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The Louisiana

VOL. 24 JULY 1995 NUMBER 2
The Louisiana

The LOUlSlA A FREEMASO is the Official
Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State
of Louisiana, F & A.M., 1300 Masonic Temple
Building, 333 St. Charles Avenue, New
Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Published
Quarterly (January, April, July and October)
for members of Lodges in Louisiana. Ll.S. rate
only. Mailed' on-Profit Organization' third
class, prepaid at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
unsolicited articles, with the right to edit, and
use when space permits. Articles and pictures
become the property of the magazine.
Authors are requested to sign articles and
include their name, address, phone number
and, if a member, the name of their Masonic
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not neces-
sarily reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of
Louisiana. COVER STORY
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary
Hollace Harrison Bain
on the proper form. DO NOT send changes of Page 4
address to the Louisiana Freemason.
Send all mail and/or material for considera-
tion for publication in the Louisiana
Freemason to:
M:W: Ray W. Burgess, P.G.M., Editor
11755 Sherbrook Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70815

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M:W: Ray W. Burgess, P.G.M. (297) INSIDE THIS ISSUE
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P.O. Box 908, DeQuincy, LA 70633-0908
W: E. Doyle Freeman, P.M. (311) Cover Story Page 4
415 Arrowwood Dr., Slidell, LA 70458
W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.M. (P.U.I.) Confrontation versus
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100,
The Masonic Way Page 6
Metairie, LA 70005
W: James Edward Vanderberry (457)
Secrets of the Universe and
4919 Longstreet PI., Bossier City, LA 71112
W: Leonard Levy, P.M. (398) Secrets of Freemasonry Page 7
3928 Lexington, Alexandria, LA 71303
R:W: Junius B. Sharp, G.L. Emeritus (209) Lodge News Page 8
5416 Loving Dr., Garland, TX 75043
W: W.A. Morris, P.M. (472
Honesty & Integrity Page 24
3904 Castle Road, Alexandria, LA 71303
R:W: Malcolm A. Ballard, P.M. (442)
4665 Evangeline St., Baton Rouge, LA 70805 Special Interest Page 28
W: W.K. Baillio, P.M. (19)
1027 James Paul Ave., Opelousas, LA 70570 In Memoriam Inside Back Cover
W: James E. Miller, Jr. (P.M.) (449)
232518th St., Lake Charles, LA 70601

Summer 1995
Our Grand Lodge
al ur Grand Lodge belong, to each and
every mason in the State of Louisiana.
It belongs to no one single individual,
and should never be, regardless of
who has such thoughts.

As I travel around our State, I constantly hear,
"Grand Lodge did this, or this happened at Grand
Lodge". Brethren, if something transpired at the
Grand Lodge Session, that you did not agree with
or like, you allowed it to happen. You are the
Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana. Each lodge
sends three delegates or their proxies to the
Grand Master
Session. This represents approximately eight hun-
State of Louisiana
dred and forty delegates (votes) attending. Let's
now count the votes of the Grand Lodges Officers:
Elected Line - 6; Appointed Line - 10; Past Grand Masters - 15; District Deputy
Grand Masters -19; and District Grand Lecturers -19, for a total of 69. Even if all of
the Grand Lodge Officers block vote (69 votes), and that the majority of the dele-
gates vote together (840),69 votes cannot beat 840 delegates. This can happen only
if the delegates allow it to happen. Therefore, you must assume, that what passes at
the session, does so, because it has received a majority vote. If you are opposed to a
resolution, then do not vote for its' passage. If you leave before the vote on resolu-
tions, election of officers, committee members, etc., then do not complain about the
outcome. If you stay, you can help to regulate/determine what transpires.

Brethren, the proposed resolutions are forwarded to the lodges for discussion
prior to the Grand Lodge session. The delegates should, however, go with an open
mind, to always vote for the good of the fraternity. If there is an existing masonic
law, procedure, etc., that you or your lodge feels is not in the best interest of the fra-
ternity, I suggest you act upon it. Submit a resolution through the proper channels
to change same at Grand Lodge via the vote process. Also, be prepared to intelli-
gently state why the delegates should vote for/or against a resolution. You can
change the course of events.

You should also familarize yourself with the Handbook of Masonic Law
regarding Resolutions-Pages 60-61, Voting Procedures-Page 71, and Election of
Officers/Committee Members. Hopefully, in 1996, we can have a harmonious
Grand Lodge session.

May Peace and Harmony prevail in our fraternity.

M:W: Hollace Harrison Bain
by George T. Kingham, P.M., Shreveport Lodge No. 115

I HI ollace Harrison Bain was
born in Dekalb County,
very successful in the business world.
Mrs. Bain passed away on Jan. 8, 1909.
Tennessee on Sept. 1, On Feb. 28, 1917 he married Mary
1876. His parents were Fitzhugh Easterling of Jackson, MS.
John Knox Bain and Sarah Louis This union was blessed with one son,
Hartsfield Bain. His father was an who became a very distinguished
ardent Mason who fought through the Doctor of Medicine.
Civil and Mexican Wars.
The Bain family were all members of
When he was five years old, his fam- the First Methodist Church in Shreve-
ily moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas, port. H.H. Bain served as Church Lay
where he received his eduction. After Leader for the Shreveport District; was
he had served his apprenticeship as a a Sunday School teacher; was President
Metal Worker and Ornamental Cornice of the Bible Class; and was a life mem-
Maker, he went to St. Louis, MO, where ber of The Gideons. He organized the
he followed his trade for some time. Shreveport Rescue Mission and was a
In Sept. 1896, he moved to member of "The Camp Furthest Out"
Shreveport, LA. After about a year he and "The Stanley Jones Ashram", both
opened his own business, which he suc- of which were religious retreats. For
cessfully conducted for 59 years. several years he served as President of
Aside from his regular business, "The Pines", a tuberculosis sanitarium
which he called his "Meal Ticket", he in Shreveport.
was engaged in many other lines of Bro. Bain was a Charter Member of
business; such as plantation owner, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce
growing cotton, saw mill, hardware and of the Shreveport Rotary Club. He
store owner, oil and gas production, was a member of the Ancient and
neon sign manufacture, water proofing Arabic Order of the Orients, the Elks,
and sand blasting. He was the organiz- the Odd Fellows, and of the Knights of
er and president of the Bain-Beaird Pythias, and in due time was elected its
Corporation, and the Vulcan Equip- Chancellor Commander. There is a soul-
ment and Supply Co.; was one of the stirring drama in connection with this
organizers and Secretary of the order, known as Damon and Pythias,
Claiborne Oil, Gas and Land Co., Inc. which teaches a lesson in friendship. A
and the Shreveport Sand and Gravel troupe was organized and played in
Co. many towns around the state. Our sub-
On Jan. 1, 1900 Bro. Bain married Ida ject was a ham actor and took the part of
Leona McCarh1ey of Little Rock, Ark. Lucius.
The union was blessed with three boys, He became a Master Mason on July
all of whom became Masons and were 18, 1907 in Shreveport Lodge No. 115

and served as Worshipful Master in Bro. Bain was a member of Jerusalem
1913. Temple, A.A.O.N.M.5. in New Orleans,
In 1918 he was elected Grand Junior but when El Karubah received its char-
Warden of the Grand Lodge of the State ter, he was one of its members. While he
of Louisiana. He advanced through the was Grand Master, he led a group to
chairs and in 1921 was elected to the meet with the Imperial Council in
Atlanta, Georgia and secured for
highest office in Freemasonry in
Shreveport the first of the Shrine
Louisiana, Grand Master.
Hospitals for Crippled Children. He
His crowning efforts while serving as was elected Vice President of the Board
Grand Master were concentrated on of Control of the Shreveport Unit and
inducing the Grand Lodge to build a held the office for 39 years. He was
home for orphan children, which was Potentate of EI Karubah Temple in 1927.
accomplished, and for many years was M:W: Hollace Harrison Bain passed
a haven and home for many happy chil- from this life on Sept. 2, 1964 at the age
dren. He was Chairman of the Appeals of 88 years. He was laid to rest in
and Grievance Committee, having Greenwood Cemetery, Shreveport,
served for almost 30 years. Louisiana.
He was a No biography
member of the of so great a man
Shreveport and Mason
Scottish Rite, would be com-
worked in many plete without
of the degrees including a few
and presided words of the
over it several memoir present-
Bodies. In 1917 ed by M:W: D.
the Supreme Louis Butler,
Council coronat- P.G.M.; "In the
ed him a 33rd passing of
Brother Bain,
degree, LG.H. He
Masonry lost
also was decorat-
one of its most
ed with a 50-year
active and
service cap in
ardent workers
1957. Burial Marker
and was be-
Greenwood Cemetery
Bro. Bain was loved, respected
Shreveport, LA
a member of and cherished in
Shreveport Chapter No. 10, R.A.M.; a the hearts of not only Masons, but also
member of Ascension Commandery by all people he came in contact
No.6, K.T., and served as Eminent with ....It is with grateful hearts there-
Commander in 1957; and a member of fore, that this Grand Lodge express its
Shreveport Council No. 23, R. & S. M. thanks to God for the privilege of hav-
and served as Most Illustrious Grand ing had the association during a long
Master in 1922. period with a person of such excellence
of Character and Personality as was
He was a member of Saint Matthew possessed by Hollace Harrison Bain."
Conclave of the Red Cross of Con-
So Mote It Be
stantine and served as its Puissant
Sovereign in 1922.

