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Addie A. E. Jenne aa 223 Riverside Aven, pt 8 Theres, Now You 191 November 12,2018 Mr, Alexander N. MacKinnon ‘Member, Board of Directors Development Authority ofthe North Country 259 County Route 22 Gouverneur, New York 13642 Re: Appointment as Executive Director of DANC Dear Mr. MaeKinaon, Pease accept this letter as my request to be appointed a the executive director ofthe Development Authority of the North Country (DANC), I believe itis imperative that DANC ‘make an immediate change of leadership in response to recent election results to ensures continued autonomy and viability as the leading authority in the region. DANC is a prime target for political interference because the board is appointed by loca ‘municipalities controled by the party not in power atthe state level, Since DANC isa ereatre of siate government, is governance can be altered to transfer control of boerd appointments to the state and thus its governing political party. Additionally, DANC board members are sow, more likely to reeeive external pressure from the legislature andior executive, Proactively, making changss in the leadership of DANC to selec the political change atthe state level is the best way to retain local contol, resist extemal political pressures and eam goodwill with the controlling governing party. Waiting until external politcal pressure is applicd by either the legislature or executive will diminish DANC’s autonomy and likely result in de facto political control of the board or statuory alteration of the governance structure climinating loeal contol Ue needs of the North Country do not alvays align with state priorities and our special assets require an individualized approach and advocacy. The combination of my politcal and fsovemmental experience, understanding of the region's asses, sicengths and’ challenges, education and professional background, and relationships in state government and with sal ‘municipalities uniquely qualify me for the position of executive director. I can use my relationships inthe stale legislature fo rebutT atoms to alter the governance structure and also to benefit DANC and the region it serves. Utilizing the legislature isthe optimal way to protect the autonomy of DANC. ‘While he is an exceptionally qualified, experienced and effective leader, the current executive director no longer possesses the ability to use the legislature to block governance alterations and has a lss than optimal relationship with the executive Page 1 of 2 tis my understanding that the cutent executive director's contract i set to explee inthe summer of 2019. ‘The recent election and relatively shot time lef on his contract peovide the rationale to change leadership before the start ofthe new sat legislative session in January. The current exceutive director js somewhat ofa lame duck leader and will ot likely secur positive action during the 2019-2020 state budget or legislative cycle, That is nt in the best interest of DANC or the region. It would be far more beneficial for DANC to. demonstate politcal definess by appointing en outgoing senior member ofthe site assembly, such as myself. who ix ivimately fair with the priorities of the legislature and executive, individual leanings of key legislative and executive officials, the budget process and public policy formetion. Purther, my current knowledge can be used to more effectively and etfcintly find support for current DANC. Priorities, a well as new and emerging opportutties thet benefit the region 1 have @ thirteen year record of working across politcal party lines with local ‘municipalities to improve the North Counisy, While I could ry to exploit my poiteal connections to become the executive director of DANC, 1 would much rather work withthe board to proice its locel governance structure. Addressing local infrastructure needs and economic development opportunities are nonpartisan igsues and there are policy ares thet, ‘quire advocacy to address the tural and underserved dynamies and special assets of the region 41am not detered by the prospect of inter-regional differences or politcal diversity, thet they «can be used to strengthen DANC and provide a valuable counter balence during sate level policy debates, Thank you for your prompt and courteous consideration of my request. [am available at your carist convenience to discuss my assessment of the cuttet poles! climate oy ‘qualification, and thoughts on how I ean positively impect DANC ant ion. have enclosed condensed version of my resume and ean be reached Enclosure Page 2 of 2