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The Louisiana


M: W: Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr., Grand Master
Bossier City Centennial Plaque
The Louisiana

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Loui-
siana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria,
Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for members
of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only. Mailed
‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid at
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
unsolicited articles, with the right to edit, and use
when space permits. Articles and pictures become
the property of the magazine. Authors are requested
to sign articles and COVER STORY
include their name, address, phone number and, if a Bossier City and Freemasonry
member, the name of their Masonic Lodge. Articles
Page 6
that are printed do not necessarily reflect the views
of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary on
the proper form. DO NOT send changes of address
to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail INSIDE THIS ISSUE
and /or material for consideration for publication Grand Master’s Message Page 3
in the Louisiana Freemason to:
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON Feature Article Page 4
105 Bayhills Dr.,
Benton, LA 71006
Email: Editor’s Pick Page 6

Commentary Pages 8-13
Committee To Supervise
Publication of the
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006 Not to be disrespectful or to sound crass,
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
I can say with 100% certainty that there will
99 Bayou Robert Road
Alexandria, LA 71302 always be deceased Past Grand Masters to
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.) feature on the cover of this magazine. I have
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100 gone so far as to ask many of our living PGMs
Metairie, LA 70005 to provide an autobiography or someone in
W: E. Doyle Freeman, P.M. (311)
their family to begin writing a biography for
415 Arrowwood Dr.
Slidell, LA 70458-0908 the editor to use in this publication in the far
W: Richard D. Mahoney, P.M. (246) distant future.
P.O. Box 369 The Business Plan includes community
Winnsboro, LA 71295 involvement and publicity as a key compo-
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
nent. The general public should know that we
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360 still exist, who we are and the moral values we
inculcate. Bossier City provided an avenue
and venue to feature Louisiana Masons. It
is naturally fitting to have that story featured
on the cover.
Brethren, words are inadequate to express the deep
sense of gratitude I feel for the confidence and esteem
you have shown by selecting me to serve as Grand Master
of Masons in Louisiana, and thereby bestowing upon me
the highest honor that free Masonry has to offer. I am
keenly aware of the high responsibility of this office, and
of the great trust reposed in me and the Elected Grand
Line. Such great honor is accompanied by commensurate
responsibility. The stewardship of Louisiana free Masonry
has therefore become my constant care and charge.
In consideration of that responsibility, I, in conjunc-
tion with your Grand Lodge Officers, have adopted an
ambitious program for this and the coming years. This
Business Plan encompasses general areas of Committees,
Community Involvement, Membership and Finances. We
have previously toured the State to present, discuss, and
solicit comments relative to the Plan. You have had an op-
portunity to study it, and you approved the resolutions we
requested to put the Plan in motion. It is a work in progress. Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr.
One of my main efforts will be in working with you to make Grand Master
sure that the activities of the Grand Lodge will go forward State of Louisiana
smoothly this year, and in the years to come.
Ten years ago, we adopted the treatment of childhood learning disorder
Dyslexia as our primary charity. The Center system has been met with enthusiasm by parents, teach-
ers, Masons, and the public, to the extent that we now have in excess of thirty Centers presently in
progress under the leadership of M:W:B: Roy Tuck. We see the need for the establishment of full time
management of this Program and the need to employ a professional administrator to oversee day to
day operations. The continued successful growth of our Dyslexia program is fully dependant on the
dedication and support, both financial and otherwise, of the Brethren of this State; its future success
rests squarely upon our shoulders.
We have come to realize a continuing deterioration in the quality of the information stream between
the Brethren, the Constituent Lodges, and the Grand Lodge. You have approved the establishment of
the Permanent Information Technology Committee, which is currently overseeing the upgrading of the
Grand Lodge web page, upgrading our Internet reporting capabilities and information transmission
systems. We will continue our Education Program for Lodge Officers and Secretaries.
On August 16th, we will hold our Annual Educational Retreat for Wardens and Secretaries at Wood-
worth, LA, as well as several secretaries workshops around the State again this year. We will continue
to study the highest and best use of our Grand Lodge property in Alexandria, and will, through our
Gifts, and Wills, and Legacy Committee, encourage and promote donations to Grand Lodge Fraternal
and our Charities through bequeathals. We will strive to build the Grand Lodge Endowment fund,
continue our Masonic pen and Medallion fundraisers, and the “two cents a day” Program. We will
continue our support for our youth programs including Demolay, Rainbow, and Job’s Daughters. I
also encourage every Blue Lodge Mason to join in and become active in our Appendant Bodies, such
as the Scottish Rite, the York Rite, the Shrine and the Order of the Eastern Star. Brethren, with the
awesome responsibility comes an equally awesome opportunity. How well we take advantage of that
opportunity depends totally upon the degree of your support. I pray that each of you will remember
your Masonic obligations and be as generous of your time, efforts and finances as your individual
circumstances will allow.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr.
Grand Master, 2008-09
Clayton J. Borne III, PGM

hy is there so much confusion over the subject of Masonic Etiquette?
Is there a difference between Masonic Etiquette and Decorum or Pro-
tocol? In general as appalling as it may be, society today is a reflection
of disrespect, an unappreciative and uncaring disease that migrates into
all aspects of our culture. The cure as with all other social problems is education.
Aprons worn inside the coat, addressing the Worshipful Master seated are com-
mon place. What is correct and to what do we look for direction? Etiquette can
be defined as standards controlled by stated rule or law. Masonic Etiquette are
standards controlled by stated Rules of Masonic Law. Decorum on the other hand
is a standard which reflects basic concepts of respect and are therefore under our
personal control.
The Masonic Fraternity is the oldest and largest fraternity in the world. Do we
ever stop to think what makes us different from the other fraternal organizations?
The things that set us apart from all others are found in our Traditions and Ritual,
both Esoteric and Exoteric. One of the most important aspects of our traditional
history is in fact our Masonic Etiquette.
Masonic Etiquette actually encompasses the concepts of decorum, respect and
good manners, together with certain particulars which are peculiar to Freemasonry.
Etiquette should be known and practiced because the basic rule of respect has the
power to maintain harmony in our lodges. It is a form of courtesy to the individual
members and a manifestation of respect to the entire Craft. Harmony is the chief
strength and support of the Lodge and the Worshipful Master should in a compas-
sionate way demand it when he accepts the responsibility of the East.
The dictionary defines Etiquette as: The forms and practices prescribed by so-
cial convention or by authority or, the established rule of procedure, etc. Masonic
Etiquette therefore mandates that we should actively move for greater proficiency
and higher standards in our work, lectures, constitution and understanding of its law.
Brothers should execute proper Masonic Etiquette not only for their Lodge itself
but also for their Lodge Brothers. I know that many of us have seen members act
in an un-Masonic way toward another Brother totally ignoring Masonic Etiquette.
The only avenue in my opinion that can be used to achieve our goal to upgrade
our lodges is through a more intense respect and understanding of all aspects of
the rules of etiquette.
Remember to subdue your passions and improve yourself in Masonry is prob-
ably the most difficult tasks as Masons we are obligated to perform. Differences,
especially with our Brothers will always exist; however the Brother who makes the
matter personal does not know or does not care about etiquette of the Brotherhood
and is probably not a true Mason at heart. It is only by demanding a higher standard
are Brothers reminded of the respect that is due one another.
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Masonic Etiquette
from page 4:
Another major concept that actively promotes standards or etiquette is that of
mentoring. How can we fault our newly raised Masons who see this un-courteous,
disrespectful behavior and repeat the same thinking that is the norm? To the newly
raised Brother: “Should a mistake or error occur and you are respectfully corrected
by another Brother, we should not be offended by his words or wisdom for this
Brother cares about, practices and has respect for the Masonic discipline achieved,
Masonic Etiquette.” Our Fraternity would not exist without the wisdom of our
elders maintaining these standards.
Where a group of Masons act in unity, as in a Lodge Communication, etiquette
takes the form of proper decorum. Loud talk, restless moving about, laughter,
smoking, flippancy, irreverence toward the Worshipful Master and other constituted
officers of the Lodge, passing between the Altar and the East, giving no heed to
the business at hand and improper entering and retiring results in no need to con-
sult a book of etiquette in order to accept the fact that such indecorous behavior
is dangerous to the harmony of the Lodge. It is in such an atmosphere that ill will
and hard feelings, not to mention the more serious menace of splits and feuds, are
most likely to take root to the great danger of the Craft. This paper will address
some major areas that demand education.
Landmarks and Ritual: The most basic tenant of Masonic etiquette and
decorum is that it is a two way street. It must be demanded, by a well informed
Worshipful Master. The Worshipful Master who is uneducated or ill informed and
who permits the intrusion of such in decorum is not faithful to the duties of his
office. Our Masonic Ritual governs opening of Lodges, therefore it is the Wor-
shipful Master’s judgment that creates and maintains the standards, dignity and
practices of our Ancient Landmarks and Masonic Law. A basic example would
be the addressing the Worshipful Master. The Brother who as anything to say to
the Lodge, whether it be to enter discussion or to make or second a motion, must
rise to his feet, give the proper sign, wait to be recognized by the Master, speak
directly to the Master. When this concept is ignored, it should be taught and then
immediately required to be used by the Worshipful Master.
Inside Lodge Hall: Within the lodge there are areas of etiquette that through
lack of education or disrespect are ignored. No Brother shall pass between the
Altar and the East while the Lodge is at Labor, except when required to do so by
ritualistic performance. The Great Lights are the particular responsibility of the
Worshipful Master; no Brother should ever obscure his view of them. This lesson
is usually taught as a diversionary tactic preceding the lesson of caution. Further
when called to refreshment the Junior Warden, Tyler and Junior Deacon stay in
the Lodge until the Lodge is vacated. The Junior Warden then is responsible for
the Craft during the hours refreshment.
Outside Lodge Hall/Anteroom/Preparation Room: As soon as a Brother
enters a Masonic Hall to attend a Communication, he immediately comes under the
traditions of Masonic Etiquette. If he is late, he should not indulge in loud talking
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Bossier City & Freemasonry
Steven A. Pence

ast year the City of Bossier City contacted Bro George McAnn, Masonry’s
ambassador to the City, about Masons joining them in ceremonies sur-
rounding the 100th anniversary of the city. Their reasoning was that we
have the expertise and knowledge of time capsules, plaques, cornerstones
and related ceremonies. The City remembered our ceremonies for the cornerstone on
the Bossier City CenturyTel® Arena in 2000 and again in 2005 on the City’s park-
ing garage connected to the Louisiana Boardwalk Shopping Center. Pam Glorioso,
Bossier City’s Project Coordinator and Chairperson of the Centennial Committee,
wanted to replicate those ceremonies at the close of the celebration in 2008. Bro
George, never passing an opportunity to showcase our fraternity, provided my name
as the liaison and contact for the fraternity’s involvement in the centennial program.
The year long celebration began on April 7, 2007 at the Louisiana Boardwalk in 30°
weather and concluded on April 9, 2008 at the Municipal Complex-City Council
Chambers, again under the threat of inclement weather.
Ms. Glorioso extended the services of the Director of Building Maintenance,
Richard L. Dubois who is also W: Bro Dubois, PM-Secretary of Temple Lodge
#448 and a good friend. The plaque was to be placed adjacent to the Liberty
Garden, a memorial honoring fire fighters, police officers and sheriff deputies
who have died in the line of duty and paying tribute to those that lost their lives
on September 11, 2001. The granite used for the plaque was salvaged by Richard
from the Bossier Bank and Trust Building, which also home of the original Bossier
City Hall. The two and a half inch thick granite is balmoral red coarse grained
or Taivassalo from Finland. Richard designed a pedestal with separate areas for
the City and Masonic time capsules. After the stone was cut and polished, it was
turned over to Leo and Carolyn Perry of Dixie Monument for Carolyn’s artistry
and Leo’s craftsmanship. The photograph on the cover does not provide justice to
the beauty of their work.
The plaque ceremony began with Ms. Pam Glorioso welcoming the over 200
people in attendance and introduced the Centennial Committee. She welcomed
and introduced our distinguished Grand Lodge officers and Masons. The brethren
attending the Grand Master were R: W: Jules F. Webb-DGM, R: W: Woody D.
Bilyeu-GSW, R: W: B. J. Guillot-GJW, R: W: Clyde Stout-DDGM 1st Masonic
District, M:W: Bro Roy B. Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary, W: Thomas P. Brown-
Grand Chaplain, W: Frank N. DuTreil, Jr.-Grand Marshal, W: James E. Steen-GJD,
W: Gary L. Gribble-Associate Grand Photographer and Worshipful Master of the
1st Masonic District Lodge, W: James P. Allen-WM Temple Lodge #448, W: Bro
Richard L. Dubois-PM Secretary Temple Lodge #448, M: W: Bro Roy B. Delaney-
PGM, M: W: Bro Ballard L. Smith-PGM, M: W: Bro Charles H. Penn, III-PGM,
M: W: Bro S. Bruce Easterly-PGM and of course Bro George A McAnn. Mayor
Lorenz J. “Lo” Walker addressed the gathering and spoke of a time when Bossier
City was defined as a honky tonk town and how the City has evolved from that
reputation to being one of the most progressive and growing cities in the state.
Bossier City Council President Jeffery Darby told everyone that Bossier City con-
tinues to set itself apart and establish benchmarks for progress that are unattainable
in other metropolitan areas, due mainly to the citizens living and working here.
The program then turned to the centennial plaque ceremony that was conducted
by M: W: Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr., Grand Master.
Temple Lodge #448 was host for the Emergent Communication of the Grand
Lodge. M: W: Hennigan-GM thanked the officers of Temple Lodge for their
hospitality. The Grand Master thanked Mayor Walker and Pam Glorioso for the
opportunity to be included in their celebration. M: W: Hennigan-GM provided
ceremonial trowels to members of the Centennial Committee, Mayor Walker, the
three City Councilmen in attendance, Bros McAnn, Allen and Dubois. The Grand
Master thanked W: Frederick G. Gregory-WM and Bro Kenneth M. Hamm, of
Martin McClanahan Lodge #384 for providing the police escort from the lodge
hall to the ceremonies.
Publicity for this event was
provided by the 4 local television
stations, Bossier Press-Tribune,
Shreveport Times, NPR radio
and Tom Pace of The Talk of the
Town. The event was featured on
the front page of the Tribune, 5 and
10 P.M. news broadcasts by 3 of
the television stations and a major
feature on the Talk of the Town
webpage. It provided Masonry a
prominent display to the general M: W: Hennigan-GM with Ms. Pam Glorioso and
Mayor Lo Walker
Bro McAnn advised the Grand Master that there will be an additional five Ma-
sonic plaque ceremonies in Bossier Parish, during 2008 and two have already been
scheduled. R: W: Webb was told that there are already two plaques scheduled for
2009. Bro McAnn took the opportunity to provide a tour of the Liberty Garden for
which he played a pivotal role establishing while he served on the former Clean
City Committee, now the Keep Bossier Beautiful committee. One quarter of the
brick foundation is reserved for Masonry. Bricks are still available for purchase by
lodges, members or family. The Grand Master and Grand Senior Warden purchased
individual bricks. Deputy Grand Master Webb indicated he would need more time
to study and gather additional information before committing.
A reception was held in the Mayor’s conference room immediately following
the ceremonies and M: W: Bro Chuck Penn then took members of the Grand Line
for a tour of the Shrine Hospital. Upon their return, lunch was hosted by Temple
Lodge for everyone that attended the morning’s event. Temple Lodge then provided
lunch for the entire Bossier Police Department.
The Parable of the Talents
by Dr. Larry C. Wade-PM
St. James No. 47

very Christian Freemason is familiar with The Parable of the Talents
(Matthew 25: 14 - 30). In summary, a master departs on a journey to a
distant land. He leaves his assets unevenly distributed among his three
servants; one servant receives five talents, another receives two talents,
and the third receives only one talent. (Verse 27 dispels any possible doubt that
the “talent” is a unit of money.)
Servant one takes risks but is able to double his wealth, by the time of the mas-
ter’s return. Likewise, servant two doubles his bequest. But servant three only
manages to protect and preserve the meager asset with which he was entrusted;
rather than assertively trying to use his wealth to acquire greater wealth, this cow-
ardly man buries it in a hidden place, to preserve it intact, fearing the wrath of the
master, should he lose it.
Of course, the master is pleased with the productivity of the first two. To both,
he proclaims the immortal words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou
hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter
thou into the joy of thy lord.”
The master heaps scorn, though, on the head of the third servant, saying, “Thou
wicked and slothful servant, thou knewest that I reap where I sowed not, and gather
where I have not strawed: Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the
exchangers, and then at my coming I should have received mine own with usury.
Take therefore the talent from him, and give it unto him which hath ten talents.
For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from
him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. And cast ye the
unprofitable servant into the outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing
of teeth.”
On June 24, 1717, the GAOTU left a few “talents” in the hands of a few men who
had gathered at The Goose and Gridiron Ale House, in London, England. These
were “good and faithful servants”, who were not “risk-avoidant”. In an era when
a man could have lost his freedom (or even his head), as punishment for simply
taking a stand against tradition, against his monarch, or against the church, these
men and many others like them across the face of Europe, aided and supported by
the enlightened and courageous women of the time, dared to create a new world - a
world of freedom and human rights, the likes of which had previously existed, if
at all, only in the imaginations of very wise and enlightened men.
Bro. John Theophilus Desaguliers; The Baron de Montesqueiu ; Cesare Bone-
sana Beccaria ; Bro. William Preston; Bro. Voltaire; Bro. George Washington;
Bro. Benjamin Franklin; Bro. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Bro. Ignaz von Born;
Bro. Thomas Smith Webb; Bro. Paul Revere - these men did not hide behind the
cowardly mantle of some notion that “divisive” topics such as politics must be
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The Parable of the Talents
from page 4:
avoided. They were not risk-avoidant. Rather, they took on political and social
issues and debated them, guided by their unshakable faith in the same tool of
Reason that had been at the heart of the establishment of The Craft, from the start.
Thus, they created the very milieu in which the most meaningful issues of human
history were courageously discussed, dissected, and subjected to scrutiny under
the microscope of Reason, and then courageously acted upon; such was the milieu
of their Freemasonry.
Like the signers of the Declaration of Independence, after them, our Masonic
forebears risked all, to reshape the world in the image of their Enlightened vision
- the vision that we claim to hold as the greatest ever conceived by human minds
- the vision that we call “Civil Democratic Society” .
Like the servants in the parable, succeeding generations of Freemasons have been
left with a very remarkable bequest. If we apply an analysis in the light of the par-
able, some generations of Masons have managed their bequest in such a way that
the end result was a measurable increase in that bequest - from 1717 until 1960,
Masonry grew, quite remarkably.
By this same measure, on the other hand, the generations of Masons since 1960
would have to be likened to the third servant - the “wicked and slothful” servant.
Our careful, risk-avoidant, secretive approach to the management of our bequest has
resulted in great loss. We are so mesmerized by the beauty of ritual and ceremony,
by the symmetry and elegance of the Masonic system of morality, by the power of
Masonic tradition, that we miss the point of it all, quite entirely. To our forebears,
the structure, the ideals, the principles of Freemasonry were not the end purpose
of The Craft. Rather, all these aspects of Freemasonry were tools - instruments
for social good - ways to make the world a better place for themselves and for
generations that would follow them.
Rather than having the courage to recognize and confront social ills that are an
affront to Masonic truths - indeed to all decency - we hide away in our Lodges,
where we impotently meander through repetitious, empty ritual. At our worst, we
polish ourselves up, don tuxedos and white gloves, and parade around in candlelit
darkness, in some solemn but empty parody of what once had some meaning. And,
we presume to take this nonsense seriously, while the world around us regresses
into a state so devoid of morality, so totally misguided, that the real Masons of old,
whose shoes we are not worthy to tie, would find it abhorrent and insufferable.
Is it any wonder that our “talents” have not multiplied? Are we, indeed, slouch-
ing toward “the outer darkness”? Wouldn’t that be ironic, now? - to have our
“search for light” lead us off the precipice and into “the outer darkness” because
in our indolence, we allowed ourselves to be mesmerized by the “shiny toy” that
the Masons of old left to us, and thus to idly squander our bequest - everything
Masonic lost forever, due to our lack of real vision (it being hard to see, with one’s
head buried in the sand)!