W.A. Morris, P.M.
Abe Hinson Lodge No. 472

I wi e live in, belligerent and
confrontational world.
Under the guise of free-
Has there ever been a time when our
nation needed true brotherhood as much
as it does today? Has there ever been a
dom of speech we deny greater need for men of integrity and
anyone the right to have a different opin- honor to lead our fraternity and our
ion. Some people seem to wake up each nation? Has there ever been a better time
day to the question, "Who am I going to to attend our lodge and enjoy fellowship
hate today?" Radio and television seem without antagonism or coercion to com-
to thrive on this hate concept in the ply with someone else's beliefs?
numerous talk shows. This attitude can The real challenge of Freemasonry lies
destroy our nation from within. It can deep and is hard to conquer. The real call
destroy the way of life that you and I to duty lies in the charge to live the life of
hold dear. a mason; to act upon the square; and to
Freemasonry has a background of practice the tenets of friendship, morali-
allowing others to be different without ty and brotherly love.
antagonism. As masons we belong to Two hundred years ago the masonic
one of the world's foremost proponents membership of America led the way to a
of brotherhood. Freemasonry has done new form of government that produced
more to promote the brotherhood of man the world's greatest nation. Perhaps
than any other organization, unless it is today, Freemasonry - WE - can take the
organized religion. However, if you lis- lead in helping to restore our peoples'
ten closely,you find that some organized sanity in dealing with each other.
religions accept the idea of brotherhood I challenge each of you to resolve to
only so long as you conform to the way practice what you have learned in
they believe. masonry; to promote brotherhood, not
The masonic fraternity is one place only among masons but in all other asso-
where we can get away from this con- ciations. No, we cannot compel others to
frontational attitude. In our lodges we act with consideration for others, but we
meet with men who may not have the can set an example. And, we can do it
same politics or religion that we have. without sacrificing our own beliefs. Each
However, we can still meet and talk with of us should resolve to treat our fellow-
them without insulting each other and man as we would be treated, with cour-
without a confrontational attitude. One tesy and affability. We do not have to
of Freemasonry's greatest strengths is its bow to antagonistic confrontation, nor
practice of encouraging men to think for do we have to become a part of it. All we
themselves and to allow others the same have to do is act like masons should act.

Secrets of the Universe and
Secrets of Freemasonry
By Leo J. Ghirardi, Doric Lodge No. 205

1111 e rnust wonder what Stone
Age Man must have thought
that have been used to kill mankind
rather than extend life for his fellow
as he pondered the flicker- man.
ing specks of light that illu- Man is allowed limited knowledge
minated the night skies. The scientific while on earth, but his time here is
intellectuals of our modern world are minute compared to the time he will
trying to learn more and more about spend buried deep with the earth. Man
those stars and galaxies that extend out must return to that place where he was
into infinity. It is possible that the uni- created with faith that there is a better
verse's secrets are hidden from man's place for him to dwell for all eternity. If
view for some unknown reason. Man man's faith is absent, then the answers
might ask, "Am I denied those secrets to God's mysteries will forever elude
because I am too weak, unstable, and him.
untrustworthy to be entrusted with For centuries man has also wondered
knowledge that is reserved for a higher, about the well-kept secrets of Free-
omnipotent God?" Is man, as we know masonry. Those secrets are not unlike
him, capable of being entrusted with a the well-kept secrets of the vastness of
god-like knowledge? That answer, in the our universe. They can be found within
end, has to be no. Man has proven from all Masonic lodges wherever free men
the first day he was created that he can- dare to tread. It is no secret that while
not be trusted with too much knowl- some men gaze into the vastness of
edge. space pondering the unsolvable,
Mankind has searched high into Masons gaze into the eyes of sick chil-
infinity and deep into the earth's depths dren with love and compassion. Masons
for the answers to secrets which are say, "Give us your sick, your homeless,
reserved for God, for He alone holds the and injured. We are not hard to find, for
wisdom that man can only hope to pos- the trail left by Masons is well-lit and
sess. Many of the discoveries made by can be found and followed by all who
man have been good and beneficial; seek enlightenment."
however, man has also made discoveries


Presents 50-Year Certificates and Pins
Sister Hazel Morris, Past Matron, Ira dairy farmer and served two terms as
Chapter No. 84, O.ES. and Staff Photo- State Representative.
grapher of the Local Newspaper in Bro. Hurst initially joined St. Helena
Kentwood, LA, reports that W: Bro. Lodge No. 96 on October 18, 1945; was
Tyrus Lanier, P.M. and W: Warren A. passed November 17, 1945 and raised to
Hurst, P.M. recently received 50-year the sublime degree of Master Mason in
Certificates and Pins in recognition of December 1945. For a time he was affili-
their Masonic membership. Bro. Lanier ated with Terre Coupee Lodge No. 204,
became a Mason in May 1945.He served New Carlisle, Ind., but is presently a
his country in the military service and member and Past Master (1988) of
was a Deputy Sheriff of Tangipahoa Kentwood Lodge No. 248.
Parish for many years. He was also a

Pictured, L. to R., Front Row: W: Hugh Pictured, L. to R.: W: Warren A. Hurst, P.M.
Edward McGhee, Jr., P.M. '86, Sec'y.; W: '88; W: Hillary V. Woodward, P.M., Member
James Claude Morris, P.M. '72; W: Tyrus Permanent Committee on Work; and Bro.
Cobb Lanier, P.M. '71 (recipient); and W: Phillip Bergeron.
Warren A. Hurst, P.M. '88. Back Row: Bro.
Harvey E. Hutchinson, Treas.; and Bro.
Harvey Hayden.


Honors It's Worshipful Master
W: Albert Lee Johnston, PM. '58,
Sec'y., writes that on April 13, 1995,
Rayne Lodge No. 313, Rayne, LA, hon-
ored it's Worshipful Master, W: John H.
Rushing, for having reached two (2)
milestones in 1995. He was elected
Worshipful Master and qualified for his
25-year certificate.

Pictured, L. to R.: W: John H. Rushing,
W.M., is presented 25-year certificate by W:
Wilbert Stelly, P.M. '93 (243).


Presents Fidelity Medal Award
W: Michael Allen Dean, P.M. '93,
writes that the Grand Lodge's Fidelity
Medal was recently presented to Bro.
w.e. Corley at Mt. Cerizim Lodge o.
54 in Bastrop, LA. "He wrote, "This
medal is presented to the oldest active
Mason in the Lodge and is a rare and
coveted award." M:W: T.J. Pitman, [r.,
C.M., and W: Terral V. Dunn, W.M.,
made the presentation. Bro. Corley, who
credited his wife for much of his support Pictured, L. to R.: M:W:T.J.Pitman, Jr., G.M.;
of the Lodge, was asked to pin the Bro. W.c. Corley, Jr., recipient of award;
medal on him. Friends and relatives Mrs. Helen Corley; and W: Terral V. Dunn,
were invited to the open Lodge for a
delicious meal and to witness the
impressive ceremony.


