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Masters Degree

Masters in International Business
Masters in International Marketing
Masters in Finance
Masters in Business Analytics
Masters in Disruptive Innovation

San Francisco
New York
The world is changing,
but most business schools are not.
Global change is transforming
everything around us.
And it calls for something new.

A different type of school,

a different type of career.

You’ll need the instincts of an entrepreneur.
You’ll need to learn through real experience.
You’ll need more than the status quo.

Because your time is irreplaceable.

And your ideas can change everything.

This is why we exist.

This is why we are different.

A new kind of business school
for the global generation.

You’ll learn about
the world
Study at the so you can work across cultures

business school You’ll learn about

the future
where you’ll go so you can help shape it

beyond business You’ll learn about

so you can confidently lead others

Cultural differences matter

At Hult, you’ll learn
of Japanese executives
in a survey approached
negotiations as a win-win for
about the world
both parties, as opposed to
only 33% in Spain.

Cultural differences matter

was the year that the Daimler-
more than ever, so at Hult
Chrysler merger failed, partly
because of cultural
you’ll be immersed in diversity
differences between Germans from day one.
and Americans.

Global businesses are run by local people

years is all it took for Uber
Globalization is a fact of business life. Markets are more
interconnected than ever before, companies are becoming
multinational quicker, and global trade is taking a bigger
to operate in more than and bigger percentage of global GDP.
75 countries.
However, business practices remain resolutely local.
Attitudes to things like timekeeping, communication style,
and consensus building are deeply rooted in the local
culture. Failure to navigate these fundamental differences
is a major reason for not succeeding in international
business. As a result, employers are increasingly looking to
hire people with the ability to operate in a culturally
diverse environment.

David Ferreira, Class of 2018, discusses alternative Learn to work across cultures
strategies with his classmates in San Francisco.
The classroom diversity at Hult is unparalleled. Over the
course of their degree, the average Hult student will work
directly with teammates of over 30 different nationalities.
Exposure to this broad range of cultures ensures that you
graduate with a true appreciation of cultural differences
and a deep understanding of how to navigate these
effectively and sensitively in a working environment.
You can also choose to take advantage of Hult’s global
campus network to gain on-the-ground experience of
international business around the world. Encompassing
Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and
New York—our unique Global Campus Rotation enables
you to study in up to three locations within your one-year
program. Almost half of all students take advantage of
the opportunity to study at more than one campus and
experience different cultures, explore employment options,
or simply visit family and friends.

Graduate with a global mindset

Whichever route you choose through Hult, you are
guaranteed to learn what makes other cultures tick, gain an
international perspective on business, and graduate with
friends and connections all over the world—an incredibly
valuable asset in your international career. Being immersed
in the diversity at Hult will change the way you see the
world forever.


Change is accelerating

At Hult, you’ll learn
years is now the average
life span of a Fortune 500
company, down from 60
about the future
years in 1950.

6.8 Change is happening faster than

years is how long it took
WhatsApp to reach one billion
ever, so at Hult you’ll learn
active users. It took Windows
25.8 years.
about the technologies driving
this disruption.
of U.S. jobs are estimated to
Traditional businesses cannot keep up
We live in an age of upheaval. New technologies are
be automated by 2030. changing the world as we know it, faster than ever before.
As a result, the average life span of major companies is
reducing dramatically. And the opportunity to create new
enterprises is increasing substantially.
Traditional businesses are struggling because, unlike
historic innovations that developed linearly over time,
these new technologies are growing at unprecedented
speed. Even the most experienced executives have
been caught off guard by the impact these disruptive
technologies have had on whole industries in such a short
space of time. And the rate of change is only getting faster.

Nick Iverson from FPV Canada—the largest drone Learn to see the opportunity, and the risk
racing league in Canada—at our Boston campus
At Hult, we believe it is important that you have an
discussing drones and their implications for the future
understanding of these emerging technologies and their
of business.
potential impact. Technologies like artificial intelligence,
blockchain, virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, 3D
printing, and gene editing.
Each of these technologies has the power to change the
world, for both better and worse. Autonomous vehicles
will radically reduce the number of road deaths, but may
cause mass unemployment. Gene editing has the potential
to eliminate terrible diseases, but raises serious ethical
questions around our right to manipulate the building
blocks of life.

Graduate with a future mindset

At Hult, you will learn the basics of these disruptive
technologies, hear from industry experts leading their
development, and discuss the likely implications of their
adoption. You will also identify potential opportunities
they could create for your own entrepreneurial ambitions,
for companies of all sizes, and for the world’s most
disadvantaged communities.


We all have strengths

and weaknesses
At Hult, you’ll learn
predictor of executive about yourself
success is self-awareness.

of the top 10 skills required by We all have strengths and
employers for graduate jobs
are “soft skills.”
weaknesses, so at Hult you’ll
learn how you can improve
of organizations say their top
on both.
priority is closing leadership You can improve anything with practice
skill gaps. The fact is, we all have things we’re good at and things we
struggle with. Many of these attributes are determined by
our genes and our upbringing. But at Hult, we believe that
rather than just accepting these are impossible to change,
it’s important to realize that we can build on our strengths
and overcome our weaknesses. Because, as with any skill,
we can improve with practice.
Skills such as being able to communicate clearly, being
able to work in teams, influence others, and simplify
complex problems are as important to success in business
as having knowledge of the fundamental disciplines, such
as finance, marketing, and operations. At Hult, you’ll work
on both types of skills.
Students put their creative problem-solving skills
to the test in a team challenge.
Learn to lead
We’ve taken advanced practices from leadership
development courses and built them into all our degree
programs. It’s this approach that earned us the 2014 AMBA
Innovation Award.
“I’ve become more self-confident. During the early part of your program, you’ll examine
I’ve truly experienced how different your personal attributes and what your strengths and
weaknesses are on a number of leadership dimensions.
people can be from each other Then, throughout the rest of the program, you’ll be given
the opportunity to focus on a selection of key skills that
and, instead of being frustrated by you’ll improve through practice as well as faculty guidance
and peer-to-peer feedback.
it, learned to leverage it in a much
more impactful way. To me, Hult is Graduate with a growth mindset
No matter what your starting point on each of these
about learning to work in a global key leadership skills, you can improve through constant
practice and feedback. This proven technique means
environment and also getting to know that you’ll not only be more self-aware and able to make
yourself much better.” better decisions, you’ll also be able to see your behaviors
changing and feel your effectiveness in groups and
organizations increasing.
Maria Meinich Bjoernstad
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018
San Francisco campus


“At Hult, our education is about more

than simply knowledge acquisition.
It is about personal transformation.
The first triple-accredited
This philosophy is built into all our U.S. business school
degree programs. Each program has
been designed not only to give you Hult is recognized by business education’s three most
the necessary subject matter expertise, prestigious international accrediting bodies: AACSB, AMBA,
but also to help you to realize your and EQUIS. We are the first and only business school in the U.S.
full potential by having the skills to achieve this “triple crown” status, which is held by just one
and confidence to change the world percent of business schools worldwide.
through business.”
Dr. Stephen Hodges
Hult International Business School
The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of
Business (AACSB) is the world’s largest business
education alliance and is internationally recognized
as a hallmark of quality reserved for the world’s best
business schools.

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) is the international

impartial authority that represents the highest standard
of achievement in postgraduate business education
and is earned only by the best programs globally.

EQUIS is a global accreditation scheme granted and

run by the European Foundation for Management
Development (EFMD), whose mission is to raise the
standard of management education worldwide.
Dr. Ian Dougal, Dean of Central Academics, leads a
class at our campus.


Look out on inspiring views of downtown Boston from

our campus on the banks of the Charles River.

The Hult
You recognize Hult students as soon as you meet them. They
are passionate, curious, and determined. They are interesting
and engaging. And they don’t follow the crowd because they
are busy forging their own way. Although they come from all
over the world, they share the same DNA:
“What makes this experience even An interest in the world
better is the people you meet. An open mind
It’s amazing to see how Hult
A bold spirit
students, who come from such
A creative intellect
different places, cultures, and
backgrounds, can work together; A resourceful attitude
and it contributes so much to
your personal growth.”
Raphael Fonseca
Masters in International Marketing
Class of 2018
Boston campus

16 17

“Everyone you meet here

A dynamic and opens a door to another
place, and it changes the way
multicultural community you see the world.”
Sansin Sevindik
Throughout your Hult experience, you’ll be challenged Brand Ambassador
to think creatively, be resourceful, and work together with your Masters in International Business
Class of 2017
peers from all over the world. It’s in this international, collaborative San Francisco campus
learning environment that you’ll draw on the diverse backgrounds
and perspectives of your cohort and learn to see the world through
a truly global lens. Hult’s Global
Student Body

Students at Hult Boston smile for a cohort photograph. 160+

nationalities are represented
across all Hult programs and
campuses worldwide.

is the average
age of Hult
Global diversity
The countries and territories represented by
languages are spoken
students. Hult’s graduate student body in 2017–2018. by Hult students.

India 11.7% Ecuador 1.0% Morocco 0.3% Montenegro 0.2% Latvia 0.1%
China 7.9% South Korea 1.0% Nepal 0.3% Palestine 0.2% Lithuania 0.1%
United States 7.0% Indonesia 0.9% Singapore 0.3% Romania 0.2% Macau 0.1%
Germany 6.0% Jordan 0.9% Syria 0.3% Rwanda 0.2% Macedonia 0.1%
Italy 5.3% Pakistan 0.9% Zimbabwe 0.3% Senegal 0.2% Mali 0.1%
Russia 2.7% Venezuela 0.8% Afghanistan 0.2% Uzbekistan 0.2% Mauritius 0.1%
United Kingdom 2.7% Ukraine 0.7% Algeria 0.2% Albania 0.1% Moldova 0.1%
Mexico 2.5% United Arab Emirates 0.7% Angola 0.2% Armenia 0.1% Mongolia 0.1%
Brazil 2.3% Vietnam 0.7% Azerbaijan 0.2% Bahamas 0.1% Netherlands Antilles 0.1%
France 2.2% Ghana 0.6% Bahrain 0.2% Bangladesh 0.1% New Zealand 0.1%
Egypt 2.1% Kazakhstan 0.6% Belarus 0.2% Barbados 0.1% Oman 0.1%
Canada 2.0% Sweden 0.6% Bolivia 0.2% Belize 0.1% Panama 0.1%
Nigeria 2.0% Iran 0.5% Bulgaria 0.2% Benin 0.1% Puerto Rico 0.1%
Colombia 1.9% Austria 0.4% Costa Rica 0.2% Bermuda 0.1% Qatar 0.1%
Belgium 1.8% Denmark 0.4% Côte d’Ivoire 0.2% British Indian Ocean Territory 0.1% Serbia 0.1%
Philippines 1.7% Dominican Republic 0.4% Croatia 0.2% Comoros 0.1% Slovakia 0.1%
Spain 1.6% Japan 0.4% El Salvador 0.2% Congo 0.1% Somalia 0.1%
Peru 1.5% Poland 0.4% Ethiopia 0.2% Cyprus 0.1% Sri Lanka 0.1%
Norway 1.4% Switzerland 0.4% Finland 0.2% Eritrea 0.1% St. Vincent & the Grenadines 0.1%
Taiwan 1.4% Argentina 0.3% Georgia 0.2% Gambia 0.1% Sudan 0.1%
Saudi Arabia 1.3% Australia 0.3% Guatemala 0.2% Guinea 0.1% Suriname 0.1%
Netherlands 1.2% Cameroon 0.3% Haiti 0.2% Hong Kong 0.1% Trinidad & Tobago 0.1%
Turkey 1.2% Chile 0.3% Honduras 0.2% Iraq 0.1% Turkmenistan 0.1%
Lebanon 1.1% Dominica 0.3% Kenya 0.2% Ireland 0.1% Uganda 0.1%
Portugal 1.1% Greece 0.3% Kyrgyzstan 0.2% Jamaica 0.1% Uruguay 0.1%
South Africa 1.1% Hungary 0.3% Luxembourg 0.2% Kosovo 0.1% Virgin Islands (U.S.) 0.1%
Thailand 1.1% Israel 0.3% Malaysia 0.2% Kuwait 0.1% Yemen 0.1%


“I manage an international team that

operates from three different continents.
The school provides me with a great
international network of students and
professors, which helps me shape my
vision of where I want my startup to
go and how to grow it accordingly.” Nick Plueschke
Isha Sagar Class of 2018
Indian Boston campus
Class of 2018
Dubai campus
Degree: Masters in International Marketing
Languages spoken: German, English, and Spanish
Degree: Masters in International Business
Why Hult? I believe that Hult is not all about the
Languages spoken: English and Hindi grades, but rather about teaching the things that will
Why Hult? The program is very practical and be crucial to succeed in the real business world.
extremely relevant to what’s actually happening out Unlike other business schools, the personal and
there in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. professional diversity in the student body has
The classroom environment and the challenges helped me to bridge cultural gaps and manage
we work on mean we don’t really feel like we’re international teams in real-life scenarios.
just completing a degree—it feels like we’re How has Hult helped you with your career goals?
actually out there learning and solving real-world I am the co-founder and CMO of, which
business challenges. is a social travel app that allows our users to travel
How have you changed? Hult has given me exposure like a local. I manage an international team that
to such a diverse group of students from all over the operates from three different continents. The school
world, which has made me more knowledgeable provides me with a great international network of
about other cultures and a stronger team player. In students and professors, which helps me shape my
the business world, teamwork is essential for any task vision of where I want my startup to go and how to
to be successful. While it’s great to be a star individual grow it accordingly. The hands-on atmosphere
performer, the team behind an individual makes a inside the classroom perfectly transfers to the
department stronger, and the best and most real business world. It’s an environment in which
innovative ideas stem from collaborative thinking. one can experiment to find new solutions for
“The classroom environment and the Studying at Hult, where we learn in both a practical existing problems.
and collaborative environment, has made me realize
challenges we work on mean we don’t that a good idea can be made great by the combined
Favorite thing outside the classroom? I am part of
the Hult Global Ambassador Team, an active
really feel like we’re just completing a knowledge of various different skillsets in a team. member of the Hult Tech Club, and part of the Hult
Student Association. The variety of clubs helps me
Clubs & societies? I am the student representative for
degree—it feels like we’re actually out my cohort, as well as co-chair of the Global Women in broaden my professional horizons and further
Business Club. All the efforts in organizing events and connects me to like-minded students. The club
there learning and solving real-world activities for my cohort have helped me step out of meetings also provide great networking
opportunities with companies who give expert talks
business challenges.” my comfort zone and meet and learn from inspiring
people working in Dubai. about industry-specific trends.
Why Dubai? Dubai is a major business stronghold Why Boston? The diversity of people from a
with a very strategic location. The best thing about it professional and personal background allows us to
is that it has a very large expat community, making it a broaden our horizons in many different ways. For
truly international city. The exposure you get in Dubai Hear from more Hult students: me as an entrepreneur, the different venture capital
is immensely beneficial. investors make this city extremely attractive.


