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Teacher: DENNISE

Language Arts - 5B
November 2018
- Teacher introduction
- Getting to know the students and their expectations
- Setting rules for discipline

Week 12 – Unit 2 Review

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Lesson Title: Teacher's Unit 2 Review Unit 2 Review Unit 2 Review Test
Introduction +
Vocabulary and
Phonics Review
Objective: - Students will be - Students will give an example - Students will individually - Students will - Students will apply
able to get to know of their own heroes. give words of long vowels analyze the last story previously learned
the new teacher. - Students will discuss and with silent e. in Unit 2. lesson (Unit 2) in
- Students will recall summarize the story. - Students will continue to - Students will have a written form.
previously learned - Students will give examples of analyze the story “Doctors recitation on
vocabulary from Unit sentences with quotations. Without Borders.” possessive nouns and
2. - Students will continue their - Students will have pronouns.
- Students will review on vocabulary. recitation on adverbs of - Students will
differentiate long frequency and intensity. answer their
vowel pair ea and - Students will define the workbook inside the
short vowel ea. vocabulary in Reading 3. classroom.
Content: Reading 1 The Elephant Shepherd Story, Phonics, Doctors Without The Origin of Test
Vocabulary, Phonics Grammar, Vocabulary (Reading Borders Summary, Fire/Water Spider
2) Grammar, Vocabulary gets the Fire,
Workbook Activity
Materials/Re Cornerstone Book Cornerstone Book Cornerstone Book Cornerstone Book, Test
Unit 2 Workbook
Homework: Review keywords and Review Unit 2 Review Unit 2 Review Unit 2 Read Unit 3; Reading
their meanings on 1
Unit 2