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The Louisiana


Brother Thomas Hooper
1788 - 1851

Grand Lodge Session Baton Rouge February 4-5
The Louisiana Cover

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or material for consideration for publication in the
Louisiana Freemason to: The Lodges have been busy this year
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON and many of those labors can be seen in
105 Bayhills Dr., the following pages. Whether it is chari-
Benton, LA 71006 table work, recognizing outstanding high
school students, honoring law enforece-
ment & firemen, remembering our wid-
ows or being visiable in the community,
Masonry is alive and well in Lousiana.
Thank you for your contributions to
Committee To Supervise the magazine.
Publication of the

W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362) TOPICS
105 Bay Hills Dr.
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398) Grand Master’s Message Page 3
99 Bayou Robert Road
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.) The Path Page 4
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100 by Bro Robert L. Rowe, II
Metairie, LA 70005
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246)
P O Box 369 Politically Correct Page 6
Winnsboro, LA. 71295 by our Grand Chaplain William J Mollere
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360 O Death, Where is Thy Sting? Page 8
W: Naresh Sharma, PM (47) by W: Bro George I. Holman, II
19414 Creekround Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70817
Lodge News Page 12
As my term comes to a close, I thank each of
you for affording me the opportunity to serve
you and the Masonic Fraternity as your Grand
Master. It has been a wonderful journey.
As I reflect back on the past year, I can report
to you that Masonry in the State of Louisiana is
healthy. We have a great number of very strong
Lodges throughout the state and they work ex-
tremely hard to promote Freemasonry,
I have had the pleasure of meeting many
Brothers and they have displayed outstanding
friendship and good fellowship. There were many
meetings where the Brethren demonstrated their
love for the Fraternity and for one another. I
B. J. “Bev” Guillot
have been graciously welcomed and received into
Grand Master
these Lodges and the Brethren and Ladies put forth
State of Louisiana
that extra effort to make me and our Grand Lodge
Officers feel comfortable. This year has been a
wonderful experience for me and a time I will always cherish.
I thank the Elected and Appointed Officers for their support and encouragement
and for their outstanding participation in our endeavors to improve Freemasonry
in Louisiana.
The District Deputy Grand Masters did a great job of bringing our message to
the Brethren and the District Grand Lecturers worked very hard toward improving
the efficiency in our work. My heartfelt thanks go out to these Brethren who gave
of their time and efforts toward improving Freemasonry in Louisiana.
To all my Brethren, I report to you, that the Dyslexia Program is helping many
children for which we are all grateful. If your Lodge is not supporting a Dyslexia
Clinic, I urge you to discuss this Program in your lodge meetings and see if you
can find a way to sponsor a Clinic.
The Grand Lodge Web Site has been completely rebuilt and the committee
handling this Program is constantly improving this Web Site.
The Library/Museum Program is doing great, thanks to your generous contribu-
tions and we thank you for your support.
More Lodges are having open meetings and our public image is improving and
this is all because of your efforts and hard work.
In summary, once again, I thank all the Brethren for making this a very special
year in my life and I ask that you support the Officers who will carry the torch
forward during the coming years.
Sincerely and Fraternaly,
B. J. “Bev” Guillot
Grand Master

The Path
Robert L Rowe, II
e read with enthusiasm Brother Kenneth deMoss’s article “Where is the

W Path?” in the Spring-Summer issue of the Louisiana Freemason maga-
zine. We do indeed concur with Brother deMoss’s conclusion that we
spend so much time honing our skills in esoterica and its execution; we
have forgotten its intended function.
Esoteric psychology has its function in the mind and conscience and it works
by memorization and repetition of moral virtues built into the degree rituals. We
have noticed that since degree work is executed in Victorian English, a lot of
the brethren we are teaching struggle with making the transition from common
everyday regional dialect to the esoteric Victorian dictum of the degrees. We are
not suggesting a change in the ancient and accepted conferral of degrees. What
we are suggesting is that new candidates be made aware of this condition which is
the responsibility of every teacher. But, if the teacher himself is not aware of this
outstanding fact, how can he impart this reality onto his student? This fact alone
could point toward why a lot of brethren fail to impart or discuss the moral virtues
taught in each degree. Albeit they are laid out in the conferral of the degree and the
lectures contained therein; they are seldom discussed in the open lodge outside of
degree conferral. In the long run, brothers staying in the lodge who participate in
degree conferral and help with the lectures connect with the moral virtues taught.
Repetition of the moral virtues repeated and heard in the degrees and lectures leak
into our consciences and is suppose to prick our conscience causing us to self
examine ourselves and make corrective measures in our thinking and behavior.
This is the essence of esoteric psychology that the ancients knew and that it would
only work in the minds of free thinking, independent men or in the minds of the
oppressed who desired to be free.
Brother deMoss also stated that many brothers today think that because they have
reached the sublime degree they have nothing more to learn and that many lodges
no longer require that the catechism of the third degree be recited which contains
the most important part of being a Master Mason...the obligation.
There is no doubt that a lot of men become masons for a myriad of reasons.
We will not attempt to explore these reasons as this would be too monumental of
a task for our small intellectual capacity. What we will say is that every one of us
who were received into a lodge of Entered Apprentice Masons were received in
search of light. Light in this instance being knowledge.
So when did we all become smart enough and when did our lodges decide to
end the search for more knowledge? Brother deMoss concludes his article stating
we simply need to once again bring forth the knowledge that Freemasonry is to
designed to supply to its members and become that membership of men and broth-
ers who truly know and want to understand what it takes to be a Mason and how
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The Path:
to walk its true path. We couldn’t agree more and we truly thank Brother deMoss
for his inspiring article.
The question now is where do we go from here? Teaching requires a structural
program and we do admit that it is indeed hard to find a Masonic sage. So how and
where do we begin our search to make Masonry’s path more visible and inviting?
Not very long ago, I completed the Master Craftsman Level I and II programs
offered by the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Masonry. It is apparent they too
were aware of the problems in the lodges and set about to do something positive.
No, it is not an easy program to complete, but we as Masons should know by now
that nothing of any value comes easily.
When we take on the responsibility of mentoring a new member into the lodge,
we have the responsibility of impressing a new mind that we hope will grow to
benefit mankind and the fraternity. We owe it to ourself and all new members to
teach them in a manner that will make a lifetime impression with the hopes of
inspiring them to become teachers of knowledge and truth.
We challenge every lodge looking to upgrade their methods of teaching to look
in to the Master Craftsman education program.
Should one ask the question, “Where is the path?”...We offer the above for your
consideration as to where it may be found.

The charities of The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, F & AM receive
100% of the extra cost associated with this special license plate. You do not loose
any equity in your current plate and this will be good public exposure for Freema-
sonry. The Library & Museum Foundation will be one of the recipients of these
new funds.
All of the ordering information is available from the computer or you may go
to your local Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase.
To order online:
Under “Vehicle Services” Click on: “Special Plates” Click: Continue
Enter the License Plate number you are replacing Click: Submit
Under “Select One”, scroll down to Organization/Service and continue
down and click on Grand Lodge
Click on: “Ordering Details” Click on: “Order Form”
Fill out form, print and mail with proper documentation
(Copies of: Registration Cert., Proof of Insurance, Dues Card & Check)

Politically Correct
W: William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
eing an active, involved Freemason means enjoying the fellowship and

B Brotherhood of the best men in the world. Association brings improve-
ment to the individual, unites like-minded people in bonds of frienship
and allows discussion of topics deeper than casual coversation. When
practiced by its members, it is the most outstanding
fraternal organization conceived by man. When
convened, discussions and conversations can range
widely and involve interests and topics not normally
held otherwise - from family-related to esoteric, the
opportunity to get to know each other better and ap-
prerciate the background, interest and expand on the
challenge of self-improvement is offered.
However in today’s world, so many people seem
obsessed with not saying or thinking thoughts that
might offend, wound or make others uncomfortable.
We have reached the stage in the workplace where
two people talking about a subject offensive to a third-
party standing close or over-hearing the two people
can complain to higher authority and have
the two people reprimanded, disciplined or ever dismissed. The use
of certain words has become forbidden in polite conversation - we can
no longer use such words as “gay” without raising questions, wishing
people “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” seems the
correct greeting at Christmas time, and recent actions by Politically
Correct people seeking to remove “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
from the Christmas song selections because it implied bullying of a
weaker, meeker reindeer makes one wonder where have we gone off
the path of common sense and wandered onto the road of nonsense?
It has been gradual, mostly unchecked and certainly without anyone
yelling “Enough”! There are only two places that I have recently found
that are not concerned about being Politically Correct: my barber shop
and my Masonic Lodge, and for totally different reasons.
Visiting my old barber shop every several weeks, I enter one of
the few all-male bastions where comments are made and phrases are
used that can make one wonder if one has stepped into a time-machine
and gone back fifty or more years. The floor is green linoleum tile,
the chairs yellow vinyl-plastic-covered with chrome frames, and the
magazines are on hunting and fishing and are old, and there is always
a copy of the daily newspaper with the sports page dog-eared and the
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Politically Correct:

rest of the sections unopened - politically correct is an unknown and
unused term in that little building. I often chuckle when departing
my barber shop because my quota for a
decade of certain words and phrases heard
have been “maxed-out” again, and the real
world of being politically correct returns just
outside the door.
My Masonic Lodge and other Masonic
Lodges have preached Political Correct-
ness for as many years as Freemasonry has
existed - it is called Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love. Not
nonsense, but consideration. Freemasonry teaches so many beautiful
lessons, and when the lessons are applied to daily actions and life,
speaking of another in un-Brotherly terms is no longer considered;
using words that cause distress, offend or wound another is never
considered; disputes are settled and peace and harmony are the only
considered solutions. Yet, Freemasonry is not practiced in its truest
sense by enough Freemasons - and certainly not by the outside world
that seems to have gone crazy. Our political and religious values seem
intent on making us all look around and over our shoulder before
saying comments that once were casual conversation but now may
be considered inflamatory.
When we gather together in Lodge, we leave the world outside, not like en-
tering my old barber shop, but instead entering a quiet, restful, peaceful retreat.
We gather to become Brothers once again and leave the crazy nonsense outside.
Freemasonry teaches that the retreat is personal but yet a part of something larger
than ourselves - the fraternity of like-minded, free-thinking, GOD worshipping men
who see beyond arguments, disputes and leave outside the small-minded people
who drag down and diminish and thrive on negative. In the retreat of Lodge or in
that personal time alone at church, at home, at work, even traveling when we can
be with our GOD, talk and visit about goodness, ask for blessings for others, we
regain that Balance that we are taught in Masonry - those promises made on bended
knee and with hands on or around our Sacred Book. Help, aid and assist; never
cheat, wrong nor defraud; whisper words of good counsel; protect the widow and
orphan and care for each other - all developed to improve and benefit those who
become a part of the fraternity and society of Freemasonry. Politically correct is an
over-used and greatly abused term that has negative meaning, yet in Freemasonry
it is exactly who and what we really are - positive and considerate - Friendship,
Morality and Brotherly Love - so mote it be!
Bill Mollere

“O Grave, Where is Thy Victory?”
W: George I. Holman, II
District Grand Lecturer 9th District
“Quietly may thy body sleep in this earthly bed, my brother…” Those familiar
with the Masonic burial service will recognize this quotation as the beginning of
the dedication of a deceased brother’s mortal remains to his final resting place. A
lone grave of a Brother Mason has recently been brought to light in the Central
Louisiana area. It has been in the piney woods, a short distance from Louisiana
Highway 8 between the towns of Pollock and Fishville since 1851. The proud
monument that once stood over the grave was approximately 9 feet tall, and is
inscribed with a Masonic emblem and the words, “In Memory of Thomas Hooper
Born March 7, 1788; Died May 8, 1851”. The monument, unfortunately, has suc-
cumbed either to vandalism or ravishes of time. Whichever, it no longer stands as
the proud centennial it once was over Brother Hooper’s grave.
It is interesting how this site has been brought to light. According to an article
that was in the Alexandria Daily Town
Talk, the local newspaper for the area,
on December 6, 2010, Brother Hooper’s
grave has long been known by several
people in the area. A child noticed the
Masonic emblem on a ring worn by
Brother Ken Taffi of Anchor Lodge
No. 261 in Pollock and told him that
she knew where a lone grave was in the
woods that had the same emblem. Being
inquisitive, Brother Taffi had them to
lead him to the site. What Brother Taffi
saw astounded him. Even though the
monument was toppled and broken into
three pieces, the inscription could still be
read. The grave is presently located on
private property. There is an on-going
dispute as to who the property’s actual
owner is. Members of Anchor Lodge
are presently engaged in researching the
ownership of the site. Until that research
has been completed and ownership has been determined, we will not set foot on
the property without permission.
Researching Brother Hooper’s life has turned up some interesting facts concern-
ing the settlement of the Central Louisiana area. Brother Hooper was born near
the boundary line of Wilkes and Lincoln Counties in Georgia. When he was eight
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“Grave, Where is Thy Victory?”:
years old, he moved to middle Tennessee with his parents. He was considered as
a wilderness man and enjoyed hunting and fishing. According to one of his direct
descendents still in the Central Louisiana area, Ms. Jimmie Nell (Adams) Lewis
(wife of Brother Hardin Lewis of Oliver Lodge #84 in Alexandria), Brother Hooper
had a wife and child in Tennessee. For some obscure reason, Brother Hooper left
Tennessee and made his way into Mississippi and Louisiana around 1809. Research
shows he served in the War of 1812 and fought in the Battle of New Orleans.
Alexander Fulton is the recognized founding father of Alexandria. He was the
brother of Robert Fulton, the inventor of the steam engine. According to legend,
Alexander named the town of Alexandria after his daughter who died at an early
age-not after himself. He was a merchant, planter and a local politician. He held
a land grant from the government of Spain, purchased goods and built the first
store in Rapides Parish along the north side of Red River. In 1793, he married
the 15-year old Mary Henrietta Wells. This union produced 6 children: Samuel,
Eliza, William, Benjamin, Marcus and Courtney Ann Fulton. Mr. Fulton died about
1818 and is believed to be buried in the Rapides Cemetery in Pineville, along the
Red River. This is believed to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest cemetery in
Rapides Parish. continued page 10

The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed co-
lumbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Masonic
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of
all columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.

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“O Death, Where is Thy Sting?”:
Brother Thomas Hooper, married Ms. Henrietta (Wells) Fulton, the widow of
Alexander Fulton,. There were two children from this marriage-a daughter named
Logan Louvinia Hooper and a son named Churchwell Alexander Hooper. Mrs.
Hooper died three years before her husband and is also buried in the Rapides
Cemetery in Pineville. There is a monument erected in her honor. Her obituary
published in the Red River Republican read, “DIED: In this parish, on the morning
of the 23rd inst., Mrs. Henrietta Hooper, daughter of Samuel and Dorena Wells, and
consort of Col. Thomas Hooper, aged seventy years and two months “.
Research shows Brother Hooper’s Grandfather or Great Grandfather, Mr. William
Hooper, was the author of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence of North
Carolina, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence of the United States.
Ms. Lewis, mentioned above, who has done a tremendous amount of research of
her family history disputes this. According to the genealogy string that I found,
William Hooper had a son name Thomas Hooper who begat another son with the
same name. At this time, there were two Thomas Hooper’s in the Central Loui-
siana area and as one can imagine, their histories get intertwined with each other.
As mentioned, Brother Hooper ventured into what is the territory of Louisiana
territory around 1809. The Census of 1810, Parish of Rapides, lists Thomas Hooper.
He was a member of Captain Gordon’s Company from Rapides Parish at the Battle
of New Orleans, 1815. His was a preeminent presence in and around the city hall
square in Alexandria. Louisiana, being admitted to the union in 1812 and gaining
statehood, enjoyed the leadership of Brother Hooper. Between the years of 1815
and 1845, Brother Hooper was involved with the Texas Mexico Wars and the “No
Man Land” squabbles in Arroyo Hondo to Sabine River.
The census of 1820 lists Brother Hooper as married and living in the town of
Alexandria. Brother Hooper was the first Post Master in 1843 at Big Creek, LA,
on land he purchased from the United States in the 1830’s. The Post Office has
long since been discontinued.
Though it cannot be substantiated, it is believed Brother Hooper was a charter
member of Oliver Lodge #84 of AY (Ancient York) Masons in Alexandria. Un-
fortunately, the Grand Lodge records and Lodge records for this time were both
destroyed in different fires. Oliver Lodge was charted in 1849 and was the only
Masonic Lodge in the Central Louisiana at that time. In an article given to me by
Brother Shelton Foster, also a member of Anchor Lodge in Pollock, Oliver Lodge
issued the following announcement: “The Members of Oliver Lodge No. 84, of
A.Y. Masons, and all sojourning Brethren, are invited to participate in the funeral
obsequies of our late lamented Brother Thomas Hooper. The funeral procession
will start from the house of S.K. Johnson, Esq., below town, at 7 o’clock tomor-
row morning, and proceed to the late residence of the deceased, at Big Creek,
where interment will take place.” Today, the distance from Alexandria to Brother
Hooper’s resting place is approximately 30 miles. It took three days for the funeral
procession to transport Brother Hooper to his resting place.
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“O Death, Where is Thy Sting?”:
Brother Hooper’s son, Churchwell Alexander (he is referred to as Church in
documents found) was a planter and businessman. He participated in business and
politics with his father until the middle 1850’s when he moved to Harrisonburg in
Catahoula Parish. He was a prosperous cotton ginner, sawmiller, and operator of
LaVacca Plantation at French Fork. Records show that Brother Thomas Hooper
lived with Church in his final years. Unfortunately, Church was a victim of the
Civil War’s economic aftermath and he was forced to declare bankruptcy in 1868.
A research of records at the Grand Lodge shows C.A. Hooper as a member of Oli-
ver Lodge in 1853. Brother Church is interred at Rapides Cemetery in Pineville,
where his mother rests.
Members of Anchor Lodge in Pollock have started proceedings to declare
Brother Hooper’s grave site as a Historical landmark. After the article in the local
newspaper ran, Ms. Jimmie Nell (Adams) Lewis and Jackie (Hooper) Heath have
contacted Brother Foster. Hooper Road that runs between the Shreveport Highway
at Tioga and the Pollock Air Base Road is named after Jackie’s father, Churchwell
A. Hooper. Both of these ladies have generously offered their knowledge to this
author of this article and assisted in getting it as accurate as possible.
R: W: “Mickey” Durand, GJW of Anchor and Brother George (Bud) Holman
of Oliver Lodge have both expressed a desire that once the dispute of ownership
of the land has been determined and if we are granted access to the property, we
would like to perform a joint rededication ceremony service to commemorate the
name and legacy of Brother Hooper. At that time, if permissible, we will erect a
plaque at the site commemorating this momentous event.

