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The Louisiana

VOL. 37 FALL 2009 NUMBER 2

M: W: W. David Counts, Grand Master of the State of
Texas accepting home plate from M: W: J. F. “Jeff” Webb,
GM and R: W: Woody D. Bilyeu, Deputy Grand Master
The Louisiana Cover
On Aug. 29, at the meeting of
Tranquility Lodge #2000, held at
Alexandria Lodge #398 M: W: J. F.
Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of “Jeff” Webb, G.M. and R: W: Woody
Louisiana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alex- D. Bilyeu, DGM took time for a mo-
andria, Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for
members of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only.
ment of levity and presented M:W:
Mailed ‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, pre- W. David Counts, Jr., G.M. of The
paid at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Grand Lodge of Texas, with a L.S.U.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept Baseball Homeplate incribed: To
unsolicited articles, with the right to edit, and use Dave, Geaux Tigers and signed by
when space permits. Articles and pictures become
the property of the magazine. Authors are requested head Coach Paul Maineriri.
to sign articles and M: W: Counts stated that: “The
include their name, address, phone number and, if a best team did not win, but unfor-
member, the name of their Masonic Lodge. Articles tunately the National Champion-
that are printed do not necessarily reflect the views
of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.
ship was determained by the final
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge score”.
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary on
the proper form. DO NOT send changes of address
to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail
and /or material for consideration for publication
in the Louisiana Freemason to:
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor
Grand Master’s Message Page 3
105 Bayhills Dr.,
Benton, LA 71006 Feature Article Page 4
Masonry on Wheels Page 6
Committee To Supervise Commentary Page 9
Publication of the
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362) This Issue
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006 This issue is neither timely or pretty.
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398) What started out as the Spring edition is
99 Bayou Robert Road finally getting to you by Christmas. Suffice
Alexandria, LA 71302
to say that running a RAID Mirror configura-
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.)
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100 tion will not automatically mean you won’t
Metairie, LA 70005 experience data loss, especially when both
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246) drives crash within 24 hours of each other.
P O Box 369 Data recovery services are an invaluable
Winnsboro, LA. 71295
resource, however they can’t always save
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
6511 Misty Ln. or rebuild all files. They also work at their
Pineville, LA 71360 own pace.
I sincerely apologize for not being able
to publish our Freemason on schedule. I was
not able to reconstruct all of the files and
pictures that had previously been submitted.
Those that were recovered, I hope they are
pinned with the correct Lodge. The Ed
My Brothers, just when you think life can’t get
any better, it does. I thank you for bestowing this
great honor, that of presiding as Grand Master,
upon me. I am forever grateful to God for his
many blessings, especially for having each of you
as my Masonic Brothers. I will endeavor faith-
fully to merit the trust and confidence you have
reposed in me.
I have received several honors in my Masonic
career and have asked myself, and have been asked
by others: “What did you do to deserve this
honor”? My response: “Not enough”. Bottom
line, I’ve got a lot of work to do.
I am humbled by the awesome responsibilities
that are inherent with the title of Grand Master, but
confident. My confidence comes from the knowl- J. F. “Jeff” Webb
edge of knowing that you have given me your sup- Grand Master
port and that together we share the responsibility State of Louisiana
for the future of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. I
have witnessed the labor of the brethren and the
constituent Lodges in the promotion and advancement of our beloved fraternity and have
no doubt that it will continue under my watch. I am confident that we have a great team of
elected Grand Lodge officers who will work diligently to achieve our goals.
Our team will be presenting an up-dated Business Plan throughout the year, but suffice
it to say, it will stress: Masonic Education, Growth of our Masonic Charities, Oversight of
Grand Lodge Finances, Enhanced Communication between the Grand Lodge and the Con-
stituent Lodges, Development of Grand Lodge Property, Development of the Grand Lodge
Library/Museum, Development of the Grand Lodge Website, Membership Development
and Community Involvement. We’ve got a full plate, but isn’t that just like a Mason? With
your help, we can do much!
Brethren, we must also be cognizant of the Handbook of Masonic Law in regard to Peti-
tions, Investigations and Candidate Advancement. I want to see our numbers increase, but
it should not be our goal to create members, it should be our goal to create Masons. It is my
humble opinion that we must “Guard the West Gate and Educate” if we are to accomplish
this task. We must educate ourselves before we can educate the public. New members
come to Masonry seeking “Light” and to “Learn”, we must not fail them.
In this trying time of political, financial and social stress, we can find solace in our Masonic
Brotherhood. We must not forget that we are to promote the welfare and happiness of one
another. We must be ready to Extend the true grip of a Master Mason, that of charity and
assistance, when we see a Brother in distress. Do not wait for him to give the “Grand Hail”.
You never know when you may be in the need of moral or financial assistance yourself.
May Brotherly Love prevail and every moral and social virtue cement us.

Sincerely and fraternally,
J. F. “Jeff” Webb
Grand Master, 2009-10

Grand Lodge session will begin on Saturday Feb. 6th in Alexandria.
The Little Convention
(that accomplished so much)
James B. deMoss, PM Hope #145

urprisingly very little has ever been written concerning two little Masonic
conventions which took place during the middle of the nineteenth cen-
tury. They met with high hopes and expectations in an effort to develop
a uniform system of ‘work and lectures’ that would be acceptable to all
of the Craft in America. Though they failed to accomplish these rather lofty goals,
our Masonic lodges today owe them a great deal for their efforts and the recom-
mendations that resulted. Much of how our Masonic Lodges conduct themselves
today can be attributed and traced back to the suggestions which the delegates of
these conventions brought forth.
In the early 1820’s, there was a great need for reestablishing and/or standardizing
the ‘work’ and ‘ritual’ in America especially after the disastrous times following
the Morgan Affair and the Anti-Masonic movement that followed. For those not
familiar with this dark time for Masonry, in 1826 the fraternity was accused of
kidnapping and murdering William Morgan who was reportedly planning to publish
a book revealing all Masonic “secrets”. Even though these allegations were never
proven, from this incident sprang the Anti-Masonic movement. Brothers left the
order under the resulting pressure from their homes, work, and church. We lost
over half of our membership in less than ten years, with many lodges closing or
“going dark” forever.
Prior to this point in American Masonic history, lodges in the United States were
never very uniform because of their varied origins. At this time lodges received
their charters from either Grand Lodge of the ‘Moderns’ or the ‘Ancients’, referring
to the two rival Grand Lodges of England. Each Grand Lodge had different ways
of presenting the ritual, therefore, whatever Grand Lodge charted a particular lodge
dictated what ritual it followed. During this time many exposes were published and
distributed which revealed our secrets. Further some traveling cowan and former
masons revealed the secrets of the order by staging demonstrations for the general
public, performing degrees in their entirely. To protect themselves, lodges altered
their operational practices, including changing how signs were given and using
different passwords to keep the profane from gaining admittance to their meetings.
However this ultimately had a negative impact in that it made it all but impossible
for brothers of different lodges to visit other jurisdictions as they were unable to
pass the examinations. This deprived visiting brothers from admission and sharing
in the fellowship. Some remedy had to be found to address this predicament.
At the 1839 session of the Alabama Grand Lodge it was suggested that a conven-
tion should be held in Washington D. C. in March of 1842, with all twenty-three
Masonic jurisdictions invited to attend. The purpose was to try and formulate
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The Little Convention
from page 4:
a standardized American ‘ritual’ and ‘work’ that would be acceptable to all the
Grand Lodges. In March of 1842, a convention was held as planned. Sadly only
ten jurisdictions saw fit to send delegates. With so few in attendance very little
could be accomplished. Therefore, it was decided to adjourn after only two days
of meetings. Though the convention did not produce the desired results, it did
promulgate a handful of useful suggestions that were to be carried over to the
subsequent convention.
For example, it was suggested that each Grand Lodge should elect a well-
educated and experienced brother, who was well-versed in the workings and
ritual of their respective jurisdictions, to be made Grand Lecturer and become a
delegate to a convention that would be hosted in Baltimore, Maryland the following
year. Further, the delegates proposed that each Grand Lodge should issue to their
members a certificate of good standing which eventually led to the dues cards we
use today. Further, it was recommended that when a brother is suspended for any
reason, he was barred from all rights and privileges of the Craft. Finally, it was
also suggested that all lodge business should be conducted in the Master Mason’s
degree (traditionally, it was the practice that all business of the Lodge be conducted
in the Entered Apprentices degree , a practice that remains common in the majority
of Lodges outside the United States).
As suggested by the previous convention attendees, a subsequent convention
was held in 1843 in Baltimore, Maryland. Again, as with the preceding conven-
tion, attendance problems plagued this gathering of the brethren. Only fourteen
delegates arrived in Baltimore with the remaining nine jurisdictions choosing not
to send representatives. The delegates in attendance were distributed between
four committees: (i) a committee to work on lectures and the conferring the three
degrees in Masonry, (ii) another to work on the ceremonies of consecration and
installations, (iii) a third to address Masonic jurisprudence, and (iv) finally, a
committee to work on the procedures and wordage to be used when conducting
Masonic funeral services.
The committee on the “work and lectures” charged famous brothers John Dove,
Charles Moore and Anthony O’Sullivan with the duty of publishing a National
Monitor to be used by the lodges throughout the country. The Monitor was to
be based on Thomas Smith Webb’s “Freemasons Monitor” which nearly all ju-
risdictions had already adopted. The primary exception was Pennsylvania which
expressed no desire to change as it already utilized a combination of ‘Moderns’
and ‘Ancients’ ritual.
Like the conventions themselves, the project to develop a standardized Na-
tional Monitor failed to meet its intended goal. The three brothers charged with
the development of the National Monitor failed to agree on the ultimate contents
of the document. Brother Moore insisted on injecting material which was neither
adopted nor approved by the delegates of the convention, and, despite vigorous
objection by Brothers O’Sullivan and Dove, published his own monitor in 1844
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Freemasonry and the War Between the States
Roger Busbice - Lafayette Lodge #87

