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The Louisiana


M: W: H. Edward Durham
Grand Master of Masons
The Louisiana Cover

Publication of The Grand Lodge of the State of Loui-
siana, F & A.M., 5800 Masonic Drive, Alexandria,
Louisiana 71301. Published quarterly for members
of Lodges in Louisiana. U.S. rate only. Mailed
‘Non-Profit Organization’ third class, prepaid at
Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The LOUISIANA FREEMASON will accept unso-
licited articles, with the right to edit, and use when
space permits. Articles and pictures become the The Most Worshipful Grand
property of the magazine. Authors are requested to
sign articles and include their name, address, phone
Master, H Edward Durham, graces
number and, if a member, the name of their Masonic the cover of this issue. He and his
Lodge. Articles that are printed do not necessarily Lady, Karen, look forward to serv-
reflect the views of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana.
Address Changes should be sent to the Lodge
ing our Fraternity.
Secretary who will notify the Grand Secretary on
the proper form. DO NOT send changes of address A sincere thank you to our
to the Louisiana Freemason. Send all email, mail and members that submitted articles.
/or material for consideration for publication in the
Louisiana Freemason to: Communication is vital to the health of
any institution, especially this of ours.
W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor Thank you for promoting the labor
105 Bayhills Dr., of your Lodges and supporting your
Benton, LA 71006 publication.


Committee To Supervise INSIDE THIS ISSUE

Publication of the
Grand Master’s Message Page 3

W: Steven A. Pence, P.M. Editor (362) Amos, What Seest Thou? Page 4
105 Bay Hills Dr.
Benton, LA 71006
by W: Bro CB Griggs
W: Wiley G. Bell III, P.M.-Chairman (398)
99 Bayou Robert Road Lessons of Masonry Page 6
Alexandria, LA 71302
M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III, P.G.M. (P.U.1)
by W: Bro Fred Bath
433 Metairie Rd., Suite 100
Metairie, LA 70005 Library/Museum Corner Page 8
W: Richard D. Mahoney, PM (246)
P O Box 369
by Jeff Maynor
W: Naresh Sharma, PM (47)
19414 Creekround Ave Lodge News Page 10
Baton Rouge, LA 70817

Laughter Page 46
by Carl Claudy

It is with the utmost humility that I ac-
cept the responsibilities you have reposed
in me as Grand Master. I look forward to
working with each of you with the goal of
bringing our great fraternity back to the
place of prominence, we once enjoyed.
Our society has changed so much in the
last 20-30 years it is hardly recognizable, our
Fraternity has not kept up with the changing
winds of time. Our membership is aging, our
buildings are aging, our regalia is aging, just
about every thing about us is aging except
our message. The message of Freemasonry
is as relevant today as it was 300 years ago.
H. Edward Durham
God is the Father of us all, the Great Archi-
Grand Master
tect of all that is, and all that has ever been;
State of Louisiana
and we are All Brothers in this quest for the
light and the understanding of our place in
this Great Universe.
Brethren, I fear our MASTER'S WORD IS LOST! It is a landmark that the
first and greatest light in Masonry, The Holy Bible, be placed upon our altar,
and at every occasion be opened to be a rule and guide to our labors. In this
current society, the Word of God has been removed from our Schools, our Court
Rooms and almost every aspect of our daily life. Legend has it that the Masons
once preserved the Word by hiding them in columns and caves. I feel it is in-
cumbent upon us to again protect God's Word by using it in our Lodge meet-
ings, listening with an attentive ear and depositing it in our hearts. As my first
official act, I am issuing a Strong Directive that will require the Chaplin or other
qualified member in the Lodge to read a passage from the Great Light in Ma-
sonry, as the first order of Business, after the lodge is opened. The Grand Chap-
lin will issue a list of suggested readings, on a monthly basis; or your Lodge
Chaplin may select passages of his choice. The books of Wisdom of Solomon
(Proverbs and Ecclesiastes) would be a good place to start. It would be my
desire that this simple act of using the Holy Bible as the rule and guide to our
faith and practice would become so pervasive and so informative as to become
a way of life in every one of our Lodges. The word of GOD never results in a
void, so I am confident every man and every Lodge, participating, will benefit.
Today we live in a world of instant communication, instant information, and
instant gratification. When many of us were growing up the height of communi-
cation was a party line telephone. Then came a private line, then black and white
television, then color television, and then cell phones. Today most of us carry a
mini-computer that has a phone included. The “world wide web”, Satellite trans-
“Amos, What Seest Thou?
(as I see ‘em)
C. B. Griggs, PM
mos, what seest thou? A simple question, but it has gotten vari-

A ous answers as I have asked that question many times to new-

ly made Masons, as well as older Masons. Some times I was told,
“uhh, nothing”. Other times I have gotten a satisfactory answer.
So, at the end of this composition, we might have a satisfactory answer.
So, lets see just who Amos was, to whom was he speaking, and who was
speaking to Amos. Amos was first, a man of God, and a shepherd. He was called
to prophesy to the King of Israel, the Northern Kingdom, though he was of the
Southern kingdom, or Judah. He confessed that he was not a prophet, nor even
a prophets son. But he accepted his call from God to do that. His prophesy was
to King Jeroboam , telling him what God was going to do to the Nations that
had mistreated Israel, which was well received, but he
told the King of Israel what God was planning to do to
Israel for their disobedience to Him. This was not well
received, and he was asked to go back to his country, the
Southern Kingdom. He refused to leave and continued
to warn the King. May I add here, check your Rule and
Guide, the Holy Bible, you will find the Kingdom of Israel had been seceded
from the original 12 tribes of Israel for approximately 200 years, and had not
had a single King known as a good king. That is, one who found favor with
God. So, the need for the prophet was great. The height of Amos’s prophecy,
by most theologians, is said to be when Amos told the King to let Justice roll
on like a river and Righteousness like a never failing stream. In other words,
there should be no injustice; but justice should be as regular and unfailing as
the laws of gravity, (my interpretation of Amos 5:24) that is, a natural act.
But, in my opinion, the apex of Amos’s prophecy comes in the 7th Chapter, in
which Amos sees in a vision from God, His plan to bring a devastation on Israel
by allowing swarms of locusts to destroy the crops, after the King had gotten his
share. Amos interceded for Israel, and asked God to not do it, because Israel will
not recover. God’s answer was, “It will not happen”. I will pass them by. Again,
God showed Amos a vision of Israel being destroyed by fire, again he interceded,
asking God not to do it. Again, God said, “It will not happen”, I will pass them
by. Again, God showed Amos a vision, as recorded in Amos 7:7 and the Lord
asked me, Amos, what seest thou?, and I said , “a plumbline”. (at this point, when
Amos answered correctly, God knew that Amos knew the purpose and use of a
plumbline. As we also know, to try perpendiculars. Then God said, I will set a
plumbline in the midst of my people Israel, and I will not again pass them by.
It is important to notice at this point, He makes 2 promises. One, I will place a
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plumbline in the midst of my people Israel, and I will not again pass them by.
Just what did He say? To make it a little easier, my interpretation is, He
said he would place a device among his people Israel, this device would show
them what He expected His people to do; how to walk and act uprightly in
their several stations in life. Need I say more? This was a promise. But note
He made two promises. He would not pass them by any more. Or, maybe a sim-
pler way to say it, I will come down there myself and show you. After then, you
will be held accountable for your behavior. Remember, that is a promise, too
And so He did. In due time, He did send His Son to come among us, as a
man like us and in due time He was accepted as the Son of God, and as the
promised Messiah. In His ministry on earth among His people, He made so
many promises. You know them, we won’t dwell upon , but we will point out
a few. I AM THE WAY, being one of them Just think of the I AM’s He prom-
ised us. He has so many names, as, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Bright
and Morning Star, the Good Shepherd, and many more.
To our own Patron Saint, John the Baptist, He was the
Lamb of God. What a prophecy, and a sacrificial one at
that. To our other Patron Saint, John the Evangelist , He
was “THE ONE, and to God Himself, at the Transfigura-
tion, He was, My Son, in whom I am well pleased, Listen
to Him” To me He is the Perfect Perpetual Perpendicu-
lar. I hope you the reader can accept that definition. When we do this, and let
the intersection of Him meet the level of our lives, we have the perfect square,
which we proudly wear as our emblem. I realize this does not mention the com-
passes, but I have thoughts on the compasses also. Maybe we can get that later.
Now how does that relate to us as Masons? Using our working tools,
let us begin with the Square. We are told that a Square is an angle of 90 de-
grees, or the fourth of a circle. We can only find a perfect square by the intersec-
tion of the perfect and perpetual perpendicular with the eternal level. Remember,
the square is 90 degrees, not 89.999, which is fine for man’s uses. Remember
we as Masons speak of the perfect square. This is found in the plumbline that
was set in our midst, , in which we provide the level. How do we meet? How
do we act? How do we part, to our several areas of our community? When
these two are present, we have the basis for the symbol of our fraternity. The
Square. The square is composed of the plumb, and a level, and really tells us
who we are, and whose we are . Don’t be ashamed of it, but be aware of it. It
tells us much. But also remember Amos. His pleadings for mercy made it pos-
sible to have access to that house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.
Thus ends the story of Amos and the plumbline, which he presented to the people
of Israel, and to us today It ends when you and I allow, or do not allow that plumbline,
that Perfect Perpetual Perpendicular to govern our actions, thoughts, and deeds.
C. B. Griggs, PM
Cadeville Lodge #229
Lessons Of Masonry
W: Bro Fred Bath
ave you ever wondered if there was some lesson or meaning you missed