Holds Past Masters' Night-
Presents 50-Year Certificates
W: A. Ray Mcl.aurin, P.M. '67, Sec'y., W.M. and R:W: Dr. r.c. Turnley,
writes that Alexandria Lodge No. 398 D.G.M." Bro. McLaurin concluded,
honored its Past Masters in an open "Bro. Turnley gave a very inspiring
meeting on April 4, 1995 with "all sta- talk about Past Masters and the role
tions in the Lodge filled with Past they play in the Lodge. Following the
Masters for the opening ceremonies." meeting, a reception was held in the
He wrote, further, that after a delicious dining room."
meal "ladies and guests were assembled
in the Lodge room for the presentation
of the visiting Grand Lodge Officers,
who were: W: A. Edmond Hays, G.5.B.;
W: Richard Smith, G.5.D.; R:W: Marvin
Jordan, D.D.G.M., Ninth Masonic
District; M:W: Morris Shapiro, P.G.M.;
M:W: D. Walter Jessen, P.G.M.;M:W: T.J.
Pitman, Jr., P.G.M.; and R:W: Dr. r.c.
Turnley, D.G.M. The Lodge presented Pictured, L. to R.: W: Robert E. Strickland,
50-year certificates to Bros. Willie Paul W.M.; Bro. Willie W. Paul; Bro. Bob
and Bob McIntyre. The presentations (Robert?) McIntyre; and R:W: Dr. i.c.
were made by W: Robert E. Strickland, Turnley, D.G.M.


Presents 50-Year Certificate and Pin
W: Cade D. Williams, P.M., Sec'y., two brothers to receive 50-year certifi-
reports that on May 1, 1995Spring Creek cates," albeit a year apart. Delicious
Lodge No. 184, Spring Creek, LA, hon- refreshments were enjoyed by all.
ored Bro. Luther Norbert Finch with a
50-year certificate and pin. Bro. Finch,
also the recipient of the Fidelity Medal,
was born February 7, 1902. Coin-
cidentally, his brother, Bro. Monroe D.
Finch, was present and was recognized
for having received his 50-year award
from his Mother Lodge, Hancock Lodge
No. 311, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas on
September 22, 1994. W: Bro. Williams
Pictured, L. to R.: Bros. Luther N. Finch and
concluded, "This is very unusual for Monroe N. Finch.


Holds Special Meeting
Bro. Bobby R. Lee, Sec'y., Oak Grove
Lodge No. 284, writes, verbatim et litera-
tim, "Oak Grove Lodge No. 284, Oak
Grove, LA, held a special meeting April
13, 1995 for the purpose of conferring
the three degrees of Masonry, under
terms of Military Dispensation, for
Christopher Michael LeGuin, an Avia-
tion Electronics Technician assigned to
the USS America, a Nuclear Aircraft Pictured, L. to R.: W: Francis P. Fowler, P.M.
Carrier, home port, Virginia Beach, VA. '88; W: Herbert R. Black, D.G.L., 4th
Masonic District; Bro. Chris LeGuin, newly
During the E.A. Degree, Francis P.
made Master Mason; W: Tommy L. Lee,
Fowler, P.M. and proud grand-paw, sat
W.M.; W: Raymond N. Blake, W.M., Delhi
in the East. W: Raymond Blake, W.M. of Lodge No. 120; and W: Guy S. Williams,
Delhi No. 120, sat in East for the, Grand Tyler.
and W: Guy S. Williams, Grand Tyler,
was in the East for the M.M. Degree.
Between sections of the Fellow Craft
Degree, a delicious meal of gumbo,
baked sweet potatoes, homemade bread
and chocolate cake was enjoyed by all."


Presents 50-Year Certificates
W: Donald Ray Butler, P.M. Sec'y.,
writes that 50-year certificates were pre-
sented on April 18, 1995by W: James M.
Willhite, Jr., P.M., Tallulah Lodge No.
308, to Bros. Clyde H. Clark and Andrew
Jack Bowden. Bro. Willhite reminisced
with the lodge and told different stories
about the two brethren and Bro. Charles
Arneson brought back memories of the
two brethren. Bros. Clark and Bowden Pictured, L. to R.: W: Charles Arneson, P.M.;
spoke of how much they had enjoyed W: Clyde H. Clark, P.M., recipient; Bro.
being Masons for the past 50 years. Andrew Jack Bowden, recipient; and W:
James M. Willhite, P.M.
Delightful refreshments were enjoyed
with "fellowship aplenty".


Presents Lifetime Membership
W: Larry B. Ledbetter, P.M. '93, PR.
Chairman, wrote that the Award was
presented to W: James Frank Silvio at a
regular meeting February 23, 1995. He
continued, "Bro. Silvio was initiated
March 4, 1958, passed to the degree of
Fellowcraft March 17, 1958and raised to
the sublime degree of Master Mason,
March 25, 1958 in Cedar Grove Lodge
No. 403. He transferred to Atkins Lodge
No. 266, Taylortown, LA, in 1970. He
served as Worshipful Master in 1973and
again in 1979. He received his Gold
Pictured, L. to R.: W: James Frank Silvio,
Certificate of Proficiency in 1992. Bro.
P.M. '73, '79, receives Lifetime Membership
Silvio has been very active in Atkins Certificate from W: Jack R. Johnson, W.M.
Lodge and has instructed more candi-
dates in their work, and conferred more
degrees than he can remember. He cur-
rently serves as the Lodge Lecturer."


Presents 50-Year Certificate and Pin
W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.M. 74, '94,
writes, "On March 16, 1995 the Brethren
of Perfect Union Lodge No.1, New
Orleans, LA, under the leadership of W:
Arthur "Ed" McCord, W.M.,had the dis-
tinct honor and privilege of presenting
Bro. Buddy Koehler his 50-year pin and
certificate. Bro. Koehler's dedication and
enthusiasm have been an inspiration to
Pictured, L. to R.: Bro. Buddy Koehler
our membership. Perfect Union No.1,
receives 50-year Certificate and Pin from W:
Louisiana's oldest Lodge, is rich in his-
Arthur E. McCord, Jr., W.M.
tory, and Bro. Koehler is considered one
of the Lodge's prize assets."


Presents 50-Year Certificate and Pin
W: David P.James, P.M., Sec'y., writes
that Central Lodge No. 442 recently pre-
sented Bro. Leon O. Snuggs with his 50-
year certificate and pin. Bro. Snuggs had
looked forward to receiving this "land-
mark" recognition as had the Lodge in
its presentation. Bro. James wrote, fur-
ther, that Bro. Snuggs was born in
October 1912 and was made a Master
Mason on May 1, 1945 in Istrouma
Lodge No. 414. He transferred to Central
Pictured, L. to R.: W: Earl C. Francis, W.M.,
Lodge in October 1992 and was very
presenting Award to Bro. Leon O. Snuggs
active until a recent illness hospitalized (seated); W: Frank E. Jones, P.M. '87; W:
him. In 1983, he played a crucial part in Morris Eugene McDowell; and Mrs. Inez
installing a raised roof on the Lodge's Snuggs. Also present and taking pictures
two-story building. was W: Harold Gene Ballard, P.M. '72.


Presents Inspiring Program
Honoring George Washington
W: Thomas Henry Pilcher, [r., P.M.,
Sec'y.,writes, "W.H. Booth Lodge No. 380,
Shreveport, LA, had an Open House
Meeting in April to present an inspiring
program about George Washington by W:
Donald C. Mosely, P.M. of Hap Arnold
Lodge No. 457. Brother Mosely gave the
Masonic History of the Country's first
President - along with many interesting
historical and personal insights." He con- Pictured, L. to R.: R:W: Billy J. George,
cludes, "W: Bruce Easterly, W.M., hosted D.D.G.M., First Masonic District; M:W: Roy
B. Delaney, P.G.M.; W: Donald C. Mosely,
the function and introduced many guests
P.M. (457); and W: Siegle Bruce Easterly,
including R:W: Billy J. George, D.D.G.M.,
First Masonic District and M:W: Roy B.
Delaney, P.G.M. Prior to the program a
steak dinner was served." One can imag-
ine the depth of the fellowship enjoyed by
the brethren in attendance. Y$r

Father Confers All Three Degrees On Son
W: Challie B. Griggs, P.M. '83, '54 (229) Brother Traylor, III, has certainly demon-
recently wrote of the singular pleasure strated his zeal for Masonry by the man-
of a father in raising his son to the ner in which he has begun his Masonic
Sublime Degree of Master Mason - more Journey."
especially when he has conferred all
three of the degrees. J.c. Stewart Lodge
No. 460, West Monroe, LA, could boast
that such an event occurred this year.
Bro. Griggs continued, ", . .Brother
Traylor was initiated on February 21,
1995,passed to the degree of Fellowcraft
on March 7, 1995 and raised on March
16, 1995, having stood exemplary and
flawless examinations in the preceding
Pictured, L. to R.: W: Thomas Pierce Stroud,
degrees. At the next regular meeting, he
P.M. '84; Bro. Charles A. Traylor, III, newly
was found to be proficient in the cate-
raised Master Mason; and W: Charles A.
chism of the Master Mason Degree. Bro. Traylor, II, P.M. '67, who raised his son.
Stroud, left in photo, examined him.