reemasonry is an ancient and noble order which has been part of this
Republic since its beginning. It has always been understood by Ma-
sons that, though they may differ in religion, in politics, and in cultural
heritage, their brotherhood remains.
In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States
with only 39% of the popular vote. He was not on the ballot in the states of the
Deep South and was viewed as a Northern regional candidate whose devotion to
federal power was a threat to Southern states’ rights and to the South’s agricultural
economy. On December 20, 1860, South Carolina exercised her legal and consti-
tutional right to leave the federal union and seceded from the United States. In the
early weeks of 1861, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Texas
also seceded. On February 4, 1861, they established a new nation, the Confederate
States of America. Lincoln refused to remove federal troops from Ft. Sumter, S.C.
and from Ft. Pickens, Fla. On April 12, 1861, war began in Charleston. Virginia,
Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee soon seceded to join the Confederacy as
did the Indian Territory and substantial parts of Missouri and Kentucky.
The first real battle of the War Between the States took place at Manassas, Vir-
ginia, on Bull Run Creek, in July, 1861. It was a major Southern victory and, also,
the scene of a Masonic act of brotherhood which superseded the divisiveness of
war. A wounded Union officer, and Mason, W. H. Raynor of Ohio who had been
captured was given medical assistance, money, and protection by brother Mason
J. H. Lemon, a Confederate cavalryman from Virginia.
Two years later, at Gettysburg, the most famous and the bloodiest battle of
the conflict, numerous Masons held important command positions on both sides.
Among those present on the Confederate side were General John B. Gordon of
Georgia, General Harry Hays of Louisiana, General Joseph B. Kershaw of South
Carolina, General James L. Kemper of Virginia, General George Pickett of Virginia,
and General John D. Imboden of Virginia. On the Union side, Masonic commanders
included General John H. Ward of New York, General David Birney of Pennsyl-
vania, General Alfred Pleasanton of Pennsylvania, General George Stannard of
Vermont, and Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain of Maine.
Masonic Confederate General William Barksdale of Mississippi, reportedly
wore the red fez of a Shriner when he died leading his brigade in a heroic charge
against the Yankee lines on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 3,
1863, the final day of the battle, Masonic General George Pickett’s Virginia Divi-
sion, assisted by General Johnston Pettigrew’s North Carolina Division, advanced
across a mile of open ground to attack the center of the Union line. The Union
corps holding that position was commanded by General Winfield S. Hancock, a
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Mason from Pennsylvania.
One of General Pickett’s brigade commanders was General Lewis Armistead,
a Mason from Virginia. Before the war, he and Union General Hancock had been
best friends as well as brother Masons. (Armistead’s uncle had commanded the
defense of Ft. McHenry during the War of 1812.) The Confederate divisions had
been torn apart by Union musket and artillery fire as they advanced and only parts
of Armistead’s brigade remained intact when they reached the Union line. With
his hat on his sword, Armistead waved his men forward as the Yankees poured
bullets into them. Mortally wounded, he fell beside a Union cannon and gave the
grand hailing sign of distress. A Union officer and brother Mason, Captain Henry
H. Bingham provided General Armistead with assistance and medical care. Re-
cently, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania erected a monument on the Gettysburg
battlefield depicting Captain Bingham and General Armistead. The monument is
called “Masonic Friend to Masonic Friend.”
About the same time as the Gettysburg campaign in the East, Union forces
which had invaded Louisiana and Mississippi were besieging Vicksburg and Port
Hudson. A Masonic Union naval officer, Lt. Commander J.E. Hart of New York,
shot himself on the gunboat Albatross which was in the Mississippi River near
St. Francisville, Louisiana. The officers of the gunboat sent a party ashore under
a flag of truce and met with William W. Leake, the acting Master of the Lodge at
Bayou Sara. Brother Leake, who was a soldier in the Confederate Army, and his
brother Masons from the area accepted the body of Brother Hart and a Masonic
burial, which included both Confederate soldiers and Union sailors and marines,
was held in the cemetery of Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville. Brother
Hart’s tombstone states, “This monument is dedicated in loving tribute to the
universality of Freemasonry”.
At the end of the war, Masons in the occupying Union Army protected
and defended the oldest Masonic Hall in Richmond, Virginia from looters and
arsonists. At Appomattox, several days later, the Union field commander chosen
to officially receive the surrender of the Confederate troops was former Colonel,
now Major General, Joshua Chamberlain of Maine, a Freemason. As the defeated
Confederates marched between the ranks of Chamberlain’s men, he gave the order
“Present Arms” to honor the Southerners. Seeing this, Confederate General John
B. Gordon of Georgia, a Freemason, wheeled his horse and brought down his
sword in a sweeping arc to salute Chamberlain. This example of “honor answer-
ing honor” was a noble first step toward reuniting the Republic---and a reminder
of the brotherhood which unites all Masons.

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The Little Convention:
entitled “The Masonic Trestle Board.” Brother Moore claimed it to be the true
‘work’ of the Baltimore Convention of 1843. The validity of this monitor remained
suspect and it was ultimately only adopted by a handful of lodges. Brother Dove
later published his own monitor in 1846 called “The Virginia Textbook,” in which
he claimed to correct the errors of Brother Moore’s monitor.
Unfortunately, Brothers Dove and Moore died before the three brothers could
come to some agreement as to the content of a true standardized work to guide the
lodges throughout the country. The sole surviving member, Brother O’Sullivan,
never completed the task of seeing the National Monitor published. This left each
Grand Lodge the duty of publishing a monitor of their own choosing.
The efforts of these conventions and its delegates were the most ambitious at-
tempt ever to standardize Masonic work across the United States. While it appears
that these efforts failed in that regard; it did in fact make some lasting contributions
which changed the face of modern American Masonry. Despite rejection by the
majority of jurisdictions of the time, eventually many of their suggestions were
incorporated into our lodges. Clearly those dedicated brothers’ efforts succeeded
in bringing forth a more standardized and uniform form of Freemasonry.
A brief listing of some of their recommendations and suggestions that see regular
use by lodges today are as follows:

1. Dues cards and Certificates of Good Standing;
2. The further de-Christianizing of our lectures to make the Craft more
3. Changing the Immovable Jewels from Rough and Perfect Ashlars
and Trestle Board to Square, Level and Plum;
4. The manner in which the brethren give signs and due guards;
5. The conducting of business only in the third degree; and
6. The elimination of any references to English feudalism.

