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The Book of Planetary



Transcription, translation, editing, image
extraction, notes and charts by

Mihai Vârtejaru



Transcript and translation

The Medals

Although pachment talismans are sometimes described, the main focus of the work would be the seven
metallic medals. The modern reader might be perplexed to find that the seven classical attrubions of the
metals were not the same in all eras. While Saturn is deduced to be lead (one malevolent operation also
requires a `lamina saturni` to be inscribed with the Table of the Moon), only Mars and Sun are prescribed
different metals (red copper for mars and gold for the Sun) while the others are made of silver. An
observant eye will see that all are non-problematic metals to be inscribed with a steel burin, a problem
often put foreward as difficult in the case of iron talismans of Mars. Our Thaytamen seems to draw his
knowledge from practical sources, and not symbolic or allegorical analogies.

We have quantitative directions regarding metals only in some cases, but the number of drachms
prescribed is the same as the numeric scale of the planet (it corresponds with the number of spaces
heading the magical squares and the stellated poligons on the back). The Sun has six drachmas, Venus
requires seven, Mercury eight, and the Moon Naturally, as the scale grows so does the size of the medals.
Mercury has 8 drachms. The medals themselves are therefore unequal in size, growing from Saturn to
Moon, which solves the problem of the complexity of design quite well, the larger and the harder to
engrave squares being housed on the largest medals. That is of course assuming that using more metal
also means using a larger radius. Growing the weight exponentially while casting the medal in a similar
diameter would leave us with cyllinders in the end, not placques. The Original Greek Drachma weighed
approximately 4,3 grams (a similar Roman Dinar weighed about 4,2) but we have no idea if the Arabic or
later 15th century Dragma were heavier or lighter. For the scrupulous modern reconstructionst we may
deduce the gram weights of all seven plates based upon this logic:

Saturn: 12,9 grams of lead

Jupiter: 17,2 grams of silver
Mars: 21,5 grams of copper
Sun: 25,8 grams of gold
Venus: 30,1 grams of silver
Mercury: 34,4 grams of silver
Moon: 38,7 grams of silver


J Sequitur Tabula. Jouis: // ISta est Tabula Jouis qui est dominus et fortuna

Sexti Celi Et est fortunatus in omnibus Et non sufficit ad bonum Et in factis communi-

tatis. Igitur quando volueris per ipsum operare Aspice quam sit fortunatus in sua ambulatione

ad minus et sit retrogradus et sit Ascendens una suarum domorum aut eius Triplicitas/ seu

Terminus aut facies Et sit cresces lumine suo et luna crescens. ¶Igitur ita scribes

Tabulam et suffumigabis eam cum ligno Aloes et mastice Et sua oratio est ista .ubicumque.

¶ Garfayayl . Prefectus super Stella Iouis Fortunatus Completus de benedictione

pro jure tuo et vi omnium nominarum que suspenduntur a tuo Celo Te rogo quae impleas

meam voluntatem / Et quae me juues cum tota vi quam habes et quam deus tibi dedit quam

remoueas vires spirituum F(filius).N.T(alis). Ille qui est absconditus in Corde suo Liuidans

in sua memoria usque supplici mihi Tali. N per nomen altissimi dei scilicet illius qui Imfert

timorem / et est tremendus et sua mercedem inspirans in Corde bene credentium in

ipso qui nunquem habuit Principium Et est et erit semper viuens et semper durabilis

in secula seculorum Amen. J Et deferat ad patrtem dexteram Et querat apud dominus

Regem/ et habentir suam gratiam. Et erit honoratus et custodiet suum statum Et sit fuerit opus ad

mercaturam indeceptuum erit et si fuerit opus ad amorem mulieris aAut si fuerit per

gratia magnatum/ aut Prelatorum faciat sicut praedictim est. J Igitur caueas ne agas nisi

ad bonum J Et postea si acceperis una laminam Argenteam in hora et in Die Jouis. existentis


in bono statu sicut supradictum est Signatura ista Tabula in hora Jouis et postea

subfumigando ipsam cum ligno Aloe et Ambra et portabis tecum omnes te videntes diligent

te et reputatus eris quantum volueris dicendo orationem quando et dum suffumigaueris

et facias ibi tuam petitionem. ¶ Et si posueris istam Tabulam in Teritorio mercature

Alias in temptorio mercature Ibit semper mercatura ultra in loco Teritorij Et si po-

sueris Ipsam Tabulam in loco ubi sunt Apes: ibunt semper ultra: et erit ibi intrando

ipsarum: Et si posueris ipsam in Columbario erit ibi multitudo columbarum Et si ha-

bueris ipsam tecum quam si fueris infortunatus statuus ibis ad bonum / et ibunt facta

tua ad bonum Et dirigentur in bonum omnia et tu res. Dies et hore : Et si sicut

posita in sede alicuius prelati ubi ipse sedet durabit in suo honore, et non timebit

de aliquo Inimico: quem habeat dum vstam duxerit în humanis. ¶ Istud est sigillum

et figura que debet esse in spatulis Tabule Jouis Et est magnum secretum et

vocatur/ felix/ benignissimus/ honorandus/ Justus/ Clemens/ Custos/ Saluator/

Exaltatus/ fidelis/ Pius/ Pax/ . //

Tabula Jouis contient numerum .34. Sigillum A tergo Tabule Jouis

Here follows the table Of Jupiter

This is the Table of Jupiter, which is the lord and fortune of the Sixth Heaven and it is fortunate
in all things and bust only be done in good and to the benefit of the many.

Therefore when you will want to work by this consider whether it is fortunate in its course and
diminished and retrograde (sic) and ascending in one of its domiciles or its triplicity or in its term or in its
face and that its light is encresing and that the Moon be waxing.

Therefore write its Table and suffumigate it with Lignum Aloes and Mastic and its oration is this:

Garfayayl, Prefect over the Star of Jupiter, fortunate and full of blessings, by your oath et by the power of
all the names that hang in your heaven, I ask of you to fullfill my will and to help me with all the power
that you have and which God gave you to remove the will of the spirit of N. son of N., that is hidden in his
living heart and in his memory, until this N. will beseech me, by the name of the most-high God who
commands fear and causes trembling and his mercy inspires the heart in the faith towards Him who has
no beggining and is and always will be, ever-living and ever-enduring onto the ages of the ages, Amen.

And wear it on the right side and seek an audiance with the King and you will have his grace and
will be honored and he will keep you in high esteem. And if it be a work regarding trade you will not be
deceived and if it be a work regarding the love of a woman or regarding the grace of a magnate or prelate,
do as it is said above.
Therefore beware that you shouldn`t proceed to anything except towards good and following, if you take
a plate of silver in the hour and day of Jupiter, which is to be in a good state as abovesaid, (and engrave)
the signature of this Table in the hour of Jupiter and after this, suffumigate it with Lignum Aloes and
Amber and wear it with you, all that will see you shall keep you in high esteem and you shall be
respectable as much as you shall want, saying the oration when you suffumigate it and making your

And if you will put this in a place1 of trading there will always be much trade in the place of that
territory; and if you will put it in a place where there are waters, you will always go above them and you

the text literally says territorio(territory) or temptorio (temptation), two different readings of an obscure word
that the copyist is not sure about. The former seems logical.