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The Louisiana



M: W: Ray Wesley Burgess

Grand Master 1995
Chairman-Editor of the Committee to Supervise the
Publication of the Louisiana Freemaon 1996-2006
The Louisiana

The LOUISIANA FREEMASON is the Official Pub-
lication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Louisiana,
F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria, Louisi-
ana 71301. Published quarterly (January, April, July,
and October) for members of Lodges in Louisiana.
U.S. rate only. Mailed ‘Non-Profit Organization’
third class, prepaid at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso-
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when
space permits. Articles and pictures become the prop-
erty of the magazine. Authrs are requested to sign COVER STORY
articles and include their name, address, phone num-
ber and, if a member, the name of their Masonic M: W: Ray Wesley Burgess
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not necessarily Grand Master 1985
reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. Page 4
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge Secre-
tary who will notify the Grand Secretary on the proper
form. DO NOT send changes of address to the Loui-
siana Freemason. Send all email, mail and /or mate-
rial for consideration for publication in the Louisiana INSIDE THIS ISSUE
Freemason to:
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor Grand Master’s Message Page 3
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Benton, LA 71006
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W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362)

Brief Note
105 Bay Hills Dr. Communication is the goal of this
Benton, LA 71006 publication. In order to expand present
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
99 Bayou Robert Road
means of communication, The Louisi-
Alexandria, LA 71302 ana Freemason will soon arrive addition-
W: Malcolm A. Ballard, P.M. (442) ally as an insert to the Scottish Rite Jour-
4921 Kennedy Drive
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nal. We have been provided space for
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, G.M. (P.U.I.) eight, 8 1/2 x 11 inch pages with ability
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iar with the Journal, it is a bimonthly pub-
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Slidell, LA 70458-0908 cil to all Scottish Rite Masons. With the
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P.O. Box 369
insert, even non-Scottish Rite members
Winnsboro, LA 71295 will receive the Journal when the Louisi-
W: David A. Roach, P.M. (221) ana Freemason is inserted. This will
6511 Misty Ln.
Pineville, LA 71360
NOT replace the current version you
now receive. The content of the inserted
version is still under discussion.
In 1718 Governor Bienville made a decision to found a
city near the mouth of the Mississippi River. He named it
after the Regent of France, the Duke of Orleans. His engi-
neers advised him against the decision warning that the des-
ignated area was not suited for settlement. They suggested
that he build the city further up-river just south of present
day Baton Rouge. It took 287 years for the engineers to
prove their point. Hurricane Katrina, the largest natural
disaster to ever hit our country, devastated the city. Out of
this tragedy came story after story of our fraternity and
brothers helping one another as well as the community at
The ancient historical city is recovering and putting on
a new face ready to embrace the return of the Grand Lodge.
The spirits of Bro William C C Claiborne, first Governor
of the State of Louisiana, Bro and General Andrew Jack-
son along with Bro and Captain Dominique await their
brothers’ return. Their lives left a dynamic history for us M: W: CLAYTON J. BORNE, III
to replicate.
As you can see from the itinerary of your Grand Lodge Grand Master
officers, we are on the road. This month in addition to our State of Louisiana
in state visits, we will be traveling to the Grand Lodge of
Georgia, Alabama and Texas. We then will be leaving for our official visit to the Grand Lodge of France.
Each stop leaves me more optimistic about the future of our beloved fraternity. The warm reception and the
fellowship are overwhelming. If only we would be more aggressive with respect to the good men in our
community, have them experience the camaraderie and the purpose for which we exist, the knocks at the
Inner Door would be thunderous.
Several weekends past, Nancy and I and your Grand Lodge Officers were invited to Lafourche Parish
in the 12th Masonic District for bayou Fellowship’s 1st Annual Fishing Rodeo to benefit our Dyslexia
Foundation. The brothers raised close to $20,000.00. They created a Purpose, a cause and the responses
were overwhelming, both from a fellowship and financial objective. To any of our brothers that are not
Cajun French, one weekend in the 12th Masonic District will make you wish you were. Fraternal ties there
are in harmony and can never be broken.
More lodges are embracing our educational initiative of learning more of our Masonic Heritage in
Louisiana. We could have five lodges to insure knowledge of our traditions using, in addition to their York
Rite Ritual, the Scottish Rite by year’s end. This is an impressive initiative to prepare for our 200th Year
Our Deputy Grand Master, R: W: Bruce Easterly, reports that our New Grand Lodge Hall is on track
and substantial completion performed at year’s end and therefore we have ordered the Cornerstone to be
placed in the Northeast corner of the building. As final completion will not be until end of the first quarter
of this year, I have ordered that the stone be set but not dedicated until after Grand Lodge so that both
administrations will take part in the actual dedication.
Again, as mentioned herein above, more lodges understand the concept of Purpose in the planning of
Lodge activities and the results are dramatic. If your lodge and the incoming Master has not planned a
special function or aligned their program to a purpose for the year, now is the time. Your lodge will reap
unbelievable, dynamic results and benefits.
Again for your continued support, I thank each of you. With peace and harmony being our chief
strength and support, I remain
Sincerely and fraternally,

Clayton J. Borne, III

Grand Master, 2006-07
The Grand Lodge Session for 2007 will be held Monday and Tuesday January 29th
and 30th at the Astor Crowne Plaza 739 Canal Street New Orleans.
M: W: Ray W. Burgess
Grand Master 1985
Robert L. Kleinpeter, PGM

ay Wesley Burgess was the son of Warren W. and Ethel Courtney Burgess, born

R on July 17, 1921, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He attended grad school in Walker,
Louisiana and graduated from Walker High School as Valedictorian of his Se-
nior Class. Thereafter, he entered Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge and
graduated with a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering and returned to LSU for under-
graduate and graduate courses in Civil Engineering. He was a Registered Professional
Engineer in the field of Mechanical and Civil Engineering.
After graduating from college, he was employed by Stone & Webster Engineering Cor-
poration with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, in various engineering capacities on
large industrial construction projects in the State of Louisiana.
In 1955, Ray was employed as Director of Public Works for the City-Parish of East
Baton Rouge. In 1960, he was named Director of the Louisiana Department of Highways,
which was and is the top State position for this department.
In 1964, he returned to the post of Director of the Department of Public Works for East
Baton Rouge and remained in that position until his retirement on January 1, 1981. After
approximately two years of retirement, he was prevailed upon to return to the City of
Baton Rouge as Program Manager of a large street/road rehabilitation program. His con-
tact was originally for seven months but was extended for numerous terms in order to
complete the program.
Ray W. Burgess is past President of the American Public Works Association and was
selected as one of the “Top Ten Public Works Men of the Year’ in 1969. He is also past
President of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association and of the Loui-
siana Good Roads and Transportation Builders Association. In recognition of his talent,
contribution and hard work, Ray was elected to the “Louisiana Highways and Transporta-
tion Hall of Honor”.
Ray was a life member of the Louisiana Engineering Society and the American Society
of Mechanical Engineers, a life member and fellow of the American Society of Civil
Engineers and member of the National Society of Professional Engineers. In addition to
these positions, Ray Burgess served as President and Chairman of many other Board and
M: W: Bro Burgess was raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in Denham
Springs Lodge No. 297 in 1948 and served as Worshipful Master in 1956. He has been
active in numerous bodies in Freemasonry and had membership in Hammond Chapter No.
48 RAM, Istrouma Council No. 33- R. & S.M., Plains Commandery No. 11 K.T., Baton
Rouge Valley of Scottish Rite 33° IGH, Acacia Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., Louisiana Chapter
No. 33, National Soujourners, Al Azar Grotto M.O.V.P.E.R, and the Louisiana York Rite
College No. 99.
In 1985 Ray W. Burgess was elected and served as Grand Master of Masons, The
Grand Lodge of Louisiana F. & A.M. and he performed his duties although he was stricken
with throat cancer requiring six operations, culminating with a complete laryngectomy.
In addition to the membership previously mentioned, he was an Honorary Member of
the De Molay Legion of Honor, a charter life member of the De Molay Alumni Association
and in 1989 received the York Rite College “Order of the Purple Cross”. Additional mem-
berships on the part of M: W: Bro Burgess includes being a charter member of the Baton
Rouge High-12 Club, founded in 1956. He served as Club President, Baton Rouge Louisi-
ana and as President of the Louisiana High-12 Association.
Additionally, M: W: Burgess was a member of the St. Paul Conclave-Red Cross of
Constantine, New Orleans, Louisiana. He was also a proud member of the First Baptist
Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
When time permitted, Ray enjoyed outdoor activities, including fishing and hunting.
Bro Burgess was also an avid reader, mostly of history, as well as writer, as reflected by
his membership and activities in The Civil War Round Table and especially, in his activi-
ties which placed him in the position of Chairman and Editor of the Committee to Super-
vise the Publication of The Louisiana Freemason magazine from the calendar year 1996
until his death.
Most Worshipful Burgess served on other committees in the Grand Lodge of Louisi-
ana, including the Goals and Objectives Committee dealing with the state of the Temple
in New Orleans, Louisiana and especially was his participation on the Special Committee
on Burial Places of Past Grand Masters. He and his devoted wife Melva Lydia Burgess
traveled to distant locations in order to research and locate the actual resting places for our
Past Grand Masters. Ray and Melva also researched and complied a biography for each
Past Grand Master that was then published in the Louisiana Freemason. For the report of
Committee on Burial Places of Past Grand Masters, Chairman Burgess was proud to ad-
vise that the burial place of every Past Grand Master had been found.
Ray and Melva were married for sixty-five years as of the date of his death on October
11, 2006. From this union came three children and eventually six grandchildren and five
great-grandchildren. Ray W. Burgess was above all else a Family Man. He was a man who
loved his parents, his siblings, his lovely wife, his children, grandchildren and great-
In spite of some of his illnesses, Ray never gave up. He always had a smile on his face
regardless of how he felt personally and most of all Ray never entertained the thoughts of
being beaten or the thought that he couldn’t do something. His grit is demonstrated by the
following poem, author unknown:

If you think you are beaten, you are.

