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The Louisiana



M: W: Herman Leo Key

Grand Master 1993
The Louisiana

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Loui-
siana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria,
Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for members of
Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only. Mailed ‘Non-
Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid at Baton
Rouge, Louisiana.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso-
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when
space permits. Articles and pictures become the
property of the magazine. Authors are requested to
sign articles and COVER STORY
include their name, address, phone number and, if a M: W: Herman Leo Key
member, the name of their Masonic Lodge. Articles Grand Master 1993
that are printed do not necessarily reflect the views
of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.
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Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary on
the proper form. DO NOT send changes of address
to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail and
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W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
99 Bayou Robert Road
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.I.)
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100
Metairie, LA 70005
W: E. Doyle Freeman, P.M. (311)
415 Arrowwood Dr.
Slidell, LA 70458-0908
W: Richard D. Mahoney, P.M. (246)
P.O. Box 369
Winnsboro, LA 71295
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221)
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360

Where has the time gone? It seems like
only a few weeks have progressed since we
last had our Grand Lodge session in New
Orleans, and you honored me by electing me
to serve as your Grand Master for 2007-2008.
We have been extremely busy this past year,
many changes for the better have taken place,
and there are others to come.
R:W: Lloyd Hennigan, Deputy Grand
Master, R:W: Jeff Webb, Grand Senior War-
den and R:W: Woody Bilyeu, Grand Junior
Warden and I have traveled across the United
States representing the Grand Lodge of Loui-
siana, gathering and sharing information with
other Grand Jurisdictions in our unified quest
S. Bruce Easterly
to make Freemasonry a quality institution,
Grand Master
especially in Louisiana. Together with R:W:
State of Louisiana
Steve Pence, DDGM, 1st Masonic District,
W: Brother Ed Durham, Grand Marshal, W:
Brother Gary Gribble, Grand Junior Deacon and W: Brother R. B. Smith, we have
covered all areas of this great state presenting the initial information for our first
Business Plan for the Grand Lodge. This Plan is now complete and was transmitted
to the officers of each of the constituent Lodges for their use and information.
We are currently in the process of implementing an update of our data computer
system that will allow for easier and better reporting and data retrieval and improve
our day-to-day operations. The Grand Lodge web page is also in the process of
being revised and will be more user friendly and up-to-date than our present site.
The climate-controlled storage building which will house most of our artifacts
and treasures is virtually complete, and all of the Grand Lodge property has been
removed from the premises of the Children’s Home to our property. A sign and
flagpole will be installed in the next few months.
This past year has been an extremely busy time for Freemasonry. Our principal
charity, the Masonic Learning Center of Louisiana now has thirty-nine classes either
in operation or planned to begin in the very near future. This is a most significant
increase and this wonderful program will continue to grow with your help and sup-
port. Be proud, my Brethren of this program which affects the lives of so many of
our children, which have this learning disorder. There are many other note worthy
events, which have been assets to the accomplishments of our Craft, which the
editor will not grant me the space to note.
Thank you again my Brothers for allowing me the opportunity to serve this
Grand Lodge and granting all of us your fellowship and hospitality in our travels
across this great State.
God bless each of you and your families.
Sincerely and fraternally,
S. Bruce Easterly
Grand Master, 2007-08
Restaurant at the End of
The Masonic Universe
By Stephen Dafoe-PM

o there is this restaurant chain with locations throughout North America.
Its slogan is a pretty catchy one and the chain’s management uses it on
a daily basis to motivate staff and to recruit new patrons to the chain’s
thousands of locations.
T h e slogan is “we take good food and make it better” - eight simple words,
which have struck an emotional chord with millions of people who like to eat.
There is no marketing genius behind the slogan or the success of the same in
attracting people to the restaurant chain. Everyone likes good food, so it is unlikely
that there is a person alive who would not like good food made better. Who could
resist such a slogan?
Sadly, the restaurant chain seldom lives up to its own slogan. The restaurants
are often poorly decorated - their tables and chairs wobbly and in need of repair.
Staff often quarrel with one another and the management, too often, seem only to
be concerned with climbing the corporate ladder to the head office. The food, so
much talked about is bland at best and dreadful at worst.
Yet as each new patron comes in for the first time to sample this “good food
made better” he sees a group of smiling faces, all lapping up the meal as if it was
the greatest food on the planet - just like the advertising people said it was.
The new patron does his best to eat his meal even though the food offered does
not appeal to the palate as sweetly as the words used to describe it. Not wishing to
show his displeasure to his two friends who sponsored him - for it is, after all, an
exclusive restaurant - he sits in silence eating his meal with each mouth full being
as forced as the smile on his face.
Sometimes the patron simply pays his tab, leaves the restaurant and vows never
to return to the establishment. However, sometimes the patron decides that maybe
he just went on a bad night - perhaps the staff was having a bad day because the
regular cook was away. Perhaps those people enjoying the meal were just being
kind and did not want to offend the new cook.
He decides to give the “good food made better” joint one more try. Returning
on another night he sees the same dozen patrons who were there the month previ-
ous - they are still arguing with one another about which fork you should use for
the salad and the proper way to hold a wine glass. The manager is still ignoring the
new customers in favor of the company higher-ups seated at a back table who he is
trying to convince of his suitability for a more prominent position in the firm.
What’s worse - the food is still bland, boring and not what the sign on the door
proclaims - yet the regulars are still lapping it up like it’s their last meal.
This time the patron decides that the marketing slogan is nothing more than eight
simple words cleverly arranged to deprive him of his hard earned money.
The thought occurs to him that maybe he could pull the manager away from
the corporate wheels long enough to suggest a few small things that could truly
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Restaurant at the End of the Masonic Universe
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make the good food better. However, he has a sinking feeling that he would be
told, “but we’ve always cooked it this way before” or “we tried that once and the
patrons didn’t like it.” He feels he might even be told that “the head office would
never allow it.”
So instead of voicing his concerns, exercising the old business axiom that the
customer is always right, he says nothing. Instead he leaves the restaurant and
vows never to return - either canceling his pre-booked reservations on the way
out the door or never returning and having his membership cancelled by the chain
via a nasty letter.
He wonders how it is that the restaurant survives and why the same dozen diners
seem to enjoy the food so much. His conclusion is a simple one - they like things
the way they are and the establishment will never change so long as the chain is
run by people who like to make bland food and patronized by people who like to
eat the same.
And so we come to a problem that is rife within Freemasonry today.
We advertise ourselves as an organization that makes good men better, and
while that is precisely what we have done for millions of men over the centuries,
it cannot be argued that we are letting down the many young men who enter our
doors who feel cheated and deceived.
“I really feel that I have been sold a pack of lies,” wrote one such young mason
recently on an Internet discussion forum.
How sad it is that a young man, who has been a Mason for one year would
feel that he has been lied to by an organization that has Truth as one of its three
greatest attributes.
“This is not the Masonry I signed up for,” he continued in his posting and in so
stating arrives at the crux of our problem.
Freemasonry in large parts of the United States and Canada is not offering what
it is advertising, but if it advertised what it offered - would it receive many new
“Freemasonry - we take good men and let them sit in a room and listen to the
reading of minutes and 45-minute debates on spending $50 on why we should or
should not buy a plaque to show what great guys we are.”
It just does not have the same marketing strength as “Freemasonry - we take
good men and make them better.”
Unfortunately our young brethren, past and present have tried to improve what
Freemasonry offers within the tiled recesses of our lodges, but are met with resis-
tance at each step of the way.
We say we are about making good men better through self improvement - yet few
are the lodges who apply the working tools within the body of a lodge to educate
our young members as to how to do this.
The Masonic Information Center (MIC) recently released a publication entitled,
“It’s About Time.” The publication identifies the problems currently confronting
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M: W: Herman Leo Key
Grand Master 1993
Steven A. Pence