“I was able to get involved almost as

soon as I arrived on campus. Barely
Grace Mak a month into school, I was chosen
Class of 2018 to conduct research for our client,
London, Dubai, and New York campuses
Mercedes-Benz.” Esau White
Degree: Masters in International Marketing Class of 2018
Languages spoken: English and Cantonese San Francisco campus
Why Hult? Hult provides a truly international
experience, which is vital to studying business in Degree: Masters in International Business with a Dual
today’s world. At other schools, “international” Degree in Masters in Business Analytics
means going on an exchange. At Hult, your entire Languages spoken: English
network of students and faculty comes from all over
the world, and you get to live and study in up to Why Hult? While the academics are rigorous, the
three different countries. This is an experience that I tough, condensed year is balanced by supportive
couldn’t find anywhere else and is exactly what teaching and staff who are invested in your success.
gives Hult students a competitive edge in the There are many intensive team-oriented activities that
business world. allow you to quickly develop the skills to do business
with any personality type. Hult is incredibly diverse,
What is it like to study at Hult? The program which challenges you to build international social
provides the most inspiring, challenging, interactive, capital. I think Hult is drastically different from other
and diverse environment for learning and growing. business schools—the small size and large diversity of
The staff at Hult have been incredibly supportive its student body are unequaled. The professors can get
and generous with their time, and I’ve grown to be to know you on a more personal level, providing
more confident and have really started to define the mentorship and advice. This cannot be replicated
career path I want to take after Hult. at large business schools with larger student-to-
Favorite thing outside the classroom? I am the professor ratios.
President and lead organizer for TEDxHult London Biggest lessons learned? I didn’t know how similar we
and a member of the Marketing Club, Global all are in our basic humanity prior to being exposed to
Women in Business Club, and Book Club. Having cultures from around the globe. I have found we all
the opportunity to organize a TEDx event was a want to be respected and heard. The intense team
dream come true and enriched my time at Hult in focus has allowed me to become comfortable leading
every way possible—from the people I got to work both from the front and also as a team member.
with to the experience of organizing such a large Both can be valuable depending on the groups
event. We built lifelong relationships and pushed you’re working with. I’m developing great
creative boundaries. We proved to ourselves that communication skills.
“At other schools, ‘international’ we can dream big and make anything happen when
we work together. Clubs & societies? I was able to get involved almost
means going on an exchange. Why London? London is an international city, and
as soon as I arrived on campus. Barely a month into
school, I was chosen to conduct research for our client,
Hult is the epitome of an international experience.
At Hult, your entire network of Here, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by
Mercedes-Benz. This gave me a unique opportunity
to consult and research for a top luxury automaker.
students and faculty comes from people from all different cultures, backgrounds,
industries, and experiences. The opportunities are
It challenged me to really grow into my new
business role.
all over the world, and you get endless and it’s up to you to find your own
adventure, whichever area of business you may be Why San Francisco? The best part about coming to
to live and study in up to three interested in. San Francisco is the concentration of futuristic and
driven entrepreneurs and innovators. You will be
Favorite Hult memory? Working with my team on
different countries.” our final big challenge, we developed an idea that
immersed in the most current business models and
philosophies. This exposure to the top world-leading
we’re all passionate about and have become a very Hear from more Hult students: companies and the most cutting-edge startups is found
close group of friends who are now planning a nowhere else in the world.
future with the possibility of launching our own
business. Winning the Hult Business Challenge was
just the icing on the cake!


Sarveen Chester
“Being at Hult has made me step
Suzanne Rasmussen
Class of 2018
London, Shanghai, and San Francisco campus
outside of my comfort zone... for Norwegian
Class of 2018
me, it has been a massive change in Boston and New York campus
Degree: Masters in International Business personality and confidence, which Hult
Languages spoken: English and Tamil Degree: Masters in Finance
Why Hult? At Hult, there is a more practical approach
has nurtured and helped me to grow.” Languages spoken: Norwegian and English
to business education, with a strong support from
Why Hult? The culture at Hult really separates this
peers, faculty, and staff. Some other universities are
school from any other business school. The student
so big that contact time with professors is near
body is made up of people from all around the
impossible to get, whereas at Hult the professors and
world and as a result, there is a uniquely global
staff know you by name.
buzz on campus. This makes many of the classes
How has Hult helped you to achieve your career even more interesting as it drags the discussions to
goals? I was looking for a practical way to elevate my a global view, and we all get a better understanding
skillset. The entrepreneurial environment on campus of how all the different cultures play a role in the
has taught me how to grow ideas into tangible corporate world. In an increasingly borderless
businesses. Also, the relationships we develop with business landscape, an understanding of global
corporate clients help to boost our employability and cultures can help you better understand different
build our networks—which can be a real game markets. Not to forget, at Hult you get the
changer in business. The classes focus on what is opportunity to work in global teams, which is a skill
happening in business today and rising for tomorrow, that gives you an advantage in your career.
at both the global and domestic level.
Favorite thing outside of the classroom? The Hult
How have your leadership skills developed at Hult? Tech Club has held some great events this year. I
I started and currently lead the Hult Founders Lab— went with them to the MIT hackathon and it really
a startup incubation program that is designed to help spiked my interest for the whole concept of
students from Hult launch their business ideas by the hackathons. The club also had a few robotics
time they graduate. To date, we have more than 70 workshops where I’ve gained insight into the
founders in our program since we started in August exciting new technology available to our
2016. Managing a global team of students is a tough generation—and how this can be used across
yet humbling experience. multiple sectors.
Why London? The best thing about London is that it is How has Hult changed you as a person? Being at
a business and culture hub. It has a thriving Hult has made me step outside of my comfort zone.
entrepreneurial scene and studying business here As the classes are run in an interactive way, I have
gives you access to connect with a range of become comfortable with public speaking. Earlier
companies and startups. this year, I attended a speaker event, and during the
Q&A session of the talk, I raised my hand and asked
a question. This was the first time I had ever done
“The entrepreneurial environment on that. It might not sound like much, but for me, it has
campus has taught me how to grow been a massive change in personality and
confidence, which Hult has nurtured and helped me
ideas into tangible businesses. Also, to grow.
Why Boston? I wanted to expand my network and
the relationships we develop with meet people who have similar professional
corporate clients help to boost our ambitions and interests as me. I wanted to acquire
new knowledge and develop an understanding of
employability and build our network.” the world so I could be confident in peer-to-peer
discussions, no matter the topic. The pro-business
Hear from more Hult students: and pro-entrepreneurship environment in Boston helped me to do just that.

All our campuses are designed to facilitate both
collaborative and solo study—here Isha Sagar,
Class of 2018, enjoys Hult Dubai.

With business at its core, your curriculum has been
designed so that you learn to work in cross-cultural
teams, develop your unique leadership skills, and
understand how you can shape the future.
28 Masters degree programs
30 Curriculum overview
32 Degree timeline
34 Leadership development
36 Challenge learning
38 Electives
40 Masters in International Business
42 Masters in International Marketing
44 Masters in Finance
46 Masters in Business Analytics
48 Masters in Disruptive Innovation
50 Faculty


Masters degree programs

Hult’s one-year Master of Science degree programs provide
an immersive international experience that will transform
your mindset and develop the knowledge and skills critical to
businesses around the world today and needed to navigate a
global landscape that is changing faster than ever before.

Julie Martin, Class of 2018, comes to grips

with her role in a business simulation.

One-year masters programs 18-month Dual Degree program

All of our full-time masters programs are delivered over an 11-month academic year. Earn any two Hult masters degrees in as little as 18 months of accelerated study.

Masters in Masters in
International Business International Marketing
Offered in: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai Offered in: Boston, London

Gain a broad understanding in all areas of international Gain the strategic and executional marketing skills to thrive in
business with this degree that is based on our award- a global marketplace and launch an international marketing First masters degree Second masters degree
winning MBA curriculum. This degree is designed as an career. Mastering the marketing mix in a global context is Choose from: Choose from:
overview of key business concepts, prepares you for jobs in more critical than ever to successful business strategy as Masters in International Business Masters in International Marketing
an array of fields, and provides the ideal foundation before consumers are constantly exposed to an increasing amount Masters in International Marketing Masters in Finance
further specialization. Over your year, you’ll work in of online and offline content. As companies look to Masters in Finance Masters in Business Analytics
cross-cultural, cross-functional teams, and have the option differentiate their offerings in a global marketplace, learn how Masters in Business Analytics Masters in Disruptive Innovation*
of studying in up to three Hult locations to truly immerse to leverage marketing analytics, digital marketing, social
yourself in global business. You’ll be prepared to enter a media, and customer engagement strategies to break
rapidly changing global business environment and make an through the noise and make a measurable impact on
impact from day one. See p.40 business objectives. See p.42

18 months
Masters in Masters in
Finance Business Analytics
Offered in: Boston Offered in: San Francisco
*Only available as a second masters degree “The international job market is very
Learn the language of business and the tactical financial Gain the analytical and business capability to translate data Masters in competitive, especially where I am in
skills needed to make an impact in international accounting statistics and analysis into actions that impact any Disruptive Innovation the U.S., and the Dual Degree gives
and corporate finance. Smart financial management organization. As the role of big data becomes increasingly
decisions maximize shareholder and company value and important, this degree places you at the intersection of
you a competitive advantage.”
Offered in: San Francisco
limit risk. Gain the necessary foundation to tackle the statistical analysis and business knowledge. You’ll learn how Saugat Kandel
complex world of corporate financial management in an to tell the story behind the numbers so that you can make Learn how to harness disruptive technology and implement Nepalese
interconnected global economy. By understanding the nuts meaningful, impactful contributions. Companies like Google, innovation strategies that are critical to maintaining Masters in International Business
and bolts of business, you’ll come to see what drives an Facebook, and Amazon have demonstrated the profitability relevance in a rapidly changing digital landscape. This with a Dual Degree in Masters in Finance
organization’s numbers so that you can advise on which of harnessing large-scale consumer data, and employers are degree is designed to equip you with both a practical Class of 2018
activities drive profitable growth, look for the best ways to searching for candidates who have the ability to translate business understanding and the knowledge of how people, Boston campus
fund investments, free up capital, and optimize financial data into actionable solutions. See p.46 technology, and digitization overlap to impact decision-
performance. See p.44 making and organizational change. See p.48


A curriculum that takes Business knowledge: Core courses

Each masters program’s core curriculum is focused on the
fundamental concepts of business theory. Your core courses
will give you a thorough grounding in the critical knowledge
Throughout your degree, you will put the theory and skills
you’re learning into practice with real challenges from real
clients. In addition to adhoc professor-led challenges, you will
have the option to compete in core campus-wide challenges,

you beyond business of your chosen field and form the foundation of technical
skills you’ll need to move beyond the basics.
The skills you’ll acquire as part of your core courses are
which will require you to creatively problem-solve for both
local and global businesses.
Your own path: Electives
based on big data analysis conducted by Hult in partnership Customize your degree to suit your career goals or personal
Get ready to study a rigorous curriculum that has business at with Burning Glass Technologies. Analyzing millions of job
descriptions, the study identified the most sought-after skills
interests with a broad range of electives. Whichever masters
degree you choose to pursue with us, you will have access to
its core and opens up to take you beyond the fundamentals and technical abilities employers are looking for. These the same choice of electives. You can explore any topic that
have been integrated throughout the core curriculum and interests you most, or choose to specialize by completing
so you’ll graduate with the ability to work in cross-cultural certain electives to ensure you graduate with a skillset that three or more electives in that field. Topics are far-reaching
employers value and that will serve you from day one in but can be grouped into the following disciplines:
teams, lead with confidence, and understand how you can the workplace. –– Marketing
shape the future. –– Finance
–– Entrepreneurship
–– Business Analytics
–– Disruptive Technology

Perspective: See the world differently Experience: Global Campus Rotation
At Hult, you will be immersed in a global environment Once you have completed your core courses, you will
without even leaving campus, and every topic you study will have the opportunity to take electives at up to two more
Business be approached from a global point of view. Your business
knowledge will be placed in the context of the complex
campus locations:
–– Boston
global environment that organizations must operate in, with –– San Francisco
a focus on how to solve international issues and challenges. –– London
–– Study with classmates of 160+ nationalities –– Dubai
–– Learn from faculty with experience in 45 countries, –– Shanghai
bringing firsthand global business experience into the –– New York

World classroom
–– Collaborate with multinational companies in your classroom

Tomorrow’s world: Emerging technology Future thinking: Harness the power of innovation

Future You’ll learn about emerging technologies impacting the

business world of tomorrow directly from the people leading
their development with our Day of Disruption speaker series.
Your final team project will push you to apply all your learning
to develop an innovative solution to questions no one has
found the answer to yet. You’ll use design thinking to explore
Through electives in disruptive technology, you’ll develop the possibilities of emerging technologies and how you can
the critical thinking to identify the potential impact and harness their potential to solve the challenges businesses will
opportunities of new and emerging technologies including: face in the future.
–– Blockchain –– 3D Printing
–– Virtual Reality –– Gene Editing
You ––
Internet of Things
Artificial Intelligence
Autonomous Vehicles

Learning to lead: Leadership program Growth through practice: Learn by doing
Through self-assessments, personal diagnostic tests, Put theory into practice as part of your everyday classroom
and expert workshops, you’ll identify your strengths and experience and build on your individual strengths and
weaknesses and how best to utilize them as a teammate weaknesses as you take part in:
and leader. In class, you’ll apply these skills in real-world –– Business challenges
situations, reflect on your performance, and come to –– Live client consulting
embrace every growth opportunity in order to realize your –– Hackathons
full leadership potential with the help of peer feedback –– Design sprints
and coaching.


Your year at a glance

Immersed in diversity from day one, your year at Hult will
be a transformative journey. Your degree has been designed
so that you continuously apply business knowledge as you
acquire it, practice your teamwork and leadership skills, and
keep your thinking focused on the future.
A class at the San Francisco campus gets
underway—expect to take an active role in class
and hear a variety of perspectives on every topic.

13th 1st 1st

Best Masters in for for
Management Student Geographical
Worldwide Diversity Diversity
(The Economist, 2017) (The Economist, 2017) (The Economist, 2017)

Sample timeline using Masters in International Business courses and events*

Fall Winter Spring Summer
September to December January to March April May to July

Business Core: Business Core: Global

Financial Accounting, Financial Management, Campus Rotation
Future Challenge Study at up to two more campuses
lnternational Marketing, Analytics in Business Decisions, and gain on-the-ground international
Your team will spend three weeks tackling
Operational Management Project Management your final competitive team challenge: the business experience. (See p.72)
Future Challenge. You’ll devise a plan to
harness a disruptive technology to create a Electives
compelling new business opportunity for your
Customize your degree with a wide
own startup or for an existing company.
World: Global Economics World: Global Strategy range of electives covering more
Future: Day of Disruption Future: Future Mindset than 30 topics. (See p.38)
You: Leadership Immersion You: Leadership Development

*Note: Chart shows a sample selection of courses from the Masters in International Business program and
not the full curriculum. Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.
The most recent Terms & Conditions are available at

Upon successful completion of a masters degree at Hult, you will be awarded a joint U.S. and U.K. degree.
For additional accreditation information please visit

Hult’s Master of International Business program is ranked in The Economist’s 2017 ranking of Masters in
Management programs worldwide.


Leadership development
Marie-Ange Koné, Class of 2018, wants to
know more about the simulation Professor
Becoming an effective leader requires truly knowing yourself and Cari Guittard is running at Hult San Francisco.

learning how to bring out the best in others. Hult’s leadership

“Being in charge of so many
program will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses projects, and working with so
and to develop critical skills through continual practice, feedback, many different people, my
and coaching. leadership skills have deepened so
much. Thanks to the feedback
provided by my peers, I was able
to understand which are my best
Leadership in the real world An award-winning approach Peer feedback, structured coaching skills and what I should do to
Leadership, more than any other area Self-assessments, personality and Like the real world, where colleagues develop them further.”
of business, is about practical skills—not leadership diagnostics, and coaching shape your professional development,
theory. We interviewed 100 of the world’s will assess your skills, but the real peer feedback is central to leadership Carolina Scalabrin
leading CEOs to find out what business work happens throughout your core development at Hult. You’ll be part of Italian
graduates need in order to be effective program. You’ll learn to reflect on your a small group who will observe each Masters in International Business
leaders in today’s workplace. We then performance, see it evolve, and come other and feedback on each other’s with a Dual Degree in Masters in Disruptive Innovation
built a leadership development program to welcome experiences as growth performance, practice skills together, Class of 2018
based on these insights, which is fully opportunities. It’s a groundbreaking and support each other at every step. Boston campus
integrated into your masters program. approach that won Hult the Association Your coach will also be on hand to run
of MBAs (AMBA) Innovation Award. workshops and help you reflect on
your performance.

Xavier Saint-Arnoult, Class of 2018, is

congratulated on his pitch to Google
at Hult Boston.

Fall Winter Spring–Summer

• Understanding the model • Team collaboration

• Interpersonal influence • Adaptive thinking

• Leadership skills simulation

• Personality and leadership • Application of leadership learning
• Peer mentoring through group work within core
diagnostic test
• Interactive leadership role-play courses culminates in your capstone
Activities • Meet your peers and develop
• Coaching session project that puts your leadership and
feedback frameworks
• Progress reflection and tracking business skills to the test
• Interactive team-building exercises
and role-play • You can also choose to take
courses in topics like Management
• Checkpoint assessment at end of Psychology or a Coaching
• Personal self-assessment your core courses Certification and take your learning
• Receive peer feedback • Revisit your leadership goals and to the next level
Reflection & • Discuss growth mindset progress so far
Feedback development and “The Hult DNA”— • Examine strengths and weaknesses
competencies and skills valued in with peer coaching sessions
trained business professionals • Reflect and refine goals for
remaining time in program

Note: Curriculum, courses, sequencing, and program requirements are subject to change.
The most recent Terms & Conditions are available at


Challenge learning Challenges build core skills

As a Hult student, you will compete in the Future
4 Challenge as the capstone of your degree program.
At Hult, we believe you learn best by doing. As an integral part Beyond the core curriculum, you are encouraged to
of your studies, you’ll have multiple opportunities to apply your participate in optional challenges that take place both
on and off campus across the year. You’ll learn to refine
knowledge and skills by working in teams to solve real-world a pitch, tell a story, and gain confidence in developing
complex answers to pressing business questions.
problems for real clients. The challenges are designed to give you
exposure to a broad range of business issues, so that you can hone Local Challenge
your skills and build your confidence. You will have opportunities to engage in local and
regional challenges to begin building your skills and
to gain a deeper understanding of your new home
city and region. Each campus has its own strategy for
giving students exposure to these types of challenges,
1 which may include events held on campus by staff and
clubs, as well as local off-campus challenges.

The Hult Prize

2 5
A truly global challenge in its scope and scale,
the Hult Prize attracts 100,000 students from 300
academic institutions around the world, with teams
competing to use the power of entrepreneurship to
solve major global social problems. All Hult students
are encouraged to compete in the Hult Prize, with on-
campus support and mentoring as teams compete to
reach the finals and win the $1 million USD prize.

Future Challenge
Your core challenge in the spring is the capstone to
your core courses and demands the utmost creativity.
Building upon themes established throughout the
program, the Future Challenge calls upon students to
harness disruptive technology to create a compelling
new business opportunity, either for your own startup
or for an existing company.
You’ll prepare for the Future Challenge by learning
3 6
about the disruptive technologies themselves (e.g.
Blockchain, Gene Editing, Artificial Intelligence). You
and your team are then given three weeks to develop
“When you apply for your first job and innovative business ideas utilizing a disruptive
have to present to senior execs, you technology. Winning teams will present their ideas
to external judges who include senior executives,
will have a huge competitive advantage entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.
after your time at Hult. The skills
I learned here have enabled me to 1 L’Oréal kicks off their brand awareness challenge to masters
sell myself and my ideas persuasively students and takes their questions.

to various types of business leaders.” 2 Five organizations with social missions in need of marketing
strategies kick off the NGO Hackathon.
Bianca Hingorani
3 Team SLS work on their solution to the aviation challenge set
by Intelak, the startup incubator by Emirates, GE, and Etisalat.
Customer Strategy Consultant
PwC 4 Finalists deliver their pitch to Nissan’s leadership team.
Masters in International Business 5 Students at our Dubai campus present their solution to
Class of 2017 Nestlé’s challenge.
London campus
6 Team tureNa get inspired at the Hult Prize regionals in Lagos,
Nigeria, where they pitched their idea to transform waste
into energy.


Design your degree and create

your future with electives
You’ll come to Hult with unique professional goals and personal
interests.Your electives enable you to tailor your program to
suit you. Use your electives to create a specialized degree, study
what most interests you, or learn about the technologies shaping Kisuc Kim, Class of 2018, maps out his options on
the walls of a meeting room on the Dubai campus.
our future.

Choose your own path Graduate with employable skills

No-limits learning Take electives at any campus A data-driven approach Tailor your skills to your goals
You can choose from a broad range of electives covering Whichever masters program you pursue with us, you can We partnered with Burning Glass Technologies to analyze By beginning with your career goal in mind, you can tailor
over 30 topics, and specialize by completing three or more choose to take electives at any of our campus locations millions of global job descriptions and identify the real skills your courses at Hult to ensure you acquire the skills you
electives in a particular subject area: marketing, finance, in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, and that employers are looking for. We’ve built the teaching of need for your ideal role. It starts by determining your target
entrepreneurship, or business analytics. In addition to usual New York.* So as well as broadening your business these professional and technical skills into our programs so role, then making decisions on what elective course to
in-person courses, some electives are also offered through knowledge in class, you can gain firsthand international you can ensure you graduate with the skills you need for the enroll in to fulfill that goal. Supportive academic advisors are
a mix of in-person, online, and blended formats. experience in as many as three different cities. role you want. on hand to help you design a curriculum that will prepare
you for your dream job.
Sample electives:
Marketing Finance

–– Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing –– Global Strategic Valuation Critical skills for a sampling of some of today’s in-demand jobs
–– Solutions Marketing –– Mergers & Acquisitions
–– Consumer Behavior & Cross-Cultural Marketing –– Entrepreneurial Finance Job Technical skill Elective discipline
Delivered in your
Business Analytics core curriculum
Entrepreneurship Google Analytics
There are certain professional Marketing
–– Social Innovation –– Big Data Master the world’s most used web analytics service to Marketing elective
skills that employers are Manager
–– Disruptive Business Models –– Data Visualization translate user insights into informed marketing actions.
looking for, which apply to all
–– Family Business –– Marketing Analytics
job roles. These are the skills
that are integral to being a Advanced Excel
valuable team member and Financial Easy to use but harder to perfect, Excel is the single best
Finance elective
an effective contributor to any Analyst analytical tool for finance professionals. Analyze huge data
business. We have integrated sets efficiently with the right operations and shortcuts.
Disruptive Technology
the teaching of these skills
The world is changing at an unprecedented rate. There are Each of our Disruptive Technology courses has been built Microsoft Projects
into the core curriculum of all
a number of disruptive technologies that are exponentially in conjunction with a world-renowned industry expert Product Unlock the power of agile product development by Project Management
our masters programs.
driving this change. Our courses in Disruptive Technology and covers the basics of how the technology works, the Manager learning how to plan, track, and manage your projects elective
offer you the opportunity to better understand these potential applications, the major players driving the quickly and iteratively.
technologies and their potential impact on business and technology, the likely development timeline, and the key Professional skills:
our lives. issues which need to be overcome for the full potential to • Collaboration SPSS Statistics, Python, Tableau
be realized. • Communication Tried and trusted, SPSS is one of the most popular Business Analytics
Data Analyst
• Forecasting methods to manipulate complex data, run analyses, and elective
test hypotheses.
• Financial reporting
–– Blockchain –– Internet of Things –– Drones • Project management
–– Artificial Intelligence –– 3D Printing –– Solar Power & Energy Storage • Research Salesforce
–– Autonomous Vehicles –– Machine Learning –– Robotics Sales It’s no secret—managing your customer information
• Problem solving Marketing elective
Executive intelligently will improve your sales process efficiency,
• Relationship building and Salesforce is an industry leader.

*All students are encouraged to rotate and experience different campuses. Elective offerings
are tailored to regional market trends and so will vary across campuses.


Masters in
International Business Masters in International Business
students in San Francisco take part
in their first leadership simulation.

Gain a broad and thorough understanding of global business, get “I wanted to learn multiple
on-the-ground experience in up to three different countries, and skills along with business
knowledge. When interacting in
tailor your degree to your own interests and goals with a masters an international environment, I
curriculum that is based on our award-winning Global MBA. wanted to be fearless. Hult has
given me that and so much more.
Having diversity in a business
school is crucial. Also, the
Home campus options: Rotation campus options: Length of program: Eligibility requirements:
Boston, San Francisco, Boston, San Francisco, 11 months –– Bachelors degree or
teaching is based completely on
London, Dubai London, Dubai, equivalent real-life business scenarios.”
Shanghai, New York –– Less than three years’
Aman Chheda
work experience
Masters in International Business
with a Dual Degree in Masters in
Get a global perspective on business Core courses: International Marketing
Develop a deep understanding of the fundamental –– Financial Accounting Class of 2017
concepts of global business and prepare for an international –– Global Strategy San Francisco campus
career across a range of roles and industries with core –– Project Management
courses in finance, marketing, operations, leadership, and
–– Global Economics
strategy in the context of a rapidly changing international
–– Future Mindset
business landscape.
–– Financial Management
–– International Marketing
Study in up to three different countries Professor Alistair Brandon-Jones guides his student
–– Analytics in Business Decisions
In addition to being part of an incredibly diverse student body through a global operations strategy.
–– Leadership Development (see p.34)
of 160+ nationalities, working with multinational companies in
the classroom, and learning from faculty with firsthand global –– Core Challenges (see p.36)
business experience, you’ll have the opportunity to study *Topics and sequencing of courses are subject to change
at up to three of our campuses around the world. Immerse
yourself in the business culture of these influential cities and
gain unbeatable international experience. Professor spotlight
Rajendra Shirole
Customize your degree with electives
International Business & Strategy Professor
Choose from a wide range of exciting electives that you can
use to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals. Rajendra was a C-suite executive managing
You can specialize in marketing, finance, entrepreneurship, or a large multinational enterprise before
business analytics by completing three or more electives in a entering the academic world. He has
particular subject area. engineered management and technology solutions
worldwide and has won critical acclaim from government
agencies in Europe, the U.S., and Asia. He is passionately
Sample electives: interested in social enterprise management and has been
–– Digital Marketing actively involved in community development and micro-
–– Big Data finance initiatives in Ghana and Kenya.
–– Disruptive Futures
–– Management Psychology
–– Project Procurement & Risk Management
–– Return Driven Strategy
–– Modern Investment Banking
–– Marketing Analytics
–– Disruptive Technology, e.g. Artificial Intelligence,
Blockchain, Gene Editing (see p.38)


Masters in
International Marketing
Learn to combine sharp analytical skills with outside-the-box
creativity to ensure products and services stand out in
a global marketplace with this highly practical curriculum that
emphasizes the increasing digitization of marketing.

Home campus options: Rotation campus options: Length of program: Eligibility requirements:
Boston, London Boston, San Francisco, 11 months Minimum of one year’s
London, Dubai, work experience OR
Shanghai, New York Bachelors degree in a
business-related discipline Students use Lego Serious Play® to help visualize
complex problems, just one example of the experiential
learning techniques used at Hult.