The Old Charges
Kenneth Bond deMoss, PM
Hope Lodge #145
The Old Charges, Ancient Constitutions, Old Manuscripts, Gothic Constitutions
or Old Records, are the basis from which we have developed our constitutions,
laws and rules that regulates our lodges today.
There are approximately 125 of these old manuscripts, the bulk of which are
housed between two libraries, The British Museum library and the Masonic Library
West Yorkshire, England. These are found in many forms, many with common ori-
gins written by hand either on parchment scrolls, or loose sheets of vellum. Some
were cut and sewn into books, while others were written into the record books of
various lodges. Those produced later were printed into bound books.
We should be thankful that so many of these old legends and traditions, usages
and regulations of the operative guilds were preserved. When or by whom they
were compiled we may never know for certain because no signed copy has ever
been found. Some scholars have looked to these manuscripts in search of a point
of demarcation so as to ascertain when we became speculative freemasons. We, as
a fraternity, are but a child in terms of history and have been in a constant state of
change and development from then to now without an exact reference to the time
of our origin. However, we can find evidence of the roots of freemasonry firmly
planted in operative Masonic guilds. These roots become evident when studying the
manuscripts written before the formation of the Grand Lodge of London in 1717.
While the precise point in time when we first became speculative masons may not
be accurately determined, we can follow its metamorphosis into the institution as
it exists today.
The oldest and most famous of these manuscripts are the Halliwell and Matthew
Cooke manuscripts. The Halliwell manuscript is better known as the Reguis Poem,
which dates to around 1390 A.D. However, this dating comes from the handwriting
analysis rather than carbon dating or other scientific means. Both the Reguis and
Cooke manuscripts are written in what is know as “Middle English”, the name
given by historical linguistics to the diverse forms of the English language spoken
between the Norman invasion of 1066 and the mid-to-late 15th century, when the
Chancery Standard, a form of London-based English, began to become widespread,
a process aided by the introduction of the printing press into England by William
Caxton in the 1470s, and slightly later by Richard Pynson.
The Reguis is the only one of the old manuscripts found to be written in verse
and is thought to have been written by a priest. The first 576 lines are Masonic in
nature; the remaining 219lines are some form of sermon. Though thought to be
the oldest of all ancient Masonic manuscripts, line one hundred and forty three is
troublesome, for it states, “By old time written I find” which leads one to believe
there must be an older manuscripts out there which is not yet discovered. Unfor-
tunately these older referenced manuscripts may never be found for there are at
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The Old Charges
from page10:
least fifteen that are known to have existed and are unaccounted for. It is feared
that they are all now been lost or destroyed.
The Cooke Manuscript was written around 1450 A.D. and contains 960 lines.
It is much more elaborate and detailed than the Reguis. It introduces the seven
liberal arts and sciences, has an explanation of geometry and a more detailed
legend of freemasonry. However, like the rest it is quite fanciful in nature. This
manuscript, like many others, ends with a number of articles, points and charges.
Like the Reguis manuscript, there is evidence the Cooke manuscript may have
been compiled from an earlier work. One point of interest is that each ends with
the phrase “so mote it be.”
It is thought among some scholars that each lodge had a copy of the Old Charges
and that they may have been read to the candidate as part of his initiation. We
have no proof of this or that some lodges treated the Old Charges as a warrant
or constitutions they were clearly intended to regulate the Craft and it workings.
These charges were similar in many ways but no two were exactly alike, there are
variations in all, but also agreement that shows a common origin and purpose to the
manuscripts. Many of the words and phrases that are found in our working rituals
of today come from these ideas and traditions which link us to our past with the
operative guilds that is our foundation.
In 1721 four years after the formation of the Grand Lodge, Grand Master, John
Montagu the 2nd Duke of Montagu made a request that the old manuscripts to be
brought to the Grand Lodge for formal review. He found fault with all of the Old
Charges, Gothic Constitutions and General Regulations, and wanted them di-
gested and rewritten into a more usable document. Dr. James Anderson requested
permission from the Grand Lodge to write and publish a new Constitution which
was granted and the first edition was published in 1723 as a private venture. It
was sanctioned for printing after a favorable review and approval from the Grand
Lodge committee.
As referenced above, these various literary works are the basis from which we
have developed our constitutions, laws and rules that regulates our lodges today.
We can point directly to these various works to find examples of our modern us-
ages. The following are but a few examples:
• The Cooke Manuscript was the first to state that we are not to commit adultery,
not to slander a mason’s name, but to keep his counsel truly, and that a mason must
be a freeman.
• The Dumfries Manuscript was the first to reference the square and compasses
and the Bible together in a Masonic writing.
• The Harleian No.1492 is important for it contains an oath of secrecy.
• The Harleian No. 2054 was the first to mention in writing the use of Masonic
words and signs.
• The Edinburgh Register House Manuscript contains the words, “[t]o hail and
conceal”, the “five points of fellowship”, and an early version of the penalty of
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Masonic Etiquette
from page 5:
that may be heard inside the Lodge. His demeanor toward other Brethren, whom
he may meet there, should be courteous and respectful; there as well as elsewhere,
Masonry does not give any man license to take personal liberties with another! This
is especially true if any candidates are present, waiting their call to the preparation
room; to give the impression that vulgar condct, levity, practical joking or others
forms of disrespect are countenanced by the Craft is a misrepresentation of the
Lodge. Further, no Brother should enter the preparation room when a candidate
is present except the Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon and Worshipful Master or a
Brother acting for them.
Lodge Furnishings: Edict demands a lodge be properly prepared. It must be
situated ‘due East and West’ and maintained as it were your personal home. It, in
essence, should be an extension of our homes; clean and orderly. As for the fur-
nishings the Grand Lodge Constitutions make discussion of the ballot a Masonic
Offense. Except for the Holy Bible, the ballot and the box in which it is taken is
the most sacred thing in the Lodge. Every Mason owes to his Lodge the duty of
protecting it against poor quality material and every Mason owes to every petitioner
a fair ballot. which is the only protection a petitioner has against unfair discrimina-
tion and unreasonable prejudice. Other etiquettes dealing with Lodge furnishings
include never dip the Flag of our contrie and nor should the Altar be draped unless
there is a Masonic Emblem on it. There are many others.
Discussions Within the Lodge: Discussions within the Lodge also has its
etiquette. Etiquette for the Fraternity is set forth with great weight and feeling
in the old charges and constitutions, as early as 925 A.D. All offensive personal
remarks, all expressions of bitterness or ill will and all or any slurs upon the
Lodge or its Officers, Grand Lodge or its Officers and the Fraternity itself, and
all flippant, unseemly, or discourteous remarks addressed to the Lodge or to its
officers are condemned alike by the principals of common courtesy and ettiquette
and by the disciplanary laws of the Craft. Another often ignored principle is that
a Brother should speak only to the Master, never to each other unless ordered to
do so by the Master. Unless the Brother originates the motion, a Brother should,
under proper etiquette, speak only once. Another is never speak the Name of The
Lord in vain. Also a general rule of etiquette often ignored is that no one speaks
after the ranking officer speaks.
Personal Conversations Outside the Lodge: Speaking outside the lodge
also has etiquette. It must be remembered that “Brother” is a title. In the usage’s
of Freemasonry, Brother is neither a sentimental nor familar form of address but
is an actual title, the same as Worshipful, Right Worshipful and Most Worshipful
and must always be used as such. A man does not attend a Lodge communication
in his capacity as a private individual. He is there in his capacity as Master Mason
and for this reason, one should refer to Bill Jones as Brother Jones in the same
literal sense as any other officer in Lodge or Grand Lodge. Further, speaking ill
of a brother should never ocurr. We are defined by our conduct therefore such
negative comments destroy the persona created by our Masonic discipline and its
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Masonic Etiquette
Personal Attire: At no time should a brother enter a lodge hall without proper
dress. The matter of attire depnds entirely upon circumstances and is a point Grand
Lodge usually leaves to each constituent Lodge to decide, though much may be
said in favor of formal attire, since it is a mark of respect for the Fraternity. One
thing is certain: if any of the officers are required to wear formal attire, all of the
officers should wear the same without exception; and if he and his colleagues wear
formal attire, the Worshipful Master should use a hat to correspond. The members
will dress according to private tastes, normally a jacket with tie and etiquette
would require that all brothers enter the Lodge room with apron regalia and jewels
properly arranged beforehand.
When wearing clothing that would conceal the apron, always wear the apron on
the outside of the garment. A Grand Lodge Officer should always wear the apron of
his office. Not only to pay proper respect to the Grand Lodge but also as a means
to identify the office he holds or the highest office held. An exeption would be
that at Masonic Memorial Services, all Lodge Officers and Brethren, regardless
of station shall be clothed in white aprons. This is not followed in all jurisdictions.
Further dress should show your respect for the institution. No shorts or tank tops,
no frivolous hats, i.e. no baseball caps, straw hats or soft hats should ever be worn.
The Worshipful Master is to specify and insist on the dress.
Most researched authorities state that Masonic rings should be worn facing
outward, although I have read source materials and been instructed by my mentor
as to the reverse. When receiving my grandfather’s ring from my father, who had
received it from my grandfather when my father was raised, I was instructed to
wear the ring facing inward as a constant reminder of the principle we are to stand
for “And so subdue our passions, etc”. When I raised my son, I gave him the ring
with the same instructions.
There is a philosophy in dress, as in so many other things, ad the dress proper
to Masonic occasion is no exception. Its principle is good taste; its practice is to
wear such attire that shows respect to the Brotherhood and expresses the dignity
of Masonry.
In closing, I want you to reflect on your personal experience for it is an experi-
ence common to every member that even allowed himself to be tied to the cable-
tow. Namely that the first impression of the Etiquette of Freemasonry is branded
upon the candidate beginning in the preparation room. He will give back over his
Masonic life what he receives. He will respect the Lodge and all aspects of the
Brotherhood if he is shown respect. His perception of the seriousness of the occa-
sion is a reflection of the thoughtfulness of others. Masonic Etiquette instills pride,
yet pride is something that you have to develop from within, because if you have
pride in our Fraternity, it will clearly show in everything you do in life, especially
your life as a Mason.