H when you took your first degree? Think about it for a minute. I’m sure
there were actually times when you did wonder if there was more you
were supposed to learn.
Have you ever heard the old definition of Masonry “We take good men and
make them better” and wondered what the heck that
really means? Most everyone just takes that phrase
at face value.
However, there are deeper meanings that are hid-
den in each Ritual that we are supposed to explore. If
all you remember (for the most part) is what was said
to you during your initiation, then there is a lot more
to learn. If you were asked, what were the lessons of
the first degree, would you be able to answer?
Would you be able to remember what Masonic se-
crets were imparted during that first degree? Most
Masons would have a real problem with that ques-
tion. We know what some of the obvious meanings
in the EA Ritual are, but what are some of the hidden
We spend way too much time agonizing over getting new members into
Lodge and not near enough time teaching the lessons of Masonry along with
the spiritual and moral implications of them.
Learning the Ritual is all well and good, but they are only words without mean-
ing if you don’t understand what they are trying to teach you.
Before we can explore the meanings of any of our Rituals, we must first under-
stand what Masonry really is, or is supposed to be. We are told that Masonry is a
“system of morality, veiled in allegory, and illustrated by symbols.” Again, what
the heck does THAT really mean?
Actually this is the most accurate, most beautiful, and the most comprehensive
definition of Masonry in as few words as has ever been given.
When it is broken down into its several parts, it becomes clearer: It truly is a
System. It is not just a hodge-podge of rules, maxims, and precepts thrown to-
gether without order or design.
It is a system of Morality. Morality is the “doctrine of the right and wrong in
human conduct”.
It is veiled in Allegory. An allegory is a story that has a deeper or more general
meaning in addition to its surface meaning. It is illustrated by Symbols. What
might be otherwise unintelligible in the allegory is made plain by the symbols
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Lessons of Masonry:
accompanying it.
Therefore, in plain words, Masonry is a clear and orderly program of instruc-
tion in living your life in a moral and spiritual way, and the use of words, phrases,
and symbols are used to identify and understand the more profound and deeper
lessons that are not as readily seen on the surface.
The reality is that Masonry is many things. It is different things to different
For some, it is only a weekly or monthly gathering of friends and Brothers to
share good fellowship and a meal. For others, it is only performing in the Ritual
and teaching and training new members in the memory work. For some, it is
only attending business meetings of the Lodge or being involved in the charitable
works of the Lodge and the Fraternity. For still others, it is only becoming an of-
ficer of their Lodge and helping to direct its activities.
But, for many Masons, it is all of these things. But Masonry is really meant to
be a philosophy of life.
Now you might ask, what is a philosophy? If you look up the word philosophy
in the dictionary, you will find that philosophy is:
1. The love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-dis-
2. The investigation of the nature, causes, or principles of reality, knowledge,
or values, based on logical reasoning rather than empirical methods.
3. The critical analysis of fundamental assumptions or beliefs.
4. It is a system of values by which one lives.
So, there you have it; those four definitions of philosophy sound a whole lot
like four definitions of Masonry, don’t they?
Masonry is intended to be a philosophy and a way of living one’s life. It is
not intended that a man be initiated, passed, and raised and then stop seeking
It is intended that the search for knowledge be more zealous as one progresses
through the degrees and continues throughout his life.
Masonry is meant to provide among other things the means to answer the three
questions that every man has asked or will ask at some point in his life.
Those questions, simply put, are:
1. Where did I come from?
2. What is my purpose here?
3. Where am I going?
What makes a man a Mason? From a ritualist point of view, some will say
the obligation. However, in today’s world of information technology, you can
find out just about anything you want to know from the TV or the internet. Just
because a man may know how to operate his TV remote and he learns from the
History Channel, the signs, grips and may know some or all the words, it doesn’t
make him a Mason.
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The Grand Lodge Masonic Cemetery located at 400 City Park Avenue,
New Orleans, LA, has three sites on the premises of Cemetery 2 of the Grand
Lodge Masonic Cemetery. Each columbarium originally had 24 cremation
niches on each side for a total of 48 niches for each columbarium. Choice of
cremation niches are available for purchase on a first come, first serve basis.
As it is a Masonic cemetery, the purchaser must be either a Mason or the
wife, child, parent, grandchild, grand-parent, brother or sister of a Mason.
The price for each niche is $1,500.00. The purchase package price includes
a bronze niche plate indicating the name of the person to be interred in said
niche and the birth year date.
The Cemetery Sexton, Alfortish Enterprises, Inc., will process the sale of
all columbarium niches. Their office telephone number is: 504-393-2026.
Brother Harold Moore has a mausoleum vault at the Grand Lodge Masonic
Cemetery, that he would like to sell. The cemetery is full and no additional vaults
are available. He asked if a notice could be placed in the magazine to assist him in
this endeavor. Bro Moore, a member of William D White Lodge #408-Gretna, can
be reached at at (985) 871-6762 or emailing him at

The Masonic Library/Museum Corner

Greetings from your Masonic Library/Museum! Things have remained busy
with the continuous influx of materials generously provided by Louisiana Lodges,
members, and Appendant bodies. It is our hope in future issues to use this space
to bring you some of the stories that surround the historic, remarkable, and some-
times just plain odd items that are held in the Library/Museum’s collection.
The chief asset of the Library/Museum is, of course, the books, manuscripts
and records that make up the bulk of the collection. These materials run the gamut
from local Louisiana Lodge histories, to treatises on Masonic Philosophy, to bi-
ographies of famous Freemasons, and range in date from 2012 all the way back
to 1769.
In order to aide researchers, scholars, and the members of the Louisiana Ma-
sonic Family in locating materials held by the Library/Museum Foundation, an
online catalog has been developed, and is continually being update as new materi-
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Grand Master’s Message:
mitters, and Wireless “hot spots” interconnect all these mini-computers. Informa-
tion is no farther away than that phone in your pocket or on your side. The 21st
Century has become the era of instant information manipulation. The time has
come for us to embrace it and use it to make our task easier. I am asking each con-
stituent Lodge in Louisiana to begin to communicate with the Grand Lodge via
Email and Electronic filing of reports. I would like to see each Lodge begin work-
ing toward having a “web page” as a means to provide information to the public,
proper to be written. I ask that someone in the Lodge, whether Secretary, Worship-
ful Master, or someone else, register a valid email address with the Grand Lodge.
This will enable us to communicate current and changing information to you on a
timely basis. I assure you, your email will be used for business purposes only and
will not be sold or shared with any other body, with out your express permission.
As we proceed through the coming year I look forward to maintain-
ing peace and harmony among our Lodges and among the brethren.
I ask each of you to do the same. I ask each of you to present the decorum
and dignity that has for ages caused great men to seek out our Fraterni-
ty. I ask that you keep telling our story, telling why you are a Mason, telling
what it means to you to be a Mason. Telling the story to all who will listen.
Again, Thank You, for the confidence you have reposed in me, and I pledge to
do all I can to warrant your esteem.
Sincerely and fraternally,
H. Edward Durham
Grand Master 2013-2014

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Library/Museum Corner:
als are acquired.
The catalog can be accessed at,
and includes a powerful search function, cross references to help you find associ-
ated documents, and keywords to help identify themes across multiple works.
If, for example, you are interested in Masonic oratory you could search for the
keyword “oration” and pull up a listing of all the published orations held in the
collection, which include speeches by Louisiana luminaries such as L.E. Thomas
and J. Chris Nungessar, and national figures including Albert Pike and Theodore
Roosevelt. Another great way to look for materials is by the “tags” which are
used to describe materials by subject. For example, is you click the tag for Perfect
Union #1, you find that the Library/Museum has eleven publications related to
Perfect Union Lodge including a copy of the 1795 Regulations from the Grand
Lodge of South Carolina.
If you have any questions regarding the Library/Museum collection please
contact the archivist, Ms. Sally Sinor, at either or 318-443-
Jeff Maynor, Chairman
Grand Lodge Library/Museum & Archives Committee
Fidelity Award
M.W.: Bro Dr. I.C. Turnley, Jr.,
M.D., PGM., was honored as the first
recipient of the O K Allen Lodge
#33 Fidelity Award. Bro. Turnley of-
fered brief remarks about the success
of Masonry because of the fine men
who comprise this beloved institution.
L:R - M: W: Bro Turnley, M: W: Bro Lloyd Hen-
nigan, PGM and W: Bro W Bryan Price

Honesty & Integrity Awards
Two high school students were honored by the Lodge during the Hon-
esty & Integrity Award Program. The recipients are Marissa Schmitt, from
Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies and Mitchell Manguno, from John
Curtis Christian School. W: Bro Clifton F. Frilot presented a brief history
of Masonry and the importance of honoring students that display charac-
teristics of honesty and integrity in their daily lives. Presentation of the Hon-
esty & Integrity certificates and keys were made by W: Mike Parfait, WM.

