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Next World Congress in NZ

Compiled from reports received from the WSC meeting in The international helpers tested in front of the WSC and
Bangalore… observers in order to feel the qualities of the correct country
WSC worked on the resolution taken in Innsbruck to to host the next world congress and then tested one by one
decide the location for the next world congress. for the countries as follows. How would it be for the develop-
The process has taken one year of hard work from ISC as ment of Subud to host the next world congress at ‘x’?
well as from South Africa, Canada, Chile and New The final result of the testing for both women and men
Zealand. was New Zealand. The recommendation of ISC and zone
Four criteria were identified as important when making a reps was made after the testing. And based on the 4 cri-
decision about where to host the next congress: (1) that teria was New Zealand as well. So God has blessed us,
as many members as possible are able to attend (Visa having the presence of Ibu Rahayu during this testing ses-
issue), (2) Ibu Rahayu’s ability to attend, (3) practical con- sion and having a unanimous result.
siderations including facilities and the cost, (4) the To read the New Zealand proposal – a 90 page docu-
strength of the team.

The Subud NZ Proposal

ment - go to & Click on WSC Diaries.

Extracts from the Subud New Zealand proposal to host the
next World Congress in Christchurch with an organising
team headed by Dr Ramzi Addison…
New Zealanders have a uniquely resourceful nature that’s a
blend of our indigenous Pacific roots, European heritage, tem-
perate climate, rural background and isolated geography.
Located at the South of the Pacific Ocean, our nearest
neighbours are Australia just (3 hours flight away), and the
islands of the Pacific - Samoa, Fiji and Tonga.
New Zealand is now accessible from almost any spot on
the globe, and with the continuing advances in air travel,
the journey here is becoming faster and easier all the time.
We offer stable political and economic conditions and an
unspoiled natural environment.
Subud New Zealand Christchurch Convention Centre
Subud New Zealand is a Charitable Incorporated Society,
registered in New Zealand. There are six groups and about and a group of nine individuals worked together to create
85 members in this country. Christchurch and Auckland this specific proposal. In all, more than six sites were closely
are the largest of the groups. examined. As it turned out, even though Christchurch is sub-
The seeds of this proposal were sown initial- stantially smaller than Auckland, it did possess
ly at a National Congress in April, 2000 when
Ibu Ismana and Pak Haryono visited
Christchurch offers a wonderful venue for the next congress.
Best Convention Facilities
Christchurch. At the end of this congress, Ibu
Ismana made various suggestions about
amongst the best We can offer the best convention facilities in all of
New Zealand (and among the best in the
New Zealand becoming more active in the
International Organization.
convention Southern Hemisphere) in a beautiful, well planned
city with a friendly and helpful populace.
Then in July in Bali, quite a large delegation facilities in the Christchurch is a compact garden city, far
from New Zealand attended the Congress. removed from the troubled world and has
Initially at the start of Bali, there was a meet- Southern the best tap water on the planet (straight
ing of forty Kiwi’s. At this meeting, they from the majestic and snow filled Southern
decided to investigate the possibility of host- Hemisphere Alps) along with the freshest of cuisine.
ing ISC and having Raina McKechnie nomi- With a warm, dry summer climate our broth-
nated as ISC chairperson. ers and sisters can enjoy a flat terrain city best suited to walk-
After this, there was a meeting with Harun Murray to ing to any Congress facility within minutes. In only an hour’s
review what was necessary for this job, in terms of the drive to the majestic Southern Alps, members can enjoy an
responsibility of organising the congress and handling the abundance of tourist activities, or within ten minutes be sun-
ISC role. After their return to New Zealand, this was begun ning themselves on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
in earnest with a search for specific venues in the cities of Our Convention facilities will accommodate latihans,
Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch. large plenary sessions, marvelous cultural events, and
There were informal committees created for this purpose, there’s a plentitude of rooms for kejiwaan continued p 2 >

activities. With a very favorable exchange rate for most ‘down under’ at our place. We have no doubt that we
visiting countries, and low venue costs we can insure an have the facilities and a location ideally suited to a world
ideal economic outlay for our brotherhood. congress and the ability within our membership to initiate
We in New Zealand own a serene, semi-rural sprawling and carry out everything necessary for a most memorable
property in Christchurch close to town and with the impe- gathering.
tus of this project we would be enabled to develop the Contact Dr Ramzi Addison, 3, Cooks Lane, Heathcote,
property for the benefit of ourselves and the congress. Christchurch, New Zealand Phone: 64-3-384 558
We sincerely feel it is time to host our brothers and sisters E-Mail:

Eastern Europe said there were many conflicts and dif-

Congress Snapshots ficult feelings among the members because of old and
present resentments due to political considerations. For
instance, the conflicts between Bosnia and Serbia,
Levi Lemberger, Co-ordinator of Subud Writers Hungary and Russia, Israel and Lebanon to name a few
International, writes from Bangalore… were on going.
Latif Bashua, from Nigeria,
The Congress opening was spoke of the difficulty the
beautiful. The India group members have in affording the
called up several people from fare to get to latihan. Members
Subud India and Subud in the African countries had to
International to light the work so hard that they couldn't
sacred fires in the form of a always afford to take off the
welcome lamp. time to do the latihan.
Subud India had distributed While waiting for the Congress
small baskets with different to begin this writer visited the
items representing Earth, Air, two social work projects in
Fire, Water and Space. Subud Bangalore. One was a school
members brought these items and vocational training proj-
to the stage to the welcoming ect, Mithra, and the other was
lamp. The Primal Elements a rural project Sradha which
were joined together into har- helps with medical care, micro
mony to open the Congress. loans for women to establish
Speakers from the India businesses, a vocational train-
group spoke words of wel- ing and organic farming.
come, while members of the Mithra has established 12
World Subud Association local schools in the slums and
accepted the welcome and has a large educational school
thanked India for making the for two hundred students.
comfortable arrangements of There is a third program Anisha
the meeting. that also works in the slums of
The meeting is being held at Bangalore, has school and a
the Doddis Resort. The rooms rural agriculture program.
East meets West at Bangalore – top, Lalita from France and
are large and comfortable All of the visits had a pro-
Deepika from Banglaore; bottom, Renata from New Zealand
with excellent service. There is found effect on the writer.
and Suresh from Chennai
a gym and a pool. Some Poverty in India is overwhelm-
(photos courtesy of Rohana Fraval)
nights there are barbecues ing. The poor live either in one
followed by dancing or an exhibition of India perform- room stone houses, straw huts or plastic lean-tos. Others
ance drumming. sleep on the pavement of Bangalore. Many make $200-
Other members chose to stay a half hour away at the $300 a year if they are lucky.
Crown International hotel, but all meals were eaten This India you do not see at the Doddis Resort,
together in a comfortable dining area or on although if you venture forth five minutes
the tables on the grass below, buffet style.
This allowed the members to socialize and
East meets down the road, East meets West and the
reality of India and the third world con-
meet new friends or old acquaintances. fronts you. (I shall put some writing and
There were several workshops or presenta- West pictures on Subud Writers International
tions. The Kalimantan project offered a slide when I return).
show, as did Susila Dharma. There were and the reality There is much work to be done in all the
workshops on non-violent conflict resolution Wings and there is a good deal of discus-
and sharing about what each person was
doing at the Congress.
of India and sion concerning how the Wings can coop-
erate with each other. Susila Dharma has
The International Helpers and Delegates
met to share what was happening in each
the third been able to help social work projects
obtain millions of dollars from non-Subud
funding sources. Can they assist SICA to do
of the regions and to make decisions on
how to improve relations with the members. world the same? Can the knowledge of commu-
At an open meeting different zones were nication systems that is developed by one
asked to informally share their situations. confronts Wing be shared with another? These are
The Zonal Reps for Western Europe said they some of the challenges of the future.

were well-funded, but there were chal- And the next congress will be in New
lenges in working within the groups. Zealand. See you there...

From Maya stricken area, Mithra rents a room for 1100 Rupees (22 dol-
lars a month), hires a teacher and invites in 20 local children
Levi Lemberger has sent this write-up based on an inter- between the ages of three and five. They learn fine motor
view with Maya Bernardes, ISC Vice-Chair. She has given skills, beginning English and a few Montessori techniques.
an explanation of the purpose of the WSC meeting and At the end of one year the children are mainstreamed
also some of the benefits of holding it in India… into the local schools. Those who live near Mithra's main
educational campus, which has two hundred children,
Between World Congresses the World Subud Association begin their primary education which ranges from first to
is represented by the World Subud Council. The members seventh grade.
are the 18 International Helpers, the 7 Zone Reps, the Walking into each classroom you'll find the eager stu-
Chairs of the Wings, the WSA Chair and certain members dents attentively listening to their teacher copying what is
of the executive committee (ISC). All are tested in at the on the chalkboard. These children have an opportunity to
World Congress. break out of the cycle of poverty that envelops them.
The Subud World Council meets once a year to report on
how the resolutions voted on at the World Congress have How it Started
been implemented, and what plans need to be made for Mithra was started twelve years ago by Bella Rosario
the following year. This is what is taking place at the WSA (Subud India chairlady), who holds a Masters in Social
meeting at Bangalore, India. Work. While working in the slums, she was approached
One reason for the choice of India was that it would be by two women who asked
easy for Ibu Rahayu to travel there from Indonesia. Also
because of their economic situation Indians do not usual-
her if she could help their
children. From this interaction
You can make
ly have the chance to travel outside of the country. With arose the first Mithra school.
the Congress in Bangalore the Indian members can meet Joined by her husband Joe,
who holds a doctorate in
a difference in
Subud members from around the world and do testing
clinical psychology, they
and latihan with them as well as with Ibu Rahayu.
The Doddis' site was chosen because it was large enough dedicated their lives to the lives of so
to accommodate many members comfortably in a improving the lives of the
poor. Joe now heads two
peaceful setting away from the powerful pollution of
Bangalore. It also had all the necessary meeting rooms for vocational programs at many children
latihan and for Ibu's talks. Mithra. One is a tailoring pro-
Although most Indian members could not afford to stay
at Doddis, they arranged for more affordable accommo-
gram for high school
dropouts, the other trains for imprisoned in
dations nearby and were offered their meals at no quality control and packag-
charge at Doddis.

The MITHRA Foundation

• ing. These students are
placed in jobs in the local
garment industry which man-
ufactures for local and foreign companies.
Mithra can do so much more for the poor children of
Levi Lemberger writes from Bangalore… Bangalore. It is poverty of a kind that we in the first world
may have trouble conceiving. There are no food stamps
When you drive by the slum areas of Bangalore, India you or social security, little if any government assistance.
see small children standing by the side of the road wait- Bangalore is rapidly growing. There is the constant drone
ing for nothing, just looking at the cars and scooters and of traffic, mostly motor scooters everywhere. Bangalore
carts that pass. has a new and rapidly expanding Information
They'll never go to local Technology industry, but is
school. Never learn to read only for the middle class
or write or speak English? and wealthy.
Why do they need English The poor have no training
you might ask? Though their and no access to comput-
native tongue is Kanata, ers. That is where the high
without English or any train- paying jobs are. Mithra has
ing they can't find a good no computers. They use out-
paying job in Bangalore. dated academic textbooks
The poor live in one room in their classrooms.
adobe huts... that is, if they You can make a differ-
are lucky; all the family ence in the lives of so many
squeezed into one small children imprisoned in
room. If they are not lucky poverty. You can help
they live in a straw hut with Mithra arm itself with new
less space and less protec- equipment and expand
tion; and if they are poorer into a high school.
they live in a plastic cov- If it had the funds, it could
ered lean-to. The destitute The Mithra Foundation School reach out to many more
sleep in the streets on cardboard. children and offer a first rate opportunity to end the
These poor children of the slums have little chance of cycle of severe poverty. You can be a catalyst for
going to school. But then this miracle happens, Mithra. For change by donating to Mithra, as well as the Anisha
the Mithra Foundation offers these children a chance to and Sradah projects, also in Bangalore.
attend a preschool and to have at least one meal a day. Go to to discover ways to give
In Mithra's twelve locations, each in a different poverty and get involved.


Of course it is very hard to tell when something like this is
My Personal Bangalore truly being received. It is very easy for the mind or the
imagination to jump aboard. Nevertheless, I believe that
Harris Smart did not go to Bangalore. This is the story of his sometimes we do have such experiences which are
experiences there... based in the reality and are an expression of our capaci-
ty to feel things at a distance.
In January 2006, when Ibu Rahayu visited Australia, I had After all, this was surely the principle at work when Bapak
an amazing experience. asked us to test how it was for the people in Iraq and Iran
As soon as she arrived in the country, on the very morn- when war was going on there. Or even how it is to laugh
ing, I felt as if the whole spiritual reality of Australia had like a Mexican, or work like a German. Surely testing is
been changed. I felt this great openness come in. I per- based on the reality that we are all linked in ways we can-
sonally felt tremendously energised and uplifted. I felt that not even usually perceive, and that there is some collec-
she had brought some great gift with her which had liter- tive lake of wisdom from which we can all scoop cups of
ally transformed the spirit of the nation. knowledge and refreshment.
It continued like this while Ibu Rahayu was in Australia. I
should say that I was in Melbourne while all this was hap-
The account of Harris’s experiences ‘in Bangalore’ is too
pening, and she was in Sydney. So I was experiencing all
this long-distance. long to print here. It runs to several thousand words.
The irony was that when, later in the visit she went to If you are interested, you can find the rest of it on the
Perth, for a National Congress, which I also attended, I lost
this sense of powerful receiving.
Paradoxically, when I was in her proximity or presence, I
Subud Voice web site,

felt less than when I had been at a distance. This was a
mystery! w o r l d n e w s
But on reflection it was not so strange. There I was, sitting
at home in my room in Melbourne, peaceful and calm
and in a good state to receive what was going on. When
I went to Perth, there were all the usual stresses and irrita- More Help for Landmine Victims
tions and discomforts of travel which tended to close off The U.S. State Department has announced it will match
my ability to receive.
up to $60,000 in contributions made by any grassroots
At least this was how I explained it to myself. Nevertheless,
I was fascinated by the phenomenon that I could feel and private-sector donors to Clear Path International’s
things more powerfully at a dis- landmine accident survivor assistance work in central
I was tance than up-close. Vietnam…
It tended to confirm the belief
fascinated by the that is widely held in Subud, Clear Path International, based in Dorset, Vermont, is
and indeed quite widely held headed by longtime Subud member Imbert Matthee and
phenomenon in the world in general these receives funding from Susila Dharma International, Susila
days that all us human beings Dharma USA and Susila Dharma U.K.
that I could feel are deeply connected in ways The matching period will last at least through the rest of
we cannot even usually per- 2006. This means that any earmarked contributions to
things more ceive. Clear Path sent by mail or on the organization’s website
We are all part of a web or will be eligible for the match from the State Department.
powerfully at a matrix or field and there is the The dollar-for-dollar matching challenge was one of two
potential there for us to feel grants for Clear Path International announced by the
distance than what others are feeling, even if State Department’s Office of Weapons Removal and
we are not close to them geo- Abatement. The government agency said it would also
up-close graphically. In fact, it is perhaps contribute $75,000 towards Clear Path’s initiative to con-
not geographical closeness
that enables this kind of transmission to happen, but more
how close are we in feeling.
Of course, we all have different interests and sensitivities;
so that some of us will receive one thing while others may
receive something completely different. (I often visualize
these disturbances in the field like those images you see
of sunspots, vast swirling areas of tormented hurricane-like
winds in the sun’s field.)
I believe we can feel disturbances in the field such as
natural disasters or sites of intense human suffering such
as war. Have you ever had the experience of waking up
some morning and feeling very depressed, or oppressed,
or burdened, or pressured, and you look into your own
life, and you actually cannot see any reason why you
should be feeling this way.
But then maybe if you look more deeply into your feel-
ing, allow yourself to feel the feeling more fully, you may These teenagers In Cambodia each lost a leg to land mines
begin to feel that it is connected with some other distur-
bance in the field, some human suffering or conflict going struct a rice production facility in Cambodia where hun-
on faraway which is affecting you. dreds of landmine victims will learn farm-based skills in the
continued >

coming years.
Hundreds of ‘This is very exciting news for The Garden of Forgiveness
us,’ said Martha Hathaway,
landmine Clear Path’s executive direc- On 24th June, 2006, Alexandra Asseily gave a talk in
tor. ‘It’s the first time we have Lebanon about the Garden of Forgiveness which she has
victims will received assistance for our helped create in Beirut.
humanitarian work from the With bitter irony, this was just before the most recent
learn government.’ round of hostilities were about to break out in the Middle
Since it was founded on East with tragic consequences for the people of
farm-based Bainbridge Island in 2000, Clear Lebanon.
Path International has assisted These events show how much the world needs to find
skills in the more than 3,000 landmine forgiveness. The Garden of Forgiveness is like a beacon of
accident survivors in Vietnam, hope in a world trapped in cycles of destruction and self-
coming years Cambodia and along the Thai- destruction.
Burma border, and it has sent Alexandra defines the intention of the garden as ‘to
60 containers of medical equipment and supplies to hos- break the cycle of violence and create lasting security’.
pitals in 22 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Here is the last part of her talk…
All that work during the past six years was funded by indi- Why Forgiveness?
vidual grassroots donors, charitable foundations, church- Of all the approaches sought to break the age-old cycle
es, businesses and service clubs, Hathaway said. of violence and counter-violence so endemic to
‘The State Department’s announcement of the match- Lebanon none is more potent than forgiveness.
ing challenge recognizes the strength of our grassroots Forgiveness is, in its essence, a spiritual force with bound-
and foundation support,’ she said. ‘Now, private-sector less therapeutic virtues.
donors know their contributions will have an even greater It is upheld by all the great religions and countless
impact because of the government match.’ philosophers as well as modern medical science and psy-
The $75,000 grant for the Cambodia rice mill project chology as the basis for goodness and well-being: (for
does not require a match from private-sector contribu- example, At Stanford University, there is a whole depart-
tors. The rice mill has already received major private-sec- ment on Forgiveness.) .
tor funding from the McKnight Foundation in Minneapolis Education, economic prosperity, social welfare and all
and the United Nations Association USA’s Adopt-A- efforts at integration do much to quell fears and clear
Minefield program. Clear Path has now raised $280,000 of misconceptions between different and segregated com-
the $325,000 needed for the mills completion. munities. They nonetheless need to be consolidated by
To make a contribution to Clear Path International, forgiveness, which transcends painful memories and
grievances and redirects this energy into genuine venues

