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The Louisiana

VOL. 41 FALL 2012 NUMBER 3

Grand Lodge 2013 Crowne Plaza-Baton Rouge February 1-3
The Louisiana Cover

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Loui-
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Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for members
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105 Bayhills Dr.,
Benton, LA 71006
Thank you for promoting the labor
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Publication of the INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Grand Master’s Message Page 3
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)
105 Bay Hills Dr. The Wages of a Master Mason Page 4
Benton, LA 71006
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
by W: Bro CB Griggs
99 Bayou Robert Road
Alexandria, LA 71302 Masonic Home Experience Page 6
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.1)
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100
by Regina Greene
Metairie, LA 70005
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246) Library/Museum Corner Page 8
P O Box 369
W: Naresh Sharma, PM (47)
by Sally Sinor
19414 Creekround Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70817 Lodge News Page 10

Different Kind Of Masons Page 46
by Carl Claudy

Eight months into the greatest opportu-
nity of my life, I find myself with a whole
bunch of things left to do and a short amount
of time to do them. I am in constant com-
munications with the Grand Lodge Line
and with the brothers of several Lodges.
The questions, the work that they are all in-
volved, make my days go so fast that I do
not believe a score card could keep up. The
programs that are taking place in the Lodges
and out in the community are wonderful. I
have seen Honesty and Integrity meetings,
meetings honoring Policemen, Firemen,
Armed Forces, the Boy Scouts and so on. Frank N duTreil
My life has been blessed through all of Grand Master
the kind words of encouragement, the help- State of Louisiana
ful guidance of the brethren and mostly
from the children for whom we are allowed
to help. To see a child smile because their test scores have risen through the use
of the Dyslexia Program, makes me wonder why so many of our school systems
don’t want to incorporate this valuable program.
Speaking of dyslexia, I had the opportunity to meet a parent of a little girl en-
rolled in our Dyslexia Training Program and she, the mom, was so full of comple-
ments for the program. She explained that her child had come out of her shell and
was an active part of the community and greatly improving in school.
These stories are a regular occurance each month and really makes all of the
long nights driving, from one place to another, worthwhile.
Our Rainbow Girls and De Molay Boys are active and out in the community
and have been calling on the Grand Lodge to attend their functions. I can tell
you, to watch these young men and young ladies learn to grow and learn to speak
in public, is a wonderful experience. They are attending more of our open func-
tions and that is good. We need to continue to support our youth groups, not only
because they are a potential source for our future leaders, but because they are
children - our children - and we are directed to nurture them, guide them and help
them to grow up to be productive citizens in our communities.
We are still involved with the Child Safety Fairs that have been going on in
the New Orleans area and this is a wonderful opportunity to educate the children
in the dangers of fire, traffic, and electricity and still let them have a good time
with the other events.
Another Child Safety Fair was held on September 15th by “The East Bank
Masonic Lodges”, at the Lake Front Pavilion. The Kenner Fire Department,
Kenner Police Department, The State Police and the Jefferson Parish Police were
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The Wages of A Master Mason
(as I see ‘em)
C. B. Griggs, PM
he Wages of a Fellow Craft Mason are requested in that Degree, but never

T specifically granted. We were told what they were, but we expected to
receive them. I have described these in the Spring issue of the Freemason.
The Wages of a Master Mason are entirely different. Before we get into
this explanation, we must first accept at least two premises. One, we speak of a
Celestial Lodge, whose Master is God. Two, when we are raised to the Sublime
Degree of Master Mason, we accept that we are raised by the “strong grip of the
Lion’s paw; the Lion of the Tribe of Judah”. We are reminded in Revelation 5:5
that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is Jesus Christ.
We must also remember that in order to receive Wages, we must provide goods
and/or services. We also remember we use certain tools to perform our labors, and
as such; we are given tools in each of the degrees.
The 24 inch gauge; gavel; plumb; square and level.
We might also add the compasses. In the Master
Mason degree, we are given one more, the trowel.
And if the rule still applies, we will receive the Wages of a Master Mason, based
upon how we used these tools in our Masonic Journey.
Now, may we speculate on the aforementioned Celestial
Lodge, whose Master is God. That being the case, there is also
a Senior Warden and a Junior Warden. Three principal officers.
In my understanding, none of us have ever attended this Lodge,
since for us, it is at Refreshment. We also became a member
of this Lodge when we became a member of our Blue Lodge.
Our obligation gave us no choice.
As, in our current blue lodge, the Celestial Lodge officers
have certain duties. The Master rules and governs; gives good
and wholesome instruction or causes the same to be done, even
within the Lodge. The Senior Warden assists in ruling and
governing and, this is important, Pays The Craft Their Wages,
If Any Be Due. More of this later.
You have by now concluded the third officers to be the
Junior Warden of the Celestial Lodge. And, He is none other
than the Holy Spirit; or as we know, the 3rd part of the Trinity. His duty, basically,
to superintend the craft while at refreshment and calls them to Labor, on order of
the Worshipful Master. This officers has been with us from the time we became a
member of this earthly Lodge and even before. Interceding for us; reminding us of
our obligation; urging us to act upon the square, avoiding the excesses; extending
the hand of Charity, as well as the sign of caution.
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The Wages of A Master Mason:
Will we ever get the Wages of a Master Mason? I certainly hope so. My un-
derstanding, we will be called to that Celestial Lodge at Labor by the Worshipful
Master, God, via the Junior Warden or the Holy Spirit. Determination will be made
if the Wages or a Master Mason are due to us. We have been instructed in so many
places, I will list a few. Probably the first one was in
the presentation of the Lambskin apron and the words
accompanying it. Secondly, in the Northeast corner;
Thirdly, in the lecture on the Letter G in the Fellow
Craft degree, we were told that we were building a
temple more glorious than that of Solomon; and that
this Temple was one in which our soul would find rest
forever and forever. And, my favorite, in the answer to the Lamentation of the
Universe; we are told “God has provided that those who repent and sin no more
shall have access to that house not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens”.
How about those wages? I am not sure about the exact
process; but as I see it, it will be something along these
lines. “Brother Senior Warden, since calling the Lodge
from refreshment to labor, are you satisfied all present are
eligible to receive the Wages of a Master Mason?” The
Senior Warden replies, “Most Worshipful Master, all pres-
ent came to the Fraternity as a Rough Ashlar; and by using
the Gavel, Trowel and other tools of a Master Mason; and by the shed blood of
the Lion of the Tribe of Judah; they came to be the Perfect Ashlar; and are indeed
eligible to receive the Wages of a Master Mason.” They were promised such as
they were presented the Lambskin apron when they began their Masonic journey;
and was represented by these words, “Well done thou good and faithful Servant,
enter thou into the Joy of the Lord.” They are now again, at this time, given those
If you have not figured it out, Eternal Life
with the Supreme Architect constitutes the
Wages of a Master Mason.
This might not be parallel with some of the
teachings of Freemasonry in higher degrees,
but this does not go beyond the Blue Lodge
teachings. Neither does it contradict the prom-
ise, “whosoever believeth in Him...”
After reading this, you may agree or vehe-
mently disagree with me. This is your choice. No offense will be taken or given.
I attempted to state in the beginning, this is how I see it!
C. B. Griggs, PM
Cadeville Lodge #229

Masonic Home Experience
Regina Jasper Greene
ello! My name is Regina Jasper Greene. I went to live at the Masonic

