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Belgrade, Serbia

At the airport

Checking in desk: Welcome. Please, can I see your tickets?
Mr & Mrs Jones: Yes, here you are.
Checking in desk: Is it just you two traveling or is there anyone else?
Mr & Mrs Jones: No. It's just the two of us.
Checking in desk: Do you both have your passports with you?
Mr & Mrs Jones: Yes. Here they are.

Checking in desk: I am going to ask some questions. Just answer with a simple yes
or a no.
Mr & Mrs Jones: OK, no problem.
Checking in desk: Has anyone you don't know asked you to take anything on the
plane for them?
Mr & Mrs Jones: No.
Checking in desk: Have you at any time left your luggage unattended while being
in the airport?
Mr & Mrs Jones: No.
Checking in desk: Do you have any weapons or firearms in your possession?
Mr & Mrs Jones: No.
Checking in desk: Do you have any flammable material in your luggage?
Mr & Mrs Jones: No.

Checking in desk: Wait I will check for you. I am placing you two in 21A and 21B. Airplane = plane = aircraft Domestic flights ≠ international flights Arrivals ≠ departures Boarding pass . Checking in desk: That's good. Checking in desk: What seat would you like. A flight attendant ( stewardess ) serves food and drinks on the plane. Yes that's OK..a pass for boarding an aircraft. Single ticket / return ticket . You can start boarding the plane in 30 minutes and the plane will take off in 1 hour. to be used for escape in the event of an emergency. please? Mr & Mrs Jones: OK. Follow the signs for your gate number on the bottom of the ticket. an aisle seat or a window? Mr & Mrs Jones: Can I have 2 seats near the emergency exit. Emergency exit . Mr & Mrs Jones: Can you tell me how to get to gate A22? Checking in desk: Yes. Window seat / aisle seat A pilot flies a plane. go straight ahead and turn left. Can you put your luggage here.Checking in desk: Do you have any perishable food items in your bags or suitcases? Mr & Mrs Jones: No. given to passengers when checking in. Mr & Mrs Jones: Thank you for all your help. The gate number is A22.a way out of a building or vehicle. at the end turn right and A22 is there.

Airport vocabulary baggage baggage claim seat seatbelt customs duty free shop control tower life vest cockpit pilot flight attendant passenger .

When your flight is called. you go to the departure gate and board the plane. you find your seat. When you arrive at the airport. put your hand luggage in an overhead locker. After that you wait in the departure lounge. When you’ve got your boarding card. First. When travelling by air. you go through passport control ( for international flights ). . then sit down and fasten your seatbelt. where they check your bags and coats. A lot of airports have more than one. When all the passengers are on the plane and everything is ready. Then you have to go through security. too. you check in at the check-in desk. Before the plane lands.. the flight attendants serve drinks and meals. the cabin crew check all the passengers’ seatbelts again. On the plane. the plane takes off. During the flight. The pilot usually gives some information about the flight and the weather. make sure you go to the correct terminal.

and what time is check-out? Hotel: At midday. Hannighan. it is. we've reserved a double room for you with a view of the ocean for two nights. Also. Thanks. To get to your room. sir. the hotel provides room service. Hotel: Should you have any questions or requests. at an additional charge of course. Use of it will be charged to your account. Mr. take the elevator on the right up to the fourth floor. free airport shuttle service. Guest: Ok. A bellboy will bring your bags up shortly. sir. What's included in this cost anyway? Hotel: A full Continental buffet every morning. Guest: Ok. Ok. Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left hand side. If you'll just sign the receipt along the bottom. Guest: Hmm. there is internet available in the lobby 24 hours a day. fine. We are a five star hotel after all. please dial 'O' from your room. Checking into a hotel Hotel: Good morning. It's under the name of Hannighan. you will find a mini-bar in your room. Guest: Wow!! Five hundred and ninety dollars a night?! Hotel: Yes. thanks. Guest: Great. Hotel: Yes. Guest: So what's not included in the price? Hotel: Well. How may I help you? Guest: I have a reservation for today. sir? Guest: Sure. H-A-N-N-I-G-H-A-N. sir. and use of the hotel's safe are all included. so what room am I in? Hotel: Room 487. Also. Hotel: Excellent. Guest: Well. Have a wonderful stay at the Grand Woodward Hotel. We already have your credit card information on file. Is that correct? Guest: Yes. . Here is your key. Welcome to the Grand Woodward Hotel. please. Hotel: Can you please spell that for me. Hotel: My pleasure.

king-size bed HOTEL SYMBOLS . a bellboy a hotel maid Single room – a room for one person only Twin room – a room with two single beds Double room – a room with a big.

