W: Bro Robert E
Bazzell-DGL 1st Masonic District was the Installing Chaplain. Prior to the Instal-
lation the members, visitors and guests enjoyed a great meal.

Front Row L:R - Kenny D Wynn-Junior Warden, R: W: Ed Durham-GJW, W: Bro Gary Gribble-
Installing Marshal, W: Jack A Davis-Worshipful Master, W: Bro Robert Bazzell-Installing Chaplain.
W: Bro Charles W Spikes-PM Secretary, W: Bro Chester L Moore-PM Tyler
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Benny G Beckham-PM Treasurer, Benjamin Frank Carroll-Senior Warden,
W: Bro James A Jordan-PM Master of Ceremonies, W: Bro James B Holcomb-PM Chaplain, W: Bro
John H Hickman-PM Marshal and W: Bro Charles Ray Jaynes-PM Junior Deacon.

HOMER #152
During the 2011 Installation Pro-
gram, those in attendance enjoyed a
fine red beans & rice dinner and great
cornbread before the ceremonies began.
The meal was prepared by W: Bro C
David Hood. As is the custom, out going
Worshipful Master James Brady Allen 2011 Officers
was the Installaing Officer.
Worshipful Master Tommy Gore
stated that he looks forward to having a
successful year in the East as was had
under the guidance of W: Bro Allen.
Front Row L:R - Nathan P Thompson-Senior
Warden, W: James Thomas “Tommy” Gore-Wor-
shipful Master, Fred J Graham-Junior Warden
Back Row L:R - Anthony T Allen-Treasurer and
James A Harris-Secretary.


Front Row L:R - W: Bro William R Richards-PM Marshal, W: Bro Terry J Harris-PM Junior Stew-
ard, W: Bro Edward L Myers-PM Senior Steward, Sterling Peter Bretzman-Junior Warden, W: Bro
Carey C Allison-PM Tyler and W: Bro Richard L Hall-PM Chaplain
Back Row L:R - Christopher M Lee-Senior Warden, W: Bro James R Enkey-PM Treasurer, W:
Hoyt S Hooper-PM WM, W: Bro James A Allen-PM Secretary and James D Holland-Senior Deacon

Outgoing Worshipful MasterEdward L Myers installed W: Bro Hoyt S Hooper
as the new Master of the Lodge, whereafter W: Hooper-PM WM installed the new
officers. After an excellent meal, the members, visitors and guests were entered the
Lodge to witness the new officers being installed.


2011 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro Willis L Hawkins-PM Chaplain, Donald R Woodard-Senior
Warden, W: Richard D Pullig-Worshipful Master, W: Bro Carey C Allison-Junior Warden, W: Bro
Larry L Kennedy-PM Secretary and Harry W Posey-Master of Ceremonies
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Frank L Epps-PM Junior Deacon, W: Bro Dale D Davis-PM Senior Deacon,
W: Bro Herbert A “Butch” Lee-PM Treasurer, W: Bro James Ralph Todd-PM Junior Steward, W:
Bro F Odell Wallace-PM Marshal and Edward R “Butch” Waites-Tyler
Note: Louis C “Buddy” McBride will be installed as the Senior Steward. He was unable to attend
due to illness. W: Bro Hoyt Hooper served as the Installting Master.

The 2001 Officers were installed during an open meeting that began with a
wonderful dinner hour in the dining hall. The 41 members, visitors and guests then
assembled in the Lodge where the following members, shown in the accompanying
photograph, were installed:

Front Row L:R - W: Bro George K Winham-PM Secretary, Adrian K Winham- Junior Warden, W: J
Scott Monceaux-Worshipful Master, Houston C Hill-Chaplain and W: Bro A Fred Langley-PM Tyler.
Back Row L:R - Thomas St. Pierre-Treasurer, John Cunningham-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Wayne L
Seals-PM Senior Warden, C Jack Leachman-Master of Ceremonies and C Jack Leachman-Marshal.
W: Bro Jeremy T Haas-PM Senior Steward and N Faine Miller-Junior Steward will be installed at
the first Stated Communication in December.