Parting Shots
The Editor

aving held the editor’s slot for two years I started to piece together a few
conclusions. There are 257 Lodges in the Grand Lodge of Louisiana but
only approximately ten percent of those contribute to these pages. I want
to express sincere appreciation to those members that submit articles for
their Lodges. Thank you. There are a few ways I could express my con-
clusions based on the 90% of the Lodges not participating with this magazine.
I could conclude that 100% of the Lodges are participating in the community,
within their districts and presenting educational and interesting programs during
their meetings but only 10% have the time to write about the activities. However
strictly based on the number of Lodges participating in the Grand Lodge Achieve-
ment Award program, that determination would not be supported by facts. In 2008,
the latest reporting year, 62 Lodges or 23% qualified for that award.
I could conclude that the Lodges that aren’t submitting articles to the Freemason
are providing members with their own newsletter on a regular basis. These Lodges
don’t wish to have their efforts duplicated. Lodges are using their own publication
as an outreach to members that due to distance or other circumstances are unable
to attend on a regular basis. Given the financial issues that many Lodges currently
face, this is a stretch of even my imagination, but it might be a possibility.
I could conclude that many Lodges have submitted articles in the past and they
weren’t published. The Lodges finally exhausted the energy to continue with submis-
sions without results. I won’t dismiss this possibility in its entirety. I have received
pictures and articles that due to restrictions in the Handbook of Masonic Law, were
not used. Perhaps this same scenario has occurred in the past. The Circulars and
Publications section of the Handbook reads in part: “No constituent Lodge shall
permit the names of its applicants or candidates to appear in any publication or be
sent to its membership, except as a part of the necessary notices to sister Lodges.”
I can not print articles that involve the Initiation or Passing of your candidates.
I could conclude that many Lodges view the publication of their activities vio-
lates the sanctity and disturbs the solemnity of the Craft. We are not a social club
nor are we expected to be featured in the society pages of local press.
Finally I could conclude that the majority of the Lodges view this publication as
another just another Grand Lodge program. Antagonism still exists. What that atti-
tude fails to address is an important fact. This publication may be the only Masonic
information many of your members receive. You are denying your members and
the Craft the opportunity to read about activities, new programs and ideas, honors
and awards and seeing in pictures and words the fruits of your labors.
You may reach your own differing conclusion. Please share them with me.

One Hundred Fifty Years
Haughton Lodge #95

n the Spring of this year Haughton Lodge #95 celebrated its 150th Char-
tered anniversary. The event was well received by over 80 attendees to
include the Honorable Carlton Anderson, Mayor of Haughton, M:W:
J.F. “Jeff” Webb, Grand Master and sev-
eral members of his Official family. W:
Johnny C Byrd, WM welcomed everyone to the
ceremony and introduced Past Masters, Perpetual,
50 year, and 25 year members of the lodge in at-
tendance. Also, in attendance were members from
Bossier City Chapter 175 OES, and representatives
from York Rite and Scottish Rite bodies and El
Karubah Shrine.
After introductions, the attendees enjoyed an
excellent meal prepared and served by the Ladies of Bossier City Chapter 175
OES, which included Wanda Hagmeyer, Worthy Matron; Lou Ann Foshee, Assc.
Matron; and sisters
Jean Tucker, PM, and
Angel Jolley.
Following lunch,
members and guests
received an outstand-
ing historical presen-
tation by Brother Cliff
Cardin a member of
Haughton #95 and the
Bossier Parish Histo-
rian. Brother Cardin
informed guests and members about
the Lodge’s amazing transformation
from its original location in Bellevue
to its present home in Haughton. It was
also noted, that the lodge would have
celebrated this anniversary 8 years
and 2 months earlier if it weren’t for
the Civil War, at which time numerous
lodges in Louisiana either surrendered
or lost their Charter due to its members
participation during war.
M: W: Jeff Webb, WM was intro-
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Haughton Lodge #95:

duced and presented an excellent presentation on
Masonry to those in attendance. At the conclusion
of his speech, he was presented with a Haughton
150th Anniversary Commerative coin and a check
for $50 to the Dyslexia Learning Center on behalf
of the members of the Lodge.
W: Johnny Byrd, WM asked W: Bro Kenneth W
Maxey and Mrs. Kathryn Maxey, son and widow of
W: Bro B J Maxey respectively, to come forward at
which time an In Memoriam Perpetual Membership
Certificate was presented to them in memory of W:
Bro Billy Joe Maxey and Mayor of Haughton who has passed away in 2008. Brother
Billy Joe’s contributions to the Town of Haughton, Freemasonry and the Lodge
were highlighted and the lodge’s deepest
thanks in those regards were conveyed
to Mrs. Kathryn and every member of
the Maxey family present.
Wrapping up the ceremony, WM
Byrd presented the Lodge with an An-
niversary plaque, inlayed with the #1

numbered coin and another for the Lodge
to be prominently placed in the lodge as a
memorial for the lodges long time service
and contributions to to the community
and Masonry. The Lodge was closed in
Summary Manner by M: W: Webb, GM
with Peace and Harmony prevailing.

ISTROUMA #414 F. & A.M.

L-R: William Rose PM-Secretary, Herb Russell Junior Deacon, George Mitchell PM-Tyler, Sam
Riddle PM-Chaplain, Keith Duncan Worshipful Master, Ray Leteff Senior Warden, MC Taylor PM-
Treasurer, Elmo Burton Junior Warden, Allen DeArmond PM-Senior Deacon.
W. Bro. James Wingate, PM presided over the installation of 2009 Officers
for Istrouma Lodge #414, Baton Rouge, LA. Assisting him were W: Bro. Steven
Sibley, PM Installing Marshall and R.W. Bev Guillot, GSW- Installing Chaplain.
Also, during the installation, W: Bro. MC Taylor was awarded Mason of the Year
2008 for Outstanding Service to Istrouma Lodge #414.


Front row L:R-David Verret SD, R.D. Verret PM WM, Harold Weber SW, Mark Charpentier
Tyler,Jesse Hebert PM Secy.
Back row L:R-Paul Boudreaux Treasurer, Merrill Jacob Chaplin, Lionel Lancon Jr. PM MC,
Michael Ursenbach JW.

MANY #411 F. & A.M.

R.W. Bro. Jeff Webb, D.G.M. installed the Lodge’s 2009 officers. L:R-Junior Palmer;Ed Burnitt;
David Horner; R.W. Jeff Webb; Eddie Teal; Frank Dew; Dan Haig; Fred Denham; Jason Heard;
Clauriste Byles; and Graylon Broadway. Missing is Benny Crittenden.


2009 Officers Front Row : L:R:, Bro.William Worley-SD, Bro.John Boyd-SW, W: Thomas C. “
Buddy “ Foster-PM, WM, Bro. Peter Chasas-JW, Bro. Terry Gannaway-JS, W: Bro Barney Harris-
PM Secy
.Back Row: L:R: , Bro. Jimmy Clifton-JD, Bro. Jon Bartlett-Treas, W :Bro. David Marime-PM
Marshal, W: Bro. Art Barton-PM SS, W: Bro: Jimmy Wallace-PM Chaplain.
MAGNOLIA #238 F. & A.M.

2009 Officers L:R Jared Lebleu-Senior Stewart; Ray Moses-Grand Lecturer, 10th Masonic District
and Installing Marshall; Dan Lindsey-Treasurer; Carl Lebleu-Senior Warden; Troy Lebleu-Junior
Warden; James Boswell-Tyler; Jeff Webb-Deputy Grand Master and Installing Officer; Larry Lee-
Junior Deacon; Carey Cooley-Marshall; Terry Fowler-Worshipful Master; John Franklin-Chaplin;
Ron Jackson-Secretary; Paul Ledger-Master of Ceremonies; Otis Anderson-Installing Chaplin, P.M.
Merryville Lodge; Jessie Daily, Junior Stewart.

St. JOHNS #153 F. & A.M.