Client: In that case. please. Client: And do you charge a commission? Clerk: No. typically a set percentage of the value involved. we don’t.the rate at which one currency will be exchanged for another. At the exchange office Clerk: What can I do for you? Client: I’d like to change some euros into dollars. Please sign here. How much would you like to change? Client: Could you tell me what the current exchange rate is? Clerk: 1.a sum. And could I have some change. Commission . It is also regarded as the value of one country's currency in terms of another currency. too? Clerk: Of course. paid to an agent in a commercial transaction . notes coins Exchange office = Bureau de change Foreign currency – the money of another country Bills = notes Exchange rate . I’ll change 500 euros.12 US dollars to the euro.Would you prefer your currency in large or small bills? Client: I’d like a mix of both. Clerk: That makes 560 dollars. Clerk: Certainly.

what size are you? Peter: I don't know. Peter puts on the new shirt. here you are. Peter: Thank you. M – medium L – large. Peter: Can I try it on? Assistant: Yes. At the clothes shop Trying on clothes Assistant: Can I help you? Peter: Yes. Assistant: Ok. Later… Assistant: Any good? Peter: It is too small. S – small. Changing room = fitting room Sizes: XS – extra small. I'll take it. XL – extra large . Assistant: How was it? Peter: It fits perfectly. It fits. how much is that shirt? Assistant: It's $40. The changing room is over there. Do you have it in a bigger size? Assistant: Yes. try a size L.

Is something wrong with it? Mike: Yes. Store signs . Assistant: Would you like to choose something else? Mike: No. Mike: Thank you. I’m sorry about that. Mike gives the receipt to the A refund = give back the money A receipt = a bill A hole = an opening through something. please. Can I help you? Mike: Yes. Returning something to the shop Assistant: Hello. I'd like to return this. Do you have the receipt? Mike: Yes. Assistant: Oh. can I have a refund. here you are. Here you are. please? Assistant: Yes. of course. Assistant: Certainly. It’s got a hole in it. perforation .

tights .It’s £10. .underpants . Clothes vocabulary How much is this dress? These nouns are always plural: . .trousers .They’re £25.shorts .jeans How much are these jeans? .

a trolley a basket . At the supermarket At the Deli counter Mike: I'd like 200 grams of olives please. Assistant: Anything else? Mike: Yes. Assistant: They’re in aisle 6. Lisa: Thank you. Will I find cheese in that section? Assistant: The cheese is located just beyond the milk products. Looking for Items Lisa: Excuse me. Assistant: Anything else? Mike: No that's all. I'm looking for dairy products. Lisa: Thanks. 10 slices of ham please.

Mike: Okay. thank you. Assistant: Thank you. Can I use the express checkout? Assistant: I am sorry. Bye. the express checkout is only for 3 items or less. Assistant: Here is your change and your receipt. Mike gives the assistant cash. It goes fast. Mike: Thank you. Assistant scans the items. At the checkout Assistant: How are you today? Mike: Well. Express checkout = a special queue at the supermarket for people who have 3 items or less. Assistant: That's $15. Pay in cash Pay by credit card Pay by installments . Assistant: Do you have a loyalty card? Mike: No.

Fruit .

Thanks a lot. Concierge: I'm sure you'll have a good time there. Concierge: Aha! Have you been to Central Park or the Museum of Modern Art? Alan: No. I'd be more than happy to help. or shop during your stay here in New York. Alan: Great! That sounds like a plan. after all. . What type of interests do you have? Alan: In my spare time. eat. Concierge: Of course. Afterwards. Alan: Great! So where should I start my sightseeing? Concierge: The Statue of Liberty is always a good place to begin. Sightseeing (asking the concierge about the sightseeing advice) Alan: The front desk told me to ask you for sightseeing advice. Concierge: Well. I really like to view art and go running. Alan: Concierge? What exactly is that? Concierge: We advise you on where to visit. Central Park is wonderful for running. I am. Can you recommend somewhere else? Concierge: Hmm. Alan: I saw the Statue of Liberty on my last visit here. you should head to the Museum to enjoy the art. the hotel's concierge. but I've heard a lot about both.

