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The aim of this project is to analyze and model the behavior of an intact potato’s
temperature with the function of time suspended into boiling water using analytical solution.
Projects consist of two parts. The first part is to interpret the temperature of potato at center with
function of time until it reached steady state. In the first part of the project, different trials were
done which were one kept away from conduction and one without conduction. From both trials, it
showed that due to the convection of the boiling water the temperature of potato at the center
increases and reaches steady state temperature as 92 0C that below ambient temperature as 94 0C.
In addition, in the second part of the project is to obtain the core temperature with a function of
time of using analytical solution. After finding the constant properties, Lumped Heat Capacity
Model were formulated and found as not applicable that means distributed system/lumped model
were appropriate to compute the temperature behavior with time and position. Initial and boundary
conditions were applied. By analyzing and computing the data necessary plotted by MATLAB for
experiment and the analytical solution, it can be seen the trend shown partially similar although
there were still discrepancies from the experiment. From the analytical solution, it reached the
steady-state at temperature as 94 0 reached in 1 minutes