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The other major problem faced by the Pakistan is that the poverty rate is very high. The amount

of money the government has is less than to cater the needs of poor people. Poor administration

is the other factor which has resulted into the high poverty rate .the government is not spending

wisely on poor people that are why it has high poverty rate. The people are not able to earn

handsome amount of money because of the poor governmental policies.

2. We face energy and water shortages:

Additional challenge we face today is energy and water scarcities, and that is not because we

are not causing abundant electricity or we are not having adequate water. Through the losses of

KESC from the point it has generated to the point they realize the billing is 45%, so 55% people

are paying for those who are stealing the electricity. Government of Pakistan out of its personal

limited resources is paying 200 billion rupees every year as subsidies for electricity. Our

industry is at a drawback that they get the orders from overseas countries but they cannot

implement the orders because there are electricity outages. In addition to economic losses it

also creates inconvenience for chasing normal life. We have silting of our dams, but no

additional dams have been constructed since Tarbela in 1974. Cost of doing business is high.

India has become the most important factor in the creation of the water problems for Pakistan.

India during the summer season does not allow the water to enter the Pakistan and it to the

water shortage in Pakistan. India is creating problems for the Pakistan as it does not allow the

water to enter Pakistan when Pakistan is in need of the water. The water shortage in Pakistan is

not due to the natural reason but actually it is artificially created because of India. India does

not want the Pakistan to stabilize its is creating problems for our country. The water

is blocked by the India and it is creating problems for our Pakistan.

The countries internal manufacturing is also being impacted in adverse manner because due to

the power crisis and load shedding of all the basic resources including electricity, Gas and

petroleum has delayed the processing units and forced the people to either shut down their

producing units or even take those units out of the country to the head-to-head countries.

3. Poor governance:
If we look quickly on policy documents of numerous governments on education, agriculture,

trade policy etc., and appearance at the similar policy forty years ago and the problems, there is

hardly any meaningful record of implementation of those policies or intention over this dated?

We vintage five years plans and all kinds of medium term frameworks, but it are the poor

governance and application that are the weak links in getting things done. Unless we support

civil services and bring about a merit based system of recruitment, promotion, performance

evaluation, incentive, corrective action, etc., we will not be able to see any alteration in the

quality of governance. Orders are given by the developed ups but they are not carried out;

summaries are allow something, but they remain buried in the files and therefore; whether it is

education, health, revenue or law and order, you can jot down the problem to the governance

issues. Nevertheless we fix the governance issue; the economy is not working to take off at the

speed which is required.

4. Poor use of natural resources:

In Pakistan due to poor administration we are facing the problem of improper utilization of

natural resources .the coal reserves are abundant in the different regions of Pakistan but we are

not exploring them. The copper, gold, silver and coal reserves are abundant in our beloved

country but we are not exploring them because of poor leadership qualities of our leaders. The

politicians of our country instead of exploring these reserves concentrate on the activities which

are not of interest.

The other major problem of Pakistan is that our government is not utilizing the resources

properly. They government know this thing that we have abundant resources in Baluchistan but

we are not exploring them. The government because of clashes with the people of Baluchistan

is not paying attention to the development of Baluchistan.

5. Corruption:
Corruption is the other major problem of Pakistan. In the Pakistan corrupt people have achieved

high ranks in the country. The do not work honestly and it has increased the problems. The

corrupt people instead of doing work diligently they only work for their own self and in this

way they also do some bad works. They promote less energetic persons and because of the less

energetic persons them sare creating problems for our country.

6. Poor academic set-up:

Other major issue of our country is that we have a poor academic set-up. The education is

compulsory in our constitution but we as a nation do not practically implement this rule. The

primary education is given to the students then when they enter the universities then they came

to realize that our academic set up is such that there are no such opportunities to accelerate.

7. We consume more and save less:

When government spends more on non-development activities .the government spends more on

unnecessary things and it lead to bad economic conditions. The influx of refugees from India

created insurmountable problems as the country had no resources to meet this challenge. We get

more income then we start utilizing the money in excess of unnecessary needs. We start

utilizing expensive things. When we start buying expensive things then we are left with less when we start wasting money then we are left with less money.