L:R - W: Bro Clifton Frilot, Mitchell Manguno, Marissa Schmitt and W: Michael J Parfait, WM

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge, located in Jefferson, held its annual Honesty & Integrity Award
Night. W: Bobby J Malbrough, WM, served as Master of Ceremonies and
gave an outstanding tribute outlining the recipients’ achievements. The re-
cipients were presented beautifully framed certificates, keys and a checks.

L:R - W: Bobby Malbrough, WM, Saige Eastin-John Curtis High, Prakash Akula-John Curtis High
and Eric Rodriguez-Hahnville High. Not shown: Maijia Jenkins-Hahnville High

BAKER #441
Honesty & Integrity Awards
The Lodge held its annual Honesty and Integrity Awards for our area high school
students. W: Bro Rory Bozeman gave a brief description of Masonry and Shriners
activities in the community. W: Wesley J Ory, WM talked about the importance of
Honesty and Integrity as a way of life and presented the students with their Certifi-
cates. Prior to the meeting a delicious meal was enjoyed by those in attendance.

L:R - Alissa Phillips, Victoria Lewis, Derek Wooden, Kylie Bozeman and Katie Green

Award Night
Members of the Lodge held an awards night recently naming Bro Whit-
ney J “Cornbread” Bourque, Jr., Mason Of The Year. for 2012. Bro Bourque
was recognized for his outstanding behind the scenes service as well as
his help, aid and assist for anyone in distress, especially a Brother Mason.
The Lodge also presented Bro Amos Curry with the Fidelity Award. Bro
Curry, 94 years young, was raised in 1948. Bro Curry’s brother E J Curry has
58 years with the Fraternity and their nephew Bro Jared Curry has 16 years.

L:R - W: Eugene F Aman-WM, W: Bro Blaise W

Smith-PM Sect’y, Cornbread Bourque and Mr
Joe Duck, Bro Bourque’s supervisor.

L:R - Bro E J Curry, Bro Amos Curry (seated)

and Bro Jared Curry.

MARRERO #479 With 41 members present at the 15th

Traveling Gavel Masonic District Lodge meeting, Mar-
rero Lodge won the Traveling Gavel
Award for most members in atten-
dance. M: W: Frank N duTreil-Grand
Master was also in attendance and
assisted in making the presentation.

L:R - W: Danny Rodrigue-WM Satints John

Lodge, W: John Combal-WM Marrero Lodge
and M: W: Frnk duTreil-GM

Honesty & Integrity Awards

L:R - W: Scott Turner-WM, Amanda Martel, Kaylin Alleman, Atticus Scout Fee and Bro Judge
“Chip” Moore.
At a stated communication of the Lodge, located in Zachary, three Zachary High
School Juniors were presented with the Honesty and Integrity Awards for their en-
deavors to being upright, moral students. W: R Scott Turner-WM presented Atticus
Scout Fee, Kaylin Lee Alleman, and Amanda Marie Martel each with a key fob, $75
gift card, and the Honesty and Integrity Certificate. The speaker and co-presenter
was Bro. Honorable Richard "Chip" Moore, 19th Judicial District Court Judge.

50-Year Certificate
During a stated communication of
the Lodge, W: Jeffery S Haley-WM,
with the assistance from M: W: Bro J.
F. “Jeff” Webb-PGM, presented Bro
Glyn Norvel Haley with his 50 Year
Certificate, lapel pin and credentials.
Brother Haley is a plural member
at Vinton Lodge # 364 and Madison
Lodge #126 located in Orange, Texas.
L:R - M: W: Bro Jeff Webb-PGM, Brother Glyn
Haley and W: Jeff Haley-WM.

Honesty & Integrity Night

L:R - W: Christopher M Lee-WM, Madeline Wheelahan, W: Bro Carey C Allison, Nathan

Antee and W: Bro James A Allen-PM Sect’y
At a special communication of the Lodge, located in Taylortown, the lodge
honored two high school juniors from Parkway High, with the Honesty and
Integrity Award. The recipients were Madeline Wheelahan and Nathan An-
tee. W: Bro Carey Allson was the guest speaker and chairman of the event.
FELLOWSHIP #217 During a regular meeting of the
25-Year Certificate Lodge, located in Boyce, W: Bro
Goeorge “Bud” Holman-DGL 9th Dis-
trict took the opportunity to present
W: Henry T “Buck” Turner-WM with
his 25 Year Membership Certificate.
W: Turner has plural membership
with Oliver Lodge #84 in Alexandria,
but due to his work schedule, was un-
able to receive the recognition at Oli-
ver Lodge. W: William E “Ed” Irwin
asked W: Bro Holman to present the
certificate on behalf of Oliver Lodge.
L:R - W: Bro Bud Holman-DGL and W: Buck

St. JAMES #47
Special Recognition
During the Lodge’s annual Past Masters Night, the members took the opportunity
to honor W: Bro Charles Lenton “Chief” Sartain. W: Bro Sartin, the senior Past Master,
was recognized for his many contributions to the Fraternity and community during
his long varied career, including establishing the Acacia Fraternity Chapter at LSU.
W: Bro Sartain was presented with a framed photo of his installation from 1962
with a listing of the officers from 1962 and the officers from 2012. Bro Oscar Soi-
leau then presented W: Bro Sartain with a BDU jacket from W: Bro Sartain's WWII
unit in honor of his remarkable service during WWII and especially on D-Day.
Notable guests for the evening included M:W: Frank N duTreil-
Grand Master, M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard-PGM, M: W: Bro Wil-
liam H Brown-PGM, M: W: Bro B J “Bev” Guillot-PGM, Ill. Ron-
ald J Seale-Sovereign Grand Commander AASR-SJ, Don Solanas-Past
President of Acacia International and several Past Masters from area lodges

L:R - W: Bro Lenton Sartain, Bro Shane Marchand, W: Turhan Ak-WM and M: W: Frank duTreil-GM.

Honesty & Integrity Program
Blazing Star Lodge, located in Port Allen presented two local high school
juniors with the Honesty and Integrity Award. The recipients were Bliss Har-
dy and Lindsey McElhatten. Assisting W: Gary T Bueche-WM with the pre-
sentations was W: Bro Ralph Danny Smith-DDGM 13th Masonic District.

L:R - W: Gary Bueche-WM, Bliss Hardy, Lindsey Mcelhatten and W: Bro Danny Smith-DDGM

Achievement Awards

Grand Lodge Achievement Awards, earned in 2011, were presented by the Grand Master at
the 14th Masonic District Lodge meeting, hosted by Varnado Lodge No. 461, on October 21,
2012. Pictured above L:R - R:W: Roger D. Hendrix, DDGM 14 th District, W: Bro. Allen
Arellano, WM Covington Lodge No. 188, W: Bro Lawrence L. Labry, III, Slidell Lodge No.
311, W: Bro Marvin L. Cook, Ocean-Orleans Lodge No. 144, & DGL. for the 14th District,
M:W: Frank N. du Treil, Jr., Grand Master, and W: Michael W. Lang, Pine Lodge No. 264.
Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - R: W: Ed Durham-DGM, Shelby Hebert, Blane Calhoun and W: Bro Andy Bing
The Lodge held its annual Honesty & Integrity awards ceremony honoring two local
high school students. The recipients were Ms. Shelby Hebert and Mr Blane Calhoun.
The Guest Speaker for the evening was R: W: H Edward Durham-DGM , who
gave a very informative and impressive talk about the principles and morals of
masonry, also on the principles and important moral qualities of Honesty and In-
tegrity. R: W: Durham, with the assistance of W: Bro A drew Bing presented the
students certificates, keys and Bibles.


Achievement Award
During the Lodge’s first Friend
to Friend Night of the year, W: Ed-
ward F Pratt-WM took the opportu-
nity to present Mrs. (Alva) Edward
Michael Ironsmith with her late hus-
band’s 2011 Achievement Award.
W: Bro Mike Ironsmith passed away
on January 17, 2012 after a courageous
battle with cancer. After retiring with
the rank of Major from the USAF, Mike
spent 25 years as a teacher with Caddo
Parish. Mike was a 33° Scottish Rite
Mason, plural member of W H Booth
Lodge, member of the Shreveport
York Rite Bodies, El Karubah Shrine
and OES Broadmoor Chapter #233. L:R - Mrs. Alva Ironsmith and W: Ed Pratt-WM
Honesty & Integrity Program

L:R - W: Bro Andy Bing, Angel Laffitte, Jazmine Armstrong, Haley Burr, R: W: Luther Lee .
W: Bruce W Tedder, Sr. WM stands at the rear of the group.
The Lodge held their annual Honesty and Integrity awards ceremo-
ny to honor three honoring local high school Students. The recipients
were Ms. Jazmine Armstrong, Ms. Haley Burr and Ms. Angel Laffitte.
W. Bro. Andrew Bing introduced R:W: Luther M Lee, Jr.-DDGM 6th Masonic
District, the guest speaker for the evening. Brother Lee gave a informative talk
on the principles of Masonry and aspects the morals of Honesty and Integrity.
R: W: Lee and W: Bro Andrew Bing presented each of the stu-
dents with certificates, H&I Keys and Bibles, on behalf of the Lodge.
Business of the Month
Mrs. Suzan Ardoyne, wife of Bro
Glenn R Ardoyne, took it upon herself
to decorate the Lodge for the Christmas
Holidays. The Franklinton Chamber of
Commerce’s Garden Club awarded the
Lodge as Business of the Month. Suzan
has been instrumental in helping at the
Lodge, decorating for each occasion and
making the Lodge a more welcoming
place for our members and guests. Suzan Ardoyne stands outside the Lodge along
side of the sign designating Franklinton Lodge
“Business of the Month”.

Achievement Awards

L:R - W: Bro Roy L “Lenny” Simmons (2010)

and R: W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM 1st District
During a Stated Communication, R:
W: Ken Fuller-DDGM took the oppor-
L:R - W: Bro Melvin O Fletcher (2011) and R:
tunity to present two Past Masters with
W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM 1st District their respective Achievement Awards.

Achievement - Graduation!!!
A special meeting of the Lodge was held to conduct the Dyslexia Gradua-
tion Exercise honoring the nine young people who have completed the two
year program. M: W: Frank N duTreil-GM was the keynote speaker. Bro The-
odore R Powell-Chairman of the Lodge Dyslexia Program assisted W: Clif-
ton E Stringfield-WM Trinity Union Lodge and M: W: Bro Harold G Ballard-
PGM with making presentations of certificates, trophies and monetary gifts
to the students. There were 117 members, visitors and guests in attendance.

Front Row L:R -Travis Lassard, Noah Rittell, Elexus Wellons, Samantha Bankston, Patsy Raphael,
Logan Longmire, Glenn Hutchinson, Randi Parent and Breann Whittington.
Back Row L:R - Connie Schultz-teacher, M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, Ralph McCrory-Administator
Dyslexia Training Program and Sherry Beard Teacher.
The gift that keeps giving...Forever
The Grand Lodge’s Endowment which economically has insured its stabil-
ity has come from caring brothers’ gifts, which allows for effective annual
contributions, gifts of love and affection in perpetuity or forever.

This can be a relatively easy way to ensure the future of your Fraternity
and as a personal reward, reduce your taxes on your personal estate.

You can even specify the charity you wish to benefit or create a special
endowed fund in your name or in the memory of a loved one or special
brother who meant a great deal to your life.

You have the option to use several efficient vehicles such as an Annuity,
Charitable Gift Annuity, Testamentary Trust, etc. to accomplish your
personal objective.

As an example, you may include a bequest to your Grand Lodge in your

will or simply designate your Brotherhood as a beneficiary of your retirement
fund. Only after your death such a bequest or designation would generate a
5% annual distribution, as represented in this table and would continue your
thoughtful annual contributions and support forever.
We will be happy to provide you or your attorney with sample language.

With a Bequest You can perpetuate an

Of at Least: Annual Never Ending Gift of:
$ 25,000 $1,250
50,000 2,500
75,000 3,750
125,000 6,250

Once established your name or the name of your special designee will be
cast in bronze and permanently displayed at your Grand Lodge

For more information, contact M: W: Clayton J. Borne, III PGM, Direc-

tor of Planned Giving at (504) 834-0274 or email:

Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge was held its annual Honesty and Integrity Program to recognize
four local high school students. R: W: Bro Luther Lee-DDGM 6th District and
W: Bro Fred Sullivan-DGL 6th District assisted in the program and presentations.
Those honored were Kenneth Tyler and Jamie Mills from Lakeview High and
Kelby Cheatwood and Emily Foster from Saline High.

L:R - R: W: Luther M Lee, Jr.-DDGM, Kenneth Tyler, Jamie Mills, Kelby Cheatwood, Emily Foster
and W: Bro Fred M Sullivan-DGL.

GORDY #133
York Rite Gold Honor Award
During a 9th District Lodge meet-
ing, W: Bro Michael C Boone was
surprised with being honored as a York
Rite College Gold Honor Award recip-
ient. Brother Boone has served Gordy
L:R - W: David Langston-WM 9th District, W:
Lodge, located in Lecompte, as Wor- Bro Vernon Atkinson, W: Bro Michael Boone
shipful Master five times and as Sec- and R:W: Mickey Duran-Deputy Grand Master
retary for 21 years. He has also served and Past Governor of the York Rite College #99
the Grand Lodge as District Deputy find Bro Boone, supplying the resourc-
Grand Master. es necessary for guaranteed success.
W: Bro Boone is a person with an The York Rite College’s Gold Hon-
abundance of energy, which serves to or Award is given to Master Masons
motivate those around him. Brother for unselfish and faithful service in any
Boone implemented and continues to branch of Masonry. It is the highest
support the Widow’s Outreach Pro- recognition that can be bestowed on a
gram. He meets and exceeds the needs Mason that is not a member of a Col-
of our widows. lge.
At fund raising activites, you will
Honesty & Integrity Night
The Lodge was held its annual Honesty and Integrity Program to recognize
four local high school students. Those honored were Mason Kay, K McCaus-
lin and Chelsea Rachal of Natchitoches Central and Jacob Murchison of Saint
Mary’s High. Presenting the awards was Sally Sinor, Archivist for the Masonic

L:R - W: Doyle Waddle-WM and the students holding certificates Kay McCauslin, Mason Kay, Chel-
sea Rachal and Jacob Murchison. The students’ respective parents are shown standing at the rear.

Emeritus Award
During the Monroe Scottish Rite’s
Master Mason of the Year program, M:
W: Ed Durham-GM presented W: Bro
C. B. “Buddy” Griggs with an Emeri-
tus Award proclaiming Brother Griggs
as an Emeritus Member of the Grand
Lodge Masonic Education Committee
Buddy has served admirably as Co-
Chairman of this committee for over
14 years and retires to attend to his L:R - M: W: H Edward Durham-Grand Master
dear wife. Brother Griggs is the senior and W: Bro C B “Buddy” Griggs.
Past Master of Cadeville Lodge, having
served in that capacity in 1954.
Special Honors
The Louisiana York Rite College honored Right Eminently Distinguished
Earl Roy Little, Jr., Regent Emeritus. College Governor, M:W: Bro J F “Jeff”
Webb, PGM-Governor declared the meeting “Honor Earl Roy Little Day.”
College Governor Webb, call upon Past Grand Governor and College Secretary,
R.E.D. Allen G. Tidwell, PGM, for remarks stating the many years of accomplish-
ments and invaluable service of Earl Little. in regards to York Rite Masonry and, in
particular, Louisiana York Rite College No. 99. R. E. D. Earl Little was recognized
as the “Founding Father” of Louisiana College No. 99, which was founded in 1985.
In addition to the verbal expressions of gratitude by the Louisiana College mem-
bers, R.E.D. Earl Little was presented with a plaque from the College applauding
his service and dedication to the Louisiana College. He was presented with a
Certificate of Excellence from the York Rite Sovereign College memorializing
his efforts for York Rite Masonry. Also present was the Grand Master of Masons,
M:W: Frank N. du Treil, Jr., who presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Right
Eminently Distinguished Knight Companion Little on behalf of the Grand Lodge.

L:R - Jeff Webb-Governor, Earl L Little, Jr.,

L:R - Earl L Little, Jr. and M: W: Frank N Charles L McCarty-Grand Governor and Allen
duTreil-Grand Master G Tidwell-Past Grand Governor, Secretary


Master Mason of The Year
The Monroe Scottish Rite Bodies
honored W: Bro Bobby Wayne Harlan
at their annual Master Mason of the
Year Award program. With over 100
members, visitors and guests in atten-
dance, Brother Wayne was truly taken L:R - M: W: Bro Woody Bilyeu-PGM, Mary
off guard when the honoree was an- Bilyeu, W: Bro Wayne Harlan and M: W: Ed
nounced. Durham-GM
W: Bro Harlan served as Worshipful Club during the Winn Parish Fair, or-
Master of Eastern Star #151 in 2005. ganizes the cooking for the Monroe
Wayne is well known for his culinary Valley’s two fund raising activites and
skills as he cooks for the High Twelve cooks for several lodge functions.

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Billy E Barnes-Junior Deacon, Jason D. Hurley-Senior Warden, W:
A. Leon Maxey-PM WM, Donald J. Gaines-Junior Warden and W: Bro John T. E. Smith-PM Senior
Steward. Middle Row L:R - S. Blake Brooks-Senior Deacon, Christopher A. Byrd-Treasurer, R: W:
Kenneth R. Fuller-DDGM Installing Master, W: Bro Billy J Smith-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Frederick
J. McAnn-PM Junior Steward and E. Dale Baysinger-Master of Ceremony Back Row L:R - Thomas
C. Strawn-PM Tyler.