Grand Master Visits With Fidelity Medal Holder
W: Joseph H. Baker, Jr., P.M., Sec'y.,
writes, "The Most Worshipful Grand
Master T.J. Pitman, [r., took time at the
174th Anniversary celebration of
Humble Cottage No. 19 to visit with Bro.
Lester Woods and his family. Bro. Woods
is 88 years old and has been a Master
Mason for 64 years - since July 3, 1930.
He is the holder of the Fidelity Medal in
Humble Cottage Lodge." Pictured, L. to R.: Beth Davis, granddaugh-
ter holding great granddaughter Chelsa;
Mrs. Ida Woods, wife; Bro. Lester Woods;
Mrs. Collen Pitman; M:W: Thomas J.
Pitman, Jr., G.M.; and Mrs. Sue Deville,


Honors Member On His Birthday
W: Uirna Wayne Shephard, P.M. '67, prised that his birthday was being
wrote that a festive ceremony was held observed as part of the evening's festivi-
at Mooringsport Lodge No. 342 on ties. Bro. Thompson has devoted much
March 10, 1995 with about 75 Masons, of his time and fortune to Mooringsport
families and friends in attendance. Lodge, having served twice as Wor-
Many hot dogs and delicious desserts shipful Master. W: Bro. J.L. Futch, W.M.,
were enjoyed. W: Bro. Tom Brown, stated he was very pleased with the suc-
P.D.D.G.M., gave an interesting infor- cess of the event and would like to see it
mative talk on Freemasonry. He added, become an annual affair. "Truly an event
"Several gifts were presented to W: Lee to 'store up in the annals of the Lodge's
Roy Thompson, who was genuinely sur- history' ".

Pictured, L. to R.: Bro. Joe S. Turrentine, Jr., Pictured, L. to R.: W: Daniel Robert
S.W., presents W: Lee Roy Thompson, P.M. Templeton, P.M. '90, '92, P.D.D.G.M., pre-
'89, '91, with birthday gift. sents W: Lee Roy Thompson, P.M. '89, '91,
with birthday gift.


Presents 25- and 50-Year Certificates
W: Howard Thomas Holyfield, P.M.'72, certificate. After the presentations, Mr.
Sec'y.,writes that Queensborough Lodge John Emery entertained the assemblage
No. 418held an open meeting on May 30, with a slide presentation of his recent
1995 for the purpose of presenting 25- trip to Russia, which was very informa-
and 50-year Certificates of Membership tive and enjoyed by everyone. The atten-
to several members of the Lodge. Prior to dance of Lodge members, family mem-
the meeting a delicious dinner was bers and guests was estimated to be
enjoyed by all. Following the meeting 50- between 60 and 75. (W: Bro. Holyfield
year certificates were presented to Bros. regretfully confided that the Lodge
James Martin Reynolds and Thomas Photographer became ill at the last
Albert Berry,Jr. W: John Larkin Dowden, minute - thus, no photo could be pro-
P.M.,Treasurer,was presented his 25-year vided of the impressive meeting)


Has Surprise Birthday Party For
lOl-Year Old Brother
W: James Edward Vanderberry, W.M. has presented them to visiting digni-
(457),reports that on May 24,1995 Joppa taries, newly made Master Masons, and
Lodge o. 362, Shreveport, LA, sur- Worshipful Masters. Over 75 friends and
prised Bro. Harry Davidson, with a Lodge members were present for the
party, on his 101st birthday. Bro. occasion.
Davidson has been a Mason for 73 years
and was presented the Fidelity Medal by
W: Edgar Holomon, W.M. on behalf of
the members of the Lodge. Bro.
Davidson is still active in all the Masonic
Organizations including the Shrine and
is thought to be the oldest 'active' Mason
in the First Masonic District. He
renewed his driver's license on his 100th
birthday for four more years. Bro.
Davidson continues his woodwork Pictured, L. to R.: Bro. Harry Davidson (101-
hobby and has made over 300 gavels of year old Mason), and W: Edgar Eugene
wood from the old shrine hospital and Holomon, P.M. '83, '88, W.M.


Traveling Gavel Keeps Moving
R:W: Marvin Ray Jordan, D.D.G.M.,
inth Masonic District, looks on as W:
Grant King, WM., Abe Hinson Lodge No.
472, of Alexandria, passes the district's
traveling gavel to W:Johnnie J. Dupre,
WM. of Curtis T.Hines Lodge No. 317,of
Tioga. The 12 visitors added a great deal
of fellowship to the Lodge's communica-
tion. Bro. Jordan later presented Abe
Hinson Lodge its Achievement award for
the year 1994.It was pointed out that Abe
Hinson Lodge has never missed receiving
the Achievement Award.


Promotes Community Service Project
W: Bro.Aubrey Edwards, Ninth District
Grand Lecturer, (left) listens as W: James
E. Wages, WM., W.D. Fisher Lodge No.
480, Deville, LA, explains the lodge's
community service project. The lodge
provides space for a Neighborhood
Immunization Clinic for Eastern Rapides
Parish. Coorperation with the Parish
Health Unit is one way that the lodge
serves its community and helps to assure
healthier children in the community.


Honors Past Masters
Hap Arnold Lodge No. 457, Shreveport, has contributed much to the advance-
LA, reports that the Lodge, recently, cele- ment of Freemasonry." W: Donald C.
brated a Special Open Meeting and hon- Mosely, PM., Treasurer, was presented his
ored 13Past Masters. Bro. Earl Zeller, old- seventh Certificate of Proficiency with
est active member of the Lodge, was pre- sincere appreciation of the members of
sented a Certificate of Appreciation in the Lodge. W: Charles Shearer, PM., gave
recognition of faithful service, loyalty and an excellent talk on "A Response to Critics
devotion to Masonry. W: James Edward of Freemasonry", which was enjoyed by
Vanderberry, W.M., presented the certifi- all. Over 60 members and guests, includ-
cate and stated, "By his faithful service ing R:W: Billy J. George, D.D.G.M., First
and personal contribution of time and Masonic District, were in attendance. An
effort to Masonic ideals in general and to excellent meal was served by the "Bea
Hap Arnold in particular, Brother Zeller Ceaunts'', chaired by Olivia Bridges.

Pictured, L. to R.: W: Douglas E. Wolvington, P.M., '94; W: Charlie Crayton Barnes, P.M., '79 (448);
W:Jack Wyman Bridges, P.M., '75; W: George Buckner Gray, P.M., '93; W: Charles Edward
Shearer, P.M., '92; W: James Edward Vanderberry, W.M.; R:W: Billy James George, P.M. '89,
D.D.G.M., First Masonic District. Back Row: W: Charles Lee Kelly, P.M. '69, '74 (448); W: Jimmie
Ray Osborne, P:.M. '86; W: Gwayne Walker Denham, P.M. '79; W: Victor Van Warnock, P.M. '67;
W: Leroy Charles Fahnestock. P.M. '91; and W: Donald C. Mosely, P.M. '53 (284).

Receives Achievement Award
R:W: Bro. Marvin Ray Jordan,
DD.G.M., Ninth Masonic District, speaks
to the members and visitors of Boyce
Lodge No. 273 while presenting the 1994
Achievement Award to W: Ronald A.
Mayeaux, Jr., W.M. The meeting and pre-
sentation followed one of the Lodge's
famous "eating sessions" prepared by W:
Aubrey "Blackie"Edwards, D.G.L.,Ninth
Masonic District.


Honors Grand Master
Joppa Lodge No. 362, Shreveport, LA, and promised to use the gavel at the next
reports that on May 24, 1995 an Open Grand Lodge Communication. Truly a
Meeting was held to honor M:W: Louis J. day and occasion to be "laid up" in the
Caruso, Grand Master of Masons of annals of the history of Joppa Lodge.
Louisiana. A delicious meal was provid-
ed. M:W:Roy B. Delaney, P.G.M. intro-
duced the Grand Master to the brethren
and assembled visitors. The Grand
Master held a candid discussion concern-
ing the issues that faced our fraternity and
answered numerous questions from the
audience. 101-year old Bro. Harry
Davidson presented Bro. Caruso with a
ceremonial gavel which he had made of Pictured, L. to R.: W: Edgar E. Holeman,
wood from the first Shrine Hospital. The P.M.,W.M.; M:W: Louis J. Caruso, G.M.; and
Grand Master was very appreciative Bro. Harry Davidson.

