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From: Steve Weiss steve.z.weiss@gmail.

Subject:letter if you want to send it
Date:September 29, 2018 at 3:37 PM
To:Jordan Matyas, Alderman Michele Smith, OTTA Board,
Diane Gonzalez
Cc:, Erik Wallenius,,

September 28, 2018

Alderman Michele Smith
43rd Ward Office
2523 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60614

Eleanor Esser Gorski, AIA Director, City of Chicago Historic PreservaNon Division
Carol J. Dyson, AIA Chief Architect & Tax IncenNves Coordinator PreservaNon Services Division,
Illinois Historic PreservaNon Agency
Dijana Cuvalo, AIA Architect IV, City of Chicago Historic PreservaNon Division

Dear Michelle & Landmarks:
I am wriNng again to register my concern regarding a zoning variance being sought for the
property at 1848 North Lincoln Park West to build a garage on the street and am also requesNng
that you vote “NO” for this requested zoning variance.
I understand that the people who purchased the house have a child that requires special needs.
What I don’t understand is why they chose to buy a house in a Landmark Zone when you have
these needs. I don’t mean to be heartless or uncaring but this is not the neighborhood for that.
Here you conform to the rules, not the other way around. Isn’t that the definiNon of preservaNon.
They might like or love our neighborhood but they don’t understand what preservaNon means by
pu`ng a garage on the face of one of the most beauNful line of victorian homes in Chicago. I get
it… they don’t care… they want what they want. Now I’m feeling bad like they are shaming us
because we are not willing to allow them this garage which they need for their child. They should
have put their child’s needs first and moved to a neighborhood more conducive to her needs.
When they purchased their home, THEY KNEW that they were moving into a Landmark District
and that many rules apply to changing anything on their property. Also, if this is approved this
sets a huge precedent the next Nme someone wants to build a new structure on their land and I
can think of three that come to mind right now. They can state that “1848 North Lincoln Park
West” was able to build a garage, why can’t we build a new structure?
I live at 314 & 316 West Menomonee Street with a side yard AND with an exisNng curb cut—
perfect for a garage facing Menomonee. That garage would block the view between my two
homes and I then I could put a connector between my said homes that would not be seen by 'the
way'. If you approve their request for a garage, then I want a garage and build my own compound
which will make my property value much much higher. 1810 North Orleans is itching to put two
buildings on that property because there is open land—what are you going to tell them with this
precident. If that happens, everyone on Menomonee with side yards will want garages, why
wouldn’t they and that will ruin the facade of the beauNful wood fire relief cogages on
Menomonee. Can you imagine what it will look like when every fourth house has a new garage
next to their home. You won’t want to take a picture of the block anymore. Look at Wells street
in Old Town. With all the high-rises and the O’Brien’s hotel coming… soon there will be no reason
next to their home. You won’t want to take a picture of the block anymore. Look at Wells street
in Old Town. With all the high-rises and the O’Brien’s hotel coming… soon there will be no reason
to call it Old Town. You can call it New Town because their be nothing old about it anymore. Is
that preservaNon? NO. That’s the opposite of preservaNon. Frankly, I don’t even know why we
are having this discussion. This is crazy and a variance like this is NEVER allowed and you know
I also wonder why they needed a two car garage if they are requesNng the garage be built for
their car that would be used for their child with special needs. You’d think they would have
grasiously asked for a one car garage to just meet there needs. But no… It seems they have the
a`tude of “I want everything I can get” and damn the rules... and we haven’t even menNoned
how this coincidentally just happens to greatly add to their property value. This is an example of
someone coming into a historic district and not caring at all about the great responsibility we all
have to preserve what we have. Not add to it... not take away. If you want a giant house and
garage move to Orchard Street, not here!!! Landmarks has a responsibility to deny this garage.
This is a pivotal moment of precedent… be careful what you do.
Do not approve this request to have a garage built. If you do, I will have my lawyers contact
you immediately about building my garage and my friends across the street will do the same.
Then we’re like Wells Street and no longer a historic district. it’s game over for preservaAon!!!
It’s up to you?

Steve Weiss
314 W. Menomonee Street
President – OTTA