If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you like to win but think you can’t
It is almost certain that you won’t.

Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger woman or man,
But sooner or later, those who win
Are those who think they can.

In response to an inquiry from a reporter, one of Ray Burgess’s sons described his
father as Larger than life.
If there is such a thing as an icon in Freemasonry, M W: Ray Wesley Burgess was
Number One.

The Good Man
By David A. Roach, P.M.
reemasonry prescribes to the the Psalm, none who refuse to recog-

F tenet of “making good men

better”. One of the latest
catch phrases used in our
nize God are good, “no not one”. No
good thing they do does them any good.
They go to hell.
Fraternity is “The True Secret of Free- But there are good, God fearing men
masonry, Making Good Men Better”. out there. Psalm 112:5 says “A good
It shouldn’t surprise us in the least that man sheweth favour, and lendeth; he
our detractors found a way to discredit will guide his affairs with discretion”.
and even vilify this tenet. Some even And then there is Matthew 25:21 “His
say that it’s not in line with the Holy LORD said unto him ‘Well done, thou
Bible. Oh, contraire! good and faithful servant; thou hast
To make their case, they quote Mat- been faithful over a few things. I will
thew 19:17 “Why callest thou me good? make thee ruler over many things; en-
There is none good but one, that is, ter thou into the joy of thy LORD”.
God”. Jesus said this to a young rich Luke 23:50 says “And behold, there was
man who claimed to obey the Ten Com- a man named Joseph, a counsellor; and
mandments. The man called Jesus a he was a good man, and a just...”. It
good Teacher. Christ said, “Since you just all depends on whom or what you
believe that I’m only a teacher, how can make the Lord of your life-God or pos-
you call me good?” sessions, another person, sports, money,
Christ actually quoted Psalm 14:1- computers, the internet, etc.
4 “The fool hath said in his heart, There It all boils down to this, Freema-
is no God. They are corrupt, they have sonry prefers good men who have faith
done abdominal works, there is none in God so that they can be given good
that doeth good. The LORD looked things to do, using those things to teach
down from heaven upon the children of them to love everyone that God loves,
men, to see if there were any that did thereby making them better and some-
understand and seek God. They are all times even ‘perfect’ men. We want to
gone aside, they are all together be- go past the good stage to approach the
come filthy; there is none that doeth perfection God wants in us. I’ll leave
good, no, not one. Have all the works you with the words of the most famous
of inequity no knowledge, Who eat up Son in the world. “Either make the tree
my people as they eat bread, and not good, and his fruits good; or else make
call upon the LORD.” Since the young the tree corrupt and his fruit corrupt;
man’s money was more important to for the tree is known by his fruit..A good
him than God, his money became an man out of the good treasure of the
idol-an abomination-to him. All the heart bringeth forth good things; an evil
good things he did were in vain. All man out of the evil treasure brings forth
the commandments he followed his en- evil”. We prefer good men who out of
tire life were for naught. He was lost the good treasures of their hearts bring
because he gave his heart to an idol and forth good things; not the kind of men
not his Creator. Just like the people in that speak evil of good men.
Is Our Age Showing?
By: Robert E. Bazzell, PM-DGL

hen I began my Masonic career, that masonry should.

W I looked upon those men who

were masons as great men. Men
who cared about what the order
We live in a fast pace society today and
everything is made easy to get. Fast food
restaurants where you get food in a few
stood for and would go at great lengths to minutes and go your way. Cell phones en-
make it better. They were men of character able us to keep contact with our families
who would sacrifice their time and efforts and friend’s every moment of the day. Gas
to impress on the newly initiate that they our own cars so that we don’t have to wait.
really cared for masonry. In reading min- Life goes at a fast pace and we do not even
utes of past history men would stay late at take the time to live it. This is the way we
night until all work was done in the lodge are in masonry today, go, go. “Let’s get this
and never complain about the time. They over with so that I can go.” This is our theme
enjoyed doing what was necessary to com- song at every meeting.
plete the effort of impressing to the new can- We use the “Fast Tracking Method” (I
didate what Masonry was all about. SAC- don’t like that phrase, perhaps it should be
RIFICE called “Abbreviated Degree Work”) in get-
In today’s masonry, we have men who ting candidates through whose desire is to
are always looking at time. How long the become a member but for their profession
degrees take, and that they have to be home or other reasons can not learn the esoteric
by certain hour. Some complain about a work of the order before taking the next step
meeting going past an hour. “IS OUR AGE or degree. That is not a problem. However,
SHOWING” or have we become non-sacri- We do need to give them educational tools
ficial, or complacent with the way we are? that will enlighten them about masonry.
We complain about the low numbers we Nurturing them to become leaders by teach-
have in every constituent body of masonry. ing and qualifying them for these positions.
Yet, are we not willing to do what it takes DEDICATION AND DEVOTION: We
to impress the candidates with the desire to as more mature masons need to renew our
learn more or to give more of ourselves? Are vow to be more dedicated and devoted to
we not willing to give something extra to making ourselves available to anyone who
him to make masonry more impressive to makes himself available to us. Our candi-
him? TIME dates want more of what we can give them
Most of the lodges of today do not per- if we will only devote ourselves to doing it
form the opening ceremony for special meet- without grumbling. Yes, our age is probably
ings with the open Bible, square and com- showing on our aging bodies, however, our
passes and the lesser lights on. They have minds are still sharp and holds valuable in-
become lazy and have taken out a vital part formation for those who would come and
of masonry. This, all done in interest of get it. Let’s make it available for them.
time. How can we exploit masonry to the “SO MOTE IT BE.”
general public and to our own members
when we do not make it presentable to them?
Masonry should be ageless and we need to
use all of the working tools we have avail-
able to keep it that way. We as members
may grow old with age but that doesn’t mean
irst let me say that although I have been appointed editor of this publi-

F cation, I am not capable of replacing our beloved M: W: Ray Burgess,

PGM. The Louisiana Freeman will continue to fulfill M: W: Burgess’s
vision to provide a means to share Lodge news with our members and
provide a means of giving prominent display to Masonry in Louisiana.
My desire is to provide this quarterly magazine on a timely basis as well as
expediting the process of formatting, printing and mailing. Beginning with this
issue, compiling/editing/formatting will be done in house. Champion Graphic
Communications, our excellent printing service, was responsible for building each
issue after they received the pictures and articles from M: W: Burgess. That time
consuming process will be eliminated and Champion will be given a print ready
file for each issue.
I also hope to have each issue available on our Grand Lodge website as a
Portable Document Format (Adobe-PDF). The capability to provide members the
Louisiana Freemason by email, for those that may prefer that format, will eventu-
ally be available also. You would be able to receive the issue three to four weeks
prior to the hard copy issue reaching your mailbox. This, of course, would be
predicated on members having current email addresses on file and then having
capability to send bulk emails.
My preferred means of receiving articles and corresponding pictures is in
digital (email) format. Of course if that method is not available to the member
providing the article, then continue to submit them by regular mail. I am not
trying to reinvent the wheel. I only want to provide the opportunity to use the
electronic format. Although, I would like to replace the wooden spokes with cast
aluminum and put radials on the wheel rims in the future!
When writing the article please remember the 4 W’s. Who What Where When.
The pictures should be taken as close to the subject(s) as possible. When taking a
group picture, please ask everyone to pretend that they like the person standing
next to them and close any gaps. Two rows are always better than one long one
also. You are all familiar with the size of the final photographs when published
and although you may provide a 5 x 6 or larger print, once formatted for publica-
tion it only measures 2 X 2 and much of the detail is lost.
The last issue you received could have been subtitled A Rush to Publish. I am
certain many of you took exception to the spelling errors, index listing, articles
published, etc. Champion Graphic was asked to publish an issue and was pro-
vided articles and pictures, some that had previously been published last year.
The Editorial Staff is absolved from any errors for that particular issue. When I
accepted this position, I told M: W: Borne, GM that I would not embarrass the
Grand Master, Grand Officers or the brethren nor bring discredit to the Frater-
nity. Other than that promise and not making any drastic changes, I can exercise
free reign. A very frightening position to hold, especially given my history.
The Ed
This letter was received after the recent issue I feel it is time to enlighten critics of
the Masonic Fraternity.
W: Steven A. Pence Having been a Southern Baptist for 50
The Louisiana Freemason years and a Master Mason for over 47
years, I feel well qualified to provide some
insight into the undue criticism that is di-
Worshipful: rected toward the Masonic Fraternity.
I want to thank PM David A Roach First, the Masonic Fraternity is not a
for such a great article The Moral Di- secret fraternity. Most college and univer-
lemma. I pray that thousands of Free sity fraternitieshave certain portions of their
initations that are privileged information.
Masons will read and really digest what So is the initation into the Masonic Frater-
his article is all about. nity.
Our great Fraternity has been criti- To clarify, in my initial induction and
cized unmercifully by some church degrees following, I was assured the for-
malities I would go through would not in-
members and members of other orga- terfere with my duties owed to God, contry,
nizations throughout the years. I truly family or myself.
believe our Fraternity will reap positive Ignorance is the prime reason the Ma-
benefits from what P.M. Roach has writ- sonic Fraternity has been unduly criticized.
I have personally received more evange-
ten, if we as Brothers will reflect on listic doctrine attending a Masonic stated
what changes we need to make in our meeting than I have received in many
daily lives. Southern Baptist churches, I have attended.
I was raised in Lake Charles Lodge No Masonic meeting can be official
unless the Holy Bible (Light of Divine
#165 in February 1949 and still a mem- Truth) is open on the altar. Prayer is given
ber. I was called back into the USAF in at opening and closing of all Masonic meet-
1951, but 165 still hold great memo- ings. The prayer is rendered to our Almight
ries for me. God and not to satan as some would lead
you to believe. The Supreme Being is al-
I am enclosing an article I wrote to ways to be our rule and guide to our faith
the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, and practice.
which is self explanatory. I am a deacon at Trinity Baptist Church
I am 87 years old and unfortunately in San Antonio; it is a church that endeav-
ors to carry ou the Great Commission, and
not active in body, but will always be I am truly proud to be a deacon and ser-
active in spirit. God is still our Grand vant of God in this congregation. We try to
Master of the Universe and will con- reach ou to the needs of the people in our
tinue to be our rule and guide to our community and around the world.
The purpose of this letter is to request
faith and practice. the anti-Masonic organization individuals
Fraternally, to search their own hearts and find out more
Joseph L. Morris about this great fraternity that they criti-
cize. My daily prayers include the misin-
formed people who prejudge members of
the Masonic community based on assump-
tion rather than truth. Dear Lord, forgive
those critics for they know not what they