Enthusiasm is a virtue rarely to be met with in seasons of calm and unruffled prosperity. It
flourishes in adversity, kindles in the hour of danger, and awakens to deeds of renown. The
terrors of persecution only serve to quicken the energy of its purposes. It swells in proud
integrittj, and, great in the purity of its cause, it can scatter defiance amidst hosts of enemies.



Observes Father's Day
W: Bro. David C. Calaway, (left) P.M.
and Chaplain of Bunkie Lodge No. 326
thanks W: w.A. Morris, P.M. (472),for his
talk to the lodge on Father's Appreciation
Night. Looking on is W: Edmond Scott
Poole, W.M.


Presents 50-Year Certificate To III Brother
Bro. Leo James Chirardi, Member of Sublime Degree of Master Mason in Doric
Doric Lodge No. 205, Morgan City, LA, Lodge, August 1, 1945. Because of his ill-
r-- writes with understandable pride that ness the certificate was presented sooner
Doric Lodge, while at refreshment, (with than usual.
members dressed in jewels and aprons)
walked "three city blocks" to present Bro.
Merton Yonge his 50-year membership
certificate. As depicted in accompanying
photo, R:W: Clarence J. Callis, D.D.C.M.,
Twelfth Masonic District, presented the
certificate and "talked with our very sick
brother with love and compassion - com-
menting on Brother Yonge's dedicated
service to our Craft for the past 50 years." Pictured, L. to R.: R:W: Clarence J. Callis,
Twenty-seven members of the Lodge P.M., D.D.G.M., 12th Masonic District and
were present. Bro.Yongewas raised to the recipient, Bro. Merton Yonge.

The wise and active conquer difficulties by To do anything in this world worth doing,
daring to attempt them. Sloth and folly we must not stand back shivering and
shiver and shrink at sight of toil and haz- thinking of the cold and danger, but jump
ard, and make the impossibility they fear. in, and scrambLe through as well as we can.



Presents Certificate of Proficiency
At its regular meeting on June 8, 1995, The certificate was presented by M:W:
Denham Springs Lodge No. 297 present- Ray W. Burgess, PG.M., and W.M. of
ed a "Certificate of Proficiency" to W: Denham Springs Lodge in 1956.
Ambrose O. Sullivan, PM. This ceremony Others in attendance included W: Willie
was special because Bro. Sullivan is 80 E. Blackwell, D.G.L., 19th Masonic
years old, was Worshipful Master in 1948, District; W: Hillary V. Woodward, Mem-
has received his 50-year Service Award, ber of the Permanent Committee on
and this was his first "Certificate of Work; and W: Frank E. Jones, D.G.L., 13th
Proficiency". Masonic District.
When asked why he decided to become Because of his achievement, Bro.
proficient in the work, he replied, "It is Blackwell appointed Bro. Sullivan
something I have always wanted to do." "Lecturer" for Denham Springs Lodge.
He was coached and examined by Bros. This proves you are never too old to toil in
William L. Stubbs, William G. Graham the vineyards of Freemasonry.
and Adler O. Bertrand, members of
Albany Lodge No. 466, all of whom were
in attendance.

Pictured, L. to R.: W: Hillary V. Woodward, Member, Per. Com. on Work; W: Willie E.
Blackwell, D.G.L., 19th Masonic District; W: I.A. Hill, W.M.; W: Ambrose O. Sullivan, P.M.;
and M:W: Ray W. Burgess, P.G.M.


Receives Achievement Award
W: Wilbert Dupre, PM., W.M., Orphans
Friend Lodge No. 185, Morrow, LA,
receives Achievement Award from R:W:
William J. Lernbeck, D.D.G.M., 11th
Masonic District.


Honors Patriotic Student
As reported by Bro. Eldred P. Gilmore, sented young Willis an American Flag Pin
[r., I.G. and Public Information Chairman, in commemoration of "Flag Day", a ball
Germania Lodge o. 46, ew Orleans, cap, and a framed certificate.
LA, a special award was presented to In attendance were Mike's father, his
Mike Willis an 8-year old student, in grandmother and his aunt.
recognition of his efforts to promote loy-
alty to America.
Mike had been recognized by his
teacher because of an essay he wrote, enti-
tled: "What I Can Do To Promote Loyalty
Bro. [ohn M. Wood, J.W., heard about
the essay and told the members of the
Lodge. They were so impressed they des- Pictured, L. to R.: W: George W. Gruber, Sr.,
ignated the meeting on May 24, 1995, W.M.; Mike Willis; Bro. John M. Wood,
"Mike WillisNight". J.W.; and W: Frederick L. Tomlinson, P.M.
W: George W. Gruber, Sr., W.M., pre-


Presents 50- and 25-Year Certificates
W: Michael Allen Dean, P.M.,'93, writes
of the honors bestowed on the brethren
depicted in the accompanying photos -
recipients of 50- and 25-year Certificates.
The ceremonies took place on May 16,
1995 at Mt. Gerizim Lodge No. 54,
Bastrop, LA. Congratulations to these
brothers on their well earned recognition. ~ )
Pictured, L. to R.: Bros. Jimmy Don Speaker,
Dr. Henry Flood Madison Garrett, Sr.,
Raymond R. Cockrell, and Jerrell W.
Freeland - 25-year recipients.

Pictured, L. to R.: Bros. Morton Levy, and
Elwood Baker - 50-year recipients, and R:W:
I.c. Turnley, Jr., M.D., D.G.M.

Holds Past Masters' Night
W:James A. Lambert, PM., '93, writes
that Past Masters' Night was held on May
22, 1995. A delicious meal was served,
after which the impressive ceremonies of
the occasion was held with various appre-
ciative remarks by the Worshipful Master
and others of the Lodge for the steadfast
and unwavering support provided by the
Past Masters Pictured, R. to L.: W: Bros. Maurice Nettles,
Gordon Wood, H.V. Woodward, Allen
Brown, Russell Callender, John Callender,
and James Lambert. - Also pictured: W:
Frank Janes, D.G.L., and R:W: Louis
Dempsey, D.D.G.M., 13th Masonic District,
with one visitor: W: Carl Broussard, P.M.,
Milford Lodge No. 117.


Holds Ladies Appreciation Night
delightful talk about her experiences and
W: A. Ray McLaurin, PM., reports that
feelings of many years of following and
Alexandria Lodge No. 398 "expressed
"being the wife of a Master Mason and
their appreciation to the ladies who sup-
Grand Master". The delightful evening
port Masonic endeavors with an out-
concluded with cake and coffee in the
standing program on May 16, 1995." A
dining room.
delicious meal preceded the impressive
program. W: Robert E. Strickland, WM.,
told the crowd the purpose of the meeting
was to show its appreciation to the ladies
who support the Masonic Fraternity.
M:W: T.J. Pitman, Jr., PG.M., was recog-
nized, given the public grand honors and
conducted to a seat in the East. Bro.Andy
Pedneau delivered an outstanding and
moving presentation of the DeMolay
Pictured, L. to R.: W: Robert E. Strickland,
Flower Talkand presented each lady with
W.M., Mrs. Colleen Pitman and M:W:
a flower. Mrs. Colleen Pitman, wife of Thomas J. Pitman, Jr., P.G.M.
M:W:T.J.Pitman, Jr., PG.M., gave a very


Holds Past Masters' Night
W: Larry B. Ledbetter, Sr., P.M., '93, P.R.
Chairman, reports that Atkins Lodge No.
266, Taylortown, LA, honored their Past
Masters with a special program on May 4,
1995. During the program, each Past
Master was asked to give a brief report on
his year as Worshipful Master. The Sr.
Past Master, W: Elton A. Bruner, ('64), was
presented the gavel by W: Jack Johnson,
W.M., and proceeded to close the Lodge
with Past Masters in the various stations Pictured, L. to R., Front Row: W: Bros.
William P. Dews, Wendel Scott Moore,
of the Lodge. Subsequent to this, writes
James Franklin Silvio, Sr., Berry Arne
W: Bro. Ledbetter, a barbecue was held at
Johnson, and Arvin Douglas Morgan.
the Lodge Sunday, May 6 in honor of the Middle Row: Geoffrey Cecil Clement, Sr.,
Past Masters, their families and friends Elton A. Bruner, and William Russell
and was enjoyed by approximately 100 in Richards. Back Row: James Raymond
attendance. Eakey, William Farris Baughman, and Larry
Burton Ledbetter, Sr., Past Masters all.