This paper was originally delivered to the Southeast Masonic Conference in 2006 and again to the
High 12 Luncheon Club in 2008
HAUGHTON #95 F. & A.M.

2008 Officers Back Row (L: R) Phillp Smith-SD, W: Johnny Byrd-WM, R:W: Jeff
Webb-GSW Installing Master, W: Bro Billy Joe Maxey-Sec (Deceased); W: Bro A.
Leon Maxey, Installing Marshal Front Row (L: R) David Maxey-JD, W: Bro Tony
Daves-SW, W: Bro Kenneth W. Maxey-Tyler, Mike Lilley-MC and W: Bro Frederick
J. McAnn-Installing Chaplain


Danny L. Johnson was installed as Potentate; David Wallace, Chief Rabban; Gerard
Ruth, Assistant Rabban; William I. McGarr, High Priest and Prophet; James Dodds,
Oriental Guide; Gariel J. “Bud” King, Recorder; John L. Belanger, Treasurer (not
in picture).


2008 Officers Front Row (L: R) Robert E Bazzell-DGL Treasurer, William R Richards-
SW, W: Gary L Gribble-WM, James A Allen-JW and B Keith Tindell-SS Back Row
(L:R) E Allen Kelly-Marshal, Roy E May-Chaplain, David L Culligan-MofC, Rufus
E Wilson-Tyler, Thomas W Hudson-JS. Not pictured Paul M Celli-SD, Richard C
Haynes-JD and Gary T. Rushworth, Sr.-Secretary

ATKINS #266 F. & A.M.

L:R.-Front Row James D. Holland, Christopher M. Lee, Edward L. Myers, Joshua H. Morris,
Sterling P. Bretzman. Back Row: Richard L. Hall, James R. Enkey, Hoyt S. Hooper-Installing
Master, W: Terry J. Harris-WM, James A. Allen and William R. Richards.

The Installation of Officers was Treasurer, James A. Allen-PM Secty,
performed by W. Bro. Hoyt S. Hooper- Richard L. Hall-PM Chaplain, Charles
Installing Master, W: Bro William R. E. Glover-SD, James D. Holland-JD,
Richards-Installing Marshal and W: Bro James R. Morris, Jr.-MofC, Sterling P.
Richard L. Hall-Installing Chaplain. Bretzman-Marshal, Joshua H. Morris-
2008 Officers are W: Terry J. Harris- SS, Christopher M. Lee-JS and William
WM, Carey C. Allison-SW, Edward R. Richards-PM Tyler
L. Meyers-JW, James R. Enkey-PM
GERMANIA #46 F. & A.M. - Bobby Brandstetter P.M., J.S. Ray
Germania Lodge #46 held installa- Steele P.M., S.D. - Andy Mims P.M.,
tion of officers for 2008, our 165th year S.S. - Mike Poll P.M., Inner Guard
of existence. The officers pictured are
left to right bottom row: Warren Haw-
thorne P.M., Almoner - Mark Grouchy,
J.D. - John Day, J.W. - Wilson Revelle,
W.M. - Glen Cupit, S.W. - DDGM 16th
district, Sidney Agnelly - Dave Soriano,
Top Row: Ion Lazar P.M., Chaplain -
Patrick Girard, Tyler - Ian Cairns P.M.,
Germania Lodge #46 2008 Officers
Treasurer - Joe Kueck P.M., Secretary
SAINTS JOHN #153 F. & A.M.
Saints John Lodge No. 153 F&AM
installed its 2008 Officers as follows.
Standing from L:R are: Junior Deacon
Bernard J. Covell, Jr., Tyler Clarence
‘CJ’ Orgeron, Treasurer James R. Val-
liant, PM, Senior Warden Martin H.
Short, Jr., Junior Warden John A. Ander-
sen, Secretary Francisco C. Hernandez,
Jr.,PM, Senior Deacon Benjamin ‘Jody’
Wood, PM and Installing Officer Ernest
A. Schiro, Jr., PM. Seated in the center is
the Worshipful Master: Arturo V. Yap.

DAYLIGHT #412 F. & A.M.
Daylight Lodge 2008 Officers are:
Leon Roberts-WM, George Faulkner-
SW, Tommy Ford-JW, Robert Barrios-
SD, Michael M. Dupree Sr.-Treasurer,
Jay Chagnard-Secretary, Joe Comstock-
MofC, Frank Rizutto-JD and Nick

W: Leon Roberts, Worshipful Master and W: Bro
Joseph A. Comstock, Master of Ceremonies

W H BOOTH #380 F. & A.M. MofC, Kevin Schmidt-Marshal, Trent
W H Booth’s installation of officers Duncan-SS, Tim Weaver-JS and Kirt
was conducted by M: W: S. Bruce Armitage-Tyler
Easterly-GM Installing Master, M: W:
Bro Roy B. Delaney-PGM Installing
Chaplain and W: Bro Gary L. Gribble-
Installing Marshal. 2008 Officers are
W: B. Keith Tindell-WM, James C.
DeMoss-SW, Larry C. Blair, Sr.-JW,
Gerald L. Weakley-Treasurer, W: Bro
Eugene D. Seely-PM Secretary, Edward
A. Lazarus-Chaplain, Stephen Mead-
SD, Rodney A. Oar-JD, Jim Smith-
St. JAMES #47 F. & A.M.
At a dinner meeting Officers of
St. James Masonic Lodge #47 for the
year 2008 were installed. Entertain-
ment was provided by The Broadmoor
Belles Handbell Duo from Broadmoor
Baptist Church with accompaniment by
flute and keyboard. The delicious din-
ner that served 60 members and guests L:R William Zollinger, P.M., Treasurer; Joe
Richard, Senior Warden; William “Mac” Little,
was cooked by Shanna Little, wife of Worshipful Master; Timothy Atkins, Junior War-
Mac Little, the incoming Master of the den; and Frank Dedman, P.M., Secretary.
L to R Front row - W: Bro. William D.Zollinger,
Treasurer, P.M.; Joseph G Richard, S.W., W:M:
William E. “Mac” Little, Master; Timothy H.
Atkins, J.W.; M:W: William H. Brown, P.G.M.,
Installing Officer; 2nd Row - Joe A. Bardwell,
J.D.; Dr. James W. Robinson, Jr., S.D.; W: Bro.
Ben F. Melanson, Chaplain, P.M.; 3rd Row - W:
Bro.Frank E. Dedman, Secretary, P.M.; Christo-
pher G. Dalton, S.S.; and Turhan Ak, M.C.