2013 Officers L:R - W: Bro Richard L James-PM Treasurer, W: Bro H Blain Clifton-PM Secretary,
W: Bro Jimmy Wallace-PM Chaplain, James D Deeds-Junior Warden, W: Barry G. Bonner-WM,
Jerre A Hurst-Senior Warden, W: Bro W. Basil Sanderson-PM Master of Ceremony, W: Bro Donald
F Howe-PM Junior Steward, Bruce B Bonner-Junior Deacon, W: Bro W. Raymond Lowery-PM Tyler.
Not pictured: W: Bro James O Webb-PM Senior Deacon, Charles G Hamby-Senior Steward and W:
Bro C. Raymond Bonner-PM Lodge Lecturer

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro Adrian K Winham-PM Junior Deacon, W: John R Cunningham-
Worshipful Master, Herman Nash-Master of Ceremony, W: Bro George K Winham-PM Chaplain,
W: Bro George W Horst, Jr.-PM Junior Deacon. Back Row L:R - W: Bro J. Scott Monceaux-PM
Secretary, W: Bro Wayne L Seals-PM Tyler and Jeffery D Clarke-Junior Warden.


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro David R Marine-PM Treasurer, Holten R Elmore-Senior
Steward, Timothy A Davidson-Junior Warden, W: E. Jimmy Clifton, Jr.-Worshipful Master, R. Terry
Gannaway-Senior Warden and W: Bro Thomas C “Buddy” Foster, Sr.-PM Secretary.
Back Row L:R - William E Ragan-Chaplain, Mike Renfrow-Tyler, Jon G Bartlett-Senior Deacon,
James M Wilson, Jr.-Junior Deacon, Bennie W Moore-Marshal and W: Bro John J Boyd-PM Junior
Steward. Not pictured: Justin L Jones-Master of Ceremony


2013 Officers installed by W: Bro Donald Bush-District Grand Lecturer 8th District Front Row
L:R - Scott R Maroon-Senior Deacon, W: Bro Clyde C Fletcher-Junior Warden, W: Joe D Gibbs-
Worshipful Master, Craig E Smith-Senior Warden and Bobby G McCoy-Tyler. Middle Row L:R - A.
Ray McComic-Treasurer, Larry G Bailey, Jr.-Marshal, Ian PS Gibbs-Master of Ceremony, Harvey
W Goodwin-Junior Deacon and Jerry W Deters-Secretary. Back Row L:R - Frederic D Denham, III-
Chaplain and Robert C Lang-Junior Steward. Not pictured: George Truette Alford-Senior Steward.

CADDO #179

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Brian S Carlisle-Senior Deacon, W. Robert Laurents-Senior Warden,
W: John C Sharlow-PM WM, Al Simms-Junior Warden, W: Bro Reed W Holmes-PM Chaplain and
W: Bro Patson C Houston-PM Master of Ceremony.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Vincent J Ogrinc-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Stewart W Knighten-PM Junior
Deacon, W: Bro Edwin L Horton, Jr.-PM Secretary, Garland A Smith, Jr.-Tyler and W: Bro Joseph
D Williams-PM Junior Steward. Not pictured: W: Bro Clyde Strout-PM Marshal and Michael W
Knighten-Senior Steward

St. JAMES #47

R: W: William J Mollere-Grand Junior Warden installed the 2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Robert
D Hoover-Senior Steward, W: Bro Dr. Stephen M Selby-Senior Warden, W: H. George Scanlan,
Jr.-Worshipful Master, R. Shane Marchand-Junior Warden and A. Nicholas Auck-Junior Steward.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro William D Zollinger-PM Treasurer, Walter R. Krousel, III-Pianist, W: Bro
Mark J Paxton-PM Secretary, W: Bro Frank E Dedman-PM Chaplain, Robert R Zinn-Tyler, John
L Amador-Junior Deacon and Joshua S Barnhill-Master of Ceremony. Not pictured: Jeffrey D
Maynor-Senior Deacon.

JOPPA #362

R: W: H Edward Durham-DGM at the time installed the 2013 Officers. M: W: Bro Ballard L Smith-
PGM was the Installing Marshal. Front Row L:R - R: W: Ed Durham-DGM, M: W: Bro Ballard
Smith-PGM, Samuel B Owens-Senior Deacon, W. James Hill, III-Senior Warden, W: Gerald L Mullins-
Worshipful Master, Stephen C McLellan-Junior Warden, J. Michael Talley-Senior Stewad and W: Bro
E. Allen Kelly-PM Chaplain. Back Row L:R - Kent M Martin-Marshal, Randal L Bowers-Master of
Ceremony, J. Stuart Covington-Junior Deacon, James B Smith-Tyler, Troy J Jones-Junior Steward,
W: Bro Steven A Pence-PM Secretary and R: W: Kenneth R Fuller-DDGM 1st District.


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Scott D Dugas-Treasurer, W: Bro Lucas C Guy-PM Senior Warden,
W: Frederic D Denham, III-PM Worshipful Master, W: Fred M Sullivan-District Grand Lecturer 6th
District, W: Bro Mark D Thomas-PM Senior Deacon and R: W: Luther M Lee, Jr.-DDGM 6th District.
Back Row L:R - Steven G Horton-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Michael A Watts-Master of Ceremony, W:
Bro Robert E Porter-PM Chaplain, W: Bro R. Doyle Waddle-PM Marshal, Robert A Simmons-Junior


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - George J Cromer-Chaplain, Daryl P Lee-Junior Warden, W: James
E Cockrell, II-Worshipful Master, W: Bro Larry J Hunt-PM Senior Warden, W: Bro Billy J Hughes-
PM Treasurer and Jacob Tagert-Tyler.
Second Row L:R - W: Bro Henry E Vernon-PM Secretary, W: Bro Freddie W Boyd-PM Senior Deacon,
W: Bro Dan Milton-PM Junior Steward, W: Bro Charles R Rogers-PM Senior Steward and W: Bro
Dallas M Alford-PM Junior Deacon.
Third Row L:R - R: W: Roger D Hendrix-DDGM 14th Masonic District and W: Bro Michael C
Andrews-PM Installing Officer. Not pictured: W: Bro David L Steinwider-PM Marshal
MANY #411

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro David H Horner-PM Treasurer, W: R. Daniel Alford-Worshipful
Master, Robert L Rowe, II-Junior Warden, W: Bro Danny C Haigh-PM Tyler and J. Jason Heard-
Junior Deacon.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Frederic D. Denham, III-PM Marshal, G. Truette Alford-Senior Steward,
Vernon L Stephenson-Junior Steward, W: Bro J. Robert Lang-PM Secretary and R. Coby Lang-


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Jeffery H Holiday-Senior Warden, W: Albert L Lester-PM Worshipful
Master, Joel W Greenwood-Junior Warden and W: Bro Charles J Frizzell, Sr.-Senior Deacon. Back
Row L:R - W: Bro John T Adams, Jr.-PM Chaplain, W: Bro Michael W Martin-PM Installing Of-
ficer, W: Bro Harold H Goff-PM Secretay, W: Bro Jose F Oliveras-PM Junior Deacon and W: Bro
D. Raymond McMullen, Sr.-PM Tyler

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Richard J Searles, Jr.-Treasurer, Robert E Hobbs-Junior Warden; W:
A. Nicholas Auck-Worshipful Master and Robert A West-Senior Warden.
Back Row L:R - Jimmy D. Aucoin-Master of Ceremony, Marcus W Carpenter-Senior Deacon, W:
Bro P. Timothy Worthy-PM Junior Deacon, W: Bro Steven A Kemp-PM Tyler.
Not Pictured: Jeffery D Maynor-Secretary and W: Bro Wallace P Settoon-PM Chaplain.


2013 Officers L:R - W: Bro Henry T “Buck” Turner-PM Senior Warden, W: Thomas E Frazier, Jr.-
PM Worshipful Master, W: Bro Carl S Cedars-PM Junior Deacon, W: Bro Wayne E Harness, Jr.-PM
Secretary, W: Bro Sherman O “Pete” Brawner-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Oscar Cane-PM Marshal and
W: Bro Terry L Norris-PM Senior Deacon

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro Thomas L Berggren, Jr.-PM Senior Deacon, Gary R Scorsone-
Jnior Deaon, W: Bro Michael R Callahan-PM Senior Warden, Ronald J Lauland-Junior Warden,
Alton C Hindlelang-Senior Steward and O J “Corey” LeBlanc-Master of Ceremony.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Robert L Verrett-PM Treasurer, W: John H J Combel, Sr.-PM Worshipful
Master, W: Bro Rene J Whitney, Jr.-PM Secretary and Joey Guidry-Tyler.


2013 Officers L:R Earl J. Huguenel, Sr.-Senior Steward, W: Bro Guy R. Gerhardt-PM Senior Dea-
con, W: Bro Earl J. Huguenel, Jr.-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Steven K. Mainville-PM Senior Warden, W:
Bro Jeffery P. Borgstede-PM Installing Marshal, WL Douglas W. Wyatt-Worshipful Master, W: Bro
Bobby J. Malbrough, Sr.-PM Chaplain & Installing Master, W: Bro Charles R. Smith-PM Junior
Warden, W: Bro Frank J. Heinrich-PM Junior Deacon, W: Bro John J. Babin, III-PM Secretary,
Earl W. McCurdy-Tyler and W: Bro Anthony J. Alouise-PM Junior Steward . Not Pictured-Kenneth
R. Guillory, Master of Ceremonies.