2009 Officers Sitting L:R R: W: James D Parker, DDGM 15th District, W: Martin H Short, Jr. WM,
M: W: Bro Louis J Caruso, PGM
Standing L:R Bernard Covell Jr., Evan C Hart, W: Bro Hilliard W Creath, Sr., W: Bro Arturo V
Yap, W: Bro Lloyd A Hebert, Clarence J Orgeron, Jr., W: Bro Dominck Manno, W: Bro Ernest A
Schiro, Jr., W: Bro Francisco C Hernandez, Jr.
CYPRESS #89 F. & A.M.

2009 Officers Front L:R - W: Bro A Frederick Langley, PM-SD, W: Bro George K Winham, PM-
Secretary, Herman Nash, MofC, W: George W Horst, PM-WM, W: Bro T Horace Hill, Sr., PM-JD,
N Faine Miller, JW, Ernest Pease, Tyler Back Row L:R - W: Bro Jeremy T Haas, PM, W: Bro Wayne
L Seals, PM-Chaplain and W: Bro C Jackson Leachman, PM-SW
W. Bro. Steve Pence presided over the installation of 2009 Officers for Cypress
Lodge. Assisting him was W: Bro. Hollis B “Tookie” Grisham, PM Installing
Marshal. Also, during the installation, W: Bro. Jeremy Hass, PM was presented
with his Past Master’s apron for his leadership in 2008

W: George Horst, PM-WM presents W: Bro
Jeremy Haas, PM with his apron

Freemasonry embraces the highest moral laws and will bear the test
of any system of ethics or philosophy ever promulgated for the uplift of
man. General Douglas MacArthur
ASHLAND #196 F. & A.M.

2009 Officers Front L:R - W: Bro D Terry Carr, PM-Chaplain, W: Bro N Brooks Powell, PM-
Secretary, H E “Butch” Weaver, Treasurer, W: James W Speir, WM, Gerald R Robinette, SW, W:
Bro Chris W Robinette, PM-JW
Back Row L:R - Ronnie Quick, JS, W Leroy Rushing, SS, W: Bro A Thomas Austin, PM-Tyler, Larry
Page, JD, J Nathan Cherry, SD
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Sam J “Buster” Friday, PM-Marshal, R: W: Michael A Watts, DDGM 6th
District-Installing Marshal, W: Bro Fred M Sullivan, DGL 6th District-Installing Master.


Front Row L:R -Larry Cook, JW, W: Benjamin J Herron, WM, Bobby M Bowen, SW 2nd Row
L:R - Glen Payne, SD, Gene Payne, Treasurer, Gary Curtis, Tyler, Allen C Pichon, MofC 3rd Row
L:R - W: Bro Shawn M Jones, PM-Chaplain, Chris Spalding, SrS, Dale Hicks, JrS
Not pictured W: Bro E Vaughan Gay, PM-Secretary and Benjamin R Boerner, JD
SHONGALOO #352 F. & A.M.

Front Row L:R- Jeffrey Dean, Senior Deacon, R Brian Dennis, Senior Warden, W: Patrick B Britt,
Worshipful Master, W: Bro Daniel C Moore, PM-Junior Warden and W: Bro Robert R Charles,
PM-Chaplian Back Row L:R - Steven Williams, Junior Deacon, John Mosley, Junior Steward, W:
Bro John R Stanley, PM-Treasurer, W: Bro Roger D Dew, PM-Tyler, W: Bro A Clayton Strange,
PM-Marshal and W: Bro Waldo W Fuller, Jr., PM-Secretary

W H BOOTH #380 F. & A.M.

Front Row L:R- Zack Scarbrough, Jr Steward, Stephen Mead, Junior Warden, W: Bro Larry C
Blair, Jr, PM-Senior Warden, W: Bro Kenneth R Prim, PM-Chaplain, W: Bro Eugene D Seely,
PM-Secretary and M: W: Bro S. Bruce Easterly, PGM-Installing Master Middle Row L:R - W: Bro
Jessie L Camp, PM-Tyler, Trent H Duncan, MofC Back Row L:R - Gerald L Weakley, Treasurer
and W: James C DeMoss, Worshipful Master
CEDAR GROVE #403 F. & A.M.

Front Row L:R- W: Bro Charles T Dolph, PM-MofC, Mark A Rodrigues, SW, W: A J Stevenson,
WM, W: Bro James B Goldsby, PM-JW Back Row L:R - James T Rigdon, Treasurer, Bruce W Ted-
der, Sr., Senior Deacon, Bruce W “Cody” Tedder, Jr., Junior Steward, W: Bro Andrew H Stevenson,
Sr., PM-Secretary, Ronnie H Hinson, Junior Deacon, W: Bro John R “Buddy” Pickett, PM-Tyler,
Don R English, Marshal

Mrs. Charles Dolph, Martha is presented a gift
basket and flowers from W: Bro Bill Pierce for
her service and dedication to the Lodge

W: Bro Albert D Riser, Sr., PM of
Sunset Lodge #438 served as Install- W: Bro Riser turned the East over
ing Master and welcomed the visitors, to W: Bro Andrew Stevenson, PM-
guests and members to Cedar Grove Secretary so that he could install his son
Lodge. El Karubah Shrine Temple’s Andrew, Jr. as Worshipful Master.
newly elected Divan, Grand Officers Junior Past Master John W “Bill”
of the Knights Templar of Louisiana, Pierce closed his remarks to the Lodge
Officers of the Shreveport Scottish by presenting Martha Dolph with a gift.
Rite Valley and many other dignitaries W: Bro Charlie Dolph and Martha have
were in attendance. After a wonderful been a chief support in the success of
dinner hour the program continued in Cedar Grove programs and the flowers
the Lodge. were most deserved.
GERMANIA #46 F. & A.M.
C Glenn Cupit, a member of Feli­
ciana #31, was installed as the Wor-
shipful Master of Germania Lodge.
A special dispensa­tion was granted to
hold the installa­tion after Saint John the
Evangelist Day, which is on December
27. The installation was open to the pub-
lic, and many of Glenn’s family, friends
and brothers were in attendance.
Being a Scottish Rite Blue Lodge, W: Bro Naresh Sharma, W: C Glenn Cupit, WM
Germania often does things a little dif­ and M: W: Bro Charles H Penn, III, PGM
ferent than most Masons are used to
seeing in their ‘regu­lar’ Blue Lodges. Providing entertainment for the event
After the installation was over, the re­ was New Orleans local celebrity and
ception & party began. rocker Vince Vance. Brother Vance,
as a member of Germania, entertained
everyone with his rock & roll reper­toire
and large hair. Joining Brother Vance
were several musicians from around
the coun­try who came to New Orleans
to play for the event.
Bro Andrew John Frinichevich-aka Vince Vance
(far right) and his band performing


2009 Officers were installed with Jane McDaniel serving as Installing Officer, Lynn
Bankston as Marshall, Barbara Seivier as Grand Organist and Shirley Stroud as Secretary.
Geri Rose was installed as Worthy Matron, Bill Rose as Worthy Patron, Sheila Thornhill
Associate Matron and Rex Thornhill as Associate Patron. Percy Lee was the Chaplain and
was assisted by Joe Stroud.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its stabil-
ity has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective annual
contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or forever.

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Trust, Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish
your personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your
will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an
Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM,
Director of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email: chipborne43@

LIBERTY #123 F. & AM
Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge held their spring Honesty and
Integrity awards, recognize two outstanding
high school students. The Students selected
were Ms. Kara P. Martin & Mr. William S.
Taylor. Ms. Martin is the daughter of Mar-
shall & Syrenia Martin, Grand Daughter of
Bob & Claudette Martin and Grand Daughter
ofTena Henshaw; Mr. Taylor is the son of
Mike & Kim Taylor, Grandson of Bill & Pat
Taylor and Great grandson of Mrs. Thelma L:R- William Taylor, M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly,
Holdbrook. PGM and Kara Martin
Our guest Speaker was M: W: Bro S The guest, visitors and members enjoyed
Bruce Easterly, PGM. M.W. Easterly spoke a delicious meal of fried catfish prepared by
briefly on history of Masonry and its back- Bros. Jack Huffman and Jim Mason and an
ground fundamentals and to the students on array of delicious desserts prepared by Mrs.
the aspects of Honesty and Integrity and in Evan Baliali, Mrs. Diane Mason, Mrs. Con-
applying it to their daily lives. nie Jackson, Mrs. Alice Huffman and Bro.
Harold Elliot.

Fidelity Award
Eastern Star Lodge in Winnfield, Louisiana, presented Most Worshipful, Bro. Eugene F.
Love, PGM with the fidelity award. Most Worshipful Bro. Love served as Master of Eastern
Star Lodge No. 151 in 1964 and Grand Master of Masons of Louisiana in 1989. Bro. Love
taught in Winn Parish Schools for many years, was Principal of Winnfield Sr. High School
and later was Superintendent of Winn Parish Schools.

L:R- M: W: Llloyd E Hennigan, Jr., GM, R: W: Woody D Bilyeu, GSW, M: W: Bro Eugene F Love,
PGM, daughter Phillis and W: W Bryan Price, PM-WM

ISTROUMA #414 F. & AM W: Bro H B “Cookie” Billingsley spoke
on the meaning of Honesty and Integrity
Honesty & Integrity Awards and presented the awards to Brittany Nic-
hole Williams and Jacob Andrew Still. W:
Keith Duncan, WM thanked the youth for
their achievements and expressed gratitude
to their respective families for bringing the
child up in the way they should go.

L:R -W: Bro Cookie Billingsly, Brittany Williams,
Jacob Still and W: Keith Duncan, WM.

WELSH #232 F. & AM
25 Year Certificate
W: Troy W Roberie, PM-WM presented
W: Bro Gregory A Lyon with his 25 Year
Membership Certificate. Brother Lyon is
currently the Lodge secretary and served as
Worshipful Master in 1990 and 1995 through
1999. He is also a member of the Eastern Star
Rabecca Chapter #2.
L:R -W: Troy Roberie, WM and W: Bro Greg
Lyons, PM-Secretary

ATHENS #136 F. & AM Athens Masonic Lodge presented the Ma-
sonic Honesty and Integrity Award to three
Honesty & Integrity Awards
high school juniors. This year’s recipients
are Kalyn Jordan, Andrew Sistrunk, and
Ethan Anderson. Jordan and Sistrunk are
students at Mount Olive Christian School and
Anderson attends Summerfield High School.
The members of the Lodge and visitors were
welcomed to the Lodge for the ceremony.
The guest speaker for the night’s program
was Claiborne Parish Sheriff, Ken Bailey.
Sheriff Bailey presented an insightful talk
on the importance of honesty and integrity in
L:R - W: Gregory S Greeson, Ethan Anderson, today’s young people. He offered a challenge
Kalyn Jordan, Andrew Sistrunk and Sheriff to the recipients to stand up for what they
Ken Bailey.
believe in and not to give in to peer pressure.
After the presentation, everyone enjoyed a
delicious meal of grilled hamburgers with
all the trimmings. A great time was had by
all in attendance.

Honesty & Integrity
Ten worthy young adults were recognized
for their accomplishments and exemplifying
the principles of the award. The recipients
were: Austin Butler, Bradley Chambers, Geof-
fery Goynes-Clark, Chloe Hidalgo, Bradley
Howes, Brennan Howes, Andrew Kinchen,
Garrett Tillman, Emma Waguespack, and
Carlee Wilson. The speaker for the evening
was C.J. Pell, a recent recipient of the award, Front Row: L:R- Chloe Hidalgo, Bradley Howes,
Brennan Howes, Emma Waguespack, Carlee
who spoke on the meaning of honesty and
Wilson;Back Row: L:R -Geoffrey Goynes-Clark,
integrity to today’s youth. W: Bro Aubrey C Bradley Chambers, Austin Butler, Garrett
Brignac was the chairman for the event with Tillman, Andrew Kinchen
W: Charles D Smith, Jr., WM presiding.

ATHENS #136 F. & AM Fair Park honored two fine young men
Honesty & Integrity Awards with the Honesty & Integrity Award. W: Bro
John T Adams, Jr., PM presented John David
Adams and Patrick Thomas Dickson with
certificates, keys and a monetary gift.

L:R -John Adams and Patrick Dickson

Miss Teen sponsorship
Landmark Lodge held its Bring-
a-Friend Night. W: Warren Williams,
W.M., and Ray Cantrell, P.M., gave an
informative presentation to the members
and their guests about the moral teach-
ings of Freemasonry. A chili dinner was
served after their speech.
Following the dinner, a special Front Row: Tony Wallace, JW; Bob Huff, Sec;
Billy Russell, SW, W: Warren Williams, WM;
presentation was made to Mariah
Mariah Porterfield-Hammer; Ray Cantrell,
Porterfield-Hammer. Landmark spon- PM, Marshal Back Row: Philip Arthur, JS;
sored Mariah in the Ms. Teen Louisiana Dale Harper, PM, Treas.; J.C. Wallace, JD;
pageant in Monroe. Mariah’s platform, Bro. Jeff Hammer
designed to bring awareness to Dys- is a graduate of the Dyslexia Training
lexia, is titled “Yes, I Can Read.” Mariah Program.
St. JAMES #47 F. & AM
Honesty & Integrity
Honesty and Integrity Awards were
presented to three outstanding local
High School Graduates by St. James
Lodge No. 47, F. & A.M. at an Open
Dinner meeting that was attended by
70 members and guests. The recipients L:R- Jeff Webb, GM, Megan Rushing, Julie
were: Megan Rushing from Runnels Bourgeois and W: Joe Richard, WM
High School, Julie Bourgeois from
Baton Rouge Magnet High School, and Grand Master of Masons in The State
Robert Lloyd from University High of Louisiana, and the presentations were
School (LSU Laboratory School). A made by Joe Richard, Worshipful Mas-
talk on the Honesty and Integrity Awards ter of St. James Lodge. Not pictured and
and a History of Masonry was delivered unable to attend was Lloyd who received
by J.F. “Jeff” Webb, Most Worshipful his award at a later meeting.

Honesty & Integrity
Farmerville’s local Masonic lodge,
Union Fraternal met for a special
awards program. The Honesty and In-
tegrity Award was bestowed upon two
Union Parish high school students after a
year long survey by a Masonic commit-
tee. Two fellow students at Farmerville
High school, juniors Shelby Waltman
and Haley Porter were tied for the pres-
tigious award. Shelby is the daughter of
Donna and husband Terry Nelson. She
has twin brothers, Tracy and Travis and
L:R- JHaley Porter, W: Bill Pittman, WM and
her Grandmother is Mrs. Doyline Cole. Shelby Waltman
Haley’s mother is Grace Porter. Her aunt
Carol and uncle Jim Stanton attended
the ceremony. Worshipful Bill Pittman honor of the recipients. Last year’s
made the presentations and presided recipient, Marissa Estes of Farmerville,
over the ceremony. and her grandmother, Mrs. Margaret
Brother Woody Reeder gave a brief Estes attended. All attending enjoyed a
talk about Honesty and Integrity in potluck dinner.

