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Vargas Diaz Hugo ISE II course

How have wild animals been affected by humans?

Nowadays, there are a lot of wild animals in danger around the world due to human actions, but
what have we done to cause them that damage?

The principal reason is that of the factory pollution. Currently, there are many factories that throw
away their waste into the sea, in a lake or in the woods. They do not care about who will pay the
price. Besides, pollution is not the only reason why wild animals are in danger.

Hunting and killing without a kind of control is also part of the problem. Rhinos are hunted owing
to the value of their horn, although they are at the limit of extinction. So, what can we do to solve

The solution is simple but not easy. We have to do our bit for the environment, using fewer cars or
replacing our gas car for an electric one. Planting a new tree in our neighborhood could be another

Wild animals are part of our lives and we have to live with them in peace. They are essential to
have a balanced world.