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The Louisiana


M: W: Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master

2010 Warden’s Retreat - August 21st
Methodist Conference Center-Woodworth
The Louisiana Cover

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of
Louisiana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alex-
andria, Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for
members of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only.
Mailed ‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid
at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso-
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when
space permits. Articles and pictures become the
property of the magazine. Authors are requested to
sign articles and include their name, address, phone
number and, if a member, the name of their Masonic Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master is a native
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not necessarily of Winnfield and member of Eastern Star
reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. Lodge #151.
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge
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W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor
105 Bayhills Dr., Where are the Designs on the
Benton, LA 71006 Trestleboard? Page 4
by W: Bro Al Franks

Committee To Supervise Focus on Masonry Page 6
Publication of the
LOUISIANA FREEMASON by our Grand Chaplain

W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362) Feast of Tishri Page 10
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006 by W: Bro C B Griggs
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
99 Bayou Robert Road Lodge News Page 12
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.)
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100 This Issue
Metairie, LA 70005
W: Richard D. Mahoney, P.M. (246) This edition of the Freemason is reduced
P O Box 369 by four pages as I did not receive enough
Winnsboro, LA. 71295 articles to complete the regular 40 pages.
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221) Normally there are articles on hand to begin
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360
the subsequent issue. However, that is cur-
W: Naresh Sharma, P.M. (47) rently not the case.
19414 Creekround Ave Our Lodges have been blessed with the
Baton Rouge, LA 70817 labor of raising new Master Masons. How
good it would be to have these new members
featured in an article from your Lodge and
for them to receive that issue.
The Ed
Brethren, I am overwhelmed at being elected Grand Master of Masons in
Louisiana for the ensuing year. This is, in
my estimation, the highest honor that can be
bestowed upon any Mason. I understand and
recognize that with high honor comes great
responsibility. Please know that I will do
everything in my power to fulfill that respon-
sibility with a level of decorum that will make
each and every Mason in Louisiana proud.
The stewardship of Louisiana Free Ma-
sonry is now my constant care and charge,
and I will not prefer any other obligation
over this one. In consideration of that respon-
sibility, I, in conjunction with your Grand
Lodge Officers, have adopted an ambitious Woody D. Bilyeu
program for this and the coming years. The Grand Master
Grand Lodge Business Plan consists of the State of Louisiana
general areas of Committees, Community In-
volvement, Finances, and Membership. This
Business Plan was adopted in 2007and is a “living document.” It is my intention
to return to the quarries and solicit input from the membership on updates and or
changes to the Plan. In addition, during these Regional gatherings, your Grand
Lodge Officers will present additional and revised topics for discussion relative
to the Business Plan.
One of my main efforts will be in working with all Masons to ensure that
the activities of the Grand Lodge go forward smoothly this year, and that Peace
and Harmony prevails. Ten years ago, we adopted the treatment of the childhood
learning disorder Dyslexia as our primary charity. The Center system has seen
unprecedented success. This success is due in large part to the efforts of M:W:B:
Roy Tuck. This Grand Lodge owes him a large debt of gratitude for his untiring
service. Having established the Center in virtually every area of the State and
realizing the benefits that a full time Professional manager would bring to this
Program M:W:B: Tuck, presided over the hiring of Brother Ralph McCrory as
the Executive Director of our Dyslexia Learning Centers. Brother McCrory is
working diligently to establish classes in areas of the State where none previously
existed, as well as continuing and expanding the established areas. If you have any
questions or comments about how to become involved with the Dyslexia Program,
please contact Brother McCrory. If we are to continue the success we have had in
the past, we must all provide support for this program.
Another item that we will stress is that of charitable giving. It seems that
charitable bequests to our several Masonic Charities ie: Dyslexia Learning Center,
Masonic Charities (scholarship program), Library and Museum Foundation, etc,
have stagnated over the last several years. We will work to reenergize this type
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Where Are the Designs on The Trestle-
Al E. Franks, Jr., PM Hope #145

s a young, new master mason in early 1970, I was still trying to learn
the meaning of the many words that I had been taught to recite in open
lodge. The words were there, in my head, and I could regurgitate them
on a moments notice, precisely and proficiently, just as my teacher had
placed them there. But so many of the words were from a language foreign to
the languages I knew at the time and I was struggling to learn the true meaning
of those words, their relationship to Freemasonry and the tenets of the order, and
their meaning to my life. I wanted to not only have the words in my head, I felt I
needed to have the meaning of those words in my heart to truly understand them
and to be able to live by them, as I had obligated myself to do.
My answer to the first question on the Petition for Degrees in Masonry was
“Yes.” But in my mind and heart, I was struggling with the concept of the existence
of a God. I had not long before returned from Vietnam. My experiences there,
the things I had seen and had been required to do there, were so horrible that even
my hard-shell Southern Baptist upbringing could not keep me from questioning
the existence of a God. The words I learned and recited as an Entered Apprentice,
Fellowcraft and Master Mason caused a deep conflict within me and I was strug-
gling to find the truth.
A member of my lodge, W. Brother V. Floyd Mauldin, was not only a senior
past master, but was very active in the Grand Lodge as a member of the Commit-
tee on Works and was a key leader in all of the bodies of masonry in the State of
Louisiana. Brother Mauldin worked at the Lafayette sanitation department. But on
Wednesday nights, he volunteered at the Salvation Army preaching to the homeless,
drug addicts, alcoholics and down and out members of our society. Floyd began
to take some special one-on-one time with me at lodge and invited me to his home
for private talks. Unknowing to me, Floyd was initiating the process whereby the
words in my head could begin the migration to my heart.
Floyd and I began meeting at the lodge at 5:30 P.M. on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays
of each month; lodge meeting nights. He would open the alter Bible to show me
the passages where much of our Masonic work is derived. As we exhausted the
passages pertaining to masonry, Floyd moved to other passages in the Bible that
defined struggles of others with the existence of God. He then moved on to the
New Testament that proclaimed the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Over the next
12 to 14 months, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, Floyd used that alter
Bible to show me the designs on the Trestleboard whereby I could pursue my la-
bor in building my life for God, country, family, neighbor and self. Those special
times at the lodge alter with a very special Brother mason is the primary reason I
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Where Are the Designs on The Trestleboard:
rediscovered the path that still leads me today on my faith journey.
For the next 15 years I taught all 3 degrees, was degree master in a Scottish Rite
degree and became Master on my lodge in 1981. In 1982 I was District Deputy
Grand Master of the 11th Masonic District and in 1985 was Grand Marshal for
the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. I was very active in masonry until 1985 when my
employer decided that I had the appropriate skills for work in foreign countries. For
the next 19 years I lived in Africa, Europe, Asia and the state of Texas, often using
the truth, honor and fortitude I learned at the lodge alter. After retirement in 2001,
my wife and I decided to move back “home” and we returned to Lafayette.
I write all of the above only to briefly explain what it meant to me to have
someone to place designs on the trestleboard whereby I could pursue my labor and
how those designs influenced my life.
As I lived and traveled in foreign countries, I did not have an opportunity to at-
tend a Masonic lodge. However, I often went to sleep at night reciting to myself the
Masonic work and several lectures I had learned. I also thought about the special
time I had spent at the alter with Floyd and those memories heavily influenced my
conduct, professionally and personally.
The 19-year absence has afforded me a unique opportunity to see two snapshots
of masonry in Louisiana -- a view of 1985 masonry in Louisiana and then the next
picture of masonry as it is practiced in Louisiana in 2004. My vision of the two
snapshots has not been shaded or clouded by any events that occurred in masonry
in the state during those years in between. I have not been privy or party to any
occurrences that caused the change in the state of the Order during those years. I
only know what I see. Brethren, the two pictures look different.
Upon my return to Louisiana, I could not wait to get back to my lodge. I was
anxious to renew my acquaintance with the brethren and with masonry. Many
of my old friends were no longer with us -- they had passed away. And some
who I did not expect to see were still hobbling to the lodge twice a month. I was
surprised to see that at the age of 61, I was a “puppy” compared to the majority
of those attending lodge. As I traveled around the state I learned of discord and
disharmony, not only within the lodge, but also in the various Masonic bodies and
the Shrine. I saw brothers talking and acting in a manner that was evident they did
not remember their obligations. It did not take long to realize that the designs on
the trestleboard of some lodges were missing and the craft were not able to pursue
their labor. There was confusion in the temple.
As the years have passed, and we have lost so many of the caliber of V. Floyd
Mauldin, we have unfortunately also lost much of the knowledge that provided
the designs on the trestleboard. However, I am excited about the number of young
men who have petitioned for degrees in masonry and who are preceding through
all three degrees. Those of us who have had the privilege of being at the alter and
to work with the designs placed on the trestleboard by our mentors have the obli-
gation to pay it forward. We must remember our obligations and at all times act
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Unity in Freemasonry
W: William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain

ehold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together
in unity…for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life for
evermore.” Psalm 133. The Senior Deacon starts quoting that beautiful
Chapter written by David as he conducts a Seeker of Light in the Entered
Apprentice Degree past the Junior Warden,
the station represent- ing the noon-time of life,
adulthood, manhood attained, the beginning of
mature reflection of the value of life - this single
circumambulation is in- tended to emphasize “unity
among brethren”. Too often, the comma is forgot-
ten between “Behold” and “how” - for it is placed
there on purpose to remind everyone in the
room to pause and look around - Behold! Look around Brethren and open your
eyes to what we are all about - look and Behold how men of different ages, dif-
ferent backgrounds, different economic levels, different educational experiences,
different religions, different cultures, yet all Brothers, have all gathered to share
Freemasonry - something very special - with a candidate who will
very soon become a new Brother - Behold.
Then the Scripture verse goes forward to remind all that it is good,
enjoyable, pleasant to come together as one - unity of purpose, unity
in fellowship, unity through Brotherhood. The words between the
first and last phrases mentioned above are meant as symbols of the
Holiness of Unity. God anoints His chosen one, through His priests
or prophets, with a holy ointment or oil that is blessed, poured and
running from the top of the head, down the entire body “to the skirts
of his garments” - the bottom of his body; his entire being, all of him.
The symbolism is saying, God wants all of you, your entire being, to
join together with your brethren and live in peace, in love, in unity.
The Chapter of Scripture is given at the beginning of the Journey of a
man into Freemasonry, and it also enjoins him to look around at those
whom he has chosen to join, to attempt his very best to live a good life
in peace, in love, in unity with them and with all with whom he comes
into contact thereafter. The verse is intended for both the candidate and
for those assembled participating in the Degree or observing through
the fellowship of the gathering.
Too many times we have heard that verse in the Entered Apprentice
Degree and forgotten that each of us has had the holy ointment placed
upon our head and it has run down our body, and we have forgotten to live according
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Focus On Masonry:
to what we heard, what we promised on bended knee, what we started out trying
to live - peace, love, unity. We disagree and argue over issues that do not truly
matter in the grand scheme of life. We speak evil
of another Brother; we do not visit or call a
sick Brother, or his fam- ily. We do not share
the gift of friendship with the Brother sitting next
to us or across the room. We forget. We do not
listen; we must re-learn and hear, to Behold. Let
us rededicate ourselves to living that Chapter of
Scripture every day, in ev- ery way, in everything
that we do. We have been given a great gift - Freemasonry. Unity makes that gift
a greater Lord’s blessing. Behold, let us dwell together in Unity.

The Louisiana Masonic License Plates are ready to order! The charities of The
Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, F & AM receive 100% of the extra cost as-
sociated with this special license plate. You do not loose any equity in your current
plate and this will be good public exposure for Freemasonry. The new Library &
Museum Foundation will be one of the recipients of these new funds.
All of the ordering information is available from the computer or you may go
to your local Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase.
To order online:

Navigate to the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles ExpressLane website at
Under “Vehicle Services” Click on: “Special Plates” Click: Continue
Enter the License Plate number you are replacing Click: Submit
Under “Select One”, scroll down to Organization/Service and continue
down and click on Grand Lodge
Click on: “Ordering Details” Click on: “Order Form”
Fill out form, print and mail with proper documentation
(Copies of: Registration Cert., Proof of Insurance, Dues Card & Check)
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Grand Master’s Message:
of charitable giving. Later this year, we will announce new methods of making
bequests that will be advantageous from a tax perspective. The details of these
programs are being worked out now, and we are excited about the potential they
offer. We have updated and upgraded our Internet Web presence. Our redesigned
website is as useful as it is functional; if you have not visited it lately, please do so.
It is located at We continue to work on enhancements for our
website. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact the chairman of
our Information Technology Committee, W: Brother Charlie Bordelon. His email
address is Also, we have completed upgrad-
ing and implementing a new database system at the Grand Lodge. We now have
the capability to allow Secretaries to perform updates to the database through the
use of an interface. We encourage the use of this new feature and would like to see
all Lodges submit their updates via electronic format. One of the main topics at
the upcoming Secretaries Workshops will be how to implement this new technology
for your Lodge. We plan to continue our Education Program for Lodge Officers
through our Annual Wardens Retreat. Please be on the lookout for specific details
as to date, times, and speakers for this educational and enlightening event.
It is my intention to continue our support for our youth programs including
Demolay, Rainbow, and Job’s Daughters. I also encourage every Blue Lodge Mason
to join and become active in our Appendant Bodies, such as the Scottish Rite, the
York Rite, the Shrine and the Order of the Eastern Star.
Brethren, we all have opportunities in front of us. How well we take advantage
of those opportunities depends totally upon the amount of effort we exert. I pray
that each of you will remember your Masonic obligations and be as generous of
your time, efforts and finances as individual circumstances dictate.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Woody D. Bilyeu
Grand Master, 2010-2011

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Where Are the Designs on The Trestleboard:
accordingly. So many of us joined the Masonic order because we knew a man who
was a mason who was a good man and his life was one we wanted to emulate. We
need to remember that our actions shine like a lighthouse, not only to our brethren,
but also to those who are not yet masons.
I have been privileged to know several men in my life that I knew were masons
before we ever exchanged any recognition. How did I know them to be such? I
could tell by their actions and speech; how they carried themselves; how they talked
about their wife and family; how they talked about their faith, their country.
At one time, too long ago, everyone knew who masons in their community
were. These men were the leaders of the community; they were Sunday school
teachers, pastors, newspaper owners and editors, educators, Boy Scout leaders,
respected members who everyone looked to for advice and leadership; and, yes,
even sanitation workers. These were men who placed designs on the trestleboard
for others to read and understand about how they should live their lives to serve
God, country, family, neighbor and self. Where have those men gone?
Masonry, for a while, has hid our light under a bushel basket; for what reason
I do not know. The square and compasses are visible on all lodge buildings. We
wear rings and lapel pins telling everyone we see that we are masons. But when
someone asks about our fraternity, what do we tell them? Do we fumble around for
words because we do not really know what
masonry is about? Have we not taken the
time to read and fully understand the de-
signs on the trestleboard whereby we can
pursue our labor, which includes leading
other good men into the fraternity?
Brethren, we need a resurrection in Ma-
sonry that will only come when we all live
our lives according to the obligations and
principles of this great fraternity. I firmly
believe that we are in the early stages of
an opportunity for a rebirth of the Masonic
order. But we all need to be vigilant in our
demeanor in our lodges, churches, work
place, social gathering and our everyday
encounter with others. We need to set
the example whereby others can find the
designs on the trestleboard so they can
pursue their labor in their lives; whether
it is in the Masonic lodges or elsewhere. Brother, be that example.