Explore the future of marketing on a global scale Core courses:

Gain the international strategic skills, creative executional –– Understanding the Customer
ability, and cutting-edge knowledge to launch a global –– Digital Marketing Students in Boston plot out their marketing plan for
marketing career in a constantly shifting digital environment. a social enterprise during an NGO hackathon.
–– Strategic Brand Management
Learn how to leverage digital marketing, social media,
–– Social Marketing
“At Hult, learning is done
marketing analytics, and customer engagement strategies to
break through the noise and make a measurable impact on
–– Marketing Analytics on a global level with global
business objectives through marketing. –– Sales & Business Development impact. It is unrealistic to
–– Global Marketing Strategy
–– Entrepreneurship, Products & Innovation
focus on one country when
Work with live clients on real-time projects
Your professors include industry professionals with years of
–– Leadership Development (see p.34) you study business; here we
experience who know that the best way to learn is by doing. –– Core Challenges (see p.36) embrace differences between
Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get practical inside
and outside of class with mini-projects, live clients, and
nationalities and apply them
Professor spotlight
case challenges. to the curriculum.”
David James
British Karolina Vasconcellos
Take electives at any of our campuses Marketing Professor Portuguese
Choose from a wide range of exciting electives in the Having worked in advertising for many Masters in International Marketing
summer, which you can take at your home campus or at years serving clients such as Canon, Class of 2018
a rotation campus for further international experience. Unilever, Mercedes-Benz, Shell, 3M, and Boston campus
Audi, David is also an internationally renowned academic
Sample electives: leader. Apart from designing groundbreaking programs
–– Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing for leading business schools, he has been the Academic
–– Entrepreneurial Marketing Director for Microsoft’s EMEA Marketing Academy and
–– Solutions Marketing regularly contributes thought leadership articles and
–– Consumer Behavior & Cross-Cultural Marketing interviews for the Daily Telegraph, Financial Times,
–– Management Psychology Le Monde, BBC, and CNN.
–– Luxury Marketing
–– Disruptive Technology, e.g. Virtual Reality, Robotics,
Internet of Things (see p.38)


Masters in
Finance “I was looking for something
more practical than a traditional
Learn both the language of business and the tactical financial university—a school that could
skills needed to make an impact in international accounting develop my professional skills
on top of preparing me for a
and corporate finance with a practical curriculum designed in specialized finance track. The
collaboration with leading CFOs. constant networking and frequent
team sessions at Hult provided me
with a very strong technical skillset
coupled with a deep understanding
Home campus option: Rotation campus options: Length of program: Eligibility requirements: of teamwork and people.”
Boston Boston, San Francisco, 11 months –– Minimum of one year’s
London, Dubai, work experience OR Alexander Capulong
Shanghai, New York Bachelors degree in a Filipino
business-related subject Masters in Finance
–– GMAT or GRE Class of 2016
London campus

Learn how to tackle corporate finance in the real world Core courses:
Learn to make smart financial management decisions that –– Financial Accounting Students at Hult London tackle
maximize company value, limit risk, and optimize financial forecasting and reporting.
–– Financial Management
performance. You’ll study ways to fund investments, free up –– Modeling & Analytics
capital, and decrease costs in a variety of contexts and, by
–– Corporate Finance
understanding the nuts and bolts of the business and what
–– Financial Statements & Analysis
drives the numbers, learn how to advise on which activities
drive profitable growth. –– Investments
–– Portfolio Management
–– Global Financial Markets
Go beyond numbers and learn to lead
–– Leadership Development (see p.34)
Being a successful member of a finance team in a
multinational corporation requires more than a mastery –– Core Challenges (see p.36)
of numbers. You need to understand how to work in
cross-cultural teams and lead in unstable global markets.
Professor spotlight
This degree is designed to equip you with both the
technical and leadership skills to thrive in an international Dr. Viktoria Dalko
corporate environment. Hungarian
Finance Professor
Before establishing herself as a leading
Take electives at another campus
academic at Harvard and CUNY, Viktoria
Choose from a wide range of exciting electives, which you
worked as an advisor to the President of
can take at your home campus or at a rotation campus for
the National Bank of Hungary and was Chief of Staff for
further international experience.
the Budget, Tax, and Finance Committee of the Hungarian
Parliament. Her latest book, Regulating Competition in
Sample electives: Stock Markets, was co-edited and co-authored with
–– Entrepreneurial Finance Nobel Laureate Professor Lawrence Klein and other
–– Global Strategic Valuation world-class researchers.
–– Behavioral Finance
–– Mergers & Acquisitions
–– Modern Investment Banking
–– Return Driven Strategy Boston students take part in a real-time stock market
–– Disruptive Technology: e.g. Machine Learning, Drones, trading simulation organized with Amplify Trading.
Autonomous Vehicles (see p.38)


“I’ve always wanted to pursue a

Masters in career in data analytics. One of
Business Analytics the most important things I want
to learn is how to manage and
interpret large data sets. Other than
Learn to translate data statistics and analysis into impactful that, I’m excited to be introduced
business decisions in the age of big data with this highly in- to software such as Tableau, R, and
demand degree, which also qualifies you for a three-year Python, which are skills highly in
working visa (OPT) in the U.S. after graduation.* demand by employers.”
Shweta Badve
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018
Home campus option: Rotation campus options: Length of program: Eligibility requirements: San Francisco campus
San Francisco Boston, San Francisco, 11 months –– Minimum one year’s
London, Dubai, work experience OR
Shanghai, New York Bachelors degree in a
business-related subject
–– GMAT or GRE

Learn to harness the power of large-scale consumer data Core courses:

In this new world of information overload, employers actively –– Quantitative Methods
seek candidates who have the ability to translate data –– Data Science I
into actionable solutions. This degree will place you at the –– Data Management & SQL
intersection of statistical analysis and business knowledge
–– Data Visualization & Storytelling
so that you can make meaningful, impactful contributions
–– Data Science II
to any business.
–– Data Modeling & Optimization
–– Machine Learning
Study in the global center of technological innovation,
–– Leadership Development (see p.34)
San Francisco
–– Core Challenges (see p.36)
At Hult’s San Francisco campus, you’ll learn how to harness
the power of information surrounded by hundreds of startups
and the breakthrough brands disrupting whole industries Professor spotlight
through their clever use of data. Just miles off campus
you’ll find the headquarters of both Google and Twitter, Dr. Andrew Banasiewicz
two giants leading the transformation of how businesses Polish
leverage big data. Business Analytics Professor
Andrew is a seasoned quantitative business
analyst with over two decades of hands-on
Study what interests you most with electives data modeling and analysis experience. He
Choose from a wide range of exciting electives and choose to is the author of several books, an international speaker,
study at up to two other campuses. and founder of Erudite Analytics, an independent research
and analysis firm focused on risk measurement.
Sample electives:
–– Financial Innovation (FinTech)
–– Products & Innovation
–– Lean Project Management
–– Disruptive Futures
–– Design Thinking
–– Return Driven Strategy
–– Disruptive Technology: e.g. Virtual Reality, Artifical
Intelligence, Solar Power & Energy Storage (see p.38)

*Non-U.S. residents who receive a Masters in Business Analytics currently

qualify for up to three years OPT (Optional Practical Training) in the U.S. after
their studies. All graduate students receive one year OPT, and then Masters
in Business Analytics students can qualify for a further two years if they are Sophia Liu, Class of 2016, dives into the data
working in a degree-related job and their employer submits for the extension.
with her team at Hult San Francisco.


Available only as part of the Dual Degree program (see p.29) Mignonne Karugu tries out Virtual Reality 3D Glasses
and considers how emerging technologies can be
used to their full potential.

Masters in
Disruptive Innovation
Learn to harness disruptive technologies to drive innovation and
maintain relevance in a rapidly changing business landscape with
this highly practical curriculum that equips you with cutting-
edge business and digital acumen.

Home campus option: Rotation campus option: Length of program: Eligibility requirements:
San Francisco Not available Six months Successful completion
of immediately prior Hult
masters degree

Learn to harness the power of large-scale consumer data Core courses:

Disruption and innovation impact all areas of the workforce and –– Leading for Innovation
fundamentally change how businesses grow. As companies –– Disruptive Business Models
race to innovate in a shifting digital landscape, this degree –– Digital Disruption
will enable you to link successful business decisions with
–– Co-Creation Networks
technological advancement. Develop an understanding of
–– Managing Emerging Technologies
the potential impact of emerging technologies and lead the
charge in the next generation of innovation. –– Venture Financing
–– Internship or Independent Study Option
–– Disruptive Technology (see p.38)
Study in the global center of technological innovation,
–– Leadership Development (see p.34)
San Francisco
–– Core Challenges (see p.36)
At Hult’s San Francisco campus, you’ll be at the heart of
where the innovation revolution first began, surrounded by
“It’s vital to look at disruptive
the hundreds of disruptive startups and ambitious
Professor spotlight
markets and how to mitigate
entrepreneurs that call the city home. A few miles from
campus are the giants of Silicon Valley that have created Dr. Sigvald Harryson risk in an environment of high
and transformed whole industries in a matter of years and
which continue to push innovation to the forefront of the Disruptive Innovation Professor uncertainty. I dream of being
global business agenda. Before joining Hult, Sigvald worked in an entrepreneur, and being able
Tetra Pak R&D across five countries. After
his first PhD, Sigvald spent nine years to have a future outlook and
in ADL and BCG to help companies gain and sustain
innovation leadership through smart co-creation and
methodically gain insights about
licensing strategies. After his post-doctorate on extreme which markets might be disrupted,
breakthroughs, Sigvald founded iKNOW-WHO with
Porsche as one of the first clients and has had a case and which cues to look for, will
study published by the Harvard Business Review based
on this work. Since then, iKNOW-WHO has co-created 22
be very valuable to me.”
breakthroughs for companies like Bang & Olufsen, Nestlé,
Bombardier, and Philips. Andreas Moeller
Masters in International Business with
Dual Degree in Masters in Disruptive Innovation
Class of 2019
San Francisco campus


Inspiring professors from

the real world of business Tessa Misiaszek, PhD
Marketing & Entrepreneurship Professor

Known as much for their academic credentials as for their Business experience: Former CEO of Empathetics,
experience as executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs, these Inc. and Principal Consultant with Korn Ferry
International, where she worked to develop diversity
standard-bearers of our distinctly different approach to education and inclusion strategies within healthcare and
implement cultural competency training
will define your experience. Qualifications: PhD, Simmons College
Classes include: Strategic Brand Management,
International Marketing, Organizational Behavior,

Joanne Lawrence
American “It’s important to help connect what’s
Business & Global Society Professor
taught in the classroom to what
actually occurs in a corporate setting.
Business experience: More than 30 years of corporate and consulting I do this through case-based teaching,
experience with global organizations including BP, IBM, SmithKline
Beecham, the World Bank, and UN Global Compact, focusing on
interactive team projects, and bringing
leadership, the strategic alignment of organizations, and sustainability in professionals to discuss topics in the
Qualifications: MBA, Stern Graduate School of Business, context of their work.”
New York University
Honors & awards: Named one of Britain’s “Top 20 Corporate Women”
by the Sunday Times; Winner of the Case Centre’s 2018 Best Case
Award in the Ethics and Sustainability category for Sustainability as Olaf Groth, PhD
Opportunity: Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan German/American
Strategy, Innovation & Economics Professor
Classes include: Business and Global Society, Social Innovation,
Future Mindset
Business experience: Over 20 years of experience
working for pioneering startups, consultancies, and
What first motivated your interests in sustainability
global enterprises such as Vodafone, Boeing, and
and social impact?
Qualcomm, as well as his own consultancy work on
When I realized that business—from the steam engine to the the global innovation economy
automobile, from time-saving appliances to life-saving medicines—
Qualifications: PhD, MALD, Fletcher School at
has always been about making our lives better. Aside from improving
Tufts University; MAIPS, Monterey Institute of
our lives through what they make, businesses can change lives.
International Studies
I chose business as a career path because of my belief in its life-
changing, transformative power. Classes include: Disruption Futures, Business &
Global Society, Global Strategy, Scenario Planning,
Why are these themes so important for business students? Strategic Management of Emerging Technology,
Global Economics & Global Management
We are all interconnected today—nothing happens in a vacuum. We
have seen time and again how all the issues today are global issues:
“In my corporate roles, I faced what happens in one country no longer stays in that country, and just
ethical dilemmas affecting as issues cross boundaries, so must the solutions. There are also huge “Disruption is in Hult’s history. We train
business—and these experiences opportunities presented by solving some of the world’s most pressing responsible leaders that apply global
social challenges. systems, futures, and entrepreneurial
inform my course. I encourage
students to think holistically and Why do you teach at Hult?
thinking to complex, cutting-edge
creatively to find market-based Because I believe very strongly in its mission to develop truly globally-
innovation horizons. Students get
solutions to support the UN’s minded, ethical leaders who can take the world forward in ways that to experiment with different types
Sustainable Development Goals
are positive, innovative, and inclusive. Students who come to Hult are of competitions, simulations, and
unique—they really want to understand each other’s culture and the
and eradicate poverty.” world around them and how, together, they can make it better.
disruptive technology in what I
consider a cross-cultural learning lab.”


William Carney
Marketing & Consumer Behavior Professor
Gonzalo Chavez, PhD
Business experience: William began his career with stints Finance Professor
in The Gap, AT&T, Chrysler, and GM. Now with over 30 years
of working with companies around the world, he’s provided
Business experience: Extensive consultancy experience in
input on global strategy and innovation to companies such
firm valuation and counseling interest groups on the use of
as Danfoss, Seiko Epson, and Nestlé. Professional roles have
derivative instruments for risk hedging purposes
included: Director of Motors Trading; Founder/Managing
Director of The Assegai Group, and Executive Director of Qualifications: PhD in Finance, University of Houston
Laughing Bear Productions Ltd. Honors & awards: Hult EMBA Professor of the Year in Dubai,
Qualifications: MBA, International Management, 2017; Hult MIB Professor of the Year in Boston, 2017
IMD Business School Classes include: Financial Management, International
Classes include: Business Development & Channels, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Corporate Finance
Entrepreneurial Marketing, Strategic Brand Management

“Hult covers many cultures and realities.

And the fact that we have a real global
“Many happy and successful people are presence through our campuses makes for a
driven by the same thing—they have deeper and more meaningful multicultural
a particular passion, and a need to create learning environment.”
something bigger than themselves.
I try to get these ideas to resonate with
my students, and inspire them to push
themselves to create novel solutions.”

Cari E. Guittard
Ted Ladd, PhD
Women’s Leadership & Diplomacy Professor
Global Strategy Professor
Business experience: Extensive experience in corporate
diplomacy, strategic communications, cyber security, and
Business experience: Over 20 years of experience in eight
geopolitical strategy for multinational companies as well as
high-tech, venture capital-backed startups in mobile software
within the U.S. Department of State
and member of several public, private, and non-profit boards
for energy generation and economic development in his Qualifications: MA, Public Administration & Public Affairs,
home state of Wyoming the University of Texas at Dallas
Qualifications: PhD, Management in Sustainable Business Honors & awards: Women’s Leadership Hall of Heroes
Systems Design, Case Western Reserve University Award 2013 from MBA International
Honors & awards: Fulbright Scholar, 2017; Hult MIB Top Classes include: Women in Leadership, Corporate
Professor in San Francisco, 2014–2017; Best paper in Social Diplomacy & Managing Geopolitical Risk, International
Entrepreneurship, Academy of Management, 2014 Negotiations & Strategic Influence
Classes include: Global Strategy, Global Economics,
Managerial Economics, Platform Entrepreneurship
“I love the entrepreneurial spirit on
campus and being surrounded by
“The culture in Silicon Valley combines bold, curious, and engaged global
creativity, discipline, and hard work, and citizens who are impassioned to
I endeavor to bring this into the classroom. It’s change the world.”
the recipe that’s made Silicon Valley the global
center of innovation, and it’s the recipe that
guides Hult students towards innovation in
their education and careers.”

