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20 Mixolydian Licks

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The C Mixolydian Mode

All the licks are build around the C mixolydian scale / mode.


We start with the C7 arpeggio shape in which we add the 13th

Notice the Em7b5 arpeggio at the end.


We start with descending chromaticisms to reach the Am7 arpeggio then Gm9 followed
by FM7 and it ends with the Am7 arpeggio!

This lick is strickly build with the C mixolydian mode, just some syncopations in the first bar to
break the 16th notes flow.


Here's a nice phrase using the hybrid picking technique.

The chromatic passing tones in the first bar enhance the A note and the E note. They are 'target'


We start with lot of syncopations to break a little the 16th notes flow... And then notice the wider
intervals using some string skipping.

In the first part the idea is to break the monotony of the scale with some string skipping.
The licks ends with an arpeggio sequence : Am7 / BbM9 / Am7


Here's a Blues Jazz line using some useful arpeggios like Em7b5 & BbM7


Here the idea is to use a rhythmic motif (first bar) in order to developp some arpeggios/triads.
Take a rhythmic idea and try to keep it when developping your phrase.

We start with Blues/Rock ideas using the G minor pentatonic scale and then back to the Fusion
side. Notice the Blue note (#4 ) usage at the end. Great to add a little tension.


We continue to explore the C mixolydian mode including the arpeggios we could find in it.


A modern line using legato and hybrid picking.

If not comfortable with hybrid picking you try to use some "mini" sweep instead.

A Bluesy first part and in the second one we could find a classic Jazz/Bebop articulation.


Here we still mix scale & arpeggio and this gives us a classic line that we could in find in
lot of Jazz player bags of licks!


Here we explore the bluesy side of the mixolydian mode.


Here's a Mike Stern style lick with lot of chromatics mixed with blues/rock elements like bends...


Lot of arpeggios in this one. Be careful of the sweeps at the end.


We start with a nice arpeggios sequence : Gm7 / Am7 / BbM7 / Em7b5


Lot of arpeggios in this one. Be careful of the sweeps at the end.


We start with a C7sus2 arpeggio and then introduce the major 3rd.
Wider intervals sequence at the end.


The lick starts with the Gm7 arpeggio followed by a nice chromatic passage and ends with 16th
note triplets using hybrid picking !
A pretty tricky licks!

Here's a Greg Howe style lick using lot of chromaticisms in the first part.


Still interesting to use 4th intervals to achieve this modern sounding phrasing.