Feast of Tishri
C. B. Griggs, PM Cadeville Lodge #229

o really understand and perceive the feast of Tishri as a Speculative Mason, we
need to understand the beginning feast as practiced by our ancient brethren and
Israelite population. In the 23rd Chapter of Leviticus, God told Moses to instruct
the Israelites, when they entered the land they were promised and completed
their first harvest, to bring a portion of it to the priest. He further told them when
this should occur, the duration and to cause a celebration. This was to last seven days, in
the month of Tishri.
This practice was begun and was an annual celebration in which the Israelites practiced
in the communities. They gave thanks to God for deliverance from Egypt, their harvests and
many other blessings. The celebration came to be known as the Feast of Tabernacles and/or
the Feast of Succoth. It was marked by building small dwellings made from branches thus
reminding them of the time spent in the wilderness for 40 years in temporary houses.
After entering the Promised Land and the period of Judges, God gave them a King, at
their request. This first king was Saul, who was a disaster, followed by David. David was
the first to establish a religious center of capital at Jerusalem, the City of David. This meant
the population traveled to Jerusalem for these festivals. King Solomon followed his father
and built the House for God, the temple. We know the story, the completion in seven years.
At this completion, the dedication was delayed for six months until the Feast of Tishri, at
which time King Solomon knew the most zealous Jews would be in Jerusalem for the an-
nual festival. In essence, he took advantage on an ongoing festival and piggybacked the
dedication of the Temple. Of course, he was the wisest.
So, to us, the Feast of Tishri was used to celebrate the completion of the Temple and
became one of importance to the Operative Masons of the day. The Feast of Tishri then
became a Masonic celebration, which we as Speculative Masons have adopted today, par-
ticularly as Scottish Rite Masons. If you are not aware of the magnitude of this undertaking,
refresh your knowledge. The preparation of the materials; transported over sea and land;
assembled on site; and the sheer problems encountered in supervision without cell phones,
fax machines and the technology we have today. Solomon was proud of the first House of
God and showed that pride by making this a time of celebration.
The question, do we as Speculative Masons have a Feast of Tishri, one that relates to
us as does the current one celebrate the completion of the Temple of whom King Solomon
was the builder? To me, the answer is yes. The basis for this is the teaching as given in the
Louisiana Masonic Monitor. I specifically make reference to the section in the Fellowcraft
Degree, in which we are instructed in the relationship and differences found in and between
Operative and Speculative Masons.
We are told that an Operative Mason is a builder who directs his labors to the construction
of a material edifice, composed of stone, brick and mortar; which like all things temporal,
must sooner or later, must succumb to the inevitable ravages of time. However, the Opera-
tive Mason does have a ground breaking and ribbon cutting to celebrate the beginning and
completion of his building and so should we as Speculative Masons have a celebration as
we finish our Temple.
We are then told “The Speculative Mason, therefore, is a moral builder for eternity,
fitting immortal nature for that spiritual building which shall exist when earth’s proudest
monumental piles shall have crumbled into dust, and the glory and greatness of earth shall
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Feast of Tishri
have been forgotten”.
What a contrast! We as Speculative Masons are builders whose work will be known after
the works of Operative Masons have been forgotten. And, if the completion of the works
of the Operative Masons deserve a celebration, then certainly the works of the Speculative
Mason are to be celebrated.
Have we celebrated our Feast of Tishri as Speculative Masons? No, at least I have not
nor have you by my interpretation. I go now to another section of our Monitor. The section
explaining the letter G. We are told “If we study the mystic meaning of this specific letter,
we will learn to model our life after the divine plan.” That is our behavior will be God
like and thus instructed, we will strive (work) to be one with God in the spirit of Love and
Charity. Have you heard this before? Yes, in short, use the Holy Bible as the rule and guide
to your faith and practice.
Further, we are told, if you have been admitted to the Middle Chamber, you should heed
these lessons and consider that as a Freemason, you are a Builder, not a material structure but
a temple more glorious than that of Solomon, a temple of honor, justice, purity, knowledge
and truth. The tools of the Operative Mason’s art are an indicator of the labors the Specula-
tive Mason is to perform, the dangers he is to encounter and the preparations he is to make
in the uprearing (erecting) of that spiritual temple in which his soul shall find rest forever,
forever more...Eternity. Stop and contemplate. More glorious than the Temple of Solomon!
Could it really be? Yes it can and will be.
We started out with a feast of celebration and we are not there yet. This will occur as
described in our Entered Apprentice Degree. Remember the presentation of the lambskin
Apron. I will be brief, but will ask you to recall these words “...and from your nerveless
grasp shall drop forever the working tools of life, may the records of your life and conduct
be as pure and spotless as this fair emblem which I place in your hands. And when your
trembling soul shall stand naked and alone before that Great White Throne, there to receive
judgement for deeds done here while in the body, may it be your portion to hear from Him
who sitteth as Judge Supreme the welcome words, “well done thy good and faithful servant,
thou has been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things. Welcome
thou into the joy of the Lord”. It is your and my responsibility to present ourselves such
this can be our reward.
To the reader. No agreement is required. Just remember, this is what 61 years of study-
ing the writings of Masonry, the Rule and Guide and what I have picked up on the way,
means to me.

Fairfields Lodge #425 hosted the 4th
quarter meeting for of the 13th District
Lodge and annual installation of officers
for 2010. M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard,
PGM served as Installing Master.
The 13th District sent a monetary gift
to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
to help support efforts in the eleven
Front Row L:R Robert Smith-SW, John Wil- parish area.
liams-JW, W: J V Williams-WM Relief Lodge
and W: Jim Akin-WM District Lodge.
Back Row L:R Jim Dunkin-DGL, M: W: Bro
Harold Ballard, PGM, R: W: Scott Broderick-
DDGM, R: W: BJ Guillot-GSW and W: Bro Paul
Martin-Junior PM District Lodge.

Robert W. Cretney Lodge located in
Sterlington, Louisiana recently installed
its 2010 officers. The officers installed
shown at left are: Front Row L:R
Richard L. James, PM-Treasurer; Basil
Sanderson, Senior Warden; Donald
Howe, Worshipful Master; James Bry-
ant, PM-Junior Warden.Back Row L:R
Ray Lowery, PM-Tyler; Jim Webb, PM-
Not pictured are Jimmy Wallace, PM-Chap-
lain; Lamar Bryant, PM-Master of Ceremonies; Senior Deacon; W: Bro Ray Bonner,
James Bryant, Jr., Senior Steward; and Tony Installing Marshal; and Blain Clifton,
Bryant, Junior Steward. PM-Secretary.

VINTON #364 F. & A.M.
2010 Officers recently installed were as follows
and shown in the picture at right. Seated - W: Bro
Billy B West-PM Sec’y Front Row L:R Charles R
Bertrand-Senior Warden, W: James D Malone-
WM, James D Smith-Junior Warden, Rev Robert
D Tatum-Chaplain, W: Bro Vancle L Hill-PM
Treasurer. Middle Row L:R Wayne E Rumery-
Tyler, Louis E Frazier, Jr.-Junior Deacon, W:
Bro Louis J Freeman-PM Senior Deacon, W:
Bro Wilson R Peters-PM Senior Steward. Back
Row: W: Bro Larrie L West-PM Marshal

2010 Officers Front Row L:R W: Bro Rob-
ert J Bernard-Installing Master, W: Mark A
Bergeron-PM WM and W: Bro Ralph J Soignet,
Sr.-Installling Marshal Middle Row L:R W: Bro
Russell A Danos-Treasurer, William J Wilson-
SW, Richard J Blanchard-JW, W: Bro Robert J
Knight, Jr.-PM Sec’y and W: Bro Jimmy J Baye-
PM Chaplain. Back Row: Adam P Bergeron-JS,
Robert J Rivere-SS, Joe R Dunlap-Marshal,
Bryan Zeringue-SD

SULPHUR #424 F. & A.M.
The significance of this installations is that it was the first installation after the
merger of Peace and Harmony Lodge 478 with Sulphur Lodge 424. Members of
both Lodges are included in the line up and was definitely a merger made of “Peace
and Harmony”.