Receives Achievement Award
W: Denny Joseph Devillier, P.M., (1994),
Humble Cottage Lodge No. 19, Ope-
lousas, LA, receives Achievement Award
from RW: William J. Lembeck, DD.G.M.,
11th Masonic District.


Receives Achievement Award
W: Robert Milton Laughlin, P.M., (1994),
M.E. Girard Lodge No. 450, Lafayette,
LA, receives Achievement Award from
RW: William J. Lembeck, DD.G.M., 11th
Masonic District.



Presents H&I Awards
W: Edward Sylvester Burnitt, P.M. 73,
Sec'y., reports that the Lodge's Honesty
and Integrity Awards Program was held
on April 23, 1995for four Converse High
School Juniors. The awards were pre-
sented by R:W: Roy B. Tuck, Jr., G.S.w.
The recipients, identified in accompany-
ing photos were: Jamie George, daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne George;
Melanie Rutherford, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Rodney Rutherford; Nelson
Springer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland
Springer; and Bradley Burr, son of Mr.
and Mrs. George Burr. Bro. Tuck, gave
an interesting and informative talk on
the program - briefly, of Freemasonry -
of Lodge furnishings, including the
Holy Bible and American Flag; and of Pictured, L. to R. - Upper Photo: Jamie
the Honesty of George Washington and George (recipient) and W: Donald R.
Sam Houston, et al. Truly a great occa- Spillyard, W.M. - Lower Photo: R:W: Roy B.
sion in the annals of the Lodge's history. Tuck, Jr., G.S.W., recipients Nelson
Springer, Melanie Rutherford, Brad Burr;
and W: Donald R. Spitlyard, W.M.

I have been more and more convinced, the more I think of it, that, in general, pride is at
the bottom of all great mistakes. All the other passions do occasional good; but whenever
pride puts in its word, everything goes wrong; and what it might really be desirable to do,
quietly and innocently, it is mortally dangerous to do proudly.



Holds H&I Awards' Banquet
Bro. Charles Edsel Andes, S.W., writes
that on April 20, 1995, the Honesty and
Integrity Awards were presented by W:
Ronald Glenn Beard, W.M., Oliver
Lodge No. 84, Alexandria, LA, who
complimented the recipients and their
parents for their obvious adherence to
"family values". Mrs. Ruth O'Quinn,
School Board Member, gave an excellent
talk on "Honesty and Integrity and its Pictured, L. to R.: Jeremy DeWitt and
effect on Young Adults of Today." After Courtney Cashion of Bolton High School;
and Charles Murphy and Paula Fillette of
the impressive ceremony a delicious
Alexandria Senior High School.
meal was enjoyed by all. Truly an occa-
sion to remember in the annals of Oliver


Presents H&I Awards
W: James H. O'Quinn, s-. P.M., Sec'y.,
reports that the Lodge held its Honesty
and Integrity Awards' Program at its
May 8,1995 meeting. Awards were pre-
sented to Robert Crump, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Crump of Dry
Prong; and Renee Bishop, the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Carrington of
Colfax. Both recipients are juniors at
Grant High School. Bro. O'Quinn also Pictured, L. to R.: Robert Crump, recipient;
reported that W: Jerry McDaniel, W.M., W:Jerry G. McDaniel, W.M.; and Renee
Bishop, recipient.
presented W: Carl B. Lemoine, P.M.,
with his "25-year Certificate".

Pride, like ambition, is sometimes virtuous and sometimes vicious, according to the char-
acter in which it is found, and the object to which it is directed. As a principle, it is the
parent of almost every virtue and every vice-everything that pleases and displeases in
mankind ....



Presents Annual H&I Awards
W: Harry Donald Lea, Sr., P.M. '65,
Sec'y., reports that recently the Lodge's
Annual Honesty and Integrity Awards
Program was held. The prestigious awards
were presented by W: Charlie J. Talbert,
W.M.The honorable Toye Taylor, Mayor of
Bogalusa presented the students with a
plaque from the city, in recognition of their
achievement. Bro. Lea pointed out, "The
Mayor, Toye Taylor, is not a Mason, yet he Pictured, L. to R.: Charlie J. Talbert, W.M.;
recipients: Rebecca Blair Bateman, daughter
finds our Honesty and Integrity Award of
of Mr. and Mrs. Joe M. Bateman; Bryant
such importance, he has for the past four Edward Hoppen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
to five years awarded each recipient with a Hoppen, and Rebecca Rachael Prater, daugh-
plaque from the City of Bogalusa." Guest ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Brennan, Sr.
Speaker for the program was Bro. France
W. Watts, Judge of the 22nd Judicial
District, and a member of Franklinton
Lodge No. 101.


Holds Annual H&I Awards' Program
W: Jack Wainwright, P.M., Sec'y., reports pressive talk on the practice of Honesty
that more than 50 Masons, family mem- and Integrity as applicable to the youth of
bers, friends and guests were present for today. The recipients were additionally
the 18th Annual Honesty and Integrity honored with the Key of Friendship from
Awards' Program at Solomon Lodge No. the City of Pineville - presented by
221, Pineville, LA. W: Francis O. Smith, Council Member W: Jack Wainwright,
W.M.,presented the awards to Roy Burns, P.M., Sec'y. A delicious dinner was served
Scott Beach and Amanda Hill, as shown in prior to the impressive ceremony.
the accompanying photo. Roy Burns is the
son of Michael and Karen Burns. Scott
Beach is the son of Dave and Beverly
Beach and Amanda Hill is the daughter of
Judy and George Cross. Bro. Wainwright
wrote that the three recipients were honor
students at Pineville High School. He
"told of the origin and purpose of the Pictured, L. to R.: W: Francis O. Smith, W.M.;
Honesty and Integrity Awards Program Rev. Jon Tellifero, Associate Pastor, Pineville
and the high level of success it has enjoyed Methodist Church; Recipients: Roy Burns,
since its inception in 1977." Rev. Jon Scott Beach, and Amanda Hill; and W:Jack
'Iellifero, Associate Pastor of Pineville Wainwright, P.M., Sec'y., Master of
United Methodist Church, gave an im- Ceremonies.


Holds H&I Awards' Program
W: James E. Gott, P.M. '86, Chairman Town Talk to thank her honest stranger.
of the Honesty and Integrity Committee, Lodge members saw the article and
Abe Hinson Lodge No. 472, thanked the unanimously voted to include him in
other Committee Members: Bros. Fred the Honesty and Integrity Awards
Seaman and Thomas Richards for their Program. He was surprised and said,
untiring dedication to the task of choos- "The recognition is wonderful and
ing 11 students for the prestigious makes me know I did the right thing."
awards. W: Grant King, W.M., intro- Delicious refreshments and fellowship
duced Gen. Ansel M. Stroud, the were enjoyed by the 110 Lodge mem-
Honored Guest Speaker. Bro. Stroud bers, recipients, family members and
gave a delightfully interesting and infor- friends. Truly a great occasion for Abe
mative talk on the intrinsic worth of the Hinson Lodge No. 472. FIAT LUX
values inculcated in the "Honesty and
Integrity" of our youth of today, empha-
sizing the need to "steady the course as
you go".
An added attraction was the "Special
Recognition" accorded one of the recipi-
ents. It happened this way:
It was reported in, The Town Talk, the
newspaper in Alexandria, LA, that
young Christopher R. Spires had found
Pictured, L. to R.: W:J. Grant King, W.M.
a purse, containing credit cards and
and Mr. Christopher R. Spires, though a
more than $600 in cash, in a Wal-Mart Sophomore, who was exceptionally hon-
store in Many, LA, and returned it to the ored by being included in the Lodge's
rightful owner. The owner wrote a letter Honesty and Integrity Awards Presentation.
to the Reader's Write section of The

Pictured: In center: W:Joseph Grant King, W.M.; W: Major General Ansel M. Stroud, Jr.,
P.M. '61 (332), Affiliated P.M., Ida Lodge No. 324, Adjutant General of the Louisiana
National Guard, Guest Speaker; surrounded by recipients in no particular order: John R.
Hughes, Pineville High School; Christopher R. Spires, Bolton High School; Angella
Rachelle Coon, Tanya E. Fookes and Jennifer Gayle Vicknair, Alexandria Senior High
School; and Gregory Paul Rackett, Kimberly Ann Dyer, Natalie Claire Hodges, Stacey
Elizabeth Mayeaux, Matthew Vanhoff Tompkins, and Douglas Ross Villard, Menard High

I R lev. Cheminos father and
grandfather were both Past
lar and the Knights of Columbus must
continue to promote the good in our
Masters of Bunkie Lodge communities.
No. 326 and were members
of Trinity Commandery. He brought
along his fourth degree Knights of
Columbus sword and the Knight
Templar sword of his grandfather and
displayed them during the Ascension
service. He also recalled that for many
years after his father's death, his moth-
er received a poinsettia plant each
Christmas from his lodge (Abe Hinson
Rev. Scott Chemino, Catholic Priest, poses
No. 472).
with SIK Fred W. Seaman, Eminent
He pointed out that we both have the Commander of Trinity Commanderu No.8,
good and the bad in our society and that Alexandria, LA, following his Ascension
organizations such as the Knights Tem- address to the Commanders].