2013 Officers L:R - M: W: Bro S Bruce Easterly-PGM Installing Chaplain, R: W: H Edward Durham-
DGM Installing Officer, W: Bro Troy E Parker-PM Senior Deacon, W: Andrew Bing-PM Worshipful
Master, Steven C Bissell-Senior Warden, W: Bro Bruce W Tedder, Jr.-PM Junior Warden and M: W:
Bro Roy B Delaney-PGM Installing Chaplain.
Back Row L:R - W: Bro Loye H Nichols-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Gordon L Foreman-PM Secretary,
W: Bro Wilbur H “Sonny” Farrar-PM Zwolle #302, L U Huey, III-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Will P
Gray-Grand Marshal and Installing Marshal, W: Bro Burris E Wilburn-PM Chaplain and W: Bro
John W Walker-PM H D Anderson #320.


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro Terry G Jewell-PM Senior Deacon, D. Patrick Burroughs-
Senior Warden, W: Louis J Squitieri-Worshipful Master, Pauld D Jeansonne, II-Junior Warden and
Jimmy P Harbour-PM Marshal. Back Row L:R - Daniel M Mullen-Senior Steward, W: Bro Lester
R Williams-PM Installing Marshal, W: Bro Robert H Dykes-PM Junior Deacon, R: W: Kenneth R
Fuller-DDGM Installing Master, W: Bro John D Autry-PM Treasurer, W: Bro Billy R Drake-PM
Installing Chaplain, W: Bro Robert L Stuckey-PM Chaplain, W: Bro D. Randall Terrell-PM Secretary
and W: Bro Ernest F Dewolf, Jr.-PM Junior Steward.

PINE #264

2013 Officers Front Row L:R - W: Bro Michael W Lang-PM Senior Steward, Wilson J Hebert-
Junior Warden, W: Steven W Lang-Worshipful Master, Van B Sheridan-Senior Warden and J. Scott
Brumfield-Junior Deacon
Back Row L:R - Larry J Hunt-Treasurer, W: Bro R. Brian Luper-PM Secretary, Richard L McNeese-
Master of Ceremony, Alan G Lang-Senior Steward, W: Bro William S Lang-PM Marshal and W: Bro
Doyle M Ladner-PM Tyler. Not pictured: G. Evon Ladner-Chaplain


2013 Officers L:R - W: Bro Billy Joe Pace-PM Treasurer, D. Clifton Brown-Senior Warden, W: Bro
Alvie L Bullock-PM Tyler, W: Reed W Holmes-PM Worshipful Master, W: Bro Melvin O Fletcher-PM
Chaplain, Gary P Bossier-Junior Warden, W: Bro G. Michael Haygood-PM Secretary, W: Bro Paul L
Kelly-PM Marshal and W: Bro Fredrick G Arthur-PM Master of Ceremony. Not pictured: W. Robert
Laurent-Senior Deacon, James O Harrison-Junior Deacon


2013 Officers Front Row L:R - Troy D Simmons-Senior Deacon, W: Bro Ellis R Dick-PM Treasurer,
Victor G Hassell-Senior Warden, W: Roy L “Lenny” Simmons-PM Worshipful Master, W: Bro Jimmy
H Thompson-PM Junior Warden and W: Bro James F Ridge-PM Secretary.
Back Row L:R - James R Holtzclaw-Master of Ceremony, W: Bro John F Brown-PM Junior Deacon
and Clarence C Cox-Tyler.


2013 Officers L:R - David M Munson, Jr.-Senior Warden, W: E. Lance Atchinson-Worshipful Master
and W: Bro Rudolph W. Mayer, Jr.-PM Junior Warden. Not shown: W: Bro James L Martin-PM
Treasurer, W: Bro James S Blossman, Jr.-PM Sect’y, Siegfried B Guillot-Chaplain, Wayne E Munlin,
Jr.-Senior Deacon, E. Dale James, Jr.-Junior Deacon, W: Bro Eugene J Bogle-PM Tyler and Allen
Arellano-Master of Ceremony


2013 Officers L:R - W: William G Frasier-PM Worshipful Master, C. Jake Poole-Junior Warden,
W: Bro Ronald K Bryan-PM Treasurer, Charles F Linder-Junior Deacon and H. Edward Rhodes-
Senior Steward.

Past Masters Night
At the annual Past Masters Night,
the Lodge was honored to have nine of
its living Past Masters in attendance.
Past Masters L:R - Lenny Simmons, Melvin
Fletcher, Reed Holmes, Richard Dubois, Paul
Kelly, Michael Haygood, John Webster, Billy
Pace and Jim Allen

Past Masters Night
The Lodge held a Special Com-
munication to recognize and honor the
Past Masters of Dorcheat Lodge. Eight
Past Masters were in attendance and
each reflected on their respective year
in the East. Past Masters Front Row L:R - Billy Ray, John
Stanley, Ronald Bryan and Danny Moore
A wonderful meal was provided to Back Row L:R - Bill Frasier, Dan Dooley and
our members, visitors and guests. Buddy Ray

Passing the Hiram
W: Bro Billy J Cohea, Jr. (R) passes the gavel
to newly installed W: Rodney D Lange, Sr.-Wor-
shipful Master.

CADDO #179
Passing the Quill
After fifteen faithful years as Sec-
retary for the Lodge, W: Bro Patson C
“Pat” Houston-PM retired at the end of
2012. W: Bro Pat is not retiring from
service however as he will serve as
Master of Ceremony.
Pat also reliquished the title of Pres-
ident of the Masonic Building Compa-
ny, a sposition he has held for decades. W: Bro Pat Houston accepts a plaque from W:
John Sharlow-PM WM for his faithful and loyal
He will still serve as a Building Com- service to the Lodge.
mittee Member, representing the York
Rite Bodies.
Burns Night
The Lodge met as a Table Lodge
to celebrate the Masonic Life of Bro.
Robert Burns, Poet Laureate of Ma-
sonry. After the Lodge was opened,
W: Nicholas Auck-WM provided a L:R - Robert Hobbs-Junior Warden, W: Nick
Auck-Worshipful Master and Shane Marchand-
brief history of Masonic Lodge meet- Junior Warden St. James Lodge #47
ings before the Fraternity owned their
own Halls. A recitaton, using a mod-
ern interpretation, of the “Ode to a
Haggis” was given.
Dinner was then served which did extraordinaire, was offered for desert.
not include a haggis. Instead a green The visiting brethren included
salad, Cornish hens stuffed with either W:Bro Mark Fornet, W:Bro John Por-
crawfish or pork boudin, white beans ter, Bro. Al Tallion of New River #402,
and asparagus was served as the entree W: Bro Gene Dawson of St. Albans
and a fine Banana pudding provided #28 and Bro. Shane Marchand of St.
by Brother Jess Searles, Master Chef- James #47.
Past Masters Night
Following an excellent meal of
barbecued ribs, pork and chicken, W:
Ronald R Pittman-WM welcomed the
members and guests for the evening
ceremonies. W: Pittman recognized
R: W: Roger D Hendrix-DDGM 14th
Masonic District and W: Bro M. Larry
Cook-DGL 14th District and thanked
them for their attendance.
The guest speaker for the evening
was W: Bro James D Dodds-PM and
Past Potentate of Acacia Shrine in Ba-
L:R - W: Ronald Pittman-WM and W: Bro James
ton Rouge. Brother Dodds provided Dodds.
an excellent talk about his love for the
The event provided an opportunity
for the Lodge to present Bros Philip
Dodds, Kenneth Cooper James Cock-
rell and Jack Burt with their respective
25 Year Membership Certificates. W:
Bro James Dodds was awarded with
Past Masters L: R - Gary D Thomas, Dan Milton,
his 50 Year Membership Certificate,
Freddie W Boyd, John W Sumrall, Jr., Michael lapel pin and credentials.
P Corkern, Ben E Nichols, Henry E Vernon and
Charles R Rogers.

PLAINS #135 W: Jason S Broussard-Worshipful

Past Master’s Apron Master 2013 made a presentation
of a Past Master’s Apron to W: Bro
Ryan “Scott” Turner for his loyal and
dedicated service while Master of the
Lodge in 2012.
W: Broussard-WM extends an
open invitation for brothers to visit
the Lodge on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday
of every month, when they are in the
Zachary area.

L:R - W: Jason Broussard-WM and W: Bro Scott

Turner-Past Master.

CADDO #179
Past Masters Night
The Lodge held its annual Past Masters event and was honored to have eight
Past Masters in attendance. W: John Sharlow-PM WM presented W: Bro Ed Hor-
ton, Junior Past Master with a Certificate of Appreciation for his leadership during
his year.

Past Masters L:R - Clyde Strout, Vincent J Ogrinc, John C Sharlow, James L Jendro,
Edwin L Horton, Jr., Joseph D Williams, Patson C Houston and Howard F Entwistle,

Apron Presentation
During a Stated Communication of the Lodge,
W: Bro P. Wayne McNabb (L) presented his son,
W: Bro T. Layne McNabb (R) with a Past Masters
Apron for his service in the East.


