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Winter 2018 | 1
Trinity Topics
VOLUME 37 | Number 4

Winter 2018

Staff, Vestry, & Officers

Rector | The Reverend Brad Mullis

Parish Administrator | Cindy Reaper

Organist/Choirmaster | Sam Holt
Preschool Director | Sherry George

Senior Warden | Trevla Pullium

Junior Warden | Chuck Lindler
Adult Ed | Clay Crouch In This Issue
Newcomers & Evangelism | Richard Hol-
Outreach | Larry Trott
Finance | Sandra Landry FEATURES
Communications | Jenneffer Sixkiller
Young Families |Ron Smith
Parish Life | Rowdy Armistead
3 Editor’s Notes: Cultivating
Pastoral Care | Susan Fanjoy Mindfulness
Youth | Trevla Haire A regular practice of mindfulness medita-
Music & Worship | Joanne Schinaman tion can help holiday anxiety and depres-
Environmental Stewardship | Doug sion

Vestry Secretary | Carol Leach

4 Around the Parish
Larry Trott highlights upcoming Outreach
Treasurer | Jim Lawton opportunities
Assistant Treasurer | Evie Caldwell


Trinity Topics is a monthly publication of

Trinity Episcopal Church, Statesville, NC.
6 Rector’s Message
Joyful giving. It should feel good!
The views and opinions that appear in this
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Trinity Episcopal Church.
8 Trinity Artist Series
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the ARTS can do for you Submissions
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801 Henkel Road / PO Box 1103
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Becoming beloved community
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or photos as well as your
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2 | Topics Winter 2018


Cultivating Liked, Loved, & Shared

Mindfulness Each month we feature a few quotes, images, and com-
ments shared on our social media channels, plus your let-
ters, comments, and cards. Send your comments to

“For me, church music isn’t ing and reminded me of the

a driving force, but today verse, "A little child shall
the choir killed it! Thank lead them...”
you, choir! That was spe- -Lisa McBroom, Trinity Talks Face-
cial.” -Jean Foster-Rikard book page
Trinity Talks Facebook page
Dear friends, thank You for
What a treat, hearing the all your help in the planning,
wonderful entertainment ads, and other services you

D O you experience anxiety or depression?

Many folks get the holiday blues, even if they
don’t suffer from these conditions normally. What
about chronic pain? Emotional distress? A regular
this afternoon, and an extra
treat catching up with an
old friend, catching up on
old times. –Lisa McBroom Trini-
have provided to ensure our
Trinity Artist Series is suc-
cessful. I feel yesterday's
event was very successful
ty Talks Facebook page and attended very
practice of mindfulness meditation may be just what
well. Dom Flemons was so
the doctor did not order. I witnessed something so personable and
touching and sweet. Karalee shared his talents so well
I took up the practice of yoga in college, and after (and Jean Foster so sorry if I with the community
several failed attempts, became a regular practitioner mispelled her name) daugh- through his music and con-
and started seeing real benefits about 30 days in. I ter of Scott and Jean and versations. Thank you all for
kept it up until I delivered my first child, and have only Nick Harknett and Katie your hard work. I really love
practiced here and there, or risk getting climbed on Harknett's daughter were and appreciate all of your
by my little monkeys. But, as an isolated stay at home waving at the processional. efforts. Have a blessed
mother, I became increasingly anxious and de- When Father Brad Mul- week and keep sharing
pressed, so I looked to meditation. lis went by both girls God's love.
hugged him and he -Marcia Lindler, email
A simple DVD from my public library helped me learn stopped. It was very touch-
techniques that I am still building on today to help
calm my mind, discipline my body and soothe my spir-
it. I am now teaching regular classes for the public
and staff at my library to share those techniques and
build relationships with like-minded people.

From a Christian perspective, I imagine that Jesus did

a lot of that, when he retreated for prayer. Walking
our prayer labyrinth is a form of walking meditation,
although that is not my preferred method (I prefer
simple seated breathing meditation). Some things can
only be improved with time.