FELICIANA #31 F. & A.M. Feliciana Lodge No. 31,
St,Francisville, La. installed its Officers
for the year 2008 as shown: ( Front Row)
L:R Bro. Mel Percy, J.S., W: Bart Gra-
ham, P.M. ,Chaplin, Bro. Will Meredith,
J.D., Bro. Dane Taylor, S.D., Bro. Richie
Trisler, M.O.C., Bro. Rich Schega, Ty-
ler, (Back Row) L:R Bro. Rob Leake,
Sec, Bro. Robert Honeycutt, J.W., W:
Feliciana Lodge #31 2008 Officers
Jamie Mcgee, W.M., Bro. Shane Crump,
S.W., Bro. Allen Hester, S.S.
FAIR PARK #436 F. & A.M. Installation of officers for the year of
2008 with Installing Officers W: Bro
Roy E. May-Installing Master, W: Bro
Harold Goff-Installing Marshall and
W: Bro Robert E. Bazzell-Installing
Those installed are pictured L:R Larry
Rester, P/M, Master of Ceremony;
Mike Smith, P/M, Sr. Deacon; Richard
N. McElhatten, Jr. Jr. Deacon; William
Bacle, P/M, Chaplain; Roy E. May,
P/M, Robert E. Bazzell, P/M, DDGL.
James Smith, P/M, Tyler; Norman K.
McClung, P/M, Sr. Warden; John T. Ad-
ams, P/M, W/M; Mike Cox Jr. Warden;
Harold Goff, P/M.

HAP ARNOLD #457 F. & A. M.
The installation of officers was con-
ducted by M: W: Bro Roy B. Delaney-
PGM Installing Master, W: Bro H.
Edward Durham-Grand Marshal/Install-
ing Marshal and W: Bro Billy J. George-
Installing Chaplain. 2008 Officers are
W: Lawrence B. Renfro-WM, Samuel
S. Cannon-SW, Dewain Spillman-JW,
W: Bro Frederick G. Arthur-Treasurer,
W: Bro George N. Gray-Secretary, Terry
J. Harris-SD, Cary Riggan-JD, W: Bro
Joyce A. Berry-SS, W: Bro Charles E.
Shearer-JS, W: Bro Hoyt S. Hooper-
Marshal and W: James P. Allen-Tyler

H D ANDERSON #320 F. & AM 2008 Officers are John Wayne Walk-
er-WM, John Burns-SW, Felix Robert
Jackson-JW, Troy Parker-Treasurer,
William A. Preston, Jr.-PM Secretary,
Danny Manuel-Chaplain, Brandon
Shoalmire-SD, Terry Pilkington-JD,
Philip E. Chaney-PM MofC, Leonard
Dunn-Marshall, Don Ray English-SS,
Scott Atkins-JS, Thomas Ray Parker-Ty-
ler and George M. Glover-PM Orator.
L:R - W: John W. Walker-PM WM, M: W: Bro H D Anderson is located in Noble
Roy B. Tuck-PGM Installing Master and Bro and meets on the second Thursday of
Daniel Manuel-Installing Chaplain.
every month.

PEACE & HARMONY #478 F. & A.M.
SULPHUR #424 F. & A.M.
Peace & Harmony Lodge 478 and
Sulphur Lodge 424 held a joint instal-
lation at the Sulphur Lodge. Installation
was performed by R.W. Bro. Jules F.
“Jeff” Webb-GSW Installing Master,
W: Bro Harrcy C. Northrop, III-Grand Pictured L:R Front Row Frederick “Rick”
Pursuivant Installing Marshal and R: W: Anderson,Sec. 478; J.W. Lee, SD 424; Danny
Jimmy H. Leger-DDGM 10th Masonic Miller,JD 424; Stephen Craig Lopez,JS 478;
District Installing Chaplain. Larry Tomasick,Marshall 424;Clint Brown,JW
424;Charles Kershaw,MOC 424;Greg
Bruce,Sec. 424;JeanDuroux,SW424;Jim
G o l d i n g , Ty l e r 4 2 4 B a c k R o w : K e r r y
Martin,Treasurer 424; Robert Jean Faulk,SD
478;Wallace Roy Labove,SW 478;Michael
J. Oxley,Champlin 478; Michael Frederick
Webb,WM 478;R.W. Jeff Webb Installing
Officer,Mike Toerner,WM 424;Jimmy Leger
Installing Chaplain, Harry Northrup Install-
ing Marshal.

Dad R: W: Jeff Webb-DGM places hat on son
W: Michael F. Webb-WM

The Installation of officers was
performed by W. Bro. Albert D. Riser-
Installing Master, W: Bro Thomas P.
Brown-Grand Chaplain and W: Bro
Andrew H. Stevenson, Jr.-Installing
Officers for 2008 are W: J. William
Pierce-WM, Andrew H. Stevenson, Pictured L:R - James Goldsby, Alvin Turner,
Jr.-SW, Mark A. Rodrigues-JW, James James Rigdon, AJ Stevenson, W: Bill Pierce-
T. Rigdon-Treasurer, Andrew H. Ste- WM, Andrew Stevenson, Mark Rodrigues, Tom
venson, Sr.-PM Secretary, Thomas Brown, Bruce Tedder, Charlie Dolph, Lee Fa-
theree, Ronnie Hinson and Don Ray English
P. Brown-PM Chaplain, Donald R.
English-Marshal, Charles T. Dolph-PM
MofC, Alvin C. Turner-SD, James B.
Goldsby-PM JD, J. Lee Fatheree, Jr.-
SS, Ronnie H. Hinson-JS and W. Bruce
Tedder, Sr.-Tyler

R F McGUIRE #209 F. & AM The 2008 Officers are listed to the
WM Adren L. Alderman Jr.-SW Art C. right and are in the photograph below.
Alderman-JW Todd W. Dixon-Treas
Fred Moore Sr., PM-Secretary Wilson
O. Cook, PM-Marshall Roland Ben-
nett, PM-Chaplain Jim Adams III, PM-
SD Jay Brakefield-JD Bendal Clack,
PM-MC Joe Comeaux, PM-SS Gordon
Sorey, PM-JS, Mike Moore-Tyler Sam
JOPPA #362 F. & AM L. to R- Front Row: W: Bro Earl R. Hancock-
PM Chaplain, M: W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM In-
stalling Master, Chad C. Driskell-SW, W: Joel
T. Haston-WM, W: Bro E. Allen Kelly-PM JW,
M: W: Bro Ballard L. Smith-PGM Treasurer.
Back Row: Kenneth R. Fuller-JD, D. Clifton
Brown-SD, W: Bro Rufus E. Wilson-PM Tyler,
James B. Smith-JS, W: Bro Steven A. Pence-PM
Secretary and J. Michael Talley-SS

M: W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM was the
Installing Master for the installation of
officers for 2008. M: W: Easterly was
assisted by W: Bro Rufus E. Wilson-
Installing Marshal and W: Bro Earl R.
Hancock-Installing Chaplain.
M: W: Easterly-GM congratulated
the newly installed members and spoke
L. to R W: Joel T. Haston-WM, assisted by
of Joppa’s statewide recognition of M: W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM, presents W:
being progressive, charitable and a Bro Earl R. Hancock-Junior PM with his Past
premier lodge. Master’s Apron

After a potluck supper was served
and a dinner hour of fellowship conclud-
ed, W: Bro James M. Tigert-Installing
Master installed the officers for 2008.
L:R- Bottom Row Sammie L. Craft-PM
Treasurer, James M. Tigert-PM SD, Stacey
Holland-JW, W: Jeremy T. Haas-WM, Wayne
L. Seals-PM SW, George K. Winham-PM Sec-
retary. Top Row: A. Fred Langley-PM Tyler,
C. Jack Leachman-PM Chaplain and Adrian
The Brothers of Etoile Polaire Lodge
met, as they have done for the last 214
years, for a black tie formal Scottish
Rite Symbolic Masonic Installation at
their historic lodge hall at Rampart &
Esplanade in Faurbourg Treme in the
City of New Orleans. Following the in-
stallation, the lodge retired to the social
hall for toasting by the principle officers
and others, followed by a grand feast
concluding with a magnificent firing of
Cafe` Brule’ which has been the custom
of the Lodge for hundreds of years.
The installing officer was W: Bro
Warren Hintz-Grand Inner Guard, who
installed M: W: Bro Clayton J. Borne
III, PGM as the Worshipful Master of
the Lodge. Other elected officers were Miss Violet Claire Hill, accompanied by “Nana”
Lawrence J. Reed-SW, Robert Quave- Nancy Borne, places the Master’s Jewel on her
JW, W: Bro Henry F. Thibodaux-PM grandfather Worshipful Master Chip Borne.
Secretary and W: Bro Marc H. Conrad-
PM Treasurer

L:R-Front Row Henry Thiboxaux, Lawrence Reed, M: W: Bro Chip Borne-PGM WM, Robert
Quave and Marc Conrad 2nd Row: Warren Hintz, M: W: Bro James Walley-PGM, Dan Alexan-
der, Tony Radosti, Cleveland Bruce, Clayton J. Borne Jr., Joe Burras 3rd Row: Tony Polhman,
Fred Navailhon, Dave McCannl Junior LeBoef, David McCann, Sr., Arthur Bollinger and Pete

EAST GATE #452 F. & AM
The Installation of Officers was
performed by W. Bro. Ronald A. Seale-
Installing Master, W: Bro Carle L.
Jackson-Installing Marshal and W: Bro
William J. Mollere-Installing Chap-
2008 Officers are W: Steven A.
Kemp-WM, Kristoffer S. Easterly- L:R - Front Row Mabry P. Caddis-Tyler, W:
SW, Terry W. Wilson-JW, Charles Steven A. Kemp-WM, Terry W. Wilson-JW
2nd Row: Lee Harris-JS, Charles R. Peabody-
R. Peabody-PM Treasurer, James E. PM Treasurer, James E. Wingate-PM Secre-
Wingate-PM Secty, Larry H. Moore-PM tary, Scott A. Dickess-MofC. 3rd Row: Larry H.
Chaplain, Ronnie L. Walker-SD, Robert Moore-PM Chaplain, William J. Mollere SGIG
Gann-JD, Scott A. Dickess-MofC, Ken- La Installing Chaplain, Ronald A. Seale-SGC
neth R. Leggett-SS, Lee Harris-JS and AASR-SJ Installing Master.
Mabry Caddie-Tyler
CENTER #244 F. & AM

