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SCHOLAR NAME: Macario B. Masagca, Jr.

______________________________ UNID:  2016a-406017
SHEI NAME:  Mindoro State College of Agriculture and Technology - Main Campus
DHEI NAME: Asian Social Institute
PROGRAM: MS in Economics

School Year 2017-2018

Term: 1st Term x 2nd Term 3rd Term 4th Term 
Non-Regular Term (please specify): __________________________________ 

Certification  x Residency Others: ___________________________________ 



The scholar is currently enrolled in residency for the term stated above. This is to certify that this is in line with
his/her study plan, and is a requirement to complete his/her degree.

During this time, he/she will be taking:  

x Thesis / Dissertation  Practicum 
x Comprehensive Exam  Research Work  
Others (please specify): ________________________________________________________ 

In sentence form, enumerate all expected tasks and target milestones. 
Tasks Milestones
To prepare for the written comprehensive Timeline of Schedules:
examination on February 10, 2018, the following tasks a. Upon finish of the prior term, started reviewing the
will be done: past topics in Microeconomics, Microecomics,
a. Review of the past topics in Macroeconomics, Economic Development, International Economics and
Microeconomics, Economic Development, important cognates;
International Economics and important cognates; b. By January 2018, a month before the comprehensive
b. Complete and submit Chapters 1 to 3 of the Thesis exam, professors are consulted to clariffy difficult topics
Proposal Proposal, but passing the written especially in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics;
comprehensive examination is required before c. After February 10, 2018 (comprehencisve exam),
proceeding to Thesis Proposal presentation and Thesis Proposal is submitted for checking of the adviser
completing the same. while waiting for the result of the comprehensive exam.

Attach separate sheet if necessary 

(Attach enrollment form when residency was taken, if any) 

To be accomplished by the scholar:  To be accomplished by the DHEI Representative: 

I  certify  that the  information  indicated  are  valid,  This is to certify that the above information is correct 
authentic, true  and  correct based  on  my  own  and is consistent with the policies of the institution. 
personal  knowledge  and  based  on  documents  in  my 
possession.  I  further  certify  that my  actions  are  in 
line  with  the  terms  and  conditions  of  my  scholarship 
________________________________________  Name and Signature of the Authorized
Name and Signature of the Scholar and Date Signed Representative and Date Signed