he life of M: W: Key began with humble roots on September 18, 1918
in the small Village of Provencal of Natchitoches Parish. He was the
only son of WIlliam Jack and Nettie Maddox Key. He received his
early education in the public schools in Mansfield and graduated from
Fairpark High School in Shreveport in 1935. Growing up during the Great Depres-
sion would have a profound impact on Bro. Key’s work ethic, love of Country and
his fellow man.
In 1938, Bro. Key became employed by Cities Service Oil Company in Bossier
City and worked at this location until serving his country in the United States Navy.
Bro Key was honorably discharged in 1946 after three years in the Asian-Pacific
Theater during World War II. After being discharged, Leo resumed his employment
with Cities Service at the Lake Charles Refinery, where he rose through the ranks
and retired as the Shift Superintendent in 1981.
On December 24, 1938 he married Marie Rowell and from this union two
children were born, daughter Joan Marie and son Randall Leo. At the time of M:
W: Key’s death he was also survived by four grandchildren and three great grand-
children. Mrs. H. Leo Key Martin passed away in October of this year.
M: W: Key was very active in his community and was always interested in
helping and encouraging the youth in the Sulphur area. He served many years
on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana State High School Rodeo Association
and was also Past President. He served for two years on the Board of Directors
of the National High School Athletics. Bro Key believed that community service
was important and served as a member of the Calcasieu Parish School Board for
six years.
Deeply religious, M:W: Key was a member of the First Baptist Church of Sulphur
for forty-seven years. In his church he served as Trustee, an usher for 30 years,
worked in the nursery for 25 years and served on many of their committees.
Bro. Key was past President of Bayou Oaks Country Club, member of the
American Legion and McNeese State University Cowboy Club.
M: W: Key’s Masonic history is as impressive as were all of his endeavors.
He was initiated on February 9, 1948 at Sulphur Lodge #424. He was passed to
the Degree of Fellow Craft on March 1, 1948 and raised to the sublime degree
of Master Mason on March 8, 1948. M: W: Key served as Worshipful Master in
1960 and again in 1986.
Bro. Key was a member of the Scottish Rite Bodies of the Lake Charles Valley,
where he had served as Venerable Master. M: W: Key worked in several degrees
and most notably the 4th and 18th Degrees. In 1985 he was invested with the Rank
and Decoration of Knight Commander of the Court of Honor (KCCH). During
the 1989 Biennial Session of the Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted
Scottish Rite Southern Jurisdiction, M:W: Key was coroneted a 33° Inspector
General Honorary.
M: W: Key was a supporter of Masonic youth organizations and served for
serveral years as a member of the Advisory Council of Sulphur Chapter, Order
of DeMolay. Bro Key was also the Chapter Dad for seven years. The Supreme
Council recognized his service to our youth by investing him with the Honorary
Legion of Honor.
Bro. Key was a member of the York Rite and was Past High Priest of Mount Ma-
riah Chapter No. 95 Royal Arch Masons. He was also a member of the Royal Order
of Scotland and the St. Charles Conclave of The Red Cross of Constantine.
M: W: Key and his lady were members of Love Chapter, Order of Eastern Star.
His leadership role in the Habibi Shrine Temple led to his election as Potentate in
1991. Being an excellent ritualist Bro. Key was also a member of the Habibi Cer-
emonial Degree Team. He was also on the Habibi Temple Admissions Committee
for the Children’s Shrine Hospital.
M: W: Key held numerous appointive offices in the Grand Lodge. His Fraternity
recognized his excellent leadership skills and elected him as Grand Junior Warden
in 1990. Progressing through the elected line, the Fraternity bestowed the highest
honor by electing M: W: Key as Grand Master in 1993.
At the time of his death, M:W: Key was serving as a member of the Grand
Lodge Hall Board.
Those that knew Leo Key recall his friendly smile that was always accompanied
by good deeds. He was a man who practiced the knightly virtues of being kind,
generous, unselfish, faithful to his God, to his family, to his fellowman and to this
Fraternity. His life was truly measured by that which he accomplished for his fel-
lowman, not by merely days and years on Earth.
M: W: Key was laid to rest at Mimosa Pines Cemetery on February 11, 1995.

Washington Masonic Memorial
by Brian N Thompson-Adolph Hertzberg No. 225
Queensland, Australia

ocated on a hilltop in Alexandria Virginia, a short distance across the
Potomac River from Washington DC is the George Washington National
Masonic Memorial. While named in honor of the first President of the
USA, and one of the best known Freemasons in history, this is far from
just another memorial to Washington the man. It has multiple roles as a repository
of some priceless Masonic artifacts, including an extensive collection of Wash-
ington’s possessions and other memorabilia, a museum, library, working Masonic
centre and community resource.
This multi story edifice towering 333 feet (100 meters) above the surrounding
area and located on Shooters Hill, site of Union fortifications during the American
Civil War, provides commanding views from the top floor observation deck back
across the river to the city that bears Washington’s name and over the surrounding
The memorial concept was conceived in 1911 after an 1871 fire damaged some of
the priceless artifact from Washington’s life held by Alexandria-Washington Lodge
No. 22. Construction was commenced in 1922 and continued until consecration
of the building on May 12, 1932. Building works continued throughout the Great
Depression: only being undertaken when money was available as no loans were
raised for construction of the memorial. The memorial association is the only uni-
fied effort of all the Grand Lodges in the USA
George Washington was initiated into Fredericksburg Lodge No. 4 on November
4, 1752. He was made an honorary member of Alexandria Lodge No. 39, which
later became Alexandria-Washington Lodge No. 22 when a new charter was issued
by the Grand Lodge of Virginia. Records indicate that Washington was Worshipful
Master of the Alexandria Lodge when sworn in as the first President of the USA
in 1789. He died in 1799.
Each of the other floors in the building hold displays about a particular Masonic
order that has been provided by the members of the featured organization. Each is
different in style and content. All are informative and interesting.
Moving vertically up the nine levels visitors will encounter an Assembly Hall,
Memorial Hall on the main floor (entrance), Grotto Room, George Washington
Museum, Royal Arch Room, Library, Royal and Select Masters, Knights Templar
and then Tall Cedars of Lebanon and the observation deck on the ninth floor. An
elevator that moves both vertically and horizontally, to account for the sloping
sides of the obelisk, links the various floors.
The Royal Arch presentation on the fifth floor provides a very impressive vi-
sual display, including Egyptian and Hebraic paintings by famous muralist Allyn
Cox and possibly the most beautiful reproduction of the Ark of the Covenant ever
created for Masonic purposes, seen here through a limestone archway. Also to be
seen in this room is a large mural of the artist’s conception of the ruins of Kings
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Washington Masonic Memorial
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Solomon’s Temple.
Being a working Masonic centre, the lodge room and other facilities are used
regularly by a number of Masonic family organizations. Alexandria-Washington
Lodge No. 22 still meets here, as does Andrew Jackson Lodge No. 120, a DeMolay
Chapter, Jobs Daughters Bethel and OES Chapter.
The memorial also serves as a focus for other community cultural activities
with recent uses including a youth Shakespeare camp and Guitar festival. The
memorial facilities are available for weddings, conferences and similar purposes.
Travelling to the memorial is convenient if travelling by train as it is located
adjacent to the Alexandria Amtrack station. If coming from DC, simply board a
Metro train and enjoy the journey across the Potomac, past the Ronald Reagan
Washington National Airport, then disembark at Alexandria station for the short
walk round the corner to the memorial.
Similarly, travelling by road should be no problem due to the prominence of the
building itself on the skyline and the proximity of the station as a map reference.
The memorial is located at 101 Callahan Avenue Alexandria. Ample parking is
available at the rear of the building.
As access to the front entrance is by stairs leading up Shooters Hill, disabled
access is also available through the car park.
While climbing the stairs at the front of the building may be a little arduous for
some, the effort is rewarded by the changing vista as you move toward the entrance
and also the close proximity of the large Square and Compass insignia located in
the hillside gardens beside the stairs.
Approximately 50,000 visitors take advantage of the guided tours of the me-
morial held several times daily, apart from major public holidays. Admission is
The memorial will be of particular interest to those who have knowledge of, or
interest in, all aspects of Freemasonry. However, others will not be disappointed
either as the artifacts held in the memorial are unique while the various art works
and displays provide a glimpse into the life of George Washington and American

View from the top of the Washington Masonic Memorial

Why Bother?
Kenneth Branscum
Hiram Lodge #70
Why should one stand for examination for the fact that they do not see the benefit in
the Master’s degree? Why advance on to the completing such things. The brother I am
York or Scottish Rite’s? These are questions speaking of is very good at quoting the parts
I was asked by fellow Masons. When I was of the obligation that benefit himself when
preparing to stand for my examination for he is in need but not so good at living that
the Master’s work a fellow brother asked me obligation. I can only hope and pray that he
why I bothered as it didn’t do anything for will see the light and it will guide him to a
me. This same brother also asked me why better place.
I would bother to advance in the York Rite You see many of us say the words and
when I could just do the Scottish at a later date when asked the question of why and respond
and receive the honors easier and without all with in search of more light. I ask you
the Jesus stuff. In essence his question was now if we are not continuing our Masonic
why bother? education either through reading or stand-
For me it was never a question why but ing examination or progressing through
when I would bother myself with these the advanced degrees are we truly seeking
things. Educating myself in Masonry is one more light or are we giving lip service to the
of the best things I could do for myself. organization and paying our dues so we can
There are a great many lessons to be learned say that we are a Mason? I was told recently
in both the York Rite and the Scottish Rite. by my instructor as I was going through my
This continuing education has broadened degree work for the Scottish Rite that there
my mind and spirit. The lessons contained was an independent survey done in the 80’s
within both rites teach one how to be a bet- that said that only between 3-5% of Masons
ter person and by being a better person in could hold an intelligent conversation about
how to enrich the lives around me. As I have Masonry. When asked what Masonry was
said before our motto should be to leave the they responded by saying it’s a secret orga-
world a better place than we found it and as nization that I can not tell you about.
such the continuing education that is offered We are not a secret organization but
through both branches of Masonry is much when our own membership can not tell you
too valuable to pass up. about Masonry it will lead the general popu-
Some of you may agree with the brother lace to speculate and believe what they are
who asked why bother to stand for exami- told about us. Someone had actually asked
nation in the Master Masons work and my my instructor if the Da Vinci Code was true.
question is why wouldn’t I? It is not enough So this is my answer to those who ask me
for us to parrot the words of our obligation why bother: I bother because I would like
for the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft to see our fraternity flourish once more, I
degrees. Learning the Master Mason’s work bother because I want to be able to tell my
is probably the most important yes it is fellow man about Masonry, I bother because
tough and yes it is tedious however I feel I am truly in search of more light.
that I should be more than a card carrying
member of such a wondrous organization. I
feel that many brothers loose out on a great
deal of what Masonry has to offer due to

