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Parts of the
(Group 6)

Submitted by:
Balita, Judith
Cueto, Dareen
Perez, Rose Jane
Villanueva, Dhyanne
4W- BEEd

Submitted to:
Nerissa Y. Bilo, Ph. D
I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to
a. identify the parts of the body;
b. label the different parts of the body; and
c. give the importance of parts of the body.

II. Subject Matter

Topic: Parts of the Body
Materials: colored paper, pictures and big book
References: Teaching Body Parts to the Children
The Parts of the Body
Values Integrated: cooperation, self-confidence and alertness

III. Lesson Proper

Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity

A. Preparatory Activities
The teacher will lead the prayer. The students will stand up and pray.

The teacher will greet the students The students will greet back the teacher.
with a smile.

Checking of the Attendance

She will ask the students if there’s Students will ask if there’s an absent.
an absent for the day.

B. Motivation
The teacher will sing the song and They will sing along with the teacher and
dance the “Paa, Tuhod” and dance.
“Sampung mga Daliri”

C. Activity
Based from what they have The students will listen to the instruction
performed, the teacher will present and participate in the activity.
an activity entitled “Diego Says”.

D. Analysis
She will ask few questions about Students will gladly answer all of the
the activity. questions.

E. Abstraction
The teacher will use a Big Book
about the “Parts of the Body” for They will listen carefully to what the
the discussion. teacher will discuss.
F. Application
She will give another activity Students will listen to the instruction given
entitled “Parts of Mine” by the teacher and will participate

IV. Evaluation
Direction: Draw a line from each word to the correct parts of the body.

V. Assignment
Draw your favorite part of your body in a short bond paper and color it.