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Radifan Faiz Irsyadi
Mechanical Engineering

Advanced Vehicle Technology is a course that provides lesson not only about how particular
vehicle (car) works, but the advance technology that applied to it. There are simulation programs
that could let us analyze a car performance based on its specification, one of it is MATLAB-
SIMULINK. In this assignment, student was told to use the program in order to understand how
‘shift map’ works by changing the setting of the ‘shift map’ and compared it with its initial

Figure 1 Model of AT

Student open a program called MATLAB-SIMULINK, then open examples and choose the
Modeling an Automatic Transmission Controller, then the model of a car appeared just like a figure
1 above.
Since student was told to change the shift map and see what happened, it is pretty straight forward
task. But there are several data that we could also provide.

Figure 2 ManeuversGUI

The first data is the ManeuversGUI. This data represent how we want to analyze the performance
by regulates its throttle. The data displays a throttle percentage (%) vs Time (sec). We can also say
this is the driving cycle of the vehicle. Student set the driving cycle same with its initial setting.

Figure 3 Transmission ratio

The second data is the Transmission Ratio. In order to open the input table, the steps are click
transmission  transmission ratio  table  edit table and breakpoint. The initial data shown as
figure above.

Figure 4 Throttle percentage vs. Torque load

Figure 5 Torque Load vs. RPM vs. Throttle percentage (%)

The third data is the engine. We acquired it by clicking Engine  Engine torque  edit table and
breakpoint  table  click the symbol of graph. From the graph we can see a 3-dimensional graph
which shows us the information of Torque load vs. RPM vs. Throttle percentage.
The fourth data will be about the shift map. In order for us to do so, is by click ShiftLogic 
Simulink function  interup/interdown  edit table and breakpoint. Then we can change the
setting of the shift map. The data is throttle percentage (%) vs. speed (mph). after we fill-in the
table, we can look at the graph by clicking the graph symbol. This procedure will be in the Data
Input and Output section.
And finally, the last data is the Plot result. Plot result will give us the information based on the
data that we have inputted. There are 3 tables, those are throttle (%) vs. time (sec), Engine RPM
vs. time (sec), vehicleSpeed (mph) vs. time (sec). This data will be in the Analysis section.

Data Input and Output

ORIGINAL (left) vs. MODIFIED (right)
Figure 7 Upshift MODIFIED
Figure 8 Upshift ORIGINAL

Figure 9 Downshift MODIFIED Figure 6 Downshift ORIGINAL

Result Analysis and Conclusion

Figure 10 Plot Result ORIGINAL

Figure 11 Plot Result MODIFIED