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e fam& wr ation?

A team of engineers, comPuter
scientists and physician: is worl<ing
on a 'mind-reading' sYstem. TheY
have put a microchiP into a man's
brain. The microchiP is connected
to a computer. The man can switch
* on his email just bY thinking about
rt. He can also turn uP the volume
of his TV. Now the team is going to
mal<e a smaller, ''*ireiess version
.& -
of the system, which is called
@: i,:,,-l:.'r .."''

2 Japanese schoolch i ldren love

their robot teacher, SaYa. She
can speal<, smile and ieil students
eif. The Japanese government
is going to invest millions of
dollars in robot research and
says it's going to Put a robot in
s every Japanese home bY 2015.
However, psychologists Predict
that robot teachers won't :alie
s *ver from humans, because theY
will never be able to insPire
their students.

British geneticists are going to

vaccinate all school children
with a'smart gene'. The
team of universitY scientists
has identified the gene for
intelligence on human DNA.
Now they are going to Put this
gene into children under the age
of twelve. Professor R. Ubbish
says the vaccination won't worl<
on ::d,:1t:t*i:is or on children
who don't lil<e science.

SpeakXng Biologists are going to studY the

effects of space travel on microscc '
'! Work in pairs. Discuss the questions (1-5) using words from life forms. They want to find
the vocabularY box. out if it's possible to srinii',re for
long :'::rir:d"e in space. The micro-
astronomy krioe hemistry bio-technology botany
organisms are on ?fl l.jr-1illF,1-lilrli.l
eherristry ecc|ogy gerleties geoqraphy spaceraft which set off for Mars ;

geology physics psychology zooloEy 20A9.It will land there, Picl< uP sc :

Martian s,:il and then come bacl< t-
1 Which science subjects do you study at school? Earth. A team of geologists is goii =

2 Whlch subjects are the most difficult? to analyse the soil. If everything gc . ,
3 Which subjects are the most interestrng? well, the spacecraft will get bacl< t-
Earth in two year's time.
4 Which sciences help us understand our world?
5 \,A/hich sciences will he p us to improve our lives in the futlre?