Honesty & Integrity Award
gave a outstanding tribute outlining each
of the recipients’ achievements. W:M:
Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., presented each of
the awardees with a beautifully framed
certificate, check and key.
Taylor Jayroe, second from left,
is the daughter of Bro. Steve Jayroe,
L:R Jeremy Nesbit, Northshore High School; Sec., granddaughter of W: Bro. Philip
Taylor Jayroe, Northshore High School; W:M:
Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., Sara Donnes, St. Mary
Molaison, Tres., and niece of W: Bro.
Dominican High School; Gabrielle Relle, Ridge- Guy Gerhardt, Chaplain. Also Ryan Hu-
wood Prep High School and Ryan Huguenel, guenel, right end, is the son of Bro. Da-
Dutchtown High School. vid Huguenel, grandson of Bro. Earl J.
Mt. Moriah-Quitman Lodge #59 F. Huguenel, Sr. and nephew of W:M: Earl
& A.M., located in Jefferson, LA held J. Huguenel Jr. all members of Mount
its annual Honesty & Integrity Award Moriah-Quitman Lodge No. 59.
Night. W: Bro. Edward Borgstede, P.M.,
served as Master of Ceremonies and
Honesty & Integrity
Choudrant Masonic Lodge #339
honored two Choudrant High School
students. W: Bro Ed Collins, DGGL and
Past Master of Choudrant Lodge, spoke
to the students, their friends and family
about the importance of honesty and
L:R Ed Collins, Ashlynn Barr, Joseph Simmons
integrity, and the history of the award. and W: Nathan McNabb, WM

Honesty & Integrity
A large crowd gathered for Hap
Arnold’’s annual Honesty and Integrity
Award program. Opening remarks were
made by W: Lawrence B Renfro, WM
who then turned the program over to
M:W: Bro Charles H Penn, III, PGM.
W Bro. Pat Houston introduced L:R M: W: Bro Chuck Penn, PGM, Sarah Penn,
thestudents and WM Renfro presented Anthony Hubley, Amelia Gandy and W: Larry
then with their Certificates, savings Renfro, WM
bonds and the Honesty & Integrity

LANDMARK #214 F & AM W: Warren Williams, WM welcomed
Past Masters Night the attendees and recognized Landmark
Lodge Past Masters. Those present
were W: Bros: Durwood Lindsey, Dale
Harper, Eric Harper, Jimmy Oates, Ray
Cantrell, and Glenn Hunt.
Also honored that night was Lo-
gansport High School Student Chelsea
Thomas. Chelsea, the daughter of
Rodney and Carol Thomas of Keatchie,
received a Certificate of Appreciation
for her First Place winning Social
L:R W: Warren A Williams, WM, Miss Chelsea Studies project titled Freeemasonry, in
Thomas and Grandfather & W: Bro Raymond which she gave a brief history of our
e Cantrell
fraternity’s history. Chelsea said she
learned a great deal from the project
and she also enjoyed the bonding with
her grandfather, Ray Cantrell-PM, who
assisted with the project.

ATKINS #266 F. & AM L:R Front Row W: Bro Bill Rose-PM Sec’y,
Herb Russell-JW, W: Bro Robert Wicker, Martin
70 Year Milestone Taylor and W: Bro George Mitchell.
Back Row: R: W: B J Guillot-GSW, W: Bro Jim-
mie Dunkin-DGL 13th District, Rex Thornhill,
Sam Riddle-Chaplain, Elmo Burton, W: Bro
Chuck Taylor, Ben Wicker and W: Bro Amos

W: Bro Robert Y Wicker was pre-
sented a Plaque of Appreciation at the
home of his son, Mike Wicker. The
presentation was made by W: Bro
Chuck Taylor on behalf of the officers
and members of Istrouma Lodge #414.
The recognition was to honor W: Bro
Wicker for his long service to masonry
and his community as a True and Faith-
ful Brother.
W: Bro Bob, 95, has been a Ma-
son since his initiation on March 21,
1939. He has been an inspiration to the
fraternity for 70 years. He served as
Worshipful Master of Istrouma in 1945
and Northeast Lodge #435 in 1953 and
LEVEL #373 F & AM
Awareness Program
Level Lodge and Concorde Chapter
No. 2 RAM held a “York Rite Aware-
ness” Program. More than thirty Breth-
ren were in attendance.
The evening commenced with a
scrumptious banquet. The program was
conducted as in the early nineteenth cen-
tury, i.e., the symbolic Lodge was closed
and while Brethren retired, the Royal
Arch Tabernacle was set up and those
Companions of the Royal Arch opened
the Chapter in Due and Ancient Form. It
was then placed at refreshment, and all
Brethren were invited in.
Not only did HP/IM Couch receive re- Brother Couch also announced that
quests for new Petitions from five Broth- his goal was to revitalize the York
ers, but several members of Jacques de Rite in the 21st century and key to this
Molay Lodge #389 and Bayou Lacombe project was the announcement and
Lodge No. 459 eagerly urged HP/IM commitment of three indispensable
Couch to conduct a similar program on Officers: Excellent Comp. Dr. Eric C.
the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain. Hahn, PHP, Secretary, Comp. Frank
Charneco, Jr., Photographer and Public
Affairs Officer, and Comp. Steven P.
Wilson, Government Relations Liaison
A Gift of Charity
Members of The Lodge of the Nine
Muses No. 9, of Baton Rouge, Germania
Lodge No. 46, of New Orleans, and St.
James Lodge No. 47, of Baton Rouge,
are pleased to present to Mr. Will Ballard
a pickup truck, which will enable him to
continue his service to the community,
in area lawn care.
Those pictured, left to right, are Glenn Lodge of The Nine Muses & St. James
Cupit, Germania Lodge; Ken Streater, St. Lodge; Ricks Bowles, Lodge of The
James Lodge; Naresh Sharma, St. James Nine Muses; Joe Richard, St. James
Lodge & Lodge of The Nine Muses; Lodge.
Eric Lane, Lodge of The Nine Muses;
recipient Will Ballard; Dr. Larry Wade,
Tallulah Lodge #308 is a small lodge
located in the northeast part of the state.
It boasts of 65 members of which two
are Grand Lodge Officers this year.
W: Bro W Clint Johnson is the Dis-
trict Grand Lecturer for the 7th Masonic
District and R: W: Jerry W Wicker is the
District Deputy Grand Master represent-
ing the 7th District. The Lodge is very
proud of these two brethren.
L:R - R: W: Jerry Wciker-DDGM and W: Bro
Clint Johnson-DGL
At the same communication that the
Lodge received DDGM Wicker, Wor-
shipful Master A Wayne Yates took the
opportunity to present W: Bro Derek K
Heard, Junior Past Master with his past
master apron.

L:R - W: Bro Derek Heard and W: Wayne Yates,

ATHENS #136 F. & AM currently serving as Worshipful Master
Award Night of the Lodge. Following the ceremony,
During a special communication to the Masons and guests retired to the fel-
celebrate a 25 year membership Masons lowship room to enjoy a delicious meal.
and guests were in attendance at the A wonderful evening of good food and
Lodge Hall for a ceremony honoring wholesome fellowship was enjoyed by
Bro. T.F. “Sonny” Greeson. After a brief all in attendance.
welcome to all present and prayer, Bro.
Greeson was conducted west of the Al-
tar for the presentation. Bro. Greeson’s
son, Scott Greeson, presented the 25-
year pin to his father. The younger
Greeson, who is also a Master Mason,
shared a brief Masonic history as well as
other facts about his father’s life. Bro:
Greeson was proud to have each of his
four sons, who are all Master Masons
and members of Athens Lodge No. L:R - W: Gregory S Greeson, WM, T F “Sonny
136 in attendance. W: Greg Greeson is Greeson, Scott Greeson and Mark Greeson
New Member
During a special communication of
the Lodge, conferred the Master Mason
Degree on Bro Vernon Bourgeois. Bro
Bourgeois is Sheriff of Terrebonne Par-
ish and now joins many of his deputies
already in the fraternity.
L:R Iberia Parish Sheriff Bro Louis M Akal,
Iberia Parish Sheriff; W: Donald J Hebert, WM,
R.W. Farrell J Lafont, DDGM-12th District and
Bro L. Vernon Bourgeois, Jr, Sheriff of Ter-
rebonne Parish

St. JAMES #47 F. & AM
Special Recognition
St. James Lodge # 47 recognized members who have been Master Masons for
60 or more years by presenting them with certificates of appreciation from the
Pictured left to right are: S. Preston Eggers, Master of the Lodge in 1967, who
is also a holder of the Gold Certificate of Proficiency and has coached Masons for
38 years; Dale Ducote; Edison “Fred” Frederick; John Staples; and John Lucas.
Frederick was also recognized by presenting him a framed newspaper article de-
scribing his many years of Masonic service for transporting children to the Shrine
Hospital in Shreveport.
Sixty-year members who received certificates, but were not shown in the picture
were Dr. George Jones, who has been a member the Lodge the longest time, since
February 8, 1945, and was Master of the Lodge in 1992; Carlisle Richard; Walter
Thomas; James Richardson; William Switzer; Ernest McAdams; Lamar Little;
and Gen. Ted Newnam.
The meeting concluded with a talk by Brother Ed Cailleteau about Benjamin
Franklin, a prominent Founding Fathers of our Country, who was the first Grand
Master of Masons in the State of Pennsylvania.