“Hult candidates bring years of
international experience and a
strong sense of entrepreneurial
spirit. Some of our top recruits
in the last couple of years have
been from Hult.”
Munir Kamil
HR Director

Whatever your future ambitions, you’ll start preparing for
a global career from your first day at Hult.You’ll be
immersed in a stimulating, modern business environment so
that you gain the tools, skills, and experience you’ll need to
make an impact on the world.

56 Employment statistics
58 Top employers
60 Student entrepreneurs
62 Career connections
64 Company collaboration
66 Career support
68 Lifelong education

Our 2018 New York rotation center is located in one of the

city’s most visually striking buildings, 41 Cooper Square.


The Class of 2017 accepted

more than 600 jobs in over
60 countries
Your masters degree at Hult will be a life-changing experience,
Katharine Boshkoff, Hult’s Vice President of Career
personally and professionally. It’s a transformation that’s impossible Development, advises students on the global job
market at San Francisco’s Career Bootcamp.
to quantify. These statistics give you an insight into the results our
graduates are enjoying in the workplace.
Students come to Hult to make a change—and they do.

87% $57k $95k 9th 98% 76% 60%

are employed is the average salary is the average for post-masters change location, change industry. are employed in a
three months three months salary three years salary. (The Economist, 2017) industry, or country different
after graduation. post-graduation. after graduation. function. from their country
of origin.

Where do Hult masters graduates

work after graduation? From engineering in India to
Latin America
marketing in the U.S.: Ram’s advice
for those seeking a career change in a
7% 3%
new country.
Middle East &
Africa Asia “I’m from India, where it’s commonplace for your parents
to encourage you to do engineering first, before you
figure out what you want to do with your career. It was
Ram Sasidhar
the same in my family. Despite my engineering degree, my
passion is for marketing. Since I didn’t have any academic
Developer Marketing background in business or management, it was hard for

Masters in International
me to find a business-related role in large companies.
That was when I started looking at opportunities within
Class of 2017
startups, where I landed a role in a marketing and business
America development department. So, for newbies in the field of
26% San Francisco campus
business, I recommend not ignoring smaller companies
Europe and to embrace jobs in business development and sales. It
may be just the stepping stone you are looking for.”


You’ll access global

employment opportunities
Hult graduates are in demand at some of the world’s leading Nicole landed her current role at L’Oréal
companies and in the most competitive industries. Their through Hult’s Career Connections Forum.
reputation as globally-minded innovators with an entrepreneurial What motivated you to come to business school?

spirit sets them apart. The choice to go to business school meant many things for me both personally and
professionally. What ultimately drove me to Hult was the search for a new milestone in my
career and an international platform that would allow me to discover a new pathway.

How has the program helped you achieve your aims?

Who are the top 15 employers of Hult graduates globally? Nicole Tobar Hult opened my mind to a world of possibilities and changed me in so many ways. The best
Ecuadorian example is where I am now. Before graduation, I landed the job of my dreams! Not only did I
Product Manager switch industries, I also relocated to Miami and have enjoyed discovering an amazing new city.
1. PwC 5. EF Education First 9. Boston Consulting 12. Uber L’Oréal
2. KPMG 6. Accenture Group 13. Morgan Stanley Masters in International What Career Development resources helped you the most?
Business The combination of soft skills and career development tools have been key to my professional
3. EY 7. Bank of America 10. L’Oréal 14. Porsche Class of 2017 development. The career sessions and one-on-one time with my advisor taught me how to
4. Deloitte 8. Amazon 11. Salesforce 15. BASF Boston campus strategize my next steps and tailor my profile for my dream role. I was recruited for my role at
L’Oréal through the Career Connections Forum. These events were the best opportunity to
expand my professional network and better understand where I wanted to be next.

Industry mobility: How many Hult graduates move from one industry to another?

Post-Hult industry

Professional Services
Financial Services
Consumer Goods

A month after graduation, Aymeric achieved



Real Estate the job he wanted at KPMG Switzerland.




Did you have a specific career goal before you came to Hult?
Yes. I was born and raised in Geneva, so I wanted to continue living a rich cultural experience
Consulting 8% 20% 6% 2% 23% 2% 2% 2% 8% 2% 17% 8%
and work alongside people from diverse nationalities.
Consumer Goods 5% 51% 6% 0% 7% 6% 4% 2% 13% 2% 2% 2%
How did you make it a reality?
Education 13% 18% 25% 0% 13% 0% 0% 6% 0% 6% 6% 13%
I constantly pursued personal growth, and the masters program allows you to do just that.
Energy 6% 6% 0% 22% 0% 5% 6% 15% 6% 6% 6% 22% Aymeric De Preter Hult’s Global Campus Rotation program and challenge-based approach push you to discover
Swiss/Belgian different strategies to tackle various business issues, no matter the context.
Pre-Hult industry

Financial Services 8% 4% 6% 0% 44% 4% 4% 3% 10% 7% 7% 3%

Government/Non-profit 13% 8% 4% 0% 8% 13% 0% 4% 17% 8% 13% 12% KPMG What role did the Hult network play in landing your dream job?
Masters in International Hult’s global campuses and their unique international network gave me the opportunity to
Healthcare/Pharma 4% 4% 9% 0% 9% 9% 35% 8% 9% 9% 4% 0%
Business develop a highly adaptable mindset. This global experience changed me as a person in the
Manufacturing 5% 29% 5% 0% 5% 6% 5% 21% 7% 7% 10% 0% Class of 2017 way I interact with others, present my ideas, and lead in team settings. This is exactly what
London campus KPMG was looking for—someone with exceptional people skills—as this plays such a crucial
Media/Entertainment 11% 17% 0% 0% 3% 3% 3% 7% 31% 0% 14% 11%
role in your daily routine and can significantly impact your performance. Ultimately, this is what
Real Estate 10% 5% 5% 0% 20% 5% 5% 15% 25% 10% 0% 0% differentiated me from other candidates.
Technology 9% 5% 4% 2% 7% 7% 2% 4% 12% 5% 39% 4%

Professional Services 10% 5% 5% 5% 25% 5% 0% 5% 20% 0% 0% 20%

Example: For graduates working in Energy prior to Hult, 22% of them remain in the industry post-Hult.


Where entrepreneurs f lourish

Entrepreneurialism is an ethos and attitude that runs throughout Before coming to Hult, Johannes, Tobias, and
our teaching and career support. If you have ambitions to start Niklas were all strangers to one another. Three years
later, they opened their first office in London and
your own business, Hult is the ideal environment in which to have secured over a quarter of a million pounds in
make those dreams a reality. investment. How did they do it?
Tell us about how Clustermarket came together.

8% 70+ Tobias, Niklas, and I all came to Hult with corporate experience under our belt. Individually
we were all very ambitious and looking to take our careers further. Together we all bring
very different backgrounds and skillsets to the table, which perfectly complement one
start their own founders in the another. From finance to supply chain, our range of experiences also showed us how we
Johannes Solzbach could leverage the sharing economy in a sector so critical to society.
business. Hult Founders Lab. German The travel industry has Airbnb, the car industry has Uber but, in the science industry, we
CEO identified sharing is a much bigger opportunity. Clustermarket is an online marketplace for
Clustermarket the sharing of scientific equipment. By democratizing the market, we aim to increase access,
In 2014,Yim took a step away from the family Masters in Finance innovation, and real progress in the life sciences industry.
Class of 2015
business and decided to bring some creative flavor to London and Shanghai
campuses How did your year at Hult help?
the food industry. Today Yim runs Ampersand Gelato,
Our entire founding team is from Hult, and we wouldn’t have met otherwise. But through Hult,
a chain of experimental ice cream stores, ranked as we’ve also been connected to investors and customers, which really highlights the importance
one of Bangkok’s Best Restaurants. of the school’s network. One of our very first investors was Giovanni Rizzo, a Hult Executive
MBA alum and angel investor, who now sits on the company board.
Tell us about your life after Hult and how you started Ampersand Gelato. During my masters program, I also learned a lot about design thinking, which has been key
After graduation, I returned to work for my family business for almost two years. Meanwhile, in developing our business strategy. No matter what your business is, Hult prepares you to
I was looking for an opportunity to start my own business, which has been a childhood dream be innovative.
of mine. Equally, I love food! Ice cream is one of my all-time favorite desserts but here in
Thailand, I get bored easily with the limited options. I decided to attend workshops to learn What has the journey been like?
Yim Phetnamsin about the market and invent flavors like maple syrup and candied bacon, olive oil, and yuzu
Launching the business was no easy process. We’ve had moments when we strongly
Thai sorbet. From the great reactions, it was my family and friends who then encouraged me to
considered returning to the corporate world. However, in 2016 our hard work started to pay
Founder open a shop to share the experience with others.
off. Clustermarket was a finalist in the 2016 MassChallenge U.K. Accelerator program and in
Ampersand Gelato
Germany, we collaborated with pharmaceutical giant Merck.
Masters in International How did you grow the business into what it is today?
Business 2017 was a key highlight. We secured £250,000 in an angel round and launched the business
I started with a passion and I think this is fundamental to running your own business. In the
Class of 2012 within the U.K.’s elite Golden Triangle (London, Cambridge, Oxford). We also opened our first
beginning, the challenge was doing everything by myself. Now the challenge is leading and
Boston and Shanghai head office in central London and are growing our team.
managing the team. We only use high-quality ingredients and are constantly launching new
campuses flavors regularly. From 2015 to 2018, Ampersand has been awarded Bangkok’s Best Restaurant
in the dessert category and we are also featured in the Louis Vuitton Bangkok City Guide.

How did your time at Hult influence the business?

The concept of Ampersand is “internationally inspired,” which came from the strong love of
internationalism that grew during my studies at Hult. From the offset, my Hult network has
been a great source of support and a valuable asset in my journey.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Find what you love and do it!


Career connections
on campus
Get ready to network with global employers, exciting startups,
and well-connected Hult alumni at our on-campus careers
events, and learn direct from the people driving global business
with an impressive lineup of guest speakers. Salim Ismail
Executive Director, Singularity University
at the Day of Disruption

Paul Polman
CEO, Unilever

Dennis de Munck
Talent Acquisition Director, Ferrari

Samina Ansari
Director of Sales EMEA,
General Electric
Marcus Frodin Dharmacon
Carolyn McCall
Director of Engineering, Spotify CEO, easyJet
at the Day of Disruption
Students meet with dozens of leading companies
at the 2018 Career Connections Forum.

Companies come to campus

to recruit for full-time positions
and internships.
Inspiring guest speakers Recent speakers include:

Hear from speakers at the top of their game—business Accenture: Adam Rowlands, Social Impact expert
Meet employers at our Career Companies that attended this leaders who will share their challenges, their mistakes, and Amazon: Jason Feldman, Director of Global Innovation
the successes that helped them get to where they are today. Airbnb: Chip Conley, Chief of Strategy & Hospitality
Connections Forum year’s global fairs included: With frequent opportunities to soak up the stories of these Bitcoin: Brock Pierce, Founder
inspiring executives, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of the Barings: Mike Simpson, LATAM Equities expert
These fairs, held each year at each campus, connect Hult –– Amazon –– LinkedIn challenges facing business today and get an insider’s Codemasters: Frank Sagnier, CEO
students with internships and full-time jobs and give them –– Applied Blockchain –– L’Oréal perspective on what it takes to be a global business leader. easyJet: Carolyn McCall, CEO
the opportunity to connect with recruiters and alumni. –– Bloomberg –– Louis Vuitton EY: David Storey, Partner
–– BDO –– Oracle GCCA: Laila Hareb, Aviation expert
–– Cisco –– PwC General Assembly: Lora Schellenberg, Marketing Lead
–– Deloitte –– P&G Local Motors: John B “Jay” Rogers, Co-Founder
“Candidates receive a lot of support –– Emaar Hospitality Group –– Porsche Mangopay: Celine Wipat, Head of Marketing
in getting ‘interview-ready,’ so they –– Hubspot –– Nestlé Novartis: Chris Klee, CFO
–– IDEO –– Shell
always have really good resumes –– General Motors –– Salesforce
PwC: Chris Beyer, Manager—Deals
Singularity University: Salim Ismail, Executive Director
and present themselves very well –– Google –– Tableau Spotify: Marcus Frodin, Director of Engineering
in interviews.” –– Goldman Sachs –– Thomson Reuters WWF: Kate Wolfenden, Founder of WWF-X
–– –– Uber
Rebecca O’Hare –– Kraft/Heinz


Collaborate with
leading companies 3
Companies students have recently
collaborated with:

Google Mercedes-Benz
At Hult, you are more than a business school student.You Ferrari Virgin
are an active part of the global business community.You’ll Airbnb Audi
collaborate with and learn from real companies throughout your Red Bull Nevs
L’Oréal Unilever
masters program, both in and outside the classroom. Emirates Siemens
Nissan Crimson Hexagon
“We were asked to provide a marketing
strategy for Google that could disrupt 5
the U.S. healthcare system. We pitched
our solution to Google, acting as
a consultant. What I got from my
experience is that the more you put in, 4
the more you get in return. Participate
in every challenge and hackathon you
can and take every opportunity that
comes to you.”
Luca Tarable
Story Editor
Masters in International Marketing
Class of 2017
Boston campus

1 Masters in International Business student Dyar
Hussain prepares with his team for their Global
Strategy project with Indigo Airlines.

2 Students visit LinkedIn’s HQ in San Francisco for

a private tour and Q&A session on how to fully
leverage their networks.

3 Guest speakers from different industries and

backgrounds share their insights at TEDxHult
London’s event: Changing Mindsets.

4 Red Bull asked students to research how they

could convert Millennials’ love of the brand into
consumption of the product.

5 Virgin collaborated with our masters students to

innovate student banking products.

6 Students attend Pitch@Palace where

6 entrepreneurs take to the stage to impress
HRH the Duke of York and gain investment.


