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Experiment # 01

To observe the working of a single phase power system and its theoretical variation
through per unit analysis.
Matlab software
Pre lab reading assignment
Article 1.10 and 1.11 from ‘power system analysis” by John J. grainger and William D.stevenson.
Article 3.3 from ‘power system analysis & Design” by Glover and Sarma
One Line Diagram with Parameters

Figure 1:one line diagram

Figure 2:circuit diagram

 Start Matlab and go to Start -> Simulink -> SimPower Systems -> Block Library.
 Open a new file by clicking file ->new->model or pressing ctrl +n.
 Take Voltmeter and Multimeter from measurements section of block library.
 Take Transformer, RLC branch and ground node from Elements section.
 Take AC voltage Source from sources section.
 Also paste the ‘power gui’ from the block library SimPower Systems in your file.
 You may also connect Scope with voltmeters and ammeter. Scope can be taken from
Simulink -> Commonly Used Blocks.
 Make the connections as shown in the figure.
 Set the values of various blocks as instructed below.
 Run the Simulation
 Open powergui window and observe values of voltages and currents in ‘Steady State
Voltages and currents’ section.
 Enter the values observed in step 2 in observations given below.
Values of Different parameters
 Source
Voltage peak = , Frequency = 50 Hz
measurement: voltage
 Transformer 1
30kVA, 240/480V, R=0p.u., X=0.1p.u.
measurement: all voltages and currents
 Transformer 2
20kVA, 460/115V, R=0p.u., X=0.1p.u.
measurement: all voltages and currents
 Transmission Line
measurement: branch voltage and current
 Load (also made from series RLC branch)
measurement: branch voltage and current
 Power Gui Block
Check ‘Discretize Electrical model’ & set Sample time = .0002

Observation table

Vsource 220 Vrms

T1 primary Voltage 220 Vrms

T1 secondary voltage 439.98∟-0.001o Vrms
T2 primary voltage 423.66∟-7.38o Vrms
T2 secondary voltage 105.91∟-7.39o Vrms
Vline 57.82 ∟69.96o Vrms

Vload 105.91∟-7.39o
Iline 28.76∟-20.04o Irms
Iload 114.85∟-19.98o Irms
Solve the above system using per unit analysis, calculate and compare the values measured in
observation sets.
(Attach assignment with the manual and submit it in lab)