H Home for Children at the ripe age of 6 in April of 1976. My mother
was killed in a car accident and my father was an alcoholic. I have
five brothers and one younger sister. We all lived at the home with the
exception of my oldest brother.
Growing up at the home was not always easy.
We had all of the material things that we needed but
the love was certainly lacking. It took me having
my own children before I realized how much so. I
never remember getting hugs or kisses from any of
the staff. The same is not true about the Masons I en-
countered. I have very fond memories of Christmas
parties, K.O.A, state fair trips, and homecomings.
The list goes on and on. We loved being able to stay
the weekend with you guys on some of those occa-
sions. Riding with the Shriners at the homecomings
and picnicking on the grounds or better yet, going out
to eat! Those are the memories I cherish the most!
I think my teenage years were the most difficult.
The one thing a teenager does not want to be is dif-
ferent. Living in a children’s home is certainly not the norm. I was picked on so
many times by my classmates. I had no one to turn to. My grades suffered. I was,
however, determined to make it through high school so that I could go on to col-
lege. I can’t say why that determination was there for me and not others. Many of
the kids left when they turned seventeen. They found themselves in much worse
situations but the decision had been made. I knew that my life could be better if
I tried hard enough. I always pushed myself to excel in school. I also knew that
leaving the home was not an option for me. I had no where to go. That really
worked in my favor in the end.
Upon graduation from high school, I found myself in a very horrific situation.
The home was no longer my home! I was supposed to move off and start my
life. How? I had been going home with sponsors for years during breaks from
the home. I didn’t have a clue where to start. College dorms were not available
during semester breaks and over the summer. This was the most trying time of
my life. I thought just making it through high school would be the toughest thing
I had to endure. I was so wrong!
For a couple of semester breaks I found friends that I could stay with. That
took its toll on me as well as my friendships. I called the superintendent at the
home and begged for a place to stay. He made arrangements for me to stay at the
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Masionic Home Experience:
I attended Louisiana College in Pineville, Louisiana for a year and a half. It
was a big adjustment from my life in the home. I longed for a family of my own.
I wrote a letter to the Masons asking them to allow me a semester to get my head
on straight. Luckily for me, they granted my request. This was an eye-opening
experience! It did not take me long to realize that I wanted to go back to school.
I attended Northwestern State University that fall. I was on a mission and
never looked back. I graduated in 1992 in Elementary Education. I married my
wonderful husband during my student teaching in March of that year. We have
been married for twenty years. We have a seventeen year old son and a fifteen
year old daughter.
I want to thank each and every Mason for what you have done for me. I can
honestly say that I am the person I am today because of you! I have a beautiful
family and a job that I truly enjoy. I feel that I can give a little back to the com-
munity by working in the classroom with children. I know that I am able to relate
to what many of them go through because of what I experienced in my life. When
others may think that a child will never overcome his environment, I know better.
I am proof that anyone can do anything they set their mind to!
I will forever be grateful to all of you! Just know that you have made a differ-
ence in my life as well as many others! I have found many of the former residents
on Facebook. One of the girls even created a Masonic Home page for all of us to
reconnect. We have shared many memories with one another. Some not so good
and others make us smile! No place is perfect. The home certainly was not per-
fect. It was however a place to feel safe and build bonds that will last a lifetime.

The Masonic Library/Museum Corner
The Law Library of the Louisiana Supreme Court has asked the Library/Muse-
um for a list of portraits of former justices and important historical legal figures of
Louisiana held by Louisiana Masonic lodges. This is a great way to showcase the
Masonic Legacy of our state. If your Lodge has such a portrait, please contact me.
There has been an inquiry for information on a Masonic family by the name of
Black that lived in the Baton Rouge area in the 1840’s. Any information you could
provide would be appreciated.
The North Louisiana Historical Association is seeking biographies of historical
figures of regional importance. Every lodge is asked to nominate one figure for
inclusion. These articles will be compiled into an online resource modeled after
the Handbook of Texas. Please contact me at or (318) 443-
5610 to nominate a figure or to assist in the project.
Salley Sinor

The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed co-
lumbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Masonic
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of
all columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.
Please see the photo above for a view of the three newly constructed co-
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Grand Master’s Message:
there with information booths. It was truly a wonderful experience that was well
attended. It also provided another opportunity for the Fraternity to be viewed in a
positive light and bring us together outside of the four
walls and tyled door.
As we come into our holiday time, please let us
all remember to keep in our thoughts and prayers the
families and members of our Armed Services, many
are away from home. They are the reason that we are
safe in our homes. They are the reason that we can
meet as Brothers. They are the reason that we can
celebrate the holidays, within our respective beliefs,
without fear of reprisal. Please, always remember that
“Peace and Harmony must prevail” in our Lodges and
in our daily lives.
May God Bless you, May God Bless this fraternity,
and May God Bless This United States of America.
Sincerely and fraternally,
Frank N. du Treil
Grand Master, 2012-2013

The charities of The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana, F & AM receive
100% of the extra cost associated with this special license plate. You do not loose
any equity in your current plate and this will be good public exposure for Freema-
sonry. The Library & Museum Foundation will be one of the recipients of these
new funds.
All of the ordering information is available from the computer or you may go
to your local Office of Motor Vehicles to purchase.
To order online:
Under “Vehicle Services” Click on: “Special Plates” Click: Continue
Enter the License Plate number you are replacing Click: Submit
Under “Select One”, scroll down to Organization/Service and continue
down and click on Grand Lodge
Click on: “Ordering Details” Click on: “Order Form”
Fill out form, print and mail with proper documentation
(Copies of: Registration Cert., Proof of Insurance, Dues Card & Check)
Honesty & Integrity Program
Spring Creek, located in Springfield, honered 6 Jewel Sumner High School
Juniors with the Honesty and Integrity Award. Parents, Grandparents, members,
visitors and friends enjoyed a well cooked meal and a night of fellowship. Spring
Creek was also honored by M: W: Frank N duTreil, Jr.-Grand Master, M: W:
Bro Bev Guillot-PGM and members of his Official Family join us for our annual

L:R - (Front Row) Mariha Beadle, Maranda Beadle, Megan Wilcox, Taylor Sharkey and M: W: Bro
B J Guillot-PGM.
L:R - (Back Row) W: Bro Jimmie Dean Dunkin-DGL 13th District, M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, Jacob
Daniels and W: Mark E Billings-WM.

Achievement Award
R: W: James H. Diggs, Jr.-DDGM
17th Masonic District presented the
Grand Lodge Achievement Award for
2011 to W: Bro Warren A Hintz.

L:R - R: W: James Diggs-DDGM and W: Bro
Warren Hintz-2011 Master of Perfect Union.

Honesty & Integrity Night

L:R - (Front Row) David Trey Smith (Starks High); Alicia Broussard (Starks); Kaleb Hollie (DeQuincy
High); Olin Browning (DeQuincy); Kaitlyn Chehotsky (DeQuincy) and Karley Irwin (DeQuincy)
L:R - (Back Row) W: Bro Claude LeCompte-PM Treasurer; Alexander Neil Kerbow (Singer High);
Dalton Rainwater (DeQuincy High); Emily Vige (DeQuincy) and W: Robert D Landry-WM.

Membership Milestone
The Lodge held its Past Masters
Night and honored its new 25 & 50 year
members. M:W: Frank N. DuTreil-GM
assisted Bro. John B. Parker, Jr.-acting
Worshipful Master recognized the Past
Masters in attedance. The Grand Mas-
ter also presented a 25 Year Member-
ship Certificate.
Bro David Cravey completed 25
Years in 2007, but never received his
original certificate. M: W: duTreil-GM L:R - Brother Jonny Parker-SW, Brother David
made the trip to Alexandria to person- Cravey and M: W: Frank duTreil-GM.
ally hand Brother Cravey his replace-
M:W: duTreil-Grand Master pro-
vided a wonderful talk on Masonry.
The Grand Master spoke on how our
ladies play such a valuable role and
continue to support the Fraternity.

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge, located in Jefferson, honored two high school students during the
Honesty & Integrity Award Program. W: Bro Clifton F. Frilot presented the at-
tendees with a brief history of Masonry and explained the importance of honor-
ing students that display the characteristics of honesty and integrity in their daily
lives. W. Jeffrey P. Borgstede- PM WM made the presentation of the Honesty &
Integrity Certificates and Keys.
The recipients were Courtney Brant of John Curtis Christian School and Jarred
Tramell of Mandeville High School.