Expert career coaching and

personal support “Hult really understands the importance of aiding its students
Your personal Career Advisor and the Career Development to land a job and giving them the skills and resources to
team provide you with the resources you need to gain the help them do this. The Career Bootcamps are just one of
market knowledge, practical skills, and confidence to find and the extremely effective tools we’re able to use to prepare
land the job that’s right for you. ourselves for our professional futures.”
Sayuri Lau
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018
Dubai campus

Arrive on campus recruitment-ready Career Bootcamps Skills-based workshops 1:1 Advisory Program
The earlier you start your job search, the higher the chance These intensive, practical sessions held at strategic points Finding and landing the job that’s right for you requires skills Based on our work with thousands of students seeking
of you securing your dream job. Our Career Fast Track throughout the year provide rigorous preparation for creating beyond the role you’re looking for. We run practical, international jobs, we have distilled job-search best practices
program enables you to arrive on campus with your career your professional brand and image, understanding and interactive workshops designed to equip you with the skills into a series of four high-impact advisory sessions. These
plan and resume already in place, so you can be ready to introducing yourself to the market, and practicing your pitch and the tools to help you nail every stage of your job sessions will support you in effectively balancing the time
go out and meet employers during your first fall on campus. for networking. Featuring alumni panels, guest speakers, search. Remember that your career team is always available required for a thorough job search and the demands of an
–– Compare your resume to thousands of other business roundtable discussions, and mock interviews, these for a quick drop-in advice on cover letters, resumes, and job intense masters program. Session content is tailored to your
students’ and get line-by-line feedback on how to bootcamps are a rich and valuable resource that result in a search advice. Workshop topics include: needs and could include:
improve it with the latest VMOCK software deep understanding of global and local markets and tangible –– Resumes –– Session 1: Market Research
–– Attend webinars on topics like: career skills that last a lifetime. –– LinkedIn Profile –– Session 2: Resume & LinkedIn
• Global Market Trends –– Bootcamp A: Career Jumpstart –– How to use LinkedIn to get Job Leads and Contacts –– Session 3: Targeted Planning
• Job Hunting in Global Open Markets –– Bootcamp B: Market Fit –– Networking & Networking for Introverts –– Session 4: Interview Hunting
• Optimizing Your Resume –– Bootcamp C: Interviewing –– Salary Negotiation
• Packaging Yourself and Job Searching –– Skilling for Mastering Assessment Centers


Keeping your career “A future mindset is about

being open to lifelong
on the cutting edge learning. The reality is that
people are already changing,
Change never stops, and neither should your learning.Your not just their jobs, but their
masters degree at Hult is just the first stage of a lifelong entire careers every three to five
educational partnership designed to keep you on the cutting years. Learning must continue
edge of business. throughout your working life.”
Mukul Kumar
Chief Innovation Officer
Hult International Business School

One free elective a year for life

Refresh a skillset or get up to speed on a new business
trend by enrolling in one elective a year at any of our global
Free elective
campuses. There’s a small registration fee, but the course is every year.
otherwise free of charge for alumni.

Sample electives open to alumni:

Big Data Analytics
Disruption Futures
–– Modern Investment
Elective options
–– Change Management –– Social Innovation open to alumni
–– Co-creation Networks in 2018.

Access to world-class executive education

Take advantage of the suite of Executive Education Open
Programs at our Ashridge campus right outside of London
Hult alumni worldwide.
at a discounted rate. Courses feature a range of leadership
and development programs and are taught by world-leading
faculty, so enrollment is dependent on work experience.
Alumni chapters
Search and apply for global job opportunities active globally.
Use our exclusive online career platform to discover new
career opportunities with employers around the world,
provided by our Employer Relations team.

Connect with 21,000+ Hult alumni all over the world

Make the most of your alumni network that spans the globe
by joining one of our regional alumni chapters or clubs
located in over 70 countries. You can also use our exclusive
online alumni platform to locate alumni worldwide, find or
offer mentorship opportunities, keep up-to-date with school
news, and hear more about global events at Hult.

Kathryn Jacobs, CEO of Pearl & Dean—an iconic

cinema advertising company in the U.K.—talks to the
students in London about how to find inspiration and
tips for unleashing your creative spirit.

Hult’s Global
In one year, you can study in up to three different cities. First,
choose your home campus: Boston, San Francisco, London, or
Dubai. Then, over the summer, complete your elective courses
at up to two more campuses. Choose from any of the home
campuses, as well as Shanghai and New York.

72 Global Campus Rotation

74 Boston
78 San Francisco
82 London
86 Dubai
90 Shanghai
92 New York


Study in three cities Home campus


Hult Boston
Masters in
International Business

Masters in
International Marketing

in Finance

Masters in
Business Analytics
Masters in
Disruptive Innovation

over one intense year Hult San Francisco

Hult London
Hult Dubai

• •

Global Campus Rotation is the hallmark of the

Hult experience. Explore new business cultures and Rotation center

grow your global network by seamlessly studying in Hult Boston Hult London Hult Shanghai
Hult San Francisco Hult Dubai Hult New York
your choice of up to three of the world’s most exciting
business cities.


San Francisco

New York

First Rotation

Home Campus
Second Rotation


“Boston isn’t just a city—it’s a

family. The city has a friendly
atmosphere and people make you
feel like you belong there, even
if you’re just visiting. There’s also
an abundance of history, business,
culture, sports, music, and nature.
There’s always something new to
experience in Boston.”
Hult #1
is Boston’s ranking
among the top 25
Sophia Fries startup hubs in the U.S.
Class of 2018
London campus
This historic pioneer in the field of $4B
in spending for tech
education has emerged as an innovation hotspot. research and development
Study business in a stimulating city where forward- in Cambridge alone.

thinking people from all over the world come to

exchange ideas, collaborate, and innovate. 550
biotech firms are based
in Massachusetts.

is Boston’s ranking in
the list of U.S. cities with
the most international




Hult Boston campus



Harvard BACK BAY
Business Boston
School University

Located on the banks of the Charles River, the Boston campus
encapsulates the passion for learning so central to life in the city.

An inspiring community of thought leaders and

innovators call this celebrated city home.


A slice of
Your Boston campus Boston life…
Companies to
connect with
Study right on the banks of the Charles River Akamai Technologies
Bain & Company
at one of Boston’s many pioneering educational Boston Consulting Group
institutions in the heart of the city’s innovation hotspot. (BCG)
Boston Scientific
EMC Corp.
Fidelity Investments
Located for the full Boston experience General Electric
You’ll be within walking distance of startup hotspot Gillette
Kendall Square and Boston’s Beacon Hill, and
transport links mean the whole of the city is in easy HubSpot
reach. Enjoy sweeping views of downtown Boston Liberty Mutual
from your classroom and live in brand new student Raytheon
accommodation right next to campus, opening in 2019.
State Street Corporation
You’ll find inspiration around every corner as you walk
the same streets as some of the world’s most celebrated TripAdvisor
leaders and scholars. 4
Things to experience
Collaborate and connect with the city’s brightest minds and places to explore
Hult’s Boston campus is the ideal hub for the East Boston Public Gardens
Coast’s established and startup businesses—all eager Mingling in Harvard Square
to connect with the city’s world-renowned student
Shopping at SoWa Open
community. You’ll get to know the companies that make
the U.S. tick at campus career events, through clubs
and societies, and by taking part in case challenges Red Sox at Fenway
and competitions. You’ll join a quarter of a million Shopping at Faneuil Hall
students in a historic city that caters to student life. Outdoor movies at the
Get involved in Boston’s large and diverse student Hatch Shell
community to make the most of the opportunities
available here. Relaxing at Walden Pond
Running the Esplanade

Live on campus in brand-new accommodation

You can choose to live as part of our international Sample events on
student community in Hult Boston’s exclusive campus last year
accommodation, opening in 2019. Here, you’ll get a Alumni Bootcamp
“big campus” experience in a central location and be Alumni in the Big 4 hosted by
able to walk to class in minutes. Enjoying the outdoors the Consulting Club
and sports is central to life in Boston and the campus
will include a half basketball court, and a tennis court, Annual Hult Women in
as well as a movie theatre and auditorium. Choose Business Conference
from a range of room types, take the hassle out of Coding workshop with IBM
finding housing, and be immersed in an international hosted by the Tech Club
environment inside and outside of class. #HackforHumanity
NGO Hackathon
Masquerade Ball at
the Sheraton
1 Hult alum Kristen Tyrrell, former Director of Strategic Operations at the
Hult Prize, gives an inspiring speech in the main amphitheater. U.S. employment talk with
Dan Beaudry, author of
2 Get a big-campus experience in a central location with new student
accommodation, scheduled to open in 2019. 2
The International Student’s
3 The on-campus cafe, Little Lingo, backs on to the open green space
Guide to Getting a Job in the
of North Point Park, perfect for relaxing between classes. United States
4 The professional environment on campus helps everyone bring
their A-game.

5 Light, spacious, and contemporary—the campus interior is an uplifting

and inspiring study space.


“San Francisco lives, breathes,

and embraces entrepreneurial
spirit like no other city in
the world. I have never felt
so empowered and motivated.
This city truly makes you feel
like anything is possible if you
Hult 51
San Francisco
Fortune 500 companies are
work hard.” based in the San Francisco
Bay Area.
Daniel Glock
Assistant Product Manager & Global Market Consultant
Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Masters in International Business
Study in a city with a unique corporate 112
languages are spoken in
Class of 2017 culture, an emphasis on technological innovation, and a San Francisco.
San Francisco campus
pioneering attitude toward sustainability. Disruption is
the name of the game in this city built on networking
and entrepreneurial spirit. #1
is San Francisco’s position
on Forbes’s 2016 list of
America’s Best Cities for
Young Professionals.

of the world’s venture
capital investments are
made in San Francisco.

Treasure Island

Wharf Telegraph Hill
Bay Bridge
Hult San Francisco campus
Russian Hill Chinatown Alameda Island
Pacific Heights
Financial District
Civic Center South Beach
South of Market
Bring business to life in our modern campus building, a heartbeat
away from San Francisco’s buzzing city center.
Golden Gate Park


Your San Francisco

campus A slice of
San Francisco life…
Companies to
connect with
You’ll be minutes from the San Francisco Bay Airbnb
waterfront in a former dotcom headquarters that’s at 3 Apple

the center of the city’s vibrant downtown. Facebook

Situated in the heart of the city 1 Intel
Just a short walk to the waterfront and Fisherman’s Wharf, Levi’s
Hult’s campus is located at the foot of famous Telegraph
Pacific Stock Exchange
Hill. You’ll be surrounded by the hundreds of tech
companies and startups that give the city its innovative Reddit
edge, as well as the financial firms located in the Financial Salesforce
District—all just minutes from campus. TransAmerica
Make connections
Wells Fargo
Whatever your ambitions, San Francisco is all about
making contacts and building your network. Check out the
many industry networking events and informal meetups, Things to experience
and get involved in Hult’s clubs and societies to get you and places to explore
out and about in the city and making things happen.
Golden Gate Bridge
A melting pot of cultures and ideas Seafood at Fisherman’s Wharf
Before the tech giants of Silicon Valley made San Dim sum in Chinatown
Francisco a global household name, the city was best 5 Film Night in the Park
known for its creative and questioning mindset. Alcatraz Island
Discover San Francisco’s unique performing arts scene
and explore the culture that first put it on the map. The world’s first cable
A destination for nationalities from all over the world, car system
the creativity and quality of food is renowned and plays Gigs at SFJAZZ Center
a big part in city life, as does fitness and health. The American
Conservatory Theater

Sample events on
campus last year
CFA Institute Research
David Masselink, Software
Engineer at Tesla, hosted by
the Renewable Energy Club
Hult’s Got Talent
Hult’s 5k Annual Run
1 Floor-to-ceiling windows let in the California sunshine, creating an
inspirational learning environment.
Mission Blue, hosted by the
Social Impact Club
2 Meeting and breakout rooms provide ideal spaces for working on
team projects. PwC Pitch Challenge
3 Classrooms are collaborative spaces designed for exchanging ideas. Salesforce, hosted by Hult’s
4 An open-plan style gives the campus a startup feel where you can study Student Association
as part of a dynamic student community. Talk from the Director of
5 Unwind and relax with friends in light and spacious social spaces. Development at Marine
2 Conservation


“A melting pot of entrepreneurs

and corporates from all industries,
great links to thousands of business
and career opportunities—London
gives everyone the chance to
pursue their dreams and become
the best version of themselves.”
Hult 40%
of European HQs of
global companies are
based in London.

Bianca Hingorani
Customer Strategy Consultant
Masters in International Business
Class of 2017
London 200k
startups were registered
in London in 2016.

London campus Here, you’ll study business in a city with

more headquarters of international companies than £6.7B
any other European city, the biggest startup cluster of venture capital was
on the continent, and a long-standing reputation as invested in U.K. tech
in 2016.
a global trendsetter.
of London residents were
born overseas and 300
languages are spoken
in the city.

Olympic Park &

Emirates Stadium

Victoria Park

British Hult House
Museum London

Trafalgar Covent
Square St. Paul’s
Hyde Park Tower of London
London Eye
Buckingham St. James The ShardTower Bridge
Palace Park
Big Ben
Canary Wharf &
Houses of Greenwich

Our central London campus is a beautifully converted classic building,

ideally located at the intersection of London’s academic, media, and
financial districts.

Hult’s London campus is located in the heart

of this influential and international city.


A slice of
London life…
Your London campus 3
Companies to
connect with
You’ll be in the center of this incredibly well- Barclays
connected city, perfectly positioned to take advantage BP
of all the opportunities on offer. Burberry
CNN International
Study in central London 1
You’ll be in the heart of London at the intersection of
Bloomsbury, the city’s academic center, and Holborn, a Lloyds of London
major media and advertising hub. A short distance away is Marks & Spencer
Europe’s largest startup cluster, TechCity, and London’s 4 MINI
world-renowned financial district. Just a five-minute walk
from the Zone 1 Tube station Holborn, transport links will
take you to all parts of the city. Selfridges
Virgin Group
Business connections are everywhere
Take advantage of London’s high concentration of Things to experience
multinational companies, its famed financial district and and places to explore
stock exchange, its status as a pioneer in the creative
Shoreditch street art
industries, and the booming startup scene. Connect with
London’s business community through class projects, Summer festivals in Hyde Park
clubs, or your own ventures, and come to see the city as Markets of Portobello Road
an extension of your classroom. Coffee houses in Notting Hill
Films in Leicester Square
One of the most diverse cities in the world
Shopping in Camden Town
Home to more than 350,000 students, many of them
international, and with a third of the city’s population born Soccer at Wembley Stadium
overseas, London is an incredibly diverse place that caters Concerts at the O2
to every taste and lifestyle. As well as being surrounded
by some of the world’s most iconic landmarks and
Sample events on
museums, you can explore the variety of fashion, music,
campus last year
art, film, and sports that London is known for.
Client challenge with Dhiraj
Mukherjee, Co-founder
of Shazam
Global Entrepreneurship Week
with Shazam, Dock & Bay, and
Go Global: Diwali
Interactive case study with
Music Industry Panel, hosted
by the Global Women in
Business Club
1 Your campus is ideally located in central London between Bloomsbury, The Future of Money,
the city’s academic center, and Holborn, a major media hub.
hosted by the Blockchain &
2 The central atrium is a great venue for speakers, panels, and
networking events.
Cryptocurrency Club
3 Find your own space for study or relaxation on the terraces. Wine tasting, hosted by the
4 Get together with your team in the open spaces around campus. Hult Wine Club
5 Catch up with classmates and grab some fresh air on the balconies. 5


“Dubai is a young, dynamic, modern,

and exciting place to live and work.
It’s well known for its incredible
diversity, warm hospitality, stability,
and economic vitality. It offers
excellent opportunities for young
people with ambition, giving
them the chance to shine and fulfill
their dreams.”
Faycel Madi
Associate Consultant
Masters in International Business
Dubai 11%
is the rate of growth of
international trade in
Dubai per year since 1988.
Class of 2017 With one of the world’s fastest-growing
Dubai campus
economies and a “nothing is impossible” attitude,
Dubai is an exhilarating city to study business in. 20M
is the estimated number of
Opportunities for both corporate and entrepreneurial visitors per year by 2020.
careers abound in this city, which is the locus of trade
between East and West.
is the percentage of Dubai’s
population who are expats.

is the rate of income tax in
the U.A.E.


