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@ re ESE) >= *, wk eae al THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK CERTIFICATE 1QNet and coc hereby certify that the organization FIAMM Enertech Co., Ltd, Hannan Road 468, Shamas Town, Hannan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, PR. China For the following field of activities Design, Development, Production and Service of VRLA Battery and Related Management Activities Has implemented and maintains a Management System Which fulfils the requirements of the following standard 1$014001:2004 Issued on: Jul, 09, 2012 Validity date: Jul. 08, 2015 Registration Number: 00112E21383R1M/4200 Vee Shp Michael Drechset Wang Kejico President of IONet President of CQC 1QNet Parties AENOR Spain AFNOR Cenificatlen France AB-Vingote Liternatonal Rediam ANCE Mexice ACER Punipal CCS Cyprus TIS fly COC Chine OGM Chins COS Ceech Bramble Cra Cert Croatia DOS Molding Ginbit Germany D5 Benmark: LOT Greve FCAV Brazil FONDONORMA Venonuiy (CONTEC Cotbrebir IMIG Mexino Inspecta Certification Fintand IRAM Argentina JOA Japan KFQ korea BIS2T Hungary Nemico AS Nonamy NSA) franc CEC Polat Quality Aven Aun AR fn rel S49 Sven. SIRIM OAS Inet Maisie’ SE Sutera RAC Romania TEST St Prteexburg Rusia TSE Turkey YUQS Sert Joe a repeeesned te USA by: APMON Cotten, C150, 098 Hldling Gm bl aa HBAL Ine. "Thue it of 19H puatrcra in wal at th tei ate Of chin ceeteute, Ujelaie! Inkormatinn ix mean ie under vow kynercerefeatin. nae ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM CERTIFICATE Certificate No.: 00112E21383R1M/4200 We hereby certify that FIAMM Enertech Go., Ltd. Hannan Road 459; Shama Town, Hennan Distocl, Wuhan City, Hubei Pronnce, PR, China l by reason of its Environmental Management System has been awarded this certificate for compliance with the standard 1$014001:2004 GB/T 24001-2004 The Environmental Management System Applies in the following area Design, Development, Production and Service of VRLA Battery and Related Management Activities: Certified since: Jul. 21,2008 Walid from: Jul, 09,2012 Valid until: Jul. 08, 2015 20M Signed by: Wang Kejiao CHINA QUALITY CERTIFICATION CENTRE! ae Secfiba 9, No-18, Netatlesntthe Sch Foord iluWest Rat), ein 0012641 SA HE ILA UAE LE GB GE 4}; OO112E21383R1M/4200 RMAELa RAR a) sae A aR TSR PR BAT ASA 58 BOT RSC EM RAL tte 18014001:2004 GB/T 24001-2004 HERE IEFGIEL oT ASMASENIT, FA, ESOS aah 3 = 2000 F121 Se REST PRGA: OFTEN, gone YAS WOE BARRE HCHO SF 10M. TRALEE TARR WR. ge cic Signéd by: Wang Kaise HERewi OW slelal «At + HIM ETRE ISSR 100070 nipsf ro