St. JAMES #47 F. & A.M. An historic event took place at St.
James Lodge No. 47. A Master Mason
Special Mason degree was conferred on Ryan Salter
who is in the Army and was home for
a short leave from Iraq. Ryan is a 4th
generation Mason, three of which are
living and shown in the attached pic-
ture. From left to right are Joe Richard,
Master of the Lodge; Frank Dedman,
grandfather and Secretary; Ryan Salter,
son and new member; and Brent Salter,
father and member.
R F McGUIRE #209 F. & A.M.
Fire & Police Appreciation
R. F. McGuire Lodge #209 F&AM
held dinners for the police and firemen
of the town of Rayville, LA. In atten-
dance were the police and firemen of
Rayville, the Mayor of Rayville (Harry
Lewis), the Chief of Police (Willie
Lee Robinson), the Fire Chief (Willie
Mathis) and several town Aldermen as
well as numerous officers and members
of the lodge.
The Officers and Brethren of R.F.
McGuire would like to thank the police
and firefighters everywhere for their
hard work and dedication to keeping
everyone safe. We pray each day that
you are kept safe.

The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, announces the completion of three, newly constructed
columbarium sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand Lodge Ma-
sonic Cemetery.
Each columbarium has 24 cremation niches on each side for a total of 48
niches for each columbarium. Choice of cremation niches are available for
purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of all
columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.
Please see the photo above for a view of the three newly constructed colum-
LIVONIA #220 F. & A.M. The brethren of Livonia Lodge in
New Roads honored a special member
Recognition W: Bro Dale W Gustin, 90. The Lodge
presented a plaque commemorating his
sixty-eight years of service to Masonry.
Presenting the plaque was W: Warren
M Lachney, WM. W: Brother Dale was
a Past Master of Tyrian Lodge in Innis,
which closed over twenty-five years ago.
Despite the fact that he no longer drives,
Brother Dale never misses a meeting
and holds the office of Senior Steward.
Honorable and determined men and
Masons like Brother Dale are few and
far between. He is truly an inspiration
to us all.
ATKINS #266 F. & A.M.
Honoring Veterans
Atkins Lodge held an open meet-
ing for the purpose of recognizing
and thanking veterans of our military
services. The Worshipful Master gave
a short talk honoring our combat vet-
erans. He addressed various reasons
they might have served, stressed that L:R - , Bro Murelyn Carter, W: Bro Elton A
the reason they served was far less im- Bruner (PM 1964), W: Bro Geoffrey C Clement,
Sr., Cpl Ian Tetrault, W: Bro James R Enkey,
portant than that they did serve, spoke Bro Robert L Ward, JD and W: Bro William R
of what our countries literally owes to Richards
those who have risked life and limb in
combat for the country, and closed by
listing what further duties our combat
veterans owe the country and their
fellow citizens.
The seven combat veterans present
were individually honored with the
thanks of the Lodge and a certificate
attesting to the Lodge’s and the Fra-
ternity’s appreciation for their (and
their families’) sacrifices. The six
combat veteran members of Atkins not
L:R - W: Bro Elton Bruner, the Lodge’s only
present for this meeting received their surviving WWII combat Veteran and W: Carey
certificates at the next regular meeting C Allison, WM.
or will at the next regular meeting they
attend. The group included one WWII the State of Louisiana, to living family
veteran, one veteran with service in members who could not attend the pre-
both Korea and Vietnam, a number of sentation: one for a WWII veteran and
Vietnam Veterans, three veterans of Illinois Mason and one for an one Iraq
the War In Iraq, and one young man War veteran and Atkins Lodge member
(and future Mason?) who was home who is working out of state.
on temporary leave from an ongoing Those of us who did not face the hor-
assignment in Afghanistan. Two other ror and privation of serving in combat
certificates were given to Atkins Lodge should always be grateful to those who
members for them to give, on behalf of stood in our place in the breech, includ-
Atkins Lodge and the Grand Lodge of ing those who did not return.

Ladies Night The members of Mt. Moriah-Quitman
Lodge #59 located in Jefferson, held
its annual Ladies Night with W: Earl
J. Huguenel, Jr., W.M. welcoming the
members and ladies for their attendance.
W: Huguenel honored the ladies in atten-
dance with a short speech and thanking
them for their support of their husbands
and being a valuable asset to the Masonic
family. Each lady was introduced by
their husbands with the number of years
of marriage. Gifts were presented by
W: Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., W.M. to each
lady in appreciation for their support. A
delicious meal was served immediately
after the presentations.

60 Year Member Night
Chartered in 1949, the Lodge held
a special communication to mark the
60th anniversary and to recognize the
first Entered Apprentice joining Bayou
Chicot. W: Brandon D Granger, WM
presented W: Bro Phillip Whittington
with a plaque honoring his 60 years of
service to the Lodge. L:R - W: Bro R Wayne Holston, W: Bro Phil-
lips Whittington, Bro Claude S Holston and W:
Brandon Granger, WM

Whenever or wherever people are in need Masons are there to help. From
large undertakings to the smallest of needs, Masons are always there, caring and
serving. I have always been interested as to why Masons devote so much time
to their Fraternity. A good answer to this question came from a Grand Master
who once told me that he enjoys his involvement because it gives him another
dimension to living.
Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

MAGNOLIA #238 F. & A.M.
Veterans Honored
Magnolia Masonic Lodge held its
annual Patriotic Night and honored area
veterans. M:W: J. F. “Jeff” Webb, GM
addressed the one hundred plus visitors
and thirty two veterans. Shown in the
picture with W: Terrell D Fowler, WM
of Magnolia Lodge and M:W: Jeff Webb
is W: Bro Robert R. Reeves of Gillis,
L:R W: Terry Fowler, WM, W: Bro Robert Reeves
Louisiana. W: Bro Reeves was pre- and M: W: Jeff Webb, GM
sented the Fidelity Award, the first given
in Lodge history. Bro Robert, a retired the first infantry division of the army.
rice farmer, fought in Italy during WW W: Bro Reeves is Past Master of
II. He parachuted into southern France Magnolia serving as Master in 1957 and
and fought through France into Belgium. served as treasurer for twenty five years.
He received two Purple Hearts for the He is also a retired champion bull rider.
injuries received during the Battle of the Brother Reeves is married to Berna
Bulge. He fought with the Big Red One, Dean Reeves and has two children.

Award Night was used for the degrees of Bro. Russell
as well as his two other brothers. Mrs
Trinity Union Lodge held its annual Russell was presented with flowers from
25 and 50 year awards presentations. the Worshipful Master of the lodge on
Bro Lynn Averette received his 25 year behalf of the Wardens and members of
award and W: Bro Louis G Baine, Jr. the Lodge.
received his 50 year award.
In addition, W: Bro Baine was also
presented his 50 year Membership
Certificate, lapel pin and blue cap from
the Baton Rouge Valley of eht Scottish
Rite.The presentation was made W:
BRO. and Ill. .Ronald A Seale, Sover-
eign Grand Commander of the AASR,
SJ. W: Bro Seale is also the first cousin
to Bro.Baine. W: Bro and Ill. William
J. Mollere, Sovereign Grand Inspector L:R W: C. Danny Smith-WM, W: Bro Robert
General in Louisiana assisted with the J Hutchinson-PM Secretary; Lynn Averette-25
Scottishish Rite presentations. Year Award Recipient; Mrs Almeda Russell,
W: Bro Louis G Baine-50 Year Recipient; W:
Mrs. Almeda Russell presented the Bro Ronald Seale-SCG AASR SJ, R: W: B.J.
lodge a Masonic bible from her late Guillot-GWS & General Secretary for the Baton
husband, Brother Harry Russell,as well Rouge Valley, W: Bro William J Mollere-Grand
as other historical material. The Bible Chaplain & SGIG
OLIVER #84 F. & A.M.
Scouting Recognition
W: Bro Gary L Dufour, PM, of Oliver
Lodge #84, Alexandria, was recently
awarded the Daniel Carter Beard Ma-
sonic Scouting Award. Bro Dufour
has long been a Scout volunteer in the
Alexandria area, having served in posi-
tions in the Troop, District, and Council
levels over the last 30 years.
The Daniel Carter Beard Masonic W: Bro Gary Dufour shown with his son W: Bro
Award not only supports the Masonic Richard N Dufour
relationship through the man who
brought Scouting to the United States, Scouting.
and also recognizes the outstanding Beard was a member of Mariner’s
work and dedication of a member of Lodge #67, in New York City and
the Masonic fraternity who has devoted merged his Sons of Daniel Boone with
himself to helping young men develop the Boy Scouts of America in 1910 when
their confidence and character through it was founded.