Dubai Marina Burj Al Arab

Dubai Knowledge Village
Burj Khalifa
Dubai Media City
Dubai Hult Dubai
Investment campus Dubai
Park Airport
Internet City

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Outsource Zone

Hult’s ultra-modern Dubai campus is in the city’s innovation hub—Internet
City—among the biggest names in digital technology and with easy
access to the rest of the city.
From impressive skyscrapers to spectacular shopping
malls to deeply rooted cultural traditions, you’ll be struck
by Dubai’s dynamic mix of East and West.


A slice of
Dubai life…

Your Dubai campus Companies to

connect with
Chalhoub Group
You’ll be located in the buzzing center of Dubai Islamic Bank
Dubai Internet City, home to the biggest names in Emaar Properties
digital technology. Emirates National Bank of
Dubai (NBD)
Study in Dubai’s innovation center First Gulf Bank
Google, Microsoft, Mastercard, LinkedIn, Samsung, and Hilti Emirates
Facebook are just some of the companies with offices in 4 Jumeirah Group
Dubai Internet City. Networking opportunities, world- L’Oréal Middle East
class industry events, and state-of-the-art facilities are
National Bank of Abu Dhabi
on your doorstep. The campus is walking distance from
the Metro, minutes from the beach, and a short taxi ride Philips Middle East
from Dubai Marina. Porsche Middle East and
Africa FZE
Join a dynamic, future-focused community Unilever Middle East
Dubai is a young city with bold ambitions. There is an
emphasis on future technologies and a supportive Things to experience
environment for businesses. Positivity and passion and places to explore
are big drivers here, in both the corporate and
Desert safaris
entrepreneurial worlds. The opportunities to connect
with influencers in the city are plentiful. You’ll join a Atlantis on the Palm Jumeirah
dynamic business community that embraces new ideas The Dubai Marina
and has a bias toward action. Watersports at Kite Beach
Sunset by the Burj Al Arab
An international hub of cultural exchange The Al Fahidi Historic District
About 92% of Dubai’s population was born overseas— Shopping at the Dubai Mall
it’s a culturally vibrant and diverse city. Family and food
are central to life in the U.A.E., a country that places the Skiing inside the Mall of
well-being of its inhabitants high on the agenda. There the Emirates
is even a Minister of Happiness. Tourism is a major
growth industry here, which is reflected in the huge Sample events on
assortment of leisure activities available. campus last year
Adecco, Block Chain and
ICO’s with guest speaker
Dr. Konstantinos Tsanis
Alumni professional
Etihad student competition
1 Get ready to be part of Hult Dubai’s dynamic student body and take Hult White Party
part in highly interactive classes.

2 Spacious and contemporary interior design creates a relaxed feel in

International Cultural Festival
this busy city. Thanksgiving potluck dinner
3 Your campus has an ultra-modern feel, in keeping with its surroundings Trip to Abu Dhabi
in Dubai’s innovation hotspot.
Virtuzone & Startups in
4 Creative use of space all over campus means you can find your own
space for your own purpose. the U.A.E., hosted by the
Entrepreneurial Club
5 Step out from a team meeting and on to the beach, just a few minute’s 2
walk from campus. Arab Cultural Experience at
the Sheikh Mohammed Center
5 for Cultural Understanding


“Shanghai is simply mesmerizing.

My ultimate career goal is to
launch my own startup, and
Hult Shanghai
learning how Chinese culture
influences how people think
rotation center
and operate has enabled me to
understand a business culture
The commercial center of Asian business,
Shanghai is the birthplace of new trends and
million residents in Shanghai
that will soon become very groundbreaking ideas. Our campus, located right on make it one of the world’s
largest cities.
influential in the West.” People’s Square, will give you an invaluable insight
Kasimir von Koblinski
into Chinese culture and business practices.
was the year Shanghai
Masters in International Business broke the record for the
Study in China’s most cosmopolitan city Experience the hugely influencial
Class of 2017 world’s largest fair when it
Shanghai is China’s vibrant commercial business culture
hosted the World Expo.
and financial center, and the region’s most Manufacturing and export are traditionally
influential city for international trade. Home the largest industries in China—it is the
of the Shanghai Stock Exchange as well as world’s largest exporter and second-
the location of the world’s busiest container
port, this is an excellent place to absorb the
largest importer of goods—but with rapid
growth in the service, financial, retail,
is the number of years
energy and complexity of modern China. and real estate industries, China’s new
Enjoy studying in a forward-thinking city generation of entrepreneurs is making waves Shanghai has experienced
that appreciates the best in food, fashion, internationally. Shanghai’s seemingly limitless double-digit economic growth.
and culture, and be uplifted by its awe- energy makes it an ideal place for ambitious
inspiring cityscape. people. Whether you’re hoping to forge a
career within China, Asia, or further afield—
understanding Shanghai will be invaluable. 68%
is the percentage of
Shanghai’s GDP contributed
by its three largest
industries: financial services,
retail, and real estate.
The open floor plan offers many comfortable,
bright spots to settle into and work.

Oriental Pearl
Television Tower
The Bund

Jin Mao Tower

Hult Shanghai
rotation center
Yuyuan Garden

Fuxing Park



“New York is the melting pot

of the world and represents
the best the U.S. has to
Hult New York
offer. There’s an energy and
vibrancy here that’s infectious,
rotation center
and a rich cultural diversity
and business environment.”
The iconic city for those in search of
the American Dream, New York is a destination
languages are spoken in
Peter Kelly Kirsch New York, making it one of
unlike any other. Our rotation center, located in the most ethnically diverse
Masters in Finance
Class of 2018
Manhattan, puts you at the heart of this powerful cities in the world.

metropolis that is globally influential in commerce,

finance, and media. 55
Fortune 500 companies
are headquartered in
The iconic American city Where commerce and politics intersect New York.
When people think of America, they often Business and global politics are two sides of
think of New York City. For decades, people the same economic coin, and nowhere more
have flocked here from all over the world
in the hopes of making their fortune and
building a better life—pioneers who created
so than in New York City—home to both Wall
Street and the United Nations. Students at
Hult New York are well positioned to explore
is New York’s position on
the foundation of today’s intoxicating this complex relationship firsthand with ready the Global Economic
metropolis. Home to the financial giants of access to the worlds of finance, marketing, Power Index.
Wall Street and the advertising giants of and politics. Past events have included
Madison Avenue, business doesn’t get more discussions with the Honorable Thomas
exciting than this. Notoriously competitive and Reeve Pickering, former U.S. Ambassador;
proudly ambitious, New York is not for the
fainthearted. But that’s exactly what makes it
visits to Bloomberg headquarters; and guided
tours of the United Nations headquarters.
of the world’s largest stock
so exciting.
exchanges are located in
the city.

The Museum
of Modern Art
Times Square

Grand Central Terminal

Chrysler Building

Empire State Building

Flatiron Building



Our New York rotation center has previously Washington
Square Park 8 St - NYU
been located at sites downtown Manhattan,
like the Cooper Union building shown here. Hult New York
W rotation center (2018)
ust East Village

Hult London’s central location means grabbing a
bite to eat or relaxing in nearby Grays Inn Gardens is
quick and easy.

Student Life
We offer far more than a degree. Join a vibrant
multicultural community, enjoy weekly events and
outings, and explore your host city with friends from
over 160 nationalities.

“The international culture festival
was one of the best experiences
at Hult; it broke all cultural
barriers. It was great to know the
background of all my classmates
from over 44 nationalities.”
Eesha Kothamasu
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018

96 Top/bottom: – Sophie Yen Liem, Class of 2017, and her classmates celebrate a job well done at Coachella in California. Top/bottom: – Thomas Merell from the U.S. proudly wears the national costume of Albania at the Dubai campus’s International Day. 97
– The 2017 Winter Ball, held at Boston Park Plaza Hotel, was a grand occasion. – Tanya Mushohwe, Class of 2018, and her team get into the spirit of the Paper Planes simulation in Immersion
at Hult San Francisco.
“Hult reminded me how the world is not only
about business but also how to give back to
the world in any way we can. Being socially
responsible is as important as any other
activity when creating a business—you can be
profitable and at the same time be human.”
Allison Jan Ricabo
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018

98 Top/bottom: – A student adds her note to the Fearless Wall at Hult London, sharing stories of inspirational females for International Top/bottom: – Kimber Joi De Castro, Class of 2017, exploring Boston. 99
Women’s Day 2018. – A student works on the logic tree for his team’s business challenge.
– Desert safari in Dubai is a favorite way for students to explore the awe-inspiring landscape that surrounds the city.
Selection of student clubs & societies

Boston London
Business Consulting Club     Entrepreneurship Club
Entrepreneurship & Environment Club
Health & Fitness Club    Football Club
Hult Finance Club   Hult Talks
Hult Marketing Club   Hult Global Women in
Innovation Club Business Club
Leadership Enhancement Hult Marketing Club
Among Peers (LEAP)   Hult Running Club
Model United Nations   Short Film Production Club
Tech Club Tennis Club
Travel, Wine & Dine   Wine Tasting Club

San Francisco Dubai

African Legacy Club Cricket Club
Climbing Club Dance Club
Entrepreneurship Club Defense Industry &
Gender Equality in Leadership Technology Club
Club Endurance Sports Club
Hult Impact Consulting Club Entrepreneurs Club
Hult Marketing Club GIVE Club (Get Involved,
Hult Running Crew Value Everyone)
The Hultian Global Women in Business
Ski & Snowboard Club Leadership Club

UNICEF at Hult Hult Health Body & Mind Club

Video & Media Club Hult Public Speaking Club

“San Francisco offers the perfect

playground for outdoor sports. My days
most likely ended with clearing my
mind on the water. I also brought a lot
of friends to the beach to introduce
them to my kitesurfing passion and
promoted the sport at the club fair.
There are so many ways to boost and
share your passion on campus.”
Julian Schildknecht
Masters in International Business
Class of 2018

100 Top/bottom: – Snow covers Hult Boston in a blanket of silver in winter 2017, the first time many students there had ever experienced snow. Top/bottom: – Students rock out to the silent disco at Hult Boston’s Day of Disruption. 101
– Martha Baso, Class of 2017, plays the public piano with a friend in Boston Common. – The Hult London men’s football/soccer team, one of the most popular clubs on the campus, head home after a game.
Global One-Year MBA
Do you have three or more years of work experience? You
may be better suited for our award-winning MBA program.
Learn core business knowledge, develop leadership skills,
specialize, and experience business culture in up to three
global cities—all in one intensive year.

Uniquely global
Study at three campuses and gain a truly global perspective
by circling the world. Choose from Boston, San Francisco,
London, Dubai, Shanghai, and New York. You’ll study
alongside students from over 160 nationalities and graduate
with a global network in place.

An innovative curriculum, tailored to suit you

Our groundbreaking approach to leadership development
has been recognized with an Association of MBAs (AMBA)
Innovation Award. You can also customize your degree with
a wide range of electives and specialize in marketing,
finance, entrepreneurship, or business analytics.

Learn from your diverse cohort

Learn alongside passionate students who come from a
variety of professional backgrounds and who bring that
experience into the classroom to inform the discussion.
Through teamwork and peer projects, you’ll learn to
collaborate effectively with one another and come to view
both problems and solutions through a new lens.

For more about the MBA program visit

Your Next Step
Each year, Hult seeks to enroll a talented and ambitious incoming
class from all over the world. We look for diverse students with a
wide range of experiences, perspectives, and interests—students
Other Hult programs who will thrive in our unique educational atmosphere. If you
are ready for a truly global graduate experience, we want to hear
Undergraduate Program from you.
Our program for recent high school graduates, the three-to
four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree teaches
ambitious students from around the world the fundamentals of
business. Majors are offered in Management, Marketing,
Entrepreneurship, Accounting, or Finance, with additional
Graduate Diplomas in Computer Science and Design.

Executive MBA
Don’t want to take a full year off for a full-time MBA
program? Our highly flexible 18- to 24-month Global
Executive MBA program is designed for working
professionals who want to further their career, future-proof
their skills, or make a career change. Integrate your
education into a busy work and home life by customizing
where, how, and what you study.

Executive Education
Our executive education programs for seasoned
professionals help organizations improve their leadership
talent, strategic thinking, and organizational culture—
impacting the larger world of business in the process. A
comprehensive range of short-term open and customized
executive programs is available.

For a full list of Hult programs, visit


Applying to Hult’s
masters programs
You’re unique—at Hult, we treat you that way. We assess
candidates individually based on the strength of their whole
profile.Your drive and your mindset are important indicators
of your success here and we value them as much as your
proven achievements.