Donald Clements Mosely,
P.M. '53 (284), Sec'y.,
reports that R:W: Billy J.
George, D.D.G.M. and W:
Albert D. Riser, D.G.L., 1st Masonic
District, conducted a District Workshop
on April 23, 1995 at Hap Arnold Lodge
No. 457,Shreveport, LA. The workshop
was well attended and an excellent pro-
gram was presented that included
proper procedure in purging the Lodge Pictured, L. to R.: R:W: Billy J. George,
and Entered Apprentice Floor Work. A D.D.G.M., 1st Masonic District; and W:
delicious spaghetti dinner was served Albert D. Riser, D.G.L., 1st Masonic District.
in the dining room.


he Crand M,,,,,',

held in Alexandria
Educational Workshop was
at the
Masonic Temple on March
11, 1995. The 'line-up' of informed
speakers was exceptional, as depicted
in the accompanying photo. Each cov-
ered an area of Freemasonry in which
they had specialized experience so they
could address their chosen topic in a Pictured, L. to R.: W: Ballard Lee Smith,
most impressive manner. Unfortunate- P.M. '84 (362); R:W: Roy B. Tuck, Jr.,Grand
ly, the space constraints of the Louisiana Senior Warden; W: Ernest C. Belmont,
P.M. '53 (417), Grand Chaplain; M:W:
Freemason prevent a detailed resume of
Louis J. Caruso, Grand Master; W: James
their respective talks. D. Parker, P.M.. '87 (417), Grand Marshal;
and W: Charles L. McCarty, W.M. (421),
Grand Sword Bearer. (Not shown: W:
Harold H. Betz, Jr.,P.M. '84 (374).


ro. [ose Armando Castellon,
S.w., Lee E. Thomas Lodge
No. 421, New Orleans, LA, r
writes, that, with the
approval and active support of M:W:
Louis J. Caruso, C.M., W: Charles L.
McCarty, W.M., "put together the neces-
sary committees and provided the lead-
ership that drew the participation of
many other Lodges in the State. The
Crand Master provided the inspiration
and support from the Grand Lodge
level which made this a successful
Charitable Endeavor for the benefit of
the specially challenged children of the
Special Olympics." (Another outstand-
ing example of what Freemasons and
Freemasonry can do. Ed.)
As shown in photo Bro. Donald R.
Buxton, Deputy Sheriff, Calcasieu
Parish, finishes a six-day, seven-city
'Charity Run' at Muss Bertolino Park
in Kenner, LA.

Iml,,,nIl Y, committees horn
Abe Hinson Lodge No. 472
and Electra Chapter No. 10,
Order of the Eastern Star
met to determine the feasibility of
entering into an informal agreement
whereby each would support the other
in their various 'open' events such as :
1) Honesty and Integrity Awards'
ight; 2) Honor Master Masons' Night;
3) Past Masters' Night; 4) Honor
Eastern Star Night; 5) Mutual support Pictured, L. to R.: Miss Ruth Louise
of Youth organizations; and 6) Mutual Spofford, Past Worthy Grand Matron,
Fund Raising efforts. The committees D.E.S.; Mrs. Elaine King, Worthy Matron,
reported favorably, without dissent and Electra Chapter No. 10, D.E.S; W: Grant
King, W.M. Abe Hinson Lodge No. 472; Mrs.
each body voted unanimously to
Beverly Baker, D.D.G.M., D.E.S.; Mrs. Janell
implement the program - to exchange Strickland, Worthy Matron, J.T. Charnley
membership and telephone rosters, etc. Chapter No. 197, D.E.S.
As W: Grant King, W.M., expressed,
"The Union with Electra No. 10 should
strengthen and bless both organizations
and breathe new life and enthusiasm
within the fraternityts)."


[ames Edward Vanderberry,
WM. (457) recently wrote
that Shreveport Chapter of
DeMolay members' paid a
very special visit to Southern
Hills Lodge No. 464, Shreveport, LA, to
thank W: Charles T. Dolph and the
brethren for their support for the use of the
Lodge to practice for competition. The Pictured, L. to R.: W: Charles T. Dolph, WM.;
Chapter attended the Annual Old South members of Shreveport Chapter, Order of
DeMolay: David Beeson, Scribe, David
Ritual Tournament in New Orleans April Culligan, JD., Jacob Chambers, Acting Jr.
1, 1995 and competed in the Open Divi- Councilor; W: Billy J. George, P.M., DD.G.M.,
sion, Chapter Proficiency Contest, won 1st Masonic District; and W:Al Riser, P.M.,
'First Place' and were presented "The D.G.L., 1st Masonic District.
Banner" as shown in accompanying an unforgettable experience. If it were not
photo. Bro. Vanderberry wrote further that for the support of Southern Hills Lodge,
spokesman, David Beeson, Scribe, stated, we would not even have had the opportu-
"It would have been a great experience for nity to compete. We are in your debt and
us just to have been there, but to actually we again thank you for your kindness and
come back with a First Place Banner was hospitality."


[ames Edward Vanderberry, Joppa Lodge No. 362 in Shreveport and
W.M., Hap Arnold Lodge W: Mack Bounds, P.M. and Sec'y. of
No. 457, Shreveport, LA, Greenwood Lodge No. 409, Green-
reports that, through the tra- wood, LA. Needless to say, Bro. George
ditional "courtesy work between Grand was delighted to perform this "labor of
Jurisdictions", R:W: Billy J. George, love".
D.D.G.M., First Masonic District, repre-
senting the Grand Lodge of Louisiana,
on behalf of the Grand Lodge of Texas,
recently had the pleasure of presenting
W: Walter C. Gilbert, P.M., a Sojourning
Texas Mason, a Grand Lodge of Texas
50-year Certificate and Pin. He was born
in Del Rio, Texas but called Glidden,
Texas home for many years. He is
retired from Southern Pacific Railway -
Pictured, L. to R.: W: Walter G. Gilbert,
after 22 years as an engineer. He lives
P.M. (Rockland Lodge No. 960, Rockland,
with his lovely wife of 66 years - Lady Texas) receives his Grand Lodge of Texas
Edna. Present at the presentation were 50-year Certificate and Pin from R:W: Billy
Mrs. Gilbert and two long-time fraternal J. George, D.D.G.M., First Masonic District.
brothers: Bro. Clayton McCustion,


Azar Grotto, Baton Rouge,
LA, "held it's annual Cere-
bral Palsy Softball game on
June 4th at Independence
Park in Baton Rouge. In this game the
Cerebral Palsy Kids, with the help of
Grotto members and their parents,
played against the staff of the Cerebral
Palsy Center. As usual, the Kids won by
a score of about 40 to 1. The smiles of the
Kids make this day a winner for every-

Pictured: Monarch George Haydel and Past
Monarch Dale Lively with a number of
"Cerebral Palsy Kids", parents and mem-
bers of the staff of the Cerebral Palsy

1191 epresentatives from each of
the organizations which
of Alexandria. Also purchasing a premi-
um price ticket was Sherman O.
meet in the Alexandria Brawner, President of the High-Twelve
Masonic Temple got togeth- Club.
er to plan a Barbecue Chicken dinner
fund-raiser for the Temple. This is the
first joint effort involving all the organi-
zations since the building was erected
in 1984. Following the meeting, 4,000
tickets were distributed to members of
the ten organizations. The group
expects to prepare 1,500 to 2,000 meals
for the event.
The first three tickets were sold, at a
premium price, to B.G. Dyess of
Gardner Lodge No. 482; Harold Elliott,
PM. of Glenmora No. 356; and to Pictured, L. to R.: B .G. Dyess, Harold
Robert A. Love, PM. of Albert Pike No. Elliott, Robert A. Love, and W: A.
376. The tickets were sold at a meeting Morris, who sold the tickets.
of Post des Rapide High-Twelve Club

Pictured, L. to R.: Richard Shaw, P.M., Alexandria Lodge 398; Mrs. Linda Shaw,
Sec'y., of Electa Chapter No. 10, O.E.S.; Mrs. Janell Strictland, Worthy Matron, J.T.
Charnley Chapter No. 197, O.E.S. (partially hidden); Mrs. Elaine King, W. Matron,
Electa Chapter; Charles W. Reynolds, Oliver Lodge's newest Master Mason;
Thomas W. Reynolds, P.M. Oliver Lodge No. 84; Grant King, W:M:, Abe Hinson
Lodge No. 472; and Robert E. Strickland, W:M:, Alexandria Lodge No. 398. Not
shown was Robert A. Love, P.M., representing the DeMo lay Chapter and the Order
of Amaranth and W.A. Morris representing the York Rite Bodies.