Special Presentation
by Keith Tindell-W. H. Booth Lodge #380
The father of the original owner of this piece of live oak was an American soldier in the
Revolutionary War.
Two of his brothers served with Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812. They were both
decorated as war heroes for their valor shown in the Battle of New Orleans.
The owner of Brierfield Plantation’s first wife was the daughter of President Zachary
He was appointed by President Monroe as a cadet to West Point. After graduation, he
distinguished himself as a decorated war hero in both the Indian Wars and the Mexican
American War.
He served as a member of the United States Congress, as a Representative from Mis-
sissippi. He also served the state of Mississippi as a US Senator. He served one term as the
Secretary of War for the United States.
Upon his command, the first shots of the Civil War were fired when he directed the
Confederate forces to bombard Fort Sumter.
The owner of this piece of wood presided over the funeral of his beloved friend, General
Robert E. Lee.
On February 9, 1861, a rider was dispatched from Montgomery, Alabama, to carry an
urgent message to the owner of Brierfield Plantation. When the rider arrived, he found Jef-
ferson Davis with his wife in their rose garden and informed him that he had been elected
as the President of the Confederate States of America.
Brierfield is on Davis Island, a true island in the Mississippi River, approximately 18
miles south of Vicksburg. The plantation home was looted by Union forces during the Civil
War, but was not burned like the other antebellum homes in the area. It was destroyed by
fire in 1931.

Bro. Keith Tindle of W. H. Booth Lodge #380 and a personal friend of the Grand Master secured
a large piece of oak from Briarfield Plantation. A craftsman transformed the wood into a beautiful
gavel and soundling block. Bro. Tindle presented these items to M: W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM at the
Grand Master’s Homecoming. The picture does not do justice as to the size and remarkable beauty
of this gift.

A Masonic Metamorphosis
Dr. Lawrence D. Wade, MD-PM
St. James Lodge #47
One of Louisiana’s newest Masonic Lodges, “The Lodge of the Nine Muses,
No. 9, F. & A. M.” (LoNM) - very likely the most formal of all Louisiana Lodges
- began as an informal Masonic “Discussion Group” - The Baton Rouge Masonic
Forum (a.k.a. “ The Baton Rouge Area Masonic Forum”, “The Masonic Scholars’
Discussion Group”, or “The Discussion Group”.)
The Caterpillar - “The Discussion Group” -
It was on Saturday, February 5, 2000, in Shreveport, that I first attended a
meeting of the Louisiana Lodge of Research. I had been a Mason for four years.
At that meeting, Bro. Naresh Sharma presented an excellent paper on, “Evolution
of the Ritual”.
After the meeting, I was loitering outside the motel entrance, when Bro. Sharma
- not yet a non-smoker, at that time - stepped out to smoke a cigarette. In the course
of our conversation, Bro. Sharma suggested that Baton Rouge Masons needed a
meeting of some sort in which to discuss shared interests such as the history of
The Craft, philosophical aspects of the Fraternity, etc. Bro. Sharma encouraged
me to get out some e-mail messages to area Masons and to check with restaurants
on the availability and the affordability of meeting rooms.
Responses from Baton Rouge area Masons were generally very favorable.
Fifteen Masons attended our first meeting - on March 22, 2000, at Giamanco’s
Restaurant - at which WB Sharma presented an excellent paper on, “The William
Morgan Affair”.
That first meeting was on the fourth Wednesday of the month; subsequent
meetings were always on the second Wednesday. At the second meeting, Bro. Bill
Mollere presented a well-researched paper on, “The Development of Masonry in
Southeast Louisiana”; again, fifteen Masons were in attendance.
From the beginning, we agreed not to meet in December. The average number
attending the eight meetings held during calendar year 2000 was 16.4, with a high
of 22 and a low of 11. Over the first twelve months, a total of 42 Masons attended at
least one of our meetings. In addition to Bro. Sharma and Bro. Mollere, presenters
during the year 2000 included Bro. Larry Moore, Bro. Carle Jackson, Bro. Larry
Wade, Bro. Guy Beck, and Bro. Ernie Easterly. Other presenters in subsequent years
have included WB Lenton Sartain, WB Donald Park, a sitting Grand Master (MW
Patrick Kelly) and three other members of the Grand Court (RWB John Beaumont,
RWB Bro. Chip Borne, and RWB Joe Cabuk - though in the case of RWB Cabuk,
the birth of a grandchild in a distant state made it necessary for Bro. Sharma to
read his excellent paper in the absence of its author.)
Of the approximately thirty papers written for presentation to “The Discussion
Group,” a number have been published in official statewide Masonic journals such
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A Masonic Metamorphosis
as “The Louisiana Freemason” and “The Scottish Rite Trestleboard”.
Papers presented to the group have ranged over a broad scope of Masonic top-
In addition to topics related to the history of Freemasonry, there have been
papers on Masonic Renewal, Membership Development, Masonic Leadership/
Growth, and the future of The Craft. During his year as GM, MW Patrick Kelly
honored The Discussion Group by appearing in person and discussing his views
on the future of Freemasonry; at a subsequent meeting, Bro. Ronnie Seale shared
his views on this subject, as well.
There have been several papers on, for example, the development of Freemasonry
in Southeast Louisiana, the history of French Masonry in Louisiana, and Masonry’s
role in The American Revolution.
Two papers discussed Masonic Symbolism - one, its theoretical aspects and one,
its practical significance. One other paper analyzed the Entered Apprentice Degree
from a fresh perspective; another studied “The Ancient Landmarks”; another “The
Prestonian Lectures”; and yet another “The Anderson Constitutions”.
Two books reviewed in separate presentations to the Discussion Group were
Revolutionary Brotherhood and Bowling Alone.
The negatives of William Morgan and Leo Taxil were more than balanced by the
positives of Bro. John Philip Sousa and Bro. W. A. Mozart, plus a comprehensive
review of U. S. Presidents who were Freemasons.
At a unique juncture in American history - the invasion of Afghanistan by Ameri-
can military forces, in response to the World Trade Center tragedy of 9/11/01 - The
Discussion Group meeting of 08/14/02 featured a presentation on, “Afghanistan
- History and Current Status”, by Mr. Henry Bradsher, a former Associated Press
Moscow Bureau Chief and CIA operative and a noted expert on Afghanistan, who
has authored many published articles on the subject, including several current
encyclopedia entries. This meeting was very well attended and was taken as one
of our most successful events.
Two meetings were devoted to the study of Mysticism and Masonry, Kabalistic
and beyond; two to The Temple Mount; and several (as stated) to Masonic Renewal,
Membership Issues, and The Future of Freemasonry.
The Metamorphosis - Table Lodge --
By March of 2003, Bro. and Mrs. Ricks Bowles had moved to Baton Rouge from
Minnesota, and Bro. Ricks had joined the Discussion Group. In Minnesota, Bro.
Bowles had been a member of St. Paul Lodge #3 - a formal European-style Table
Lodge. One of our members, Bro. Paul Roberts, had sat in Lodge at that Lodge. On
Wednesday, March 12, 2003, the Masonic Forum sponsored its first “Table Lodge”,
with W. Bro. Gaylord Strand, PM of St Paul Lodge #3, as guest speaker.
The second “Table Lodge” took place on November 12, 2003. This time, the
meeting was open to wives and guests, and the featured speaker was the internation-
ally renowned UCLA Professor of History, Dr. Margaret Jacob, author of Living the
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continued from page 13
A Masonic Metamorphosis
Enlightenment: Freemasonry and Politics in Eighteenth-Century Europe, a number
of other very authoritative books on the history of Freemasonry, and more than
forty articles in major historical journals. Dr. Jacob serves on the editorial boards of
numerous important journals of professional historians. This meeting was attended
by more than 100 members and guests and was an unqualified success.
Of course, these “Table Lodges” were not tyled Lodges. The success of these
meetings, however, along with the fact that “Discussion Group” members were
generally quite receptive to the concept, lent impetus to the notion of transitioning
from informal “Discussion Group” to formal European-style “Table Lodge”. Under
a succession of Grand Masters, the Grand Lodge was supportive.
The Butterfly Takes Flight - “Lodge of the Nine Muses” -
Not only is LoNM one of Louisiana’s newest Lodges - it is at once one of the
most innovative and one of the most traditional Lodges. It is innovative, in fact, in
the very manner in which it reverts, in every respect, to tradition - to the traditional
formality, that is, of European Freemasonry.
This Lodge was originally the brainchild of Bro. Naresh Sharma, Bro. William
Mollere, and Bro. Ernest Easterly, with subsequent assistance and leadership from
Bro. Ricks Bowles. The name, “Lodge of the Nine Muses”, is taken, of course,
from the Lodge in Paris at which WB Benjamin Franklin, in 1778, conducted the
Enlightenment philosopher, Voltaire, through the Degrees of Freemasonry, just a
few months before the death of Bro. Voltaire.
Formality is evident from the moment one arrives for the meeting. Everyone
in attendance is in formal attire - mostly in tuxedos, with a few, perhaps, in dark
business suits, instead. Attendance is limited to members and invited guests.
Membership is restricted to those Masons who will support and comply with the
requirement that they must be willing to research, prepare, and present scholarly
papers on subjects germane to Freemasonry; the requirement that they attend all
meetings; and other similar requirements.
While its monthly meetings are tyled meetings, LoNM has continued the tra-
dition of annual “Table Lodge” meetings, open to family members and invited
guests. The 2005 Table Lodge was held on Wednesday, November 9th. The speaker
was WB Robert Davis, Secretary of the Guthrie, Oklahoma Scottish Rite Valley.
Bro. Davis is a well-known and respected Masonic scholar, author and speaker.
The 2006 Table Lodge was held on Friday, November 3rd. The speaker, from
Washington, DC, was Baton Rouge’s own WB Ronald A. Seale, Sovereign Grand
Commander of the Supreme Council of the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish
Rite of Freemasonry.
Throughout its first year, LoNM was “U.D.” - “Under Dispensation”. In its
wisdom, the GL soon granted a charter and, further, agreed to allow the Lodge to
bring out of retirement the designation, “No. 9”. Thus was born The Lodge of the
Nine Muses, No. 9, F. & A. M.
A bittersweet sidebar is related to the delivery of the Lodge’s charter. At the
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A Masonic Metamorphosis
time, one of our beloved members, RWB James Pecoraro, was dying of cancer.
Though Bro. Jim had been an active participant in the “Discussion Group”, his
actual petition for membership in LoNM was, for understandable reasons, de-
layed. And, though it was entirely inadvertent, his name was not included in the
list of charter members, when the charter was first printed. Was it by the hand
of The Supreme Grand Architect of the Universe, that the printer was guided to
also misspell the word “Masonry” as “Masonary”, thus assuring that it would be
necessary that the charter be reprinted? Whatever the case, we were all deeply
joyful that his dear friend (and fellow LoNM Charter Member), Bro. Glenn Cupit,
was able to confidently assure Bro. Jim on his deathbed that his name would quite
definitely be included, after all, among those listed on the charter, itself, as charter
members of LoNM.
In a Craft that many Masons see as INCLUSIVE, welcoming all men who be-
lieve in the Brotherhood of Men under the Fatherhood of God, the EXCLUSIVE
appearance that arises from the formality and from the restrictions on membership
and attendance is viewed as objectionable, at best, and unMasonic at worst.
To members and supporters of LoNM, however, the constraints and restric-
tions applied to membership and to attendance represent, instead, the principles
of Freemasonry refined and advanced beyond their ordinary day-to-day interpre-
tation and application. LoNM focuses heavily on the notion of “Making Good
Men Better” - of having its members find and express the best in themselves and
in their brethren.
Ancient Greek philosophers held that while perfection is not achievable, it
should be a man’s purpose to be a slightly better man today than yesterday and
slightly better tomorrow than today. It is, perhaps, this principle, more than any
other, that guides and sustains LoNM.