L:R - Courtney Brandt, W: Bro Clifton Frilot, Jarred Tramell and W: Jeffery Borgstede-PM WM.

Honesty & Integrity Program
The Lodge, located in Sicily Island, held its annual Honesty and Integrity
Award Ceremonies to honor Justin Bordelon, Blake Colclasure, Cydnie Cooper,
Maura Cooper, Marty Crooks and Lake Edwards.
W: Arte Goode-WM welcomed the honorees, their parents, family and friends.
W: Bro Joe Bonderant opened the ceremonies with prayer after which all enjoyed
a most excellent pot luck buffet.
W: Arte Goode presented each recipient with a framed certificate and “Honesty
and Integrity” key. Assisting in the presentation was W: Bro Allan Bean, PM
Secretary. The guest speaker, Brother Al Pilson, gave the keynote address. He
emphasized the importance of being a person of honesty and integrity, congratu-
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Keystone #213 Honesty & Integrity Program:
lated the winners for their high ethical values, and challenged each of them to con-
tinue to live their lives such that they will make a lasting and significant impact
for the good of society during their lifetime. The Students all attend Block High
in Jonesville, except Lake Edwards who attends Monterrey High in Monterrey.

L:R - W: James A “Arte” Goode, Jr.-WM, Mura Cooper, Blake Colclasure, Lake Edwards, Cydnie
Cooper and W: Bro Allan K Bean-PM Secretary (not shown Justin Bordelon and Marty Crooks)

NEW HOPE #328 This small rural Lodge, located in Liddieville,
held a 50 year celebration for W: Bro Charles
50-Year Certificate Wood. A great catfish dinner served; along with a
huge cake. Bro Wood had 26 of his family members, including his wife Peggy,
their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren in attendance. Two of his
sons are Master Masons. Brother Charles Wood received his 50 year certificate
at the same altar where he presented his father’s 50 year certificate when Brother
Wood was Master of New Hope Lodge in 1984. Brother Wood was the first Ma-
son raised in the current building in 1961. Brother Wood was presented a 50 year
certificate from the Grand Lodge and a 50 year Apron by John Wiggins. Pictured
are the 7 masons, along with Brother Wood, attending the event. Speaker for the
occasion was John Vines. W: Jeremy Mullican-WM wishes to thank all the Wood
Family who attended and made this event a success!

St. JAMES #47
Honesty & Integrity Night
Our recipients were Ashleigh Jones and Joshua Posner, both seniors at Episcopal
High. It goes without saying that they are outstanding students but more impor-
tantly they are heavily involved with community projects through their support
of many charities.
Entertainment for the evening was provided by the Baton Rouge Chapter of
Sweet Adelines. Nicholas Auck-SW Milford Lodge #117, was the guest speaker
for this event. Brother Nick delivered a meaning talk on the value of incorporating
honesty and integrity in our daily life.

L:R - Brother Joseph L Cooper-H&I Award Committee member, Joshua Posner, W: Turhan Ak-
Worshipful Master and Ashleigh Jones.

W. D. FISHER #480
Gold Certificate Presentation
W: Bro George I “Bud” Holman,
II-District Grand Lecturer 9th Masonic
District presented the Gold Certificate
of Proficiency to W: Bro Ezra L Reed,
PM of W D FIsher Lodge located in
Deville. The Certificate is presented
to Master Masons that have been ex-
amined twelve times, with each exam
given every two years.
L:R - W: Bro Ezra Reed and W: Bro Bud
W: Bro Reed is not only a great asset Holman-DGL
to W D Fisher Lodge but also a tremen-
doous asset to the surrounding Lodges.

Membership Recognition

Members of the Lodge with R: W: Cullen S Peel-DDGM 16th District (R) and W: Troy J Gainey-WM
(L) hold W: Bro Joseph H Andrus’ 50 Year Certificate.
Our dear brother, Joe Andrus had been hospitalized for recurring cancer treat-
ments and hasn’t been able to attend Lodge on a regular basis. In an effort to lift
Brother Joe’s spirits and to honor this dedicated Mason, the brethren assembled
around the altar with R: W: Cullen Peel-DDGM and W: Troy Gainey-WM for a
picture to be presented to W: Bro Andrus along with his 50 Year Membership Cer-
tificate, lapel pin and credentials. The Lodge will make the presentation to thank
Brother Joe for his many years of service to the Lodge.
Honesty & Integrity Awards

W: Bro Travis M Holley (L)-Chairman Grand Lodge Honesty & Integrity and
Fidelity Award Committee presented Jonathon Rundell, Jimmy Sills, T J Ramshur,
Kathleen Oliver and Cameron Machen with the Lodge’s Honesty & Integrity
Awards. Shown Far Right is W: Charles Duane Brown-Worshipful Master
Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - Erika Wittenburg; Blake Esch; Kyle May and Morgan Miley
The Lodge recognized four young people with our Honesty and Integrity
award. After all who were in attendance enjoyed jambalaya prepared by Bro Lu-
ther Perkins-JW, everyone assembled in the Lodge. M: W: Bro Harold G Bal-
lard-PGM provided a brief talk on Masonry and then introduced the four Award
recipients. The Honesty & Integrity awards were presented to Erika Wittenburg,
Blake Esch, Kyle May and Morgan Miley. The students were accompanied by
their parents, grandparents and serveral guests.
Leadership Award

At the Lodge’s annual Award Night, W: Bro Blaise W Smith-PM Secretary
received the Outstanding Leadership Award. Shown in the photograph above is
(L:R) Ronald C Williams-SW, Donnie F Frizzell-JW, W: Bro Blaise Smith and W:
Eugene F Aman-Worshipful Master
UNITY #267
Honesty & Integrity Program
Unity Lodge, located in Houma, held its Honesty and Integrity Award program.
One of the recipients was Krysten Ann Marie Rivette. Ms. Rivette’s grandfather is
W: Bro Freddie J Touchet and her father is W: Bro Daniel J Rivette.
M: W: Frank N duTreil-Grand Master made the presentations along with W:
Bro James J Premeaux-District Grand Lecturer 12th Masonic District.

L:R PawPaw Freddie Touchet, Krysten Rivette and Dad Daniel Rivette.

FLORIEN #263 W: Bro Brad Eric Williams received
the York Rite College Gold Honor
Gold Honor Award
Award from Louisiana York Rite Col-
lege No. 99. The organizers of the
event went to great lengths to surprise
W: Bro Williams. The large gathering
included wives, relatives and guests;
including W: Bro Bobby E Williams.
M: W: Bro J F “Jeff” Webb-PGM
and Deputy Governor of the College
provided a brief talk and then made the
presentation, much to the surprise of
W: Bro Brad Williams.
L:R - M: W: Bro Jeff Webb-PGM, W: Bro Brad
The Gold Honor Award is made
Williams and W: Sidney Sullivan-WM.
to those Masons having worked and
served the Fraternity in an exemplary
Honesty & Integrity Program

Seated L:R - Alex Naquin; Caroline Guidry; Kaylee Cole and John Legendre.
Standing L:R - Brother Craig Webre and W: Thomas Leger-WM
R: W: Wade A Cheramie-DDGM 12th Masonic District was on hand to assist in
making presentations to the four Honesty and Integrity Award recipients. Lafourche
Lodge, located in Cut Off, recognizes students from South Lafourche and Central
Lafourche High Schools. W: Thomas A Leger-PM WM welcomed everyone to the
program and introduced guest speaker, Bro Craig Webre-Sheriff Lafourche Parish
This year’s outstanding students from South Lafourche High were Alex Naquin
and Caroline Guidry. Central Lafourche High’s students were Kaylee Cole and
John Legendre.
Membership Milestone
In April, the Lodge presented W:
Bro Gary P Thompson with his 25-Year
Membership Certificate. M: W: Bro J F
“Jeff” Webb-PGM with the assistance
of W: Sidney J Sullivan, Jr.-PM WM
made the presentation.