Front Row L:R - Thomas E Boggan-SW, M: W: Jeff Webb-GM Installing Master, W: Bro Harry
C Northrop III-Installing Chaplain, W: Bro Gregory L Bruce-PM Sec’y Back Row L:R - W: Bro
Kerry M Martin-PM Treas, W: Preston C Richard-WM, Steven L Saucier-Marshal, Lanty J Wylie-
SD, Donald G Head-JD, Scott A Wylie-SS, David W Gotte-JS

W: Bro. Philip L. Molaison served as the Installing Master, W: Bro. Jeffrey P.
Borgstede as the Installing Marshal and W: Bro. Earl J. Huguenel as the Installing
Chaplain. June Babin presented her husband with a beautifully engraved gavel.
W.M. Babin III presented each of the wives and newly installed officers with a
gift marking the occasion. W: Bro. Huguenel was presented with his Past Master’s
Apron and his gavel that was plaque mounted.

L:R Earl J. Huguenel, Sr., Senior Steward, Kenneth R. Guillory, Master of Ceremonies, Douglas W.
Wyatt, Junior Deacon, Bobby J. Malbrough Sr., Senior Deacon, Philip L. Molaison, P.M., Treasurer,
Guy R. Gerhardt, P.M., Junior Warden, John J. Babin, III, Worshipful Master (center), Frank J.
Heinrich, Senior Warden, Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., Chaplain, Steven M. Jayroe, Secretary, and Earl
W. McCurdy, Tyler. Not Pictured-Jules H. Tucker, P.M., Junior Steward.
CENTER #244 F. & A.M.
Center Lodge located in Bogalusa,
recently installed its 2010 officers. After
a meal of catfish and trimmings the large
gathering retired to the Lodge. W: Bro
Roger D Hendrix-DGL 14th Masonic
District was the Installing Master.
Officers installed were W: Dallas Front Row LR: W: Bro Billy Hughes-PM Trea-
M Alford-PM WM, Dan Milton-SW, surer, Dan Milton-Senior Warden, W: Dallas M
Ronald Pitman-JW, Billy J Hughes-PM Alford-PM WM, Ronald Pitman-Junior Warden
Treasurer, W: Bro Henry E Vernon-PM and W: Bro Henry Vernon-PM Sec’y
Back Row L:R James Barnes-Junior Deacon,
Sec’y, W: Bro Carl W Jarrell-PM Chap- W: Bro CW Jarrell-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Earl
lain, James E Cockrell II-SD, James W Reese-PM Tyler, James Cockrell-Senior Deacib
Barnes-JD, Charles R Rogers-Senior and Charles Rogers-Senior Steward
Steward and W: Bro Earl Reese-PM

Union Fraternal conducted an Instal-
lation of Officers, with the following
offices were filled: David B Donavan-
WM, William C Nyegaard-SW, David
W Hayes-JW, W: Bro Woodrow W
Reeder-PM Sec’y, W: Bro William E
Barr, Jr-PM Treasurer, John W Loynes-
SD, Jimmy T Funderburk-JD, Jim
Miller-MofC, F. Donald Harrison, Jr-
Marshal, Keith Jeselink-Senior Steward,
James Fuller-Junior Steward, W: Bro
Alvin G Woods-PM Tyler, W: Bro R
At left is William C Nyegaard, Senior Warden. At
right is David W Hayes, Junior Warden. Scott Booth-PM Chaplain. A “Pot-
Luck” dinner with spouses and guests
preceded the ceremony. Entertainment
was provided by Charles Bridges of
Bernice, Louisiana.

W: David B Donavan, 2010 Worshipful Master
Union Fraternal Lodge #53 F & AM

Ocean-Orleans Lodge is located in Pearl River and recently installed its 2010
officers.The members, visitors and guests were treated to a delicious meal of stuffed
pork loin prepared by W: Bro Roy O Hardin, III. The hall was decorated by W:
Bobby M Bowen-Incoming Worshipful Master and his wife.

Front Row L:R - Griffin Glen Payne-JW, W: Bobby M Bowen-WM, Marvin
Lawrence Cook-SW, and Allen C Pichon-Junior Deacon.
Middle Row L:R - W: Bro A Bruce Woods-PM Treasurer, Gary J Curtiss-MofC
and W: Bro Edward Vaughn Gay-PM Sec’y
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Joseph Edeward Hudson, Jr-PM Chaplain and Clifton
Mullen-Senior Steward

W: Bro Robert L Kilpatrick, PM & Sec’y of Western Star Lodge #24 was the
Installing Master for the Lodge’s installation of 2010 Officers.

Back Row L:R - W: Bro Barney Frank Harris-PM Tyler, William G Worley, Jr.-Junior Warden, W:
John J Boyd-Worshipful Master, Elton James Clifton, Jr.-Senior Deacon and Michael Roy Piercy-
Senior Steward
Front Row L:R - Peter T Chasas-Senior Warden, Robert Terry Gannaway-Junior Deacon, Jon G
Bartlett-Treasurer, Timothy A Davidson-MofC, W: Bro Thomas C “Buddy” Foster-PM Secretary,
William Edward Ragan-Marshal Steward. Not Pictured Waylon Eric Piercy-Junior Steward

St. JAMES #47 F. & A.M. The Master Mason Degree was
Special Communication conferred on three new members of
St. James Lodge, R Shane Marchand,
Joshua A Senne, and Brad W McDan-
iel. Pictured at right, beginning on the
left, are Shane Marchand, W: Timothy
H Atkins-Worshipful Master; Joshua
Senne, Brad McDaniel, W: Bro Jack M
Claunch, W: Bro Dr. Stephen M Selby
and W: Bro Jimmie D Dunkin-District
Grand Lecturer 13th Masonic District.

Blood Drive
Hurd Merrill Lodge hosted their first
Metro Area blood drive at their Lodge
in Livingstone. The drive was to benefit
Our Lady of The Lake Blood Bank and
chosen as one of the Lodge’s community
Seventeen units were donated, along
with monetary donations. The Lodge Front Row L:R Charles Luzier, Darrin Pearson,
W: Randy Williamson-WM, J Stan Carpenter
provided free jambalaya dinners to and Keith Bernard-Lodge Blood Drive Coor-
everyone. dinator
Back Row L:R W: Bro Aaron Hughes, Chucky
Watts, Charles Powell and Phillip Woods

CAMERON #439 F. & A.M.
Charter Replaced
On December 22, 2009 M:W: J.F.
“Jeff” Webb, GM presented a replace-
ment Charter Cameron Lodge #439.
The Lodge and Charter was lost during
hurricane Rita. The Lodge was rebuilt
further inland and on September 25,
2009 they held a Cornerstone and Dedi-
cation celebration. Congratulations to L:R Pierre “Rocky” Schexneider-PM WM, M:
the members of Cameron Lodge for W: J F “Jeff” Webb-GM, M: W: Bro Roy B
Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary and M: W: Bro
their hard work and efforts in rebuilding Neil R Crain-PGM
and keeping Masonry alive in Cameron

MINDEN #51 F. & A.M.
The Lodge presented a $1000 dona-
tion to the Shrine Hospital. Pictured at
right are: W: Bro Eldon W Howell-PM
Treasurer, W: Jessie B Price, Jr.-PM
WM, Christian Berg-Shreveport Shrine
Hospital Public Relations Director and
Mary Howell-Grand Worthy Matron.