How to apply

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Activate your Application Complete your Personal assessment Admissions Submit outstanding
online profile consultation application interview decision documents
15 minutes 30 minutes 2 hours 1 hour 1-2 weeks
☐☐ Go to A member of the Enrollment Submit the following We will assess your profile, You will receive an admissions If you receive a conditional
☐☐ Enter your personal Team will call you to discuss documents at goals, and overall fit for the decision within two weeks, acceptance, you will need
details, recent your suitability for the program A conditional acceptance program in an in-person or including decisions on to submit any outstanding
employment history, and and guide you through the may still be given prior to phone interview. any financial assistance required documentation—
education history next steps. submission of test scores. We will also review your applications. such as your test scores or
☐☐ Pay the $150 USD ☐☐ Current resume/CV English proficiency during If you have yet to submit college transcripts—before
you start your program.
application fee to activate ☐☐ Personal statement as the interview. required documents, you
your profile and your a 400-500 word essay may receive a conditional
personal Enrollment ☐☐ One academic or
Advisor will be in touch professional reference
☐☐ A copy of your bachelors
degree or equivalent
☐☐ Transcripts (in English)
from all universities
☐☐ Admissions test scores,
if required. i.e. GMAT,
Entry requirements When to apply Personal visa support English language support One-to-one personal support with
GRE, or the Hult Business
–– Bachelors degree or equivalent We encourage you to apply as soon The vast majority of our students If you need to improve your English, your application
Assessment Test (your
–– Less than three years’ work as you’ve decided you are interested Enrollment Advisor will are coming to a new country when we offer an intensive Pre-Masters From the moment you activate your
experience for Masters in in Hult’s program. The earlier you let you know if you are they come to study with us. We have English Proficiency Program, in online profile, you will be assigned a
International Business apply, the better position you will required to submit this) years of experience welcoming partnership with EF Education First, personal Enrollment Advisor who will
–– One year of work experience for be in to secure funding, visas, and
the campus of your choice. Priority
☐☐ Evidence of English students from all over the world to
our campuses, and our expert Visa
which will equip you with the fluency
necessary to succeed in our masters
guide you through the application
process and answer any questions on
Masters in International Marketing, proficiency, i.e. TOEFL/
Finance, and Business Analytics is given to those who apply by our Coordinators will support you in programs. Ask your Enrollment Advisor the program and financial assistance.
IELTS, if required (your
OR a bachelors degree in a official application deadlines. For full applying for your visa. for more information.
Enrollment Advisor will
business-related discipline details on application deadlines, go
let you know if you are
–– Proficiency in English required to submit this)
(i.e. TOEFL/IELTS) ☐☐ Scholarship and financial
–– GMAT or GRE scores are aid application
required for:
• Masters in Finance
• Masters in Business Analytics



Fees and financial support

We recognize that your degree is an important investment and will
work closely with you during the application process to find the best
options to fund your program. With an intensive one-year program,
you’ll start reaping the benefits of your degree quickly, resulting in an
early return on your investment.
Hult scholarships Needs-based financial aid Local bank loans and
Hult scholarships are designed to help us If you have a demonstrated financial need, government support
find the best global talent and maximize Hult can help with limited needs-based Financial institutions in many countries
diversity. Our scholarships cover a wide financial aid that is awarded on a case-by- offer education financing specifically to
range of backgrounds, industries, sectors, case basis. The financial aid committee local citizens. These loans are typically
and nationalities. looks at the situation of each accepted repayable after completion of the course,
student and, depending on each candidate’s although terms vary widely. Depending on
A few examples of available personal circumstances, decides if financial where you are from, you may be eligible
scholarships include: aid will be awarded and at what level. for loan and grant opportunities offered by
• Academic Excellence Scholarships your government. We work with candidates
• Social Impact Scholarships Your Enrollment Advisor will work with you to help them identify suitable financial
• Entrepreneurial Impact Scholarships to determine if you are eligible for Hult institutions and government programs.
financial aid and, if so, will help you apply. It’s
Scholarships are awarded to eligible important to leave plenty of time to arrange Educational loans
candidates who demonstrate the strongest your finances, so be sure to apply as early
The majority of our students utilize some
potential. Candidates are required to as possible to allow you to get everything in
form of education loan, even if they receive a
prove they meet scholarship criteria order. Our Enrollment Advisors are here to
scholarship or financial assistance. Students
through evidence and/or a written or video help and will advise you every step of the
requiring additional financing for their
submission. Competition for scholarships way. Find out more about your options at
program fees have two main loan options:
increases as the year progresses, so we
local bank loans and/or government support.
recommend applying early.
A full list of our scholarships can be found at:

Masters degree programs: Fees and estimated living expenses

Dual Degree program fees
Application fee: $150 USD
Campus San Francisco Boston London Dubai San Francisco Boston
U.S. dollars U.S. dollars British pounds Emirati dirham U.S. dollars U.S. dollars

Program Fee $48,000 $46,000 £33,000 AED 166,000 $27,000 $27,000

• Insurance 1
$2,500 $2,500 £980 AED 6,000 $1,500 $1,500

Estimated expenses2
• Housing $17,000 $14,000 £13,000 AED 47,500 $8,500 $7,000
• Living $12,000 $11,000 £8,000 AED 26,500 $6,000 $5,500
• Books and course materials $1,000 $1,000 £700 AED 4,000 $500 $500
• Computer $1,200 $1,200 £1,000 AED 4,600

1. Insurance provider varies by campus location.

2. Amounts are based on market benchmarks and exchange rates at the time of print and are therefore subject to change.

Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, locations,
Relax between classes at the many coffee
program fees, and accommodation at any time without notice. The most recent Terms & Conditions are available at
houses around the central London campus.

106 107

Students wind down after a busy day at

See yourself at Hult Hult Boston in Little Lingo Cafe and Bar,
overlooking North Point Park.

If Hult sounds like a school you can see yourself at, come and get
a real feel for what your life as a student here could be like. Come
visit us at any of our campuses around the world—or meet us in a
city near you.

Come to campus Meet us in your city Experience Hult in a city near you
The best way to decide where you We travel the globe year-round in The next best thing to a campus visit,
should study is to see for yourself. Visit search of high-caliber, ambitious our Experience Hult events allow you
us at our campuses in San Francisco, professionals to join the world’s most to really get a feel for what it’s like
Boston, London, or Dubai and get international business school. Come to be a student at Hult in a location
a taste of student life at Hult. Join a sample a taste of Hult by meeting us at convenient to you. We come to most
scheduled Open House or arrange a an event in a nearby city. major cities so you can meet current
campus visit to suit your schedule. g students, take a class with one of our
g internationally acclaimed professors,
and put any questions you may have to
our Enrollment Advisors.

Connect with us online Hult International Business School

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Prerna Sadhwani, Masters in International
Marketing Class of 2016, enjoying a
proud moment at graduation.

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on the cutting edge, our aim is to have a positive impact on individuals and organizations by transforming their management practices. In
so doing, we hope to be the business school of choice for existing and aspiring leaders. We will contribute to sustainable growth, helping
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as Ashridge, with which Hult has a strategic alliance. Hult and Ashridge are reviewed together by the U.K. Quality Assurance Agency for
Higher Education. For additional accreditation information please visit
Hult International Business School reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered, requirements for graduation, locations,
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Creating businesses
for a better world
The Hult Prize is a worldwide student competition that Hult Prize 2017 winning team Roshni Rides poses with
challenges university teams to solve the most pressing global former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Their winning idea aims
to improve the lives of refugees in Pakistan.
issues with viable business ideas.

Ideas that change lives Money to make a difference Who competes?

Our students have always wanted to make a Each year the Hult Prize focuses on a specific social • Students from any university in the world on • Regionals are held in 15 cities around the world,
difference. In 2009 while studying for his MBA at Hult problem. Students around the world form teams and any program can compete in teams of three hosted by leading universities, including Hult
Boston, Ahmad Ashkar was inspired to do business develop social enterprises that solve this problem. to four. International Business School.
differently. While working on an MBA project, he Through a series of elimination competitions around
realized the power of crowd-sourcing ideas and the the world, 40 teams are selected to attend the Hult • 100,000 student entrepreneurs from over • Students of Hult International Business School
on-the-ground impact social entrepreneurship could Prize accelerator at Hult’s Ashridge campus in the 1,300 universities applied to take part in the are highly encouraged to take part in the Hult
have on the most disadvantaged communities. The U.K. From this accelerator program five to six teams 2018 Hult Prize. Prize. We run workshops to help students form
Hult Prize was born. go through to present at the Global Finals, hosted teams and develop their ideas, hold internal
• The competition is recognized as the gold
at the United Nations headquarters in New York. competitions, and host five of the regionals on
standard for student social entrepreneurs, with
The winning team is awarded $1M USD to get their our campuses. The Hult Prize is a hallmark of the
teams from the world’s best-known universities
business off the ground. Hult experience.
taking part including Harvard, Yale, Oxford,
Cambridge, National University of Singapore,
and hundreds more.

“The Hult Prize, in so many ways,

represents the way the world has
to function in the 21st Century.”
Bill Clinton
Former U.S. President

The Hult Prize 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
challenges the Early childhood Clean water crisis Education, housing, The global food crisis Non-communicable Early childhood Crowded urban The refugee crisis Harnessing
brightest minds to education and energy diseases in urban education spaces sustainable energy
solve the world’s A University of A McGill University slums A team from Rutgers
The Hult Prize Cambridge team Students worked with team won with A team from Taiwan’s The challenge—to University won the This year’s challenge
toughest problems partnered with One One Laptop Per Child,
collaborated with an enterprise that A team from the National Cheng­chi double the income challenge to restore asks: Can you build
Laptop Per Child to and won Habitat for Humanity, makes crickets Indian School of University won with of 10 million people the dignity of scalable, sustainable
provide educa­tional with a loyalty scheme and SolarAid. The into a viable food Business won with a business that builds living in urban slums 10 million refugees social enterprises that
opportunities to allowing people winners were from source for urban a “Doc-in-a-Bag” children’s education by 2022—was won with their solar- harness the power of
the world’s poorest to pool points from Carnegie Mellon, slum communities. solution, which lets franchises, run by by the Earlham powered rickshaw- energy to transform
children through telecom partners NYU Abu Dhabi, medi­cal workers local women, to reach College team whose sharing service. the lives of 10 million
affordable laptops. to fund clean and Hult International diagnose and monitor 10 million children bus system featured people by 2025?
water projects. Business School. NCDs remotely. by 2020. mobile payments
and tracking.
A global platform
for ideas that
change the world
The Hult Prize is run in partnership with the Ahmad Ashkar
Hult MBA Class of 2010
United Nations; challenges are aligned with U.N. CEO & Founder of Hult Prize
Esquire Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2016
initiatives, and the Global Finals are hosted by the
United Nations in New York.
Teams pitch to an esteemed panel of judges
made up of global business leaders, thought leaders,
and change makers. The team with the business idea
that has the potential to make the biggest impact
receives $1M USD and support to make their idea
a reality.
Deemed “the Nobel Prize for students,” the Hult Prize
is championed by some of the world’s most respected Previous Hult Prize judges include:
influencers and advocates for change. Julia Gillard, Former Prime Minister of Australia
Akinwumi Adesina, President, African Development Bank
Paul Polman, CEO, Unilever
Kathleen Rogers, CEO, Earth Day Network
John Chambers, Executive Chairman, Cisco

“Design a business to solve

a problem, not to make money for
yourself, but to solve the problem
that you have in front of you.You’ll
be amazed at your creativity.”
Muhammad Yunus
2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner
2015 Hult Prize Judge

The dream team (left-right):
Keisuke “Kei” Kubota, Nataliey “Taliey”
Bitature, and Manon Lavaud

Hult team Musana Carts, whose bright idea for

solar-powered food carts in Ugandan refugee camps
saw them through to the 2016 finals in New York City.

A finalist’s story: Hult student teams at the 2018

Hult Prize regional finals

Musana Carts Team Enpov

Bachelor of Business Administration students
at Hult’s London campus, with their e-Trike idea
aimed at shaping the future of rural mobility and
The team from Hult International Business School’s San Francisco small-scale agriculture.

campus shares their path to last year’s Hult Prize finals: Team Genr8
Global Executive MBA students at Hult’s
What was the challenge? How did you come up with the idea? Did you do any field research? Dubai campus, with their P2P sustainable
energy exchange.
The Hult Prize Challenge was to double the income We started with the idea of solar-powered backpacks We spent six days in Uganda. Working 15-hour
of 10 million people residing in crowded urban in India. Three weeks before the internal campus days, we managed to hold focus groups and were
spaces by 2022. competition, we pitched the idea at a startup able to better understand our customers—their Team Aasha
weekend. It was well received but ultimately it routines, lives, habits, family situations, dreams,
became clear the idea wasn’t going to work in and challenges. We met several local business Global One-Year MBA students at Hult’s Boston
What was your solution? campus use virtual reality to address everyday
urban areas of India. We had to scrap the whole owners and managed to get our prototypes out
A solar-powered cart for vendors selling street food. idea and start again. problems farmers face. Utilizing both OffGridBox
on the street to see what vendors thought.
We aim to provide urban street vendors with cleaner, and solar power, Aasha aims to eradicate some of
safer, and more efficient solutions to their cooking, After some intense research and development, these challenges through improving access
storage, and financing needs. we arrived at the Musana Carts prototype with to water.
Kampala in Uganda—where Taliey spent her
childhood—as the initial target market. We went Visit to find out more
How did you build the team? Team H2All
on to win the San Francisco campus competition, about this incredible initiative transforming
Manon, the team captain: Taliey and I were and then the regionals, and were one of six teams street vendors’ lives in Uganda. Global One-Year MBA students at Hult’s
partners in a Design Thinking exercise during to pitch at the Global Finals. San Francisco campus, with their compact and
a Social Innovation class at Hult. From then I knew user-friendly device that generates chlorine to
that if I joined the Hult Prize, I wanted Taliey by kill bacteria and purify water.
my side. Kei was on the same program and was the
missing piece of the puzzle that joined us later.

Join the Hult Prize
As a Hult student you will have access
to a wide array of Hult Prize activities:

1. Forming teams 5. Regional finals

We hold mixers and speed-pitches for students Hult campuses in San Francisco, Boston, Dubai,
who want to compete and are looking for a team. London, and Shanghai welcome students from
universities across the world to compete in the
2. Exploring the challenge regional finals. Regionals are also held by many other
host universities in cities across the world. Many
Information and ideation sessions as well as
Hult students either compete in, or help organize,
discussion groups are available to assist students
these regional events.
to deep-dive into the challenge content and aid
their challenge trajectory.
6. The Hult Prize Accelerator
3. Developing ideas Up to 40 teams from the Hult Prize regional finals
and the Hult Prize national competitions are invited to
Workshops are held to help students develop their
attend an eight-week accelerator at Hult’s Ashridge
business ideas and polish their presentation skills.
campus over the summer, where experts and thought
Team coaching is available. We encourage teams to
leaders help transform their ideas into viable
seek mentors from within our faculty, many of whom
business models.
are involved in the Hult Prize directly, including those
who have been judges.
7. Pilot project
4. Internal competitions Most teams run a pilot project of their concept in
a location around the world over the summer in
Campuses hold internal competitions, with the
parallel with the accelerator program. This gives them
winning teams going on to represent Hult International
valuable feedback on their idea and how to refine the
Business School in the regionals.
business model.
*Please note that support and activities vary from
campus to campus. 8. The Global Finals
The best five to six teams from the accelerator are
invited to pitch their idea at the Global Finals. The
finalists pitch to a panel of world-renowned judges
at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The
winner gets a $1M USD seed investment to launch their business idea.