L:R - W: Bro Gary Thompson and M: W: Bro
Jeff Webb-PGM

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Located in Converse, the Lodge presented the Honesty and Integrity Award
to four juniors that attend Converse High. W: Troy E Parker-WM welcomed the
members, visitors and guests. The Worshipful Master introduced guest speaker, M:
W: Bro Woody D Bilyeu-PGM. After his presentation, M: W: Bro Bilyeu presented
Honesty and Integrity Award Certificates to Brandon Parrie, Brendan Hardee, Macy
Norman and Emily Myers.

L:R - M: W: Bro Woody Bilyeu-PGM; Brandon Parrie, Brendan Hardee; Macy
Norman; Emily Myers and W: Tory Parker-Worshipful Master.

Honesty & Integrity Night

M: W: Bro B J “Bev” Guillot-PGM and W: Emmitt Windell Miller-WM presented five Honesty &
Integrity Awards as shown in the above pictures. L:R - W: Windell Miller-WM; Kathryn Fussell;
Jenna Pertuit; Hanna Simeon; Joshua McMicheal; Anthony Carter and M: W: Bro Bev Guillot-PGM.

The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its stabil-
ity has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective annual
contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or forever.

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish your
personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your
will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM, Direc-
tor of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email:

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge, located in Baton Rouge, celebrated Honesty and Integrity Night
with six high school juniors receivingthe awards. The recipients were Cole Sul-
livan-Albany High School; Amanda Richey-University High School; Madeline
Poirrier-The Dunham School; Gabrielle May-Dutchtown High School; Heather
Duke-University High School and Christine Brignac-Baton Rouge Magnet High
School. The guest speaker was R: W: William J Mollere-Grand Junior Warden.
Sixty members and guests were in attendance.

Seated L:R - Cole Sullivan; Amanda Richey;
Madeline Poirrier; Gabrielle May and Heather
Duke; Christine Brignac Standing L:R - R: W:
Bill Mollere-GJW and W: Clifton E Stringfield-

Seated L:R - Cole Sullivan; Amanda Richey; Madeline Poirrier; Gabrielle May and Heather Duke;
Christine Brignac Standing L:R - Dee & Chad Sullivan; Judge Kathleen Richey; Wendi Poirrier;
Vicki & Marc May; Barbara & Steve Duke and Aubrey & Shelley Brignac.

Editor’s Note: Although two of the students
honored are granddaughters of W: Bro Robert J
Hutchinson-PM Secretary., Bob failed to include
that bit of information when he submitted the
article. I have gratuitously included a photo of
Paw with his girls.

JOPPA #362
Honesty & Integrity Night
W: Bro E L “Blue” Archer has been the Chair of the Honesty & Integrity Award
Committee for several years. Brother Blue and Nina Archer have been responsible
for coordinating with the recipients’ families, the date of the event and notifying the
respective school administrators, church members and family friends. The Award
night has always had wonderful attendance by those outside of the Fraternity. This
year began as in the past, however Brother Archer suffered a debilitating stroke in
March. The students had been selected and a Special Communication had been set
for the event, but the coordinating details needed attention. Nina Archer contacted
Carol Peters, wife of W: Bro Charlie Peters, for her assistance. Carol, solicited the
aid of her daughter in law, Mrs. Don Crook, and they did an excellent job working
with the families and members of the Lodge to make sure the evening was a success.
Our two students this year are juniors from Byrd High with outstanding creden-
tials. Amanda May, daughter of Guy and Allison May, is ranked 19th in a class of
624; with a 3.9 GPA. She scored a 30 on her ACT. She has already earned 24 col-
lege credits. In addition to her many extra curricular school activities, Amanda is
actively involved at Broadmoor Baptist Church where she serves as a student leader.
Layne Davison, is the son of Paul and Joanna Davison, has a 4.375 GPA while
working part-time. He is a member of several clubs and societies at Byrd, includ-
ing Key Club; National Honor Society; Varsity soccer; High Life (school paper);
Flag Runner and Lyle’s Leaders. He is also a member of Broadmoor Baptist and
spends many hours volunteering in the community as well as traveling on mission
trips. He is a recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award for each of the
past three years.
W: Bro Tom Brown was our guest speaker. Brother Tom provides an outstand-
ing presentation; weaving appropriate scripture into his talk on the qualities of a
honorable and virtuous life and the importance of honesty and integrity in all of
our dealings.
Thanks, as always, go to W: Bro Mike Martin for providing his culinary exper-
tise and making for an excellent dinner hour. The 77 members, visitors and guests
enjoyed Brother Mike’s meal and the fellowship. Two of our Fellow Craft Masons
brought their families and friends to learn more about the Honesty and Integrity
Program and see its positive impact within the community. The Lodge invites its
previous winners and we were honored to have two of them in attendance, along
with their respective family members.
W: Chad C Driskell-PM WM introduced R: W: H Edward Durham-Deputy
Grand Master and R: W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM 1st Masonic District, to our
guests. The Worshipful Master thanked Karen Durham for decorating the dining
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Joppa Lodge Honesty & Integrity Night:
hall which added to the dining experience. W: Driskell-WM thanked Carol Peters
for taking the burdens from Nina Archer and asked everyone to remember the Ar-
cher family in their daily devotions. The Worshipful Master recognized Christine
LaBorde, widow of W: Bro Oscar LaBorde. He thanked her for honoring the Lodge
with her presence and how good it was to have her accompanied by son, W: Bro
Robert LaBorde and his wife Robin.
After W: Bro Brown’s address, the Worshipful Master asked R: W: Ed Durham-
DGM to assist him in making the presentations of the Certificates and monetary
awards to the students. On a sad ending note, W: Bro Blue Archer passed away
on June 2nd.

L:R - R: W: Ed Durham-DGM, Layne Davison, Amanda May and W: Chad Driskell-WM

Membership Milestone
The Lodge, located in Farmerville,
recognized its newest 50 and 25 Year
Membership recipients. Brother Eldon
Rogers received his 50-Year Member-
ship Certificate, lapel pin and creden-
tials from W: John W Loynes-WM.
Brother Max Von Hearn is also a
new 50 Year member but was unable
to attend lodge. Brother Scott Aulds is
the Lodge’s newest 25-Year member
and will receive his Certificate at a later
date. L:R - W: John Loynes-WM and Eldon Rogers.

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge selected three high school juniors from our surrounding High
Schools for the annual Honesty & Integrity Awards. Judge Cameron Simmons-
City Judge Jeanerette was the guest speaker for the evening. This year recipients
are Gabriella Darden of West St. Mary High; Nicole Crow of Franklin High and
Aryn Yarber of Centerville High. Principals from Franklin and Centerville and the
Assistant Principal of West St. Mary High were also in attendance.

L:R - Judge Simmons, Assistant Principal L:R - Principal Ty Bardett-Franklin High
Evangline Butler-West St. Mary High, Gabriella School, Nicole Crow, Judge Simmons and W:
Darden and W: Eugene F Aman-WM. Eugene F Aman-WM.

L:R - Judge Simmons, Principal Mike Galler-
Centerville High, Aryn Yarber and W: Eugene
F Aman-WM.

W. H. BOOTH #380
Honesty & Integrity Night

L:R - Cadet Travenie James; M: W: Bro Bruce Easterly-PGM; Lt Col David McGee; Cadet Cameron
James and W: John Knox-Worshipful Master.
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W. H. Booth - Honesty & Integrity Night:
W: John F Knox-WM asked Captain Shreve High JROTC Instructor, David
McGee, to provide qualifying candidates for the annual Honesty and Integrity
Award. Lieutenant Colonel (US Army-Ret) McGee selected Cadets Travenie
James and Cameron James, The Cadets were accompanied by several members of
their respective families, friends and church members.
The Worshipful Master introduced M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly-PGM, the guest
speaker for the evening. M: W: Bro Easterly-PGM spoke eloquently on Masonic
principles and the significance of honesty, integrity and upright morals within the
Fraternity. The two Cadets were presented with their Certificates and monetary
awards. W: John Knox-WM presented LtCol McGee a Certificate of Apprecia-
tion on behalf of the Lodge for his participation in the successful evening.
Honesty & Integrity Program

Bogalusa Mayor Charles Mizell; Williams P McCullough; Johnna Marie Hartzog; W: Ronald R
Pittman-WM; Matthew Allen Hughes; Victoria Strickland and Jackie Dale Thomas-Director of
Leadership Development & Student Activities Southeastern Louisiana University.
The Lodge, located in Bogalusa, helds its annual Honesty & Integrity cer-
emony honoring four local high school students. Recipients were Willam P Mc-
Cullough-Franklinton High, Johnna Marie Hartzog-Franklinton, Matthew Allen
Hughes-Franklinton and Victoria Strickland-Bowling Green High. Several digni-
taries were in attendance, including Jackie Dale Thomas-Director of Leadership
Development-Southeastern University and Bogalusa Mayor Charles Mizell. State
Senator Ben Nevers’ office provided certificates recognizing each student. Mayor
Mizell presented each honoree with a certificate and pin on behalf of the City.
W: Ronald R Pittman-WM with the assistance from Brother James E Cockrell,
II-Senior Warden, made presentations of the Honesty and Integrity plaques on
behalf of the Lodge.
The evening’s entertainment was provided by Bogalusa musician Steve Ander-
son. Dinner was catered by Chrissy’s.

Achievement Award
R: W: James H. Diggs, Jr.-DDGM
17th Masonic District presented the
Grand Lodge Achievement Award to
W: Bro Frank J. Heinrich, Worshipful
Master for 2011.

L:R - W: Bro Frank Heinrich-PM and R: W:
James Diggs-DDGM

Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - Tracy Beard, Hals Beard, Maggie Beard, Brian Dupont, Brock Dupont and W: David J Socia-
Worshipful Master.

The Lodge, located in Morrow, honored two outstanding students with the
Honesty and Integrity Award. Maggie Celeste Beard and Brock Allen Dupont
were the recipients. Maggie, a student at Beau Chene High in Arnaudville, is
the daughter of Hals and Tracy Beard. Brock, a student at St. Joseph School in
Plaucheville, is the son of Brian and Shannon Dupont.
After a great meal, prepared by Lodge members and their ladies, Reverend Bro
Charles Marceaux, pastor of Big Cane Baptist Church, encouraged the students to
continue their path of honesty and integrity into adulthood.
Entertainment for the evening was provided by Bro Roy “Buddy” Baker, pas-
tor of Calvary Baptist Church in Opelousas.

Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge, located in Maringuoin, presented two students with the Honesty
and Integrity Award. Those honored were Rebecca Pearce of Flase River Acad-
emy and Nathan Bossier, who attends Louisiana School for Math, Science and
the Arts.
After a wonderful meal, provided for the family and friends of the recipients,
W: Hugh T. “Tom” Pirie-PM WM welcomed everyone in attendance. The guest
speaker for the evening was Sergeant Rene Thibodeaux with the Pointe Coupee
Parish Sheriff’s Office. Sgt. Thibodeaux spoke on the important qualities of hon-
esty and integrity, for which the students were recognized.

L:R - Sgt. Rene` Thibodeaux, Rebecca Pearce, W: Tom Pirie-WM, Nathan Bossier and W: Bro Mike

Achievement Award
R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM 1st District
presented W: Bro Robert Clark with his
2011 Achievement Award during a regu-
lar meeting at the Lodge. The picture at
right shows (L:R) W: Bro Bob Clark,
W: Kurt Rensink-WM and R: W: Ken
Award Night
Phoenix Lodge, located in Natchi-
toches, held its annual award program
to recognize new 25 and 50 Year Mem-
berships and to present the Fidelity
Award to one of its beloved members.
W: Robert D Waddle-Worshipful
Master presented the Fidelity Award
to Brother Elliott W. “Dub” Robertson.
Brother Dub has been a member for 64 L:R - Dot Robertson looks on as Brother “Dub”
Robertson accepts his Fidelity Award from and
years. Accompanying Brother Robert- W: Doyle Waddle-Worshipful Master.
son was his wife, Dot.
The Worshipful Master presented
Brother Paul Barron with his 25 Year
Membership Award.
Brother James Edmund Reichel, a
faithful member of the Lodge, was pre-
sented a 50 Year Membership Certifi-
cate, lapel pin and credentials.

Bro James Reichel accepts his 50-Year Mem-
bership Certificate from W: Doyle Waddle-
Worshipful Master.

L:R - Bro Doyle Waddle receives his 25-Year
Membership Certificate from W: Doyle Waddle.

Traveling Gavel Award
During the 19th District Lodge meet-
ing, hosted by Hurd Merrill #454, in
Livingston, St. Helena Lodge #96 was
recognized with the attendance honor.
St. Helena received the Traveling Gavel
for its efforts.
The District Lodge was honored to L:R - W: Bro Edgar B Robertson, W: Bro E.
have M: W: Frank N duTreil, Grand Wendall Miller, W: Charles Coburn-WM, W:
Master in attendance. Bro James D Rabalais and M: W: Frank duTreil-
Grand Master.

Membership Milestones

L:R - Front Row: W: Fred M. Sullivan-PM WM, W: Bro Brooks W. Powell, Bro J Hartwell Fair
and Bro Michael R. Coffey
L:R - Back Row: W: Bro Chris W. Robinette, Bro Kerry B. Robinette and W: Bro Kevin R.
The Lodge presented 25 and 50 Year Membership Certificates to seven of its
members. Receiving 25 Year Certificates were W: Bro Chris Robinette, W: Bro
Kevin Robinette and Bro Kerry Robinette. 50 Year Certificates, lapel pins and
credentials were given to Bro Hartwell Fair, Bro Michael Coffey and W: Bro
Brooks Powell.

JOPPA #362 Brother J. Stuart Covington was
Certificate of Proficiency raised a Master Mason on July 15,
2011. Brother Covington’s first order
of business was to become proficient in
our work. In March of this year, Brother
Covington passed the requirements for
a Certificate of Proficiency by W: Bro
Robert E Bazzell-DGL 1st Masonic
During a Stated Communication in
April, W: Bro Bazzell presented Bro
Covington with his Certficate and first
L:R - R: W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM 1st District, proficiency card. Stuart’s father, W: Bro
Bro Stuart Covington, W: Bro James Covington
and W: Bro Robert Bazzell-DGL. James Covington, also a Certificate hold
was on hand for the presentations.
Car Show

Gros-Guidry VFW Post 8538 wanted to hold a Car Show and turned to Larose
Shrine Club, based on their past success with events such as Car Shows. The
event went off extremely well for this being the first. The Larose Shriner’s do-
nated the Gate dollars back to the VFW. Shown above, left to right are Russell
Danos, Wade Dufrene, P.E. Gilligan, Charles Breaux, Marylin Pepper, Gerald
Breaux, John Turchin and Greg Badeaux.

PERFECT UNION #1 Masonry is recognized around the
world for its long lasting order, com-
Visitor mitment to the fraternity and each oth-
er. This was apparent when the lodge
had a special visitor from Australia!
Bro. Samuel Lane, from Sir Wylie
Norman Lodge #79 in Brisbane Aus-
tralia came to us by way of chance.
Bro Lane was here as part of a Rugby
tournament traveling the U.S.
The Brethren at Perfect Union
L:R - Christopher J Landry-Senior Warden, W: were as accommodating as if fam-
Martin J. Reinschmidt-PM WM, Bro Samuel ily had shown up!! Although some of
Lane and Joseph A. Catalanotto-Junior Warden
our work was different than that with
which he practices, English Rite, he
enjoyed the night and vowed to stay in

St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Jorge Vargas received a special recogni-
tion award from two Lodges in the parish for saving a man’s life in a medical
emergency. Andrew Jackson Lodge, in Arabi, and the Dominique You Lodge,
in eastern St. Bernard, presented the award. Vargas, a 4-year veteran of the Sher-
iff’s Office, graduating last year as a certified emergency medical technician,
performed CPR on a Chalmette man who had collapsed, had no pulse and was
turning blue. Vargas’ actions kept the man alive until a defibrilator was used to
regulate the victim’s heart rhythm. The victim survived.
Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Canepa, who was second to arrive on the scene and
assisted Vargas, is a member of the Dominique You Lodge and was part of the
award ceremony. Sheriff James Pohlmann congratulated the two deputies, say-
ing, “It’s not often you have the chance to save someone’s life. . . You make me
proud and the department and the parish proud.’’ He also thanked the Lodges for
recognizing first-responders.

L:R - W: Michael J. Meitin-Worshipful Master Doninique You, Brother Brian Canepa, Deputy Jorge
Vargas, Sheriff James Pohlmann, Chief Deputy Sheriff Richard Baumy and W: Manuel R. Alfonso-
PM Worshipful Matter Anderw Jackson.

Holy Land Sponsorship

Pastor Andy Tribe of East Bayou Church, Youngsville was sponsored by the
York Rite Masons of Louisiana for a Holy Land pilgrimage, The picture above
shows Kenneth Dodson, Past Right Eminent Grand Commander Keith Powell,
Pastor Andy Tribe, David McCoy and Charles Bertrand

In February, Mooringsport Lodge
100th Anniversary celebrated 100 Years since being Char-
tered on February 7, 1911. The Lodge
was organized in April 1910 and meets
on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of every
month at their historic building on
Caddo Lake in Mooringsport.
M:W: B J “Bev” Guillot-Grand
Master, R: W: H Edward Durham-
Grand Senior Warden and R: W: Hoyt
S Hooper-DDGM 1st District were in
attendance to help the lodge celebrate
their milestone.
M:W: Guillot presented the Anniver-
sary Plaque from the Grand Lodge to W:
James T Moore-PM Worshipful Master.
L:R - W: James T Moore- PM WM and M: W:
Bev Guillot-GM
R F McGUIRE #209
New Master Mason

W: Bro Todd W Dixon (far left) assists W: John E. R. “Ed” Avants-Worshipful Master (far right) in
presenting newly raised Master Masons Bro Caleb Smith (L) and Bro Kenneth Stamey (R) with their
Louisiana Mason Motorcycle patches.

DeMolay Installation

Front Row L:R - Daniel Hodges, Chapter Sweetheart Terra Hinton, Master Counselor Tyler Hort-
man and Billy Pratt.
Middle Row L:R - Matthew Hodges, Kyle Cook, Past Master Counselor, Ethan Adams, Past Master
Counselor, Cade Clifton
Back Row L:R - Dad Nick Auck-State Executive Officer, Anthony Fabio-Past Master Counselor,
and Dad Scotty Adams-Chapter Dad.

CENTRAL #442 A special meeting was held to honor
Membership Milestones Past Masters of the Lodge and to pres-
ent awards to members who achieved
25 and 50 years as Masons. M: W:
Frank N. du Treil, Jr.-Grand Master
was the keynote speaker. The Grand
Master was accompanied by several
members of his Official Family.
Bro Hilton Davis received a 50 Year
Membership Certificate, lapel pin, and
credentials. Bro Roy Pierce was pre-
sented with his 25 Year Membership
L:R - Hilton Davis, M: W: Frank duTreil-GM The Grand Master completed his
and Roy Pierce.
remarks by reminding everyone of the
support their wives give to Masons in
all their activities across the state.

Past Masters L:R - Geral Sildes, Randolph May, M: W: Bro Harold Ballard-PGM, M: W: Frank
duTreil-GM, James Esch, Al Cutrer, L W Alexander, David James and Paul Lawrence.
Back Row L:R - W: Robert Lee-Worshipful Master and Guy Jenkins.

Past Master presentation
During a Stated Communication of
the Lodge, W: Troy J. Gainey-Wor-
shipful Master took the opportunity to
present W: Bro Quentin J. “Joe” Buras
with a Past Master’s Apron.

L:R - W: Bro Joe Buras and W: Troy Gainey-WM

Meeting a Need
At the Grand Assembly for the In-
ternational Order of the Rainbow for
Girls, the young men of the Interna-
tional Order of DeMolay were on hand
to escort the officers at the "Gathering
at the Castle of Emerald Isle" Grand
Officers banquet. The boys currently
belong to Dr Dee A Strickland Chapter
# 19003 in Monroe, while their Chap-
ter in Shreveport is being reorganized. L:R - Daniel Hodges-Junior Deacon, Shirley
Boone-Worthy Grand Matron OES, Billy
Pratt-Senior Steward, Matthew Hodges-Junior
Steward and Anthony Fabio-Past State Senior
Councilor, Past Master Councilor Shreveport
Chapter DeMolay

L:R - Amber Rae Hodges-Faith IORG Temple Assembly #87 Grand Page to the Grand Worthy Advisor,
Daniel Hodges, M: W: Frank N duTreil-Grand Master, Billy Pratt, Matthew Hodges and Anthony
Fabio. Not Shown: Jonathan Keeling-Senior Councilor DeMolay Escort.
St. JAMES #47
Special Visitor
The Lodge was privileged to host a visit from R:W: Charles P Uhle, Junior
Grand Warden of the Grand Lodge of New York. Bro Uhle's father was raised at St
James lodge in 1929 and was a 50 year member, maintaining his membership even
after moving to New York to farm and raise a family. R:W: Uhle was accompanied
on his visit by his good friend, Bro Robert Hogan, Master of Shekomeko Lodge.
R:W: Bro Uhle shared with the lodge his father's masonic history, the impor-
tance of Masonry in his father's life and the love his father always held for St
James. Bro Uhle recently reached his 25 year membership milestone, and now
proudly wears his father's 25-year pin.
In one of those fortunate intersections of life St James was conferring a Master
Mason degree on the same night and RW Bro Uhle was able to sit in his father's
lodge and witness a new Mason being raised in the same manner as his father had
been 83 years ago.

L:R - Charles P Uhle, W: Turhan Ak-Worshipful Master and Robert Hogan

Past Master presentation
The Lodge was honored to receive
M: W: Frank N duTreil-GM and mem-
bers of his Official Family.
The Grand Master took the opportu-
nity to present W: Bro Avery W Rohner
with his Past Master’s Apron.

L:R - M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, W: Bro Avery
Rohner-PM and M: W: Bro B J Guillot-PGM.

Special Visitor

L:R - M: W: Bro Ron Mitchum-PGM South L:R - M: W: Bro Ron Mitchum-PGM and M: W:
Carolina, W: Bro Junior Lebeouf and W: John Bro J F “Jeff” Webb-PGM
Burns-PM WM.
Little Flock Lodge, Negreet, received a most distinguished visitor; M:W: Ron-
ald C. Mitchum, PGM of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina.
M:W: Bro Mitchum is no stranger to Louisiana Masons, he has attended 12 of
the last 13 Grand Lodge sessions. M:W: Bro. Ron, and his wife Sue, have become
a part of our Louisiana Masonic Family.
M:W: Bro. Mitchum had indicated he would like to attend a Lodge meeting
with W: Bro Junior Lebeouf and M:W: Bro. “Jeff” Webb, both members of Little
Flock. M:W: Bro. Mitchum was the house guest of M:W: Bro. Webb. After a
visit to Bro. Lebeouf’s home, all attended Lodge together where M:W: Bro Mit-
chum was presented with Honorary Membership in the Lodge. Due to a conflict-
ing schedule, M:W: Bro Mitchum had been unable to attend our “Bicentennial
Celebration”, so, he was presented with a Bicentennial Coin, Bicentennial Wine
Glass and Napkin, a gift sent from our M:W: Frank N. duTreil, Jr.-GM.
M:W: Bro. Mitchum reciprocated with gifts to Bro. Webb, Bro. Lebeouf, and
Little Flock Lodge. Presented were hand cast stones from the old Grand Lodge
of South Carolina, Masonic Square & Compasses Posters, and his Grand Master
lapel pins.
The food and fellowship was fantastic and we look forward to seeing M:W:
Bro. Mitchum at our next Grand Lodge session.

