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Pablo Andrés Pedraza – Física I

We now define velocity of an body in a way that for all we cannot define the
velocity with respect to time, since time and temportal sequences dependo n
the aboever. The solution is to define all observables with respect to the just
mentiened proper time (t), wuch is define don the time shown by a attached
to the body. In relativity, motion and change of always measure with respect
to the moving.

The coordinates x in the system defined by the chosen inestal observer. The
valve of the velocity dependo n the observer or coordinate system, as does
life, we get the relation of velocity with the velocity.

When changing from one inertial, observer to another moving with a relative
velocity v in the x direction, the corresponding generalitions for the other
coordinates. This relationallows us to deduce the relativity transformation
laws for vector. Can you deduce the velocity composition.We know that the
magnitude of a vector can be even througth all this components are
different from a vector is called wich motions have a velocity with vector.

For this rason the momemtum is also called the momentum vector in that, its
mass time the displacement for time, this id the simplrest possible definition
of momentum and energy-momentum also called like the particle follow the
confirming a result given above we have already that energies when
compared to the rest of energy tan this category into the conservation mass
whit velocity, relativist mass and energy would be two words for the same
concept this way to at the level of the press, aceleration thete fore forcé
remains mass time aceleration in relativity from the relación with forcé.
The máximum forcé value of valid only these condition, to this point we can
are the condition for the validity of máximum speed, the speed of light for
motion of system, with momentum of energy only. It i can however be
exeded for motions of points, a laser light on the shadows, or the group or
phase velocity of wave groups can exceed the speed of light.

The speed of light is a only of measure near the moving mas sor energy.
The moon moves faster tan ligth if one around in a second, distant ponit
larges tan the speed of light.

The same three conditions apply for the validity of máximum forcé same and
power, the tird point is especially important, in particular relativistic gravity
and point like test masses.

They are not physical forces moving faster tan light are also not physical. In
such cases counter examples to the mazimum forces can be found try and
fin done many are possible, and find all are fascinating.

The last, but central step in our discussion of the forces limits is the same as
in the discussion of the speed limit we now that no real experiment has ever
led to forces saw larger tan the forcé limit but we also need to show that no
imaginable experiment can over come the forcé limit following a tradition

The result of combining momentum speed with gravity are fascinating, we

will find that empty space can bend move that the universo has a fin to age
and that can be in permanent free fall we call that objects thought empty
spacise can be it is much tan the strangeness of these and other.

The oppisite of motion in daily life is a body at rest, such as a child sleeping
the waves a body. In the everybody desapear of the world, rest to the
velocity with galilean and special rest become inertial motion, since no
observer can motion, the crossing tha galaxy as cosmic rays are teh rest him

If any body moving inertially to be considered at rest then any body in free
fall must also be nobody knows this better tha Joseph kittinger, the man who
in august 1960, out a ballown capsule at the record herght of 31.3 km ath
that altitude.

The air is so thingthat during the first minute if hiss free fall he felt completely
at rest, as if he werefloating, althought an experienced, he was a surprised
that he had to turn upwords in order to convince himself that he was look of
any sensations of movement, he was falling at up to 274 m/s respect to the

That when his free fall started to be disturbed later after four and a half
minutes of fall, his special and hine minutes later he anded un new mexico.

The result that can observe thet there is a maximal and mutual energy
speed in nature there perfect, therefore even thought space-time is the same
for ever observer to another by the transformation is confirmed by
Collitions show that the momentum energy speed umplies that mass is
equivalent to energy, that the total