A Tie That Binds
Dr. Eric C Hahn, PM
ne of the most beautiful results of membership in the Masonic frater-

O nity is that special bond which is formed between the instructor and
the student. This bond is based on true fellowship, respect and knowl-
edge. The young Entered Apprentice is eager to learn as much as he
can about this new organization of which he has just become a member. He is
like clay eagerly waiting and wishing to be molded into the masterpiece by those
who are better informed. In my case, I owe much to my instructor – Worshipful
Brother James Douglas Mc Kno, Past Master of Level Lodge No. 373.
On April 14, 1980 I was initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason in Trinity
Lodge No. 375 in New Orleans. At that time, I was assigned to Instructor and
Worshipful Brother James D. Mc Kno, P.M. of Level No. 373. I was 32 years old
at the time and had a very quick and retentive memory capacity. My studies went
quickly and when Brother Mc Kno saw that I had learned my necessary cat-
echism well before the date scheduled for my EA examination, he proceeded to
instruct me in the certificate work as pertains to the EA, including the floor work.
I stood my EA examination in Trinity Lodge on that part of the certificate work,
and, in like manner after being passed, stood my examination on that part of the
certificate work pertinent to the Fellow Craft Degree. I was raised to a Master
Mason on June 23, 1980. Shortly thereafter, I stood my MM proficiency exami-
nation, again doing the certificate portion. Due to time constraints, I was not
permitted to do the entire second section. By the end of the year, I had received
my first Certificate of Proficiency from the Grand Lodge. I was so proud of this
moment and honored that Worshipful Brother Mc Kno had taken so much time
with my instruction. His smile was the best reward I could ever receive.
I assisted him in nightly instruction at the Masonic Temple Building for sev-
eral years. He often said how proud he was of his two best pupils: W. Brothers
Michael Retzlaff, P.M. and myself. We are more proud in him! He taught us so
many things, about the Fraternity, life, ethics, honesty and integrity, symbolism,
and philosophy. Quite simply, he taught us what it was to be a man, good and
true. What a fantastic mentor! Wanting to be around him as much as I could, on
July 20, 1981, I became a plural member in Level, then Worshipful Master in
1984, WM of the 18th District Lodge in 1988, and DDGM of the 18th District in
1989. All this was done under the watchful eye and with the support of my
Level Lodge recognized Worshipful Brother Jim with a special plaque in 1983.
On October 24, 2001, the Mc Kno family was presented a wonderful mural dis-
playing many of those Brethren whose lives he has touched. A second such
mural hangs for perpetuity in the Library and Museum of the New Orleans Craft
Temple 1801 Masonic Temple Building on Clearview Parkway in Metairie. On
April 30, 2003, he was presented with his SEVENTY-FIVE YEAR APRON.
Brother Jim was a master machinist for his professional life. His second pas-
sion, after Masonry, was making and repairing clocks. His reputation as a
clockmaker was so well known all over New Orleans that news reporter Alec
Gifford even conducted a special interview of Brother Jim and displayed many of
his clocks during his news broadcast on New Orleans’ WDSU television station.
Born in England on December 25, 1902, Brother Jim was raised a Master
Mason on July 2, 1928 in Level Lodge and he personally knew every Worshipful
Master. He served as Master in 1970 and 1994, as a District (Deputy) Grand
Lecturer of the 18th Masonic District, and became a 50-year member in 1978.
Brother Jim served on the Grand Lodge Service Committee for decades, engrav-
ing the gold on the Aprons and he presented a precious few Brethren with a very
special gift: a hand-made wooden Master’s gavel. This Christmas Day, he will be
104 years young if the good Lord so wills.
On Saturday, August 26, 2006, my wife and Eastern Star Sister Anni and I
visited Worshipful Brother Jim at his nursing home in Baton Rouge. Although
his hearing has diminished, he was alert, and, when I said I was from Level
Lodge, his eyes brightened up. He recognized and remembered me. We talked
briefly. As we were about to leave, we shook hands – he remembered the grip.
Always, my instructor, my teacher, and my dear friend and Brother, I owe you so
much, Mister Brother Mc Kno!
W: Eric C Hahn, PhD -PM Grand Organist

W: Mc Kno’s 75-Year Apron

W: Mc Kno proudly wears 75-Year


Blood Drive
East Gate Masonic Lodge, in coopera-
tion with Wal-Mart Central, hosted its an-
nual Metro-Area blood drive in September
to benefit Our Lady of The Lake Hospital.
Twenty four (24) pints were donated which
translates into seventy two lives potentially
saved or helped in the metro area.
East Gate Lodge extends sincere appre-
ciation to everyone who helped in provid-
ing “The Gift of Life” in this community
charity project.
Much to our surprise, the Grand Lodge
Pictured: L. to R. - Vickie Frederick-Do-
was unaware of this yearly activity as well
nor Recruiter, Jill McIntyre-Blood Tech-
as were sister Lodges in our District. East
nician, Lenora Pickett-Blood Technician,
Gate has conducted a successful blood drive
Mike Champagne-Blood Techniccian and
for the past eight years. With the Grand
Bro Terry Wilson-Senior Deacon East
Master’s desire to establish a Masonic
Gate Lodge
Blood Drive and Masonic Blood bank, East
Gate Lodge stands ready to assist in this
endeavor and can provide valuable infor- at 14592 Florida Boulevard meets on the
mation to any Lodge needing assistance in first and third Tuesday each month. The
this matter. Lodge meets at 7:30 p.m. You are cordially
East Gate Lodge, located in Baton Rouge invited to join us anytime you are in the area.


Citizen of the Year

The Masons of Harmony Lodge #410
recently honored Mr. Allen “Gus” Miller
as Citizen of The Year.
Mr. Miller was selected for this honor
in recognition of his services to our disabled
veteran’s hospitals. He drives the DVA van,
transporting patients to the hospitals, serv-
ing two chapters. His volunteering to trans-
port the veterans after usual hours, in his
personal vehicle, is the extraordinary act
that has garnered the attention of Masons.
Family and friends of Mr. Miller were
invited to join him at the award ceremony
and enjoyed a great meal and refreshments.
Harmony Lodge is located in Eunice and
meets on the first and third Mondays of ev-
ery month. The Lodge is located at 211 West Allen ‘Gus’ Miller
Park Avenue and meets at 7:30 p.m.
Citizenship Award Program
Central Lodge, located on Sullivan Road in Ba-
ton Rouge held their annual Citizenship Award pro-
gram in September. Three ladies in the Central Com-
munity were honored for the many hours that they
freely gave to our area schools. Our recipients were
Nancy Alderman, Maureen Arnoldi and Kim Jones.
The guest speaker for the occasion was M: W:
Clayton J. Borne, III-Grand Master. Our Grand
Master provided a brief history of the Masonic Fra-
ternity and how the foundation of the Masonic Fra-
ternity, a belief in God, moral and civic responsibil-
ity, truth and charity are displayed in the love that
these three ladies gave to the students, parents,
schools and the community at large.
Each lady was presented with a plaque from Pictured: L. to R. - Kim Jones, M: W:
Central Lodge in appreciation of their many hours Clayton J Borne III-Grand Master,
of unselfish service. The plaques were presented by
Maureen Arnoldi, Nancy Alderman, W:
the Grand Master and he was assisted by W: John
L. Sullivan-WM and W: Bro Morris McDowell-Pro-
Bro Morris McDowell and W: John
gram Chairman. Sullivan-WM
Central Lodge meets on the second and fourth
Monday of every month.


Past Masters Night
Union Fraternal held its Past Masters
Night in September. Nine of our living Past
Masters were able to attend and enjoy the
evening honoring their service to Masonry
and Union Fraternal Lodge.
Union Fraternal was chartered in 1945.
Located in Union Parish, the Lodge meets
on the first and third Monday of each month.
Join us at the Masonic Temple on Highway
2 East in Farmerville, Louisiana.

Pictured: Front Row L. to R. - W: Bros

Shelby E. Rowland (2001), Truett West
(2003), Cecil Brwon (1196), Scotty Booth
(1994) and Louis Mashaw (1965)
Back Row L. to R. - W: Bros Bill Barr
(2005), Russell Adams (1963), Dennis
Kennedy (1995) and Don Parks (2002)

Cookout For VBS
Gardner Lodge furnished hamburgers with ev-
erything imaginable to go along with them for the
Vacation Bible School at St. Clair Baptist Church,
located in Gardner. There were over 150 attendees
this year.
Gardner Lodge has provided burgers for Vaca-
tion Bible School at a number of churches in the
area for many years. This is contingent on dona-
tions from Lodge members and receiving requests
from the churches. We have been able to provide
for a minimum of two churches each year. In addi-
tion to St. Clair, the Lodge again furnished ham-
burgers for the VBS at New Sunrise Baptist Church Pictured: L. to R. -Bros Pete Brawner,
in Otis, Louisiana. Buck Turner, Ted Holt, Wayne Harness,
Gardner Lodge, named for its location, meets
Mr. Mike Rachal, Bros Milton Coffman
on the second and fourth Monday, except in De-
cember, at 7:30 p.m. Gardner is in Rapides Parish and Dane Allen Coffman
with the Lodge located at 10320 Highway 28.