Past Masters Night
The Lodge held its annual Past
Masters event and was honored to have
eleven Past Masters in attendance. W:
Troy E Parker-Worshipful Master took
the opportunity to present Brother Ber-
Past Masters Front Row L:R - Earl Nesom, W:
nard Bossier with his 50 Year Certifi- Troy Parker-WM, William Ryals, Loye Nichols,
cate, lapel pin and credentials. Bob Palmer and Andrew Bing
Back Row L:R - Wilbur H “Sonny” Farrar, Paul
Burnitt, Preston Lane and Edward Burnitt.

L:R - WL Troy Parker-WM, Bernard Bossier and
W: Bro Andrew Bing

St. JAMES #47
New Master Masons
17 members and 11 guests gathered at St. James Lodge to raise four new Mas-
ter Masons. Brothers William Robert Gore, Walter Richard Krousel III, Joseph
Daniel Price, and Marcus Wayne Carpenter (a member of Milford Lodge #117)
received the third degree, with the second section being communicated in full
Special guests in attendance included Bro Gore's grandfather, Bro Bob Gavin,
who came to visit from Andrew Jackson Lodge #2 in Natchez Mississippi to help
raise his grandson, and Bro Harold Carpenter from New River Lodge #402, who
was on hand to raise his brother and present him with their father's masonic ring.

L:R - Robert Gore, W: Bro Stephen Selby, Walter Richard Krousel III, W: Bro Frank Dedman, Joseph
Daniel Price and Marcus Wayne Carpenter

JOPPA #362
New Master Masons

Front Row L:R - Kent Martin, W: Bro Mike Martin, Ronald Jones, Troy Jones and Bill Jennings.
Back Row L:R - Jerry Mullins-SW, R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM and W: Bro John Adams.
During a Special Communication with 21 members and 15 visitors in atten-
dance, the Lodge conferred the Master Mason Degree on three new Masons.
Kent Michael Martin, Troy Jarred Jones and George William Jennings, a member
of Fair Park #436 received the third Masonic degree.
The evenging was made even more special with having Kent Martin’s father,
W: Bro Michael W Martin and Troy Jones’s father, Bro Ronald D Jones assisting
with the degree. Several members of Fair Park Lodge were also in attendance to
be a part of raising Brother Jennings, their candidate.

50 Year M ilestones

L:R - W: John T Adams-PM WM, Anita Russell, Bro Jimmy Russell (50-Year Recipient), W: Bro Robert
E Bazzell-DGL (50 Year Recipient), Sandra Bazzell, Karen Nyman and R: W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM
The Grand Master attended Milford Lodge, located in Baton Rouge, and was
surprised with two donations. One was directed toward our Dyslexia Training
Program and another for the Shrine Hospital in Shreveport.
Louisiana Friends Against Childhood Cancer, in conjunction with Milford
Lodge provided a $7,250.00 donation, to be used at the hospital. Given the size of
the donation, M: W: Frank N duTreil, GM made the decision to personally deliver
the check to the hospital in Shreveport.
On Tuesday, following the weekend of the Shreveport Shrine Hospital’s 90th
Anniversary Celebration, the Grand Master was greeted by Ms. Gail Raines-Di-
rector of Patient Care, El Karubah’s Divan, R: W: H Edward Durham-DGM and
member of the Board of Governors for the hospital and several members from
local media outlets. After the presentation, M: W: duTreil with his Lady Roxanne,
were taken on a tour of the facility; led by Fred Gregory-Potentate El Karubah
Shrine Temple. Afterward, the assembly gathered in the private dining hall for a
wonderful lunch. Accolades belong to the brethren of Milford Lodge for their

L:R - R: W: Ed Durham-DGM, Gail Raines-Director of Patient Care, M: W: Frank duTreil-GM and
W: B ro

New Master Masons

Front Row L:R - New Master Masons William Huges, Jonathon Stiles and Jason Hurley are sur-
rounded by members of Plain Dealing, Haughton and the Scottish Rite Master Mason Degree Team.
Haughton Lodge and Plain Dealing Lodge conferred the Master Mason Degree
on three candidates. Jason Hurley of Haughton Lodge and William Hughes and
Jonathon Stiles, of Plain Dealing are the lodges newest members. Assisting in the
degrees were members of the Scottish Rite Degree Master Mason Degree Team.
All members and visitors enjoyed breakfast and lunch provided by the members
of Haughton Lodge.

Open Air Degree

Lodges from 4th District conferred an Open Air Master Mason Degree at Fort
Beauregard, in Harrisonburg. Columbia Lodge hosted the event with assistance
from Keystone, Ferriday and T B Gilbert Lodges. The Degree Team was led by
Winnsboro Lodge. Open air degrees were conferred on The Hill for many years
beginning in the 1950's through the 1980's. The District re-instituted the open air
degrees in 2008 and have conferred degrees annually for the past five years.
Veterans Home
Livonia and Fordoche Lodges gathered to provide the residents of the Louisi-
ana War Veterans Home-Jackson with a barbeque chicken dinner and fellowship.
Those in attendance to help were Judi and Mike Vaccaro, Joe Moses, Marshall
R. Moses, Jr., Charles Labatut, Gene Vincent, Jay Saizan, Hunter Saizan, Larry
Bossier, Al Shows, Andy Danko, Gilbert Eaves, Emalie and Bennet David, Mike
Atkinson, and Tom and Karen Pirie.
Special thanks go to Sheriff Mike Caze of West Baton Rouge Parish for the
use of his barbeque pit and to Langlois's Grocery of New Roads for the help and
preparation of the chicken. Without the effort of all involved, this day would not
have been possible. The brethren are shown in the photograph below.

Traveling Gavel Award

During a 1st District Lodge meeting, Mooringsport was awarded the Travel-
ing Gavel for greatest percentage of members present. This is a new milestone
for the Lodge as they had never won in the past. Shown above is W: Bro Vernon
Jennings-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Charles Stokes-PM Sec’y, W: Bro John Hickman-
PM Treasurer, W: Bro Raymond Whatley-PM Junior Deacon, W: James Moore-
PM WM and R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM 1st District.
St. JAMES #47
Flag Day

W: Turhan Ak with BSA Troop 505
The Lodge welcomed Istrouma Boy Scout Troop 505, their parents and troop
leaders, along with members of the Audubon Chapter of the Daughters of the
American Revolution to an open meeting for a tribute to the American Flag.
The DAR presented everyone with miniature American flags and pins. W: Bro
David Dodge presented a history of the variation of flags that have been flown by
America during its history. As he described each flag a member of the Troop 505
color guard presented the flag to the lodge.

Brittany Project LAFAYETTE #87
Four Lodges joined forces to raise
funds for a recreational facility (Brit-
tany Project) near Franklin.

W: Bro Blaise Smith and Bro Ronald Williams
cooking three hogs.

W: Bro John Belanger “Cracklin King” of W: Bro Kevin Justilian of Franklin, Doric and
Franklin & Jeanerette Lodges Lafayette Lodge serves the meal.
Grand Master Visit
M: W: Frank N duTreil-GM visited the Lodge and was immediately impressed
to find a “Reserved for Grand Master” parking spot. Having an official space at
the Lodge during his year was a flattering idea for the Grand Master. The thought
was fleeting however; as the Grand Master passed by the Lodge the following day,
only to find the space now read “Reserved for the Secretary”.
Several members of M: W: duTreil’s Official Family were in attendance during
the meeting.

