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Access to aggregated, executed FX spot trade

pricing data to better analyze pricing trends, measure
the quality of your business decisions and enhance
data-driven trading algorithms.

FX Pricing

Structural changes in the OTC FX market have reduced the depth of available
liquidity and created a fragmented landscape for participants. While a greater Improves:
diversity of prices is now available, a more complex execution environment > Trading algorithms
to navigate has emerged.1 > Transaction cost analysis
> Best execution
> Trading strategies
The new CLS FX spot pricing data offers Data highlights > Financial risk
foreign exchange market participants • Executed FX spot trade data for the management
aggregated prices with enhanced analytics 18 currencies settled by CLS, reflected
for an informed view of FX market activity across 33 currency pairs Reduces:
to make their next move. • Pricedata broken down by five minute > FX trading costs
intervals and updated hourly > Market risk –
The benefits
• Datadelivery to suit your requirements price verification
• Effectively analyze pricing trends daily
on an intraday and/or end-of-day
and develop a comprehensive picture

report basis
of market activity to improve capital
and operational efficiencies • Valuesare created using
market standard VWAP/TWAP
• Enhanceyour trading algorithms
and minimize market impact
calculation convention USD trillion
• Multi-sourced
pricing data including voice average daily
• Strengthenfinancial and risk control
trades and ECN driven transactions traded volume
around valuations and mark-to-market
• Data available to subscribers in

• Drivea better outcome for best execution
standardized and easy-to-use data
and transaction cost analysis (TCA)
sets through an open data delivery
platform – Quandl of global FX traded volumes
Source: FX market fragmentation – addressing
(swap, spot, outright
the liquidity challenge, FXMM May 2017
forward), in the market for
the18 currencies CLS settles
across 33 currency pairs.

Data quality
The Value of Volume in
Foreign Exchange, by
University of Melbourne
and Cass University 2017

Our data solutions empower clients’ growth, enabling improved trading
strategies, smarter business decisions and better FX risk management.
Settlement Processing Data

The information included herein does not constitute investment or financial advice and should not be relied upon as such. pricing movements and trends for better FX execution desks: visibility into market activity • Enhance your internal transaction cost analysis • Understand your liquidity positions and better manage exposures across currencies • Improve valuation accuracy of your portfolio intraday and end-of-day Risk and compliance: • Support your view on market behavior • Power your best execution and transaction cost analysis applications • Research new ways for FX market participants to optimize or automate FX trading efforts to Research and academia: reduce costs. Our innovative. CLS Group. we find that FX volume contains information that is both statistically and economically powerful for understanding price behavior in the currency market. Using a novel dataset from the leading FX settlement platform. All Rights Reserved. Tokyo All views or opinions expressed in this document are CLS’s and do not reflect the position of any other organization. All our data is transaction based. in whole or in part. without the prior written permission of CLS Group. By sharing our knowledge and partnering • How does FX pricing correlate with my other data points? with forward-looking products make the trading process faster. platform agnostic. we offer bespoke FX analysis and insights for market and in-country research. market intelligence enable CLS specialists to lead the development of standardized solutions to real market problems. • What are the trends and seasonality in FX pricing? and dynamic. . 2017 University of Melbourne and Cass University Business questions addressed About CLSMarketData • How am I performing? CLSMarketData is a comprehensive suite of data products designed to provide quality insight and analytics both in • How do I compare to the rest of the market? real-time and historical for financial efficiency. copied or shared. CLS and the CLS logo are registered trademarks of CLS UK Intermediate Holdings Ltd. London New York info@cls-group. visibility and • Are there short term trading signals? control. This document is for the exclusive use of the recipient and may not be quoted. slippage and risk Central banks and • Optimally monitor FX market activity and trends regulatory authorities: • Understand influence of central bank monetary policy on the global FX market CLS helps clients navigate the changing FX marketplace – reducing To subscribe to our data or for more information please risk and creating efficiencies. Our extensive network and deep email data@cls-services. safer Hong Kong New Jersey cls-group. © 2017. and more cost-effective – empowering our clients’ success. The Value of Volume in Foreign Exchange. • Can I seamlessly and consistently execute on the best available prices throughout the day? • What is my “all-in” cost of trading FX? Potential market use cases • Fuel your trading strategies to improve your funding and decision making • Effectively judge market liquidity.