please visit
Contact Imbert Matthee USA 206-780-5964 for peaceful and creative coexistence.
Battles reverberate throughout history. Every act has a
resonance in time: warlike actions create waves that
susila dharma indonesia affect our lives, our children’s lives, and the lives of those
we may never meet. We create cycles of grievances that
THE SECOND TSUNAMI are perpetuated, until we develop the ability to use the
The resources of Susila Dharma Indonesia have been key of forgiveness in the present and connect with the
stretched beyond belief by first the tsunami, then the understanding that the roots of grievances often lie deep
Jogja earthquake, and now the second tsunami. in the past.
Please send support if you possibly can… The concept of forgiveness is therefore an essential key
On July 17, 2006 a great shock came once again to to reconstruction and rehabilitation. Without it, the
Indonesian people. A second tsunami turned up and impressive projects underway in Lebanon may well be
this time along the southern coastal area of Java. eclipsed by the same forces which razed their predeces-
The big waves swept populated area of sors. Friends can live in the same shack and remain
Pangandaran, West Java, where the hit was most friends but enemies, embittered by the feelings of enmity
deadly, along the beaches of Cilacap, Kebumen and revenge, cannot share even a palace in the hope of
and Parangtritis, Central Java and Pacitan, East becoming friends.
Java. Up to this time the death toll has reached up Forgiveness is an internal journey. It can be one of the
to 549 people, plus 229 lost. Hundreds of people were hardest things to allow and takes real courage. It cannot
injured and thousands lost their homes. be imposed: it must be undertaken by each individual
They urgently need medical supplies, temporary because every person has his or her unique relationship
tents, and logistics. One of SD Indonesia directors, for- with their memories and ancestry.
mer international helper Sutinah Sudarsono, who lives I believe it begins with being willing to take responsibility
in Bandung will set up a team to help the victims. for finding a way to heal our own grievances- even when
Sutinah can be reach on her home phone (+62 22) we wish to blame others and feel we have a right to do
2012302. She organized the Subud group to visit the so. In this way we free ourselves and our children from
disaster location yesterday. Further actions will be great burdens.
made after Sutinah’s observations of the situation in Conclusion
the damaged area. In conclusion, I believe that breaking the cycle of vio-
Donations can be transfered to : lence starts with personal accountability and responsibili-
Yayasan Susila Dharma Indonesia Bank: ty from each one of us.
BCA Fatmawati, AC No. 0713003741 This entices us to make space for reflection and thereby
Swift Code: CENAIDJA Earmarked: Java Earthquake allows us the chance to be more compassionate and
& Tsunami

• understanding towards ourselves and others.
We can therefore transform our behaviour cont on p 6 >

and thereby break with patterns of conflict and violence fear and war-like acts or feelings in me and around me.
based on fear and anger that may have been handed The alternative to real healing is bleak: the memory of
down unwittingly to us over generations. war, like the harrowing events themselves, may be trivial-
Forgiveness is the most powerful tool available to us for ized, forgotten, buried, and hence, prone to reappear
getting at the root causes of these destructive emotions suddenly, as they did in the Lebanon of our lifetime.
without repressing or forgetting them. I will finish with a few words written in l998 by a young
It is not an easy path but the cycle can be broken. medical student at AUB:
The cycle itself starts inside each of us. But it extends itself “Forgiveness is an expression of tolerance and love. It is
naturally to groups and can take on a political dimension. the subordination of hatred and vengeance. Forgiveness
The psychological definitions used to explain behaviour is, above all, a human necessity and a means to live.
within the self can also be extended to explain the Without forgiveness friendships end, love terminates, and
actions and reactions between groups.
eventually the beauty of life ceases to refine our senses.
Example: A father bullies his child; the child bullies him-
self and the weakest one nearest to him. A group acts in Without forgiveness no one will ever learn from a mistake
the same way. Therefore addressing the psychology of
the self also affects the actions of the group.
As we begin to address our own cycle of fear and anger,
we also create a new momentum of transformation
or bad luck.”

Subud in Lebanon •
around ourselves, in the lives we touch and within our July brought the appalling situation which arose in the
group or community. New physics research also shows Middle East involving Israel, the Lebanon and the Gaza
this communal inter-connectedness at an energy level. Strip. Salman Rogers sent this news of the group in
It is proving at a physical level what I claim at behaviour- Lebanon…
al level which is how vital each one of us is as part of the The Subud group in Lebanon consists of about 25 mem-
whole and therefore how responsible we are as individu- bers, most of whom are from Beirut and the surrounding
als in creating a new and viable and happy Lebanon. areas. The members come from all different sectarian
In the 14th Century, Hafez the Mystic had already backgrounds, Druze, Christian and Muslim - about 20 of
grasped this concept: ‘I have come into this world to see the members have joined in the past year or so.
this: the sword drop from men’s hands, even at the height The picture was taken at lunch two weeks ago, and
of their arc of anger, because we have finally realised shows Norma Sfeir, former Sica head (below centre) who
that there is only one flesh we can wound.’ was visiting for the summer, running a children’s camp proj-
And in recent history Albert Einstein’s words: ‘A human ect, and me (below right).
being is part of the whole, called by us universe, a part I spent the last 5 months in Lebanon, and until this month
limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his was the only man. However 3 more men, relatives of the
thoughts and feelings as something separated from the women, have just been opened.
rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This The group last met on Wednesday 12 July, when in fact,
delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our per- two of the men joined. Unfortunately, that was the same
sonal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to day that the conflict started, when Hezbollah seized the
us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by Israeli soldiers.
widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living On Thursday, Israel began its assault on Lebanon and the
creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty’. Subud group has not been able to meet since. Many of
Here are some other suggestions for how to create an the members have escaped from the capital, to the
environment more conducive to these individual journeys mountains or their home villages.
and extending it to groups: I fled the country on Friday night via Syria. Norma is still in
• Investing seriously into skills and understanding of the Lebanon. At the time of writing (Sunday) all members are
new sciences connected with war prevention to heal safe, though the situation is getting worse.
those ‘stings’. Please remember the Subud members of Lebanon in your
• Bringing into our educational curriculum psychological prayers. We did not expect the conflict to escalate so fast
know-how on dealing with grievances and understand- nor get as bad as it has.
ing and respecting the ‘others’ point of view.
• Including appropriate training in self reflection in the cur-
riculum during the years of high brain development. Modern
neuro science shows that the frontal lobes of the higher cor-
tex do not start to develop until the teenage years and con-
tinue to develop into our 20s. i.e. from 12 to 22.
• We have heard how a group demonises another so as
to sanctify their brutality. I spoke to an ex-sniper who said
he found it easy to kill the ‘other’ until one old lady, he
was targeting in his sights, reminded him of his grand-
mother. So many deaths at last brought home to him that
the ‘other’ was not so different, but a human with the
same emotions and fears.
Understanding ‘the other’ with compassion acts as a bar-
rier to violence. Therefore we must move away from seg-
regation and create more avenues to share our human
selves more fully with each other.
My inner and outer journeys have led me to understand
that I do indeed play a part in war and peace. I have
realised how important it is for me to take responsibility for
the parts of myself that can contribute to


Subud Lebanon Group with Norma Sfeir, former Sica head (centre)
that Subud belongs to a religion. That is because the

Ibu Rahayu
human soul is the part of us where the essence of God
manifests, and that essence of God existed before any
other part of us. So, chronologically, your soul existed
before your outer form.

Talk That is because the soul, or rather the essence of God

that manifests in a person’s soul, is not evident. It is form-
less until a clash takes place with the four elements –
earth, water, wind and fire. Only when these four factors
are in place can the soul take shape as a creature – [in
EVERYTHING WILL HAPPEN our case] in the shape of a human being, because we
are human beings.
NATURALLY Knowing this, we can begin to understand or grasp why
we can receive the latihan. It is because of a connection
National Meeting Surabaya 14th April, 2006 that exists between our soul and the One who made our
RECORDING 06 SUB 1 soul.
Final Translation by Raymond Lee What is the Soul?
What is the soul? The soul is the essence of life that can-
Brothers and sisters whom I respect and love, may the not be understood by the mind. When people speak of
peace and blessings of Almighty God be with you. psychiatrists and psychiatry, the ‘soul’ that they refer to is
Although this is a national gathering, there will be a trans- not the soul that we deal with. When they speak of the
lation into English tonight, because I see that many over- soul, they mean the mind. So, if someone has a psychi-
seas visitors who do not understand Indonesian have atric disorder, psychiatrists can only treat that person’s
decided to attend this gathering. I believe that they have mind, they cannot treat or change that person’s soul.
come to listen to my talk. So, without a So, people we call psychologists cannot
translation, our brothers and sisters who
have come so far to be here and who It is a explain what the soul is. Perhaps they can
only explain our outer behaviour and the
want to participate in the kejiwaan pro- unconscious mind, which has been sup-
gram will find it difficult to follow my talk. grace pressed, which is dysfunctional and needs to
Brothers and sisters, it has been a long be put right. So, they can only put the mind
time since I visited Surabaya, but I hope from God right – the human mind – they cannot deal
with the soul. That is not their field.
that the latihan that you receive will be a
strong support to help you live through the
chaotic conditions in the world and lead
for this That is why what Bapak received is truly a
grace from God. It is a grace from God
the life that we are supposed to live while
we are here in this world.
technological because during our time, while living in this
technological age, we have been reminded
For that reason, I am going to use the time
at this kejiwaan event to talk to you about age once again about God and we have been
given the way to recall who we are and
this spiritual path that you are on so that what we have to do to be able to return to
you will have a better understanding about it, and put God in the form that God wills for us.
into practice the things you need to do as a Subud mem- That is necessary because, due to the technological
ber – that is, someone who wants to worship Almighty progress of our time, many people have forgotten how
God by doing latihan. powerful God is. As a result, many people go searching
Subud is not a Religion for something. But in doing so, many people take a wrong
Now, because we say that our path is a way to develop turn, because they get confused by their desires and their
the soul, that clearly means Subud is not a religion. If we wants.
were to say that Subud is a religion, people would get the Well, if we are not careful that can happen to us Subud
wrong idea or think that Subud is a new religion. members too. What I mean is that we must take care
But that is not so, because from the beginning Bapak whenever we do anything, in everything we do. This is
stated that Subud is not a religion. On the contrary, it is a especially important for Subud members. I cannot close
real experience which has come about by the will of my eyes to the facts: Why is Subud the way it is? Why do
Almighty God. That is because what we experience in we have nothing to show? Why has Subud not achieved
Subud is a receiving. That is why we do not have standard wide recognition? Why do we still not get along?
ways of doing things and we do not have prophets, Harmony! Well, that has to come first. In every talk that
because what we receive comes direct to us as a gift Bapak gave he told us that we need to get along. The
from Almighty God. We do not need standards, because reason for that is many of us still push personal agendas,
clear standards for how humans [should behave] already we put our own interests or the interests of our associates
exist and can be found in the various religions, in the var- first, all the time saying we are doing it for Subud.
ious faiths that you follow. We do not need to devise schemes to spread Subud. If
So, in Subud, if we try to explain something in terms of it is God’s will that Subud is like this, then we have to
standards, we will miss the mark. Why will our explanation accept it. If Subud is not well known, we have to accept
be wrong? Because it is the human soul that is active in it. Perhaps we are not well known because individually
Subud and only God can touch the human soul. A we cannot demonstrate Subud’s potential yet.
human being cannot touch another person’s soul. We We can be likened to soil – soil that we have to love, that
cannot even touch our own soul unless we call Allah’s or we have to tend, that we have to make fertile – so that if
God’s name. We can only understand ourselves through something is planted in our soil – if God gives us something
this contact from God. – it will produce something, it will grow well.
The point is that we will only make life difficult for our- But if we are a place that is full of stones, anything plant-
selves if we try to treat Subud as if it were a religion, or say ed there will not grow. Especially if our soil is cont on p 8 >

parched, if it is seldom watered. So, whether we achieve trary, if you feel, ‘Why can't I feel the latihan?’ You have
greatness, whether we become someone who is consid- to reawaken your latihan by yourself by asking God to
ered to be a good person, will depend on our own efforts. help you, so that the touch from your soul will deepen
We do not need to boast or show off. and spread throughout your whole body.
If every Subud member could do what God wills for Because the latihan will manifest in every part of your
them, the help we need will come by itself. body, and that is why, when I test with you, I keep repeat-
What I mean by help is, for instance, if you give someone ing the same tests: ‘Where are your hands? Where are
an explanation and that person feels happy as a result, your feelings?’ It is so that those parts of you will be acti-
they feel that you have helped them and then their life, vated again.
even if only to a small degree, will progress and they can So when you receive in the latihan, ‘Where are your
lead a life as a good human being. That is already a ben- hands?’ You will find your hands are for many things – for
efit for you. eating, for working, for this and that. Your hands are not
No Need to Augment the Latihan just for dancing around – they have all kinds of uses, for
So, there is no need to augment your latihan. Some peo- cooking, for instance.
ple wonder why, after having done the latihan for so And this contact will not only touch parts of your body,
long, they have not made progress. And they get bored it will also penetrate the human mind, the heart and the
and think that the latihan is useless. But in fact, the bore- feelings. This means that the power of God can change,
dom you feel is not because the latihan is boring, it is a or bring about a change in the content of a person’s soul
consequence of the state you are in whereby you have and turn it into a good soul, a noble soul. That comes
less and less faith in your own self. But in fact, God is about through the contact with God's power.
always present; God always hears what you need. Then, if we cannot think of what to do, in an instant, it is
In fact this is a test for you – to re-awaken yourself. as if we are told what to do, we are guided.
Because, when it comes to the latihan, if you are diligent, And it is the same with the heart, perhaps someone used
if you are disciplined in following your to be stubborn, but now they can get
inner self, if you trust in your inner self, your
latihan will reawaken because of your Your latihan along with others, they are kind, they are
willing to listen to other people's points of
state of surrender. When I say it will view. Such a change was guided by God.
reawaken, your latihan will be like it was will be Behave Well in Everything we do
when you were first opened – it comes Now it is time for us to not only behave well
back. That happens because you made
a sincere request first and you did not start
like it was when we do latihan, when we go to lati-
han, but in everything we do, in all our
your latihan without preparing yourself.
The problem is that you are often far from when you behaviour, we have to learn to follow the
wishes or the promptings of our soul.
your soul and you are closer to your low Indeed, it is not easy to follow and do
forces – your desires. Your desires are pow- were first what is right, to do what seems to have no
erful and they want to get their way. So if benefit for you. But in fact, that is what
you are inattentive and you distance
yourself from God, if you do not stay close
opened your inner wants you to do. By inner, I
mean your soul.
to the feeling of closeness to God, your soul will be distant So, do not do anything that will muddy your being. All of
from you. It will be far from you. you in Subud have been through many difficulties and
So, my advice to you is that before starting your latihan, hardships as human beings, and indeed you had to go
pray to God to be guided by God. through all that, because it was a purification that we all
So if you do latihan and you get the feeling, ‘Why is noth- experience, that we all need to go through.
ing happening, why is nothing going on, I feel that the We say that we have no teacher in Subud. Well, our
power of God has deserted me’, that does not matter! teacher – if we can say so – is God, because it was God
Just accept it! It may be due to some fault on your part. that opened all of our souls. Therefore, if we do not trust in
But, do not give up and quit the latihan, because you God, we will easily become occupied by other powers.
think there is no point to it. So, brothers and sisters, our latihan can go through differ-
The fact is that your latihan depends on you. No one can ent phases, it can change – especially when we get old.
help you. That is why we do not have teachers in Subud. One feels, ‘How come the older I get, the less I can do?’
You do not need a teacher. You have to do everything that is how it feels. In particular, we cannot help other
yourself, you have to do it all on your own. This is a test for people anymore. It is as though we have to prepare our-
you, because when you die you will be on your own. selves. I do not mean we have to get ready to die. Well...
You have your heart and mind for now, so you can still tin- everyone has to die.
ker around with them, you can still be helped by your I feel like that myself. Lately, I have felt very distant. This
heart and mind. But once your heart and mind die, who world seems far away, and I do not enjoy things like I did
is going to help you? No one! before. When I eat, I have no yearning to eat delicious
For that reason, look after this connection between your food anymore, I just have the feeling, ‘That’s enough!’
soul and that power, the power of God! Always remem- But then when we do latihan, we sometimes get told off
ber God. For instance, if you are going through difficulties, by our own self. ‘Your life is not just for you! It is for
remember God. Do not just remember God when you humankind, for your fellow human beings!’ Then the [lati-
feel good, or you succeed at something, or when you are han] comes again, as if we have been reminded again,
sick. You need to remember God all the time. When you and so it keeps developing.
eat something tasty, remember God. When you feel The Latihan Never Ends
happy, remember God. Then the contact with the power This goes to show that the latihan never ends – it keeps
of God will always be present in you. That is why we need working. In fact, if we stop doing latihan, our minds start
the latihan. to worry about all kind of things.
So when you feel, ‘Ah, I don’t feel like it!’ and you But the way [to progress] is that we have to act, we have
decide not to go to latihan, do not do that! On the con- to work in keeping with our physical state. continued >

But, we must not force ourselves, because we still need God. What is more, I have never studied or tried to copy
this [Ibu gestures], we still need to live in this coarse body. Bapak, it came by itself. And sometimes the things I say
Well, if we can we must care for it. We need to respect are helpful for me too.
our being; we need to use our being. We should not get But I want to say that my experiences make me thank
to the point where we do not want to do anything. That God as I have witnessed that Subud is not wrong. On the
would be no good. We need some desires, because we contrary, it is a path that is right and it is a grace from
still live in this world. God for all of you who have joined Subud, because you
So, brothers and sisters, we do not need to talk a lot have been opened and your souls can grow. And what I
about the soul on this spiritual path. That is because the have witnessed cannot be comprehended with the
task of [developing] your soul is your job; meaning that mind; no human being can think about it.
each of you has to awaken, to repair, and to clean your So, after you join Subud, you must be accepting, you
own being. must have faith in the power of God. To be accepting
And once your soul is, as we say, alive – to be alive means that we accept our situation, we accept whatev-
means that your soul is aware of, and present in, every- er we have at this point.
thing you do – then in whatever you do, you will feel its This has been an additional explanation to motivate you
presence, it will never be absent. to seek the truth, to find out the truth for yourself. You
For instance, when you observe your religion – for have to find out for yourself. In other words, do not join
Moslems, to observe our religion means to pray – when Subud because your friends did. You have to find out for
you pray, you feel something. A content. I do not know yourself whether Subud is right or not.
whether you have experienced this. What I mean is that This talk is part of the kejiwaan program, and, if we have
you feel a difference between the way you normally pray enough time, there will be a meeting about helpers’
and the occasional times when you prostrate yourself work, which we need to hold to ensure that we work
and you feel your prayer is filled and you are moved from together. If we can work together by trusting each other,
within until the prayer is complete. It feels quite different. by respecting each other, whatever we do will go well.
You can feel the same way in everything you do – even But if when we work we blame others and claim that we
when you eat. If your soul is alive and you eat something are right, we will just make life difficult for ourselves. We
that you should not eat, inwardly you will feel yourself will end up at cross-purposes in Subud.
reject it. Everything will be like that. Bapak has Given us Guidelines
That means that in Subud, we do not need to devise Bapak has given us the guidelines for what we need to
ways, or force things to happen. What I mean by forcing do – what helpers have to do and what committees
things to happen is that [some people worry],’Is Subud have to do. Do not change these guidelines because
always going to be like this?’ you want Subud to be well known, or you want to make
Well, here is an example of what can happen. In the fundamental changes and even start a new Subud,
past, we used to speculate, ‘What will happen when because you think that the Subud that Bapak received is
Bapak is gone, after Bapak dies will Subud end?’ As it incomplete or defective.
turned out Subud did not end. You keep developing and And it is out of place for someone to claim that their
Subud keeps growing. It all happens naturally, so we did receiving is truer than Subud, because what that person
not need to worry, ‘What will happen if Bapak is not here? received is thanks to Subud. If that person had received
Who will guide us?’ God’s grace before joining Subud, they might be right.
Everything Will Happen Naturally But if that person received it after joining Subud, that
We just have to wait and see, because everything will means that they are in Subud and they cannot add to or
happen naturally. As an example, Bapak never told me detract from what we receive in Subud.
that I was permitted to carry on and give explanations That is why we must try to get along and respect what
about this spiritual path. I had no idea I would ever dare each of us feels.
to be here in front of you. Doing this means that I am tak- That is all, brothers and sisters; I will conclude tonight’s
ing risks with the souls of people who join Subud. If I am talk at this point. Tomorrow we will have one more oppor-
wrong, if Subud is wrong, you will go wrong. I will be to tunity to meet and test together, to help you feel more
blame. confident about what you experience in Subud.
But this has come about by God’s grace, because... Thank you, and may the peace and blessings of Almighty
well, I will tell you. Before Bapak died, I had an experience
[in which I was told], ‘Later you will accompany Bapak!’ I
was shocked. After all, I am Bapak's daughter, how can I
accompany Bapak?
God be with you.


Perhaps, to keep Bapak company meant that I would For all those wishing to observe Ramadhan this year, it
carry on Bapak's work, which I will continue to do as long begins on the new moon, around about September
as I am able to and as long as I can help you. I do not 23. Check with your local Islamic authorities for the
mean that I will help you on an individual basis. No. But, correct time in your area.
when I pray, I do not pray for myself. I pray for every As with other forms of religious fasting such as Lent,
Subud member, I pray that he or she will find his or her Ramadhan is a time to ask for forgiveness of others
path, that he or she will get some benefit, or some suc- and of God.
cess, or some happiness while living in this world as a Observing Ramadhan is not something that Subud
human being, and that he or she can return to God in a members have to do, but many members, both
noble state. Muslims and non-Muslims, have found over the years
So, after I die, who knows, someone else may do this. that it is beneficial.
Well, I do not know who it will be, we just need to leave You can go to the SUBUD LIBRARY website to get
that to God. And even in my case, please do not think, Bapak’s advice on fasting.
‘What does Ibu Rahayu think she is doing by carrying on You can do a search, using key words such as
Bapak’s job?’ I was led to this naturally without any inten-
tion on my part – that is what is meant by a grace from

Ramadhan Talks


k a l i m a n t a n s p e c i a l
KGC Raises $2.6m
V O I C E Rahman Connelly reports on Kalimantan Gold’s success
in London…
Edited by Ilaine Lennard In late June, accompanied by Peter Bojtos (KGC’s inde-
pendent director) & our broker, I made presentations to
Inner Voice welcomes new stories and letters various institutions & brokers in London. There was great
interest in our story and we were able to quite quickly
NOTE: Ilaina’s new e-mail: secure commitments for Canadian $ 2 million, which we
increased to $ 2.6 - where we closed the book, with
investors wanting more.
Revelation in Death Amongst those investing are two of the best institutional
names in London for resources, which stands us in good
Matthew Orlowski writes of a powerful spiritual experience… stead for next time around providing that we deliver on
This experience occurred around thirty years ago now. key objectives over the next 6-9 months. Those objectives
My middle brother’s boy died suddenly aged 14 seeming- are briefly outlined below.
ly without reason. Of course everyone was shocked. List on AIM by mid October: Having raised the required
The evening before my brother and his two boys went 1-year’s working capital to list, we are well progressed on
fishing – at that time they lived very close to the sea. After the actual mechanics of listing. There is an awful lot of
a couple of hours, the older boy said he wanted to go documentation to get through. We have appointed a PR
home as he was not feeling too well. So they packed up firm to ensure that we come to AIM with a bit of a bang
fishing and went home. rather than a dribble.
At home he said, ‘I will just take a drink and go to bed.’ Joint Venture our Copper Prospects: Over the years, with
No one was at all perturbed or anything. In the morning very small budgets, we identified and developed a num-
they went to his room and found him dead. ber of very large copper prospects, which now require
I had my mum in the old car on the way to the funeral expenditure of $20 -$30 million to take to ‘mineral defini-
and she was broken up and in tears all the time, hour tion’, which is beyond our resources.
after hour. I was trying to be a little bit distanced from her Thus the need for a JV with a major company and, with
grieving, if only just to keep my attention on the driving. current copper prices & projected demand, this is cer-
While in this situation, I suddenly tainly a good time to be doing so. We are in active discus-
God had asked within myself - what is the sion with companies from China, Australia & Korea and
reason for his death? Just as sud- we are moving towards the kind of model I outlined at
shown his denly, almost instantly, I felt and Innsbruck last year, ie one that gives a substantial minori-
saw fingers and a hand to half ty interest with a seat at the decision-making table -
mercy to him way up the elbow between the important to achieving both our financial & community
two seats. development objectives.
and relieved The hand was illuminated with Drill our East Kalimantan Gold Prospect: Whilst finalizing
light and I felt such holiness com- various Government permits, we are gearing up to do
him of this ing from it that my first reaction 4,000 meters of drilling on our Jelai-Mewet prospect that
was I was unworthy to feel such had previously been drilled by a major company, pro-
burden holiness as was radiating from it. ducing some outstanding gold grades (the company left
At the same time I felt within me during the political turmoil of the late 90’s).
that the reason for his death was that he had reached Exploring for gold is on much simpler and lower budget
the age of puberty and would have to start carrying the than exploring for copper and thus, with good results from
hereditary sin. God had shown his mercy to him and our proposed drill program, this project could move
relieved him of this burden ahead quite quickly.
At the funeral I felt almost embarrassed at not being able In parallel with our exploration efforts, has been a ramp-
to stop smiling, for I felt such gratitude and grace towards ing up of community development activities by YTS,
the boy that it was impossible for me to feel any sadness whose focus over the last year has changed from being
and the feeling of holiness was still with me. project-specific to one of helping local Governments
I did not feel I could confide this to my Mum or my broth- plan so that they can relate to higher levels of Govt, as
er or his wife. They were not in Subud. To this day I have well as to development agencies; a ‘hand-up’ rather
not told them about this experience, as I always feel it is than a ‘hand-out’ approach.
not appropriate to do so. Work has started on the UNIDO Global Mercury Project
After the funeral I tried to tell one or two people in Subud being managed by YTS, aimed at reducing unsafe mer-
about this experience but in practically all cases I felt it cury handling practices, which are endemic in small
was not altogether appropriate. It was a matter of either scale gold mining worldwide.The environment and biodi-
jealousy - why you and not me? - or it did not penetrate versity are big issues in exploration & mining today.
to the understanding. We are participating in the ‘Heart of Borneo’ initiative
This sort of reaction has left me with a very sad feeling for and collaborating with The Nature Conservancy in a
humanity’s situation - that something as precious as that scoping study of ‘high conservation value forestry’ in our
could be so flippantly dismissed, or be unable to pene- CoW. Our main objective with both these initiatives is to
trate to the inner being. Mind you this was 30 years ago. gain a better understanding on how to integrate conser-
Ever since the day of having that revelation I have not for- vation thinking into our overall approach.
gotten my unworthiness and pray for forgiveness for Rahman Connelly Executive Chairman, Kalimantan Gold
myself and humanity daily, hourly or even more often.

• Corporation


My Kalimantan Block flourish as individuals.
The introduction of this new A response
course is, in part, a response to to the increased
Lavinia Sinclair writes… the increased demand for per-
sonalised learning experience in demand for
My original plan was to leave my block in my Will to Subud English schools. However, despite
Perth. However as you have given us a number of options the best intention, what it means
I have chosen No.8. I believe that mankind has not given to be a person and what it entails learning
sufficient consideration to other creations of the Almighty, to provide personalised learning
but has behaved as though man can behave with no experiences yet remains to be
experience in
thought of what the effect of his actions will be on other examined. English schools
created things. Everything is God's creation and material, The MA in Education Studies
vegetable, and animal levels should be considered, not (PCE) is designed for educators who have a need to
just our human level. We have not done this. reflect upon and deepen their understanding of learn-
I attended the Second and Fifth World Wilderness ing, developing critical thinking and ideas for education
Congresses where we were made very aware of the innovation.
damage man has done to the environment because of What is Person-Centred Education?
our lack of thought for other created things. Actually Person Centred Education puts people at the centre of
everything is created. If God had not created the the educative process. Our current systems of schooling
Universe and Solar System we could not exist. So every- have drifted too far away from this belief about the cen-
thing owes its existence to the Earth or Gaia as James trality of broad and deep notions of educating the whole
Lovelock named it. person and this programme seeks to recentre and reartic-
In my home I have a copy of Chief Seattle's reply to the ulate a more holistic approach within a 21st century con-
White people in America when they asked to buy some text. Through ways of working in a learning community as
of the Indigenous peoples land. People who take the well as through research and academic study this
time to read it are usually very moved by it. Masters Degree will both draw on and extend our knowl-
I hope that there can be Wilderness land in Kalimantan edge and practice of person centred education in a
that remains as such into the far distant future. Creatures range of organisational settings.
other than man should be considered and allowed areas MA in Education Studies
which are completely free of the human presence. As MA in Education Studies is a flexible master's level pro-
Kalimantan has I understand many unspoiled areas I gramme at the University of Sussex's School of Education.
hope that anything we create will have places where Students can choose an area of study within the broad
seen creation and also unseen creation (Devas or Nature discipline of education, constructing their own coherent
Spirits) can have complete freedom from humans. integrated learning experience.
In Findhorn the Devas asked for areas to be set aside for For more information, contact:
their use only and I am sure that the Kalimantan ones will Dr Scherto Gill Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace
have the same need. 43 St. Anne’s Crescent Lewes East Sussex BN7 1SD UK
With best wishes for Kalimantan's future development.
Lavinia Sinclair, 1/41 Hurlingham Road,,South Perth, 6151,
Western Australia, Australia
• The Lewes New School •
Tel:(00.44) (0)1273.483541Fax: (00.44) (0)1273.472225

e d u c a t i o n Adrienne Campbell, a driving force behind the Lewes

New School writes that she is moving on…

New Initiative at GHFP Our sixth year draws to a close and I look back and mar-
vel at the progress we have made since we started.
The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation is collaborating with The main news is that we have recruited a head teacher,
the Sussex School of Education to offer an innovative pro- Lizzie Overton. Her passion is to develop a sophisticated
gramme in the study of Person-Centred Education (PCE) child-led curriculum where, along with developing essen-
and leading to an MA in Education Studies... tial skills, children are inspired to follow their own ideas
The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) is pri- rather than working towards predetermined targets.
marily an international think-tank whose aim is to foster She will be writing the next newsletter as I am leaving the
peace, harmony and understanding between people. school next week and will initially just take time off to take
The GHFP acts as a catalyst for positive change and stock. Working here has been an extraordinary accelerat-
growth through education and learning. ed learning for me – about starting and running a small
The GHFP’s research in education has focused on values business, about communicating genuinely and effective-
and approaches that aim at human flourishing and the ly with a whole community of people, about managing a
development of an individual’s full potential. The staff team of 22, about dealing with conflict effectively,
Foundation has initiated and organised international con- and, frankly, about being human.
ferences on Human-Centred Education which have Everyone Can Grow
brought together a worldwide network of schools that are In this community of learners, there is the opportunity for
committed to the value and approach of person-centred everyone to change and grow, not just the children.
education. Our unique approach to respectful communication is still
Person-centred education is increasingly being recog- being embedded in our culture, with regular discussions
nised, throughout both mainstream and alternative edu- and training. The oldest children were once again trained
cation, as a philosophy and intellectual framework. in peer mediation this term.
Person-centred approaches are being used in a wide Most of the parents have taken up the free parent com-
variety of contexts to enable learners to develop and munication course that is a 24-hour cont inued on p12 >

course spread over 8 weeks, and from September
Stephanie will be running a pilot Teacher Effectiveness Online Subud Human Education
Training Course, based at the school, for teachers nation-
ally. Her articles are being published in national parenting Journal launched
magazines and the influence of her work via the school is Hamidatun Karapetian writes...
spreading. Submission procedure:
Scherto Gill of Sussex University’s Centre for Educational The Subud Human Education Journal is an online bi-annu-
Innovation has been researching our school and has al, academic journal and encourages scholars, profes-
delivered two papers now about our learning community sionals, graduate students (as well as teachers who teach
to academic conferences (see the website for copies). preschool, K-12, and those who teach anything) to submit
We continue to be closely linked with our patrons, the scholarly articles, critical essays, graduate research
Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (, results, book reviews, and opinion pieces--related to their
who has recently co-sponsored a new MA programme in experience educating from a Subud perspective.
person-centred education at Sussex University’s Centre All scholarly articles should adhere to the following
for Educational Innovation, and who also recently hosted guidelines:
the international Conference ‘Rethinking Educational Articles should be original and should not have been pub-
Change’, attended by our Lizzie and Matthew. lished elsewhere. It is assumed that articles are not cur-
GHFP also funded Matthew to travel to Denmark to visit rently under review with other publishers.
two progressive schools whose Flow philosophy is based Articles should include:
on Intrinsic Learning, the idea that most children want to (a) article title, (b) author name/s, (c) current
learn and that providing children with appropriate learn- position/affiliation, (d) brief biography, (e) email and mail
ing experiences/environments helps them to flourish as addresses, (f) a brief abstract, and (g) the URL for
whole people. author/s' personal web page, if you have one, all in a
No Government Funding Yet separate page.
Our attempt to get government funding with the support Submissions must have tables, graphs, charts, photo-
of Human Scale Education met a barrier during a meet- graphs, etc. within the text. Although there is no absolute
ing at the Department for Education and Skills with the limit on length, submitted papers should be confined to
local authorities in the spring, who were determined to approximately 3000 words. Authors are expected to care-
not fund small schools such as ours. fully proofread their work before submission.
This is despite an encouraging government White Paper Articles will be edited by the editors (yet to be
speaking of the need for innovation and parent involve- announced!) Authors are responsible for obtaining any
ment. However, we will continue to pursue this avenue, necessary permission from copyright holders for repro-
possibly investigating getting funded as a research ducing previously published material, including charts,
school. graphs, photos, tables, etc.
We are fantastically fortu- Authors should consider including links to any references,
Ours is truly nate to have as a new
patron, Penelope Leach,
web pages, or sites related to their work. Manuscripts
must be submitted to the editor electronically via email in
child psychologist, Microsoft Word to:
a unique school researcher, government Invited articles may vary in length but should follow the
adviser on children and par- above guideline. Authors are highly encouraged to
ents, author of many books include related and useful web links in their work. This
pioneering new on child development and would certainly allow the Journal to maximize its potential
educational matters. She by offering authors, readers, researchers, students, and
has offered to work closely
and essential with Lizzie to help us get sup-
professionals immediate access to a wide range of exist-
ing electronic resources and web sites!
port nationally for our work. This looks like we're on our way. Start writing, educators!
paths in Ours is truly a unique school
pioneering new and essen- Interested in getting on the subud educators listserver?
tial paths in education.

E-mail to Leonard Dixon to be added on:
education Society is in need of a new
way of treating and working
respectfully with children – and adults. This precious com-
munity, this seedbed of innovation, needs lots of support
and care.
We have a new fundraiser, Noa Lachman, who is cur-
rently launching a major new drive to fund bursaries and
other programmes. Part of this drive is a lovely new simple
brochure and updated website.
Please support us generously, in whatever way you can. APPLICANTS’
Thank you for all your care and help over the years – it has MEETING
all been gratefully received.
Goodbye, with love Adrienne

The Lewes New School

Talbot Terrace
Lewes BN7 2DS
T: 01273 477074

• Cartoon fromThe Great laugh Force by Campbell and Bolt. A few copies
remain. Contact

news round In Bob We Trust
Some Subud members in the UK have formed a tribute
band to Bob Dylan’s songs…
The Missing Element In Bob We Trust has surprised performers and audiences
Sjahari Holland writes…
In the last issue of Subud Voice, Emmanuel Williams writes alike with the power of the songs to enliven and move
in a moving way about a welcoming experience into the people.
congregation of his local Catholic church. He contrasts his In putting the performance together singer Adrienne
experience there with the disappointment he feels that his Thomas comments, ‘We were reminded of the enormity
local Subud Group has dissolved and disappeared on him. of Bob Dylan’s contribution to music, the gift of his lyric
The question that arises for me is this: Why? Why is the genius, his passionate intensity, his playfulness and the
church Emmanuel attended able to meet his needs for vast emotional range of his work. We remembered hear-
spiritual community in a way that his local Subud Group ing some of these songs for the first time and what they
could not? And why is it that so many Subud groups in the meant to us. We commented on how fresh, how relevant
western world seem to have such a tenuous hold on their they still are and how they continue to move us.’
existence, often receding, and sometimes disappearing
from view? What is the missing element?
Certainly Subud members have every bit as much
capacity to express love and openheartedness to others
as members of various religions. And surely there is no fun-
damental spiritual superiority of one of these paths over
the other. So what is the core of the difference between
the two organizations that explains this discrepancy?
Perhaps if we could identify this, we could begin to turn
things around for our Subud groups.
Actually, the missing element, the core difference, is not
hard to find. It is not philosophical, or spiritual in any way.
It is much more simple and straightforward. In a nutshell it
is this: The Catholic Church which Emmanuel attended in
his community has full time people working to achieve its The line-up features (left to right in photo): David
aims and purposes; while his local Subud Group does not. Anderson, guitar, slide guitar, bass and harmonica;
Think about it. In our Subud Groups all the work is done by Adrienne Thomas, vocals; Joe Young, drums; Raphael
part time volunteer workers. Significant difficult work: Skerratt, guitar, mandolin and vocals; Hayward Slater, gui-
Explaining Subud to new members. Supporting them. tar and bass; Harlan Cockburn, guitar, bass, harmonica
Welcoming them. Reaching out to them. Helping them and vocals; and Maia Curtis: vocals, guitar and bass.
through life changing spiritual experiences. All of this is dif- The set includes ensemble pieces such as Maggie’s Farm
ficult and time consuming work. and If Not For You, some tender songs performed as duets
On the organizational side there is the ongoing work of such as Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather, and solos pieces
maintaining latihan space, communicating with local, such as For Ramona, as well as rousing numbers like
national and international organizations, business meet- Masters of War. In quieter moments, some of the lyrics are
ings, enterprise meetings, cultural activities, and social read out as poems, reminding us of Dylan’s early interest
gatherings. A full functional Subud group requires tremen- in poets such as Rimbaud, Brecht, and others from the

dous commitment and work. troubadour tradition.
And who is expected to do all this work? Helpers and IN BOB WE TRUST are currently doing gigs in the UK.
committee members. These are ordinary people who
have full time jobs in their community. They have families
and financial responsibilities. After working and traveling
Quest with a Twist
for an 8 to 10 hour day how much can we realistically Arid Matthee writes about the “Vision Jamboree” held at
expect from them? Is it surprising that they are unable to La Source in the French Pyrenees…
keep it up? Is it surprising that there is a tendency to let When Peter Jenkins from the Yes Quest told me that the
things go? Is it surprising that there is a lack of consistency Quest at La Source would be cancelled I was disappoint-
and continuity? ed. As I had already booked my flight from Amsterdam
No. This work can only be done efficiently and effective- to Toulouse I rang Maya Bernardes, our ISC Vice
ly if there are people working at it on a full time basis: day Chairwomen, and Halim who would host us at La Source
after day, week after week, month after month, year to ask if I should still come.
after year. The reason Emmanuel’s Catholic diocese ‘Yes please,’ Maya said as she would organize a ‘Vision
can be successful is that they have this component. Jamboree’.
If Subud groups continue to rely on part time volunteer work I had absolutely no idea what that meant but I thought
then their hold on existence will always be tenuous. Subud that I would still at least go hiking in the the Pyrenees with
will always be in the state it is in now. Subud groups will some other Subud members. After all, my brother Imbert
remain small, and will not grow. Occasionally they will fade and Maya both had very fond memories of their hike in
away and disappear the way Emmanuel’s group has done. the Pyrenees about 28 years ago. My memories of the
We must find a way to have full time people working for Subud camps I had attended at the time were all
Subud at the local level. Until we do, we will never realize engraved in my mind as life-enriching.
our potential as an organization. The one at La Source this time turned out to be no differ-
ent, but with some unexpected twists!

Sjahari Hollands
Subud Vancouver Canada. You see it wasn’t until I arrived that I realised that Hadrian
cont on p14 >

Michell and his partner Rosamund
No were also there. Yes, Hadrian had DIARY NOTES
Yes Quest, been a regular visitor to La Source WORLD LATIHANS
since it was found by Maya’s partner
but what an Polish partner Halim about three
September 2nd (Saturday) 20.00 GMT
October 1st (Sunday) 03.00 GMT
unexpected years ago. To find corresponding time in your part of the world go
Halim has developed some basic to www.timeand
twist! old barns in a fairly remote area of
the Pyrenees into a retreat style accommodation for SEPTEMBER
Subud members and others. His particular interest is in 7th-10th: You are invited to spend four days with your fel-
younger people whom he hopes will come to La Source to low experienced and/or aspiring entrepreneurs at the
be at peace with themselves or find direction in their lives. Seven Circles Retreat.Contact:
You might also remember that the Wings Jamboree (don’t Sharif Harris
you like all these names?) was organized there in April. 15th-17th: Portugal National Congress, Bucelas, Info:
Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise to meet Hadrian who fatima.andrade@clinichaves.ptor
also facilitated the Spirit of Enterprise meeting which I
attended in Perth after the Australian Congress in January 22nd-Oct 22nd: Subud Colombia invites you to spend
this year. The format and process of these meetings is to sit Ramadhan at Amanecer. $160 US for the full length and
in a circle in sessions of an hour and a half for three to four full board. For more information please contact Sebastian
days with a silence at the beginning and at the end. The Ospina at
idea is that you only speak when you are moved to do so. 23rd-Oct 22nd: Ramadhan at La Source, French
This same process we used at our Vision Jamboree meet- Pyrenees, where the mountains meet the sky. For more
ing where we added a feature whereby anyone could information contact La Source
suddenly say ‘swap’ and we’d all change chairs. This 29th-Oct 1st: Subud Austria AGM will be held at Schloss
often had an unblocking effect to encourage conversa- Kottingbrunn, near the Bad Voslau group. More details to
tion on an otherwise not very talkative group. come. Please contact
Silence does Miracles OCTOBER
BUT, silence does miracles! Before our meeting, the men 27th-Nov 1st: KEY OF PEACE. A World Dance seminar with
tested how we should be and I clearly felt that I had to Stefan and Bethan Freedman at Culford School, Nr Bury St
speak for myself only, when moved from within and not Edmunds, Suffolk, U.K. Contact Jill Hope at:
criticize what others had to say. +(0)1277 363085
Well you might say, that’s not new is it? Well, for me it 27th-29th: Wings Gathering hosted by Sowelu Centre,
Wollongong, Australia. Contact Viviana and Immanuel
was! Inspiration from being with others, being in harmony

Subud Ancient Mariners (SAM) •

There will be a celebration next year in the UK to mark the
50th anniversary of Bapak's bringing the latihan to the
UK(see article on page 15).It will take place in Ascot on
August 21-26 2007. For details contact
Ilbert Walker has coined the term ‘Subud Ancient
Mariners’ for those opened in 1957. He writes…
A Yahoo List Server has being established at
for you to join if interested in participating in the online
Arif, Natasha and Sam - Yes Questers who Jamboreed instead! exchange, or just to keep abreast of developments. Also
possibly check out Subud Canada website –
with each other, listening actively, I realized as the ses-, or the SUSA website
sions continued that if this could only be achieved in my, Subud Voice, or your own
own family or our own (helpers) group we could set some national website for more information, as it becomes
milestones. available.
Our meetings were attended by 12-15 members from Luke Penseney of Toronto is coordinating the Second
England, Australia, France, Germany, Lithuania and Generation Group.They might wish to contact him direct-
Latvia. The meeting was moving at times particularly ly at :
when we were giving up our own agendas and we were Ilbert is also seeking material for 3 anthologies…
allowing the creative inner group process to take its Subud Ancient Mariners: Stories from Subud members
course. who were opened in 1957 at Coombe Springs or else-
No Yes Quest, but what an unexpected twist! Suddenly where.
all motivational speakers in the world had been replaced Subud Synchronicity: Stories of synchronicity or ‘meaning-
by a much more enriching group process from within ful coincidence’.
where we were more in touch with our own human Subud Creativity: Stories demonstrating how Subud has
nature. enhanced your creativity in any field.
Whereas in our meeting in Perth there was still space for Contact Ilbert Walker for details about how material
enterprise presentations now there was no escape from should be presented for these anthologies.
reality. Ilbert Walker, Gartshore Estate, 82 Ridout Street Sth - Apmt
And after all we still had plenty of time for hiking in the won- 1107, London, Ontario, Canada N6C 5H6. Phn 519 432-
derful Pyrenees, played card games and sang songs which 9720. Fax 519 432 9738
I am sure we will all look back at with fond memories.

• Email:


ThankYou 2007 Celebration Subud Fest 2007 in Byron Bay
From the organisers of the ThankYou Celebration commemorating the Peter Jenkins writes about the next Subud Australia Congress to be held in
50th anniversary fo Bapak’s arrival in the UK… January 2007 at magnificent Byron Bay. It promises to be a “real beauty” pro-
In 1957 Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo arrived in the West, bringing viding a uniquely Australia experience for both locals and overseas visitors…
with him - and passing on to us - the latihan. Fifty years later Subud Britain Two kilometres of beach-front at world famous Byron Bay, comfortable
invites Subud members from all over the world to come to England in cabins, two swimming pools, tennis courts and a great restaurant will
August 2007 to celebrate the arrival of this gift. provide the backdrop for Subud Fest 2007 from 6 to 13 January.
The theme and title of the celebration will be ThankYou – thanks to There will also be a village of marquees making up the ‘heart-space’
Almighty God for sending the latihan, thanks to Bapak for passing it on of what promises to be an innovative and exciting Australian Congress.
to us and dedicating his life to Subud, and thanks to every one of us Congresses are a time to come together, but frequently complex
for all the help we have given each other over the years. schedules and scattered locations take us apart. The concept for this
Perhaps we’ll also want to thank the Helpers who were our contacts festival-style, family-style gathering is: ‘A river journey of shared explo-
when we first came to Subud, or our Brothers and Sisters who have wit- ration, expression and celebration’.
nessed our changes and growth over the years. We will flow together, young and old, through a series of play-shops
We’ll surely want to say thank you to partners and loved ones, and to entitled, My Congress, My Life, My Subud and My World. Some will want
all the many people who have given so much of their time and ener- to paddle in this river, others will dive right in. Everyone can decide their
gy to the development of Subud, beginning with those early pioneers own level of participation.
at Coombe Springs. The playshops take place in the
So with ThankYou as the overall theme, how will it be realised? Well, first mornings, leaving the afternoons
of all let’s talk about the venue and dates. The very new and well- available to further explore issues
appointed Licensed Victuallers School at Ascot is the main site for the which arise, through kejiwaan ses-
ThankYou Celebration, with other nearby schools being used for camp- sions, or through creative expres-
ing and additional accommodation. sion at the Art Space.
The venue is near the motorway network (M3 / M4 / M25), has Ascot, This interactive and participatory
Bracknell and Windsor rail stations in the area, and is conveniently situ- approach extends to Congress
ated for Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Accommodation includes Business, which will utilise ‘Open
excellent nearby hotels (after all, this is the home of Royal Ascot race- Space Technology’, a free-flowing
course), lots of Bed & Breakfast places, plus onsite accommodation format which allows everyone to
ranging from family units, single and twin bedrooms to small dormitories. share in shaping our future plans
The facilities on offer will be exceptional, on a campus site, which was without being stuck on a chair for
purpose built in the last five years. Onsite catering is already excellent, endless hours listening to people
and there is a member of the ThankYou team dedicated to liaising saying exactly what they said at
with the school and monitoring the quality of food throughout the cel- the last Congress.
ebration, and ensuring that special dietary needs are met. We hope many members from
And the Dates? Arrivals on Tuesday 21st August 2007 (pm) through to overseas will join us for a full programme, which includes:’ Big Day Out’
Sunday 26th August 2007 (am), followed by the Subud Britain National with a selection of excursions; ‘Market Day’ where anyone and every-
Congress from Sunday 26th August 2007 (pm) to Wednesday 29th one can share their products and projects, and ‘Wild Welcome Party’
August 2007 (am). with fire and frenzy on the beach. You can also enjoy a massage at the
That’s the when and the where, but the really interesting thing about Healing Hub, or gravitate to Art Start, or the Multi-Media Hub.
the ThankYou Celebration is that there’ll be a full programme of There will be morning voice, dance and yoga sessions for early risers,
‘something for everyone’, whatever your age or interests. entertainment every evening and plenty of hanging-out at the beach
There will be particular care taken to look after the needs of older during the day or the ‘Chai Tent’ at night. While there will be special
members, with special meetings and opportunities to re-meet and activities for children, the main programme is designed for all ages to
reminisce for original ‘Coombe Springers’. experience together.
At the other end of the age scale, children will find a lot to keep them So if you have been thinking about a trip to Australia, why not come to
happily occupied, while for everyone there’ll be workshops, demon- Subud Fest 2007 at the Byron Bay Beach Resort. (check out the venue at
strations, concerts … and a grand finale Celebration event in the main )
marquee on the lawns of the school. To be placed on an email list for further information and registration
ThankYou is for everyone, so your organising team would really like to
know if you have any special ideas, or needs, or wants. We already
have a pile of wonderful offerings, including a ‘Thank You’ wall for your
photographs and writings; art exhibitions; plays; live concerts; auc-
details, send an email to Peter Jenkins

SES Meet in the USA

tions; interviews with people who were around at the birth of Subud –
and of course the opportunity to do large latihans with members from Are you interested in the topic of Subud enterprise?
around Britain and indeed from around the world. Do you have business experience?
Interest is growing rapidly, with people at the recent Zone 4 meeting Are you interested in starting a business?
getting wind of the event, and a network of early members (who now You are invited to spend four days with your fellow experienced and/or
live all over the world and many of whom haven’t seen each other for aspiring entrepreneurs in Badger at the Seven Circles Retreat on
almost as many years as Subud has existed), already making plans for September 7–10, 2006.
a reunion at the ThankYou Celebration. We will:
ThankYou is going to be about fun, friendship, and the deep spiritual- Explore how to find and evaluate opportunities, and how to
ity that allowed the founder of Subud to take such incredible steps five avoid pitfalls.
decades ago. It’s a chance to renew acquaintances, to take stock, Have a demonstration on setting up your own local enterprise support
and find new hope in our small but rather lovely movement. Above all, group (this could also be a project support group if your project is not
it’s the chance to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ – to whoever you want. a for-profit enterprise)
Further information, including a ‘who to contact’ list and a website, Explore how and when it is appropriate to use testing or receiving in
will be available soon.

• making business decisions.
cont on p16 >

published in May 2006 can be
ordered direct from or from
PRICES (Incl p&p) UK £13 • Europe £14
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Pay by UK bank cheque or Credit Card
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Loudwater Farm, Loudwater Lane ISBN 1-4196-3526-3
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Rickmansworth or ask their local
Herts WD3 4HG Subud • Harlan Cockburn library.
tel: +44 (0) 1727 762210 Publications Ship Without Rudder £11.00 Failing that, apply direct to
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Prices include postage anywhere.
(Credit Card option on website)
DJC Records
104 Constitution Hill, SUBUDVOICE
Norwich, NR34 BB UK. is published monthly. DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE:
go to
for broadcast schedule. 10 September 2006
SES Meet in the USA continued Send to Harris Smart, Editor Subud Voice,
Have ample time for socializing, latihan and come. For now, just save the dates and start preferably by email to
intense exploration into business planning with looking up airfares to Fresno (United or or by post to:
those who have experience in managing suc- Frontier) or try Southwest to LA or Oakland & 22 Holland Ave, Dingley,
cessful businesses. we can set up carpools. VIC, 3172, Australia.
Bring your enthusiasm and inspirations and any From the SES Team, Sharif Harris et al.

Tel: + 61 3 95118122
experiences you can share. More information to SUBSCRIPTIONS:
Bradford Temple, PO Box 311,
• Dapto, NSW, 2530, Australia
Tel: +61 2 42615566
A Farewell to Maarten Stoffel Fax: + 61 2 42621725
RATES WORLDWIDE per 12 issues:
Leonard van Willenswaard writes… AUD$70.00 Groups/AUD$80.00 mailed
On Monday July 24, early in the the first group of International individually. (10% discount for pensioners
evening, Maarten Stoffel peace- Helpers, appointed by Bapak in over 60 years), AUD$50 OnLine.
fully passed away at an age of Toronto in 1979. PAYMENTS: (Australian Dollars only)
almost ninety years in his house in Maarten was not one to take life preferably by Credit Card - please pro-
Arnhem in the eastern part of the easy, and life often was not easy vide your name, address, card number,
Netherlands. on him. The wisdom he gained card expiry date and your signature
Maarten was an amazing man from that he shared with many as on card and fax to the
with many facets and interests. In of us. subscription fax above. International Bank
his younger years he was actively The last weeks of his life, fully Drafts and Money Orders should be
involved with the church he bedridden, he was lovingly tend- made payable to SUBUD VOICE and sent
belonged to, and later, after ed to by his wife Paula and his to the subscription address above.
being opened as one of the first eldest daughter Anne, strongly ADVERTISEMENTS: 50 cents a word.
members in Holland, he devoted supported by the members of the Minimum charge AUD$15.00.
his time and energy ceaselessly to Arnhem group. (Third World countries - no charge).
Subud. His memory brings back to me SUBMISSIONS MAY BE EDITED:
People will remember him from the words of Simeon’s hymn of Submissions to Subud Voice may be
the clinic at the 1971 World praise: edited for a variety of reasons including
Congress in Cilandak, ‘Lord, now You are letting Your the need to shorten them or improve
as a translator for Bapak’s servant depart in peace, expression. If you do not want your
talks during his visits to the according to Your word, for my submission to be edited in any way,
Netherlands, as a strong eyes have seen Your salvation.’ please mark it clearly
supporter of the large and small NOT TO BE EDITED.

enterprises, as kejiwaan councillor May the Almighty God receive
for the Netherlands and as one of him in His blessings.