CADDO #179 F. & A.M. The Lodge was honored to have a
Visiting Brother brother from Alaska join us during our
stated communication. VWB (Very
Worshipful Brother) James Herrington-
DDGM 5th District Alaska F & AM
was in our area and decided to visit a
Louisiana Lodge.
Bro Herrington spoke of Masonry in
Alaska and advised his District consists
of only 3 Lodges. His own Lodge, Eagle
River #13, is only 25 years old. The
L:R- Very W: Bro James R Herrington-PM Grand Lodge of Alaska was formed in
Chaplain Eagle River Lodge #13 and DDGM
District 5 Alaska, W: Edwin L Horton, Jr.-WM, 1981 with 1910 masons and 19 Lodges
Jerry Clyde Reames-SD and W: Bro Jesse L that were previously chartered by the
“Jay” Knighten-PM Chaplain Grand Lodge of Washington. Alaska
currently has 23 Lodges.

PHOENIX #38 F. & A.M.
Phoenix Lodge hosted an Apprecia-
tion Night to thank the area lodges for
their support and assistance during the
year. W: Shawn Owens-WM said the
Lodge an evening of gratitude was in L:R W: Bro Fred M Sullivan-PM Ashland #196,
order to the Officers and members of Bro Michael Longino-Silent Brotherhood #146,
W: Bro Norman D McFerrin-PM Ajax #325 and
Ashland #196, Silent Brotherhood #146 W: R Shawn Owens-WM Phoenix #38
and Ajax #325 for their work in the
many degrees and specials at Phoenix.

SAM B DRYFUSE #396 F & AM Recently the Lodge honored Past
Past Masters Night Masters and Widows at Andrea’s Res-
taurant in Metairie, La. The Lodge took
this opportunity to recognize Brother
Mac Rackmel, at 98 the oldest Lodge
member and recipient of a Masonic
Fidelity Medal. W: Bro David A Felix
was also honored by being named as
Past Master of the Year for his tireless
dedication to the Lodge and Fraternity.
The Lodge was blessed to have our
Widows in attendance along with sev-
Bro: Mac Rackmel and W: Fred A Falgout-PM eral Past Masters.

Past Masters of the Lodge

W: Bro David Felix and W: Fred Falgout

Our Widows and Ladies

JOPPA #362 F & AM In a ceremony that has become
Past Master Presentation tradition with Joppa Lodge, the Junior
Past Master was invested with word,
grip, apron, jewel and cordon of a Past
W: E Allen Kelly, PM WM opened
the Lodge on the Past Master Degree
where all stations are occupied by Past
Masters. During the solemn ceremony,
the lectures were delivered and W:
Bro Chad C Drisell was charged with
continued participation in the Lodge
Special Presentation
On January 12, 2010 at Leesville
Lodge #240, the Grand Lodge of the
State of Louisiana, F.&A.M., presented
a Certificate of Appreciation to Senator
& Bro. John R. Smith for introducing
legislation approving the Louisiana
Masonic License Plate program. This
is a Louisiana Specialty License Plate L:R - R: W: Bobby E Williams, DDGM 8th Ma-
program and the revenues derived there sonic District, Brother John R Smith, Senator,
from will be used solely for Masonic M: W: Jeff Webb, GM and M: W: Bro Roy B
Charity projects. Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary

New Master Mason
Union Fraternal Lodge Number 53 is
pleased to announce that Eugene Morris
was raised to the degree of Master Ma-
son during a Special Communication on
Monday evening January 25, 2010.
L:R - W: David B Donavan-WM, Bro Eugene
Morris and William C Nyegaard-SW

York Rite Day

L:R - Vernon R Atkinson-Deputy Grand Illustri-
ous Grand Master of Cryptic Masons of Loui-
siana; Earl J “Mickey” Durand-Grand Com-
mander Grand Commandery of Louisiana; John
L Belanger-Illustrious Grand Master Grand
Council of Cyrptic Masons of Louisiana, M: W:
L:R - Howard F Entwistle-Department Com- Jules F “Jeff” Webb-Grand Master of Masons
mander (South Central) of the Grand Encamp- and Clayton A Wolfe-Grand High Priest Grand
ment of Knights Templar, M: W: Jeff Webb-GM Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of Louisiana
and Mickey Durand-Grand Commander
The York Rite Bodies of Shreveport held a York Rite Day event that provided
an open house “tour” of the three governing bodies of the Rite. The guest speakers
included the proverbial who’s who of the Chapter, Council and Commandery. M:
W: Jeff Webb, Grand Master of Masons provided a very enlightening talk on the
history of our Blue Lodges and York Rite Masonry in particular. This successful
event will be repeated in August at the Masonic Temple in Shreveport.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its
stability has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective
annual contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish
your personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your
will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM,
Director of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email: chipborne43@

SUN LODGE #336 F & AM Sun Lodge held its annual Honesty &
Honesty & Integrity Awards Integrity Award evening and was hon-
ored to have three outstanding students
receive the Masonic recognition. R:W:
Hylton Spillman, DDGM made the
presentations with the assistance of W:
Leslie Mizell, Worshipful Master.

L:R- R:W: Hylton Spillman-DDGM 14th Dis-
trict, James Cannon, Jessica Long, Cathyrn
Guillott and W: Leslie E Mizell-WM

GERMANIA #46 F & AM The color of jacket, tie & coat desig-
Operative Visitor nates the specific trade skill. A normal
There was an interesting guest at handshake while wearing the “uniform”
Germania Lodge from Germany! Sebas- of his guild along with a non-secret
tian Herdlicka word and his “book” (like a passport)
is a mason, but identifies him to other knowledgeable
not a speculative guildsmen while on his journey.
Freemason. He
is an operative
mason and be-
longs to an 800
year old guild in
Germany. He is
a skilled worker
and a journey-
Sebastian is required to “journey” for
3 years around the world and seek work.
He is limited by the amount of time he
may spend at each location. He is to
seek varied input relative to his trade and
observe how others of his trade operate.
His medal or emblem that he wears on
his tie, is a Square & Compass with a
plasterers’ trowel in the center. After
his 3 yr journey, he can then apply to
become a “Master”.
Sebastian’s travel book
Their clothing is special & prescribed.
Coat & pants are wide wale corduroy.
PITKIN #338 F & AM
Friend to Friend
The Lodge held their annual bring a
friend night with the evening kicking off
with a fried chicken dinner. The pro-
gram moved to the Lodge with William
S Davis, SW welcoming everyone and
explaining that W: John R Johnson-WM
was home recovering with a broken
foot. W: Bro Donald R. Bush, DGL 8th
Masonic District was introduced as the
keynote speaker. Brother Bush gave an
exceptional talk explaining the masonic
lodge and the vital part masons have in
our society yesterday and today.
W: Bro Donald R Bush-DGL

FAIR PARK #436 F & AM The Lodge held their annual Honesty
Honesty & Integrity Awards & Integrity program with everyone
enjoying a fried chicken dinner. The
awards were presented to three South-
wood High School juniors. Mary Ann
Allison, Shelbi Sappington and Denise
Dalton were the honored students. The
guest speaker for the evening was Ted
Cox, Judicial Administrator for the
Caddo Parish Juvenile Court.
L:R - Mary Ann “Mookie” Allison, Shelbi Sap-
pington and Denise Dalton