B: Thank you. B: Thank you so much. Making a reservation at a restaurant A: Shogun Restaurant. I can seat you at 7:00 on Tuesday. B: Hi. A: Can you just tell me what evening you’d like the reservation for? B: We will need the reservation for Tuesday night. A: How many people will you need the reservation for? B: There will be 4 of us. A: Fine. A: See you at 7:00 this Tuesday. A: What time would you like it for? B: We would prefer 7:00 or 7:30. Foster. Mr. Book a table/ seat/ room = make a reservation A waiter / waitress serves food in a restaurant or a cafe Give a tip = give some extra money for the service Pay in cash / by credit card Check = bill . I appreciate your help. I would like to make a dinner reservation. The last name is Foster. if you would kindly give me your name.

please? Waiter: Certainly. thank you.the largest or most important part of a meal Dessert .the sweet dish eaten at the end of a meal . Ordering food and drinks Waiter: May I get you anything to drink? Bill: Yes. would you like anything else? Bill: That'll be fine for now. can I get some chips. How are you going to pay? Bill: In cash. Later Bill: Can I have the bill. Waiter: What would you like? Bill: Let me have the pork ribs. Waiter: Tell me when you want to order the rest of your food. please? Waiter: Certainly. Later Bill: Excuse me. May I get a glass of lemonade? Waiter: Would you like an appetizer? Bill: Let's see. will there be anything else that I can get you? Bill: That will be it for now. please. Appetizer .a small dish of food or a drink taken before a meal or the main course of a meal to stimulate one's appetite. Main course . I'm ready to order. Waiter: Sure.

Café & restaurant vocabulary ashtray toothpics napkin salt & pepper oil & vinegar drinking straws coffee to go chopsticks sweetener waterpipe lighter wet wipes .

which is then put into your mouth. or rest them on the table in a way that points to someone else. it's important to finish the items on your plate in order to let the host know you enjoyed the meal. it's considered rude and means that you weren't fed enough. In Britain. An empty plate means different things to different cultures. noble pursuits. The left is reserved for cleaning. . the fork is used to push food onto the spoon. make sure you’ve made eye contact with each person you tap glasses with.the right hand is reserved for picking up food and other awesome.. In Austria during a toast. Sticking your chopsticks upright in your rice bowl is bad taste in China. You should also never wave your chopsticks at another person. In South Korea. due to the division of labor between hands -. Otherwise it’s bad luck. Instead. In Chile you should never eat with your hands. never let your spoon hit the cup when stirring tea. nobody at the table eats until the oldest or most senior person takes a bite. It's taboo to eat with your left hand in parts of the Middle East and India. where doing so is reminiscent of ceremonial meal offerings to the dead. it's an act of appreciation to fart after a meal. in China. it's considered rude to put food in your mouth using a fork.. they'll keep serving you coffee if you finish your cup. in India and Japan. However. place it on the saucer. And in Bedouin cultures. not to mention rude. Instead.. In Thailand.. In some Inuit cultures of Canada. And when you are done stirring.. Don't ever ask your server to top your seafood with cheese in Italy -. Some food customs from around the's considered a cardinal sin to mix fish and Parmesan. Food needs to be eaten with cutlery and cutlery only. don’t leave the spoon in the tea cup. until you shake it before handing it back to them to indicate that you've had enough.

Summer holiday vocabulary beach chair umbrella flip-flops sandcastle snorkel gear shell swimsuit lifebelt sun cream surfboard air mattress swim fins towel starfish palm tree .

Winter holiday vocabulary snowflake gloves mittens ice skates ice rink snowman sledge earmuffs scarf snowboarding skiing ski lift winter cottage fireplace evergreen .

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