Honesty and Integrity
Ashland Lodge recently held its annual
Honesty and Integrity Program. The students
were chosen from Lakeview High School
in Natchitoches parish and Saline High
School in Bienville parish.
Family and friends joined the members
to honor these outstanding students. An
excellent dinner was served and enjoyed by
Two of our award recipients were un-
able to attend. Wesley L. Watts and Mary Pictured: L. to R. - Ashley M Austin,
A. Kennedy were in Baton Rouge attend- Dakoda W Brigman, Katlyne
ing a literary rally. McAlexander, Erin McLarin, Eric Allen
Ashland Lodge meets on the second and Doss and Gillian D. Hough.
fourth Monday of every month. The Lodge Standing behind students: W: Henry E.
is located on McKinley Street in Ashland. Cox, WM

Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Rosepine Masonic Lodge No. 290 for fellowship should you find yourself in
presented Honesty & Integrity Awards to the area.
four Rosepine High School students during
a Special Communication on October 3rd.
Rosepine Lodge provided a wonderful din-
ner for the recipients, family and friends.
R: W: Jeff Webb-Grand Junior Warden was
the eloquent guest speaker for the award
ceremony. Rosepine City Officials, Vernon
Parish Officials and Vernon Parish School
Board members were among the seventy at-
tending this evernt. Our 2006 receipents are
Casey Havens, Clay Harberson, Erin Dupuis Pictured: L. to R. - Casey Havens, Clay
and Kaitlin Thomas. Harberson, Erin Dupuis and Kaitlin Tho-
Rosepine Lodge meets on the first Tues- mas. Back Row: L-R James Mott-MW,
day of the month at the Lodge located at the W: Bro Donald Bush-DGL, R: W: Jeff
junction of Highway 171 and Bailey Road. Webb-GJW, M:W: Roy Tuck-Grand Sec-
Meeting time is 7:30 p.m. Please join us retary and R: W: Tim Tuck-DDGM
Special Program and Guest tive of establishing a state wide blood do-
East Gate Masonic Lodge hosted a dis- nation program for every Louisiana Lodge
tinguished guest and held a special program to benefit every Louisiana Mason.
during a Stated Communication in Septem-
W: Bro Carle Jackson presented an ex-
cellent program on the Ancient and Ac-
cepted Scottish Rite, feauturing the early
beginning to its present day glory. W: Bro
Jackson spoke of the 100th reunion for the
Baton Rouge Valley. As a note there were
30 members of this 100th reunion.
The special guest for the evening was Pictured: L. to R. - W: Carle Jackson-
R: W: Stephen Selby-DDGM who gave a PM, R:W: Stephen Selby-DDGM and W:
presentation on the Grand Master’s objec- Joe McNeal-Worshipful Master
IOWA LODGE #451 F. & A.M.
50 Year Member Honored
Iowa Lodge recently presented a 50 Year
Certificate to a dedicated and deserving
Brother. C. H. Findley was presented his
certificate by W: Bro Ray V. Moses-10th
District Grand Lecturer. Joining W: Bro
Moses was W: Bros Chalres Bagwell and
Philip Miller, both Past Masters of Iowa
Bro Findley is a resident of the South-
west Louisiana War Veteran’s Home in
Jennings. On hand to pin Bro Findley’s 50
Year lapel pin was Mrs. Findley.
Iowa Lodge is located in Calcasieu Par-
ish and meets on the second Thursday of
each month. The Lodge is located at 109
South Welty Avenue in Iowa. Pictured: L. to R. -W: Bro Ray V. Moses-
DGL, W: Bro Charles Bagwell, Bro C.
H. Findley, Jr. W: Bro Philip Miller and
Mrs. Findley

IDEAL LODGE #367 F. & A.M.

Ideal Lodge boasts of having within its WM Ideal #367, W: Daniel Ledet-WM An-
37 members, 2 District Deputy Grand Mas- drew Jackson #428 and Master of the 15th
ters, 1 Deputy Grand Lecturer, 3 current District Lodge.
Worshipful Masters and 2 District Lodge
Worshipful Masters.
Ideal Lodge meets in Andrew Jackson
Lodge Hall at 1105 LeBeau Avenue located
in Arabi. Meeting on the second and fourth
Wednesdays of every month at 7:30 p.m.
Pictured at right FrontRow: W: Armondo
“Skip” Perez-DGL 18th, R: W: George
Lupo-DDGM 18th, R: W: David Wallace-
DDGM 19th, W: James Allen-WM 19th
District. Second Row: W: Robert Harper-
WM Livingston #160, W: Bobby Sonnier-
Honors Widows and Past Masters
During a recent Stated Communication, Smith-SW. Also attending was W: Bro
Spring Creek Lodge held their Past Mas- Steven Gamble, immediate Past Master of
ters Night and annual Widows Night. A Old Dixonions Lodge #6037 from the Prov-
delicious meal was served and everyone ince of Warwickshire England. W: Bro
assembled in the Lodge for the program that Gamble provided a n interesting talk on
featured Ms. Taylor Horn, a local celebrity, protecols in England. He is a friend of the
singing for everyone’s enjoyment. Our wid- Taylor Horn family.
ows were presented red and yellow roses Spring Creek Lodge on Hwy 1061 in
by W: M: John Corkern and W: Bro Jewel Tangipahoa Parish meets on the first and
third Monday of each month.

L. to R. W: John Corkern, Taylor Horn L. to R. W: Bros Smiley Whittington, Jess

and W: Bro Steven Gamble Ridgedell, Malone Williams, Darwin Givens,
Clem Guthrie, Willie Karl Milton, Austin
Brumfield, Dallas Alford, Dwight Johnson, John
Corkern, Jewel Smith and Cade D. Williams

L. to R. Mary Cutrer,
Geraldine Lanier, Jonnie
Lanier, Beth Wilson, Marga-
ret Stevens, Joy Sanders,
Catherine Sanders and Irene

M: W: Roy B Tuck-PGM, Grand Secretary
The Grand Lodge has been housed at the facilities which were formerly the
Masonic Home for Children at 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria since April 29,
1966. Prior to that time the headquarters were located at 333 St. Charles Avenue,
New Orleans from February 26, 1927 until the move to Alexandria.
Scores of Masons from every area of Louisiana assembled in Alexandria on
August 26, 2006 to observe and participate in an event which has likely not oc-
curred nor will likely recur during the Masonic Lidfe of most of us.
At 10:00 A.M., The Grand Lodge of Louisiana was opened in Emergent Com-
munication at the Masonic Temple, 1415 Horseshoe Drive by M: W: Clayton J.
Borne III, Grand Master who thanked the throng of brethren for their attendance
and explained the purpose of the Communication.
The Grand Master, his official family and the brethren repaired to the site of
the New Grand Lodge Office Building on Masonic Drive where ground was bro-
ken in a formal proceeding for the new building.
Even the weather cooperated. Rain threatened thoughout but, except for a small
sprinkle, held off until the outside ceremony was completed.
Comments, introduction of guests and staff were conducted in the current Grand
Lodge offices. Delicious refreshments were served and the memorable event was
enjoyed by everyone.

L. to R.-M: W: Roy McDuffie-PGM, M: W: Roy B Delaney-PGM, M: W: Harold G Ballard-PGM,

M:W: Joesph H Baker-PGM, Joe G Fuller-Police Juror, M:W: Allen G Tidwell-PGM, M:W:
Ballard L Smith-PGM, M:W: Roy B Tuck-PGM Grand Secretary, R:W: Lloyd E Hennigan-GSW,
M:W: Clayton J Borne III-GM, R:W: S Bruce Easterly-DGM, R: W: Jules F Webb-GJW, R: W: A
Ray McLaurin-Grand Treasurer and M:W: Dr. Calvin B Folds-PGM
Grand Lodge

Floor Plan

On Wednesday September 13, 2006, at their regular Stated Communication,
the Brothers of The Lodge of the Nine Muses #9 F&AM received their Charter.
It was presented by the Grand Master of Masons in Louisiana, and Charter Member
of the Lodge of the Nine Muses, MW Brother Clayton J “Chip” Bourne, III.
The Lodge of the Nine Muses is a Traditional Observance Lodge that follows
the ritual and policies of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana. We are one of five Tradi-
tional Observance Lodges in the United States of America.
We are characterized by a solemn approach to holding Stated Communica-
tions and conferring degrees. We meet in formal dress and by candlelight. A
Festive Board follows each meeting and is considered to be an integral portion of
the Communication. The Chamber of Reflection is used as part of the initiation
ceremony. Candidate advancement through the degrees is deliberate and de-
manding. The standards and guidelines for a Traditional Observance Lodge are
set down by The Masonic Restoration Foundation. You may visit their website at
The emphasis of The Lodge of the Nine Muses is on maintaining a Masonic
Culture, Initiatic Focus, and Traditional Structure. We also seek to preserve and
study the rich history of Freemasonry in Louisiana. No other state has a more
varied and culturally rich Masonic tradition than Louisiana. We seek to enable
that tradition to continue.
The goal is to constantly improve ourselves through the forms of Freema-
sonry. We seek only to improve and become better than our current selves. We
have our stated Communications at 6:30 PM on the second Wednesday of each
Month. Visitors are certainly welcome to attend. We do ask that you call for
dress code information and so that reservations for the Festive Board can be made.
For visits please contact Ricks Martin Bowles, SW at 225/757-9369 or e-mail


The Shreveport Chapter of DeMolay, at the 2006 State Conclave, was awarded
the Louisiana Chapter of the Year. Many thanks belong to the Dad Advisors,
David Culligan, Anthony Fabio, Lee Nutt and Richard Hollier. Congratulations
also are due to Connor Hollier who is the new State Senior Councilor.
The newly installed officers of the Chapter are:
Anthony Fabio Master Councilor Jacob Humphrey Senior Councilor
Russell McLaughlin Junior Councilor Connor Hollier Scribe
Samuel McDonald Chaplain Patrick Dickson Senior Deacon
Wilson Holland Junior Deacon Travis DuPont Senior Steward
Chase Williams Junior Steward Kaitlin Fabio Chapter Sweetheart

The Chapter thanks all of the Louisiana Masonic Family for their continued
support and encouragement.