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Robeline held their annual Honesty
& Integrity program beginning with
the large gathering enjoying a fried
chicken dinner with all of the regular
side dishes. The awards were presented
to students Beverly Laughlin and Brad- Front Row L:R - W: Bro Ricky G Broadway-PM
ley Sparish. Both of the recipients had JW, Beverly Laughlin with her parents, Bradley
their parents in attendance, along with Sparish with his parents and W: Bro James C
many friends. Daniels.
W: Michael D Marbut, PM-WM Back Row L:R - W: Bro Carroll E Daniels,
welcomed everyone to one of the W: Bro Kenny Turnley-PM SD, W: Michael D
Marbut-PM WM, Calvin D Campbell-Sec’y and
Lodge’s many programs that highlight Phillip Daniels
Masonry’s history and significance.
Helping the Homeless
W: Fred Falgout, PM-WM and W:
Bro John Rodi, Jr, PM Sec’y delivered
warm blankets, adult and children’s
jackets donated to to the Lodge to “The
House of Serenity” Homeless Shelter
in Ponchatoula, La. Blankets were do-
nated by the Mom Bro. Jimmy Block’s
mother. Adult jackets were donated by
Classic Cleaners of Metairie, La. col-
lected by Bro. Terry Stein, Junior Dea-
con. Children’s jackets were donated by
W: Fred A Falgout, PM WM and Ms. Francis
David Ostendorf, Senior Deacon and Seymore-Owner The House of Serenity
other members of the Lodge.

Special Presentation
W: Bro Junior J LeBeouf-PM of
Etoille Polaire #001 and Grand Hospi-
talier and W: Bro Robert W Smith-PM
of Little Flock #236 presented M: W: J
F “Jeff” Webb, GM with a homemade
gavel. W: Bro Junior prefers to call it
a mallet! The members of both lodges L:R - W: Bro Junior LeBeouf, M: W: Jeff Webb,
GM and W: Bro Bobby Smith.
made the donation possible.
M: W: Webb, GM used the mallet
during his Grand Lodge Session.

!3th MASONIC DISTRICT Members from Central #442, East
Gate #452 and Trinity Union #372
Donor Appreciation lodges represented the area masons,
who through their combined efforts,
were recognized during the Our Lady
of The Lake Blood Center during their
annual Blood Donor Appreciation
David Gremillion, Center Director
was host at the event held at the White
Seated L:R - Sheila Billingsley, Norma Cagle, Oak Plantation. The crowd of over 200
Gaynes Cagle and Richard Harris. was entertained by Cajun humorist
Standing L:R - David Gremillion-Director Blood Kent Gonsoulin. Everyone, including
Donor Services and Chris Tarver-Blood Donor the couyons in attendance, passed a
good time!
ATKINS #266 F & AM
Perpetual Membership
A Past Master of Atkins Lodge, W:B:
Wendell Scott Moore received his per-
petual membership certificate and lapel
pin from W: Ed Myers, WM, recently.
W:Bro Moore has been a member of At-
kins lodge for many years and purchased
his perpetual membership for the benefit
of the Lodge and the Grand Lodge of L:R- W: Edward L Myers, WM and W: Bro
Wendell Scott Moore
Louisiana. Perpetual membership, for
younger Masons, is a good investment, making a gift to their local Lodge. It is a
as they no longer have to pay annual “gift that keeps on giving”, as the Lodge
dues and they are protected from any continues to receive funds annually from
future dues increases by the local lodge the Grand Lodge in perpetuity after the
and from per capita tax increases and Brother has gone on to that “house not
assessments by the Grand Lodge. For made with hands”. Consider perpetual
seasoned Masons there is less personal membership for yourself as a way of
financial incentive for having a per- making a gift to your lodge - you’ll feel
petual membership; rather, it is a way of good about having done it.

Special Presentation
Junior Past Potentate of El Karubah
Shrine Center, Kenny Hamm was re-
cently recognized for his tireless work
not only as Potentate in 20009 but for his
support of Masonry within the 1st Ma-
sonic District. The Clown Unit named
Bro Hamm as an honorary member,
entitling him to all of the rights and
benefits of this revered unit.
W: Hamm is the current Master of
Martin McClanahan Lodge in Bossier
W: Kenneth M Hamm, WM and Jr Past Po-
City and serves as the Assistant Chief tentate
of Police to the City.

EASTER STAR #151 F & AM The Scottish Rite Monroe Valley
Master Mason of the Year Award has an annual program to recognize
and honor a Master Mason in their
area. This year the Master Mason of the
Year Award was presented Teddy Ray
Price, of Eastern Star Lodge #151. M:
W: Woody D Bilyeu, GM along with
the Elected Grand Line and several ap-
pointed Grand Lodge Officers were in
M: W: Bilyeu and his lady Mary took
William J Mollere, 33° SGIG and M: W: Woody
this opportunity to recognize Master
D Bilyeu, GM 33° Personal Representative flank Masons raised in 2009 and present them
Master Mason of the Year Teddy Ray Price with a special Grand Master’s pin. Tim
Davidson and wife Lisa, Jim Kennedy
and wife Jean, Everett Upshaw and
Andy Harlan were in attendance and
the Grand Master encouraged them
continue their active roles in all aspects
of Masonry.
St. JAMES #47 F & AM to appear on campus. “Be glad you’re
Masonic Ring in-wear your pin”.
Brother Joe Cooper of Center Lodge The four brothers were Joe Cooper,
#244, Bogalusa and St. James Lodge Gordon Thompson-Denham Springs
#47 in Baton Rouge wrote the follow- Lodge #297, W: Bro Neal Hanna,
ing: PM-New River Lodge #402 and Shep
In early September 1956 four young Wallack-Mt. Moriah Lodge #59.
men appeared at the book store of W: Bro Joe Richard graciously pro-
Southeastern Louisiana College (now vided the picture of Bro Cooper’s ring
ULL-Hammond) to buy their class rings along with one of his own ring from
for the May 1957 graduation. Louisiana Tech. Brother Cooper’s ring
The senior clerk handed us the re- is shown below on the left and W: Bro
quired forms and asked us if we would Richard’s is on the right. Unfortunately,
like to look through a catalog to pick a group picture of the original four class-
out the style of stone or Greek letters men is not available and due to health
for our respective fraternities. We all issues not currently possible.
replied that we had decided before en-
tering the store that we all wanted the
Masonic Emblem/Square & Compasses
and told the clerk “we all belong to the
world’s most famous fraternity...we are
all Freemasons.
To our knowledge, these four class
rings were perhaps the first and only
Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

Friend to Friend Night
The Lodge held its annual “Bring-
A-Friend Night” on the evening of
March 1st. There was a total of 50 in
attendance, including wives and guests.
Included in the number of guests were
six men specially invited by their Mas-
ter Mason family member or friend.
Prior to the program for the evening,
the membership and guests were treated
to a dinner of slow cooked, very tender,
hot, sliced, smoked beef brisket with L:R - R: W: H Edward Durham, GJW and M:
side dishes of baked beans, cole slaw, W: Bro Allen G Tidwell, PGM
and hot French bread basted with garlic
sauce. The evening meal successfully
set the tone for a wonderful evening of
Serving as guest and keynote speaker
for the evening was R:W: H. Edward
Durham, Grand Junior Warden. R:W:
Durham’s talk brilliantly designed for
Masonry’s “Bring-A-Friend” program,
for which Slidell Lodge is very appre-

R:W: Frank N DuTreil, Jr., Grand Senior War-
den preparing the meal for the evening.