Past Masters Night
The members of Mt. Moriah-Quitman held its annual Past Master’s Recognition
and 25-50 Year Membership Certificate Awards Night. W: Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., WM
opened the evening by welcoming the members and guest for their attendance. W:
Huguenel presented each attending Past Master with a Past Master’s lapel pin and
gift and thanked them for their service and wisdom to the Lodge. The Worshipful
Master presented Bro. Henry Merigon, Jr. with a 50 year certificate and Bro. Roland
River with a 25 year certificate. A delicious dinner was served immediately after
the presentations. Three other members received Membership Certificates: Bro.
Woodrow Wilson (50 year certificate), Bro. Darrell Smith (25 year certificate) and
Bro. Bert Bertin (25 year certificate) but were unable to attend.

L:R W;Bro. Guy R. Gerhardt-2008, W;Bro. Vincent Guillera, Jr.-2005, W;Bro. Joseph J. Baham-2004,
W; Bro. Jefferey P. Borgstede-1996 & 2006, W; Earl J. Huguenel, Jr. W.M., W;Bro. Jared A. Wilkes,
Jr.-1990, W; Bro. Anthony J. Alouise-1988, W; Bro. Philip L. Molaison 1972 & W;Bro. Charles R.
ATKINS #266 F. & A.M.
Past Masters Night
Atkins Lodge #266 held a Special Called Communication to honor it’s Past
Masters. Each Past Master briefly addressed the Lodge after which all of the Chairs
were filled by Past Masters to close the Lodge.

L-R 1st row: James Kelly, PM (Joppa 362), Paul Carson, PM (Haughton 95), Hoyt Hooper, PM (Hap
Arnold 457), Elton Bruner, PM, Ray Paddie, PM, Terry Harris, PM, and Jackie Johnson, PM.
2nd row: Jim Enkey, PM, Ricky Hall, PM.
3rd row: Jim Allen, PM, W: Carey Allison, WM and Bill Richards, PM& Secretary Emeritus Atkins

Honoring Widows Night

The Valley of Monroe’s cast for The Rose Upon the Altar

Union Fraternal Lodge sponsored Widows Night to honor the widows of our
fallen brothers. They were honored with a wonderful dinner, each recognized and
presented with a red rose followed by the Masonic play: “The Rose on the Altar”
as permitted by the Masonic Service Association and presented by the Monroe
Scottish Rite Bodies.
Past Masters Night

Front row L:R David Verret SD, R.D. Verret PM WM, Harold Weber SW, Mark Charpentier
Tyler,Jesse Hebert PM Secy.
Back row L:R Paul Boudreaux Treasurer, Merrill Jacob Chaplin, Lionel Lancon Jr. PM MC,
Michael Ursenbach JW.

BROADMOOR #432 F. & A.M.
Special Presentation
Broadmoor Lodge hosted a special
gathering open to all in the community.
The special guest speaker was Mrs. Rose
Van Thyn. The topic was her experience
during the Holocost in Germany during
Rose is recognized nationally and
world wide as she speaks on the subject
of the Holocost.
Rose told us about her life growing W: John F Ayer, PM-WM and Mrs. Rose Van
up as a child in Germany. Being under Thyn
18 at the time, she was separated from through the prayers of the other girls in
her family during World War II and there with her going through the same
taken prisoner. All of her family was type of torture. Most of whom died.
killed. Being a female and under 34, Rose says that it’s a Miracle that she
she was taken to a special POW camp. is alive.
Auchwitz it was called. As a prisoner, After the war, Rose met Louis Van
she was experimented on, and surgery Thyn and they married and moved to
was done on her many times. All of Shreveport Louisiana. Surprise came
which was with out sedatives and pain years later when she discovered herself
killers. It was horrible she said! They with Child! Something she had been
injected things into her, cut her open told that would never be able to happen.
many times, and removed things from Well it did! And that is another Story!
her. She said that she survived only
HAUGHTON #95 F. & A.M.
Past Masters Night

Front Row (L-R) John T. Edward Smith, PM;
Albert Ray Turner, Sr.,PM; James Spenser
Goodwin,PM; Billy Joe Smith, PM; Rear (L-R) W: Johnny C Byrd, PM-WM receives his
A. Leon Maxey,PM; WM Johnny Byrd,PM; past master’s apron from W: Bro Albert Ray
Tommy C. Strawn,PM; and James M. Lilly,PM Turner.

Bring A Friend Night
The members of Mt. Moriah-Quit-
man Lodge #59 located in Jefferson,
LA held its annual Bring a Friend
Night. W: Earl J. Huguenel, Jr., W.M.
opened the evening by welcoming the
members and guest for their attendance.
An informative Masonic lecture was
presented before the lodge by W: Bro.
Jefferey Borgstede, P.M. W:Earl J. Hu- W: Earl Huguenel, WM with guests and visi-
guenel, Jr., W.M also gave a lecture on
famous masons. A delicious meal was
served immediately after the lectures.

GERMANIA #46 F. & A.M. Indivisible Friends Lodge #404 in
Gretna of the 15th Masonic District and
Joint Meeting Germania Lodge #46 in New Orleans
of the 16th Masonic District have for
the past eleven years shared our July
regular communications as a joint meet-
ing. This is because the Lodges Stated
Communications are scheduled for the
same days. The benefit of this joint
meeting is to allow members to observe
the Scottish Rite and York Rite rituals
in the opposing Districts. Dispensation
from the Grand Lodge is received and
the York Rite ritual is used to open our
Lodge and Germania closes in the Scot-
tish Rite. When at Germainia, the Lodge
L:R W: Kenneth A Austin, WM Indivisible is opened in their ritual and closed using
Friends and W: C Glenn Cupit, WM Germa- the York Rite.
nia. This joint communication has been
a grand success and is one of the high-
lights of our Masonic year.

HOPE LODGE #145 F. & A.M.
50 Year Certificate Award
The 50 year lapel pin and certificate was
presented to W: Bro Kenneth B deMoss
during a regular stated communication.
W: Bro deMoss was raised a Master
Mason in Bristow, Oklahoma and main-
tains plural membership with his mother
lodge as well as Hope Lodge. Brother
Ken commented that this was among his
proudest moments as a Master Mason,
along with the nights he helped raise his
son, W: Bro Jacques E. deMoss, PM as a
Master Mason, and then later seated him
in the East as Master of the Lodge. L:R W: Bro Kenneth deMoss and W: Robert A
Jarred, WM

The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
Permit No. 920
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357

2009-10 OFFICERS
Jules F. “Jeff”, Webb, Grand Master
Woody D. Bilyeu, Deputy Grand Master
Beverly J. “BJ” Guillot, Grand Senior Warden
Frank N. du Treil, Jr., Grand Junior Warden
A. Ray McLaurin, Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, PGM, Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, PGM, Grand Secretary
William J. Mollere, Grand Chaplain
H. Edward Durham, Grand Marshal
Philip H. Thibodeaux, Grand Senior Deacon
Frederick Anderson, Grand Junior Deacon
Michael F. Webb, Grand Sword Bearer
James E. Steen, Grand Pursuivant
Al E. Franks, Grand Standard Bearer
Clyde O. Morgan, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
W. Bryan Price, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician