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for one performer, a theater space, lights, fixed media and megaphone
to be executed all together attacca or inserted among various other pieces on a
large program

0: Curtains up. Audio (tittle)

1. Sudden pitch dark
2. Performer appears on stage + spotlight on [LEFT BACK] + Fade in lights on audience
3. Performer walks Cerimoniale to the [RIGHT MID HALL] of audience space and stand at
the middle + light moves at the same time, from audience to stage
4. Dark-suddenly – attacca 2:

1. Performer walks quietly in the dark to [MID LEFT HALL] (surrounding audience from
behind the sound board)
2. Spotlight on performer
3. Move to stage and go out [LEFT WING] – Parsimonioso, slowly without making sound +
light moves at the same time, now from stage to audience
4. Sudden pitch dark + sound of steps in the back speakers – attacca 3:

1. Fade in spotlight on performer, appears [BACK LEFT OF STAGE]
2. Fade in music from hidden speaker in right wing backstage. (play only from 0’’ to 1’ 13’’)
3. Music stops + stop-gesture Grave from the performer
4. Fade out spotlight very slowly to black + disappear from stage – attacca 4:

1. Performer appears [BACK RIGHT] of audience
2. Text with megaphone* + All lights fading in until the text ends
3. Go out of theater unnoticed.
* (Activate space by changing direction of megaphone slowly, as Graffiti Tagging the space.
Citation in ppp. Recite text Grave: Gradually introduce silences through randomly pressing
OFF/ON button of the megaphone. Rate: Begin 1 short/mid silence each 3’’ca. – Ending 4
mid/long silences per 1’ ca. | variate dynamics)

Robert Lansing 1924

We must abandon the idea of installing an American citizen in the Mexican presidency, as that
would only lead us, once again, to war. The solution requires more time: we must open the
doors of our universities to young, ambitious Mexicans and make the effort to educate them in
the American way of life, in our values, and in respect for the leadership of the United States.
Mexico will need competent administrators, and over time, these young people will come to
occupy important positions and will eventually take possession of the presidency itself. And
without the United States having to spend a single cent or fire a single shot, they will do what
we want, and do it better and more radically than we ourselves would have done.

Mexico is an extraordinarily easy country to dominate, as it necessary to control only one man:
The President.

12’ ca.
Omar Fraire
Virginia – Fall, 2018

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