Start a Local Chapter
If you are interested in becoming a
member of Louisiana Mason Motor-
cycle Chapter or start one in your area,
contact W: Bro Tony Pohlmann:

Past Masters Program
The Lodge held its Past Masters
Night with the evening commenc-
ing with a festive dinner prepared by
the Junior Warden and his several as-
sistants. In attendance were 13 Past
Masters from Slidell Lodge and 4 Past
Masters from other Lodges as well as
several family members and friends. L:R - M: W: Frank N duTreil-GM, Leighton
Hall Dunham, Jr., W: Bro Ronald J Frey and
M:W: Frank N. du Treil, Jr.-Grand W: Robert F Harbison, Jr.-Worshipful Master.
Master served as the guest and keynote
speaker for the evening.
After dinner was served, everyone
assembled in the Lodge room for the
program of the evening. Each of the At the end of the program, the Grand
attending Past Masters were warmly Master, assisted by the W:M: Robert F.
welcomed and recognized for their Harbison, Jr., presented a 25 and a 50
many years of loyal and dedicated ser- year award to two recipients. Honored
vice to Slidell Lodge and Freemasonry. for 25 years of Masonic service was W:
M:W: Grand Master du Treil gave a Bro. Ronald J. Frey, P.M. Honored for
rousing and inspiring talk relative to 50 years of Masonic service was Bro.
the service of Lodge Past Masters. Leighton Hall Dunham, Jr.
Fund Raising
The Orphans Friend Masonic
Lodge, in Morrow, held a fund raiser
to help jump start the funds to do a roof
repair on the building.
It is amazing at the number of
lunches sold, and the help and support
of the people in such a small rural com- The Pit Crew L:R - Louis Paul Fogleman, Denis
munity. The Lodge also had assistance Beard and Hals Beard.
from folks outside the community who
donated their goods and labor. What a
wonderful feeling to see people come
together in support of common cause.

Breakfast Club Donation
Slidell Lodge had special visitors on
this Saturday morning; the Grand Mas-
ter, M:W: Frank N. du Treil, Jr. made
a surprise appearance in his capacity as
State Rainbow Dad to receive a dona-
tion check for $200 and his “Order of
The Knife and Fork” from the break-
fast club. Several Rainbow Grls and
adult advisors accompanied the State L:R - Jim Gilleland-Junior Warden, W: Bro
Rainbow Dad and all enjoyed the food Jeff Cooksley and M: W: Frank duTreil-Grand
and socializing.
The breakfast club, in existence
since 2007, meets on the first Satur-
day of each month and serves to order
breakfasts to all Masons and their fami-
lies between 7:30 and 9:30 AM. The
breakfast price is left up to the mem-
bers with the stipulation that money
collected in excess of costs is to be do-
nated to charity. Typically about $800
is donated each year. The monthly Serving Line L:R - Rowland Rivers-Master of
social breakfasts are a very successful Ceremony, W: Bro Marvin Cook-PM Senior
fellowship event for Slidell Lodge. Warden, W: Bro Brooks Hartman and Royce
Club members have been inducted Cannon-Senior Warden Oceans-Orleans Lodge.
into the “Order Of The Knife And
Fork” as an award for service in the
kitchen and it should be noted that the
Grand Master’s award was for such
service with the Rainbows during open
dinners served at Slidell Lodge over
the past several years.
JOPPA #362
Proficiency Certificate
During the Lodge’s annual Home-
coming, R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM
1st District, assisted by M: W: Frank
duTreil-GM presented Stephen McLel-
lan with his first Proficiency Card and
L:R - R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM, W: Bro Rufus
accompanying Certificate of Achieve- Wilson, Stephen McLellan, M: W: Frank duTreil-
ment. W: Bro Rufus Wilson conducts GM and W: Chad Driskell-WM
the esoteric classes at the Lodge.
Plains Masonic Lodge, in Zachary, held a jambalya dinner fundraiser to ben-
efit the Zachary Community Food Pantry. The fundraiser was held at the Zachary
Farmer's Market. Through the generosity of the community, the Lodge was able
to raise $1,350.
The donation was presented to the members of the Zachary Community Food
Pantry. Plains Lodge Master for 2012, Scott Turner, and Past Master Robert
Nelson presented the check. They are pictured as follows: Scott Turner, Master
of Plains Lodge; Mr. Reginald Dykes, Mrs. Merna Ford, Mrs. Roma Prejean,
and Mrs. Barbara Manchester all from the Community Food Pantry: and Robert
Nelson, Past Master of Plains Lodge.

L:R - W: R. Scott Turner-Worshipful Master, Reginald Dykes, Merna Ford, Roma Prejean, Barbara
Manchester and W: Bro Robert L Nelson-PM.


Ladies Appreciation

Members of the Lodge, in Morrow, LA. held its Ladies Appreciation Night at the Historic Steam-
boat Warehouse Restaurant in Washington, La. L:R - Durward McGee, Doris McGee, Tracy Beard,
Hals Beard, Louis Paul Fogleman, Angelique Fogleman, Dianne Luneau, Lynn Fogleman, Floyd
Fogleman, Alicia Fogleman, Billie Ann Beard, Jackie Beard, Floyd Simpson, Gerry Simpson, Eliza-
beth Patrick and Herrin Ducote. We also appreciate the assistance of Bro. Jason Huguet, owner and
Chef of this establishment.
Open Air Degree

Front Row L:R - Dan Haigh, David Horner, Dan Alford, W: Fred Denham-Worshipful Master 8th
District, Fred Skytoe (Candidate), R: W: Mickey Durand-GSW and W: Bro Will Gray-Grand Stewart.
Back Row L:R - Truette Alford, Calvin Campbell and Robert Rowe.
The 8th Masonic District, consisting of the 15 Lodges in Sabine and Vernon
Parishes, held their open air meeting at Flag Island. Flag Island is located within
Hodges Garden in Florien. The purpose of the Special Communication was to
confer the Master Mason Degree.

St. JAMES #47

New Master Masons
St. James Lodge conferred its first two Master Mason degrees of the year 2013
on Christopher Reid and Stephen Sewell.

L:R - W: George Scanlan-Worshipful Master, Christopher Reid, Jeffery Maynor-Degree Worshipful

Master, Stephen Sewell and W: Bro Frank Dedman.


George O. Braatz, Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association

of North America (MSANA), has been appointed to represent MSANA on the
National Advisory Committee for the U.S. Veterans Administration Voluntary
It will be the first time in many years for a Masonic representative to serve in
an advisory capacity for the VAVS.
Brother Braatz said that during his two-year term he would work to strengthen
the relationship between Freemasonry and our military Veterans.
The Masonic Service Association for more than 50 years has administered a
Hospital Visitation Program at virtually all VA medical facilities in the country, as
well as at a variety of state Veterans homes or military hospitals.
MSA is one of 57 national groups – and the only Masonic one – certified by
the VA to work in and provide services to our military Veterans in VA facilities.
MSA coordinates about 184 certified Coordinators and Hospital Representa-
tives in the U.S., plus works with more than 1,000 other Masonic volunteers who
assist at VA hospital and medical centers.
Brother Braatz is a Past Grand Master and Grand Secretary Emeritus of the
Grand Lodge of Ohio.

JOPPA #362
A 50 Year Membership Certificate
was presented to Bro Donald E Ha-
thaway at the Lodge’s Homecoming
Program. M: W: Frank duTreil and W:
Chad Driskell made the presentations
to Sheriff (Ret) Hathaway. R: W: Ken
L:R - M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, Don Hathaway
and W: Chad Driskell-WM