ATKINS #266 F & AM
Atkins Lodge held installation for
its 2010 Officers with W: Bro Hoyt S
Hooper-PM Hap Arnold #457 acting
as Installing Master and W: Bro James
R Enkey as Installing Marshal. The
above officers are, from left to right at
the top: W.B. Treasurer Jim Enkey, the
Worshipful Master Ed Myers, and W.B.
Tyler Bill Richards. In the second row L:R Top Row W: Bro James R Enkey-PM Trea-
are Senior Deacon S. Peter Bretzman surer, W: Edward L Myers-WM and W: Bro
and the immediate Past Master of the William R Richards-PM Tyler
Lodge W.B. Carey Allison. In the third Middle Row Sterling Peter Bretzman-SD and W:
Bro Carey C Allison-Jr Past Master
row down are Marshall Charles Griffith, Bottom Row Charles C Griffith-Marshal, W:
W.B. Chaplain Rick Hall, W.B. Senior Bro Richard L Hall-PM Chaplain, W: Bro
Warden Hoyt Hooper, Senior Steward Hoyt S Hooper-PM Senior Warden, James
James Dunaway, and Junior Deacon Dunaway-Senior Steward and Robert L Ward-
Junior Steward
Robert Ward.
The incoming officers were then ad- complished during an open meeting,
dressed briefly by W: Bro Carey Allison attended by members of the lodge and by
concerning the duty and responsibility friends and family of past and incoming
that each officer was assuming for the officers, and all present shared an excel-
function of the lodge., lent meal provided by the Bro. Ed Myers
The installation of officers was ac- as the incoming Master of the Lodge.

JOPPA #362 F & AM During a Stated Communication,
Special Visitors Joppa received R: W: Howard F En-
twistle-DDGM 1st District for his of-
ficial visit. The Lodge was fortunate to
also have W: Ron Baronkovich-WM of
Harford Lodge #445 in Pennsylvania.
W: Baronkovich presented the Lodge
with a Square and Compasses made
from Pennsylvania Bluestone, a layered
sandstone found only in the northeast-
L:R- W: Bro Ron Baronkovich-WM Harford ern tier of the state. R: W: Entswistle
Lodge #445 F&AM, Hop Bottom, Pennsylvania, presented the visitor with the Grand
W: E Allen Kelly, PM-WM and R: W: Howard F Master’s lapel pin and extended fraternal
Entwistle-DDGM 1st Masonic District. greeting from M: W: Woody D Bilyeu,
Grand Master.
R: W: Entwistle, DDGM spoke on
the objectives and goals that our Grand
Master has in view. He further thanked
Joppa Lodge for already meeting and
exceeding this objectives. 27
What began as a small group of
Masons that met to study and maintain
proficiency in the Craft’s esoteric work
has grown into tight knit ‘lodge’ with
regular meetings followed by a festive
board. In order to bring some excite-
ment and breathe new life into the
study, the recitations are at times ac-
companied with Renaissance, Baroque L:R -W: Bro Gary T Rushworth, Sr.-SSCL of
and Classical musical work or could CM Scribe, R: W: Billy R Drake-DDGM 1st
even presented as Gregorian chant. District and W: Bro Rufus E Wilson-SSCL of
CM Largimus
As the allegories reveal their deeper
esoteric meanings, the group is able to
express them in differening styles, while
the words themselves remain forever
One of the highlights of the group’s
activities is the presentation of the
SSCL of CM’s Certificate and Jewel
along with the sign of recognition. The
L:R -W: Bro Robert E Bazzell-DGL 1st District,
accompanying photographs were taken M: W: Bro Lloyd E Hennigan-PGM and W: Bro
during the several presentatons. Gary L Gribble

L:R -W: Bro Larry B Ledbetter-Permanent
Committee on Work Districts 1, 2 & 6, W: Bro
James A Allen, W: Bro Robert E Bazzell-DGL L:R -M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly-PGM and W:
1st District, W: Bro Gary Rushworth and W: Bro Gary L Gribble
Bro Rufus Wilson

Friend to Friend The members of Mt. Moriah-Quitman
Lodge #59 located in Jefferson, LA held
its annual Bring a Friend Night. W: John
J. Babin III, WM opened the evening by
welcoming the members and guests and
thanking them for their attendance. An
informative Masonic lecture was pre-
sented by W: Bro. Jefferey P Borgstede,
PM. The Worshipful Master also gave a
lecture on Masonic charities and famous
masons. A delicious meal was served
immediately after the lectures.
W: John Babin with guests for the evening.

BROADMOOR #432 F&AM over the State of Louisiana and beyond.
Lifetime Achievement Award Numerous Past Grand Masters and
A celebration dinner was held to Past Masters of many lodges, District
honor of the Lifetime Achievements Deputy Grand Masters, the Illustrious
of Worshipful Brother Mickey S. Hol- Potentate, and many Past Potentates
land at the El Karubah Shrine Center of the El Karubah Shrine Temple, and
in Shreveport. The celebration was friends and loved ones from all over
hosted by the brothers of Broadmoor were attending.
Lodge #432. A special Lifetime Achievement
Mickey S. Holland served for 30 Award was presented to Mickey, signed
years in the U.S. Air Force and retired by all in attendance.
at Barksdale AFB as a Management The Great Architect Of The Universe
Officer. W: Bro Holland was raised in saw fit, in His infinite wisdom, to sud-
1956 and served as Master of Shreve- denly issue a summons call from this
port Lodge # 115. Mickey joined the earthly realm a good man and Mason,
Shreveport Valley of the Scottish Rite Worshipful Brother Mickey S Holland
and the El Karubah Shrine in 1956. on December 6, 2009. He will be deeply
He was Coronated a 33° IGH in 1977. missed by many, but most of all his
You could see him during Christmas at
family and Brothers.
the Shrine Hospital dressed as Santa
Claus for the past 30 years. Mickey
also served for over 25 years with the
Shreveport Symphony Orchestra with
the stage crew.
The Celebration came to Mickey as
a surprise. Mickey’s oldest son brought
him to the Celebration under the pretense
of a Potentate’s Ball. Most of Mickey’s
family were in attendance. Horton and
the Who’s provided the musical enter-
tainment for the evening. There were
over 170 people in attendance from all
Mickey S Holland (1922-2009)
Spring Class

David Benoit, Stephen McLellan, Darryl Garrett, John Nightengale, Brandon Bergeron, M: W:
Woody Bilyeu, GM, Robert Merritt, Jerry Newman, Jonathon Williams, Austin Fellows, Scott
Monceaux and Jim Hill

During the Shreveport Valley’s engale of Morning Star #29 La Cresent,
Spring Reunion on March 20th, the Minn, Stephen C McLellan of Joppa
Grand Master of Masons in the State of #362, Robert S Merritt of Minden #51, J
Louisiana M:W: Woody D Bilyeu paid Scott Monceaux of Cypress #89, Jerry E
an unexpected visit. M: W: Bilyeu, GM Newman of Anchor #261 and Jonathon
welcomed the new members to the Scot- D Williams of Zwolle #302.
tish Rite and encouraged them to con- Many of these brethren were raised
tinue pursuing their Masonic journeys as Master Masons in 2010 and two
and study. The Grand Master presented were raised the Thursday prior to the
each member of the class with his Grand reunion.
Master’s lapel pin and thanked them
individually for joining the Fraternity.
M: W: Bilyeu, GM spoke on the unity
that exists and is fostered between the
Scottish Rite and York Rite bodies and
reminded the class to also attend a York
Rite Festival in their respective areas.
The new Knights of the Royal Secret
are David R Benoit of W H Booth #380,
Brandon J Bergeron of Anchor #261, J
Austin Fellows of Joppa #362, Darryl D
Garrett of W H Booth #380, W James
Hill, III of Joppa #362, John S Night-
The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed
columbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Ma-
sonic Cemetery.
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of all
columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.
Please see the photo above for a view of the three newly constructed colum-