Honesty & Integrity Award
Fair Park Lodge #436, Shreveport, La.
held its Honesty and Integrity Awards Night
on Thursday, August 31, 2006. Honorees
that evening were Miss Katelyn Mullenax,
a senior at Caddo Magnet High School and
Miss Amanda Powell, a senior at Calvary
Baptist Church School. Katelyn is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mullenax,
and Amanda is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Terry Powell. The honorees were presented
West of the altar with their families and were
presented the Honesty & Integrity Certifi-
cate, the Honesty& Integrity Key, and a gift.
W: Roy E. May, P.M. of Fair Park presented
the program that evening. Masons, their
families, and Fair Park OES was in atten-
dance. A good time was had by all.
Fair Park meets on the first and third
Thursdays at 6407 Buncombe Road, Shreve- Pictured L:R-Ms Katelyn Mullenax, W:
port. Keith McClung WM and Ms Amanda


St. John’s Day

Officers and members of Etoile Polaire

enjoying St. John’s Day.

Pictured M: W: Clayton J. Borne III,

Grand Master selects a second dozen of
boiled crabs during the St. John Day cel-

50 Year Members Honored
Fair Park recently held its annual 50 Year Member Day. For this occasion, the event
was held on a Saturday at noon to facilitate having members unable to drive or that might
be working to be in attendance. A meal fitting of our members was served to the 63 people
attending. A brief presentation program followed.
Each honoree was conducted to the altar and presented their certificates, credentials
and 50 Year lapel pin. 2006 Honorees are Grant L. Braswell, Dr. Robert E. Braswell,
Aubrey E Brooks, John W. Byers, Roy D. Gage, Reginald S. Goodwin Jr., John B. Gordon,
James R. Greer, Hubert L. Joyner, James W. Lee, D.Q. Lucky Jr., Dr. Norman L. Mauroner,
Wilburn A. May, Jack P. Price and Jimmy R. Raye, PM. Family of the honorees and
members of Fair Park OES #18 attended and a good time was had by all.

Pictured L:R- John Gordon, Jimmy Raye-PM, Grant Braswell, Roy Gage, Wilburn
May, D. Q. Lucky Jr. and W: Keith McClung WM

IDEAL LODGE #367 F. & A.M.
The Hand of Charity
On November 16, 2005, at our first meeting in Livingston Lodge Hall,
Hammond, LA, the Worshipful Master Ronald Milliet, P.M. receives the keys to
the Lodge Hall. Due to Hurricanes Katrina & Rita, Andrew Jackson Lodge Hall,
Arabi, LA received seven to nine feet of salty swamp mud and floodwaters. Ideal
Lodge was forced to move their domicile to Livingston Lodge Hall, Hammond,
LA, (the majority of the active membership now living on the North Shore). The
Brethren of Livingston Lodge No. 160 voted and approved that Ideal Lodge No.
367 be allowed to use their Lodge Hall through December 2006 at NO CHARGE,
to include using ALL their Lodge paraphernalia! Livingston Lodge was the first
to offer this enormous gesture of Charity and Brotherly love to a Sister Lodge, in
late September-2005. Once this information hit the emails sent out, other Lodges
not affected by the hurricanes followed with the same Brotherly Love. A Gigantic
THANK YOU, to all the Sister Lodges that have extended their hand of Charity
& Brotherly Love to the Lodges and Members that were effected by the hurri-

Pictured L:R- Front Row Bobby Sonnier-SW, Skip Perez-Sect’y DGL 18th District,
W: Terry Cooper-WM Livingston Lodge and W: Ronald Milliet-WM Ideal Lodge
Back Row: Bro Lance Bush, R: W: George Lupo-Treasurer DDGM 18th District,
Rudolph Mayer-SD and Daniel Ledet-JD
Past Masters Night
On October 5th, St. James open its doors to honor their Past Masters and to
take this opportunity to pay special respect to a retiring Secretary. With 55 mem-
bers, visitors and guests, W: David T Dodge-WM welcomed everyone to the Lodge.
The dinner meal was provided by Frank’s Restaurant and the entertainment fea-
tured an excellent tenor sax artist that played the music of the 40’s and 50’s.
There were 14 Past Masters, of the 23 living, were in attendance, with W: C.
Lenton Sartain-PM 1962 being the Senior PM and W: Kenneth B. F. Streater Jr.-
PM 2005 the Junior. W: Lloyd G. Pence-PM 1977, along with his wife Carolyn,
were escorted West of the Altar. Bro Pence was elected as Secretary in 1971 and
has served in that office until present, skipping only 1976 and 1977 while he was
Senior Warden and Worshipful Master respectively. Due to failing eye sight, W:
Bro Lloyd decided it was time to turn the quill over to a worthy brother and retire
from the duties of Secretary. W: David Dodge-WM presented Lloyd and Carolyn
with a gift certificate and Meritorious Service Award.
W: C Lenton “Chief” Sartain remarked that when he first joined the Lodge, he
met this Old Man, introduced to him as Lloyd Pence. Their friendship continues
as does the many Bro Lloyd has established through Masonry.

Pictured L:R- W: Lloyd G Pence-PM

Secretary, Carolyn Pence and W:
David T Dodge-WM

L:R- W: C Lenton Sartain,

Lloyd and Carolyn Pence

Honesty and Integrity
Broadmoor Lodge, steeped in history, presented its Honesty and Integrity Awards
on October 6th. Five deserving students representing two local high schools were
honored. Each recipient was recognized for academic achievement as well as
service to the community and their respective places of worship.
W: Elias Katsanis-WM welcomed the large gathering and with the assitance
of W: Mike Ironsmith-PM presented the students with their certificates, keys and
a cash award. W: Ironsmith was the evening’s speaker.

Pictured L:R- W: Mike Ironsmith-PM, Brandon Lawrence Caddo Magnet, Bonnie

Buckley Caddo Magnet, Greg Angle Caddo Magnet, Lewis Billingsley Captain Shreve,
Ansley Hughes Caddo Magnet and W: Elias Katsanis-WM


Junior Past Master Honored
During a Stated Communication, East Gate
Lodge took the opportunity to honor W: Danny
Murphy-PM for 2005. W: Murphy was pre-
sented his embossed Past Master’s apron by W:
H B “Cookie” Billingsley PM. Assisting W:
Billingsley was W: Joe McNeal.
W: Murphy thanked eveyone for their sup-
port and pledged his continued support for
Masonry, the Lodge and Charity work.
Pictured L:R- W: H B “Cookie” Billingsley,
W: Danny Murphy and W: Joe McNeal
Louisiana Masons Motorcycle Chapter
Covington Lodge No. 188

The purpose of forming a Masonic Motorcycle Chapter is to bring together

Master Masons who share a common interest in motorcycle riding, promoting
good fellowship and encouraging membership in our fraternity.
Our goal is to enhance the opportunities to enlarge the circle of Masonic friend-
ship beyond the scope of the lodge, ride with brothers who are dedicated to the
great precepts of our fraternity and enjoy the great outdoors on motorcycles.
Meetings are held at Covington Lodge No. 188 on the last Sunday of the month
at 9:00 A.M. Anyone wishing to become a member must own a motorcycle of any
type and color & be at least 350cc in displacement. For any inquires please con-
tact Bro Tony Pohlmann, P.M.-President. E-Mail me at
Anyone wishing to start a chapter in your area, please contact us as well.

Benefit-Berean Children’s Home
East Gate Masonic Lodge, assisted by the Pelican Chapter of Demolay, hosted
a dinner to benefit Berean Children’s Home of Albany, Louisiana. This facility
has existed for twenty-six years. Mrs. Lavra Woods, Director, and her husband,
Bradley Woods Co-director operate the non-profit children’s home for disadvan-
taged children. The children are between eight and fourteen years old. Currently
there are fifteen children at the Home with a capacity of twenty-three. This ser-
vice is free of charge to the community.
The Home accepts children referred by law enforcement, schools, Office of
Community Service, the courts and Office of Youth Development from the Metro-
Area. The Home provides a safe environment, basic needs, academics and church.
State Master Councilor, Nicholas Easterly, assistted by Master Councilor Patrick
Jones and Nicholas Auch, who is Board Chairman of the Pelican Chapter pre-
sented a program to the large gathering concerning Demolay.
W: Joe McNeal-WM presented Mrs. Woods with a dvd player and a fifty-one
inch television for the school.

Pictured L:R- Nicholas Auch-Pelican Chapter Chairman of the Board, Nicholas

Easterly-Pelican Chapter Master Councilor, Patrick Jones-Pelican Chapter Master
Councilor, Bradley Woods-Co Director of Berean Children, Laura Woods-Director
and W: Joe McNeal-WM

Honors Night
In September, Mt. Gerizim Lodge, located in Bastrop presented a 50 Year
Certificate to a very dedicated brother. W: Melvin G Russell was presented his
certificate by W: Mike Tubbs-WM with assistance from R: W: Lloyd Hennigan-
W: Russell is Past Master of Mt. Gerizim Lodge, Past Grand High Priest, Past
Illustrious Grand Master, member of St. Matthews and Ouachita Conclaves of
the Red Cross of Constantine, Member of John Patmos #42 Holy Royal Arch
Knight Templar Priest, Royal Order of Scotland, Past Commander Monroe
Commandry #7 Knights Templar and 33° Scottish Rite Mason with the Valley of

Pictured L:R- W: Mike Tubbs-WM, W: Melvin Russell-PM and R: W: Lloyd


Rose Upon the Altar
Cotton Valley Lodge hosted the Shreveport Valley Scottish Rite cast of Rose Upon the
Altar in connection with its open house catfish night that is held on the last Saturday of
every month. There were 119 in attendance and the play, by Carl Claudy, was enjoyed by

Pictured Front Row L:R- Ed Durham, D C Hall, Clyde Strout, Ed Waites, Pat Hous-
ton, Willis Hawkins, Oscar LaBorde, Charlie Jackson-PM Cotton Valley, Fred McAnn
Back Row L:R- Bill Richards, Bob Salts, Jack Davis, Steve Pence, Pat Dickson and
Jack Giles


Widows Night
East Gate Masonic Lodge hosted its
annual Widows of Members and Bring
a Friend Night at the Lodge on October
24th. W: Joe McLoud-WM introduced
W: H B “Cookie” Billingsley-PM who
spoke of the many charity projects the
Lodge undertakes every year.
W: Carle Jackson-PM gave a presen-
tation on the History of Masonry from
the 7th Century to present day.
The Widows were represented by
Mrs. Betty Pritchard. Everyone enjoyed Pictured L:R- Carle Jackson, Mrs. Betty
an excellent meal prepared by the Lodge Pritchard and Joe McNeal
members and their familes.