2008 Officers L:R Front Row Billy J. Hughes-PM Treas, Terry W. Stewart-SW, W: John W. Sum-
rall, Jr.-PM WM, Jim Morris-JW and Henry E. Vernon-PM Secty. Back Row: Jacob Tagert-SD,
Earl Reese-Tyler, James E. Mohon-MofC, Kenneth C. Warner-JS, Carl W. Jarrell-PM Chaplain
and Patrick B. Page, Jr.-SS

W: Bro Robert Borgstede of Mt.
Moriah-Quitman #59 installed 2008
Officers. W: Roy Hardin, shown at
right, is the Worshipful Master. Shawn
Jones, SW, Rob Keller, JW, Vaughan
Gay, Secty, Joseph Spalding, Chaplain
and Dave Way, Treasurer were also
W: Roy O. Hardin, III-WM

HAUGHTON #95 F. & A.M.
Certificate Night
W: Johnny C. Byrd-WM took ad-
vantage of having Bro Clarence Rob-
bins and Bro Donald Sanford attending
lodge during a Stated Communication
by presenting these members with their
25-Year Membership Certificates. R:
W: Clyde Strout-DDGM 1st Masonic
District assisted the Worshipful Master.
Prior to the meeting, the members and
guests dined on a great meal of fried fish,
shrimp and crawfish. L:R- Bro Clarence Robbins and Bro Donald
Meeting at Haughton #95. Sanford

LIVINGSTON #160 F. & A.M. A special dispensation was granted
for Livingston Lodge to confer the three
Special Communication degrees of Masonry, in one and the same
Communication, on Master Sargent
Shelby Joe Thomas, Jr. Brother Thomas
has subsequently deployed to Iraq with
the United States Army. Bro Fred Fred-
erick, Thomas’ grandfather was present
to assist with the degrees.
L:R- M/Sgt Shelby Joe Thomas Jr., W: Chuck
Morse-WM and Fred Frederick, Bro Thomas’

MITCHELL #252 F. & A.M.
50 Year Certificate
During a Special Communication
a 50 Year Membership Certificate was
presented to W: Bro Johnnie M. Der-
rick, Worshipful Master in 1960. The
event also honored our Eastern Star
L:R- W: Bro Edward S. Burnitt-PM Secretary
presenting certificate to W: Bro Johnnie M.

AURORA #193 F. & A.M. The evening events also included
Memorials Established presentation of the C. B. Brice Master
of The Year Award to Leland P. Richard,
The Lodge established two Perpetual
Memorial memberships in the names SW.
of W: Bros Clyde B. Brice and Wesley
M. Stockstill. The Lodge presented
their widows with the Memorial Cer-

L:R-Dorsey P. Dutil-JW, Mrs. Wesley Stock- L:R- Leland P. Richard-SW and W: Ralph A.
still, Mrs. C. B. Brice, Leland P. Richard-SW Broussard-WM
& W: Bro Richard Thibodeaux-PM Secretary

Honesty & Integrity Night
Middle Creek Lodge held the an-
nual Honesty and Integrity Award night,
beginning with a fried catfish dinner.
W: Bro Randy L. Yopp-PM Secretary
was the Master of Ceremonies for the
evening and welcomed the large gath-
ering and thanked everyone for their
The Awards were presented to Kasey
Holman and Jeslyn Bennett. L:R- Kasey Holman, W: Bro Randy Yopp and
Jeslyn Bennett

FAIR PARK #436 F. & A.M.
Honoring OES
W: James M. Lilly greeted each of
the Eastern Star Ladies at the entrance of
the lodge with a yellow rose. Sunset Star
members assembled and were presented
a framed certificate of appreciation by L:R - Mert Mestler Grand Associate Patron,
Dora Mestler Associate Sunset Star Matron,
the Lodge.
James Smith Associate Sunset Star Patron ,
James M. Lilly W.M.

ATHENS #136 F. & A.M. meaning of Honesty and Integrity and
the significance and importance it holds
Honesty & Integrity in our everyday lives. Each recipient
Athens Masonic Lodge No. 136 was individually recognized as a rap of
presented Honesty and Integrity Awards the gavel sounded in their honor, then
to six high school juniors on Monday, were each were presented with a framed
March 10, 2008. The recipients were certificate by W: Bro Kenneth Volentine,
Patricia Howard, daughter of Nora How- Jr., P.M. The parents of the recipients
ard; Laney Ellis, daughter of Tommy were also recognized and congratulated
and Lori Ellis; Bonnie Slaton, daughter on their respective children.
of Jim Slaton & Beverly Garcia; J.D. Following the awards presentation,
Roberts, son of David and Lisa Roberts; everyone retired to the fellowship room
Cameron Hylan, son of Paul and Kay to enjoy a delicious meal of grilled ham-
Hylan; and Jacob Banaka, son of Lee burgers and hotdogs with French fries
and Carla Banaka. The guest and breth- and all the trimmings. A nice evening of
ren assembled in the Lodge Hall and good food and fellowship was enjoyed
were welcomed by W: Bro Perry An-
by all in attendance.
derson, Secretary. After the welcome,
Claiborne Parish School Superintendent
Bro. Wayne King was introduced. Bro.
King, a member of Springhill Masonic
Lodge No. 348, presented a brief history
and explanation of Freemasonry and
the origin of the Honesty and Integrity
Award program. He also spoke on the

Front Row L:R- Patricia Howard, Bonnie Slaton, Laney Ellis and W: Bro Kenneth L. Volentine,
Jr. Back Row L:R Wayne King, Jacob Banaka, J. D. Roberts and Cameron Hylan

W H BOOTH #380 F. & A.M.
Bring a Friend Night
The evening started with guests and
members sharing an excellent meal
prepared by our resident Greek chef, W:
Bro Nick Mandrapilias, PM. M: W: Bro
Chuck Penn, PGM was the guest speak-
er. He delivered an outstanding program
as he explained our Fraternity and the
benefits of Free Masonry to the guests.
M: W: Bro Roy Delaney, PGM assisted
in the program by giving a heartfelt de-
scription of our Dyslexia Program. We Always working behind the scenes, W: Bro Nick
were all honored by having M:W: Bruce Mandrapilias in his kitchen.
Easterly, GM in attendance.

M: W: Charles H. Penn, III-PGM speaking
during the Bring a Friend program

GORDY #133 F. & A.M.
Double Award Night
Brother Clifford D. Neal was hon-
ored twice. First Brother Neal was
presented his 50 year certificate, by W:
Danny R. Roberts-WM. Bro Neal had
been looking for this certificate for a
long time. He provided some insight
into the history of Gordy Lodge and
provided a comical story about the
corner stone. Bro Neal was also pleased
to have with him his son, Bro Charles
Clifford Neal.
W: Bro William A. Price then sur-
prised Bro Neal by presenting him with L-R: W: Bro William A. Price, Bro Clifford D.
the Fidelity Medal. Neal, and Bro Charles C. Neal

H D ANDERSON #320 F. & A.M.
Three New Masons

Front, L:R James Ezernack, Kevin Harris & Paul Simpson; Middle row L:R Donald Bush, DGL
8th District, Reid Medkiff, R: W: Lorin R.Mullins, DDGM 8th District, James Brooks, Peyton
Youngblood, Justin Leone, Thomas Ray Parker; Back row, L:R Wayne Campbell, Troy Parker,
Treas., Bobby Jackson, Jr., Eddie Teal, W: John Walker, WM, John Burns, Sr. W., Alan Wayne
Palmer, Bill Preston, Sec., George Glover

FELICIANA #31 F. & A.M. of the guests voicing their interests in
this great fraternity.
Bring A Friend
Feliciana Lodge #31, in Saint Fran-
cisville recently held its Bring-A-Friend
meeting where 36 members and 16
guests attended. A great meal was pre-
pared and shared where old and newly
acquainted friends conversed.
W: Bro Joe Daniel was presented
with a Lifetime Attendance Award,
by his son, W: Bro J. Austin Daniel
and grandson, David Daniel. Austin,
speaking for both when he added, “It is
an honor for me and my son to present
this award and that we are all three,
grandfather, father, and son, in this great
Fraternity together.”
M.W.Bro. Harold Ballard, PGM and W: Bro Joseph J. Daniel
Bro Shane Crump, SW gave eloquent
speeches on the harmony and moral
structure of Freemasonry. The lodge
would like to thank both for their contri-
butions. The evening ended with many
H D ANDERSON #320 F. & A.M.
Three Generations
The Lodge was honored recently by
being able to confer all three Degrees
in one and the same Communication
on Bro. Robert “Bob” Shelton, Sr. Bob
was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic
cancer and desired to join his son and
grandson in the fraternity. A proper
dispensation was granted by the Grand
L:R Robert “Trey” Shelton, III, Robert “Bob”
Lodge. Sadly, Brother Bob Shelton, Shelton, Sr., Robert “Bobby” Shelton, Jr. with
Sr. passed away six weeks after being family friend Ted Tuma.