As we enter this blessed season of advent, let us do

so with mindfulness; of ourselves and our brethren.
We will be better for each other if we firstly take care
of ourselves. Namaste. All Saints Day Celebration, Parish Hall, November 2018

—Jenneffer Sixkiller, editor | 3
Around the
Tree &

Christian Ministries
(ICM). Members are
asked to bring can goods,
dry food and paper prod-
ucts each Sunday and

Outreach Moments place them in the baskets

underneath the coat rack
in the narthex.

-Larry Trott
Trinity’s Annual Oyster stew, salads, desserts, adult Oyster Roast will go toward
Roast will be held January beverages, tea and soft Trinity’s pledge to Habitat Larry can be reached at
18, 2019 from 5:30 to 8:00 drinks. The highlight of the for Humanity.
PM. Ticket prices are $45.00 Oyster Roast is the enter-
in advance and $50.00 at tainment provided by our The Angel Tree is up and
the door. Tickets can be own Bud Martin and the angels are going
purchased from Larry Trott the Misty River Band. To fast. Please stop by the
at Sunday services begin- learn more about the band tree after church each Sun-
ning in December, or Cindy as well as how to engage day to select an angel from
in the church office during their services go to the tree. It is requested
the week. that the gifts be placed un-
der the tree by close of
The Trinity Oyster Roast is Sign-up sheets for volun- business on December
the flagship fund raising teers and food are on the 16th so that we can get the
event for Trinity and the bulletin board in the nar- gifts to 5th Street Ministries
Outreach team each thex. Please mark your cal- in time for Christmas.
year. The menu includes endars for this event. The As a reminder we continue
steamed oysters, Brunswick proceeds from this year’s to collect food for Iredell

4 | Topics Winter 2018

It is in Giving that We Receive

someone talked with

her and let her know
how hurt those offering
help were feeling. They 18
had accepted the offers Annual Meeting
of help over the years 12:00
from her but were not
being allowed to fill a
need they recognized.
They were denied the Thanksgiving Eucharist
gift of giving. It was as
if she was saying that
We have heard all our gift I can give is to be a the gifts they were
lives that it is more
blessed to give than to
receiver. It is when I
allow someone else to
offering were somehow
not good enough, it
receive. While it is a give her gift to me that was not as good as the
blessing to be a giver it she can feel the bless- gifts that she, the origi- 2
can also be a blessing to ing of being a giver. nal giver, had given Annual Men and Boys
be a receiver. For many It is not easy to move them. Breakfast, Advent
years I had a hard time from always being the When we learn how to 9:00am, 9:30am
receiving from others. giver to sometimes be- be receivers of gifts we
If someone compli-
mented me on anything
ing the receiver. I have
a friend who was sud-
do not stop being giv-
ers, but we become
Lessons and Carols
I would make light of it, denly faced with a seri- better givers. When we 10:30am
basically denying the ous illness. This is are aware of the bless-
compliment, rejecting someone well known to ing of receiving we are 16
the gift that I had been be the first to help oth- likely to be more aware Vestry Meeting after
given. If I was not the ers. When those who of the many gifts God church
giver then I was uncom- had received from her- has given us and to 12:00
fortable. And then, one found about her need thank God for those
day, I realized that I
could give all I wanted
they were quick to offer
their assistance. All
-Deacon Henrietta Wil-
to but if there were no
one to receive the gift I
offers were turned
down being told, “Oh, I liams can be reached at 11-12
offered then it was can manage. you don’t Vestry Retreat
Times forthcoming
meaningless; it wasn’t need to bother, help
really a gift at all. someone who really
Sometimes the greatest needs it.” Finally, | 5

A Joyful Gift
“Don’t give until it hurts. Give until it feels good.”

Dear Friends, good stewards is to look abilities you have. I could best friend? Or that photo
around us and behold all keep writing these sentenc- album you put together for
The fall is the time of the those gifts the master has es. Even if you feel things your parents? Do you re-
year when we talk most given. Please take a mo- have not gone well for you member how good that
about stewardship. Stew- ment and do that now. lately, think of life – all of it giving felt? The giving over-
ardship is, pretty much, Think of the special people – as belonging to the Lord flowed from the gratitude
what we do with what in your life – children, par- of the Manor and placed in you feel for the other per-
we’ve got. I’ve mentioned ents, siblings, spouses, part- your care as gift. The late son and what they have
the origin of the word be- ners, friends, co-workers -- John Claypool said, “Life is brought into your life. It felt
fore. It comes from “sty and how you are blessed by gift; birth is windfall.” so good to give back. I
warden.” A steward is one them. Think of this fragile think that joy gets at what
who was a “keeper of the earth, and all its beauty and The steward’s second joy is our master intends for us
pigs.” A good steward bounty. Consider the bless- valuing these gifts and when we give.
knew his job was important ings of health and mobility. bringing honor to the Lord
and his inventory was valua- Think of the education of the Manor by the use we That’s the kind of giving I
ble, and he wanted to tend you’ve received. Think of make of them. I ask you hope you will consider this
the pigs to the benefit of the freedom you have in again to take a moment and year as you complete your
the Lord of the Manor, to this country to worship, to recall the greatest giving pledge card and your time
whom he was ultimately speak, to disagree, and to experience of your life. and talent card. I hope you
responsible. That’s how we vote. Consider this commu- Was it something for the will take seriously the gifts
come to refer to ourselves nity of faith you call your kids on Christmas morning? of your life and how richly
as stewards. church home. Think of the Was it a diamond for your blessed you are. And from
financial resources you beloved? Or perhaps a per- consideration of that
Our first joyful task in being have. Think of the unique fect something for your wealth of blessing, please

6 | Topics Winter 2018

make a financial community. Your faithful pres-
commitment to Trini- ence – those couple hours
ty’s 2019 ministry each week -- is a great gift to
budget that will your brothers and sisters, and I
bring you the kind of hope a practice that brings joy,
joy you’ve experi- peace, and strength to you.
enced at these other And please indicate on your
times of your life. time and talent card all the
That will likely mean ways you will contribute those
digging deep. As a gifts to this community’s gos-
former diocesan pel work in 2019. And if there
stewardship director are ways we need to be partici-
used to say, “Don’t pating in God’s work that we
give until it hurts. are not doing, let us know that
Give until it feels too!
We have among us the re-

Trinitarians to Act in
And your gift does sources not only to meet a
great good. It makes budget but to have plenty. We

A Christmas Carol
possible our Sunday do. Imagine what all our
worship of word and thankful, joyful hearts put to-
sacrament and mu- gether can do, and give, and
be! So, consider yourself a
Our very own Charlie and Ellyn Mullis will appear in Theatre
sic. It nurtures
young families and steward. Think of all you have Statesville’s production of A Christmas Carol. Ellyn says,
the multitude of chil- been given, and be grateful.
dren around this Then consider how joyful it is “Charlie is young man Ebenezer Scrooge, and I am old lady
place. It helps our to give. Having done that, #4. It’s a cool set-up --- done as a walking tour through downtown
youth feed hungry then give until it feels good. Statesville. We are each in a brief scene that advances the sto-
folks at Fifth Street You will know joy ry. Previous participants in the show say that the depiction of
and get away for a —Brad Mullis ghost of Marley is scary---some young children were really scared
trip to Kanuga in the last year. If you think you’d like to go, it’s recommended to get
summer. It enhances Father Brad is the rector at Trin- tickets early. “
our ministry to sen- ity Episcopal Church. He can be
iors and our pastoral reached at rec- Come out and show your support! For more information, email
care to the sick. It Ellyn at
helps us have Vaca-
tion Bible School
with children and
fellow teachers from
Mt. Pleasant AME
Zion. In short, it ena-
Every American president since James
Fun Facts
bles us to pro-
claim good Madison has, at least occasionally,
news in word worshipped in St. John’s Episcopal
and deed. Your
gift does that.
Church, Lafayette Square

Your gifts of time

and talent are equal-
ly important. I hope
you will consider joy-
fully your faithful
participation in the
worship life of this | 7

Trinity Artist Series

Remembering the importance of the ARTS

From the Vestry

I believe I joined Trinity’s vestry at

the urging of Bob Foster as I really
didn’t know what all was involved.
I think he might have identified
“the new guy” and wanted me to
commit while I was still naïve! I’m
kidding to some degree but Bob
was persistent! I guess now that Have you ever attended try to the Boys and Girls Ticket pricing
I’m retired I hoped to make up for an event that had a pro- Club of the Piedmont,
some of the years I didn’t have the found and everlasting Children's Homes of Ire- $70.00 season
time to support my church as much effect on your soul? You dell County, Kings $20.00 single
as I would have preferred. I also may have been one in a Grant Retirement Com- $8.00 student
crowd of many, yet each munity, Performing Arts
hoped it would be an opportunity
individual walked away students at South Iredell Committee Members 2018-
to get to know other members of
having experienced vary- High School and 2019
Trinity and make some new friends. Marcia Lindler, Chair
ing degrees of the Statesville Senior High
event's effect. This is School, as well as music Richard Holshouser, Treasurer
I was surprised to learn that our how the arts can be ex- and art students at Sam Holt, Artistic Director
small congregation has a consider- perienced by people of Mitchell Community Col- Chuck Lindler, Publicity
able number of committed mem- all ages and stages! lege. Lori Martin, Advisor, Publicity
bers and that these caring souls Rev. Brad Mullis, Advisor
can accomplish some great things. The Trinity Artist Series is The programs are pre- Haydee Patterson, Secretary,
I’ve enjoyed learning about Trini- committed to creating sented in our beautiful Hospitality
ty’s charitable functions and ob- Anne Rhyne, Sponsorship
such events for our com- sanctuary or spacious
Agnus Schneider, Hospitality
serving Father Brad and Trinity’s munity, offering a wide Parish hall at 3:00 on
Elizabeth Sheeks, Publicity
congregation in their efforts to sup- variety of musical and Sunday afternoons.
Kelly Sheeks, Publicity
port our community! From the oys- visual programs. Zoe Williams, Ticket Sales
ter roast in January to the Angel 2/24/2019 Evie Caldwell, Grant Writer
tree in December I’ve witnessed The ARTS can Activate Ciompi Quartet---classical Elizabeth Rankin, Graphic De-
members of our congregation sac- your emotions, as well as strings, clarinet signer
rifice their time and resources to Release and Transform Jenneffer Sixkiller, Graphic
benefit the charitable organiza- your Spirit for a lifetime! 3/24/2019 Designer
tions in the community. It’s amaz- Arts events provide a Davidson College Jazz
ing to me that such a small congre- respite from our hectic Ensemble---jazz/big band
world. music
gation can accomplish so much.
Contributions allow us to
Although I’m still having some –
offer complimentary tick-
continued on p. 9 ets as an outreach minis-

8 | Topics Winter 2018


Blood Drive Update

Remembering the importance of giving

Vestry, continued from p 8

difficulty putting names with faces, I Our November blood drive
believe my goal of making some had 26 donors, and gave 27
new friends has been achieved. I pints of blood, including
would strongly encourage anyone
one new donor! Way to go!
considering serving Trinity as a ves-
Save the date for the next
try member to take the leap! They
won’t regret the decision. blood drive @ Trinity:

-Larry Trott can be reached at 5/24/2019 | 9
10 | Topics Winter 2018 | 11

Becoming Beloved Community

The Rt. Rev. Sam Rodman - The Bishop Diocesan

"In May 2017, The Episcopal the world, seeking out our
Church announced 'Becom- neighbors and increasingly
ing Beloved Community: seeing the importance of
The Episcopal Church’s 'being with others' as well
Long-term Commitment to as 'doing for others.' If the
Racial Healing, Reconcilia- Jesus Movement is the jour-
tion and Justice.' It was not ney and Going to Galilee the
another program; it was a map, our work in Becoming
path for all of us to follow. Beloved Community is our
"The Episcopal Diocese of
The Rt. Rev. Sam Rodman
North Carolina is already on
and the Rt. Rev. Anne Hodg-
that journey, and we easily
es-Copple, "Becoming Be-
recognized ourselves and
loved Community," Winter
the mission work to which
2018 Disciple
we’re dedicated in the path
outlined in Becoming Be-
loved Community. In look- 1. Engaging in deeper
ing at what has been ac- dialogue and multi-
complished in recent years layered conversa-
and where we want to go in tions around the dy-
the years ahead, it became namics of difference
clear that the path we were with particular atten-
already on meshed with the
tion to race, political Epistles on Race in Ameri- the Rev. Winnie Varghese,
one outlined by the Church.
tensions between ca,” explores contempo- in conversation with civil
"And so it is a path we will left and right, and rary black/white relation- rights icon and public theo-
continue to follow in 2018 ships using writings that, logian Ruby Sales. Togeth-
the economic divide
and the coming years. Con- while perhaps lesser er, they explore King’s pro-
tinuing our work in the area known than King’s famous phetic voice and look for
of racial reconciliation and Spotlight Resources “I have a dream” oratory, hope in history.
healing will remain a focal resonate powerfully today. Bishop Rodman can be
MLK Jr.: Epistles and Proph- The speakers are New York reached at
point. In thinking through
ets City journalist Errol Louis,
the wide scope of our work,
however, we have defined New York University pro-
four other priorities that April 4, 2018, marks 50 years fessor and poet Fred
support, complement and since the assassination of Moten and Trinity’s vicar,
intertwine with that recon- the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther the Rev. Phil Jackson. Hear
ciliation work. They build on King, Jr. their challenging examina-
our answered call to be part In observance of the deep tions of three Civil Rights-
of the Jesus Movement, and lasting impact of Dr. era letters from Dr. King,
recognizing its call to unity King’s ministry, Trinity Wall James, James Baldwin and
through mission and move- Street is offering a video Thomas Merton, and share
ment more than church curriculum for use by indi- them with friends in your
structure and the institu- viduals or in group educa- community.
tion. They keep us on our tion settings. The interview segment fea-
road to Galilee, where we
The speaker series, “Three tures Trinity’s Director of
will continue to go out in
Justice and Reconciliation,

12 | Topics Winter 2018


Central American Bishops appeal to Anglican

Communion solidarity over migrant caravan

People form a caravan of migrants as they walk through San Salvador in a journey from El Salvador to the United States.

Bishops from three Anglican Central America, Mexico and the ed. “We will NOT let these Cara- ple, women and men, victims of
Provinces have called for USA, United Nations and civil vans, which are also made up of death threats, victims of unem-
“solidarity” from the Anglican leadership with respect to the some very bad thugs and gang ployment, victims of irresponsi-
Communion as a caravan of mi- caravan of people who are trav- members, into the U.S. Our Bor- ble governments which are in-
grants makes its way through elling towards the United States der is sacred, must come in le- different to the needs of their
the region from El Salvador to in search of opportunities of gally. TURN AROUND!” inhabitants.”
the US. The plight of the people decent work”.
making the journey has been And in another Tweet he said: They say that the movement of
reported around the world after They describe it as “a new exo- “The Caravans are made up of people has been a permanent
US President Donald Trump said dus” of “a marginalised people, some very tough fighters and part of history, and that the car-
that he had mobilised the mili- enslaved in their respective people. Fought back hard and avans draw attention to the cri-
tary to prevent them crossing countries through a reality of viciously against Mexico at sis of migration and the difficul-
the American border. Bishops social and moral, neo-liberal eco- Northern Border before break- ties in their countries of origin.
from Honduras, in the US-based nomic sin which takes away ing through. Mexican soldiers
Episcopal Church; Guatemala their lives with injustices and hurt, were unable, or unwilling “In this context we remember
and El Salvador in the Iglesia violations of their human rights. to stop”. the forum on migration which
Anglicana de la Region Central They are a people of faith in was held in San Salvador, which
de America; and North and God, who He has promised to But in their letter, the bishops affirmed that these people: “are
South East Mexico, in the La ‘care for and accompany’”. appealed for more compassion in principal good and many have
Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico,
to be shown towards those on been victim of death threats, of
have responded to the situation
President Trump has been vocal the journey. “As God always hard conditions of vulnerable
in a joint letter.
in his opposition to the caravan, hears the cry of his people, the social and economical condi-
which has been a hot-topic issue Churches do the same and we tions; others have been victims
In their letter, they say that, in in the US midterm elections. cry out for the weak and most of violence of either gangs or
the name of God, they are using “Our military is being mobilized vulnerable”, they said. “For ex- the agents of state of their
their voice and position “in a call at the Southern Border. Many ample, in this new Exodus, many countries of origin.”
of solidarity to the authorities of more troops coming”, he Tweet- are girls and boys, young peo- | 13
14 | Topics Winter 2018

Birthdays 12/14 Quinn Payne Anniversaries

NOVEMER 12/15 Gray Lackey NOVEMBER
11/2 Sandra Poole 12/17 Rowdy Armistead 11/11 Buddy and Margaret Johnson
11/3 Sam McDowell Jennifer York 11/19 Chris and Maggie Shoobridge
11/6 Chuck Lindler 12/19 Arna Deter 11/21 Chuck and Kim Dockery
11/8 Loring Fishburne Scott Rankin 11/29 Will and Susan Fanjoy
11/9 Eva Clendenin 12/21 Cindy Booker
11/11 Jerrie Greene 12/23 Christian York DECEMBER
11/13 Lorene Ramsey 12/27 Alice Hunsucker
12/17 Locke and Joy Allison
11/17 Nimocks Haigh 12/29 Bob Johnson
12/19 Jim and Re Johnston
11/20 Sonny Rankin 12/31 Thomas Hogan
12/27 Buck and Lula Cheatham
11/21 Cathy Marshall
11/26 Abigail Hart JANUARY
1/3 Sam Holt JANUARY
11/28 Ali Warren
11/29 Aimee Reimann 1/6 Jerry Gehling, Ryder Smith 1/1 Sarah Borders
11/30 Kelly Sheeks 1/8 Bill Bosshart Bill and Tammy Neely
1/10 Richard Holshouser
DECEMBER 1/13 Buck Cheatham
Chris Shoobridge Please send any obituaries or birth notices
12/1 Jonathan York
1/15 Mary Dulin to for
12/3 Alexandra Martin
inclusion in Topics.
Leann Schoolcraft Kerrington Harknett
12/4 Eli Smith Joe Peters
Ella Gehling 1/17 Raina Hassler
Jeff Watts 1/20 Honoria Harknett
12/6 Pierce Deter 1/21 Carolyn Solberg
Andy Pendleton 1/23 Joe Furr, Kay Holshouser
12/7 Shaina Wilson 1/25 Kelly Hogan
12/8 Amy Lawton 1/26 Bill Neely
12/9 Amanda Clendenin 1/28 Tom Flowe, Janet Heitmann
12/11 Pat Henley 1/30 Gary Clark
Allison Long Hughes 1/31 Holly Hassler
Elizabeth Rankin
12/12 Caroline Alexander

NC Diocese Hurricane Help News

We are truly grateful that no one Please stay tuned to this page for ed, or unless you are working direct-
in the Diocese of North Carolina the latest information and up- ly with an organized relief effort,
reported major damage from Hur- dates. donated goods can actually put a
ricane Florence or Hurricane Mi- Lessons learned from past storms burden on those receiving them if
chael. We also know our neigh- tell us the best way to support those storage space or manpower to sort
bors in the Diocese of East Caroli- in need is to donate financially if you and distribute is an issue.
na have been hard hit (again), and can. The funds can be used toward The Diocese is working to aggre-
the Diocese is working with re- whatever material goods need to be gate a list of needs.
sponse partners and relief organi- purchased in the areas they're most
zations on how best to respond. needed. Unless specifically request- | 15
P.O. Box 1103 Statesville, NC 28687

Remember, remember, the

Parish Hall four Septembers
ago? This shot from Topics,
September 2014.
16 | Topics Winter 2018