How Do You Wear Your Ring?
by Gary T Rushworth, Sr.
One common idea is to wear it with the square and compass opening up into
yourself, or rather, pointing at yourself, so it appears upside down to the rest of
the world. A Brother wears his ring facing inward to remind him of the journey
he is on, reminding him in all his dealings, or the tenets of Masonry. This seems
to be the most humble approach.
Another point of view, of course, is to wear it outward, sharing the light of
Masonry with the world, and proclaiming your membership in the craft. A Brother
may believe that his actions speak for themselves, and wishes to create an image
associated with the S&C of uprightness, true dealing, and fair judgement. By
displaying this ring outwardly, he is making a commitment to himself that as
others see him act they will gain a perception of the Fraternity.
But, the neatest logic I have heard so far comes from Brother Victor “Vardkes”
Boyadzyan, P.M. who told me that you are supposed to wear the ring “compass
- pointed” into yourself until you become a Past Master of your lodge. At which
time you can turn it out to the rest of the world, as spiritually speaking, you have
reached the point of Master, and have mastered the art of the Quadrant, and you
may now share your wisdom with others.
Honesty & Integrity Program
Anna Kate Haman and Tim Allred
were honored by Robert W. Cretney
Lodge in Sterlington. After a delicious
meal cooked by the ladies of the lodge,
Anna and Tim were each presented
with their Certificates. a bible, and a
cash award. The principal speaker of
the evening was Reverend Bro. Woody L:R - W: W. Basil Sanderson, Anna Kate Haman
Reader, a local Baptist Minister. and Tim Allred.

LITTLE FLOCK #236 M: W: Bro J F “Jeff” Webb, PGM
50 Year Membership Milestone and W: Bro James E Steen, GJD pre-
sented Bro Sam Leeks with his 50-Year
Membership Certificate, lapel pin and

L:R - M: W: Bro Jeff Webb, PGM, Sam Leeks
and Jimmie Steen, GJD.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Keystone Lodge, located in Sicily
Island, presented the Honesty & In-
tegrity Award to 5 high school juniors.
Receiving the awards Hunter Bird, Can-
dice Eubanks, Alison McCarthy, Callie L:R - Callie Parker, Hunter Bird, W: Allan Bean-
Parker and Molly Swayze. WM, Candice Eubanks and Molly Swayze. Alison
W: Allan K Bean-WM welcomed the McCarthy is not pictured.
large gathering of members, visitors,
family and friends. Everyone enjoyed a
dinner hour of pot luck buffet.
W: Bro Dr. H Glenn Jordan-DGL
4th Masonic District was the keynote

HOMER #152
Honesty & Integrity Night
After an excellent meal prepared
by Bro Fred Graham-JW and W: Bro
David Hood, the 55 members, visitors
and guests joined W: Tommy Gore in the
Lodge. The evening’s guest speaker was
Brother Alton A Braddock, retired from
the Dept of Corrections/Public Safety L:R - Front Row: Caroline Bourn (Claiborne
Academy), Lianne Ellis (Homer High), Jacob
after 40 years service. Bro Braddock Tinsley (Claiborne Academy, Courtney Arnold
continues to teach criminal justice at the and Austin McCurry (Summerfield High)
VTC in Monroe. L:R - Back Row: Bro Alton Braddock and W: J.
Thomas Gore-WM

St. JAMES #47 The Lodge presented its annual
Honesty & Integrity Award to two out-
Honesty & Integrity Program standing students from Episcopal High.
Robert Whitley and Abby TerHarr,
members of their immediate families,
visitors and guests were welcomed by
W: Bro Mark Paxton. W: Bro James
Houston “Chuck” Morgan, III was the
guest speaker.
L:R - W: Dr. James W Robinson-WM, Abby
TerHarr and Robert Whitley. (Note: Abby suf-
fers from alopecia areata, one of her many fund
raising chariable interests)

Special Presentation
During one of its quarterly meetings,
the 16th Masonic District was honored
to have the M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot,
GM and members of the Grand Family
in attendance.
L:R - W: Bro Ion Lazar-Grand Sword Bearer, W:
This meeting was also memorable Bro Andrew Mims-DGL, W: Bro Larry Plaisance
because W: Bro Larry J. Plaisance was and M: W: Bev Guillot-GM.
presented the 25 Year Gold Certificate District. He has served as Master
for Proficiency in the Esoteric work of twice in both Galileo-Mazzini Lodge
the Scottish Rite Ritual by the Grand and Paul M. Schneidau Lodge. Larry is
Master. a past master of the District Lodge, past
W: Bro Plaisance is the first member DDGM and past DGL of the District. He
to receive this honor as a Gold Certifi- has also served the Grand Lodge line
cate holder in and for the 16th Masonic twice as Grand Marshall.
CAMERON #439 The Lodge presented 25 & 50 Year
Membership Milestones Membership Certificates to nine of
its members. Receiving 25 Year Cer-
tificates were W: Bro Everett Miller,
JC Boudreaux, Scott Henry and W: Bro
Donnie Nunez. New 50 Year members
are Rev Wallace Primeaux, W: Bro
Larry Dyson, Lee Nunez, W: Bro Robert
Schwark and Garner Nunez.

L:R - W: L R “Rusty” Welch-WM, W: Bro Ray
V Moses-DGL 10th District, Everett Miller, JC
Boudreaux, Scott Henry, Donnie Nunez and R:
W: Richard D Morgan-DDGM 10th District.

L:R - W: L R “Rusty” Welch-WM, W: Bro Ray V
Moses-DGL 10th District, Rev Wallce Primeaux,
Larry Dyson, Lee Nunez, Robert Schwark, Gar-
ner Nunez and R: W: Richard D Morgan-DDGM
10th District.

50 Year Membership
W: Bro Perry N Barrilleaux-PM
and Junior Deacon of the Lodge was
presented with his 50 Year Membership
Certificate, lapel pin and credentials.
Shown in the picture at right, W:
Joshua P Mora-WM (center) makes the
presentations to W: Bro Barrilleaux (L)
with the assistance of R: W: Richard L
Fox-DDGM 11th Masonic District.

W H BOOTH #380
Special Presentation
During a Stated Communication,
W: Bro Frances C Baker, Sr., W H
Booth’s Worshipful Master in 1968
was presented with his first Certificate
of Proficiency.
W: Bro Baker, 81 years young,
expressed a strong desire to gain his
certificate and continue with helping the
Lodge with its esoteric work.
L:R - W: Brother Frances Baker and W: Bro
Robert Bazzell-DGL 1st Masonic District.
Special Presentation
During an open meeting M: W: Bro
Jeff Webb-PGM and member of the
Louisiana York Rite College suprised
W: Bro. Bobby W. Smith with a pre-
sentation of the York Rite Gold Honor
The York Rite Gold Honor Award is
the highest Award presented to a non-
member by the York Rite College. It
L:R - W: Bro Robert W Smith and M: W: Bro
is presented to those Masons who work Jeff Webb-PGM
behind the scenes and who keep Ma-
has served as Master (twice), Secre-
sonry working and running smoothly,
tary and is currently the Treasurer of
those who do not seek honors or awards
his Lodge.
for themselves, and who are always
This event was also special to W:
helping others.
Bro. Smith’s son, Craig Smith, who is
Bro. Smith has faithfully served his
currently serving as W.M. of the Lodge.
God, his Country, his Family, and his
W: Bro. Smith’s wife, Karen, presented
Fraternity. Bro. Smith, a retired Marine
his Gold Honor Award pin to him.
Corps. veteran, is a 42 year Mason who

York Rite Gold Award

L:R - W: Bro Lloyd Hebert, W: Bro James Stanifer, Brenda Stanifer, R: W:
Frank DuTreil-DGM and W: Bro Wayne Ezelle.
W: Brother James L. Stanifer, PM-Secretary received the Gold Honor Award
from the Louisiana York Rite College No. 99. The award was made during the
installation of Officers in December.. The award was presented by W: Bro Wayne
Ezelle, Chancellor of the Louisiana College; R: W: Frank N DuTreil, DGM and
Seneschal of the Louisiana College; and W: Bro Lloyd Hebert, Past Governor of
the Louisiana College.
Special Membership Award
Betty Johnson, wife of Bro. Billie
Johnson, contacted Little Flock Lodge,
to inform the Brethren that Bro. Billie
had been transferred to Toledo Bend
Nursing home in Zwolle. Bro. Billie
was discharged from the hospital and
placed under hospice care.
Bro. Johnson expressed to his wife
that he was disappointed that he had not
received his 25 Year Masonic Certificate
from the Lodge, as his 25th anniversary
was in November 2011. Betty, in turn,
contaced W: Bro Bobby Smith-PM L:R - Billie Johnson and M: W: Bro Jeff Webb,
Secretary. PGM

W: Bro. Smith contacted M: W: Bro Jeff Webb, PGM for assistance. M: W:
Bro Webb called the G.rand Lodge and made an inquiry as to Bro Johnson’s 25
year award. The Grand Lodge indicated that Bro Johnson must be mistaken as the
records indicated he was raised in 1964 in the Grand Jurisdiction of Texas. They
further said that Bro Billy had received his 25-Year Membership Award at Little
Flock in 1989.
W: Bro Smith contacted Betty for clarification and she said that her husband’s
apron was with him at the nursing facility. She checked the dates under the fold
and they indicated he was initiated, passed and raised in 1986, not 1964. This
information was passed to M: W: Bro Webb and he again called the Grand Lodge.
The Grand Lodge staff contacted the Grand Lodge of Texas. An error was dis-
covered and corrected. The Grand Lodge staff then quickly arranged for Brother
Johnson’s Certificate.
On December 22nd, members of the Lodge presented the Certificate to Brother
Billy Johnson. It was a wonderful Christmas experience for all involved.

L:R - Bobby McCoy-SW, W: Bro Craig Smith, M: W:
Bro Jeff Webb-PGM, W: Bro Robert Smith-PM Trea-
surer, W: Bro Billy Guay-PM Chaplain and W: John
Burns-PM WM
Honesty & Integrity Awards
Hap Arnold honored three outstand-
ing high school students with the annual
Honesty & Integrity Award. W: E.
Michael Ironsmith-PM WM presented
Anna Walton from Byrd High, Karen
Ezelle and Matthew Giglio of Caddo
Magnet High with their Certificates,
keys and a monetary gift. L:R - Anna Walton, Karen Ezelle, W: Mike
Ironsmith-WM and Matthew Giglio

ATKINS #266 The Lodge took advantage of having
R: W: Hoyt S Hooper-DDGM 1st Ma-
Membership Award
sonic District in attendance by having
him make a special presentation. Bro
Alvis Cyrus, Sr. is a member of Vinson
Lodge #66 AF&AM Fort Gay, WVa.
Bro Cyrus’ son, Alvis, is a member
of Atkins Lodge and had asked that
the presentation take place there. Bro
Cyrus was presented with his 50 Year
Membership Card and lapel pin from
R: W: Hooper-DDGM.

L:R - R: W: Hoyt Hooper-DDGM and Alvis

Honesty & Integrity Awards

The Lodge presented Honesty & Integrity Awards to Hanna Gamble and Savanna
Cunningham. R: W: Andrew Bing-DDGM 6th District was the guest speaker.
Shown L:R - Jane and Jerry Gamble, W: Alan Bounds-PM WM, Hanna Gamble,
R: W: Andrew Bing-DDGM, Savanna Cunningham and David and Kay Cun-
Honesty & Integrity Night
Members of the Lodge honored two
high school students with its annual
Honesty & Integrity Awards. Savannah
Hancock and Jonathon Aswell were
this years recipients. W: Bro Dr. John
E Wallace was the keynote speaker for
the evening and R: W: W. Ray Harris- L:R - R: W: Ray Harris-DDGM, Savannah
DDGM 3rd Masonic District assisted W: Hancock, W: David Nicholson-WM, Jonathon
Aswell and W: Bro John Wallace.
David L. Nicholson-PM WM in making
the presentations.

LITTLE FLOCK #236 The Lodge presented Brother Law-
Membership Presentation rence Britt with his 50 Year Membership
Certificate, credentials and lapel pin.
Making the presentation was M: W: Bro
J F “Jeff” Webb, PGM.
After the presentation, M: W: Jeff,
PGM conducted a Re-Obligation pro-
gram that proved to be an inspirational
event for all in attendance.

L:R - M: W: Bro Jeff Webb, PGM, Lawrence
Britt and W: Craig Smith-WM

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge held its annual Honesty &
Integrity Award Night to a packed house.
Bro. Bobby J Malbrough-SW served as
Master of Ceremonies and gave a out-
standing tribute outlining the recipients’
achievements. W: Frank J Heinrich-WM L:R - (Front Row) James Blackburn, Van-
presented the students with a beautifully essa Cabrera, Beth Nicole Jayroe and Christina
framed certificate, key and a check. R: Mollere
W: Martin J Reinschmidt-DDGM 17th L:R - (Back Row) R: W: Martin Reinschmidt-
DDGM and W: Frank Heinrich-WM
District assisted in the presentation. The
awardees were James Allen Blackburn
(Archbishop Rummel High) Vanessa daughter of Bro. Steven M Jayroe,
Cabrera (Destrehan High), Beth Nicole Secretary of the Lodge.
Jayroe (Northshore High and Christina
Michelle Mollere (John Curtis Chris-
tian School).Beth Nicole Jayroe is the
Gold Certificate
At a Stated Communication, R: W:
Richard Morgan D Morgan-DDGM
10th Masonic District and W: Bro Ray
V Moses-DGL 10th District presented
W: Bro Harold H Young with a certifi-
cate marking his 50th year of being a
Certificate holder.
L:R - R: W: Richard Morgan-DDGM, W: Bro
Harold Young and W: Bro Ray Moses-DGL

During a Stated Communication
of the Lodge to honor new 25 and 50
Membership Awards Year Membership awards, W: E. Mi-
chael Ironsmith-PM WM provided the
members and visitors with an interesting
history of the Lodge.
New 25 Year Certificates were is-
sued to W: Bro Palmer R Long, Robert
E Shearer, W: Bro Wendell A Launius
and Robert L Benefield. 50 Year hon-
orees were W: Bro Walton E McRae,
Demetrios Armenakis and William L
Bryant, Jr.
L:R - R: W: Richard Morgan-DDGM, W: Bro
Harold Young and W: Bro Ray Moses-DGL

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge presented two Benton
High School Juniors with Honesty and
Integrity Awards. The two students,
who were nominated by their school
and selected by Cypress Lodge, were
Whittany Plunkett and Kevin Flattman, L:R -Whittany Plunkett, W: Bro Byran Price,
Kevin Flattman, W: Bro Tom Brown and W:
Jr. Cypress Lodge held an open com- Scott Monceaux-WM.
munication to present the awards with
friends and family present. The awards
were presented by W: Bro Bryan Price,
Grand Tyler and W: Scott Monceaux- presented the Honesty and Integrity
WM. W: Bro Thomas C Brown was the Awards in over a decade. Cypress Lodge
guest speaker for the evening. is honored to recognize these two most
This is the first time the Lodge has deserving students from our community.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever

The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its stability
has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective
annual contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity and
as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved
one or special brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity, Trust,
Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish
your personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your will
or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement fund.
Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a 5% annual
distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your thoughtful an-
nual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be cast
in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge
For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM, Direc-
tor of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email:

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Humble Cottage, located in Opelou-
sas, presented Honesty & Integrity
Awards to two local high school
students. Receiving this year’s honor
were Alix Laya Tromblay (Opelousas
Catholic High) and Lainey Latiolais L:R - R: W: Richard Fox-DDGM, Alix Tromblay,
(Beau Chen High). R: W: Richard L Lainey Latiolais and W: Chester L Finley-WM.
Fox-DDGM 11th Masonic District was
the guest speaker for the evening.

WESTLAKE #443 W: Bro Harold Young was DDGM
Belated Presentation for the 10th Masonic District in 1977
and it has been the practice of the
District Lodge to present the outgoing
brother with a Past District Deputy
Grand Master’s apron. However, be-
cause of financial constraints the District
was unable to purchase the apron for
presentation to W: Brother Harold.
Several members of Westlake, head-
ed by W: Bro Olen R McCurley and R:
L:R - W: Tom Kussman-WM 10th District W: Richard D Morgan-DDGM sought
Lodge, W: Ricky Renfrwon-WM , W: Bro Olen to correct this oversight. During a Stated
McCurley, W: Bro Harold Young, W: Bro Keith
Powell-Secretary 10th District Lodge, R: W:
Communication, the Lodge and many
Richard Morgan-DDGM and W: Bro Archie visitors presented W: Bro Young with
Cline-Senior Deacon. his long past due Past DDGM apron.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge held its annual Honesty
& Integrity Night and presented Certifi-
cates and monetary awards to Carrington
Cain and John Garrett Clawson. W: Bro
Fred Arthur was the featured speaker
and assisted W: Melvin Fletcher-PM L:R - W: Bro Fred Arthur, Carrington Cain,
WM in making the presentations. John Garrett Clawson and W: Melvin Fletcher-

Honesty & Integrity Night
After a wonderful dinner, the large
gatering repaired to the Lodge room for
the annual Honesty & Integrity Awards
ceremonies. Vernon Parish Sheriff, Sam
Craft was the keynote speaker. Sheriff
Craft congratulated the students from
Pitkin and Plainview High Schools. L:R - (Front Row) Tyler Belsha, Amiee Calmes,
The students honored were Amiee Angle Maricle and Tracy Maricle
Calmes and Tyler Belsha from Pitkin L:R - (Back Row) Kevin Lambright-Principal
Pitkin High, W: Bro Jerry Stokes-PM SW and
High School and Angel Maricle and Sonia Rasmussen-Principal Plainview High
Tracy Maricle from Plainview High.

Honesty & Integrity Award

L:R - (Front Row) Joni Lassere (Thibodaux High) Justin Matherne (Thibodaux High), Amber
Rose (Thibodaux High) Nicole Dominique (E D White High), Trey Clack (E D White High)
and Zane Andrews (E D White High)
L:R - (Back Row) W: Richard Blanchard-WM and Brother Craig Webre Sheriff of Lafourche
Parish and guest speaker.

Honesty & Integrity Award
After a wonderful dinner, the large
gatering repaired to the Lodge room for
the annual Honesty & Integrity Awards
ceremonies. The recipient this year was
Taylor Jinks a junior from Castor High.
W: Bro Roy D Perkins-PM Secretary L:R - W: Wayne Boyet-WM, Taylor Jinks, W:
was the speaker for the evening. W: Bro Raymond M Wiggins-SW and John A
Wayne E Boyet-WM made the presen- Nugent-JW.
Honesty & Integrity (Spring)

L:R - (Front Row) Tessa Allison Watts, Jacob Heath Johnson, Zachary Daniel Dison (all from Saline
High), Ashley Shoemaker (Lakeview High) and Michele Nicole Bartlett (Saline High)
L:R - (Back Row) W: Bro Michael Watts and W: Chris W Robinette-PM WM.

Honesty & Integrity (Winter)

L:R - W: Chris W Robinette-PM WM, Megan Smith (Lakeview High), Stephen Robinette (Castor
High), Seth Knotts (Saline High), Heaven Leigh Durbin (Saline High), Allison Self (Lakeview High)
and W: Bro CW Belcher-PM Secretary Silent Brotherhood #146.

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge held its annual Honesty
& Integrity program and recognized two
local high school students. Courtney
Lanae Rachal (Natchitoches High) and
Millard F Rutledge, V (Saint Mary’s
High) were this year’s recipients. W:
Bro Michael Watts and W: Lucas C Guy-
WM made the presentations. L:R - (Front Row) Nancy Rutledge, Millard Rut-
Ladies of Natchitoches Chapter 13 ledge V, Millard Rutledge IV, Courtney Rachal,
OES were recognized for providing LaDonna Rachal and Russell Rachal.
the excellent dinner and decorations to L:R - (Back Row) W: Bro Michael Watts and W:
Lucas Guy-WM.
make the evening a truly special event.

Special Presentation
During a Stated Communication, R:
W: Hoyt S Hooper-DDGM 1st Masonic
District took the opportunity to make
a special presentation. Brother John
T Anderson is a plural member with
Queensborough and maintains mem-
bership with his mother Lodge, Unity
#1242 Borger, Texas. The Grand Lodge
of Texas asked R: W: Hooper to make
a 60 Year Membership presentation on
their behalf. L:R - John Anderson and R: W: Hoyt Hooper,
W: Michael D Gilcrease-PM WM DDGM.
assisted the DDGM in making the ar-
rangements and presentation.

50 Year Membership
W: H T “Tom” Pirie-PM WM pre-
sented W: Bro Albert M Shows, Jr. with
his 50 Year Membership Certificate and
lapel pin. W: Bro Shows was Master of
the Lodge in 1965 and again in 1993
& 1994. He is currently the Treasurer.
L:R - W: Bro Al Shows-PM Treasurer and W:
Tom Pirie-PM WM.

Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - W: Paul Burnitt-PM WM, Daniel Litton, Julie Farmer, Kori Broadus,
Justin Famer and R: W: Andrew Bing-DDGM
The Lodge selected 4 high school juniors to receive its annual Honesty &
Integrity Award. R: W: Andrew Bing-DDGM 6th District was the guest speaker
and presented the awards on behalf of W: Paul C Burnitt-PM WM and the Lodge.
This year’s recipients were Kori Broadus, Julie Farmer, Justin Farmer and Daniel
Litton, all of Converse High.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge, located in Maringouin presented 6 high school juniors with its an-
nual Honesty & Integrity Award. W: Tom Pirie-PM WM welcomed the gathering
and introduced Dr. Tom Greene, DVM the guest speaker. The students honored this
year were Chandler Angelloz, Shane Beard, Haylee Duval and Chelsey Gonzales
of False River Academy; Joey Catlett of Livonia High and Dylan Ramagos of
Catholic High Pointe Coupee.

L:R - W: Tom Pirie-PM WM, Dylan Ramagos, Shane Beard, Chelsy Gonzales, Joey Catlett, Haylee
Duval, Chandler Angelloz and Dr. Tom Greene.
Flag Presentations
The Lodge presented American Flags
to visitors attending a recent celebra-
tion. With donations from its members,
the Lodge purchased 100 3x5 flags to
promote community relations and pub-
lic awareness of Masonry. W: Royce C
Austin, PM-WM is shown at right with
one of the flags.

HOMER #152 During the Lodge’s annual Family
Recognition & Widows Night, W: James T Gore-
WM made two special presentations.
A Certificate of Memory, honoring
Mrs Carolyn Akins and Mrs. Bessie
Watson. These ladies recently lost their
husbands. The Worshipful Master also
prensented each lady with a Masonic
Widow’s Pin.
W: Gore-WM presented a Certificate
of Meritorious Service to W: Bro Thom-
as P Wyant for his continued guidance
and service to the Lodge.

L:R - Carolyn Akins, W: James T Gore-WM and
Mrs. Bessie Watson.

L:R - W: Bro Tommy Wyant and W: James
Gore, WM.

CYPRESS #89 In recognition of the 10th anniversary
Past Masters Program of September 11th, 2001 and the 6th
anniversary since Hurricane Katrina,
twelve parishes signed a proclamation
declaring Labor Day as Remembrance
Day. The first of the parishes to sign
the proclamation was St. Tammany’s
President Kevin Davis.
This event was sponsored by the
Grand Lodge and hosted at the Jerusa-
lem Shrine Center in Destrehan.
L:R - Kevin Davis-President St. Tammany Parish
and M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM.

Certification Noted
Brother Archie P Chaisson, III re-
ceived his certificate as a Certified Levee
Inspector. Making the presentation was
Ms. Charlotte Randolph-President of
Lafourche Parish. Brother Chaisson
is one of only four people certified in
Lafourche by the Office of Coastal
Protection and Restoration. During the L:R - Bro Archie Chaisson, President Charlotte
Randolph and Glenn Bourgeous.
presentation, Glenn Bourgeous also
received his certificate.

Official Visit

The Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter made his official visit to Ascension Chapter
#49 in Donaldsonville. Picture above L:R - Jim Wilson-Secretary-Treasurer, Russell Wig-
gins, Sribe, Henry Jumonville, Principal Sojourner, Eugene Dawson, Deputy District Grand
High Priest, Richard James, Grand High Priest, Chris Anderson, Master of Second Veil and
Mervin Simpson, Sentinel.
Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

St. JAMES #47
Supporting Scouting
The Lodge continues its support
of area Boy Scouts of America and
includes members from the Istrouma
Area Council during special programs.
Troup 888 from St. Andrews Methodist
Church presented The Colors during
one such event. Lee Callaway, Scout
L:R - Lee Callaway accepting a donation from
Executive Istrouma Council BSA was the Lodge, W: James W Robinson-WM and Val
the guest speaker. Browning, Troopmaster 888.

Fire Department Recognized

The Lodge, located in Morrow, honored the Morrow Volunteer Fire Department.
W: Jackie S Beard-PM WM is shown above with members of the Fire Dept. Bro
Harold L Taylor was the guest speaker and entertainment was provided by Roy
and Myra Baker.

Law Enforcement Open House
Andrew Jackson and Dominique You
held a joint open house and invited two
speakers from the St. Bernard Sheriff’s
Office. Chief Deputy James Pohlmann
and Major David Peralta both provided L:R - W: Daniel J Ledlet-PM WM Andrew
Jackson, Major David Peralta, James Pohlmann
enteresting presentations on law en- and W: David P Bachemin-WM Dominique You.
forcement challenges in the area. The two St. Bernard Sheriff Officers were given
Certificates of Appreciation from the Lodges.

Make A Wish
Members of the Lodge helped secure
a young mans Christmas wish. Sabastian
Mire had one special request and that
was to meet Troy Landry, the legendary
gator hunter from the television series,
Swamp People. Because of his kindness,
Troy Landry made the wish possible
and recently made a person visit to Se-
bastian. Sabastian suffers from severe
kidney ailments, but on this special day L:R - W: Bro Blasie W Smith-PM Secretary, Se-
he was all smiles and thankful for his bastian, Troy Landry and Ronald C Williams-SW
new friend Troy Landry.

Police & Fireman Night
The Lodge hosted their Firemen and
Police Night with 54 members, visitors
and guests in attendance. This is an an-
nual event is to show the Lodge’s ap-
precation toour public servants for their
assistance to our needs around the clock.
Judge Vernon Clark, 30th Judicial Court,
Division A and a member of Rosepine
Lodge was the evening’s keynote
speaker. Brother Clark addressed the
importance of these public servants in
our communities thanking them for the Honorable Bro Vernon Clark
valuable services they perform.
BAKER #441 to enjoy with his new found freedom.
Charitable Labors
The Lodge held a celebratory party
to honor a local family whose young
son required special medical equipment.
The young man required oxygen full
time and was tethered to a large oxy-
gen bottle which limited his mobility
greatly. Hearing of the child’s needs,
the members of the lodge set to work to
L:R - (Front Row) Joshua Cory, Mikayla Cory
locate the equipment that would allow and Jeremiah Cory (patient)
this child to move about more freely. L:R - (Middle Row) Robert N Foreman-JW,
Once the exact requirements for the W: Bro Albert Farris-PM Secretary, Amy Cory
equipment were established, the mem- (Mother), Christopher M Avants-SD, W: RoryA
Bozeman-PM WM and W: Bro Bobby K Rider-
bers located a manufacturer in Denver, PM Tyler
who contacted the child’s doctor. The L:R (Back Row) W: Bro Fletcher E Garig, W:
equipment was then preset to his exact Bro Harold L Olgesby-PM JD, W: Bro James
needs. The Lodge purchased the equip- Roy Bankston-PM Junior Steward.
ment and invited the family to join them
for a celebration.
The Oxygen Generator was then
presented to the family, along with nu-
merous outdoor toys for the young man

Deputy Recognized
The Lodge honored Deputy Kevin
McGuffie, Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s
Outstanding Deputy of the Year by pre-
senting him with a Honesty & Integrity
Award. Approximately 75 members,
visitors and guests were in attendance.
L:R - W: Bro John Combell, W: Bro Dominick
Manno-PM Chaplain (background), W: Bernald
L Gould-WM, Rev Chip Radke (background),
Sheriff Newell Norman and Spencer M Lester-

L:R - Chief Craig Taffaro, W: Bernie Gould-WM,
Captain Ron Platt, Deputy Kevin McGuffie and
Sheriff Newell Norman.

Police & Fireman Honored
During its annual Honors Night that
is reserved to recognize Law Enforce-
ment and Fire Departments agencies
parish wide, the Lodge honored Chief
Communication Officer Louis Bou-
dreaux with the Franklin Fire Depart-
ment. Chief Boudreaux is legally blind
but expertly dispatches trucks and
L:R - Chief Communication Officers Louis
emergency reponders with ease. Boudreaux, Fire Chief Chuck Bourgeois and
Bro Ronald C Williams-JW.

St. ALBANS #28
Annual Gathering
The Lodge, located in Jackson hosted
the 58th annual gathering of Lodges
named St. Albans. W: Timothy B Tra-
vis-WM welcomed over 100 members,
visitors and guests from New England,
Canada, Mississippi, Texas and the
United Kingdom to the Felicianas. L:R - Steve Clinton-Gradyville, Pa., W: Bro
The festivities included an evening Lorne Ellison-Mt. Forest, Ontario, M: W: Allen
J Petrisor-Woodstock, Ontario
dinner at Feliciana Cellers, riding shuttle
trollies touring the town, a stop at Grace was enjoyed by everyone and then W:
Cemetary-made famous by the re-enact- Bro Paul Martin’s Band played for the
ment of “The Day the War Stopped”, group. After church services on Sunday,
a presentation on the history of the the gathering spent the day at Angola,
Town of Jackson and the Felicianas. touring the grounds and museum. Every-
A special Lodge meeting was held at one attended the annual Inmate Rodeo.
St. Albans where members and visitors The 59th gathering will be hosted
were provided embroidered aprons with by St. Albans Lodge #529 in Philadel-
a sketch of the lodge building, square phia. This lodge is home toW: Bro Joe
& compasses and text commemorating Fletcher, the International Secretary/
the event. A banquet in St. Francisville, Treasurer of the Organization.
orchestrated by W: Bro Charles Lanoue

GEORGETOWN #298 Although Georgetown Lodge and
Anchor Lodge are separated by only 20
ANCHOR #261 miles, the brethren from these lodges
have never been able to visit because
they both meet on the same night at the
same time. A Special Dispensation by
M:W: B. J. Guillot, GM enabled the
brethren to hold a joint meeting. The
joint meeting was held at Anchor Lodge
in Pollock. A second joint meeting at
Georgetown was subsequently held.

Dorcheat Lodge purchased and then
presented W: Bro Billy D Ray-District
Grand Lecturer 2nd Masonic District
with a new DGL apron. The old apron
long overdue to be retired.
L:R-W: Bro Billy Ray-DGL and W: William G.

JOPPA #362
Our latest member and new Master
Mason is George Shane Williams.
Brother Williams is a correctional of-
ficer with Forcht Wade Correctional
Center, located in South Caddo Par-
ish. Brother Ed Peters recommended
Shane’s petition and worked as his coach
& mentor for all of the esoteric work.

L:R- Bro Shane Williams and W: Kenneth R
Fuller-WM making the presentations on behalf
of the Lodge.

NEW RIVER #402 The Lodge conferred the Master Ma-
son Degree on two candidates. Joshua
Foster and John Quigley are our newest
Master Masons.

L:R- Brother Joshua Foster, W: Terry Lee Babin-
PM WM and Brother John Quigley.

CYPRESS #89 The Lodge held its annual Past Ma-
ters Night recognizing the continued
support and guidance that our Past
Masters provide. Awards were presented
to W: Bros Jerry F Price, George W
Horst, Fred Audrey Frederick Langley
and Clyde Jack Leachman.
Bro Herman Nash-MofC and Adrian
K Winham-JW made the presentations
on behalf of W: J. Scott Monceaux-WM.

CADDO #179
The Lodge conferred the Master Ma-
son Degree on Bro Brian Scott Carlisle,
with the assistance from the Shreveport
Scottish Rite Degree Team. Brother Car-
lisle is a project designer at Fibrebond
and is a Junior at Louisiana Tech.

L:R- Bro Brian Scott Carlisle and W: Edwin L
Horton-PM WM.

W H BOOTH #380 The Lodge held its annual St. John
the Evangelist Day with W: Bro Tom
Brown as guest speaker. Brother Tom
spoke on his trip to the Holy Land and
experiencing first hand the areas that St.
John had traveled.
W: John F Knox, Jr.-WM presented
W: Bro Tom Brown and Jimbo Brown
with Certificates of Appreciation for
their participation in this yearly event.

W: Terry L Babin-PM WM conducts
an instruction class to assist those
Master Masons that may never had the
opportunity to study the Master Mason
esoteric work.
One of the members is also a 50-
Year Mason. Four members, who re-
cently completed the class, are W: Bro
Lawrence W Bell, Bro James Mitchell L:R - (Front Row) W: Bro Lawrence Bell, Mitch
Freeman, Bro Mark P Fournet and W: Freeman and mark Fournet
Bro Manell C Hanna. L:R (Back Row) W: Bro Manell Hanna and W:
Terry Babin-PM WM.

CADDO #179

The Lodge held its annual Past Masters Night and had the following Past Masters in attendance.
Shown above L:R - W: Bros Robert Berry, Larry Renfro, Mike Ironsmith, Pat Houston, Palmer Long,
Charlie Shearer, Jim Vanderberry, George Gray, Fred Arthur and Joyce Berry.

SILENT BROTHERHOOD #146 The Lodge held its annual Caring
& Sharing Program, where the Lodge,
OES and RAM make donations to the
many Masonic Charities through their
year long fund rasing activites. Over
$3000 was donated to the numerous
Appendant Bodies charitable endeavors.
The Lodge took the opportunity to
present 25 and 50 Year Membership
L:R - William Weaver, W: Bro John McElwee, R: Certifictates to Bros William Weaver
W: Mickey Durand-GJW, Mrs Benjamin Rush
and Dr. Rush. (25 year), W: Bro John B McElwee (50)
and W: Bro Dr. Benjamin M Rush (50).

The Lodge held its annual Past
Masters & Honors night with more
than 60 members, visitors and guests
in attendance.
Bro Ronald R Pittman-SW wel-
comed everyone and was acting in the
abscence of W: Dan Milton-WM. Bro
Pittman introduced W: Marvin L Cook-
WM Oceans Orleans #144 as the guest
L:R - W: Marvin Cook-WM Oceans Orleans
Lodge, W: Bro Alvin Burt and W: Ronald Pit-
A 50 Year Membership Certificate, tman.
lapel pin and credentials were made
to W: Bro Alvin Burt. Bros Lavern I
Hughes and Glen E Lott were also new
50 Year members but were unable to
The roll was called for Past Masters
of the Lodge that were in attendance.
Eight were present at the event and
identified in the accompanying picture.
During a subsequent meeting, the
Lodge presented Brother Earl R Moak
with a 75-Year Membership Certificate
from the Grand Lodge. L:R - Earl R Moak 75 Year Member and Acting
W: Ronald Pittman, WM.

L:R - W: Bros Charles Ray Rogers, Henry E
Vernon, Dallas Alford, David Steinwinder, Ben
Nichols, Gary D Thomas, Billy Hughes and
Michael P Corkern.

Members of the Lodge held it’s
Ladies Night at the historic Steamboat
Warehouse Restaurant in Washington,
La. We, as Masons, appreciate the help
and support received from our wives
in our fraternity. We also appreciate
the hospitality and care of Bro Jason
Huguet, owner and Chef of this estab-
Members & their Ladies
The members of the Lodge held
its Annual Past Master’s Recognition
Night. W: Frank J. Heinrich, WM
opened the evening by welcoming the
members and guest for their attendance.
W: Heinrich, WM presented each at- L:R - (Front Row) W: Bros Charles R Smith,
tending Past Master with a Past Master’s Arthur Sutton, III, Clayton E Kruse, Herbert W
lapel pin and thanked them for their Hey, Clayton A Wolfe, Jr. and Guy R Gerhardt.
service and wisdom to the Lodge. A L:R - (Back row) W: Bros Steven K Mainville,
John L Babin, III, Vincent E Guillera, Jr., W:
delicious dinner was served immediately Frank J Heinrich-WM, Earl C Bertin and Earl
after the presentations. J Huguenel, Jr.
It was noted by W: Bro Arthur Sut-
ton, III, that in attendance were 3 Past
Masters from Quitman Lodge, 3 Past
Masters from Mount Moriah Lodge and
4 Past Masters from Mount Moriah-
Quitman Lodge.

W: Bro Todd Dixon, (far left in pic-
ture) presented the Louisiana Masons
Motorcycle Chapter patch to W: Bro
Adren Alderman, Jr. (center). Looking
on is W: Kenneth R Sanders, Jr.-WM

Our small, rural Lodge located in
Liddieville held a Bring A Friend Night
on and, as a result, received 8 petitions
from the several guests in attendance.
The accompanying pictures shows the
many members, visitors and guests.
The speaker for the occasion was John
E Vines, II.
SAM B DRYFUSE #396 The Lodge held its annual Past Mas-
ters & Widows night with R: W: Frank N
DuTreil, Jr.-DGM as its honored guest.
Corsages were presented to each widow
by W: Harold A Ostendorf, Jr.-WM.
Following the dinner hour, R: W:
DuTreil-DGM presented a 25-Year
Membership Certificate to Terry M
Stein-JD and a 50-Year Membership
Certificate, lapel pin and credentials to
Bro Burton G Klein.
Bro Mac F Rackmel, 100 years
young, was presented a Meritorious
Bro Burton Klein and R: W: Frank DuTreil Certificate in recognition of his distin-
guished service and personal contribu-
tions to the the Lodge and Masonry.

Bro Terry Stein and R: W: Frank DuTreil
Bro Mac Rackmel and R: W: Frank DuTreil


The Lodge’s annual Past Masters Night had 9 Past Masters in attendance. Show above L:R - (Front
Row) W: Bros Roy Simmons, James Kelly, Michael Haygood and Reed Holmes. L:R (Back Row) W:
Bros Alvie Bullock, Billy Joe Pace, Richard Dubois, John Webster and Melvin Fletcher.

A Special Communication was called
and the community invited to attend
to hear Christian Berg-Marketing &
Communication Excecutive with the
Shreveport Shrine Hospital talk on the
history and status of the local facility.
The Lodge made a donation to the hos-
pital during Mr. Berg’s visit.
L:R - W: Jackie Morgan and Christian Berg

The Lodge’s annual Family night
had several presentations and recogni-
tions made.
W: Bro Brooks Powell-PM Secretary
assisted W: Chris Robinette-PM WM
with presenting a 50-Year Membership
Certificate, lapel pin and credentials to
W: Bro James W Speir.
Past Master Certificates were pre-
sented to those Worshipful Brothers in
L:R - W: Bro Brooks Powell, W: Bro James Speir
attendance as shown and indentified in and W: Chris Robinette-WM
the accompanying photograph.

L:R - W: Bros JW Speir, Terry Carr, Fred Sullivan, Ronnie Bogus, Sam Friday, George Simpson,
Brooks Powell and W: Chris Robinette-WM in background.

W: William G Frazier-WM held a
joint Bring a Friend Night with Shonga-
loo Lodge #352. The event was well at-
tended and deemed a successful venture
to be repeated in the future.
W: John R Stanley, Jr.-WM Shonga-
loo and W: Bro Billy D Ray-DGL 2nd
District were the guest speakers.
L:R - W: John Stanley-WM, W: Bill Frazier-WM
and W: Bro Billy Ray, DGL

HAP ARNOLD #457 W: Bro Tom Brown was the guest
speaker at the Lodge’s annual Friend
to Friend program. After a wonderful
dinner hour, Bro Alex Vega-Acting
WM welcomed everyone to the Lodge
and turned the program over to W: Bro
Brown who spoke on the history, found
principles and religous aspects of the
L:R - W: Alex Vega, Acting WM, W: Bro Tom
Brown and Bro Arnauld Radermacher, JW.

The Lodge recently presented 25
Year Membership awards to W: Bro Al-
len P Roussell, W: Bro Wallace A Perez,
Jr. and W: Bro Kirk E Serigne. They are
shown in the photograph below with
W: David P Bachemin-WM with their

In the above photograph, W: David
Bachemin-WM presented Master Ma-
son Examination Certificates to Bro Jar-
ed M Dardar-MofC and Brother Search
Wheat. The estoteic work as a Master
Mason by these members were found to
be excellent and most proficient.

M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot-GM visited the Lodge and provided the members, visi-
tors and guest with a wonderful presentation on the health of Masonry in the State.

L:R (Front) W: Bro Hilton Guidry, Jr, W: Bro Lee V Randall, M: W: B J Guillot-GM, William Carol
Rabalais, W: James N Terry-PM WM, W: Bro Ray W Gilchrist, Sr. and W: Bro Thomas D Lively.
L:R - (Back Norris A “Blackie” Medlen, W: Bro Thomas Dale Lively, W: Bro John M Evans, W:
Bro Dana L Mendoza, W: Bro Jack R Franklin and Harry W Case, Jr.

THE GRAND LODGE of LA. M. W. Ronald Andres all presented
The Most Worshipful Grand Master flowers at the altar. Various branches
B. J. Guillot hit a home run on Septem- of the Armed Service were represented
ber 5, 2011, when his program for the by veterans. Brother John C. Copes III
10th ANNIVERSARY OF “911” and the from Baton Rouge who had received
KATRINA was held. He faced heavy was in attendance. The French National
odds because Tropical Storm Lee had Government presented Brother Copes
caused disruption that weekend and the metal, the highest honor any person
some of the Parishes were still flooded. can receive from France because of his
They still had a large crowd of people efforts in saving France during WW II.
who attended the event at Jerusalem This award was first given by Napoleon
Shrine Center, in Destrehan. The Ameri- Bonaparte in 1802.
can Legion Post No. 38 from Baton Mr. Gary Lyn Smith, Louisiana
Rouge brought in the colors and the State Representative, gave a response
Destrehan High School ROTC - Honor for the Honorable Mary L. Landrieu,
Guard presented swords while the public who had a United States Flag flown
officials and veterans walked through. over the United States Capitol on July
There were several Lodges present rep- 13, 2011. Mr. Billy Nungesser, Parish
resenting the 14 -19 Districts, along with President of Plaquemines Parish, gave
The Worthy Grand Matron of the Order a response for the 13 parishes and the
of the Eastern Star of Louisiana Ms. Joy City of New Orleans. The parishes were
Beth Williams, the Grand Master of Washington Parish, St. Tammany Par-
the Grand Lodge of Mississippi, M. W. ish, Tangipahoa Parish, Jefferson Par-
Charles L. “Fuzzy” Cox and the Most ish, Orleans Parish, St. Charles Parish,
Worshipful Grand Master of Alabama, continued next page
continued from previous page the Governor declaring this day for the
The Grand Lodge of Louisiana: Grand Lodge Remembering the 9/11 and
Ascension Parish, St. Bernard Parish, Katrina. Both the United States Flag and
Plaquemines Parish, St. James Parish, the Louisiana State Flag were given in
St. John the Baptist Parish, Lafourche honor of 199th year of the Grand Lodge.
Parish, Terrebonne Parish, and the City The program ended with the Jerusalem
of New Orleans The proclamations were Shrine Band, professional musicians,
publicly given to the Grand Master that who gave a outstanding concert prior
day by Mr. Nungesser. A short talk was to, during, and after the event.
given by Ms. Cindy Haefele on how
Hurricane Katrina effected the doctors
and nurses during that time. The most
touching talks were given by Dave
Krasner of the Boston Fire Department
who assisted on search and rescue for
“9/11”, Lieutenant Johnny Antoneidas
, and Lieutenant James “Jimmy” Joyce
both of the New York Fire Department
were both at ground zero for “9/11”.
The Key Note address was given by L:R - Lt. James Joyce, Dave Krasner, Lt. Gover-
Jay Dardenne, Lieutenant Governor nor Jay Dardenne, Lt. Johnny Antoneidas and
of Louisiana. Mr. Dardenne presented M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM.
the Grand Master with a Louisiana
State flag that was flown over the State
Capitol of Louisiana on, July 13, 2011,
along with a proclamation issued by

munications. The logistics for schedul-
1st MASONIC DISTRICT ing 6 plaque ceremonies, police escorts,
Through the initial efforts of W: Bro hosting Lodges and working with the 5
George McAnn, the District has been elementary schools and Bossier Parish
fortunate to place Masonic plaques at School Board were finally set and M:
Bossier Parish’s and Bossier City’s W: Bev Guillot, GM and members of
public buildings. As Bossier continues a his Official Family conducted the cer-
tremendous population growth and that emonies over a two day period.
growth results in necessary additions to Cypress Lodge hosted the Thursday
schools, libraries and fire stations; the Emergent Communication and spon-
1st District was faced with 5 new wing sored the plaque at Benton Elementary.
additions to public schools and 1 new Prior to calling the Grand Lodge to
fire station. Since Temple Lodge had refreshment, R: W: Frank N. DuTreil,
sponsored a majority of the previous DGM asked M: W: Guillot-GM to join
plaques through Brother McAnn and at a him west of the Altar. R: W: DuTreil,
fairly hefty financial cost, other Lodges DGM presented the Grand Master with
in the District stepped up to sponsor and a check on behalf of the West Bank
host the Grand Lodge’s Emergent Com- continued page 42
continued from page 41
1st Mastonic District: the stones, had them cut to size, worked
Masonic Group. The donation came in having the stones engraved and per-
from the proceeds of the West Bank sonally installed each of them, other
Kids Safety Fair, sponsored by the West that the fire stattion’s as that building
Bank Masonic Group. The group of was still under construction in many
Lodges represented in this group con- areas. It is in no small effort on his part
sists of Saints John, Marrero, Indivisible that this two day event was a success.
Friends and Invincible. W: Melvin Fletcher-PM WM of Temple
Afterward, The Grand Master, mem- oversaw the meal and accommodations
bers of his Official Family and the of- for the large gathering at his Lodge for
ficers and members of Cypress Lodge both days.
traveled to Benton Elementary for the Bossier Parish School Board recently
plaque ceremony. The gathering then announced a massive building and
traveled to Haughton and were met realignment project that encompasses
by officers and members of Haughton construction of 4 new school facilities
Lodge. Plaques were laid at Platt and and the addition of classroom wings
T L Rodes Elementary Schools. Haugh- at over crowded schools. Masonry
ton and Joppa Lodges sponsored those will have a presence on each of these
locations. buildings when they come to fruition.
After the three ceremonies on Thurs- A new station to replace the current
day, the large gathering assembled at Fire Station 3 is already contracted and
Temple Lodge for lunch and refresh- a Masonic plaque will have a place on
ment. this structure.
On Friday, Temple Lodge was the lo- The relationship that W: Bro McAnn
cation for the second Emergent Commu- incubated and fostered with the govern-
nication. The Officers and members of ing bodies in Bossier Parish allowed
Caddo Lodge joined the Grand Master these plaque ceremonies to occur. It
and members of his Official Family as is with sadness that we report that Bro
this Lodge was sponsoring the first two George passed to that house not made
locations. Plaques were laid at Stockwell with hands on December 7th, 2011.
Place Elementary and the new $2.8 mil-
lion dollar Fire Station on Shed Road.
After lunch at Temple Lodge, the
final plaque was laid at Apollo Elemen-
tary that was sponsored by Southern
Hills Lodge.
At each of the 5 schools, respective
District members of the Bossier Par-
ish School Board, Superintendent D C
Machen and Supervisor of Buildings &
Planning Keith Norwood were present. L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM and R: W:
Frank N DuTreil-DGM presnting the check from
W: Bro Richard Dubois-PM Secre- the West Bank Masonic Group.
tary of Temple Lodge coordinated with
the respective Lodges, handled securing pictures continued next page
Pictures from the plaque ceremonies:

L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM and Ms.
Norma Anderson, Principal Benton Elementary.

L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM and Ms.
Rhonda Schnell, Principal Stockwell Place

L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM, Ms. Lisle
Meador, Principal and Ms. Beth Thomas, As-
sistant Principal T L Rodes Elementary.

W: Ed Horton-PM WM Caddo Lodge and M: W:
B J Guillot, GM holding the plaque at the new
fire station. They are accompanied by members
of Caddo Lodge.

L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM and Ms.
Brenda Estess, Principal Platt Elementary.

L:R - M: W: B J “Bev” Guillot, GM and Ms. Julie
Dupree, Principal Apollo Elementary.

The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2010-2011 OFFICERS
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master
Beverly J. “BJ” Guillot, Deputy Grand Master
Frank N du Treil, Jr., Grand Senior Warden
H Edward Durham, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, PGM, Grand Secretary
William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
James E. Steen, Grand Marshal
Clifford D. Whitehead, Grand Senior Deacon
Bobby Wayne Harlan, Grand Junior Deacon
Elmo J. Pitre, Jr., Grand Sword Bearer
Travis M. Holley, Grand Pursuivant
John W. Lutes, Grand Standard Bearer
Ralph H. Owens, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician

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