Charter Members of Lodge of The Nine Muses #9

HAUGHTON #95 F. & A.M. serves as Junior Deacon. A. Leon Maxey,
PM, Marshal and a lecturer of the Lodge, like
Haughton FA&M Lodge 95 is one of
his brother, has served the Lodge for many
those rare lodges where active membership
decades. his son, James D. Maxey, became
spans generations in one family. In Haugh-
th fifth Maxey to join Haughton #95
ton Lodge, the Maxey family maintains an
integral niche in the stability and continuing
tradition and history of Haughton Lodge.
Family patriarchs and brothers Billy Joe
and A. Leon Maxey have been key stones of
this lodge. Billy J. Maxey, PM has been the
secretary of the Lodge for more than three
decades. His son, Kenneth W. Maxey, PM L to R: A. Leon Maxey, W: Kenneth W
is the current Master. While his son, Phillip Maxey-WM, James D. Maxey, Billy J. Maxie
Maxey, youngest Master Mason in the lodge, and Phillip W. Maxey

EAST GATE #452 F. & A.M. East Gate Lodge hosted a Special Com-
munication to honor the wives and widows
of the Lodge. W: Errol P. Villneurve-WM
welcomed everyone and W: Bro Larry H.
Moore-Chaplain spoke for the Lodge. He
thanked all the ladies for their support of
Masons and charity work. Each lady was
presented with a long stem red rose.
Front Row Sheryl Villneurve, Judy Leggett and
Roxie Posey Back Row: Brenda Gann, Minta
Caneias, Betty Prichard, Sheila Wilson, Pat
Peabody and Casi Rice

HAUGHTON #95 F. & A.M.

M:W: S Bruce Easterly, GM was
the special guest during Haughton’s
Past Masters Night. There were 11 Past
Masters of Haughton Lodge in atten-
dance along with 46 members, visitors
and guests.
The gathering dined on fried catfish
with every imaginable side dish avail-
able. M: W: Easterly thanked the Lodge
for their remarkable recent growth.
M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM and W: Ken-
neth W. Maxey, PM-WM

ATKINS #266 F. & A.M.
M:W: S Bruce Easterly, GM was the
special guest during Atkin’s Friend to Friend
Night. After an excellent meal, W: Cecil D.
Cryer welcomed everyone and turned the
program over to M:W: Easterly. After the
Grand Master’s informative talk on Ma-
sonry, he assisted W: Cryer in presenting
the Certificate of Achievement to W: Bro
James A Allen-PM Secretary. The Grand
Master also presented Certificates of Profi-
ciency cards to W: Bros Allen and William
R. Richards, PM. W: Bro James A Allen-PM Secretary and M:W:
S. Bruce Easterly-GM
W: Cecil D “Fuzz” Cryer-WM welcomes
M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM

W: Bro William R. Richards-PM Secretary

Emeritus and M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM

EAST GATE #452 F. & A.M.

A Special Communication was called to confer the Fellow Craft and Master
Mason Degrees on Bro John Champy, Jr. Bro Champy is a Major in the Army.
With dispensation from the Grand Lodge, past and present Grand Lodge officers
and brothers from seven different Lodges participated. Bro Champy’s father-in-
law, W: Bro Gary L Gribble-Grand Junior Deacon, presented him with a ring that
came from a Pearl Harbor survivor.

Front Row L:R -W: Bro Gary Gribble-GJD, Major John Champy, Jr., M:W:Bro Harold Ballard-
PGM, W: Bro Jack Claunce and W: Bro Jimmy Duncan-DGL 13th District. Back Row L:R W:
Bro Jimmy Galloway, W: Erroll Villneurve-WM and R:W: Guy Jenkins-DDGM 13th District
the Lodge where the cast from the Monroe
Special Evening Valley Scottish Rite bodies presented A Rose
Dee A. Strickland Lodge held an open Upon the Altar. There were 82 members,
meeting, inviting wives and friends. The din- visitors and guests in attendance. The cast
ing hall was decorated by Mrs. Robert (Mar- from the play is shown below.
gie) Joyner for the occasion. After a supper
of BBQ chicken, the evening continued in

CURTIS T. HINES #317 F. & A.M.

100th Year Celebration
Cenla Shrine Club was used for the including 33 members of Curtis T. Hines.
centennial celebration for Curtis T. Hines. A The Master Mason Degree was conferred
Dispensation was granted to move the char- on Bro John Taylor Bacon by the Okla Team.
ter for the purpose of a 9 am communication A bronze commerative Masonic token was
to include the conferring of a Master Mason presented to everyone in attendance. In the
Degree by an Oklahoma Indian Degree Team evening, the Oklahoma Masonic Indian
from Tulsa.. Degree Team returned to perform tribal
The Lodge was opened by the Pelican dances to the delight of members, visitors
Civil War Lodge and the Rapides Parish
Sheriff’s Degree Team presented the Colors.
Pictured: Front Row L: R. - Ken Wilburn,
The meeting was attended by 127 Masons,
James Harjo, Kenny Lewis, James Taylor Ba-
con (candidate) and Butch McIntosh
Back Row L:R- Lou Fish, Cap Ulrey, Joseph
Lynch, Roley McIntosh, bob Archiquette and
Tully Choate

CHARLES F. BUCK #260 F. & A.M.
Newest Member
The Officers and members of Charles
F. Buck are proud to count among its ranks
their newest Master Mason, 2nd Lieutenant
Brother Jason Chisolm. Bro Chisolmwas
raised in May and left the following week to
attend Officer Candidate School at the Acad-
emy of Military Science at Tyson McGhee
ANGB in Knoxville, Tn.
Brother Chisolm now serves as a main-
tenance officers on the F-15 Strike Eagle
for the Louisiana Air National Guard at the
159th Fighter Wing located on NAS JRB Pictured L:R - W: Bro Glynn R. Black, Senior
New Orleans. Bro Chisolm is a graduate Deacon, W: Bro Ray B. Miller, Chaplain, W:
of the University of Louisiana-Monroe Ronnie R. Laird, Sr., PM- Worshipful Master
and teaches Government, Economics and and Bro Jason Chisolm
Spanish at LaSalle High School in Olla,

W. H. BOOTH #380 F. & A.M. M:W: Easterly-GM, along with 2 Past

Grand Masters, Grand Marshal, Grand
New Master Masons Lecturer 1st District, DDGM 1st District and
Grand Senior Warden and his Lodge family
at W.H. Booth Lodge conferred the Master
Mason Degree on 5 candidates. Among these
five new Brothers is Trent Duncan, M:W:
Easterly’s son-in-law.
L:R - M.W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM, Chad Justin
Sepaldo, Tim Weaver, Dustin Ivan Thompson,
Eric Allen Vance, W: Jesse L. Camp-WM and
Trent Hershell Duncan

TEMPLE #448 F. & A.M.