JOPPA #362 The 2011 Officers were installed by
R: W: Bro H Edward Durham, GJW
with assistance by M: W: Bro Ballard L
Smith, PGM Installing Marshal and W:
Bro Gary L Gribble-Installing Chaplain.
Officers for 2011 are: W: Kenneth
R Fuller-Worshipful Master, W: Bro
Chad C Driskell-Senior Warden, Ger-
Front Row L:R - W: Bro Al Kelly-Chaplain,
ald L Mullins-Junior Warden, M: W:
Stephen McLellan-MofC, W: Bro Chad Driskell- Bro Ballard L Smith-PGM Treasurer,
SW, W: Ken Fuller-WM, Jerry Mullins-JW, Mike W: Bro Steven A Pence-PM Sec’y, W
Talley-SS and M: W: Bro Ballard Smith-PGM James Hill, III-Senior Deacon, James
Treasurer Back Row L:R- W: Bro Steve Pence- B Smith-Junior Deacon, W: Bro E
PM Sec’y, Jim Hill-SD and Jim Smith-JD
Allen Kelly-PM Chaplain, Stephen
C McLellan-Master of Ceremonies, J
Michael Talley-Senior Steward, Kurt
D Howes, Junior Steward and W: Bro
Rufus E Wilson-PM Tyler.
The 2011 Officers were installed by
W: Bro Olen Ray McCurley with as-
sistance by W: Bro Eary Elmer Bennett,
Jr.-Installing Marshal and W: Bro Oscar
Raymond Poe-Installing Chaplain.
Officers for 2011 are: W: Ricky L
Renfrow-Worshipful Master, David
Abshire-Senior Warden, Michael B L:R - Installing Officers-W: Bros Elmer Ben-
Ford-Junior Warden, W: Bro James nett, Ray McCurley, Raymond Poe amd Sonny
Edward Mims-PM Treasurer, W: Bro
William K Cookson-PM Sec’y, Ar-
chie A Cline-Senior Deacon, Brian W
Edwards-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Oscar
Raymond Poe-PM Chaplain, W: Bro
Samuel R Morrison-PM Master of Cer-
emonies, John Braxton Cole-Marshal,
Matthew H Peck-Senior Steward, Jason
L Musk-Junior Steward and W: Bro Westlake Lodge 2011 Officers
Leonard L Musk-PM Tyler.

W H BOOTH #380

Front Row L:R - Tremt Duncan-SD, John Knox-SW, Russ Lillard-JW, W: Bro Ken
Prim-MofC and Robert Arden-JD. Back Row L:R - W: Bro Gerald Weakley-Treasurer,
W: Bro Buddy Blair-Chaplain, W: Stephen Mead-WM, Robert Horton-JS, David Cole-
SS and W: Bro Gene Seely-Secretary.
The 2011 Officers were installed by M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly, PGM with
assistance from R: W: Bro H Edward Durham, GJW Installing Marshal.
Officers for 2011 are: W: Stephen Mead-Worshipful Master, John F Knox, Jr-
Senior Warden, S Russell Lillard-Junior Warden, W: Bro Gerald L Weakley-PM
Treasurer, W: Bro Eugene D Seely-PM Sec’y, Trent H Duncan-Senior Deacon,
Robert M Arden-Junior Deacon, W: Bro L C “Buddy” Blair, Jr-PM Chaplain, W:
Bro Kenneth R Prim, Sr-PM Master of Ceremonies, David R Benoit-Marshal,
David G Cole-Senior Steward, Rodney G Horton-Junior Steward and W: Bro
Jesse L Camp-PM Tyler.
UNITY #267

1st Row L:R - Shoe Naquin-JW, R: W: BJ Guillot-DGM, W: Freddie Touchet-WM, Bobby
Naquin-SW 2nd Row L:R - R: W: Frank DuTreil-GSW, W: Bro Daniel Breaux-Chaplain,
Bruce Kirkland-Tyler 3rd Row L:R Roy Breaux-Treasurer, Wayne LeBeouf-Marshal, W: Bro
Richard Porche-PM Sec’y.
4th Row L:R - David Simmons-SD, Michael Hyde-SS, Craig Richardel-JD, Gary Corn-JS,
Edwin Murphy-MofC
During an open meeting, the Lodge held their annual installation of Lodge
Officers. R: W: B J Guillot, DGM was the Installing Master and was assisted by
W: Bro Henry Brunet-Installing Marshal. Additional Grand Lodge Officers in at-
tendance were: R: W: Frank N DuTreil, Jr.-GSW, W: Bro ElmoJ Pitre, Jr.-Grand
Sword Bearer and W: Bro Robert L Schaff-Grand Inner Guard.
Officers for 2011 are W: Freddie J Touchet-Worshipful Master, Bobby J Naquin,
Sr-Senior Warden, William J “Shoe” Naquin, Jr.-Junior Warden, Roy J Breaux, Jr.-
Treasurer, W: Bro Richard P Porche-PM Secretary, W: Bro Daniel L Breaux-PM
Chaplain, David G Simmons-Senior Deacon, Craig M Richardel-Junior Deacon,
Wayne L Lebouef-Marshal, Edwin F Murphy-Master of Ceremonies, Michael S
Hyde-Senior Steward, Gary S Corn-Junior Steward, Bruce E Kirkland-Tyler and
Gary A Bergeron-Lecturer.

PLAIN DEALING #237 Officers installed for the year 2011
are W: Terry Richardson-PM Worship-
ful Master, Ronald D Barringer-Senior
Warden, Douglas W Weeks-Junior
Warden, W: J Davis McCall-PM Trea-
surer, Eddie B Chandler-Secretary, W:
Bro Bobby R Jenkins-PM Chaplain,
Isaac L Bailey-Senior Deacon, Ken-
neth Ward, Sr.-Junior Deacon, W: Bro
H B Grisham-PM Marshal, William S
Vandeweighe-MofC, W: Bro M Elvin
L:R - Douglas W Weeks-JW, W: Terry J Richard- Ervin-PM Senior Steward, Jerry L
son-PM WM, Ronald D Barringer-SW
Young-Junior Steward and James T
38 Bissell-Tyler.
Officers were elected and installed
for the year 2011. W: William E Barr
was elected Worshipful Master. Officers
elected to serve under the leadership
of W: Bro Barr were Ernest L.Young-
Senior Warden, Richard B Arrant-Junior
Warden, Bruce D Osbon-Secretary,
Russell G Adams-Treasurer, R Scott
Booth-Chaplain, Dustin A Hampton-Se-
nior Deacon, Nathan D McNabb-Junior L:R - W: Bro C E “Ed” Collins-DGL 3rd District,
Deacon, Edward A Lamkin-Master of W: Bill Barr-WM 3rd District Lodge and R:W:
George E Johnson-DDGM 3rd District
Ceremonies, John D Davis-Senior Stew-
ard and John W Loynes-Junior Steward.

M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly, PGM installed the Lodge’s 2011 Officers with
assistance from W: Bro Lester R Williams-Installing Marshal and M: W: Bro Roy
B Delaney-PGM Installing Chaplain.
Blanchard’s new officers are: W: Christopher L Musick-WM, Nicholas E
Goeders-Senior Warden, Louis J Squitieri-Junior Warden, W: Bro John D Autry-PM
Treasurer, W: Bro Bennie W Terrell-PM Secretary, W: Bro Robert L Stuckey-PM
Chaplain, D Patrick Burroughs-Senior Deacon, Paul D Jonesonne II-Junior Deacon,
W: Bro D Randall Terrell-PM Master of Ceremonies, Gary P Presswood-Marshal,
W: broDonald R Mik-PM Senior Steward, W: Bro Ernest F Dewolf-PM Junior
Steward and W: Bro Joe C Trice-PM Tyler.

Front Row L:R - M: W: Bro Bruce Easterly-PGM Installing Master, Paul Jonesonne-JD, W:
Chris Musick-WM, Nick Goeders-SW, Lou Squitieri-JW and M: W: Bro Roy B Delaney-PGM
Installing Chaplain.
Back Row L:R - Pat Burroughs-SD, W: Bro Joe Trice-PM Tyler, W: Bro Randy Terrell-PM
MofC, W: Bro Ben Terrell-PM Sec’y, W: Bro Robert Stuckey-PM Chaplain and W: Bro Lester
Williams-PM Installing Marshal

2011 Officers Front Row R:L - Robert A Riviere-Junior Deacon, Joe R Dunlap-Senior Deacon,
Bryan P Zeringue-Senior Warden, W: Richard J Blanchard-Worshipful Master, W: Bro Robert J
Bernard-PM Installing Master, W: Bro Ralph J Soignet-PM Installing Marshal.
Back Row R:L - Dewey A Woods-Marshal, W: Bro Robert J Knight Jr.-PM Sec’y, W: Bro Elvin E
“Dick” Woodridge-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Russell A Danos-PM Treasurer, Michael P Dupre-Junior
Steward. Not shown: Barrie K Miller-Junior Warden, Corey E St. Pierre-Senior Deacon and Shawn
M Waguespack-Tyler


Front Row L:R - Bob McCoy-JW, W: Craig Smith-WM, M: W: Bro Jeff Webb-PGM, W: Bro John
Burns-PM SW and Frank Dew.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Bobby Smith-Treas, Bill Bellamy-JS, Same Leek-SS, Larry Stamler-Sec’y,
Troy Henderson-JD, Carol Salley-SD and W: Bro Junior LeBeouf.

The Lodge’s 2011 Officer Installation was performed by: M:W: Bro. J.F. “Jeff”
Webb, PGM. with assistance from W: Bro Junior J LeBeouf-Installing Marshal
and J Frank Dew-Installing Chaplain.
Officers for 2011 are: W: Craig E Smith-Worshipful Master, W: Bro John H
Burn-PM Senior Warden, Bobby G McCoy-Junior Warden, W: Bro Robert W
Smith-PM Treasurer, Larry F Stamler-Secretary, I Carol Salley-Senior Deacon,
Troy Henderson-Junior Deacon, Robert Samuel Leek-Senior Steward, Bill Bellamy-
Junior Steward and Howard S “Red” Ellis-Tyler.

2011 Officers First Row L:R - W: Bro Reed W. Holmes-PM Junior Warden, W: Melvin O Fletcher-PM
Worshipful Master, W: Bro John L Webster-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Richard L Dubois-PM Secretary
and Roy L Simmons-PM Tyler
Second Row L:R - W: Bro James T Kelly-PM Installing Chaplain, W: Bro Billy J Pace-PM Treasurer,
Darryl C Brown-Senior Deacon, W: Bro Alvie L Bullock-PM Junior Deacon, James O Harrison-
Senior Steward and Gary P Bossier- Junior Steward
Third Row L:R - W: Bro Frederick G Arthur-PM Master of Ceremonies and W: Bro E Allen Kelly-
PM Installing Offficer

PELICAN CIVIL WAR #1861 R: W: B J Guillot-DGM installed
officers for 2011. Shown in the ac-
companying photo are W: Herrin J
Ducote-PM WM, W: Bro James A
Allen-PM SW, Jerry Murdock-SD, W:
Bro A Adrian Flower-PM JD, W Larry
Young-Sec’y, W: Bro John P Pate-PM
2010 and W: Bro David W Richard-PM
2009. Officers not pictured are Mor-
2011 Officers with R: W: B J Guillot-Deputy ris G Weeks-JW, Jason Thibodeaux-
Grand Master Treasurer, William Price-Tyler and John

2011 Officers shown in the photo-
graph at right: W: R Larry Young-Wor-
shipful Master, Robert D Landry-Senior
Warden, Donald W Walker-Junior War-
den, W: Bro Claude G Lecompte-PM
Treasurer, Otis C Anderson-Chaplain,
W: Bro Michael J Carlile-PM Sec’y,
Rodney A Bollich-Tyler, G William Senior Steward. Not pictured: J Michael
Mitchell-Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Miller-Senior Deacon and David T
McCaig-Marshal and Lane Alexander- Henagan-Junior Deacon
M: W: Bro Roy B Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary installed officers for 2011. W:
Bro Andrew Bing was the Installing Marshal.