Back Row L:R - W: Bro Gary Bergeron, W: Bro James Premeaux-DGL 12th District, W: Ronny
Dyson-WM, M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, Kimbal Bonner-Senior Warden, Charles Songe-Chaplain,
Donald Gautreaux-Sec’y and Robert Hughes-Marshal.
Front Row L:R - Mark Richards-Tyler, W: Bro Ralph Soignet, R: W: Wade Cheramie-DDGM 12th
District, Doug Petitpain-Senior Deacon, Robert Bergeron-MofC, Jerry Cunningham-Senior Steward
and Aaron Hebert-Junior Warden

M: W: Frank N. duTreil-Grand Master and his
one evening only parking spot.

100th Anniversary
A Lodge of Master Masons was organized by Bro. Lofton and began conduct-
ing business under dispensation on Friday evening February 24, 1911. It was of-
ficially chartered by the Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana on February 7,
1912. The Lodge met at the Woodman of the World building for $2.00 a month. 90
years later, it meets in its present building that was constructed in 2002.
W: Garland Henson-WM, with the assistance from his entire Lodge Officer
Line, welcomed M: W: Frank N duTreil-GM, Grand Lodge Officers, members,
visitors and guests to the event that celebrates 100 Years of Springhill Lodge. W:
Bro Wayne King excellently handled the duties of Master of Ceremonies for the
The detailed program included history of the lodge by quarter centuries, rec-
ognition of those brethren that have passed to the Celestial Lodge, presentations
of proclamations by the City of Springhill and Webster Parish Police Jury, all ac-
companied with appropriate musical score.
Several visitors, including M: W: duTreil-Grand Mater remarked how im-
pressed they were with the program and the efforts of Springhill Lodge.

L:R - J. Shelton Mizell-Senior Steward, W: Bro
Billy Ray-DGL 2nd District, Chad Darst-Senior

M: W: Framk N duTreil-Grand Master and W:
Garland Henson-Worshipful Master

Front Row L:R - J. Shelton Mizell-Senior Stew-
ard, Chad Darst-Senior Warden, M: W: Frank
duTreil-GM, W: Garland Henson-WM, W: Bro
Greg Richardson-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Billy
Hilburn-PM Marshal and Heath Harvey-Junior
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Harley Thomas-PM
Senior Deacon, W: Bro Billy Sayers-PM Cha-
plian, David Sawyer-Junior Warden, W: Bro
Glenn Robertson-PM MofC and W: Bro Wayne
King-PM Junior Deacon
Different Kind Of Masons
The Old Tyler Talks - Carl Claudy
am almost through!" The New Brother displayed a sheaf of cards to the
I Old Tiler. "Soon I will have joined them all and become every kind of
Mason there is."
"What do you know about the kinds of Masons there are?" asked the
Old Tiler, interested. "You have not been a Master Mason long enough to gain all
that knowledge!"
"That's not hard to gain with all the brethren poking petitions at you. There
are Scottish Rite Masons and York Rite Masons and Templar Masons and Chapter
Masons and Council Masons, and."
"Oh!" The Old Tiler said, "I didn't understand. I thought you couldn't have
learned yet."
"Learned what? Are there some more kinds of Masons?"
"Indeed, yes! Answered the Old Tiler. "A great many kinds. But, seven you
haven't mentioned stand out more prominently than others."
"Do tell me! I thought I had joined most of them..."
"You don't join these. You become one, or are made one, or grow into one of
them. For instance, there is the "King Solomon Mason. He thinks that everything
that Solomon did as a Mason is right and everything he didn't do is wrong. To
him, Masonry was conceived, born and grew up in the shadow of King Solomon
and every word of the legend is literally true, much like the man who refuses to
believe the earth is round, because a verse in the Bible refers to the 'four corners
of the earth!' The King Solomon Mason lives his Masonry according to his light;
perhaps it's not his fault it is so dim.”
"To the "Ritual Mason" the importance of Masonry is the form of its words. A
good Mason in his belief is one who can repeat a lecture from end to end without
a slip. A man may do battle, murder, or cause sudden death, commit arson or run
away with a neighbor's wife; but if he knows his ritual letter perfect, it 'was all a
mistake!' The man who doesn't know his ritual letter perfect is not, in this man's
eyes, a good Mason; not though he give to charity with both hands and carry love
for his fellowman in both head and heart.”
"The "Practical Mason" looks at life from a utilitarian standpoint. He prefers
electricity to candles for the Lesser Lights because they are simpler and prefers
candles to electricity because they are cheaper. He thinks a choir is impractical
because it produces nothing permanent and would rather spend the money for
printed matter or a new carpet. He is at his best when raising money for a new
temple and at his worst when asked to express himself upon the spirit of Masonry.
His hand is in his pocket for charity, but never for entertainment. He is usually
on the finance committee and recommends a budget in which rent and heat and
light are bigger than relief.”
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Different Kind Of Masons:
"The "Heart Mason" is the opposite. He is full of impractical schemes. He
wants to start a new temple which will never be built. He talks much of the Fa-
therhood of God and the brotherhood of man, but is absent when the hat is passed
and the committee on funds needs a few workers to go out and gather in. The heart
Mason is the lodge sob-sister; he usually seconds any motion to spend any amount
of money for flowers or to send a brother away for his health and always makes a
little tear-filled speech about the fatherless loved ones, even if the dear departed
died a bachelor.”
“The "Business Mason" belongs because he thinks it helps his job. He usually
sits next to the solid business man in lodge and likes to tell people what he does.
If he is a Past Ma ter, he never comes to lodge on time, so that he can get a special
welcome at the Altar. His favorite speech is about the man who tried to advertise
his business in lodge and how evil this was; in the speech he always mentions his
own business. He wears an extra large sized pin and prints squares and compasses
on his letterheads.”
"We dominate another kind by the expressive term of "Belly Mason." He is
most faithful in attendance at lodges where there may be a feed. He will cheer-
fully spend twenty cents car fare and a long evening to get a fifteen cent sandwich.
If there is to be a sit-down meal he will sit up all night to be on time. If the affair
is in another lodge and needs tickets, he will take time off from his job to hunt
a brother who has a ticket and doesn't want it. He usually manages to cross the
lodge room while the cigars are passed so he can dig into the box twice. If the
crowd is small, he is the last man to get a smoke, so he can take all that are left. If
the crowd is large, he is among the first, to make sure he doesn't get left.”
"And then there is the "Regular Mason," the fellow who does his best with
the time and brains he has. He is the great bulk of the fraternity. He pays the
dues and fills the chairs and does the work. He is seldom a fine ritualist, but he is
usually an earnest one. He is not very practical and would spend more than we
have if it wasn't that he is too sentimental to permit the charity fund to be robbed.
He passes the sandwiches and coffee, and if there is any left, he gets his; but he
doesn't care so long as the evening is a success. He isn't a student, but something
in the heart of Masonry has reached deep into his heart, and so he comes to lodge
and does his best. He is not learned, but he is not stupid. He is not hidebound
and yet he is conservative. He loves his lodge, but not so much he cannot see her
faults. He is most of us."
"And what class of Mason am I?" asked the New Brother, uneasily looking at
his sheaf of cards.
"You have cards enough to be considered a Mason for almost any reason,"
answered the Old Tiler. "But I'll take your word for it. What kind of Mason are
"I don't know for sure, but I know what kind I am never going to be!" answered
the new Brother, putting his many cards away.

The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357 Permit No. 920

2012-2013 OFFICERS
Frank N. duTreil, Jr., Grand Master
H. Edward Durham, Deputy Grand Master
Earl J. “Mickey” Durand, Grand Senior Warden
William J. Mollere, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, Jr., PGM, Grand Secretary
Lloyd A. Hebert, Grand Chaplain
Will P. Gray, Grand Marshal
Ion Lazar, Grand Senior Deacon
Edward A. Reine, Jr., Grand Junior Deacon
James E. Steen, Grand Sword Bearer
Andrew H. Stevenson, Sr., Grand Pursuivant
Paul M. Plummer, Grand Standard Bearer
Vernon R. Atkinson, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician

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