Grandson raised by Grandfather
With the assistance from the Red River Road Runner Degree Team, W: Bro Benjamin
Voss raised his grandson and now Brother Jeffrey Lee Voss.

In accordance with the dispensation
Outdoor Degree granted by our Grand Master, Athens Lodge
136 conferred the Master Mason degree on
Sonny Mark Greeson, Jr. at an outdoor de-
gree at a beautiful site on the K. L. Volentine
farm near Athens, LA on September 29th. A
delicious fish dinner was enjoyed between
sections by those brothers attending. Our
lodge was pleased with the proficient as-
sistance of several of our brothers from the
Second Masonic district.
L. to R- Greg Greeson, Sonny M. Gresson, Sr.
Scott Greeson and Sonny Mark Greeson, Jr.

Pictured L:R - Jonathon Dison, Athens Lodge 136; Stephen Faulk PM, Athens Lodge; Robert
Charles PM.Shongaloo Lodge 352; John Standley PM, Shongaloo Lodge; Greg Greeson, Athens
Lodge; B. M. Ware PM, Millerton Lodge 245; Alfred White PM, Athens Lodge; Perry Anderson
PM, Athens Lodge; K. L. Volentine, Jr. WM, Athens Lodge, Chris Henley, Athens Lodge; Tony
Benefield PM, Millerton Lodge (DDGM 2nd district, 2007); James Sledge, Minden Lodge 51;
Darrin Bailey, WM Minden Lodge; C. D. Sandidge PM, Dorcheat Lodge 276; and Dan R. Moore
PM, Arcadia Lodge 126


New Master Masons
Worshipful Master John W. Walker
thanks R: W: Andrew Bing-DDGM 6th
Masonic District for conferring the Master
Mason’s Degree on three newly made Ma-
sons of H. D. Anderson Lodge #320 at Noble,
La. Seated left to right: Bros. Troy Parker, L. to R-Troy Parker, Charlie Melanson and
Charlie Melanson and Madison Cox. Madison Cox. Standing-W: John Wayne
Walker-WM and R:W: Andrew Bing-DDGM
6th Masonic District
H. D. ANDERSON #320 F. & A.M.
Another New Member
Brother Daniel Manuel receives his
Bible, apron and membership card from W:
John Wayne Walker, WM of H. D. Anderson
Lodge #320 after the Master Mason was
conferred on him by W: Bro Donald R. Bush,
DGL 8th Masonic District.


Special Recognition
Plain Dealing Masonic Lodge held a
Special Communication to honor two 50
Year members and to recognize one of their
members for his work in the Shrine.
M:W: S Bruce Easterly-GM, accom-
panied by R: W: Steven A Pence-DDGM
1st Masonic District, assisted Bro Eddie B.
Chandler in presenting a plaque to W: Bro
L. to R-M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM, Eddie B.
Jerry D Chandler current Potentate of El
Chandler-Secty and W: Bro Jerry D. Chandler-
Karubah Shrine Temple. Potentate El Karubah
W: Bro Jerry Chandler then presented
Bro Eddie B Chandler a plaque honoring
Eddie for his service as Lodge Secretary.
M: W: Easterly-GM presented Bro Eddie
with his 50 Year Membership Certificate
and lapel pin.
M:W: Easterly-GM presented Bro W.
Steven Van Den Weighe-Tyler with his 50
Year Certificate.

L:R- BroWilliam Steven Van Den Weighe and

M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM

ATKINS #266 F. & A.M.
Honesty & Integrity Award
W: Cecil Dwayne Cryer-WM presented
two outstanding students, Juniors at Parkway
High School, with the prestigious Honesty
& Integrity Award. He was assisted by W:
Bro James A. Allen-PM Secretary and Bro
Dr. Carey C. Allison-MD JW. The recipients
were Mary Lauren Wheelahan and Leo L:R - W: Bro James A Allen, Ms Mary Lauren
Mayo. Wheelahan, Bro Carey C. Allison-JW, Leo
Mayo and W: Cecil Dewayne Cryer-WM.

DERIDDER #271 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity Night
W: Patrick D. Richardson-WM presented
six students of Beauregard High School with
the prestigious Honesty & Integrity Award.
The evening’s speaker was Ms Rita Mann,
Superintendent of Education for Beauregard
Parish. The recipients were Julia Brown,
Leslie Leavoy, Chelsea O’Neal, John Paul
Pickering, Lance Cason and David Rudd.
There were sixty seven members visitors Front Row L:R - Julia Brown, Leslie Leavoy
and Chelsea O’Neal
and guest attending. Everyone enjoyed a
Back Row L:R - John Paul Pickering, Lance
wonderful fried chicken dinner. Cason and David Rudd

COVINGTON #188 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity Night
Covington Lodge #188 presented Hon-
esty and Integrity Awards on Oct. 9, 2007.

L:R - Savannah Lynn Jenkins, Amber Gagli-

ano, Timothy Andrew Wilson and Worshipful
Master Anthony L. Pohlmann.

LIBERTY #123 F. & A.M. Liberty Lodge #123, Keatchie, La., held
Honesty & Integrity Night its Honesty and Integrity Awards Program.
Recipients of the award were Mark Cowdin,
Cody Cowdin and Jena McCullin.. Each
received an Honesty and Integrity Certificate
and pin.
Keynote speaker was M: W: S. Bruce
Easterly, GM.
Pictured L:R.-Mark Cowdin, Cody Cowdin,
M:W: S. Bruce Easterly, GM and Jena Mc-

TEMPLE #448 F. & A.M.

50 Year Members Honored

Pictured L:R- M:W: S. Bruce Easterly, GM,

Honorable Lowrenz Walker-Mayor Bossier
City, W: Bro George A. McAnn, W: E. Allen
Kelly, WM and M: W: Bro Roy B. Delaney,
Pictured L:R.-W: E. Allen Kelly, WM and PGM
M:W: S. Bruce Easterly, GM
Temple Lodge #448, Bossier City held M:W: Bro Ballard L. Smith. The Lodge was
a Special Communication to honor Past also honored to have Lorenz “Lo” Walker-
Masters and present 25 & 50 Membership Mayor of Bossier City along with his wife
Certificates. The occasion had 63 members, in attendance.
visitors and guests attending. After an hour There were 16 Temple Lodge Past
of food and fellowship, everyone gathered Masters and one new 50-Year Certificate
in the Lodge. recipient that were honored. W: Bro George
The Grand Master and members of his A. McAnn received his Certificate, lapel pin
Official Family were received. Those at- and credentials from M:W: Easterly. Mayor
tending M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM were Walker presented his good friend McAnn
W: Thomas P. Brown-Grand Chaplain, W: with his own coin which was a Round-2-It,
H. Edward Durham-Grand Marshal, W: much needed at Bro McAnn’s age.M:W: S.
Gary L. Gribble-Grand Junior Deacon, Bruce Easterly, GM also presented W: E.
R:W: Steven A. Pence-DDGM 1st Masonic Allen Kelly-WM his Perpetual Membership
District, M:W: Bro Roy B. Delaney and Certificate.
Honesty & Integrity Night
Plain Dealing Masonic Lodge held the
annual Honesty & Integrity Award Night
and presented Ms. Emily McMillan, a Junior
at Plain Dealing Christian Academy, and
Chelsi Chandler, a junior at Bradley High
School-Bradley, Ark. with awards.
The Speaker for the evening was W: Bro
Dale Barnette-Mayor of Plain Dealing. W:
Bro Barnette spoke of the importance of
masonry to the community and how hon-
esty and intergrity contributes to a person’s L:R- Emily McMillan, W: Bro Dale T. Barnette
character. and Chelsi Chandler

PEACE & HARMONY #478 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity Night
Peace and Harmony Lodge #478, Sul-
phur, La., held its Honesty and Integrity
Awards Program. Recipients of the award
were Amy L’Hoste, Hannah Weeks, and
Brittany Soileau. Each received an Honesty
and Integrity Certificate and pin.
Keynote speaker was Michael F. Webb,
S.W. Presenting the award was W: Danny
Daniels, W.M.
L:R- Amy L’Hoste, Hanna Weeks and Brit-
tany Soileau

UNITY #267 F & AM Unity Lodge in Houma held their Past

Masters Night with M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-
Past Master Night GM and his official family attending.

