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1. The diagram show four cells labelled A to D

a. Which of the cells is a sperm cell?
Write the letter ______________________
b. Name cell A is ______________________
c. Complete the table with the letter of the cell matched to its function.
Function Letter
To carry signals around the body _________________
To absorb water _________________
To carry oxygen _________________

2. The diagram shows part of the circulatory system.

(a) Name the types of blood vessels labelled X and Y the diagram
X ______________________________________________________
Y ______________________________________________________
(b) Name the organ where gas exchange takes place.
(c) Differences between part X and Y
Differences X (_______________) Y (_______________)
Blood Pressure
Wall of vessel

3. Look at the following picture

This diagram shows the muscles in a person’s leg.
a. On the diagram, label these bones:
The femur the pelvis the tibia
b. What kind of joint is the knee joint?
c. On the diagram, label a ball-and-socket joint.

Look at the following picture. Name parts Letter Function d. Cell wall is showed by the letter ____________________ c. Based on the density.4. b. Write the type of cell in the boxes. so the object is Silver 10. Picture 1 Picture 2 . a. Type of microorganism __________________________ c.900 ____________________________________ Copper 8.700 ____________________________________ Iron 7. Based on the picture. Count the result of measurement and write your answer in the boxes. Count the density of object. a.500 ____________________________________ 7. The effect: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ 6.400 b. 1) ________________________________________________________________ 2) ________________________________________________________________ 5. Name of microorganism _________________________ b. Look at the following pictures. mention 2 differences between animal cell and plant cell. Mention 3 main parts of cell and write the letter. (kg/m3) ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ ____________________________________ Object Density (kg/m3) ____________________________________ Aluminum 2. a. Write the result of measurement.