L:R - M: W: Frank duTreil-GM, Donald Davis

and R: W: Ken Fuller-DDGM

Fuller-DDGM too the opportunity to

present a 55-Year Membership Certifi-
cate on behalf of the Grand Lodge of
Florida to Donald L Davis
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Lessons of Masonry:
When a man grips your hand with “that grip” and you look into his eyes you
can see in an instant whether he is a Mason and a Brother. No man can fake what
is in his heart. These grips, words, and recognition signals no more make a man a
Mason than wearing boots and a hat makes a man a cowboy.
They do not grant an imposter access to any secrets or knowledge of our Craft.
They will, however, serve to completely confuse any imposter when he fails
to find the “treasures” he seeks. These grips, words, and recognition symbols will
prove worthless unless he knows what he seeks.
No, a Man is not a Brother Mason until he has himself gone through the pro-
cess of initiation, passing, and raising and learned the lessons of the Ritual as
required by our Grand Lodge laws. And sadly, even then some men are never
really Masons. Just remember that by being initiated into the Entered Apprentice
Degree, passed to the Degree of Fellowcraft, and raised to the Sublime Degree of
a Master Mason and learning the lessons of those degrees, there has been laid for
you a lasting foundation for a moral edifice upon the most sublime principles that
mankind has ever known.
Once a Master Mason, you have acquired the basic working tools and a wealth
of inspiration to follow that philosophical path of study, and your inquiring mind
may roam for a lifetime and never exhaust the opportunities.
I read a Masonic paper the other day quoting Sam J. Helm, Past Grand High
Priest of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas, in 1924. This is what he said
about Masonry:
“Masonry is an ocean of fraternity, and every Mason should sail its broad
expanse, because its profound solemnity and matchless beauty can never be ap-
preciated by those who merely wade in the shallows at the shore. The tides have
rolled mighty waves upon its bosom, and the storms of centuries have lashed the
billows into foam upon its surface, but beneath there have remained, undisturbed,
and immutable, the principles of the Brotherhood of Man”.
What a profound quote! We should pay heed to this beautiful description of
Masonry and adopt its lesson. As long as we, the members of our fraternity, de-
cide to allow ourselves and our new candidates to just “wade along the shore”,
the future of Masonry and the Fraternity at large will not grow and prosper. My
Brethren, we have a golden opportunity right now to start a revolution in Ma-
sonry, because young men are searching for the things that Masonry has been
providing its members for centuries. The lessons of Brotherly Love, Relief and
Truth are basic truths of the ages and the key to our future.
However, the study of the symbolism of the Degrees is the further study of
Masonic philosophy that is missing in most Lodges today.
We have forgotten how to be instructors to the new “children” of our fraternity.
We must take these new Brethren by the hand and lead them as you would your
own child in teaching them how to be better men. We brag about doing that, but
are we really?
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Lessons of Masonry:
Before World War II, we did a much better job of teaching our Candidates.
Toward the end of World War II, we had so many Candidates coming thru our
doors that we concentrated on just teaching the questions and answers and left the
new member on his own to find out about the other lessons in Masonry - its rich
history, its philosophy of how you should believe in God and live your life as a
good citizen, and how to stand-up for justice and be a patriotic citizen and serve
your country and your fellowman.
All these are lessons that the Masonic student should be taught as we continue
to explore the tenants of our fraternity and expand our own knowledge of God, the
Great Architect of the Universe and the science of nature.
The Voice of Masonry from years past gives us a glimpse of some of the
thoughts of our forefathers in these words: Thousands of people tread the earth
and behold the sky without discerning any of the beauties or wisdom they display.
They look upon a landscape, beautifully ornamented with trees, shrubs, plants,
and flowers, but receive no definite impression of any part of it, and could not
name or describe few objects thereon.
They behold the starry canopy above them, but see no constellations, no plan-
ets, and no movements indicating the wisdom, the power, and the glory of the
Great Architect of the Universe.
So, it is with many who are admitted into Freemasonry. They observe the
forms, the ceremonies, the emblems, and the jewels, and they hear the lectures
and charges, but fail to discern the ethics and philosophy of those lessons. They
hear the phrase – “Freemasonry is a system of morality, veiled in allegory, and
illustrated by symbols,” but do not fathom its meaning and consequently do not
solve the allegories nor discern the significance of the symbols.
They are in the temple, but do not get the temple idea. They are among the
workmen, but do not see that they are all to be master builders for time and eter-
They are in the light, but do not receive and apply it as the great means of fit-
ting themselves as living stones for the temple not made with hands, eternal in
the heavens.
The Ritual is beautiful, and should be mastered and impressively communi-
cated. Nevertheless, the Ritual is but the burr, the hull, the husk to the wisdom,
the strength, and the beauty of Freemasonry. The Ritual conceals gems of unpar-
alleled richness and beauty, which must be searched for diligently and faithfully
if they shall be found and enjoyed.
That all the Craft would realize this fact and act accordingly, they would be
better supplied and armed with truth, better animated with faith, hope and charity,
and be better enabled to build the temple of the soul and, in turn, build for the
future of Masonry and mankind.
Brethren, this is the Heritage our forefathers left us. It’s now time for us to
Preserve Our Heritage by putting those lessons into action and Build Masonry
for the Future!
The Old Tyler Talks - Carl Claudy
f I had it my way," began the New Brother, sitting beside the Old Tyler,
“I "I'd make it a Masonic offense to laugh in the lodge room. We are not
as serious about our Masonry as we should be."
"Someone laughed at you, or you are talking to yourself very seri-
ously!" answered the Old Tyler.
"I am not!" cried the New Brother. "I take Masonry seriously! What we do in
the lodge room has the sacredness of a religious ceremony. I can see no difference
between the sacredness of the Altar of Masonry and the altar of a church, and
when I go and see the beautiful windows, and hear the music and watch the choir
boys come up the aisle, and hear the minister give out the solemn text- well, you
know how inspiring it is. I feel the same way in lodge sometimes, during the more
solemn parts of the degrees. But we have a business meeting first and sometimes
someone cracks a joke and everyone laughs, and some brethren misinterpret and
giggle sometimes in the degrees, and there is some ritual which isn't awe-inspiring
and- and I think it should be changed!"
"Well, go ahead and change it!" cried the Old Tyler. "I don't believe that ab-
sence of solemnity is a Masonic landmark which can't be changed."
"Of course it isn't, but how can I change it?"
"That's your problem!" smiled the Old Tyler. "You are the reformer, not I. But
before I wasted much grey matter, I'd ask myself a few questions. You seem to
like things serious, so this should come easy to you. Then I'd talk to the Chaplain.
David is young, but he has common sense."
"It would do you good to go his church. You would find it as solemn and beau-
tiful as any other during the service. But if you went to a vestry meeting you'd
see David grin, and maybe someone would tell a ministerial joke. I can't imagine
God being displeased about it. Seems to me if he hadn't wanted people to laugh he
wouldn't have made so many brethren to laugh at!"
"Brother David would tell you that there was a time to be reverent and a time
to be happy, and that a church in which people couldn't be happy wasn't much of
a church. Ever go to a wedding? Ever see people grin and kiss the bride when it
was over? Ever go to a church social? Ever go to the boys' club in a red-blooded
"It didn't hurt the church in their eyes, did it? Then why should it disconcert
you to have a lodge room treated the same way? Get it out of your head that Ma-
sonry or religion is bound up in a room, or a building. It doesn't hurt so long as we
don't laugh at the wrong time! It doesn't hurt the solemnity of the Masonic degree
that our lodge room is first but a business meeting hall and afterwards maybe a
dining room. It is the spirit in which we do our work that counts, not the letter; it is
the temple in our hearts which must be kept sacred, not the mere physical confines
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of brick and stone in which we meet. That there should be no cause for laughter
during the degrees. But to say we can't laugh in a lodge room is to get the dog by
the wrong tail!"
"Masonry, my son, is joyful, not mournful. It should be filled with laughter
of little children, the happy smiles of contented women, the loveliness of faith-
ful friendship, the joy of flowers and music and song. To make it too serious for
smiles, too solemn for happiness, perverts it. If God made sunshine and children
and flowers, don't you suppose He wanted the one to dance with the other in the
third? If He made happiness and human hearts, don't you suppose He wanted the
one to live in the other?"
"Masonry is an attempt to live the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood
of God. The best of all human fathers can but touch the skirts of the Being who is
the All Father. But did you ever see a human father worth his salt who didn't want
his children laughing and happy?"
"There is a time for work and a time for play. There is a time for degrees and a
time for refreshment. There is a time for business meetings and a time for ritual.
There is a time for laughter and for joy as well as a time of solemnity and rever-
ence. The one is just as important as the other."
"I wish just once," said the New Brother, "I could start something with you
which I could finish!"
"Try offering me a cigar!" suggested the Old Tyler.

Ill. Carl H. Claudy, P.G.M., 33° (1879-1957), is one of America's most note-
worthy Masonic authors. He was an American magazine writer, a journalist for
the New York Herald and author of a number of books relat-
ing to photography and to aviation, including First Book of
Photography: A Primer of Theory and Prize Winners’ Book
of Model Airplanes.
During the early 1900’s, Claudy photographed many im-
portant aeronautical events such as Alexander Graham Bell’s
tetrahedral kite experiements and the Wright Flyer Army Tri-
als at Fort Myers, Va. Claudy wrote many science fiction sto-
ries for the The American Boy magazine during the early
1930’s. From 1939-1941 he wrote for DC Comics.
Most Worshipful Claudy was the Executive Secretary of
the Masonic Service Association from 1929 to 1957. He was raised in Harmony
Lodge No. 17, Washington, D.C., in 1908, serving as Master in 1932 and Grand
Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia in 1943. Before his passing
on May 27, 1957, he wrote many "Short Talk Bulletins", essays, and plays, among
them The Lion's Paw, The Master's Book, and The Rose Upon the Altar.
The Louisiana Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
P.O. BOX 12357 Baton Rouge, LA
ALEXANDRIA, LA 71315-2357 Permit No. 920

2013-2014 OFFICERS
H. Edward Durham, Grand Master
Earl J. “Mickey” Durand, Deputy Grand Master
William J. Mollere, Grand Senior Warden
Will P. Gray, Grand Junior Warden
Joseph H. Baker, Jr., PGM Grand Treasurer
Roy B. Tuck, Jr., PGM, Grand Secretary
Robert C. Joyner, Grand Chaplain
Gary L. Gribble, Grand Marshal
James E. Steen, Grand Senior Deacon
Clarence E. “Ed” Collins, Grand Junior Deacon
Gary T. Rushworth, Sr., Grand Sword Bearer
Robert L. Schaff, Grand Pursuivant
Warren A. Hintz, Jr., Grand Standard Bearer
John D. Autry, Sr., Grand Tyler
Willey G. Bell, III, Grand Photographer
J. Keith Gates, Grand Organist
I.C. Turnley, Jr., M.D., PGM, Grand Physician

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