Honors Night
East Gate Masonic Lodge held a Special Communication on September 26th
to honor their Past Masters, issue 25 and 50 Year Certificates and Achievement
W: William Jules Mollere-PM presented a program on the history of Masonry
to the forty five members, guests and visitors in attendance.
W: Joe McNeal-WM issued 50-Year Certificates from the Grand Lodge to Bro
David Paul Zumalt and Bro Orrlee M Pourciau, Jr. Twenty-five Year Certificates
were also issued to W: Charles Peabody-PM and W: Gary Ford-PM.
W: Danny Murphy-PM was also presented with his Achievement Award for
his accomplishments as Worshipful Master of East Gate in 2005.
Everyone enjoyed an excellent meal prepared by the Masons and their fami-

Pictured - Jim Fleming Jr. in

Front Row L:R- Mabry Cad-
dis, Jack Claunch, Joe
McNeal, Chalres Peabody
and Oralee Pourciau
Back Row: L:R-William
Mollere, David Zumalt,
Danny Murphy, Jim
Wingate, Larry Moore, Gary
Ford and Stuart Johnson

Pictured L:R- Front Row Danny

Murphy, David Zumalt and Oralee
Back Row: William Jules Mollere,
Joe McNeal, Gary Ford and Charles

Louisiana’s Youngest Gold Certificate Holder
On July 17, 2006 Blanchard Lodge
#447 F & A M Honored the Youngest
Gold Certificate of Proficiency mem-
ber in the State of Louisiana by pre-
senting and honoring him during an
Open Meeting with over 80 members,
family and friends in attendance and
enjoying a meal consisting of B B Q
Brisket, and fried chicken with all the
R.W. S. Bruce Easterly, DGM gave
a partial resume of Bro. Terrell’s re-
sume and also introduced other visit-
Pictured L:R- W: D Randall Terrell-PM and ing dignitaries, R: W: Thomas 1.
R: W: S Bruce Easterly-DGM Dickson, DDGM #1, W: Robert E.
Bazzell, DGL #1, W: Larry B.
Ledbetter, Sr. Permanent Committee
on Work.
The Families were introduced and Bro. Randy gave a short talk thanking those that
had inspired him in his Masonic journey and stated some of the goals he wants to achieve
in the near future.
W: Terrell petitioned Blanchard Lodge in 1981 on his 21st birthday. He was raised to
the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on July 21, 1981 and subsequently elected as Wor-
shipful Master in 1987. Randy received his first Certificate of Proficiency in February
1982 from W: Calvin Coolidge and first renewal from W: Julius Sharp-Grand Lecturer.
The Gold Certificate of Proficiency marks 25 Years of holding such certificate and reveals
W: Bro Terrell’s dedication and love of the Craft.

HOPE LODGE #145 F. & A.M.

Honesty & Integrity
On September 19th, Kathryn West and
Nicholas Toraro, both seniors at Lafayette
High School were presented the Honesty and
Intergrity Award. The presentations were made
during an open meeting of Hope Lodge and
was attended by friends and relatives of the
recipients, as well as members of the Frater-
nity. W: Al Franks-PM, assisted by W: Kurt L:R- R: W: Jeff Webb-GJW, Kathryn
Cheremine-WM, presented the awards. West, Nick Totaro and W: Kurt
Nicolas is the son of Randy and Donell Cheramie-WM
Totaro. Kathyrn is the daughter of Carey and
Vicki West. The speaker for this occasion was
R: W: J. F. Webb-GJW.

Honesty & Integrity
Atkins Lodge held its annual Hon-
est and Integrity Award ceremony on
October 19th. The meeting was con-
ducted by W: James A Allen-WM and
assited by W: Roy E May-PM. W: May
is a member of Fairpark Lodge #438
and Greewood Lodge #409. He cur-
rently serves as Venerable Master of the
Shreveport Valley of the Scottish Rite
Bodies. His interesting and inspiring
Pictured Front Row L:R- Naterrica Ford, talk was directed to the recipients of the
Heather Broadwell, Hanna Cherry and Award. The students received a framed
Jason Boteler
certificate and pin and were presented
Back Row L:R- W: Roy E May-PM, W:
James A Allen-WM, Bro Carey Allison- a savings bond purchased by the Lodge.
Chairman Honesty & Integrity Commit- A delicious meal was enjoyed by
tee approximately forty members, visitors
and guests.


Certificate Holders
On September 12, 2006, W. Bro. D. C. Hall, PM, Chairman of the Education
Committee, presented four Certificates of renewals of proficiency to the follow-
ing: W: S Andrus-PM, W: Bill R. Drake-PM, W: Quinton Potter-PM and W:
Lester R. Williams-PM.
Others members presented with their renewals in 2006 are: Mike Henk, PM;
Robert H. Dykes, PM; John E. Valentine, PM and J. W. Burnley, W. M (2006).
Several other members will be taking their renewals examination before the year
is over. A member was asked, “What’s it like to have so many certificate members
setting on the sidelines when work is going on?” The only reply could be “It’s
best not to make a mistake as there will be a dozen or more tell you about it when
lodge closes.”

L:R- S Andrus, Bill Drake,

Quinton Potter and Lester Will-

Past Masters Night
Marksville Lodge held its Past Mas-
ters Night recently and used the oppor-
tunity to present 25 and 50 Year Cer-
tificates. Bro Luther Nation was hon-
ored by receiving his 25-Year Certifi-
cate and was presented it by W: Bro Paul
Gaspard-PM. W: Jimmy Ross-WM pre-
sented brothers-in-law Bro Calvin
Hayes Jr. and Bro J C Wilson with their
50-Year Certificates.
Approximately 50 members, guests
and visitors enjoyed a great meal and
Marksville Lodge meets on the third
Tuesday of every month. The Lodge is
located at 201 North Washington Street
in Marksville.

L:R- W: Paul Gaspard-PM and Bro

Luther Nation

L:R- Bro Calvin Hayes, W: James K Moss-WM and Bro J C Wilson

Past Master Honored

L:R- R: W: George Dupo-DDGM, W: William Banner-WM, W: Dan Refre-PM,

Bro Julius Rip-SW and W: Skip Perez-DGL

On November 4th during a Stated Communication of Graham-Washington

Lodge to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday, W: William F Ban-
ner-WM took the opportunity to present W: Dan J Refre Jr.-PM with his past
master’s apron. It took almost a year to present the apron to W: Refre. He for-
merly lived in New Orleans and it was severely damaged due to hurricane Katrina.
W: Refre has relocated to Philadelphia, Mississippi.
W: Refre-PM was one of many members to have suffered loss and damage to
the hurricane. Graham-Washington Lodge met at Andrew Jackson Lodge #428
in Arabi, Louisiana. This Lodge hall was also severely damaged. Graham Wash-
ington now has a home at Pearl Lodge #456. The Lodge hall is located on High-
way 41 North-By-Pass, 1 mile West of Hwy 11 in Pearl River which is in St.
Tammany Parish.

Social Hour Temple Lodge recently opened its
doors during a Special Communication
to have an old fashioned ice cream so-
cial. Members and wives invited mem-
bers of the community to join them in
an hour of fellowship and renewed
W: Richard L Dubois-WM wel-
comed the gathering of 55 in atten-
dance. The Worshipful Master re-
marked how great it was to have a so-
Pictured: Temple Lodge members, wives, cial hour in the middle of everyone’s
guests and visitors. busy schedule.

JOPPA LODGE #362 F. & A.M.

Friend to Friend
Joppa Lodge held its annual Friend to Friend Night with seventy four mem-
bers, visitors and guests in attendance. W: Irven L. “Butch” Corwine-WM wel-
comed everyone in the dining room and thanked W: Michael W Martin-PM for
preparing the evening’s meal of smoked brisket, sausage, barbeque chicken and
baby back ribs. W: Bro Martin has been Joppa’s main chef for every special event
for some time.
With everyone gathering in the Lodge, W: Corwine-WM introduced R: W: S.
Bruce Easterly-Deputy Grand Master, the evening’s featured speaker. R: W: East-
erly spoke at length about the qualities that make a man a Mason and how the
Fraternity and Masonry have impacted his life in all facets. He continued by
pointing out the impact Masonry may have had on our country’s founding fa-
A successfull Friend to Friend night ends with fellowship and good tidings.
Joppa’s was successful as well. Four petions were received as a result of the evening.