Front Row L:R - Phillip G “Sonny” Self-Junior Warden, Felix Bobby Jackson-Master of Ceremonies,
Kelsie C Bray, Jr.-Tyler and Stephen Anthony Bell-Steward
Middle Row L:R - Jerry L Ray-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Rufus G Self-PM Senior Deacon, Raymond
G Hough, Sr.-Secretary and Charles E Sullivan-Marshal
Back Row L:R - P M Woods, II-Treasurer, W: John Wayne Walker-PM WM, M: W: Bro Roy Tuck-
PGM and Sonny Farrell-Installing Chaplain.

York Rite Gold Honors
W: Bro Charles J Sicard is a recipient of the York Rite Gold Honor Award. This
recognition is bestowed for outstanding dedication and service to the Fraternity.
W: Bro Charles McCarty, Grand Governor of the York Rite College made the
W: Bro Sicard is a member of Alpha Home, Square and Compass and Linwood-
Ionic lodges. He further has the distinction of serving as the District Grand Lecturer
for the 15th District. Charles has done much to foster Freemasonry within his own
family. His two sons, Joseph and Maurice, as well as a grandson, Joe are members
of the Fraternity. Another grandson, has recently submitted his petition.

L:R - W: Bro Tim Tully, W: Bro Martin Short, M: W: Bro Louis Ca-
ruso, PGM, W: Bro Charles Sicard, W: Bro Charles McCarty-Grand
Governor and W: Bro James Parker
New Member
Pecan Grove Lodge in Lake Provi-
dence welcomes its newest member, Bro
David Coody. Brethren from Oak Grove
#284, Tallulah #308, Downsville #143
and Union Fraternal #53 were in atten-
dance and assisted in the degree work.
W: Bro John White-PM Secretary L:R-W: Michael E Castello-PM WM, W: Bro
Jerry W Wicker-DGL 7th District, David Coody,
of Oak Grove Lodge was the Degree R: W: George E Johnson-DDGM 3rd District,
Master. Roger B Coody (David’s brother) and W: Bro
John E White-PM

DALLEY #265 Dalley Lodge located in Chatham,
Three Generations raised Danny Ray Hinton III to the
sublime degree of Master Mason with
17 members and 16 visiting brothers
present for this special occasion. Danny
Ray Hinton III joins his father and
grandfather as a member of the Lodge.
L:R - W: Richard B Arrant, Jr.-PM WM, W:
Bro Danny R Hinton, Danny R Hinton, III, W:
Bro Danny R Hinton, II. and R: W: George E
Johnson-DDGM 3rd Masonic District.

New Master Mason
On December 7, 2010, the Lodge
raised Bro. Brandon ShaneThrash to the
degree of Master Mason. Brothers from
Union Fraternal #53 (Farmerville),Urim
#111 (Calhoun), Dalley #265 (Cha-
tham), Choudrant #339 and West Mon-
roe #419 were in attendance and partici-
pated in the degree work. A Southern
fried chicken dinner was provided and
enjoyed by all who were present. L:R - R: W: George E Johnson-DDGM 3rd Ma-
(Note: The meal served was a fine sonic District, Bro Brandon Thrash and W: Bro
Johnny D McFarland-PM Treasurer..
example of providing the new Master
Mason a culinary experience befitting
the ocaassion. Well done!.....The Ed)
Dedication Ceremony
A dedication service was held in November at the Northeast Louisiana War Vets
Home in Monroe for W: Bro Dr. Calvin B Folds, MD PGM. A gray marble monu-
ment was unveiled by M: W: Woody D Bilyeu and the Grand Lodge dedicated the
stone in a proper Masonic ceremony.
W: Bro James R “Jim” Corry, Jr.-PM and Bro Thomas W “Tommy” Shoemaker
of Western Star Lodge #24 were responsible for the vision, planning and final re-
sults of this much deserved recognition for Dr. Folds. Bro Jim writes: “Members
of the American Legion Post #13 and residents of the War Vets Home loved Dr.
Folds so much. They asked Tommy Shoemaker, Assistant Administrator for the
Home, if anything could be done. Brother Shoemaker and I are close friends, next
door neighbors and are members of Western Star Lodge. He asked advice on how
to inscribe the marker and I provided what little I knew. Tommy said that he was
covering the associated costs for the stone. I told Tommy that I had a great more
vested in association with Dr. Folds than he could imagine.
Dr. Folds and his first wife, Peggy, were close friends with my parents, Bob
and Maxine Corry. This was in his prior profession as Dr. Folds used to say. Dr.
Folds had to work to put himself through college and while getting his pre-med
courses at Northeast Louisiana Junior College in Monroe (now the University of
Louisiana-Monroe), he worked for Mulhearn Funeral home. My Dad, Bob, worked
for Peters Funeral Home. I later called on Dr. Folds for 15 years as a pharmaceuti-
cal representative and there was also our Masonic relationship. I told Tommy that
I wanted to cover half of the expenses and suggested that we should get the Grand
Master to dedicate the marker. Not knowing there wasn’t a formal ceremony that
exists for such a service, the Grand Master and Grand Lodge is commended for
the impressive adaptation.”
M:W: Bro Roy McDuffie, PGM provided the following eulogy reprinted in part:
...Calvin Bernard Folds was born in Crossett, Arkansas on July 9, 1925 and
was summoned to his reward in the early part of the day on January 22, 2010.
He served in the United States Navy from 1942 until 1946 in the Hospital Medi-
cal Corps. Serving the Pacific Theater, he was attached to the 3rd Marine Division
and participated in the Guam and Iwo Jima Campaigns. He served in the Naval
Reserves for four years.
On release from the service, he returned to Monroe, became a mortician and
earned his BS Degree from Northeast Louisiana Junior College. In 1953, he was
admitted to the LSU Medical School-New Orleans graduating in 1957. As a physi-
cian and surgeon, he practiced in Springhill, Sterlington, Monroe and Logansport.
His medical service included being Medical Director for the Manville Forest Prod-
uct Corporation of West Monroe, on staff of St. Francis Medical Center-Monroe,
Glenwood Regional Medical Center-West Monroe and lastly with the Louisiana
War Veterans’s Home in Monroe.
Dr. Folds served as the first Mayor of Sterlington, when the town was incorpo-
rated. He served as Chief Deputy Coroner for Ouachita Parish for many years...
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Western Star #24 Dedication Ceremony:

Accompanying M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM by R: W: B J Guillot-DGM, R: W:
H Edward Durham-GJW, M: W: Bro Roy B Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary, M: W: Bro
Joseph H Baker-PGM Grand Treasurer, R: W: Bro Mitchell A Reynolds-DDGM
4th District, W: Bro Clifford D Whitehead-GSD, W: Bro Travis M Holley-Grand
Pursuivant, W: Bro Ralph H Owens-Grand Tyler, W: Bro Gary L Gribble-Associate
Grand Photographer, M: W: Bro Roy McDuffie-PGM, M: W: Bro Roy B Delaney-
PGM, M: W: Bro Clayton J Borne, III-PGM, M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly-PGM and
approximately 16 Past Masters of Louisiana Lodges. Mrs. Calvin B Folds (Joyce),
Bobby Panzico Joyce’s son, Ken Houston-Administrator of the War Vets Home,
Reverand Charlie Hood-War Vets Home Chaplain. members of American Legion
Post #13 and residents of the War Vets Home were also in attendance.

Dr. Calvin B Folds-Grand Master 1981

Wreath Ceremony

Members of Germania, Dante` and Lodge of the Nine Muses held a wreath
ceremony at the Chalmette National Cemetery and Battlefield. The Battle of New
Orleans was fought here in 1814. Markers the thousand of graves date from the
War of 1812 and the Civil War.

DOMINIQUE YOU #468 Members of the Lodge and Daugh-
Wreath Ceremony ters of 1812 laid a wreath at the tomb
of Dominique You, a hero of the Battle
of New Orleans and Mason. The tomb
is located at St. Louis #2 cemetery in
New Orleans.

L:R - Bonnie Cook-President of Daughters
of 1812, W: Stephen Mainville, WM, Andre S
Dominick-Secretary and Patricia Gallagher-
President of the Chalmette Chapter-United States
Daughters of 1812

Fidelity Award
M: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM pre-
sented the Fidelity Award, on behalf of
W: Robert Owens-WM and the Lodge
to W: Bro Dawson Brailey Thaxton. W:
Bro Thaxton is the oldest living member
of the Lodge and the Award was pre-
sented in recognition of the 68 years he
has devoted to the Fraternity.
W: Bro Thaxton was Master of
Phoenix Lodge in 1960 and currently
serves as Tyler. M: W: Woody Bilyeu, GM and W: Bro Bailey
Staff Librarian/Archivist
The Board of Directors of the Ma-
sonic Library/Museum Foundation of
Louisiana, Inc. takes this opportunity to
introduce and welcome our new Librar-
ian/Archivist Ms. Sally Sinor.
Ms. Sinor grew up in the Greater
New Orleans area. She has earned a
Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona
State University and Masters of Library
and Information Science from Louisiana
State University. She has researched and
built exhibits, processed, catalogued,
Ms. Sally Sinor and M: W: Bro Jeff Webb-PGM
and ensured best practices in preserva- Chairman Masonic Library Board
tion at various cultural repositories in- to our digitized membership data base.
cluding Special Collections Department Computers will be set up in the Library/
of the Edith Garland Dupre Library of Museum for individuals to locate mate-
the University of Louisiana at Lafay- rial and do Masonic research. Several
ette, the Telluride Historical Museum, boxes of books and other items from the
the Northlight Gallery of Arizona State old Grand Lodge in New Orleans have
University, and Segura Fine Art Publish- been returned. Other Masonic items are
ing Company of Tempe, Az. Ms. Sinor being donated to the Library/Museum
also has experience fund raising and from individuals and families. And,
marketing, event and program planning, financial donations are being received
and maintaining databases. from individuals and Lodges.
Progress is being made at your The Masonic Library/Museum
Library/Museum. We have almost Foundation of Louisiana, Inc. is a 501
completed the restoration of all of our (c)(3) charity, therefore donations are
old oil portraits, preserving them for tax deductible. Please consider this
future generations of Masons. Wal Mart important Masonic Charity (as an in-
has donated jewelery display cases for dividual or a Lodge) when making a
the Library and shelves for the storage donation, having a Charity Fundraiser
building, from the old store in Many. or leaving a legacy.
Ms. Sinor has begun cleaning, catalog- Although much is left to be done, we
ing and arranging our books and arti- feel that we have made a good start. We
facts. She has found some very valuable are appealing to the constituents of the
items which will prove to be of great Alexandria area Lodges to volunteer to
interest to Masonic historians. Ms. Sinor assist Ms. Sinor with some of the heavy
is assembling the first shipment of our labor. To place your name on the volun-
Grand Lodge Past Proceedings which teer list, or to donate, please contact any
are being sent to be digitized. Bro. Rob- Board Member. If you have any ques-
ert Shaff is currently scanning our old tions for Sally, please feel free to email
membership cards which will be added her at
The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2010-2011 OFFICERS
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master
Beverly J. “BJ” Guillot, Deputy Grand Master
Frank N du Treil, Jr., Grand Senior Warden
H Edward Durham, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, PGM, Grand Secretary
William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
James E. Steen, Grand Marshal
Clifford D. Whitehead, Grand Senior Deacon
Bobby Wayne Harlan, Grand Junior Deacon
Elmo J. Pitre, Jr., Grand Sword Bearer
Travis M. Holley, Grand Pursuivant
John W. Lutes, Grand Standard Bearer
Ralph H. Owens, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician

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