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es s Findsa

by Isaac Hales
illustrated by Chantal Stewart

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Printed in Mexico

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Tess found some pools of
water trapped in the rocks. All
of a sudden, her ears went up.
There was a screeching sound
near the cliff.
“What is it, Tess?” whispered
“Yap, yap, yap!” Tess answered.

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Tess ran over to the cliff.
She jumped up and down. Brad
and Mom ran to see what Tess
had found.
“Oh, look, it’s a seabird,”
Mom cried in surprise.
“What has it done to get
trapped in this net?” asked Brad.
The seabird wouldn’t stay still.
It struggled to get away, but the
net surrounded it. It screeched
and screeched.

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Think Critically d-
1. Where did the story take place?
2. What happened when Mom and Brad were walking
with Tess?

3. How did the author show that Tess

was smart?

4. How do you think the bird got caught in the net?

5. How did you feel when you read that the bird was
stuck in the net?

Make a List Make a list of creatures that live in the water at
the beach. Make another list of creatures that live on land near
the water.

School-Home Connection Retell the story to a family

member. Then talk about why people shouldn’t leave
trash at the beach.

Word Count: 297

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