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The results of this investigation proves that the work atmosphere is affected when we have a Mobbing situation in the job. humiliation. and/or terror. emotional abuse. general harassment.Abstract Mobbing is a malicious attempt to force a person out of the workplace through unjustified accusations. It also has the purpose to show how it affects the work atmosphere. The aim of this paper is to present the importance of recognizing bullying in the workplace and the importance of working with these situations so that both the company and the individual is not affected. Page | 2 . The purpose of this investigation is to show the effects of the Mobbing in the employee.

co-worker. Here the aim in the end to this harassment. is indeed µmobbed. expulsion from the workplace. Page | 3 . seemingly helpless against the powerful and many. and/or terror. 1 Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace.who rallies others into systematic and frequent µmob-like¶ behavior. The main reason is to show that mobbing affects the working atmosphere and it also affects the health of the victim and the employees surrounding the victim of this harassment. or even instigates the behavior. condones. Schwartz. by Davenport. ³The mobbing syndrome is a malicious attempt to force a person out of the workplace through unjustified accusations.physical or mental distress or illness and social misery and. it can be said that the victim. most often. It is said that America is where it occurs most often this type of harassment. emotional abuse.¶ The result is always injury .Introduction Mobbing is considered a syndrome.organization. or subordinate . superior. There are many reasons for choosing this topic. 1999. and Elliott. Because the organization ignores. general harassment. It is a µganging up¶ by the leader(s) . physical and psychological) of the victim and often brings impact on the nuclear family and even a kind of isolation from the victim. which is regarded by its perpetrators as a nuisance or threat to their personal interests. intimidation or disruption (or usually the combination of them all. This harassment is not a new issue. mobbing) is the abandonment of work by the victim or victims.´1 For the purposes of the investigation will focus on how this syndrome affects the work atmosphere. This type of harassment affects the health (mental. humiliation.

and one another. gestures. and most of the time. or too simple and repetitive. saying one thing one day. it is usually an insecure person. life website http://members. poor work organization and poor communication from superiors to subordinates. Por: Fernando Mansilla Izquierdo http://www. aged between 35 and 45 years old. is thrown into a situation of loneliness and helplessness long. 3 Companies are not fully prepared to deal with a mobbing Page | 4 . Some of the behaviors include ridicules the stalker harassed. fearful of losing their jobs and able to subtly harass the harassed over time. who. responsible. poised. etc 2 Acoso Laboral o Mobbing. also the way they dress. and taking other part conciliatory.Literature Review The mobbing in working life involves hostile media and unethical is routinely administered by one or a few individuals mainly towards one individual. which charges higher than the stalker receive a negative input of labor and expertise that they have the hunted.psicologia-online. voice. and not just their work. even at times to dismiss the person being harassed as unfair unprepared for the job. it assigns tasks too complex for their degree. When the harasser has a role in the top job at beleaguered. The profile of the beleaguered responds to a person. in consequence.shtml 3 What are the Health Effects of Mobbing?" Available on Mobbing. hardworking. nor based on frequent harassing actions. hiding important information and even changing information indiscriminately and continuously. something that often lead to worsening the problem. 2 The harasser under an outward appearance of safety and soundness. A number of factors that can worsen and even encourage mobbing: companies with little support from superiors. sociable and helpful. bright. spontaneous emergence of leaders without preparation or adequate profile for the

This method is based on interviews of five questions given to five participants. The survey participants are employees of private offices. Page | 5 .Methodology For this research I selected the qualitative method. Each participant was responsible for answering questions in a confidential manner and based on their experience and work environment.

The information was obtained from databases. among others. journals. p 7th Step: Interpreting Results o The interpretation of the results was done by reading the interviews and using the grouping of similarities in responses. magazines. particularly office environments (eg. They also received a brief description of what is mobbing. secretaries). Internet. p 6th Step: Begin the Study o The study of the information obtained was started with a few summaries of the information and the integration of the results of the interviews.Procedure p 1st Step: Select the topic o Mobbing: How affects the job atmosphere p 2nd Step: Prepare Interviews o Five questions were prepared based on the effects of mobbing in the work area and the impact on the work environment. p 5th Step: Search for literacy and data o Find enough data to support the research. p 3rd Step: Find Participants o For these interviews were selected five people in the workplace. Page | 6 . p 4th Step: Give Interviews o The interviews were distributed to five participants and they were answered within the next day. newspapers.

the results were organized by how much it affects in the job atmosphere. etc. Page | 7 . the introduction. annexes. the information was verify and corrected. conclusion. p 9th Step: Verify the information o After organizing the information and the results.p 8th Step: Organizing the results o After grouping the results based on similarities. p 10th Step: Organize the research o Once the information was verify the next step was to organize the research and prepare the abstract.

