Table I Abbreviation1 Acronym STG I, 11, 111, IV Cables TLCS

Elements of Peacekeeper G&C s y s t e m

Full NameIFunction S t a g e I, 11, 111, IV cables provide for missile intra- and inter-stage connections between flight control and ordnance signals. T e s t Launch Cable Set. A plug-in instrumentation cable s e t used with t h e four s t a g e cables during t e s t flights. Guidance and Control Electronic Battery. Has t w o output voltages; one is used t o power t h e IMU and t h e other provides power for all other G&C nonordnance elect r ical functions. Ordnance Battery. Provides power for activation of ordnance devices. Power Distribution Set. The c e n t e r for distribution of ground and airborne power for t h e missile. Interconnects the Stage IV cable s e t t o e f f e c t power distribution t o t h e IMU, MECA, reentry system and missile accuracy evaluator. Flight Coolant Assembly. A positive expulsion system t h a t stores and expels refrigerant for direct expansion cooling of the IMU during flight. Inertial Measurement Unit. An inertially stabilized floated ball containing a l l associated subsystems essential t o providing velocity and a t t i t u d e of t h e vehicle relat i v e t o computer-selected f r a m e s of reference. Missile Electronics and Computer Assembly. A programmable radiation-hardened missile-borne computer t h a t performs computation, communications, ordnance control and flight control functions. Missile Ordnance Arm Switch. Provides the safety f e a t u r e for a l l of t h e ordnance initiation s e t s operated by t h e missile ordnance controller. Operational Flight Program. In airborne computer. Used in performing some terminal countdown functions and all flight mission functions a f t e r Stage I ignition, i.e., navigation, guidance, steering. Operational Ground Program. In airborne computer. Supports ground operations during preparation for t e s t and operational flight of the Peacekeeper missile. Ground operations include calibration and alignment of the IMU.

G&C ELECT BATT Fig. 2 Peacekeeper s o f t w a r e ORD BATT PDS



Fig. 3 P a r t A - Peacekeeper inertial measurement unit








Fig. 3 P a r t B - Peacekeeper inertial measurement unit

Launch Control Program. In ground computer. Provides missile-to-ground communications, s t a t u s monitoring and control, d a t a handling, system testing, and launch sequencing. Provides factory calibrated IMU parame t e r s used for in-flight compensation by t h e flight program.