Pictured L:R-R: W: S. Bruce Easterly,

DGM and W: Irven L. Corwine, WM

JOPPA LODGE #362 F. & A.M.
Homecoming This year’s members to receive cer-
Joppa Lodge #362 F. & A. M., tificates were: 25 Year-W: Irven L
Shreveport, LA held its annual Home- Corwine-WM, W: Michael W Martin-
coming Banquet to honor Past Masters PM and W: Malcolm E Rainey-PM. 50
and present certificates to new 25/50- Year-Joseph S Bravenec, Francis Joseph
year members on November 10th. 66 Dubois, William E Ricketts and Edward
members, visitors and guests attended G Taylor. Joppa was especially hon-
the event. W: Bro. Mike Martin pro- ored to have R: W: S. Bruce Easterly-
vided the main fare of pork loin and DGM as guest speaker and W: Robert
baked sweet potatoes. Our desserts were L LaBorde-PM of Joppa Lodge & Po-
provided by many of the brethren’s tentate El Karubah Shrine Temple in
wives. W: Bro Ed Durham’ wife, Karen, attendance. There were 7 Past Masters
and W: Bro Blue Archer’s wife, Nina, of other Lodges, 13 Past Masters of
had decorated the dining hall in fall fes- Joppa Lodge of the 22 Living Past Mas-
tival colors. ters honored during the evening.

L:R- W: H Edward Durham-PM, W: L:R- W: Irven L Corwine, R: W: S. Bruce

Malcolm E Rainey-PM and R: W: S. Easterly-DGM and W: H Edward
Bruce Easterly-DGM Durham-PM

L:R- R:W: S. Bruce Easterly-DGM, W:

Michael W Martin-PM and W: H. Ed-
ward Durham-PM

L:R- Front Row Sammy L Goldman,

Robert L LaBorde, Malcolm E Rainey, J
N Cobb, Michael W Martin, James T cher, Steven A Pence, H Edward Duham,
Kelly and Frank H Falkenberry Back Ballard L Smith-PGM and Rufus E Wil-
Row: Charles D Peters, E L “Blue Ar- son
Past Masters Night
Sunset Lodge #428, of Shreveport, held
a banquet to honor their Past Masters.
Eleven Past Masters were able to attend and
enjoy food and fellowship.

Past Masters L:R - Rex Coon, Lonnie

Wheeler, Doug Wolvington, Dean Holt-
WM, A J Bell, Max Sasser, Chester Will-
iams, Ron Sikes, Tom Brown, Al Riser.
Henry Moore is not shown in this picture


Past Master & 50 Year Member Honored
During a Stated Communication, W:
Kenneth W Maxey-WM took the opportu-
nity to present his father with his 50-Year
Certificate. W: Billy J Maxey-PM and Sect’y
of Haughton is a pillar of the Lodge. He has
served as secretary for almost 40 years con-
tinuously. There was a two year break when
W: B J Maxey served as DDGM for the 1st
Masonic District and Worshipful Master. It
is through dedication of individuals such as
he, that Masonry stays alive in the hearts of
many communities.
L:R - W: Billy Joe Maxey-PM Secretary
and W: Kenneth W Maxey-WM


Honesty & Integrity
Two Haughton High School seniors re-
ceived the Honesty & Integrity Awards dur-
ing a Special Communication. Ashley
Townsend and Taylor Guillat were
reccommended by school staff and
Committe members for their academic and
athletic excellence. Bro B Keith Tendell of
W H Booth Lodge #380 was the evening’s

L:R - Ashley Townsend, W: Kenneth W

Maxey-WM and Taylor Guillat
Honesty & Integrity
Middle Creek Lodge held their annual
Honesty and Integrity Awards on Novem-
ber 4th. Receiving the awards were Dou-
glas Masters, Jr., Ashley Holman, Sarah
Broadway and Codie Poe. W: Glen Masters-
PM was the featured speaker.
Middle Creek Lodge is located Bellwood
in Natchitoches Parish.
L:R - Douglas Masters, W: Glen Mas-
ters-PM, Ashley Holman & Sarah Broad-
way. Not picuted is Codie Poe


Pitkin Lodge was blessed with another
Friend to Friend successful Bring A Friend Night on Septem-
ber 29, 2006. The evening began with a
delicious “pot luck supper” which the 50
attendees enjoyed tremendously. Members
and guests gathered in the Lodge and the
evening continued with Lodge Secretary and
Chairman of the Permanent Committee on
Work, W: Jerry W. Deters gave a brief his-
tory of our Fraternity and telling the many
positive attributes of being a member of the
Masonic Fraternity. The Lodge had 6 po-
tential members in attendance with one leav-
W: Jerry W Deters-PM Secretary ing with a petition for membership.


Fund Raising
The annual Fall Fundraising started on
a Saturday at 5 am with final preparations
to the dirty rice, baked beans, brisket/sau-
sage and potato salad. By 8:30 the assem-
bly line formed rolling out 500 dinners in
an hour and a half. The Lodge sold all 500
and was able to give 173 dinners to many of
the communities they serve. Pitkin made
500 dinners, sold 528 (many re-sold their
own dinner and gave the proceeds to the
Lodge), gave 173 plates to widows and the
needy people in the community and cleared W: R V Cloud-Treasurer with his Grand-
over $2000. The dedicated Masons, work- daughter Carmen
ing as a great team, have been together for
over 10 years and hold a plate lunch sale
twice a year.
Past Master Night
In October, Martin McClanahan Lodge
honored Past Masters, OES members and
used the event to present a 50-Year Certifi-
cate to one of its members.
With over fifty members, visitors and
guests in attendance, including thirteen Past
Masters, an excellent dinner hour was held.
Afterward, everyone gathered in the Lodge
where W: Archie Husser-PM and Bro Earl
Stephenson were presented with 50-Year
Certificates. Pictured Past Masters Front Row L:R-
W: Isaac E Harrison-PM writes “the George Barker, Fred Johnscher, Timothy
Scottish Rite Rose Upon the Altar play was Riley, Sr., Edward Waites, Edwan James
presented. Having seen several perfor- Back Row L:R-Martin Husser, Leon
mances over the years, this was by far the Wells, Luke Sellers, Archie Husser,
best performance ever seen. Everyone en- Curtis Moore, Clyde Strout, John Scott
joyed the play and the cast’s portrayal.” Messer and Isaac Harrison

L:R-W: Timothy Riley, Sr.-PM Secretary,

W: Stanley Kozarski, Jr.-WM, Mrs. Ann
Husser, W: Archie Husser-PM and Bro
Earl Stephenson

JOPPA LODGE #362 F. & A.M. AASR, Southern Jurisdiction.

The Grand Master updated the brethren on
Grand Master Visits the status of the new Grand Lodge office build-
On November 17th Joppa Lodge was hon- ing, upgrades to the Grand Lodge computer
ored to receive M:W: Clayton J. Borne III-GM systems and the status of the Lodges effected
and members of his Official Family. In addition by the hurricanes.
to M:W: Borne-GM visitors included M:W: Roy
B Delaney-PGM, M:W: Ballard L Smith-PGM,
R:W: S Bruce Easterly-DGM, R:W: Lloyd E
Hennigan, Jr.-GSW, R: W: J F “Jeff” Webb-GJW,
R:W: T Patrick Dickson-DDGM 1st Masonic
District, W: Henry F Thibodaux Jr.-GSD, W: H
Edward Durham-Grand Pursuivant, W: Woody
D Bilyeu-Grand Standard Bearer and W: Rob-
ert E Bazzell-DGL 1st Masonic District. Also
attending were W: B J “Bev” Guillot-PM
Fairfields Lodge #425, W: Patson C Houston-
PM Caddo Lodge #179 W: Glenn Hunt-PM
Queensborough Lodge #418 and W: William J
Mollere-PM Trinity Union Lodge #372 and M:W: Clayton J Borne, III-Grand Mas-
Deputy in Louisiana to the Supreme Council ter and W: Irven L Corwine-WM
100th Year Celebration
Beginning in April 2007, the City of
Bossier City will celebrate their 100th An-
niversary of being incorporated. The City
has asked the 1st Masonic District to part-
ner with them during this celebration. The
City recognizes the significance of the Ma-
sonic presence and contributions and the
expertise that the Fraternity has with time
capsules, cornerstone and plaque design and
the ceremonies involved that mark such a
historical occasion.
The 1st Masonic District has met with
Lorenz “Lo” Walker, Mayor of Bossier City,
along with his administrative staff, in prepa-
ration for this joint effort. The City plans to
hold events and activities during the entire
year to highlight the 100th birthday celebra-


Promoting Masonry
Abe Hinson Lodge No. 472 wanted to promote Masonry in their
area and came up with the idea of a yard sign as demonstratedabove by W: W. A. Morris,
PM. 100 signs were purchased and were resold in about 3 weeks. One member gave a sign
to each member present at one meeting. The signs make excellent gifts for someone who
has done something special for a lodge such as being a speaker, cooking, making a repair,
etc. Signs will be available at $5 each plus Shipping and Handling. If S & H is
involved the cost is about $15 for a minimum or 5 signs. Anyone interested in purchasing
the signs may contact W: Morris at or phone (318)-445-1081.
The idea began as a funraising opportunity. With the minimal cost of only $5.00 per
sign, it did not generate much profit. It has, however, generated a positive promotion for
Masonry in the area.

