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SY 2018 – 2019

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l. From the given choices, select the one that best answers the question. Write the
letter of the correct answer on the space provided before the number.

______1.Nomerous potential customers in most markets, but to succeed faster and better.
a. Identify your target customers c. Write down your brand-positioning
b. Identify competitors d. Develop a very clear and focused insight
______2. Has become an essential part of businesses marketing plan.
a. Email marketing c. Mobile marketing
b. Social media d. Internet marketing
______3. The popularity of smartphones and tablets has helped to change the way companies target their customers.
a. Social Media c. Mobile marketing
b. Email marketing d. Internet marketing
______4. The content of marketing plan include
a. How you will reach them c. Executive summary
b. Who your target customers are d .To grow your business you need
______5. Once you have come to the awareness that you need to make a choice about about your marketing plan.
a. Understanding yourself
b. Oral presentation skills
c. Notification will almost certainly be seen by the receipient
d. Company managers set Email campaign
_____6. How to optimize your mobile marketing
a. Carefully consider how and when you reach your mobile customer
b. Set their email marketing efforts apart by segmenting their market
c. Increase the amount of actions taken from email send
_____7. According to FARMILOE said, mobile marketing is interruptive because
a. Company are looking to implement strategies that reach customers on their devices
b. Implement strategies that reach customer on their device
c. Power that a marketer has to let the customer determine how and when to receive marketing material.
d. Consumers have mobile device with them at all times
_____8. Nobody can give a good presentation without putting in some serious time preparing for the defense.
a. Do your homework c. Do a dry run
b. Organize your work d. Look presentable
____ 9. Nobody enjoys seeing a speaker burying his or her face in a script, reading stiffy from a piece of paper
a. Look presentable c. Talk, don’t read
b. Do a dry run d. Take it slow
_____10..No need to wear a suit, but its hard for people to take a presentation seriously when you look like someone who
Just rolled out of bed.
a. Talk, don’t read c. Do a dry run
b. Take it slow d. Look presentable
_____11. Good presentation are structured in sections.
a. Do a dry run c. Organize your work
b. Look presentable d. Do your homework
_____12. The single biggest mistake inexperienced speakers make is seeing too fast.
a. Take it slow c. Look presentable
b. Talk, don’t read d. Do a dry run
_____13. As important as the content you- present is your authenticity in presenting it. so don’t try to be someone you’re
Not. You’ll never succeed.
a. Eye contact c. Don’t buy the crowd
b. Appear relaxed d. Be yourself
_____14. A very important part of making presentations is to make with people seated in all part of the room-even
Nodding off in the back.
a. Eye contact c. Don’t bury the crowd
b. Appear relaxed d. Be yourself
_____ 15.Always be sure to have satisfying conclusion to your presentation in which you make clear to the listeners
What they now know.
a. Welcome interruption c. Finish strong
b. Appear relaxed d. Know when to stop lecturing
_____ 16. Some speakers are terrified that someone will interrupt them with a question or comment.
a. Use Aid c. Be yourself
b. Plan it straight d. Welcome interruption
______17. Certain presentation-especially in presenting a marketing plan.
a. Appear relaxed c. Welcome interruption
b. Finish strong d. Know who to stop lecturing
______18. You don’t have to actually be related-few speaker are-but at least try to appear as relaxed as possible.
a. Plan it straight c. Finish strong
b. Be strong d. Appear relaxed
_____19. There no harm in including a little human in your presentation especially if you can carry it off well.
a. Be yourself c. Play it straight
b Don’t bury the crowd d. Use aids
_____20. Some of presenters find the “speaker notes” feature useful in the power point
a Extra pointer c. Don’t bury the crowd
b. Use aids d. Be your self

11. ESSAY:
1. Discuss how you can gain information about your competition by following their Twitter feed and setting
up Google alerts?

2. Discuss how Smartphone and Tablets can be used to tap into customers thinking and better connect to
Customers while they are on the go?


Prepared by: Ms. Aila B. Mamaclay PARENT SIGNATURE: