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WARRANT OF ARREST AND DETENTION DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Dallas, Texas Tncident #: | 248003-2018 {J BiFeony @ iD Arrest: OMisdemeanor Warrant Number (2); Charge: Murder Suspect [Anthony Guing @ider [Bail Amount $ @) 102 ae In the name of the State of Texas to any Sheriff or other Peace Officer of the state of Texas— > Greetings: ‘You are here by commanded to take the body of: @ Anthony Quinn Rider hereinafter called the accused, and him safely keep so that he may be dealt with according to law, and to hold the accused to answer to the State of Texas for an offense against the laws of the said State, namely: (6) Murder 19.02, W/1 of which felony offense he is aecused by written complaint, made under oath that has been presented to me and that is by this reference incorperated herein forall purposes. —— © Witness my signature this_|2 day of _ Ng enLenro iV an o — eo ie City of Dallas Dallas County, Texas ADMINISTRATIVE DATA ALT. BLANKS MUST BE COMPLETED OR INDICATE “UNKNOWN (8) Sate of Texes vs. Anthony Quinn Rider (@) Arrest Status: | At Large GioRace: [BT Onsex M_|02)D03 NN | cori 59" Taam. [240 [a9 Fair [Ble [ao Eye] Bro (i) Residence Adres: 3920 Jamaica Stree, Dallas, Texas, 75210 (Qi Business Address (G1) Business Name: @2)Complainant: | Jimar Nickots (@a)Date of Ofieme: | 117018 (Arrest Warrant Issued to: | DPD/DSO. (18) Driver's Liconse #: | [a9y Ste. [TX FEES @) CAME TO HAND THE day of »AD.20 _____, and executed the day of AD. 20 . by arresting and detaining above named and accused and BY: Statute of Limitations Date is: WA. STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT COUNTY OF DALLAS BEFORE NE, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly sworn by me, on oath stated: My name is Frank Serra #10031 and I am a peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. 1, the affiant, have goed zeasot and do believe that on or about the 11th day of November, 20 18, one (name of suspect) Anthony Quinn Rider did then and there in the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas commit the offense of Murder, a violation of Section 19.02 of the ‘Texas Peual Code, ¢ F/1. Affiant’s belief is based upon the following fects and information which Affiant received ftom: Bg Asfiant’s personal investigation of this alleged offense. oO » 8 fellow peace officer of the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, who personally participated in the investigation of this alleged offense, providing this information to Affiant, and whose information Affiant believes to be credible, On Sunday, November 11, 2018, at about 5:42 P.M., Suspect Anthony Quinn Rider [EEeommitted the offense of Murder, Texas Penal Code 19.02, a First-Degree Felony, when he shot and Killed Complainant Jimar Nichols. This offense occurred at 2030 Lewiston Avenue, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas On Sunday, November 11, 2018, at about 5:42 P.M., Dallas Police Officers responded to a shooting call at 2030 Lewiston Avenue, Dallas, Dallas County, Texas. Through the course of the investigation it revealed the following; Suspect Anthony Quinn Rider arrived at the offense location in a white Chevrolet Silverado. Shortly after Suspect Rider arrived at the Jocation, Complainant Jimar Nichols and Witness arrived in a white BMW car. Complainant Jimat Nichols is seen, on surveillance camera, standing near Suspect Ride’s white Chevrolet Silverado, talking to an unknown witness who is seated in the front passenger seat of Suspect Rider's pick-up truck. Suspect Rider exited his pick-up truck, casually walked behind his pick-up truck and approached Complainant Nichols. Complainant Nichols casually walked towards Suspect Rider in a calm manner. Suspect Rider then fired multiple shots from a henégua, striking and Killing Complainant Nichols, Suspect Rider then got into the driver's seat of his pick-up truck end fled Complainant Nichols wes transported to Baylor Medical Center Dallas where he was pronounced deceased at 6:30 P.M. On Monday, November 12, 2018, Witness as interviewed at Dallas Police Headquarters by Detective F. Serra, #10031. Witness stated that he observed an individual, whom he knows as “Bear,” in the driver's seat of a white Pickup Truck. Witness tated that he did not see who actually shot Complainant Nichols, Detective Thayer, #8979, showed Witness a six-person, blind, sequential photo lineup where Witness [positively identified Suspect Rider as the individual he knows as "Bear." On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, Witness ‘was interviewed at Dallas Police Headguarters by Detective F. Sera, #10031. Witness jwas a witness to the offense. Witness cca Suspect Rider's first name, last name, and rickname of "Bear." Witness| ‘was in close proximity to the offeuse when it occurred. Witness| tated that he observed Suspect Quinn shoot Complainant Nichols, get back into his truck and flee the location. Witness tated that he believe] Complainant Nichols was reaching for a gun when Suspect Quinn shot hitthemever fitness ever saw Complainant Nichols in possession of a gan at any time. Witness lias cnown Suspec: Quinn for about 15-20 years as they previously wert to school together, Witness} was shown 2 single photo of Suspect Quinn and confirmed that was who shot Complainant Nichols Witness stated that Witness Hughes shot at Suspect Quinn's vehicle after Complainant Nichols was shot. Witness tatements were corroborated with the surveillance video that was obtained. STATE OF TEXAS AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT > COUNTYOF DALLAS an eZ WHEREFORE, Affiant requests ‘that an arrest warrant be issued a for the above accused individual in accordance with the law. AFRANT SUBSSRIBED AND SWORN TO BEFORE ME on ) day of | ‘ and Dal Coy, Faas : ace gr) or JUDGES — ‘OF PROBABLE CAUSE ontisiie|) dover YQ by ap | There by acknowledge thet Fhave examined the foregoing affidavit and have determined that probable cause exists for the issuance of an arrest warrant fr the individual accused therein, Magistrate or Thay Magistrate or| in and for Dallas County, Texas Contination: Anthony Quinn Rider ,245003-2018