W: W A Morris-PM holding
the Masonic Message

A Definition of Freemasonry
Pete Normand, 33° Editor, The Plumbline
The Scottish Rite Research Society has sonic Encyclopedia. A copy of that single-
received a number of articles in which the volume work should be in every Masonic
authors include their won definitions of Lodge, in every Masonic Library, and in the
Freemasonry. One of these articles even home of every American Freemason. Coil’s
went so far as to boldly state that Freema- definition of Freemasonry includes ten parts,
sonry has ‘no definition in circulation.” This, which I will treat separately.
of course, provided the opening for that au- Any organization, whether appendant or
thor to offer his own. affiliated with Freemasonry, can be mea-
Now certainly, a healthy examination of sured against this ten-part definition to de-
the basic elements of Freemasonry is some- termine whether it is a “Masonic” organi-
thing that we should always encourage. It zation, or one of the many non-Masonic af-
is, after all, what Masonic research organi- filiated organizations. At the same time,
zations do, or should do. But let us at least members of Masonic rites and orders can
give credit where credit is due. Definitions compare each part of the definition to the
of Freemasonry are very much ‘in circula- customs and practices of the Masonic de-
tion,’ and have been for centuries. Some grees to which they belong.
better than others. But to suggest that Free- 1. Freemasonry is an oath-bound fra-
masons don’t have a definition of Freema- ternal order of men. Freemasonry is a fra-
sonry is not only wrong, but it is a means ternity, first and foremost. I’ve known Ma-
used by some to redefine it as something sons that could not even give this most
that it never was, and never should be. simple of explanations. Further, the fact that
This rush to offer new and different defi- it is a men’s fraternity, and not a mixed so-
nitions of Freemasonry may be the result of cial club, is one of the most important as-
too many members who simply don’t know pects of describing Freemasonry. Freema-
what Freemasonry is. It is as if they cannot sonry provides a wholesome environment
see the forest for all the trees. Or, it may be where good men can gather and enjoy the
the result of too many members who con- company and brotherhood of other good
fuse the many non-Masonic affiliated orga- men.
nizations with Freemasonry. 2. Freemasonry derives from the me-
The benign practice of calling an orga- dieval fraternity of operative Freema-
nization “Masonic” simply because it is sons. This part of the definition answers
sponsored by Freemasonry or has Masonic the question, “Where did Freemasonry come
membership prerequisites has created a con- from?” The Freemasons of the middle ages
fusion among our own members so that were so-called because they were free men,
many are no longer able to distinguish the and worked in freestone. Scottish Lodges
clear difference between Masonic rites and began accepting non-operatives during the
orders on the one hand, and the many non- 1630’s, and the practice increased through-
Masonic affiliated organizations on the out the British Isles during the seventeenth
other. A good definition of Freemasonry, and century.
therefore a “Masonic Body’, as a rule of 3. Freemasonry adheres to many of the
thumb or acid test would be very useful. Ancient Charges, laws, customs, and leg-
The great Masonic encyclopedist, Henry ends of the operative Freemasons. Many
Wilson Coil, 33°, provided a good working of the ancient practices, customs and usages
definition of Freemasonry in his Coil’s Ma- continued on page 43
A Definition of Freemasonry cont’d
from page 42:
of the fraternity have been carefully handed 7. Freemasonry has secret modes of
down to us from our operative forebears, and recognition that permit members to rec-
it is our duty to see that they are carefully ognize one another as Freemasons. The
preserved. modes of recognition are one of the more
4. Freemasonry is loyal to the civil ubiquitous practices of Freemasonry. Indeed,
government under which it exists. Al- there is little evidence to support the notion
though individual Freemasons may rebel that the operatives used grips and words of
against the state, the fraternity itself does recognition. Coil states that they are prob-
not concern itself with plots and conspira- ably of late development. Nevertheless,
cies, in spite of what the paranoid conspiracy since the early eighteenth century, they have
theorists may claim. During the Age of been a defining characteristic of Freema-
Revolution, many patriots-Washington, sonry and Masonic rites and degrees.
Franklin, Bolivar, Miranda, Hidalgo, Marti, 8. Freemasons meet in lodges, gov-
Garibaldi, Austin, Houston and others-were erned somewhat autocratically by a Mas-
Freemasons. But whereas rebellion or dis- ter, assisted by Wardens. In higher de-
loyalty is not a Masonic offense, these re- grees, these lodges are called chapters,
main the action of the individual and not of councils, consistories, conclaves, etc., but
the fraternity. operate in the same fashion. The term
5. Freemasonry inculcates moral and “lodge” is inherited from the operative Free-
social virtues by symbolic application of masons, who met in lodges where the also
the stonemason’s working tools and by ate and slept. Coil points out that the lodge
allegories, lectures and charges. This business, although conducted according to
practice, as much as any other part of the rules, bylaws and grand lodge regulations,
definition, describes ‘what Freemason do.’ is nevertheless governed by a Master who
In additions to being a fraternity of men has far more parliamentary power in con-
deriving from and adhering to the customs ducting the business of the lodge than the
of the medieval Freemasons, Freemasonry presiding officer of a non-Masonic body.
is a teaching order-an educational institu- Parliamentary law in Masonic lodge is not
tion-and utilizes the working tools and al- governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, but by
legories in its degrees to teach its lessons a much older set of customs and practices.
and virtues to its members. 9. Freemasonry requires a thorough
6. Freemasonry obligates its members examination into the mental, moral and
to observe principles of brotherly love, physical qualifications of a petitioner.
equality, mutual aid, secrecy and confi- Freemasonry is not for every man. It does
dence. It is these elements of the Masonic not take bad men and make them good.
obligation that bind the members of the fra- Rather, it takes only good men and makes
ternity to one another. Members are obli- them better. It therefore requires a belief in
gated to assist one another, to pray for one Deity. An atheist cannot be bound by any
another, to keep one another’s secrets and oath or obligation. Further, there have al-
those of the fraternity, to support one an- ways been mental and educational standards
other in times of distress, and to whisper that a petitioner must meet. An illiterate
good counsel to one another and warn each man cannot be made a Freemason any more
other of approaching danger. In short, we than a cat can be taught to sing. There would
are not just taught and encouraged to be good be no use attempting to teach our social and
friends to one another, rather we take sol- moral lessons to a man that does not have
emn vows to do so and are therefore obli- the capacity to learn them or understand
gated to do so. These obligations are what them.
make us Freemasons and separate us from continued on page 46
A Definition of Freemasonry cont’d
from page 37:

10. Freemasonry admits men into the that permit members to recog-
fraternity in secret ceremonies based in nize on another as Freemasons;
part on old legends of the Craft. Every and whose members meet in
Apprentice, when he is entered into the fra- lodges, governed somewhat auto-
ternity, is required to take an obligation that cratically by a Master, assisted by
he will not divulge the secrets of Freema- Wardens; where petioners, after
sonry. The secrets of Freemasonry have al- enquiry into their mental, moral
ways included the ritualistic work and the and physical qualifications, are
private business of the lodge. admitted into the fraternity in se-
Increasingly, over the last 20 years or so, cret ceremonies based in part on
many misguided individuals within the fra- old legends of the Craft.
ternity have considered it chic or sophisti-
cated to disregard their obligations and to
announce that “Freemasonry has no se- This article was originally published in The
Plumbline Summer 2006 Volume 14, No. 2 , the
crets,” thereby pretending that this frees
quarterly bulletin of the Scottish Rite Research So-
them from the obligations. Others have, in ciety. Pierre G. “Pete” Normand is the Editor of
a twist of illogic, found that, since the mods the publication.
of recognition and rituals of Freemasonry Pete Normand is a Past Master of Sul Ross
have already been exposed, either in eigh- Lodge No. 1300 and St. Alban’s Lodge No. 1455
teenth-century exposures, or in bootlegged in College Station, Texas. He is also a Past Mas-
rituals appearing on the internet, the secrets ter and Fellow of Texas Lodge of Research. He is
are therefore no longer “secret,” thereby the Director of Work of the Houston Scottish Rite
and has served on the Board of the Scottish Rite
convincing themselves that they are excused
Research Society since its formation.
from the Masonic obligations. All have acted SRRS
dishonorably in doing so. Freemasons do not 1733 Sixteenth Street NW
reveal the secrets of Freemasonry because Washington, DC 20009-3103
they promised the would not.
This then is Coil’s ten-part definition of
Freemasonry is an oath-bound
fraternal order of men; deriving
from the medieval fraternity of
operative Freemasons; adhering to
many of their Ancient Charges,
laws, customs and legends; loyal to
the civil government under which
it exists; inculcating moral and so-
cial virtues by symbolic application
of the stonemasons’ working tools
and by allegories, lectures and
charges; obligating its members to
observe principles of brotherly
love, equality, mutual aid, se-
crecy and confidence; which
has secret modes of recognition

Masonic Calendar-Events
January 20th
Grand Lodge Board Meeting Alexandria
January 20th
York Rite Workshop Alexandria
January 27th-30th
Annual Grand Lodge Communication New Orleans
February 1st-3rd
Grand Lodge of Arkansas Little Rock
February 12th-14th
Grand Lodge of Mississippi Jackson
February 17th-21st
Grand Masters Conference Portland
February 24th
Master Mason of the Year-Monroe Scottish Rite Monroe
March 10th-13th
Grand Chapter of RAM
Grand Council of Cryptic Masons Alexandria
March 10th
Crowville Lodge Fish Fry Crowville
March 27th-29th
Grand Lodge of Tennessee Nashville
March 25th-28th
Grand Chapter OES Baton Rouge
April 21st
Grand Lodge Board Meeting Alexandria
April 21st-24th
Grand Commandery K.T. Houma
May 12th
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Silent Brotherhood Lodge #146 Coushatta
June 8th-9th
Grand Assembly of Rainbow for Girls Baton Rouge
June 15th-17th
Civil War re-enactment St. Francisville
June 21st
Grand Lodge Board Meeting Alexandria
The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357 Permit No. 920

2006-07 OFFICERS
Clayton J. Borne, III, Grand Master
S. Bruce Easterly, Deputy Grand Master
Lloyd E. Hennigan, Jr., Grand Senior Warden
J.F. “Jeff” Webb, Jr., Grand Junior Warden
A. Ray McLaurin, Grand Treasurer
James M. Walley, P.G.M., Grand Treasurer “Emeritus”
Roy B. Tuck, P.G.M.-Grand Secretary
Lloyd A. Hebert, Grand Chaplain
Daniel B. Alexander, Asst. Grand Chaplain
Doyle Freeman, Grand Marshal
Henry F. Thibodaux, Jr., Grand Senior Deacon
Warren A. Hintz, Jr., Grand Junior Deacon
Clayton J. Borne, IV, Grand Sword Bearer
H. Edward Durham, Grand Pursuivant
Woody D. Bilyeu, Grand Standard Bearer
Al E. Franks, Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
John C. Butterick, Assoc. Grand Photographer
Dr. Eric C. Hahn, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., Grand Physician