Front Row: David Boquet, Basil Endsley, Allen Porche, M:W: Bruce Easterly-GM, W: Daniel
Guidry-WM, Daniel Breaux, Henry Brunet, Emmanuel Geiger, John Juneau. Back Row: Ed
Durham-Gr Marshall, Roy Pennington-DDGM 15th District, Elmo Pitre-DDGM 19th District,
Russell Danos, Gary Bergeron, Richard Porche, Randolph Coffman, Charles Chauvin
SLIDELL #311 F. & A.M.
Birthday Recognition
Bayou Chicot Lodge No. 430 recently
honored Mr. Berthol Pearce and his lady
Marion, at a special meeting on August 13,
2007, in recognition of his and his wife’s
90th birthdays. Their birthdays are only
six days apart. They have been married
almost 69 years. Mr. Pearce has been active
in Bunkie Lodge No. 322, for 56 years and
in 2005, became a plural member of Bayou Bro Berthol Pearce and Marion Pearce
Chicot 430.

CENTER #244 F & AM

Honors Night
Past Masters were honored and two
members were presented 50 Year Member-
ship Certificates at the annual Past Masters
and Honors Night was held by Center Lodge
#244, Bogalusa, La.
The guest speaker was W: David B. Way-
14th District Grand Lecturer who talked
Past Masters Front Row L:R-Ben Nichols,
about the duties of being a Past Master of
Robert McGehee, Jim Coleman, Henry E.
a Masonic Lodge. W: Bro E. Vaughn Gay, Vernon, Carl Harrell and Charles Rogers
of Ocean-Orleans Lodge #144 spoke of the Back Row L:R-Elton Thomas, CW Jarrell,
importance of the Friend to Friend event and Billy Hughes, Gary Thomas, Jay Piccinati and
the history of Masonry. David Steinwinder.
Twelve Past Masters of Center Lodge
were in attendance and were conducted
West of the Altar and seated. W: Earl Reese
then had Bros Jabus T. Pittman and Elton
H. Thomas escorted West of the Altar and
presented them with their 50-Year Member-
ship Certificate, lapel pin and credentials.
The Worshipful Master praised them for their
zeal and dedication to the Craft and thanked
them both for their many years of service.
Prior to the formal program, over 100
members, visitors and guests were served
Pictured L:R - W: Earl Reese-WM, Jabus T.
a meal of chicken pot pie with all the trim-
Pittman and Elton H. Thomas

CROWLEY #243 F. & A.M.
25-50 Year Awards
Crowley Lodge # 243 recently hosted
a dinner to recognize the members and
their wives who had completed twenty-five
through fifty years of service to the fraternity.
Two members were singled out for particular
recognition for over Fifty Years of Service;
Richard A. Arnaud, PM and Lloyd C. Gray,
both of Crowley.
Two members were recognized for
Twenty-Five Years of Service; Donald L.
L:R- R:W: James E Steen-DDGM 11th Ma-
Smith of Iota, and WM L. A. Sauer, PM,
sonic District, Mrs. Flo Jones and Bro Donald
of Lafayette. Also present were several Jones
members with service between twenty-five
and fifty years; as well as Bro. Donald H.
Jones who has served the Lodge for over
fifty-nine years.
Guest Speakers were Mrs. Joanna Pruitt
of the DAR, who presented their project to
recognize and compile a listing of all the
military veterans of Acadia Parish., and
DDGM James Steen, PM, who presented
the awards and spoke on Freemasonry in
Acadia Parish.
A presentation was also made on the
Dyslexia Learning Program sponsored by
Crowley Lodge and they are currently pro- L:R- R:W: James E Steen-DDGM 11th Ma-
viding for a third group-class of students with sonic District presents 25 Year Certificate to
training to overcome this disability. At this W: Lawrence A. Sauer, III-WM
time, Crowley Lodge is the only Lodge in the
area providing this service and has had great
success in helping our students. There is no
charge for this service. For further informa-
tion on this program contact L. A. Sauer,
WM at P. O. Box 391, Crowley.
Crowley Lodge #243 is one of the oldest
service organizations in the parish, founded
over 100 years ago, and is a part of the
Grand Lodge of Louisiana, Free and Ac- Front: John Miller, (33 Years); Henry Pruitt,
(45 Years); Burl Jobe, PM, (31 Years); Hershel
Robinson, PM, (46 Years); Donald Jones, (59
Years); Second Row: Jack Earles, PM, (45
Years); Cliff Jobe, PM, (46 Years); Collin Stark,
PM, (48 Years); Rear: DDGM Jimmy Steen,
PM; WM L. A. Sauer, PM, (25 Years)

MINDEN #51 F. & A.M. Prior to this event, Minden Lodge was
at point where insurance costs, maintenance
Dedicates New Lodge Hall costs, and energy costs were consuming
Minden Lodge #51 had their new lodge
hall dedicated and the cornerstone laid on most of the annual income from dues. Like
July 15, 2007. M:W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM many other lodges, our membership had
opened Grand Lodge at 1:45 pm, officiated been in a steady decline for several years
the dedication and cornerstone laying, and prior. We simply had too much building
closed the Lodge in due form and fashion at (the old facility was a 10,000 SF refurbished
approximately 3:00 pm. Most of the Grand bowling alley). We finally sold the old build-
Lodge Family was present to assist the Most ing after having it on the market for 2+ years
Worshipful in opening, closing, and perform- and began making plans for the new facility.
ing the dedication. Unfortunately, we didn’t have sufficient
Minden Lodge was truly honored to host funds to have all the construction contracted.
the Grand Lodge for this momentous occa- We are very thankful that the owner of the
sion. We had over 60 people in attendance. old lodge hall (Bro. Larry Woods) allowed
Lunch was served beforehand and refresh- us to continue to hold meetings in the old
ments served afterwards. The event would facility for quite a long time. We were also
not have been a success if it had not been fortunate that we had several Masons, East-
for the help of Eastern Star and many of the ern Star members, and friends who could
Masons who worked in advance to clean, dedicate the time, material, and effort to put
prepare, and set up (we didn’t even have air the new lodge hall where it is today.
conditioning the week prior). We have a lot of “sweat equity” that was
put into this new facility and we’re all very
proud of it. Our new lodge hall is located at
101 Ryans Way, Minden, LA (on the service
road off Interstate 20). We hope that you’ll
stop by if you happen to be passing by on a
first or third Tuesday around 7:00 pm (our
regular meeting night).

BROADMOOR #432 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity
During Broadmoor’s program, a brief
introduction into Masonry was given, then a
History of the Honesty and Integrity Award
was made. Those in attendance were im-
pressed with the academic achievements,
individual involvements and service each
has made to their community. Congratula- L:R- W: John F Ayer-WM, Alex Mijalis,
tions were given to each and a warm round Allen L Cox, Hanna VandergKuy, Britteny
of applause to the parents and grandparents Ellzey, Madeline Clair and W: Bro E Michael
in attendance.

ST. JAMES #47 F. & A.M.
Past Masters Night

L:R - C. Lenton Sartain - 1962, Lloyd G. Pence - 1977, Ben F. Melanson - 1981, Donald E. Park
- 1986, Calvin L. Elliott - 1990 & 1999, William H. Brown - 1991 & 1998, Dr. George H. Jones -
1992, Adib A. Shahla - 1993, Fred S. Ladner Jr. - 1997, William D. Zollinger - 1995, William E.
Mote - 1998, Dr. Stephen M. Selby - 2000, James E. Grady - 2001, Charles R. Corkern - 2002,
Dr. Lawrence D. Wade - 2003, Frank E. Dedman - 2004, Kenneth B. Streater - 2005, David T.
Dodge - 2006.
St. James #47 had dinner to honor Past
Masters of the Lodge. Entertainment was
provided by Brian Babin on tenor sax. The
program was provided by W: Bro Lenton
Sartain, President of the Board of Directors
Baton Rouge Scottish Rite Learning Center.
The Center treats 12-15 children per semes-
ter under the direction of Dr. Alisa Mendosa
who is assisted by post graduate students
seeking their Masters in Speech Therapy.
W: Mark J. Paxton-WM presented a check
on behalf of the Lodge for this excellent

L:R- W: Mark J. Paxton-WM and W: Bro C.

Lenton Sartain

H.D. ANDERSON #320 F. & A.M.

New Fixture
H. D. Anderson Lodge #320 of Noble
was in ‘G’ for their lodge. R:W: Steve
Pence, DDGM 1st District, used a Ma-
sonic newsletter to ask for assistance.
Bro. Nick Mazzarella of Selden, New York,
a member of River Head Lodge #645 made a
beautiful stained glass ‘G’ and sent it to the
brothers at Noble, without charge.
W: John W. Walker-WM along with members
of the Lodge under the donated “G”
VIVIAN #314 F. & A.M.
100th Anniversary
Organized June 9, 1906 and Chartered
on February 5, 1907, Vivian Lodge recently
celebrated its 100th anniversary with over
100 members, guests and vistors attending
the open house celebration.
W: James A Jordan-WM and Lodge his-
torian spoke on the birth of the Lodge and
through pictures and scrapbook told of the
early days and the men who laid the founda-
tion of Vivian.

M: W: S. Bruce Easterly-GM and W:

James A Jordan-WM
M: W: S Bruce Easterly-GM, accom-
panied by R: W: Steven A Pence-DDGM
1st Masonic District, W: Bro H Edward
Durham-Grand Marshal, W: Bro Gary L
Gribble-GJD, W: Bro Robert E Bazzell-
Grand District Lecturer 1st Masonic District,
M: W: Bros Roy B Delaney, PGM and Bal-
lard L Smith, PGM, presented the Lodge
with a plaque commemorating the 100th
anniversary. This plaque, presented by the
Grand Lodge of The State of Louisiana, will
W: James A Jordan-WM with Mrs Randy hang in a prominent place in the entrance
Slagle representing Dr. Stephen Taylor-
Mayor of Vivian
Mrs. Randy Slagle, attending on behalf
of Vivian Mayor Stephen Taylor, proclaimed
August 11, 2007 Vivian Lodge #314 F & AM
Day in recognition of the proud tradition of
Freemasons and the countless benefits they
provide to the town and surrounding area.
Mr. James H Morris, District 1 State Legis-
lator, presented the Lodge with a certificate
and proclamation from the Louisiana House
of Representatives acknowledging Vivian
Lodge 100th Anniversary.
Members of Vester Chapter #107 OES,
with assistance from several area Chapters
prepared the dining hall for the reception. W: James A Jordan-WM and James H
The refreshments, including finger food, Morris-District 1 State Representative
homemade desserts and Vivian Red Bud
punch was appreciated and enjoyed by ev-
eryone attending.
EAST GATE #452F. & A.M. DeMolay.
Master of Ceremonies H. B. “Cook-
Honesty & Integrity ie” Billingsley gave a presentation on
Hosting an Honesty & Integrity
the Honesty & Integrity Award. W:
Award, East Gate recognized two
Erroll Villneurve-WM presented the
metro-area students for their many ac-
students with their Certificates, Key and
Megan Giraldo is the daughter of Joe
and Patty Giraldo of Denham Springs
and is a senior at Denham Springs High.
Megan is a cheerleader and active in
the Distributive Education Club. She is
very active in the youth ministry at Don
Avenue Baptist. Front Row L:R - Terry Wilson, Sheila Wilson,
Aaron Russell is the son of Terry
Aaron Russell, Megan Giraldo, Patty Giraldo,
Joe Giraldo and W: Erroll Villneurve-WM
and Sheila Wilson and also attends Back Row L:R W: Jimmie D Duncan-DGL
Denham Springs High. Aaron serves as 13th District and R:W: Guy A Jenkins-DDGM
State Senior Councilor for the Order of 13th District

AJAX LODGE #325 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity dents with their H&I Certificates, keys
Ajax presented H&I Awards to Re- and a $500 U.S. Savings bonds.
becca Berry, Zachary Berry and David
Free. Rebecca attends Byrd High in
Shreveport, Zachary attends Natchi-
toches Central High in Natchitoches
and David attends Converse High in
W: Bro Joyce Berry presented a pro-
gram about the history of Masonry and L:R - W: Kevin G. Berry-WM, Zachary Berry,
the meaning of the Honesty & Integrity Rebecca Berry, David Free, W: Bro Keith L.
Awards. W: Bros Keith Birdwell and Birdwell and W: Bro Joyce A. Berry
Joyce Berry presented the each of thestu-

ASHLAND #196 F. & A.M.

Family Night was celebrated with W:
Certificate Night Bro Fred M Sullivan-DGL 6th District
presenting Bro Gerald R Robinette-SD
with his 50 Year Certificate. He also
took the opportunity to present W: Bro
H E “Jim” Cox with his 2006 Achieve-
ment Award.
Pictured L:R - W: Bro Jim Cox, Gerald Robi-
nette and W: Bro Fred Sullivan-DGL

RUSTON #106 F. & A.M.
Honesty & Integrity
Ruston Lodge presented Honesty and Integrity Awards in November. M: W: Easterly-GM
presented the awards and was the featured speaker
L:R- Casey Backhaus, Ruthenia
Woodward, T L Oakley, Anna
Ward, Matthew Cathey, Mallory
Cox, Zack Cooksey, Kristen Far-
quharson. M:W: Easterly standing
behind the students.

CEDAR GROVE #403 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity
Two high school juniors were hon-
ored. Keaton H Dunn from Captain
Shreve and Chasity D Tedder from
Southwood were the recipients. Both
of these students have long lines of
Masonry in their families. L:R - Chasity Teddler, W: Albert Hinson-WM,
R:W: Steve Pence, DDGM and Keaton Dunn.

JOPPA #362 F & AM

The 2007 Homecoming, with 97
members, visitors and guests in atten-
dance, featured M: W: S Bruce Easterly-
GM as the evening speaker. The Grand
Master was accompanied by the entire
Grand Lodge elected line in addition 50 Year L:R - M:W: S Bruce Easterly-GM,
to 6 Grand Lodge officers and 5 Past Charles E Baird, Powell O Bullock and W: Earl
Grand Masters. R Hancock-PM WM
W: M: Hancock recognized the 23
Past Master of other Lodges in atten-
dance and then called on the Past Mas-
ters of Joppa Lodge to assemble west
of the altar and introduce themselves.
There were 14 Past Master of Joppa, out
of the 23 living, representing 15 years
of leadership.
M: W: Easterly-GM presented 25
and 50 Year Certificates to W: Bros J N 25 Year L:R - M:W: S Bruce Easterly-GM, W:
Bro J N Cobb, W: Bro K O Lunsford, Jr. and
Cobb, K O Lunsford, Charles E Baird W: Earl R Hancock-PM WM
and Powell O Bullock.
ASHLAND #196 F. & A.M.
New Lodge Dedicated
Ashland dedicated and laid the cornerstone of their new Lodge building in
September. M:W: S Bruce Easterly-GM and members of his Official Family con-
ducted the ceremonies. The building had been under construction for some time
and everyone involved were proud to see its completion. There were 150 people in
attendance representing members and family. At the end of the dedication, M:W:
Easterly-GM presented a 50 Year Certificate, posthumously, to the family of Bro
Fexlix Ray Rigdon.

Front Row L:R- Bro J W Speir-JW, W: Bro Thomas H Enloe-Treasurer, W: Bro Fred
M Sullivan-DGL 6th District, W: Bro Chris W Robinette-JD, Gerald R Robinette-SD,
W: Adrian Thomas Scott-WM, M:W: S Bruce Easterly-GM, R:W: Jules F Webb-GSW,
W: Bro H Edward Durham-G Marshal Back Row L:R - W: Bro Brooks W Powell-
Secretary, Thomas W Austin-SW, R:W: Bro Ronald D Brazzell-DDGM 5th District,
Robert E Bazzell-DGL 1st District, R:W: Lloyd E Hennigan-DGM, M:W: Bro Roy B
Delaney-PGM, M:W: Bro Roy B Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary, R:W: Steven A Pence,
DDGM 1st District, M:W: Bro Ballard L Smith-PGM
CEDAR GROVE #403 F. & A.M.
25 & 50 Year Certificates
Honored for 25 Year Membership
were Bros Melvine Bordelon and A L
“Tony” Lewis. Recognized for 50 Years
were W: Bro John D Belcher, James W
Lee and W: Bro H Wyley. 70 members L:R- Tony Lewis, Wyley Rose, W: Albert
and guests were in attendance. Hinson-WM and W: Bro John Belcher

TALLULAH #308 F. & A.M.

Past Masters Night
During the November 19th meeting
to elect 2008 Officers, the Lodge took
this opporunity to honor the Past Mas-
ters. Lee and W: Bro H Wyley.
W: Bro Travis M. Holley, Grand Ty-
ler was the featured speaker and assisted L:R Charles Isaac, Donald Butler, Clint
in the presentations. Johnson, David Lowrey, A O Maxwell,
Jerry Wicker, and Alan Machen
100 Year Celebration
M:W: S Bruce Easterly, GM pre-
sented the Lodge with a plaque com-
memorating the Lodge’s 100th Year.
The history of the Lodge pre-dates the
current charter of 1907.
L:R- W: Bro Irby Stuart Gamble, M:W: S.
Bruce Easterly-GM, W: Frank D. Davis-
WM and Bro Marvin Higginbotham-60
Year member

FLORIEN #263F. & A.M.