Pictured above is the candidate and degree team for the conferral of the honoranj degree on Ballard
L. Smith. (front center) Even) man in the picture is a Past Master of his lodge. Tiley are, L. to R.:
Jack Foil, Fillly S. Stanly, Hiram Greer,Ernest C. Belmont, Jr.,R:W: Roy B. nick, Jr., G.J.W., Ballard
L. Smith, Philip Walker, Jr., Lloyd Hebert, James P. Davis, James D. Parker and Earl M. Albritton.
New officers of the college are Chris E. Fristoe, Lake Charles, Governor; Earl M. Albritton,
Winnsboro, Deputu Governor; and Huston F. Boothe, Sr., Hammond, Chancellor.


osing under the symbol of
the Royal Arch Degree are
W.A. Morris, Past High
Priest and guest speaker;
Tom L. Williams, High Priest; and Roy B.
Tuck, [r., Grand High Priest and Grand
Senior Warden of the Grand Lodge. The
occasion was a special meeting to show
appreciation for the members of Vernon
Chapter No. 51, R.A.M. for its Sabine
Parish members. Several years ago
Robeline Chapter No. 63 of Many
merged with Vernon Chapter No. 51 of

The men who succeed are the efficient few. They are the few who have the ambition and
willpower to develop themselves.


IA I pproximately two hundred
Masons attended a banquet,
William H. Brown, 33°, IGH, Grand _
Junior Warden, was the Master of
organized by the Baton Ceremonies.
Rouge Scottish Rite Bodies, The guest speaker, Mr. Roger L.
on May 20, 1995 to honor Ill. Ronald A. Busbice, Chief Archivist/Historian of
Seale,33° IGH, and his family. The atten- the Old State Capitol, highlighted the
dees included representatives from all contribution of Masonry to the State of
five Valleys,M.W.Lewis J. Caruso, G.M., Louisiana; and recalled the work of
several Past Grand Masters and mem- Architect and Bro. James Harrison
bers of the Grand Lodge family. Ill. Dakin, member of St. James Lodge No.
47, who designed the Old State Capitol.
Ill. Seale made profound remarks in his
response and all present could feel that
the passing of the torch from Ill. D.
Walter Jessen could not be in more capa-
ble hands. We wish Ill. Seale the very
best as he steers the Scottish Rite in
Louisiana into the twenty-first century.

Ill. James Walley, 33° IGH, PGM,
Personal Representative to the Valley
of New Orleans, congratulating Ill.
Ronald A. Seale, 33* IGH on his
appointment as Deputy. Others in the
picture are L. to R.: Mrs. Man) Ann
Brown and husband Ill. William H.
Brown, 33° IGH, Grand Junior Warden, Pictured, L. to R.: Ill. Ronald A. Seale
Grand Lodge of Louisiana and at far visiting with Ill. D. Scott Strickland,
right, Saundra Seale. 33° IGH, PGM during the Banquet.

A sense of the value of time - that is, of the best way to divide one's time into one's oar- I ~
ious activities - is an essential preliminaru to efficient work; it's the only method of I"
avoiding hurry.

.---------- ~ ~m()rhm
Grand Master - 1971
Masonic funeral services were held for Court of Appeal in 1974. He retired in 1992
M:W: Grover Lea Covington at the Harry after 18 years of service, the last ten years
Mc eely & Son Funeral Home, Ham- of which were as the court's chief judge.
mond, LA, on April 17, 1995 followed by Bro. Covington was raised to the
religious services at the First United Sublime Degree of Master Mason, on
Methodist Church on April 18. W: Jones August 30, 1953, in Kentwood Lodge o.
Ard served as Worshipful Master for the 184. In 1956 he demitted to Spring Creek
Masonic service and the Reverend Charles Lodge o. 184; served as Worshipful
Humphreys officiated at the religious ser- Master in 1965; and as Secretary in 1966.
vice. He was appointed D.D.G.M., 14th
Bro. Covington was born on October Masonic District in 1967, and was elected
15, 1925 in Memphis, TN. His father, W.M. of the District in 1969. He was also a
Grover Monroe Covington, a native of member of Triumph Lodge No. 422,
East Feliciana Parish, and his mother, Zola Triumph, LA
Strickland Covington, a In 1968 he was elected
native of St. Helena Parish, Grand Junior Warden and
returned to Louisiana in continued to fill each suc-
1927. They settled down to a cessive office in line until
life of dairy farming in the his election as Grand
rural area north of Master of the Grand Lodge
Kentwood in Tangipahoa of the State of Louisiana in
Parish. 1971.
Bro. Covington graduat- Bro. Covington was a
ed from Kentwood High member of Joseph Sinai
School in 1942. He enlisted Chapter No. 88, R.A.M.;
in the U'S, aval Reserve Joseph w. Robinson Coun-
during World War II and cil o. 36, R.&S.M.; St. Paul
Grand Master 1971
served as Communications Commandery o. 27, K.T.;
Officer. He did undergraduate work at St Paul Conclave Red Cross of
the University of North Carolina and Constantine; Jerusalem Temple,
Cornell University and took special cours- AAO. .M.s.; Baton Rouge Consistory,
es at the Naval Communications School at 33° LG.H.; AJ Azar Grotto; and an Hon-
Harvard. He earned a B.A Degree in 1949 orary Life Member, Order of DeMo lay.
and a L.L.B. Degree in 1950 from Tulane Judge Covington was past president of
University. the Tangipahoa Parish and the Kentwood
After being admitted to the practice of Chambers of Commerce; a life member of
law, he was appointed attorney for the the American Legion; a member of the
Town of Kentwood, serving until 1970 and Hammond Rotary Club (Paul Harris
for the Town of Roseland from 1960 to Fellow); a member and former chairman
1969. He was named Assistant District of the of the Louisiana Judicial Com-
Attorney for the 21st Judicial District mission; and a member First United
which includes the Parishes of Tangi- Methodist Church, Hammond, LA.
../ pahoa, St. Helena and Livingston in 1951 He is survived by his wife Beverly
and served until 1954 and again in 1969. Burns Covington, one son, four daughters,
He was appointed Judge of Division A, one step son, and eight grandchildren.
21st Judicial District Court in 1970 and He was laid to rest in the Woodland
served until his election to the 1st Circuit Cemetery in Kentwood, LA
The Louisiana
Non-Profit Org.

U.S. Postage
333 ST. CHARLES AVE. Baton Rouge, LA
NEW ORLEANS, LA 70130 Permit No. 920

1994-95 OFFICERS
Louis J. Caruso, Grand Master
J. C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., Deputy Grand Master
Roy B. Tuck, [r., Grand Senior Warden
William H. Brown, Grand Junior Warden
James M. Walley, P.G.M., Grand Treasurer
Jack Crouch, Grand Secretary
Delwin P. Laguens, Grand Secretary "Emeritus"
Junius B. Sharp, Grand Lecturer "Emeritus"
Ernest C. Belmont, [r., Grand Chaplain
James D. Parker, Grand Marshal
Richard B. Smith, Grand Senior Deacon
Larry S. Bossier, Grand Junior Deacon
Charles I. McCarty, Grand Sword Bearer
Carl M. Williams, Grand Pursuivant
A. Edmond Hays, [r., Grand Standard Bearer
Guy S. Williams, Grand Tyler
Malcolm A. Ballard, Grand Photographer
G. Lyman Ryan, Grand Organist
Dr. Calvin B. Folds, P.G.M., Grand Physician
H. Barnes Turner, Grand Organist "Emeritus"