W H BOOTH #380 F. & A.M.
Honesty & Integrity
John Paul Scotch has always had a
love for sports. At the age of eleven, he
suffered an eye injury that caused him to
go blind in his left eye. Not letting this
barrier keep him away from his passion,
John Paul began volunteering in vari-
ous sports. It’s said that if one were to
ask any player, parent, or coach about
the honesty and integrity of John Paul, W: Keith Tindell-WM, John Scotch and M: W:
you wouldn’t have enough time to hear Lloyd E. Hennigan-GM
about this outstanding young man. Additionally, John Paul is very ac-
tive in his youth group at First Baptist
Blanchard. He has served as a volunteer
for Vacation Bible School for the past
several years, and also went on a mis-
sion trip to the border of Mexico with
the youth group, where they provided
Vacation Bible School for underprivi-
leged children in the area and witnessed
to others in the community.
For these reasons, John Paul Scotch
was selected as W H Booth’s Honesty
and Integrity Award recipient.

W: B. Nicholas L. Mandripilias plates salads to
accompany his epicurean delights.

150th Anniversary

Gathering of Past Masters attending the birthday celebration.
In 2007 Ocean Orleans celebrated its W: Bro David B. Way-PM Secretarty
150th Year. The Lodge was organized provided a detailed history of the Lodge.
in 1856 and received its Charter on W: Bro Robert W. Borgstede, Jr.-PM
February 10, 1857. After a few domi- of Mt. Moriah -Quitman Lodge #59
cile changes, the Lodge meets at 64468 presented the Worshipful Master a hand
Highway 41 in Pearl River, La. crafted ceremonial gavel . W: Bro Borg-
W: Roy Hardin-WM had fallen ill stede adorned the Hiram with several
and was not able to attend the elaborate bands of various colors and provided an
event that he and his wife had organized. explanation of their significance.
W: Bro Shawn M. Jones stepped in The Lodge was honored to have over
and welcomed everyone to the special 25 Past Masters in attendance to help
evening. celebrate this special evening. W: M:
Hardin provided gifts for all of the Past
Masters as well as the beautiful 150th
Anniversary cake.

L:R- W: Bro Robert Borgstede presents cer-
emonial gavel to W: Bro Shawn Jones.

H D ANDERSON #320 F. & A.M.
Growing the Fraternity
The Lodge continues to grow and
had the opportunity to raise three more
members recently. In addition, W: John
W. Walker-PM WM recited the Master
Mason esoteric work for the first time
since being raised over 35 years ago.
L:R - W: Bro George M. Glover and W: John
W. Walker-PM WM

L : R W: B r o W i l l i a m A . P r e s t o n ,
Jr., PM-Secretary presenting aprons to
newly raised Master Masons Justin Le-
one, James Brooks and Craig Brundige

Knife & Fork Brigade The Chapter bestowed Da-Cook of
the Knife & Fork Brigade, a play written
by W: Bro Michael M. Dupree Sr., upon
Bros Hugh Pentney and Dyton Ruiz.
OES members acted as popular televi-
sion chefs and proceeded to instruct the
Brothers on proper use of utensils. Of
course everything said was in error as
there is nothing to be taught to these two
L:R - Front Row Joy Hueschen, Joan Dumser, about cooking or the kitchen. Aprons
Alberta Retif, Mike Dupree Sr., Dyton Ruiz, and certificates were presented and the
Gail Dupree Hugh Pentney and Pat Perrett
evening honored these two Masons for
Middle Row: Sharon Moretti, Bonnie Johnson,
Terrie Castay, Kay Dozier, Leon Perret, Julie the meals they have prepared for several
Diaz Back Row: Gilbert Morrison Masonic orgranizations.

EAST GATE #452 F. & A.M. W: Bro William J Mollere provided
an exceptional presentation on the his-
Past Master Night tory of Masonry in the Baton Rouge
Area. He then presented his person
painted copy of the Building of Kings
Solomon’s Temple to W: Steven A.
L:R - W: Bros Douglas N. Stracener, Charles
R. Peabody, Ernest S. Easterly, III, W: Steve
Kemp-WM, Larry H. Moore. Back: James E.
Wingate and Bill Mollere
COOKIE’S CORNER Bring A Friend Night
EAST GATE #452 F. & A.M. After an excellent meal prepared
by East Gate Masons and their fami-
lies, Cookie Billingsley displayed the
Lodge’s 2007 photo album showing the
many projects and charity programs ac-
complished by W: Bro Errol Villneurve
during his year.
W: Bros George Jones and Bill Mote
provided a history of Masonry and what
L:R - Bruce Weaver, Jennifer Wingate, Chris
Tarver, Bill Mote, W: Steven Kemp-WM,
the Fraternity has meant in their respec-
George Jones, Frida Guy & Michelle Mc- tive lives.

Widows Night
During a Special Communication the
Lodge honored the wives and widows
of our members.
Pastor Michael Hammett, of Hope
Lodge, was the guest speaker. Bro
Hammett gave an excellant presentation
on the story of Boaz and Ruth relating
L:R - Miss Pat, Bro Michael Hammett, Alice
to staying upright in and upside down Simms, W: Steven Kemp-WM, Marci Walker,
world. W: Steven Kemp presented the Betty Pritchard, Minta Canelas & Roxie
ladies with red and white roses and Posey
thanked them for the continued support
of the many charity projects.

Fourth Learning Center Class
The Lodge hosted the opening of
the fourth dyslexia class at Commu-
nity Christian Academy in Denham
The clas consist of 4 students from
Livingston Parish and 1 from Ascen-
sion. Mrs. Mildred Alexander is the
class instructor.
Special guests included the parents,
L:R Errol Villneurve, Mrs. Joyce Wilson,
Mrs. Mildred Alexander, Vernon Atkinson
Mrs. Joyce Wilson-Principal of CCA,
and Steve Kemp Bro Vernon Atkinson-Director Masonic
Learning Centers, Errol Villneurve and
Steve Kemp. Light refreshments were
provided to those in attendance.
East Gate Lodge provides funding
for the instruction and materials for
these classes.
COOKIE’S CORNER Christmas Party
EAST GATE #452 F. & A.M.
The annual Christmas Party for
the pediatric ward OLOL Hospital
was another successful public relation
event. Santa, Mrs. Claus and Brushes
the Klown visited about sixty children
and their families with presents and
refreshments. Special guests included
George Morris of The Advocate People
L:R- Front Row Dan Johnson, Ronnie
Section, WAFB video photographer Walker. 2nd Row: Sheila Billingsley,
and Debbie Prudhome with the Central Dorian “Brushes” Hermona, Bud “Santa”
Oaks Dental Care. East Gate sincerely King, mary “Mrs. Claus” King, Sharon
appreciates Wal Mart Central & Old Wesberry, Randy Gohn. 3rd Row: W:
Hammond Stores, The Advocate, WAF Steve Kemp-WM, Scott Dickess, Debbie
B Channel 9 and everyone associcated Prudhome, Tom Perry & Linda Perry.
with this event. A special thank you to
the Acacia Shriners.
Easter Egg Hunt The Lodge and Wal Mart -Cortana
hosted an Easter party for the OLOL
Children’s Hospital. The Pelican Chap-
ter of DeMolay prepared 80 easter
baskets for the kids.
Ms. Keelee Hennessey and Scott Os-
wald of WAFB-Morning show helped to
promote this charity project. Mrs. Betty
Pritchard and her daughters Minta and
L:R- Front row: Scott Dickess, Terry Karen donated stuffed rabbits for the
“Mr. Rabbit” Wilson, Pastor & Bro Mike baskets.
Hammett. Back Row: Steve Kemp, Sheila
Wilson, Barbara Pearson, Lauren Blair,
Charles Peabody, Lauren Richardson.
Critical Blood Drive
The Lodge and Central Wal Mart
hosted a Metro Area blood drive to assist
during a critically low supply. Forty-
seven possible donors were screened
and thirty-six pints were provided.
W: Steve Kemp-WM purchased a
Wal Mart gift certificate that was won L:R- Vickie Fredrick-OLOL Recruiter,
Rhonda Richard-Blood Recruiter, Lee
by Mrs. Jeanne Smith. All donors were
Harris, Lauryn Allgood-Blood Tech,
registered to be eligible to win a 42” Justin Hartung-Blood Tech, W: Steve

NORTHSHORE MC On March 15th in Slidell, the Loui-
siana Masons Motorcycle Chapter
presented Ms. Jean Davidson, grand-
daughter of the founder of Harley David-
son Motorcycles, a Chapter Patch
Also the Louisiana Masons Motor-
cycle Chapter has been contacted by the
Sturgis Museum and have asked us to
donate one of our patches to be put into
the Museum for display for 2 years.
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motorcycle
Chapter or start one in your area, contact
Tony Pohlmann:
Dale Quigley:

L:R- Auther L. Middaugh, Sergent of Arms, Jim Vann, Secretary, Jean Davidson The
Davidson Yell and Tell foundation, Inc. for Children and Tony Pohlmann, President.

W H Booth #380 F. & AM meaningful employment. The Brethren
of the Lodge agreed that through our
Local Charity Project donations, we can and will support the
W: John Ayer-WM Broadmoor
Grand Lodge’s request that Blue Lodges
Lodge No. 432 was the invited guest
across the state seek ways to increase our
speaker as Bro Ayer works in manage-
level of community involvement and the
ment with Goodwill Industries. He gave
public awareness of Freemasonry.
an excellent presentation on how a Ma-
sonic Lodge can partner with Goodwill
Industries by providing charitable items
to needy members of our local com-
munity. He further explained the added
benefit of how such donations provide
jobs here at home to people who might
otherwise may have difficulty in finding W: John Ayer and W: Keith Tindell

Benton #89 F. & AM The event was successful in that
many town residents accepted an invita-
In the Community tion to visit the Lodge hall’s open house
The members of Cypress Lodge filled
and catfish dinner fund raiser.
a booth to answer questions about Ma-
sonry and their lodge during the annual
Benton Christmas festival. The lodge
also entered a float in the Christmas
L:R - Adrian K. Winham, James M. Tigert, Jer-
emy T. Haas, Stacey Holland, Wayne L. Seals,
George K. Winham and Sammie L. Craft

W H Booth #380 F. & AM The members of W.H. Booth Lodge
Valentine Special No. 380 in Shreveport gathered for a
special evening with their Ladies on
Valentines Day. W: Bro Buddy Blair
and his wife Cindy treated the crowd to
a surprise performance by an outstand-
ing barber shop quartet. Afterwards we
all enjoyed a delicious meal prepared by
Brother Nick Mandrapilias. Our evening
concluded with an inspiring message
from W: Bro Tom Brown, Grand Chap-
lain, on the power of love.
Fishing Rodeo
For the second year, members of
Bayou Fellowship Lodge #484 and the
brethren of south Lafourche Parish held
a fishing rodeo to benefit the Masonic
Learning Center of Louisiana Dyslexia
Training Program.
The weekend event features silent
auctions, prizes for weight and class
of catch and the best food found any-
where in the state. The fellowship and
friendship that are apparent and readily
extended are unique to this area.
$20,000 was raised in 2007, the first
year, and the Grand Master was pre-
sented a check in the amount of $30,000
during the 2008 Grand Lodge Session. M: W: S. Bruce Easterly and R: W: Elmo J.
Pitre, Jr. DDGM 12th Masonic District

Richland Shrine Club
1st Meeting

On January 18, 2008, Richland Shrine Club (Rayville, LA) held its first regu-
lar meeting. Richland Shrine Club received its dispensation, charter and strong
encouragement from Barak Shrine Temple and Ill. Potentate Cliff Hall. Pictured
above, Front Row L:R Nobles Joe Platt (Asst. Raban, Barak), Todd Dixon (Pres.
RSC), Sammy Sharbono, William Waller, Roland Bennett (Vice Pres. RSC), Karl
Fulton (Recorder Barak). Back Row L:R Ill. Potentate Cliff Hall, Adren Alder-
man, Jr., Randy Cox, Will Gray (Oriental Guide Barak), Felton Vickers (High
Priest and Profit Barak), Wilson Cook (secretary/treasurer RSC), L. Jack Parks,
Luther B. Newton.
Directors of New Orleans Craft
Temple Foundation, Inc. a non-profit
charitable foundation formed by Masons
and affiliated members in greater New
Orleans, assisted St. Catherine of Siena
School Pack 230 Tiger Cubs of the Boy
Scouts of America in their efforts to
attain Merit Badges by arranging for a
tour of the New Orleans NBC-affiliate
television station WDSU.
Zachary Charneco with mother Rebecca (wife of Brother Frank Charneco, Jr.) Mr. Frank Rater-
mann, General Sales Manager of WDSU Television station, Jacob Reeder with father David, Jason
Dominique with mother and Den leader Kerry.

Toys for Tots
Cedar Grove annually supports a
program of dontating toys to children
who otherwise would not receive a gift
on Christmas. Bro Don English, Chief of
Police-Mansfield and member of Cedear
Grove Lodge has chaired this program
on behalf of the Lodge for 15 years.
Each member brings unwrapped gifts
to the Lodge’s annual Christmas party
and Bro English hauls them to his station
where his officers distribute them. Ac-
cording to the Chief this was the largest
amount of toys collected. “Many thanks Bro Don English, Mansfield Chief of Police
were deserved for the Masonic Order (center) with members of Desoto Office of
Community Services.
and the charity of its members” said the
Desoto Parish Salvation Army.
TRINITY UNION #372 A recent resolution by Trinity Union
Sponsoring Dyslexia Class to assist in the purchase of furniture,
supplies and related items for a class
starting in Hammond area passed
unanimously. The monetary gift was
presented to W: Luke J. Catalanatto,
Jr.-WM of Indepenced Lodge #458. W:
Catalanatto is the District Director of the
Dyslexia program.
R: W: Guy A. Jenkins-DDGM 13th District, W: Bro Robert J. Hutchinson-PM Secretary Trinity
Union, W: Luke Catalanatto-WM, W: Bro Jimmie D. Dunkin-DGL 13th District and M: W: Bro
Harold G. Ballard, PGM
SUNSET #438 On 28 January 2008 Sunset Lodge
# 438 F.& A.M. hosted an open meet-
Donation to Sheriff ing about Caddo Parish Safety Town.
After a great meal, that was attended
by numerous lodge members and their
families, Sheriff Steve Prater gave a
very insightful talk about Safety Town.
Lodge members so impressed with this
new program, a decision was made to
adopt Safety Town as a charity project.
Safety Town, a 501(c)(3) corpora-
tion, will be located on more than two
acres of property facing Louisiana
Highway 3132. It will include an edu-
L:R-Stephen W. Prator, Caddo Parish Sheriff
and W: James M. Lilly, Worshipful Master..
cational building with two classrooms,
a maintenance facility, and a small town
with scaled down replica buildings.

Annual Blood Drive
East Gate Lodge and WalMart Food
Center held its annual metro blood drive
with 25 donors providing the Gift of Life.
The participants enjoyed food donated
by Manda’s, Savoie, Zapp’s Chips and
Flowers Bread.
Kim Favis and Benjamin Rath each
won a $50 gift card to any Walmart that
was provided by East Gate. All donors
were entered into a drawing for a big
screen tv, to be held at a later date by
Our Lady of The Lake Hospital.
East Gate Lodge is grateful for all
the assistance from WAFB Television,
The Baton Rouge Advocate and many
local radio stations for their promotion
on this worthy project.
L:R- Ronnie L. Walker-MofC, Kim Favis (Gift
Card Winner), Steven Wilkerson, Rhomda
Richard-O.L.O.L blood bank and W: Steven
A. Kemp-WM
R F McGUIRE #209
Antique Car Show
R.F McGuire # 209 in Rayville, LA
held an antique car show in Rayville to
raise funds for charity. Over 25 vehicles
were in entered into the show and the
event was enjoyed by all in attendance.
The proceeds were divided between the
Shrine Hospital and the Admiral E. A.
Barham, 33° Scottish Rite Childhood L:R - W: Adren L. Alderman, Jr., PM-WM and
Ill. Cliff Hall, Potentate Barak Shrine Temple
Learning Center. The total amount
raised impressed the members enough
that the event will become an annual
fund raising event.

L:R - W: Bro Wilson O. Cook, C. B. “Buddy”
Griggs-32° KCCH Venerable Master and Ill.
Woody D. Bilyeu, 33° GSW

W H BOOTH #380
Fund Raising
Since our resident chef, W: Bro Nick
Mandripilias, previously operated his
own restaurant featuring the famous
“Nick Burger” it was only natural that
we used Bro Nick’s expertise as a pro-
motion in fund raising. The Lodge sold
over 170 burger baskets on a Saturday.
Shreveport’s Aseana Foundation held
its Spring Festival at the Municipal Park
Plaza. This event featured performing
artists in many venues. Lumen Tindell,
board member and wife of W: B. Keith
Tindell-WM, paved the way for the
Lodge to provide refreshments during
the weekend festival. Burgers, dogs and
drinks were sold for another successful
fund raising event.

The Old Charges
from page 11:
the first degree.
• The Grand Lodge No.2, the Harleian No, 2054 and the Buchanan manuscripts
all contain Masonic oaths, but it is the Buchanan oath which is closest to that we
find in use today.
• The Trinity College Dublin and the Graham manuscripts refer to the three
There are a many more manuscripts in existence than I have expanded on. If a
brother wished to take up this quest of knowledge it could certainly fill a lifetime.
The information gleaned from these works would serve all masons well in under-
standing the customs and operations associated with the Masonic guilds of that era
and how it relates to the craft as it exists today.
Although we, as modern masons, work as speculative masons, we shall forever
have ties to our past. The rules, regulations and laws that govern our modern lodges
today can trace their roots far back to the Old Charges of the past that were written
specifically for the more ancient operative guilds.

The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2008-09 OFFICERS
Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr., Grand Master
Jules F. “Jeff” Webb, Jr., Deputy Grand Master
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Senior Warden
Beverly J. “Bev” Guillot, Grand Junior Warden
A. Ray McLaurin, Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, P.G.M., Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, P.G.M., Grand Secretary
Thomas P. Brown, Grand Chaplain
Frank N. DuTreil, Jr., Grand Marshal
H. Edward Durham, Grand Senior Deacon
James E. Steen, Grand Junior Deacon
Joseph S. Monaghan, Jr., Grand Sword Bearer
S. Scott O’Pry, Grand Pursuivant
C. Edward Collins, Grand Standard Bearer
Earl J. Durand, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
Dr. Eric C. Hahn, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., P.G.M., Grand Physician