Past Master Night
On November 15, 2007, Florien
Lodge #263 held a called meeting for
the purpose of honoring “Past Masters”,
to present a 50 year award to Bro.
Bobby Williams, P.M. and a 60 year
plaque to Bro. Tom Philips, P.M. presentations were then made by M:W:
Following a wonderful meal, M:W: Bro. Tuck, P.G.M., G. Secretary, R:W:
Bro. Roy B. Tuck, Jr., P.G.M., G. Sec- Bro. J.F. “Jeff” Webb, G.S.W. and W:
retary, was the keynote speaker. After Bro. Brad Williams, P.M., W:M:.
a very informative and entertaining All present enjoyed the food, fellow-
talk, Bro. Williams and Bro. Philips ship, talk and presentations.
were presented west of the alter. The

MANY#411 F. & AM
Special Communication
On December 22, 2007, a Special
was called for the purpose of conferring
3 degrees in one day. The candidate
was Hunter T. Byles, a Cadet at West
Point and a defensive tackle on the Pictured front row: Brad Williams, P.M.,
Army football team. Hunter, whose Clauriste Byles, Sr., Clauriste Byles, Jr.,
great-grandfather, grandfather and dad P.M., Secty., Hunter T. Byles, J.F. “Jeff”
are all Masons, had asked for a petition Webb, G.S.W., Frank Dew, P.M., Charlie
when he was 17 years old and was in- Bordelon, P.M. Back row: Ed Burnitt,
formed that he had to be 18 to petition P.M., Michael Pierce, P.M., Lonnie Smith,
the Lodge and did so, but was away at W.M., Dale Cahanin, P.M.
school and football camp that year and Hunter’s grandfather, Clauriste Byles,
could not receive the degrees. Know- Sr. and his father, Clauriste Byles, Jr.
ing he would be home for Christmas stepped-in and raised Hunter. Clauriste
he asked to take the degrees and the Byles, Jr. is a Past Master and current
Lodge made the proper arrangements. Secretary of Many Lodge #411.
Istrouma Eastern Star #162
Mason Appreciation Night
The Istrouma Eastern Star Chapter #162
hosted a dinner to recognize the Past Mas-
ters, members and their families at East Gate
Masonic Lodge #452.
Larry Moore represented the Lodge in
welcoming and thanking Worthy Matron
Della Smith and the Chapter for the dinner.
The Lodge pledged its continued support for L:R- Anne Taylor, Edna Valentine, Norma
the Chapter in combining the efforts for the Cagle, Jessie Wheat, Lois LaValley, Milissa
disadvantaged children of Berean School. Hanks and Julia Arnold. Back Row Sheila
H. B. “Cookie” Billingsley announced Thornhill and Della Smith-Worthy Matron
his retirement as photographer and Public
Information Officer to be effective January
1, 2008. Bro Billingsley introduced Broth-
ers Terry Wilson and Scott Dickess as his

Covington #188 F. & AM

Charity in the Community
Recently Covington Lodge #188 donated
$1,000 to Hospice Care of Louisiana. Every
year the Lodge selects many worthy
causes to support and direct their fund
raising efforts. As our Masonic family
members seek the servicesof hospice
for our aging membership, the Lodge
readily agreed this non-profit should be
L:R - Kim Gonsoulin, Worshipful Master An-
supported. thony L. Pohlmann & Kathleen Pear, L.P.N.

Marrero #479 F. & AM

Benevolent Association
The Benevolent Association recently held
its annual pig roast and was fortunate to have
three Past Grand Masters and M:W: S. Bruce
Easterly, GM in attendance.
L:R - Earl St. Pierre, President Benevolent As-
soc, M:W: Bro Patrick C. Kelly, PGM, M:W:
Bro Charles H. Penn, III-PGM, M:W: Bro
James M. Walley, PGM, M:W: S. Bruce East-
erly, GM and W: Kenneth Coulon-WM
The Grand Masters Relay Runners were at Germania Lodge #46 on June 9 and it was a
complete success with members of Germania, Hiram, Etoile Polaire, Perfect Union and Dante
represented. The runners and guests were treated to outstanding refreshments compliments
of Bro. Eldred Gilmore H.P.M. and his wife Althea. This year was dedicated to Bro. Stan
Elpers who tirelessly worked year after year to put the run together. He passed away before
he could do the 2007 run. Bro. Eddie Wellman, pictured receiving money and checks from
the W.M. of Etoile Polaire, Tony Radosti and the S.W. of Germania, Wilson Revelle, is now
in charge and has done an excellent job.

Cedar Grove #403 F. & AM

Memorial Golf Tournament
To honor Bro Thomas S Turk III, who
passed away, Cedar Grove held their 1st
tournament. Tom was raised a Master
Mason in Italy. He moved from Fla. to L:R - Bruce Tedder, Meg Welch, B J Tedder
Shreveport and joined both Rites and and Tim Tedder winning foursome.
El Karubah Shrine. He affiliated with rial. The proceeds raised will be divided
Southern Hills #464 and H D Anderson equally between the four charities Tom’s
#320 taking Perpetual Membership in membership represented. Four petitions
all 3 lodges. Bro Turk loved playing were received by Cedar Grove from
golf so W: Bros Andrew Stephenson this event. The 2nd annual tournament
and Jerry Dubois chaired this memo- schedule next fall is certain to be more
Directors of New Orleans Craft Temple Foundation, Inc. (NOCTF), a non-profit,
charitable foundation formed by Masons and affiliated members in greater New Orleans,
combined with Officers and members of Level Lodge No. 373, Theodore Roosevelt Lodge
No. 415 and Orleans Chapter No. 167, Order of the Eastern Star, to adopt the Alpha House,
a Catholic Charity Care Center in Covington, LA.
L:R- W: Gary B Greene-Level #373, Connie S.
Hahn-Orleans #167 OES, Willis W. J. Couch-
Theodore Roosevelt #415, Rosalind Lew-Alpha
House, W: Robert Burke-Theodore Roosevelt
#415, Annie E. Hahn-Orleans #167 OES and Dr.
Eric C. Hahn-Level #373 & Grand Organist


Masonry & Community
Members of Cedar Grove Lodge deliv-
ered a truckload of toys to Mansfield, La.
The gifts were provided to Bro Don Ray
English-Chief of Police Mansfield for his
department’s toy distribution program to
needy families in DeSoto Parish.

L:R- Bro Don English, Mansfield Chief of

Police and W: J. Albert Hinson-WM

1st MASONIC DISTRICT the following page show Masonry involved

W: Earl R. Hancock-WM Joppa Lodge in the community.
#362 has been involved in running sports
for decades. W: Hancock approached the
District with an idea to sponsor an event. It
would allow participation by all appendent
bodies and the funds raised would go the the
Masonic Learning Center. The Running To
Learn 1k Fun Run and 5k Run featured El
Karubah Shrine clowns and Arab Units, the
Knights of St. Andrew from the Shreveport
Scottish Rite, the DeMolay Chapter as well
Grand Lodge and local Lodge officers.
The District also participated in the Fire-
cracker 5K Run in Shreveport that is in its
20th year. The pictures seen at right and on
Annual Blood Drive
East Gate Masonic Lodge, with the help
of Wal Mart Central, held a metro area blood
drive. East Gate Masons extended their
sincere appreciation to all of the donors and
Central Wal Mart in helping give the Gift
of Life to benefit Our Lady of The Lake
W: Bro Larry H. Moore-Chaplain East Gate
Lodge donating.

L:R- R: W: Guy A. Jenkins DDGM 13th Ma-

sonic District with Allen Bonura-Our Lady of
The Lake technician.

Restaurant at the End of the Masonic Universe
from page 5:
Masonic identity and offers sound solutions for the same.
One of the most powerful statements in the 17 page document follows:
“The Square and Compasses, the best known symbol of a Mason, cannot
replace the identity of living the life of a Mason, which is itself perpetually in a
state of improving ourselves in body, mind, and spirit. Masonic imagery is a valu-
able resource when it inspires us to take new action consistent with our personal
growth and enlightened thought. We must discover our own Masonic calling, our
own place in the history of Masonry, by making authentic Masonic performance
our top priority.”
However, we have allowed, as the MIC points out in the publication, Masonry to
be shaped by the 20th century’s emphasis on the Masonic ritual being the comple-
tion of the Mason’s education about his fraternity.
Like the analogy of the restaurant chain, little changes in how lodges deliver Ma-
sonic lessons because the same dozen patrons sit in her seats and run the show.
Those men, like the restaurant patrons in our analogy, come back month after
month and year after year because they enjoy the bland food - a meal that is largely
comprised of recitation of minutes, tedious debates over how funds are dispersed
and arguments over when and how to salute the Worshipful Master.
And when a young man, initiated, passed and raised leaves because he finds the
meal unappetizing, he is viewed as a disgruntled customer, which the restaurant
is better off without.
The recipe of Freemasonry is as sound today as it was three hundred years ago
- it is the present kitchen of stubborn cooks who need to be tossed out.

This article was reprinted by permission from Stephen Dafoe. The editorial appeared in
Masonic Magazine and can be accessed at website.
Stephen Dafoe is a Past Master of Moira Lodge No. 11, Belleville, Ontario, a member
of Hinton Lodge No. 178 and Fiat Lux Lodge of Research No. 1980 in Alberta, and an
honorary member of Lodge Vitruvian No. 767 in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is a member of
the Scottish and York Rites and is presently the Grand Pursuivant of the Grand Chapter of
Alberta. Wor. Dafoe is the founder of several Masonic web sites including thelodgeroom.
com,, and as well as the author of several books
on Freemasonry and the Knights Templar. Contact

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