New Member
During a Special Communication
the Lodge conferred the Master Mason
Degree on the Lodge’s newest member,
Wayne Dudley Foster, Jr. Brethren form
area Lodges enjoyed the breakfast meal
and assisted with the full regalia dress
for the degree.
W: Bro Bob Hutchinson-PM Sec’y
presented Brother Foster with his apron,
bible and Monitor, along with many Front Row L:R- J V Williams, Wayne Porter,
other gifts. Jimmie Dunkin, Jimmy Galloway
Middle Row L:R- Skipper Hughes, Cal Elliot,
Walter Freeman, Frank Dedman
Back Row L:R- Robert Young and Bob Hutck-
CADDO #179 F. & A.M.
TEMPLE #448 F. & A.M.
Masonic Plaque Ceremonies

Chief Halphen, Fire Dept Trainees, Debbie
Coker and Billy Golihar
Lodge, was performed at the Fire De-
partment’s Training Facility on Shed
Road. Chief Sammy Halphen, Deputy
Fire Chief George Brice, Billy Goli-

Temple and Caddo Lodges hosted the
Grand Lodge Emergent Communica-
tion for the purpose of laying Masonic
Plaques at the Bossier City Fire Depart-
ment Training Center and the new Fire
Station 6.
After opening Caddo Lodge, W: Bro
Patson C Houston-PM Sec’y, W: Bro
Howard F Entwistle-Associate Grand M: W: Jeff Webb, GM and Chief Sammy Hal-
Chaplain, Bro Edwin L Horton-SW and har-Chief
phen of Training, Debbie Coker-
W Michael Wayne Knighten-WM trav-
eled to Temple Lodge in Bossier City to
welcome the Grand Master and members
of his Official Family. W: Bro James T
Kelly-PM WM of Temple Lodge, along
with officers and members of the Lodge Group photo at the Training Center
received the Grand Master and Grand
Lodge Officers in due form.
The first ceremony, hosted by Caddo

M: W: J F “Jeff” Webb, GM presents Bro Ed
L:R Deputy Chief Brice, Chief Sammy Halphen Horton-SW with a ceremonial trowel.
and W: Bro Pat Houston
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Masonic Plaque-Bossier City:

M: W: Jeff Webb, GM, and W: Bro James T
M: W: J F “Jeff” Webb, GM and W: Michael Kelly-PM WM
Wayne Knighten-WM Caddo #179
Assistant Chief of Training along with
twelve trainees met the Grand Master
and assembled brethren.
After the completion of the Training
Center ceremony everyone traveled
to the new Fire Staton 6 on Teague
Parkway and were greeted by Mayor
Lo Walker.
M: W: Jeff Webb, GM, and W: Bro George A

W: Kenneth M Hamm, currently WM
M: W: Jeff Webb, GM, W: Bro John Lee Webster of Martin McClanahan #384 and As-
and Mayor Lo Walker at Fire Station 6 sistant Administrative Chief of Police-
This $3.5 million state of the art facil-
ity is the largest station in the City and Bossier City provided the motorcyle
replaces the station built in 1957. escort to and from all of the locations
The Grand Master, his Official Fam- reducing travel time to a minimum.
ily, Lodge Officers, Masons and our
guests gathered at Temple Lodge for a
lunch meal. The dessert was an elabo-
rately decorated cake depicting the Fire

I Am The Guardian
Kenneth B. deMoss, PM Hope #145
I am the gatekeeper and silent guardian of the inner door. I sit quietly within
the confines of your lodge mostly ignored and unnoticed by its members. Non-
members who visit your lodge seldom if ever see me or me give a second glance
and ever wonder what I am, or my purpose. I am quite use to this behavior; for
it has been this way throughout the centuries that Freemasonry has existed. My
predecessors may have been fancier, made from exotic woods, or more richly
carved. That matters little for I know my true purpose and will remain dedicated
to the same. It is my duty and that of the members to protect the lodge and guard
it from the profane world. We have and will always stand vigilant in that duty
by allowing no one to pass our threshold
that the brothers have not first agreed to in
unison. Only then will they be allowed to
enter and become a brother and member
of the Craft.
When a ballot is taken the act is mo-
mentous for the candidate and significant
for the Lodge. It is an official act by each
member in turn and by the Lodge as a legal
body. The ballot has legal sanction and
must be conducted according to solemn
rules. So I sit patiently waiting for the
call to be of service to the lodge and to
work in concert with the brothers either to
elect or reject all those who petitions for
admittance. The brothers will line up, go
before the alter as directed by the Master and place a hand deep into my darkened
confines and select either a white ball or a black cube which they then will deposit
even deeper into a recesses of my body which remains hidden from view until all
have made their selection. Only then, when all members present have balloted, will
the Master declare the ballot closed. Then he, along with the Wardens uncovers
and views the results of the ballot to declare it either dark or clear. The fate of the
candidate is then revealed to all the brothers assembled.
When the results are revealed I scan the faces of the brothers and see disappoint-
ment in some, shock in others. Sadly the results may not always be that which each
individual brother wishes or thought and hoped the outcome to be. Some brothers
may think it to be quite severe that it takes only one of my dark cubes to determine
the fate of the candidate and keep a friend, family member or someone they thought
worthy from becoming a member the order. However, that centuries-old rule has
served the lodges well. If a brother knows something about the petitioner that
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I Am The Gatekeeper:
would bring shame or discredit to the craft it is his duty to protect the lodge. The
brothers whether they agree with the outcome or not, must always remember the
results are the will of the lodge and should be accepted as such.
Even the writers of our ancient constitutions felt that the members of each in-
dividual lodge could best judge who were allowed to enter our fraternity or not. I
take this task seriously for it is the brothers and I who guard the door. It was never
meant that all who apply for membership were allowed to join our fraternity. As
an inanimate object I do not know nor care about the intentions of the balloting
brethren. I can only hope their selection was made for the good of the order and
not out of petty, vindictive motives or for any reason other than that which will
benefit and help Masonry grow. So never cast blame upon me for I am but a tool
and can only carry out the will of the Lodge. I have no opinion; I am here solely
to receive and to safeguard the ballot.
There is no option in Masonry that allows anyone to question or speculate on
the reasoning or motive causing a brother to cast that black cube rejecting a can-
didate. Rather, you can only trust it was for the good of the order. Being obligated
as Master Masons the brothers are held to a high standard of upright action. This
means there should never be any attempt or design to obtain information or to even
speculate as to how any brother balloted, for that is a most grievous offense and a
very un-Masonic act. The Ballot is, and must remain, secret, sacred, and inviolate
in the breast of brother who cast it.
The reasoning behind the secret ballot has always been to allow a man to vote
his conscience without the fear of reprisal or reprimand. I am glad that I am just
the silent and passive witness in this process for it is a sad truth that some lodges
have been nearly torn apart by the presence of just one black cube that some felt
was unjustly cast. In a perfect Masonic world this could never happen but you
do not live in such a world if indeed one ever did exist. However, my limited and
simple world is just such a place; free from opinions, emotions, doubt, pettiness,
or vengeance. I have no agenda other than to protect the Lodge, to guard the inner
door, and to keep the ballot anonymous. And, as ballot boxes have done over the
centuries, as long as the system remains viable, I, with the help of the dedicated and
well-intentioned brethren, will forever help you guard the inner door, allowing only
those few good and upright men to join your ranks as members and brothers.

The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2009-10 OFFICERS
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Master
Beverly J. “BJ” Guillot, Deputy Grand Master
Frank N du Treil, Jr., Grand Senior Warden
H Edward Durham, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, PGM, Grand Secretary
William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
James E. Steen, Grand Marshal
Clifford D. Whitehead, Grand Senior Deacon
Bobby Wayne Harlan, Grand Junior Deacon
Elmo J. Pitre, Jr., Grand Sword Bearer
Travis M. Holley, Grand Pursuivant
John W. Lutes, Grand Standard Bearer
Ralph H. Owens, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician