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CERTIFICATO N, CERTIFICATE N. 9134-SIA5 SIAPRA SPA con socio unico \WAALESSANORO VOLTA 67054 AVEZZANO (10) arta crs \IAALESSANDRO VOLIAS- 67051 AVEZZANO (AQ) FIAMIN SpA, {AE FUROPA 75-8976 MONTFCCIHO MAGGIORE (¥) [EOC ORME ALA NORUN Iso 9001:2008 Progtiarone, prrusione e cammeriaizazono accumu aplomb aide por uso Indie Fetowaio ‘Design product and todo of ead acd bales forint and aay use ‘itt menu ct i pt apes dau clara 150 901:208| ate tyme it pens 2208 erements 1906-10-15, 2013-00-20 2016-00-19 cisal ® ag re x * * x, Ak kak ‘THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK CERTIFICATE JaNet and its partner cisqima-csa_ hereby certy that the organization SIAPRA SPA con socio unico ‘VIA ALESSANDRO VOLTA 9 67081 AVEZZANO (40) IAM 5.p.A. VIALE EUROPA 79. 36075 MONTEGCHIO MAGGIORE (vp for the following fold of activities Desion, production and trade of ead ators fr industria and rativay ws ‘tro qty maa dott apa oS 9012008 nae ‘has implomentod and maintains @ Quality Management System which alts the requirments of the following standard ISO 9001:2008 Issued on: 2013-08-20 Expiry dato: 2016 ~09 ~ 19 Registration Number; \T - 8293 yllambede— Michael Drecieet Ting. Canc Proven President of IONET President of CISQ et Parser: ABNOR Sin AFNOR Cefn France AID-Vinot Intra! Beg ANCE-SIGE Atvico APCER Portgel CCC Cpr {CIS@ faCQC Chine CQM Ct OQS Cech Reber Cer Croatia DOS Holing Gri Gemany” DS Detmark AV fr! FONDONORMA Foor CONTEC Colombia INNC Slee INNORP To npc Centeaton Fn IRAM Ageia JOA Spon KO Kove MIRTEC Greete MSZT Hangar Neko AS Nor NSAI fefand PCB: Poland Quay si ttn TER Ra SI aac IQ Slovo SIM QS Iria Maly ‘S08 Swiserond SRAC Romania TEST St Peetu faasie TSE Tarte YUQS Sra rants pst i fhe USA fy: AFNOR Catifenton C1SQ, DQS Holling Gt ad NSAL In ‘Theat of 1ONet pre ald at hte este of isc Uplate ionaton is avaible nl ev iane