But after having given a brief explanation on what the term mobbing. The method used was qualitative and performed five questions to five participants.Results The purpose of these results is to demonstrate that the "mobbing" is a situation that affects the work atmosphere. employees who are not suffering from this job harassment are also affected because they fear becoming victims of such abuse. Respondents indicated that some of this harassment is carried out by relatives of their employers or employees who aspire to a higher position in the company and need to overshadow the work that they perform. among others. they reported knowing someone who is going through this. Page | 8 . This method was chosen because it allows the interviewee expressed regarding the situation and dwell on it. shouting and unfair treatment. The workplace bullying reported in this study include humiliation. The results showed that indeed the mobbing affects the work atmosphere. labor exploitation. Others indicated that is a situation they are currently living and they do not know how to handle it. In addition. since you work under pressure and tension. The study showed that employees in companies do not know much about the term mobbing.

Page | 9 . Bullying not only affects the work atmosphere also affects the people and not allow them to perform effectively. the study demonstrated the need to train employees on what is "mobbing" and identify if you are victim of such harassment. Labor problems if not addressed. bring impact and to become problems that affect society and social life of people. and taken to the family. the affected individuals affect their family. Many people who suffer from mobbing have expressed no desire to continue with their works and even depressed because they feel useless and mentally and psychologically affected. it was shown that there is this kind of abuse in Puerto Rico and that this affects the work atmosphere. We need to take action in these situations because not only affects the workforce. In addition.Conclusions In conclusion.

documents and archives of the work and keep everything under lock and key.Recomendations To stop this problem of bullying is necessary to consider several details. friends and family. managers. Other recommendations are to: Document and record of aggression that is the subject from the beginning. partners. consultants. who is a coward in the background. Avoid social isolation: pop out and meet socially the situation of harassment. to avoid reacting to the attacks. These recommendations help to overcome the mobbing but not the only thing we should do as it is often necessary to seek professional help to overcome the effects of mobbing at work. First of all the victim has to identify the problem of bullying as such. Make public attacks which are in the privacy and confidentiality and communicate them to colleagues. Control and channel the anger and resentment (anger is the ally of the harasser): to avoid angry outbursts. Tackling bullying: coping recoil makes the harasser. Protecting your data. Responding to the slander and destructive criticism assertively (not passive or aggressive). Emotionally disabled. bosses. Page | 10 . and suspect the manipulative skills of the bullies.

lindas.pdf Wyatt. Judith and Chauncey Hare 1997. and Transformation Available on http://www. and Elliott. & Barker M.Reference Mobbing: Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace. by website Rochester.internetbasedfamily. Schwartz. (2008) Workplace Mobbing: Expulsion. S. Vermont: Schenkman Books. Shallcross.pdf What are the Health Effects of Mobbing?" Available on Mobbing. Exclusion. What is Mobbing? Available on http://nebula2. Page | 11 .deanza. Work Abuse: How to Recognize and Survive It.

Annexes Page | 12 .

2010 Turabo University Isabela. Barreto Rodríguez Page | 13 . Nor will there be any monetary compensation and each person's personal information will not be required. Puerto Rico 00662 Greetings: My name is Aurora M. As part of the English 231 course it has been required to prepare a research.September 20. The answers to this interview are strictly confidential and will not be presented in the research. Thank you for your cooperation. As part of research it is required to interview five people. Barreto Rodríguez and I am a student at the Turabo University in Isabela. The information obtained from the interviews will be evaluated and presented in abstract form. This research aims to present the effects of mobbing in the workplace and how it affects the atmosphere of the office or workplace. _________________________ Aurora M.

How long have you been in your job? 2. Does the company have a policy on mobbing? Observations: (Any other detail you want to share) Page | 14 . How it affects the mobbing your work atmosphere? 5. Have you been a victim of mobbing (harassment)? In what way? 3.Interview Job Position:_______________________ Questions: 1. How you work or react to the situation of harassment? 4.

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