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cumulative test

B Units 1–5
Reading Vocabulary
1 Read the text. 3 Complete the sentences with the correct

Become a TV star 1 Go _______ the High Street and turn left at the
So, you want to be on television? Read about three
different ways you can make your dream come true! A past B through C along
Who Knows? 2 Jack and his friends are playing _______ on the
Have you ever wanted to be on a TV game show? beach.
If you think you’ve got good general knowledge A golf B volleyball C athletics
and you’re confident enough to appear on TV
3 They have some important championships in
in front of millions of people, just fill in our
the _______.
application form. You could be a winner on
Channel 7’s new game show Who Knows? There will A stadium B cathedral C skyscraper
be twelve weekly shows and the winner of each 4 He’s very _______. He always gives presents
show will go on to play a final competition to win on people’s birthdays.
two million pounds!
A generous B rude C shy
Watching You!
The producers of the reality show Watching You! are 5 Can you get me a magazine at the _______,
looking for ten new people to live in the famous please?
house for ten weeks. Are you funny and talkative? A jeweller’s B newsagent’s C butcher’s
Are you interested in other people? Would you
6 The _______ across the fields is closed again
like the chance to become a big star? Send your
application before 7 November, and you could be
invited to the auditions in London and Manchester! A lane B pavement C footpath
Children’s Hour 7 I love _______ about the animal world.
As viewers know, Dani Byers has left Channel 7’s A chat shows B documentaries
Children’s Hour to make a film in Hollywood. So C sitcoms
we need someone to take her place as a presenter
on the show. We’re looking for someone who is 8 She’s _______. It’s easy for her to talk in front
enthusiastic, intelligent and who loves children. Is of a lot of people.
that you? Apply now and come for a voice test! A tolerant B confident C loyal
9 My dad didn’t think Titanic was a _______ film
2 Which show but my mum did. She cried!
1 will be shorter than three months? _______ A scary B funny C moving
2 can make people very famous? _______ 10 The air in cities is often _______.
3 only needs one person? _______ A polluted B stressful C dangerous
4 offers a lot of money? _______ Mark /10
5 wants someone who likes talking? _______
Mark /10

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cumulative test
B Units 1–5
Grammar Listening
4 Complete the sentences with the correct form of 7 ≤2.11 Listen to the radio interview. Choose
the verbs in brackets. the best answers.
1 Alfie _______ (think) it’s really good idea. 1 For Martin the race was
2 _______ you _______ (ever drive) a car? A boring.
3 How long _______ you _______ (be) a doctor? B easy.
4 While I _______ (wait) I saw Sandy. C difficult.
5 They _______ (open) a big department store in 2 Martin thinks that
the town centre next month. A he almost lost the race.
6 We saw the new horror film last night but I B the other runners weren’t very good.
_______ (enjoy) it.
C Shaun is better than he is.
7 I _______ (have) three different teachers since
3 During the race
I started learning English.
A Martin didn’t look at the crowd.
5 Complete the sentences with the words in the
B the spectators made a lot of noise.
C it was very quiet.
more as the than too enough
4 Martin has never
1 The church isn’t _______ far as the farm. A thought about the Olympic Games.
2 He’s _______ funniest person in the class. B competed in the European Championships.
3 This text is _______ difficult. I don’t C run as fast as this before.
understand these words.
5 Martin won an important race
4 It’s more peaceful to live in the countryside
A when he was a child.
_______ in the city.
B when he was eighteen.
5 Have I cooked the meat long _______? I don’t
want you to be ill! C when he was at school.
6 She’s _______ talkative than her sister! Mark /10

6 Choose the correct answers.

1 How much / many did you pay for that?
2 I can’t stand to wait / waiting in queues. 8 Imagine you have applied to go on one of the
TV shows advertised. Write an e-mail to a friend
3 I saw a few / a little of my classmates outside telling him/her about it. Include the following
the museum this morning. information:
4 Sorry I’m late. I’ve been / gone to the library. • where you saw the advertisement
5 He’s spoken Spanish for / since he was six. • why you want to go on the show
• what you wrote on the application form
6 Did you get some / any replies to the advert?
Mark /10
7 – / The chips are bad for your health!
Mark /20 Total /60

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cumulative test
B Units 6–10
Reading 3 The police use information to
A follow the motorists.
1 Read the text.
B talk to the car owners.

Watching you C send letters to the car owners.

There is a new type of police officer on our D arrest the motorists.

country roads these days. They’re not real police 4 Some people think
officers, they’re members of the public called A motoring organisations can help.
‘community police’. The idea is that they help the
police control the speed of motorists through B traffic guns don’t always give the right
their villages. speed.
These people wear yellow jackets and stand beside C the community police are better than the
the road with a traffic gun pointed at the cars to real police.
find out the speed. This is not official. There is D you can’t rely on this information.
no camera and the people have to note down the
numbers of the cars that are going too fast. This 5 The villagers think
information is then passed on to the real police A more people are needed to check speeding
who send a warning letter to the owner of the car. cars.
Not everyone is happy with this scheme! ‘It’s not a B cars are dangerous in the country.
good system,’ says Mark Good from one of the main
motoring organisations. ‘Mistakes often happen. The C the traffic police don’t do a good job.
people take down the wrong numbers! The information D that the cars are damaging their villages.
is just not reliable. It’s never a good idea to get the public Mark /10
to do the police’s job. I think it’s ridiculous.’
But, as the villagers say, speeding is a huge problem,
particularly in the countryside. There aren’t enough Vocabulary
traffic police and dangerous motorists need to be
3 Choose the correct answers.
stopped. So what do you think? Let us have your
views on the website. 1 Sometimes racism / terrorism is a problem in
a multi-racial society.
2 Choose the best answers. 2 We’re allowed to use MP3 players /
1 Members of the general public calculators in maths exams.
A are complaining about the police. 3 Actors usually beckon / bow at the end of a
B are helping the police.
4 When I bend up / down my back hurts.
C are fighting the police.
5 My baby nephew nodded / waved to me when
D are joining the police force.
he left with his mum.
2 ‘Community police’
A can contact the motorists.
B can chase speeding cars.
C can find out the speed of cars.
D can take pictures of speeding cars.

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cumulative test
B Units 6–10
4 Complete the sentences with the correct words floor. My daughter 8_______ (leave) a tap running
in the box. in the bathroom earlier and she 9_______ (go)
technician novelist musician vandal out. The water 10_______ (come) through the
burglar ceiling. It 11_______ (cost) a fortune to repair. I

1 The police arrested the _______ who broke certainly need that salary increase!
into our house last year. Mark /20

2 A _______ smashed the windows of our car.

3 We need a _______ to look at this computer. Listening
4 He’s a _______ and plays in an orchestra. 7 ≤2.12 Listen to the radio interview. Are the
5 My favourite _______ is Stephen King. I love sentences true or false?
his books. 1 The professor went to the Arctic to look for
Mark /10 polar bears. ___
2 He went on his own.
Grammar 3 There aren’t as many polar bears as there were
before. ___
5 Choose the correct answers.
4 Scientists agree on the problem of global
1 I wish I were / could better at schoolwork. warming. ___
2 Be careful. You will / are going to fall! 5 It’s going to become a problem in the near
3 If I had his number, I would / will phone him. future. ___
4 We would / might not take the train. Mark /10

5 I wish I would have / had more money.

6 She said she / I really enjoyed watching Writing
8 Write a letter to your English friend to tell
7 If you book / will book early, you get better him/her about ‘community police’ in your area.
seats. Say what they do and whether you think it’s a
8 You mustn’t / needn’t phone me. I’ll give you a good idea or not and why.
ring when I’m ready. Mark /10
9 I might / will go out tonight but I’m not sure.
Total /60
6 Complete the text with the correct form of the
verbs in brackets.
Last night I 1_______ (get) home at 6.30 p.m.,
a little later than usual. I 2_______ (stay) longer
at work because my boss 3_______ (want) to
discuss a pay increase. So, I was in a good mood
when I 4_______ (arrive) home! Unfortunately that
5 _______ (last long). When I 6_______ (open) the
front door, there 7_______ (be) water all over the

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