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The 1-way value

entry-level server

Bull NovaScale T810

Based on the latest Intel® chipset and processor technologies,
powered by a large choice of high performance processors such as Xeon
3200 quad-core, Xeon 3100 dual core, and operating on a high level
1066 MHz Front Side Bus, the NovaScale T810 is the ideal entry-level
server for file/print sharing, small applications, shared Internet
access, e-mail and firewalls. It satisfies all the computing
requirements of small workgroups.

• Latest Intel® processors EM64T, Dual or Quad Core

• Up to 8GB DDR2 533/667 ECC
• 4x Fixed SATA/SCSI or 3x Hot-Swap SCSI HDDs
• Up to 2TB of Internal storage
• Dual integrated network controllers
• 3x PCI-Express + 2x PCI 5V Slots

The latest technology with an of DDR2 533/667MHz SDRAM for memory

excellent price/performance ratio intensive environments and offers a
The NovaScale T810 server is ideal for flexible choice between fixed or HotSwap
small and medium-sized businesses, HDD and SATA or SCSI storage technology
setting-up their first network or with up to 2TB or RAID configurations.
replacing their server for a more With 2x PCI 32-bit, 3x PCI-EXPRESS slots
expandable, reliable and faster one. It and 3x open media bays (3x 5.25”) it
supports SCSI or Serial ATA (SATA2) provides plenty of room for future
hard disk drives, the latest generation expansion.
of the ATA Interface delivering the best
price/performance ratio for low-end Ease of use
applications and file-print serving. The NovaScale T810 is available with
These are combined with RAID 0/1/5 optional pre-loaded Windows, and
functionalities to provide an unmatched ExpressBuilder setup software for trouble-
data protection and reliability for an free installation. As a consequence,
entry-level server. The NovaScale T810 installation can be performed without
can easily host lightweight applications, calling a technician, therefore this
and can provide fast Internet access and server is perfect for companies with
efficient file and print services. minimal in-house IT support.

Configurability and expandability

The NovaScale T810 can support up to 8GB
Bull NovaScale T810 Technical Specifications
Form factor Tower USB ports 4x USB 2.0 (2 Front, 2 rear)
Tower-Rack convertible Yes (5U) Serial port 1x (DB9)
Audio port Yes
PROCESSORS PS/2 port (mouse/keyboard) 2x (1 mouse, 1 keyboard)
Number of processors 1x SVGA video port Yes
Type Intel ® Xeon 3200 Quad-Core, Xeon External SCSI connector 68p VHD with SCSI Boards
3000 Dual Core, Pentium D, Pentium 4 Ethernet port 2x RJ45 10/100/1000Mb rear
Slot type LGA775
L2 cache 2x 4MB (Xeon 3200 Quad-Core), 1x POWER SUPPLY
2MB/4MB shared (Xeon 3000 Dual
Core), 2x1MB (PD Dual Core), 1MB Fixed PSU 400W w/ PFC 110/220V
(P4 Single Core), Power supply numbers 1
Power consumption 450VA max
Chipset Intel 3000 + ICH7R (Intel® 82801GR) VENTILATION
Processor Front Side Bus speed 800MHz or 1066Mhz Fan specifications 1x Front, 1x Rear, 1x for the
Processor, 1x with PSU
Memory Min/Max 512MB / 8GB (interleaving capable) PHYSICAL SPECIFICATIONS
Type DDR2 533/667 ECC SDRAM Size (HxWxD) 425 x 198 x 465 (mm)
Memory slots (number, type) 4 DIMM slots, 2-way interleaved Weight 11-15Kg
capable Operating constraints 10°C à 35°C, 20% à 80% RH
Security ECC
I/O SLOTS OS Preload Windows Server 2003
Bus slots 5x Management software NovaScale Master Management Suite
1x PCI-Express (x8) Install & Configuration software ExpressBuilder
1x PCI-Express (x4) Antivirus software Symantec AV Corporate Edition
1x PCI-Express (x1) Windows Server 2003 Certification
2x PCI 32bit/33Mhz 3.3V Standard Edition Yes
Linux Support
MEDIA AND STORAGE DEVICES Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Update 4 (x86 / EM64T)
DVD-ROM drive 16x EIDE
Floppy Disk Drive 1.44MB internal (Option) Standard warranty 1 year on-site at Day + 1
3.5" HDD SATA2 7.2Krpm 80/160/250/500GB Warranty extension Optional
3.5" HDD SCSI 10Krpm 73/146/300GB U320
Maximum Internal Storage capacity 2TB SATA2 (4x500) REGULATORY & SAFETY
1.2TB SCSI (4x300) Regulatory compliance CE
Internal Tape Device DAT 72 USB (Option)
Recommended UPS
Mother Board controllers
SATA2 / SATA2 RAID 4x SATA2 with RAID (0, 1, 5)
PCI board controller
SCSI Adaptec 29320LP (SCSI model),
optional Adaptec 29160 for backup
SCSI RAID optional Ultra320 RAID board

5.25" Media bays (total / free) 4/3 or 2/1 when option HotSwap cage*
is selected
3.5" Media bays (total / free) 1/0
3.5" fixed HDD bays (SCSI) 4x 1" (standard on SCSI model)
3.5" fixed HDD bays (SATA) 4x 1" (Standard on SATA model))
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3.5" Hot swap HDD bays (SCSI) 3x 1" (with optional HotSwap cage)

Graphical boards ATI ES1000 16MB (on motherboard)

Network interface controller Embedded 2 channels Gigabit Intel
82541PI + 82573E
Number of channel 2x

2-level password Yes

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